Update: Roxie continues to fight for her life under emergency care

When a 911 call came into the Rescue Dogs Rock NYC organization early Monday morning from Manhattan’s New York City Animal Care Center, Jackie O’Sullivan was shocked and in tears. A friendly stray had been nearly strangled to death by her chain collar. The rescue organization asked the city shelter if they would release Roxie before her stray hold was over – this friendly pup needed emergency help.

Roxie was transported by Jackie, co-founder of the rescue group, from the shelter to the organization’s  Brooklyn veterinarian partner where the dog has been examined, assessed and treated. Her condition, although serious, continued to improve even though veterinarians stated Roxie would need surgery on both eyes. It is suspected she previously had cherry eyes and that is what ruptured as a result of the chain that had been strangling her. The staff believe her eyesight might still be viable – it’s just too soon to know for sure.

All was going well for Roxie, as she thoroughly enjoyed her first bath, and her future seemed to be taking a positive path, but on Thursday morning, Roxie took a turn for the worse:

“…. tongue swelling. She had been improving and you can see her eyes look better, but she’s been losing blood since (at least) Sunday when she entered NYC ACC after being strangled by that awful chain,” stated Jackie as Roxie was carried into the specialty veterinarian hospital in Brooklyn. “She bruises very easily and her blood is not clotting properly. That’s all we know as of now. She started to choke on her tongue when she arrived, and they rushed her into the back to start emergency treatment.”

Roxie has been receiving both blood and plasma transfusions. The latest update on Thursday evening indicates the dog will be administered another transfusion. Please say a prayer for Roxie – she didn’t deserve to be abused and mistreated. She deserves to live and be loved; we can only hope that is possible.

Help Rescue Dogs Rock NYC make the most difficult rescue situations possible; as Roxie continues to fight for her life.

PayPal: donate@rescuedogsrocknyc.org or website: www.rescuedogsrocknyc.org/donate/ or mail:
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Photos and video of dog strangled courtesy of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC

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No animal cruelty charges for man who shot and buried his dog on beach

In Virginia Beach, a local chiropractor has been cleared of animal cruelty charges. Michael Whalen admitted to shooting his dog Allie in January explaining his 15-year-old dog had been suffering from seizures and shooting her was the only humane way to relieve her of her pain.

According to WTKR News, 65-year-old Michael Whalen ended his 15-year-old Vizsla’s life with a gun when her failing health, from old age and Cushing’s Disease, took a turn for the worse.

“Never, ever did it occur to me that at 3:30 in the morning that she would start with these violent seizures and convulsions.” The agonizing seizures went on for 40 minutes – he described how he tried to comfort his dog, Allie, “I kept trying to calm her down. I had to spend most of my time keeping her from choking.”

He then stated he brought her to her favorite place – the beach and  buried her. Her body was found ten days later by someone walking along the beach. Photos of the dog led authorities to Whalen.

On Monday, General District Judge Paul Merullo dismissed the animal cruelty charge against Whalen made by prosecutors who argued he neglected getting emergency veterinarian care for Allie the night of the incident reports the PilotOnline.  A private veterinarian, however had deemed the dog a candidate for euthanasia more than a year earlier. The judge found Whalen guilty of unlawfully disposing of an animal. Whalen was fined $500 for illegal dumping.

“If I’m guilty of anything,” Whalen stated after court, “it’s for loving her too much.”

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(Photo of dog buried on beach via screenshot from PilotOnline)



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Owner claims ‘exercise’ routine after video of dog dragging tire appears on social media

In Beaverton, Oregon, the owner of a dog caught on video over the weekend dragging a tire calls his training technique “exercise.”  Two dogs, wearing a harness, were seen dragging tires behind them. The person who recorded the video feared the owner may have been abusing his dogs.

According to KatuNews, the owner of the dogs, Denes Balasz, stated the dogs pull tires behind them on walks; explaining when he was a runner, he pulled tires as a part of his weight training – describing the pulling motions help to develop and maintain the muscles of his two Dogo Argentinos. Jasmine and Sultan are both four-years-old – they are a large game hunting breed and are very friendly and great around children.

