In this part of Texas there is no animal control and residents legally shoot dogs but Shelby survived

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Meet Shelby; this one-year-old dog had previously been vetted and altered by ThisIsHouston through their free outreach and clinic events. Cleveland is a terrible place for a dog; especially for one who is an outside pet. Yesterday, Shelby was shot multiple times by one of her neighbors. The circumstances leading up to the tragic situation remain unclear, but the dog’s owner had been dropping her children off at school, and when she returned Shelby was found under their home crying and covered in blood.

The goal was definitely to end her life. She was shot in the head but fortunately, there are no life threatening injuries. Luck is an understatement and this was divine intervention.


Shelby’s owner did not have the funds to help her dog as the poor pooch wait all day in pain. While the organization is always willing to help owners care for their loved pets and never want to take a dog away from their family, the dog’s safety is the highest priority. For Shelby’s safety, the owner surrendered the dog.

ThisIsHouston intervened and rushed the dog to their emergency veterinarian partner at Blue Pearl where she was administered pain medication while her medical condition was evaluated. She has bruised lungs, but no other internal damage. She also has a fracture on her right humorous with bullet fragments which will sadly result in a full limb amputation. Another bullet is lodged around her elbow, but there are no open wounds or broken bones. One bullet nicked her skull and lodged underneath her jaw which caused bleeding from her mouth, but she has not suffered any neurological damage.

As if all of these injuries weren’t enough, Shelby is also heartworm positive, but it is expected she will be heading to surgery for the amputation.

While this is a horrific event, there is some luck in Shelby’s story, and it put her right where she needs to be. There are no leash laws in Cleveland, Texas so dogs are allowed to roam freely. There’s no animal control either, so residents are advised to shoot dogs if they feel threatened. Dogs are shot nearly everyday, and our hearts go out to all of the dogs who aren’t as lucky as Shelby.


We got you now, Shelby. Her veterinarian expenses are expected to be $3,500 to $5,500. Donations are needed and appreciated.

To donate to Shelby’s care:

Venmo @ThisIsHouston

Checks: PO Box 2821, Houston TX 77252

We will be updating.

Follow the National Pet Rescue for the latest news and updates.

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