Senior in need of medical help betrayed at 15-years-old by her family

At the Fort Worth Animal Care & Control, a 15-year-old senior was surrendered on Wednesday. The heartbreaking video showed her as being non-reactive to other dogs, very calm and sweet; even though her owners had … Read More

Police offer unique parking ticket payment option to help benefit animal shelter

People who have received a parking ticket in Muncie, Indiana, have been given a unique payment option by the Muncie Police Department. The authorities want to help the local animal shelter so they are allowing … Read More

Owners dumped Rosco at shelter stating dog was much older

At the Baldwin Park Shelter, Rosco was surrendered on the Fourth of July weekend by his family. They explained that Rosco had been “mean to their other dog.” Despite the dog’s young appearance, the family … Read More

Severely emaciated pup dumped in the woods unable to even stand

Somewhere in the woods of Atlanta, an unknown monster dumped an emaciated dog in the woods. So weak, the dog was unable to walk or even stand. Miraculously, he was discovered by someone who had … Read More

Deputy rescues crying kitten and falls in love at first ‘meow’

Deputy Sheriff C. Bowling from the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office in Florida had stopped at a local store to buy a beverage when he heard a faint crying in the dark. Grabbing his flashlight, the … Read More

Abandoned pup having hard time adjusting to shelter life

In Rochester, New York, a pup named Pepper is having a hard time adjusting to shelter life in a kennel. The loud noises, the constant barking and the scary environment has her retreating into the … Read More

Waiting and waiting but no one showed up to adopt Sandy

At the South Los Angeles Animal Shelter, a sweet 10-year-old senior has been waiting and waiting for her person to come for her. According to the shelter, Sandy had a possible “owner” but no one … Read More

German shepherd rescue mourns loss of one of their founders

A Florida German shepherd rescue agency is mourning the loss of one of its founders. On Tuesday, SHARE: Shepherd Help and Rescue Effort announced the death of Elissa Powers, a woman who had been battling … Read More

Terrified puppy surrendered in crate with ‘CAUTION’ on card

At Chicago Animal Care and Control, a terrified young dog was brought into the shelter inside of a portable airline crate with the word “CAUTION” on his card. Apparently, the pup named Mochi tried to … Read More

Lost soul Ritter feels heartbreak and hopelessness at shelter

At the Humane Society for Hamilton County in Indiana, Ritter is a lost soul. When he was surrendered to the shelter because his family lost their home, Ritter’s negative reaction was immediate and truly heartbreaking.… Read More