Abandoned mother dog shed real tears protecting her pup in desert

Months ago, a young mother dog with her tiny puppy was abandoned in the industrial desert area of the Redlands. According to the security guard, a truck driver dumped the two and left them to … Read More

German shepherd shot in the head for ‘chewing on babies’ toys’ survives

In Coldwater, Michigan, a three-year-old German shepherd survived after her owner allegedly shot her in the head and left her for dead on an old tarp. Three days after she was shot, somehow the dog … Read More

‘Soldier’ injured dog covered in puncture wounds ready for foster home

In Abbeville, South Carolina, a couple had been walking their dog on Sunday when they found a critically injured dog lying in the bushes. He couldn’t stand and barely moved; the Abbeville County Animal Services … Read More

Frightened dog waited next to his deceased pal in middle of busy road

In the Laurel, Mississippi area, SCAR -Southern Cross Animal Rescue received a call on Monday morning asking for help. Two dogs were spotted in the middle of the road; one of the dogs had been … Read More

Two-month-old ‘Little Mary’ thrown in trash in desert heat didn’t survive

Volunteers tried so hard to save two-month-old “Little Mary.” What could only  be described as a heartless monster who abandoned the helpless puppy by a dumpster in the Mojave desert heat of California on Sunday, … Read More

Suffering dog found in bushes on 4th of July now named Freedom

On the 4th of July, a kind woman was shocked when she found a severely injured dog lying in the bushes near her home. She comforted him with water and immediately sought out help. When … Read More

Update on 7-week-old Labrador puppy rescued just before being euth’ed

At a shelter in Cleveland, Texas, a seven to 10-week-old Labrador retriever puppy had been on the list to be euthanized on Thursday when ThisIsHouston stepped forward to rescue him.

The puppy, since named Casper, … Read More

Navy officers rescue exhausted dog from sea

In the Bay of Talcahuano, in the Chilean region of Biobio, sailors from the Chilean Navy spotted a dog paddling for his life in the ocean after a turbulent storm. The dog desperately tried to … Read More

Elderly dog living homeless for a year since his person passed away

In Corpus Christi, Texas, an elderly dog has been living on the streets for a year since his person died and left him homeless. Everyday, he goes to a nearby gas station where a kind-hearted … Read More

Disabled dog kicked out of car by owner twice in one day finds new home

Earlier this year, it was a tragic story of a three-legged dog abandoned in the street in the Brazilain state of Rio Grande do Sul, by a woman caught on surveillance cameras pushing the disabled … Read More