Senior Labrador with huge tumor found scrounging to survive on the streets

In rural Columbia, South Carolina, a senior Labrador retriever with a huge tumor on his shoulder was found roaming the streets by Animal Control scrounging everywhere for food. Thought to have been on his own for quite awhile and barely able to eat because of the neglected condition of his teeth, even more shocking was the massive growth. The  overall weight of the tumor affected his equilibrium – the kind and gentle dog, dubbed Davis, could barely walk and maintain his balance.Davis the dog

Rescue Dogs Rock NYC has stepped up to rescue Davis. On Saturday, Jackie O’Sullivan, co-founder of the organization introduced the senior on their Facebook page:

“Davis got early release from the SC shelter and is now at our vet on IV with tests pending, on soft blankets probably feeling better than he has in a very long time! As you can probably guess, we need your help to help Davis! He’s going to need a big surgery.  Why, why, why would anyone let this happen to him?! Such senseless neglect.”Davis the dog 2

The ultimate goal for Davis is for the 60-pound dog to undergo successful surgery and then find a home where he can relax and be loved for the rest of his life. As with so many other dogs heartlessly abandoned by uncaring owners, it is not known where Davis came from, but we do know where he is now headed. To help with Davis’ surgery and all that is involved to help this dog have a quality future, donations to Rescue Dogs Rock NYC can be made by clicking here or through PayPal at

(Photos and video of Labrador with huge tumor courtesy of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC)

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Check out Davis’ short video here: (barely any teeth – how did he eat?

Young Lab surrendered to shelter wearing t-shirt to soothe her pain

Just one-year-old, and MaryJane suffers from a severe case of demodex. When surrendered by her former owners, the friendly Labrador retriever wore a white t-shirt – hopefully one of the family members had dressed her to protect her delicate and painful skin infection. Why she wasn’t treated by a veterinarian remains a tragic mystery, but most likely led to the young dog having been surrendered to the Miami-Dade Animal Services on Wednesday.

According to MaryJane’s veterinary report upon intake at the shelter, the dog suffers from alopecia on her face and body with dry skin over her entire trunk area. At this time, she has been started on antibiotics, and it is recommended a rescue or an adopter followup at a licensed veterinarian. A Facebook page for this dog can be found here. Advocates have been pledging funds to help an approved rescue organization with the anticipated  costs of medical treatments

Check here for MaryJane’s PetHarbor listing. MARYJANE (A1855191) “I am a female white and black Labrador Retriever mix.The shelter staff think I am about 1 year old. I was turned in by my owner and I may be available for adoption on 03/01/2017.” Share this dog’s plight with approved rescue organizations, friends, family and social media contacts. Sharing saves lives. For more information about this dog and how to help, contact:

All dogs are located at Miami-Dade Animal Services located at 3599 NW 79 Avenue, Miami Florida 33166 Phone# 305-884-1101

EMAIL: Adoption Hours:Monday – Friday 10 a.m. – 6:30 p.m. Saturday/Sunday 10 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

(Photo of MaryJane wearing a t-shirt courtesy of Urgent Dogs of Miami)

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Toxic mold in family’s recycling bin kills beloved dog

A family’s beloved cockapoo died from toxic mold after licking the edges of a recycling bin after it blew over in their garden. The six-year-old dog named Dexter, died from “Toxic Shock Syndrome” – a bacteria buildup caused by the stale bread left in the container. Sarah Dent, from Bovington in Herfordshire, didn’t realize her dog was so sick until he started to convulse, Although she rushed him to the family vet who desperately tried to save the dog’s life, Dexter died one week later.Dog eats moldy bread 2

According to the Metro, Sarah’s other cockapoo named Georgie also became violently ill, but he survived. The entire family has been mourning the death of Dexter; Sarah blames herself for not knowing:

 ‘Toxic Shock Syndrome in dogs was complete news to me. I’d only ever heard of it when I was a teenager learning about periods, I didn’t know dogs could get it,” stated Sarah. “It is my job to keep my children and animals safe, and I failed to do that this time.”

