Emaciated dog’s worried eyes have broken social media hearts

At Stray Rescue of St. Louis, the worried eyes of an emaciated dog rescued by the organization on Thanksgiving Day, have broken the hearts of everyone who has seen her photos. A Good Samaritan … Read More

World meet Lenny: Rescue org takes on puppy from breeder with cleft palate

Welcome Lenny to the world everyone. He is a newborn French bulldog who was an owner surrender from a breeder. This tiny puppy is only a few days old and was born with a significant … Read More

17 dogs left in desperate situation to fend for themselves after owner walked away

Volunteers from Stray Rescue of St. Louis rescued 17 dogs on Monday left in a desperate situation near Cape Girardeau when their owner took off and left the abandoned pets to fend for themselves. All … Read More

Hero dog saves 4 patients from raging fire at hospice but pup suffers serious burns

A hero dog named Matilda suffered serious burn wounds after her efforts and bravery saved four patients from a raging fire at a Lenigrad, Russian hospice after running into the building to raise the alarm. … Read More

Dog owner turned away at shelter and abandoned pup on road to get hit by car

In Wilmer, Texas, a rescue organization has offered a $200 reward for information leading to the identity of the owner who abandoned a small dog on a highway and then drove away.

According to Dallas Read More

Farmer in Turkey cut off his dog’s front legs for chasing chickens

In the Havza district of Samsun, Turkey an old man’s dogs front two paws had been broken by a neighbor after the dog allegedly chased and harmed chickens on his farm. The owner of the … Read More

Four-year-old shepherd found nearly dead making miraculous recovery

Just three weeks ago in Cleveland, Texas, Good Samaritans discovered Jake at a deserted, broken down structure. He was lying there motionless. At first it was thought the four-year-old shepherd had already died, but he … Read More

‘Grinch’ just arrived at the shelter and we all want to cry

At the Palm Valley Animal Society in Edinburg, Texas, “Grinch” just arrived at the shelter on Wednesday evening. He has a severe skin condition and a green eye discharge. How could anyone let this poor … Read More

Dog spotted on California freeway with his mouth taped

In the Long Beach area of California on Tuesday afternoon, several motorists spotted a dog in an open pickup truck on the 405 N. Freeway. The pup’s muzzle was taped closed and there appeared to … Read More

Almost a year after golden retriever lost in woods Walter is back with his owner

In St. Louis, it had been nearly a year since Walter, the golden retriever went missing in the woods behind an industrial park. And on Friday the 13th, a day so many people associate with … Read More