Balasz has raised the dogs since they were puppies, and says they are well-trained, well-exercised and great dogs with very friendly dispositions. Although neither dog has ever competed in any kind of pulling or strength competition, he insists his dogs thoroughly enjoy their exercise. One of the tires weighs five pounds, while the other tire weighs  from ten to fifteen pounds.

The person who recorded the video expressed her concerns as the outdoor temperature that day was 90 degrees, and she didn’t think anyone should be exercising their dogs hard – much less pulling weights in the extreme heat. Balasz answered back that he had been close to home where the dogs had access to plenty of cool water and had not been worried about the heat – even though the dogs had been pulling on an asphalt surface which is known to heat up and possibly burn the pads on dogs’ paws.

Both dogs appeared to be very healthy and Beaverton Police say no crime has been committed as per Oregon law.

Just one week ago, two women in St. Louis, were spotted forcing a small puppy to drag heavy weights during its walk. Animal advocate, Kathy Venegoni posted a photo she took of the incident and believed it was an act of animal cruelty. The Humane Society of Missouri, however states what was shown is not illegal, and unless the dog is underweight or injured, this kind of action is not against the law. Police and animal control officers can only intervene if the weights are causing the dog to be in distress. St. Louis Metropolitan Police stated this is a “sport” and not illegal.

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(Photo of dog dragging tire screenshot via KatuNews)

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Nurses reunited puppy with hospitalized owner

Owner orders shelter to euthanize dog because her teeth were rotten

Five-pound Kimmie is about as cute as anyone can imagine, yet her owner decided to surrender the dog to an Alabama animal shelter asking the staff to euthanize her due to moving and the dog  could no longer eat her food. Clearly the seven-year-old poodle, who was both adorable and friendly, had a lot of life yet to live. Rescue Dogs Rock NYC instantly agreed and made arrangements to transport Kimmie to New York for her veterinarian workup and treatment.

 “Can you imagine?! She looks pretty lively to us, certainly not suffering or ready to die,” stated Jackie O’Sullivan, co-founder of the organization.  The only issue  seems to be her teeth from a lifetime of canned food, so she’ll go to our vet first to get checked out, and then Kimmie is ready to go home.”

On Friday, Kimmie arrived in New York City and was whisked off to the veterinary specialists who literally gasped when they opened the tiny dog’s mouth. Her gums are severely infected, her teeth are rotten and so she has been scheduled for surgery on Monday morning. After some healing, this friendly lap dog, who gets along with everyone as well as other dogs, will be ready to move on to her new life. Kimmie didn’t want to die, and all 4.8 pounds of her have lots of living to do.

(Photos courtesy of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC)

To help with Kimmie’s surgery, donations can be sent:

PayPal: donate@rescuedogsrocknyc.org or website: www.rescuedogsrocknyc.org/donate/ or mail:
Rescue Dogs Rock NYC
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NY, NY 10028

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Be still my heart – check out these adorable photos showcasing a precious friendship.


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Nurses reunited puppy with hospitalized owner

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Update: Pup abandoned next to Bailey chair and left with stuffed toy

Near University Park, Florida, a young dog was abandoned just one week ago, when her unknown owner tied her to the Bailey chair she needed to help her survive. A note was attached explaining the dog suffers from  megaesophagus, a lifelong condition in which the esophagus doesn’t move food into the stomach. She must be fed in a Bailey chair, in which the food is pulled by gravity into the digestive system. Her heartbreaking photo suggests she knew she was no longer wanted; her stuffed toy was perched on top of the chair.

It was feared had the dog been transported to the nearby shelter, there would not be sufficient funding or assistance to help, and she would not survive. Local shelter volunteer, Cris Ferreira, along with an army of animal advocates, shared the heartbreaking situation about a dog with a disability needing help, and another success story emerged thanks to social media.