Both dogs were placed into induced comas, however Dexter suffered from a blood clot in his spleen causing organ failure. Georgie is expected to make a full recovery.

The family wants to warn others  about the hidden health hazards from food waste bins and that discarded food needs to be recycled safely.  In this case, the local waste authority issues residents with a food waste container to be kept in the kitchen. A larger container is kept outside and is emptied weekly. When the outdoor container was collected on February 3, Sarah placed the bin back in the garden and intended to clean it later. A storm had knocked it over  and both Dexter and Georgie had licked the  contaminated container. The family stated they will continue to recycle, but will always make sure the bins are tightly sealed.

Rest in peace Dexter.

Photo of  family pet killed by toxic mold via screenshot Mercury Press.

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Read another featured story  about the “worst possible outcome” for a zoo penguin here.Penguin stolen from zoo is found dead


Rain poured down on Millie, yet she was too ill to cry for help

Millie was a street dog in the region of Udaipur,Rajasthan, India. She was just another lost soul who wandered from place to place searching for food and a safe place to sleep. The villagers knew her and helped out by throwing her scraps of food whenever they could; everyone liked her although she belonged to no one. When one afternoon Millie refused to move as the rain poured down upon her head, no one  could figure out why – there was no blood nor any wound, and so a kind Good Samaritan called Animal Aid Unlimited for help.

When the ambulance team came to pick her up, they were surprised to find Millie to be one of the gentlest dogs they had ever encountered. And as she was brought to the rescue for treatment, her condition was grave. Stabilized with fluids and medications, veterinarians were soon able to diagnose the reason for Millie’s lethargy and raging fever.

“Our vet recognized the symptoms of pyometra almost immediately – fluid and pus drained from her vagina. We knew she would need emergency surgery. But could she survive in her weakened state? We were astonished to see how swollen the uterus had become – it was more than five times the normal size!”

The infection Millie suffered had spread, and it took weeks as she battled for her life, but the resilient young dog’s will to live is as special as her gentle spirit. To help more dogs, donations can be sent by clicking here.

(Photo via screenshot Animal Aid Unlimited)


Check out the video:



Update on Pascal: 4-month-old puppy drowned in glue

The four-month-old puppy drowned in glue and dragged through the mud and left to languish in misery along an industrial estate in Istanbul is beginning to recover. According to Nur Rima Yola, the founder of He’Art of Rescue who saved the puppy, dubbed Pascal, the little guy continues to be treated with antibiotics and painkillers.

As reported originally by the Pet Rescue Report,  Pascal – barely alive, stood as stiff as a statue, in a cartoon box he was brought to the shelter. What happened to him defied all logic and compassion. Children had drowned the dog in glue just for fun. In what a group of heartless kids thought was a game and highly amusing, they drenched Pascal in glue and then dragged him through the mud. And to seal the defenseless puppy’s fate, they ran away leaving Pascal to try and rub the hardening glue away.

Pascal was brought to a shelter and He’Art of Rescue stepped in to help. Nur described her first reaction when she saw the puppy:

“A statue made of mud and glue, a statue submissive to everything that happens around him. A statue in desperate fear of what is to come next. The remnants of once a puppy, barely alive stands as we listen to his story in shock…,” Nur posted on their Facebook page describing the emotional and heartbreaking story of the pup’s short life.

And as everyone has been patiently waiting, Sunday brought Pascal’s update; the puppy drowned in glue and rescued just five days prior: pascal-after-2

“After the glue has been removed, he stood in shock for one day. He was even turning his back to hide when he sees people. Since yesterday he is doing better, slowly getting used to the staff in the clinic, of course love is being poured to him. He especially bonded with one of the doctors who is in charge of him, Hasan Akin. They are best buddies. We know his soul will mend in time and the adoptive family will play a major role in this. Our medical team is doing everything for him.”

