Help Mellow find his way back to his 70-year-old ‘best friend’

A 70-year-old man is heartbroken after his “best friend” – a poodle mix named Mellow disappeared from his Queens home in New York City on May 13.  It may sound like crazy stuff, but after … Read More

Owner dumps mother dog wanting her euth’ed on Mother’s Day

On Mother’s Day weekend, the owner of an over bred mother dog surrendered her to a Dallas area animal shelter and asked the staff to euthanize the dog. The neglected and abused pooch appeared to … Read More

Public workers mowing grass found emaciated dog on side of road

In Leesburg, Florida,  public workers with Lake County Public Works had been mowing the grass on Tuesday afternoon when one of the men spotted an emaciated dog lying on the side of a busy road. … Read More

Bodies of 2 cats and a dog found after Boeing 737 crash in Jacksonville

In Jacksonville, Florida, the bodies of two cats and a dog belonging to a military family were recovered on Sunday evening after the Boeing 737 jet skidded off the runway and went into the St. … Read More

Senior Dachshund with heartbreaking video at shelter rescued

A ten-year-old Dachshund had been waiting for someone to hold him and tell him everything would be fine. Instead he cowered in the corner of his shelter cage at Riverside County Animal Control. On Saturday … Read More

Kris Rotonda, a modern day hero for shelter animals


In the current days of negativity and animosity, when acts of violence and anger fill the newspapers and resound from our television sets, we are all looking for a hero.  Not a caped crusader … Read More

Jury took 4 minutes to convict Houston woman of animal cruelty

A jury of her peers took 4 minutes to convict a Houston woman of animal cruelty over two emaciated dogs suffering from parasites , hunger and severe skin infections. Stephanie Renee Dunn was sentenced to … Read More

Heartbreaking: Young dog hit in the face and left to die in a gutter

For days, a young dog had been left dying in the gutter on the side of a street. The Animal Hope & Wellness Foundation had been contacted by a student in the area who reached … Read More

Helpless puppies left in plastic bin in woods on 90 degree day

In North Carolina on Thursday afternoon, a litter of helpless puppies had been abandoned and left in a plastic bin in the woods as temperatures soared over 90 degrees. Too small to crawl out of … Read More

‘No normal human being could look at this dog’ as acceptable

In Butler County, Ohio, the owner of an emaciated dog with open wounds, has been charged with animal cruelty.  Butler County Sheriff Richard K. Jones looked at the dog and stated:

“No normal human being

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