Orlando rescue group, BullyUpRescue, stepped up. And as if somethings in life are just meant to be, Reva Fedigan,  who lost and misses her own dog, Maddie, similarly affected with megaesophagus, will foster Izzy until the perfect home becomes available:

 “WELCOME IZZY!! Izzy was abandoned at a dog park w/a note attached. She, just like my beloved & very missed Maddie, has Megasophagus. We’ll love her and take care of her until that perfect home is found. Izzy will NEVER be abandoned again!”
To help this organization with expenses for Izzy, donations can be made by clicking here.
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(Photos of Izzy with her Bailey chair via BullyUpRescue and Cris Ferreira-Reed)

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Warning – a must read: Does your dog lick your face?

Yes, we love our dogs and aren’t they the best when it comes to cheering us up at the end of an especially tough day? All that said, however, reminds us that those very kisses with their tongues licking our faces, lips and eyes may very well be the cause of some nasty diseases carried by our very best canine pals.

First, we must dismiss the old adage that a dog’s mouth is cleaner than a human’s mouth. If you doubt the advice, just consider where your dog looks, watches and smells on one of his daily walks. Now if you have one of those mischievous canines who lurks in the kitchen garbage looking for a discarded morsel to chew on, consider the bacteria that little feat carries.  And how do dogs greet each other? Oh my! According to the New York Times,  Dr. Neilanjan Nandi, an assistant professor at Drexel University in Philadelphia, notes a dog’s saliva has proteins that may help heal its own wounds, he points out there are some organisms unique to dogs that humans can not tolerate or combat.

“Dogs spend half their life with their noses in nasty corners or hovering over dog droppings,” reported John Oxford, a professor of virology and bacteriology at London’s prestigious Queen Mary University. “It is not just what is carried in saliva.”

Although we all might have a bit of trouble with the pronunciations of bacteria such as Capnocytophaga Canimorsus, it all lives in a dog’s saliva and has the ability to cause fatal infections including sepsis which can lead to death. Initial symptoms include a fever, sweats, lack of appetite and energy. Reports indicate the more dogs interact with other dogs, the more likely they could be catching the bacteria which includes E. coli, salmonella and campylobacter.

So what to look for if your dog might be carrying some funky bacteria? Experts advise pet parents to check for dandruff, hair loss and darkened patches on their skin and coat. Another common infection frequently spread by dogs is ringworm and even MRSA – potentially fatal to humans but not to dogs.

All of this doesn’t mean you can’t let your dog lick you at all, and really who of us who love our dogs are going to heed that kind of advice anyway?

“When dog saliva touches intact human skin, especially in a healthy person, it is extremely unlikely to cause any problems, as there will be very little absorption,” cites Dr. Leni Kaplan, a lecturer at Cornell University’s College of Veterinary Medicine.

The best advice for pet parents, however is to avoid letting Fido lick your nose, mouth and eyes. Many times dogs don’t like to be kissed and hugged anyway, but for that extra measure of precaution, let’s just be careful.

(Dog lick your face photo via Pixabay)

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Family heartbroken after their dog choked on chew treat

In Augusta, Georgia, a family is mourning the loss of their dog after she choked on a special chew treat made right here in the United States.  Laura Beveridge purchased a “No-Hide Chicken Chews” for her beloved dog named Dumplin; it was to have been a special treat because Dumplin loved to chew.

According to Channel12TvNews, Laura hasn’t been able to sleep since Dumplin died and had been completely unprepared or warned about the dire consequences when giving her dog the treat. The company, making the product is Earth Animal, who stated it was a “safe rawhide alternative.”

“I read this label and the “safe” and “easily digestible” and I thought this is the right product,” Laura stated.

While on a conference call, Laura watched Dumplin eagerly gnaw on the treat, but a few minutes later the dog began to vomit a white foam and her airway noises changed. Rushed to the vet for emergency help, the dog was quickly placed on a ventilator; just 12-hours later she died. The treat had become lodged in her throat.

When Laura called the company, Earth Animal, she was told the size of the dog should determine the size of the treat. Three sizes are available, however on the side of the package, there were no warnings cautioning pet owners to give their dog the right size depending on their dog’s weight. Dumplin was given the smallest chew  – four inches – which is appropriate for a small dog. Dumplin weighed 125 pounds.