In addition Nur made Pascal’s 30,000 followers smile with more words of hope:

“Baby Pascal is recovering very fast; he has a big appetite and eats three times a day but he also developed an allergic reaction due to all the chemicals his skin absorbed. Our doctors are attending it and drawing a very delicate treatment plan for his fragile puppy metabolism.
Meanwhile Pascal’s broken spirit is being attended too; cuddling time , spoiling , TLC … We will continue doing whatever is required to mend everything that fell apart in him.”

To donate to Pascal’s fund, please click here.

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(Photos and video of puppy drowned in glue with permission from He’Art of Rescue)

Check out the latest video of Pascal:



Exhausted stray pup at Chicago shelter

On November 4, Arlo arrived at the Chicago Animal Care and Control as a stray. Perhaps that was the luckiest situation for this little lost soul who was reportedly so tired that all he wanted to do was sleep. There is no doubt Arlo has been severely neglected for an extended period of time; the exhausted stray pup just wanted to rest.friendless-dog-2

According to the CACC Dog Transfer Team Facebook page, ARLO A158064 is a ten-year-old male. He came into the shelter as a stray on 11/4/16 and is available for rescue at 7 pm on 11/7/16.  He is noted to be actively sneezing and desperately needs a grooming and a nail trim. The dog seemed exhausted and didn’t want to get up.

A veterinarian examination has been requested by the team. An approved rescue group has expressed an interested in rescuing Arlo, however a foster family is needed. If interested in helping or donating to the rescue of this friendless little Yorkie mix, contact Fetching Tails Foundation.

“Sometimes we wonder how a human can treat and neglect a dog like this. This old fella is currently at Chicago Animal Control. He is 10 years young, Male Yorkie and in need of a foster home. He does need an isolation foster because he has been exposed to the canine flu. Let’s work together to save this old soul and give him a good life going forward.”

Do not call the shelter to inquire about any dogs posted on the CACC Rescue page. The volunteer Transfer Team was created to help with this, so please send a note via their Facebook page. These dogs are not on the adoption floor for reasons cited as space, medical, etc. Approved rescue groups must intervene to help.

(Photos of exhausted stray pup via CACC Dog Transfer Team)

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Gracious old street dog nearly killed by flesh eating worms

A gracious old street dog, who regularly roamed a rural area of India where poverty abounds and many local residents barely have enough food for themselves, the dying pooch took refuge in the corner of a bathroom in a family’s private home. So often, dogs know it’s their time to die and seek refuge in a quiet place; this old pup was dying from flesh eating worms. dylan-the-dog-4

Fortunately the homeowners called Animal Aid Unlimited – a rescue center, hospital and sanctuary for injured and ill street animals in Udaipur, Rajasthan, India. When volunteers arrived, they found Dylan hiding in the corner. His ear was shredded and was being painfully eaten away by maggots. In a few more days, the flesh eating worms would have invaded his brain – killing him slowly in an agonizing death. dylan-the-dog-5

And to a dog’s time honored instinct to trust human compassion, the friendly dog recognized his rescuers as wanting to help him; as sick as he was, Dylan wagged his tail in a friendly greeting. Wrapped in a blanket and rushed back to the rescue, he was sedated and his gaping wounds and severe maggot infestation were washed away. Because his ear had become badly infected and necrotic, veterinarians had to remove it, but watch Dylan’s amazing recovery.dylan-the-dog-7

To support the work of this organization, donations can be made by clicking here.

