Bonded seniors have spent entire lives together but have little chance for a future

Paloma and Fluffy are bonded seniors and have spent their entire lives together. Sadly, they have little chance of being adopted together; perhaps they don’t even face a future as they are currently waiting at … Read More

Dog found hiding behind washing machine in vacant house and left to die

At the San Bernardino Animal Shelter in California, a five-year-old terrified dog was found hiding behind a washing machine in the abandoned home where his family left him to die. When discovered, he was shaking … Read More

Terrified dog stayed by dead friend while rescue worked 12 hours to save her

Near Fowler, California, a terrified dog waited near her dead companion at the side of a busy road. When a Good Samaritan contacted Pinky Paws Search and ResQ, Krystal Woodward and her husband rushed to … Read More

Starving dogs left to fend for themselves found just ‘hours away from death’

In Cheyenne, Wyoming, two dogs were discovered at a home in the Central Avenue area left to fend for themselves with no food or water. Officials stated the dogs were emaciated and just “hours away … Read More

Puppy who spent his life on the streets finally safe after wandering for months

In Albuquerque, New Mexico, a 10-month-old puppy is finally safe after eluding rescuers for months. Dash, as he was named for his obvious talent to run away from anyone trying to pursue him lived on … Read More

Terrified by coyotes, stray pup huddled on golf course to hide

In the Redlands of California, sadly the desert area has increasingly become a huge dumping ground for irresponsible pet owners abandoning their pets in one of the most dangerous environments. Besides not having access to … Read More

Meet shelter senior ‘Dorothy’ overbred and thrown away like trash

At the San Bernardino City Animal Shelter, Dorothy was thrown away like trash.

Meet the lovely #A534869 Dorothy ***under the bred and neglected and “thrown out like trash” disguise…,” posted volunteers hoping to find Dorothy

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Terrier is only 8-months-old and this is how he arrived at Miami shelter

At the Miami-Dade Animal Services, an eight-month-old male terrier arrived on Friday. He was found as a stray on the streets of Miami. An urgent plea went out from the shelter asking an approved rescue … Read More

Update on dog injured in raccoon attack fighting for her life

A stray pup, suspected of having been in a fight with a raccoon and later discovered suffering outside of a home in Crosby, Texas, survived surgery at the Gulf Coast Veterinary Services on Thursday. When … Read More

Irish Setter ‘Barney’ dumped by owner because dog not able to be bred

Barney is a two-year-old beautiful Irish Setter surrendered to ResQMe – A Homeless Dog Mission in South Florida. He was unwanted by the only family he has ever known and most likely loved them; trouble … Read More