The company released a statement as per their product and expressed their sorrow over Dumplin’s death:

(Earth Animal sent On Your Side the following statement:)

“For almost four decades Earth Animal has been a leader in animal health and wellness. And, we are truly saddened for the family who lost their beloved dog and our hearts go out to them. Our No-Hide™ Chew products are a healthy alternative to rawhide, which often contains harmful chemicals, can’t be easily digested, and can lead to significant health problems for dogs. But any time that a dog puts something in its mouth – a toy, a dental bone, a stick, even a cookie – there is always some risk that they will get themselves into trouble. The keys to minimizing risk are to give only size-appropriate chews (meaning objects that are bigger than the dog’s mouths) and supervise them when they are chewing. We will continue to do everything in our power to educate pet parents on how to select a proper chew for their dogs and help them better understand how to promote a safe and healthy environment for their animals.”

The company also sent us the following size recommendations for its products:

· TEACUP/SMALL DOGS/CATS ( up to 15lbs.) No-Hide™ STIX product
· MEDIUM DOGS (15-45lbs.) 4” No-Hide Bone
· LARGE DOGS (45-75lbs.) 7” No-Hide Bone
· GIANT DOGS (75+lbs.) 11” No-Hide Bone”

Laura hopes to warn other dog owners about her devastating experience over the loss of Dumplin and hopefully avoid another tragic accident to someone’s dear pet.

(Photo of Dumplin screenshot via Channel 12 News) (Chew treat via Amazon)

Rest in peace Dumplin.

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Heartbreaking: Surrendered dog’s seizures likely due to ingesting drugs

In a heartbreaking scene on Friday afternoon, the pet adoption and animal shelter, Concho Valley PAWS rushed to help a dog now dubbed Hope, who had been surrendered by her owner after they claimed they could not care for their dog who was having seizures. Just as she entered the organization’s office located in  San Angelo, Texas, Hope had a severe seizure. 

The dog was immediately brought to the Main Street Veterinary Clinic where veterinarians suspected Hope had ingested a drug; “possibly methamphetamine, cocaine or large quantities of nicotine.” Two adults held the dog down on the examination table until the anti-seizure medications began to take effect. Hope’s heart rate had been alarming and her seizures were intense. Once sedated, the seizures stopped, and intravenous fluids were given to flush out the pollution from her system. 

This happened after hours, and PAWS has submitted a urine test for a toxicology report to determine if this was the result of cruelty or abuse. It is a “wait and see” for Hope to see if she survives or if there is any permanent damage, however on Saturday morning the news was brighter. On the organization’s Facebook page, the dog’s photo indicated a much healthier pup, and her report was encouraging:

“Update: Hope made it through the night! She is drinking and walking. She is alert and so, so sweet. We’re hoping and praying for no seizures now that she is no longer sedated.”

As a precaution, E-cigarettes pose a significant threat to dogs. These devices vaporize a liquid mix of glycerin, propylene glycol, nicotine, and flavorings; in states where marijuana is legal, THC may be among the ingredients. The liquid, often called e-juice, comes in sweet flavors which can attract dogs. The ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center includes cigarettes and nicotine on its list of poisonous household products, and warns that e-juice used to recharge device cartridges contains enough nicotine to kill a dog. Symptoms of nicotine poisoning include severe vomiting, depression, an elevated heart rate, decrease in blood pressure, seizures and respiratory failure.

To donate for Hope’s emergency care, testing and assessment, please click here. If the prognosis is good, Hope will be spayed, vaccinated and be made available for adoption.

(Photos and video of Hope having seizures via Concho Valley PAWS)

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Owner who starved her dog with football sized tumor denies cruelty charges

In Henrico, Virginia, an emaciated dog with a football sized tumor had to be humanely euthanized by a veterinarian. And now the brown and white dog’s owner faces animal cruelty charges; Orquidea Margarita Tyndall, however denies the charges.