(Photos of flesh eating worms via Animal Aid Unlimited)

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Charges filed against owners of mangy puppy found lying on dirty laundry

In Houston, Texas, the Houston Humane Society, the Harris County District Attorney’s Office and Harris County Constable’s Office Precinct 5 have filed charges against the owners of a mangy puppy found lying on dirty laundry in a vacant house. bella-the-chocolate-lab-cover

According to the Houston Humane Society, Elisha Gonzalez, 44, appeared in court on Thursday morning, answering to charges of animal neglect. She is accused of abandoning and severely neglecting a seven-month-old chocolate Labrador retriever puppy after leaving her home in east Houston last month. When the dog was discovered by animal control in early October, they found the mangy puppy lying on top of a pile of dirty laundry; her undernourished body covered in mange and open sores. Tristan Hancock, 21, also faces charges of cruelty to a non-livestock animal. bella-the-chocolate-lab-2

Dubbed Bella, the friendly but extremely mangy puppy was immediately transferred to the Houston Humane Society’s Animal Wellness Clinic for care. According to the Patch, Monica Schmidt,  a spokesperson for the Houston Humane Society, stated this was one of the most horrific cases of neglect she had ever encountered. AbcNews reports it was initially unclear if Bella would survive, but with medications and continued treatment, the dog is now scheduled to be adopted by a local family.

If convicted of the misdemeanor, Gonzales and Hancock face up to one year in the Harris County Jail and a fine of up to $4,000. Prosecutors stated they will be seeking jail sentences.

(Photos of mangy puppy via the Houston Humane Society)


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Only 4 of 8 Great Dane puppies abandoned on side of road survive

In Mayes County, Oklahoma, an unidentified heartless dog owner or possible “backyard breeder” abandoned eight puppies on the side of the road on Monday. According to the rescue group, Saving Whiskers and Tails, only four of the eight Great Dane puppies have survived.

Rescue founder, Kathy LaValley, whose volunteer group has stepped forward to help the six-week-old survivors was incensed at the cruelty, and on the organization’s Facebook page addressed the person responsible for this heinous act of cruelty:

“SO YOU PIECE OF S*** that didn’t get your dog spayed, then didn’t take care of the puppies, dumped them on the side of the road like trash, left them to die; YOU’RE A COWARD…and I’m personally looking for YOU!
If you know who these puppies belonged to (there were 8 Great Dane pups that we know of, some with blue eyes, mostly dapple), private message me. I promise you that you can remain anonymous. I am offering a $50 reward for information leading to the identification of the owner of these puppies and I have a feeling others will pop up to up the ante. This irresponsible behavior should NOT go unpunished.”

Two of the Great Dane puppies at the bottom of the box had already died  when found by a Good Samaritan. The rest,  all emaciated, had Parvovirus. Two more died because they were so malnourished. The surviving puppies are still being kept in isolation at  Locus Grove Animal Clinic, where veterinarian Dr. David Fleming has been treating them.

On the most recent update, Kathy reports two of the puppies are ready to head out and play, but will require more hospital time before  they are able to move on to foster care.

To help with the medical expenses of the surviving puppies, donations can  be made by clicking here. If anyone has any information about the puppies (there were 8 Great Dane puppies that we know of, some with blue eyes, mostly dapple), private message Kathy.

(Photo of Great Dane puppies via Facebook of Saving Whiskers and Tails)

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Update on rescue of emaciated bulldog Samson at Miami shelter

Early Sunday morning, a plea went out for the urgent rescue of a sick and emaciated bulldog at Miami-Dade Animal Services. The abuse and neglect the dog, dubbed Samson had endured was horrifying.samson-miami-saved

As the Pet Rescue Report described the bulldog’s condition and the urgency of his situation, Samson’s posted photos went viral as advocates shared his desperate plight. And by Sunday afternoon, the six-year-old tired and severely ill dog’s miracle appeared. Rescued by No Paw Left Behind, this defeated pooch, who has been severely neglected for an extended period of time, will begin his new life.

“Samson is extremely emaciated, dehydrated, has sarcoptic mange, infections in his eyes and ears and many more medical issues. Please help us raise the funds to cover his vet bills,” posted No Paw Left Behind on their Facebook page.

Donations can be made via Paypal: Checks can be sent in the mail to No Paw Left Behind, P.O Box 11352 W SR 84 #33 Davie, Florida 33325. Please honor pledges. Many thanks to advocates everywhere who helped share Samson’s story; sharing saves lives.

(Photos via No Paw Left Behind)

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