Owner of Mesa animal shelter faces 117 animal cruelty charges

In a disturbing investigation of animal cruelty, the owner of a Mesa animal shelter faces 117 animal cruelty charges where animals lived in egregious conditions; where many of them were starved and where dogs died … Read More

Senior in need of medical help betrayed at 15-years-old by her family

At the Fort Worth Animal Care & Control, a 15-year-old senior was surrendered on Wednesday. The heartbreaking video showed her as being non-reactive to other dogs, very calm and sweet; even though her owners had … Read More

Heartbreaking photo of dumped pup too scared to come out of kennel

The heartbreaking photo of a surrendered dog, too scared to come out of his kennel cage at the Harris County Animal Shelter, has gone viral. Toby, a four-year-old German shepherd mix was left at the … Read More

Puppy with severe burns on her back still sweet and snugly

In Oklahoma City, a puppy discovered with severe burns on her back is recovering, and all the while she remains sweet and still loves to snuggle. On Sunday, the rescue group, Mutts Misfits Animal RescueRead More

Dog in deplorable condition wearing a t-shirt abandoned at shelter

In Marion County, Florida a dog in deplorable condition, wearing a t-shirt was abandoned at the Marion County Animal Shelter on Friday morning. The Marion County Animal Services and the county’s Sheriff’s Office Agricultural Unit … Read More

Tortured dog so desperate to escape, she broke her teeth on chain

A tortured dog in Ecorse, Michigan was so desperate to escape the abuse inflicted upon her, she broke her teeth while chewing on the chain which would ultimately set her free. A $1,000 reward has … Read More

Shelter pup Clyde is sick and needs help to see tomorrow

Clyde is a nine-year-old pittie mix who needs help to see tomorrow. He is not taking his pills for an upper respiratory infection, and therefore has been placed on the list of dogs slated to … Read More

Disturbing video shows Texas shelter dragging heavily pregnant dog

At the Greenville Animal Shelter in Texas, a disturbing video went viral on Wednesday. Two dogs, reportedly found as strays, were shown being dragged into the shelter – one dog heavily pregnant and both dogs … Read More

Paul McCartney calls on Texas school to end testing on golden retrievers

In San Antonio, Texas, Beatles’ iconic singer Sir Paul McCartney has called on Texas A&M University to stop testing on golden retrievers. The dogs have been used in experiments for muscular dystrophy.

According to a … Read More

Family surrendered their ‘mangy puppy’ when baby was born

A Houston family surrendered their five-month-old “mangy puppy” to the Harris County Animal Shelter this week when their human baby was born. They didn’t want the “mangy puppy” to get too close to their infant.… Read More