It was on July 10, when local authorities responded to a home on Corvair Lane in reference to a report of a sick dog. When police arrived, they saw the friendly dog with the immense tumor hanging from her chest and stomach. The dog was missing fur on her hindquarters, her rib and hind bones were prominent and the growth nearly dragged the ground. In addition her nails had been so overgrown causing her pain when she walked.

According to AbcNews, neighbors felt so sorry for the dog named Diamond and had tried to feed her, but all she would do was to drink water. Neighbor Allison Crowell took photos of the heartbreaking situation and posted the disturbing photos on her Facebook page asking for help for the dog. Accompanying the photos, Allison wrote:

“I know this is going to be graphic, and I’m sorry however this needs to be shared! Please share this so something can be done. My neighbor across the street has been complaining about a slum lord rental beside her and the tenants that are there. Police have been there multiple times, they fight in the street and the grass was 4ft tall. Well I guess they got the notice about the grass because when they mowed it she saw what she did not know was in their backyard. This is animal abuse and disgusting, they live at 1819 Convair Lane henrico va 23228. The animal control officer Hawkins was rude and seem inconvenienced and I even called henrico county animal control to check on the dog to see if it lived or died and she would give me no information on the welfare of this dog!!! I also asked would charges be pressed she would not answer that. They left a note on the door and left the house. Their is a strong odor coming from the house so who knows what is going on in there or how many other animals are there. Where are the officials when needed?”

As to Diamond’s owner, Tyndall insists she didn’t neglect her dog. She told authorities she had the dog for 14 years and even though she knew her dog had health issues, she was not able to afford to take her to a vet.

“She was a very elderly dog. She was a very sick dog as well, but I was trying to save up money so I could get her fixed. I’ve had her since she was a puppy,” Tyndall told reporters.

Tyndall is scheduled to appear in court in October. Neighbors in the community want her held accountable.

(Photos of Diamond with football sized tumor via Facebook Allison Crowell)

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Cookie’s foster family prepared for the day when she went to her forever home, but the adopters failed to show! Nicki, the foster mom, scrambled to find their phone number. But when she looked closer at Cookie’s file, she was absolutely stunned by what she saw written on the pages.
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Dog dies from suspected heat exhaustion moments after hiking favorite California trail

It was a heartbreaking ordeal on Friday after a dog died just moments after hiking a favorite trail on Cowles Mountain in California. Heat exhaustion is suspected to have caused the death of the four-year-old dog, however a necropsy will have to determine the dog’s exact cause.

According to Channel 10 News, the family’s four-year-old German shepherd mix Hogan began panting heavily as they made their way up Cowles Mountain around 10 a.m. They began to head back when they say his paws started to bleed; moments later Hogan collapsed. A stranger helped them carry Hogan back, as the dog vomited on the way down.

Before starting the hiking trail, the family did note a sign warning hikers the trail may be too hot for dogs, but the family stated that Hogan loved the outdoors. And he did fine; that is until they turned around to go back down the mountain when Hogan just crashed:

“… he was doing great. And then all of a sudden, it just hit him, and he was so tired,” said Hogan’s owner, Lexi Bouck.  “He started bleeding really bad from his paws, so we put water on them. You just saw his body collapse.”

The dog was rushed to a veterinarian hospital but died shortly after that.

“He was having fun, but he’s only four. You don’t want to risk that because you lose them forever,” Lexi said while holding back tears.

The family wants to warn other dog owners and hope people will really think twice before hiking with their pets in the heat. No charges have been pressed against Hogan’s owner. Tragically our canine friends are more susceptible to heat stroke than humans. If the ground is too hot for your hand, then it is too hot on a dog paws. If you do decide to take your dog, bring plenty of water, dog treats and stop often in shaded areas. Remember dogs sweat through their tongues and only slightly through their paws.

According to volunteers walking up and down Cowles Mountain helping people, four dogs died this week while hiking the trail.

Rest in peace Hogan.

Photo of dog died from heat exhaustion via NbcLosAngelesNews)

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