Blind Corgi at Miami shelter ‘Please carry me and keep my water close’ sign on kennel

At Miami-Dade Animal Services a blind Welsh Corgi named Jimmy is so afraid of the kennel environment, he refuses to move. A staff member posted the following heartbreaking message on his kennel window:

“Please carry

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Five-week-old puppy found wrapped in towel and thrown into dumpster

A five-week-old puppy was found earlier this week by two Good Samaritans who heard his lonely whimpers while walking late at night. He had been wrapped in a towel before having been thrown away like … Read More

Florida animal officer rescues stranded dog from swampy alligator marshes

A frightened dog was more than happy to be rescued last Friday by Lake County Sheriff’s Officer Animal Enforcement Officer Amy Riccio from a swampy alligator infested marshes.

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Cat slowly starved while locked inside home where owner died

On Thursday, a Florida-based rescue group announced that an emergency rescue was underway for a cat who was found slowly starving to death inside of a home where her owner had died. The Good Karma Read More

Oklahoma Humane Society caring for 7 orphaned puppies after mom froze to death

Seven four-week-old puppies were recently rescued by the Oklahoma Humane Society after an animal welfare officer found their mother frozen to death in Oklahoma City.

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Sadness in surrendered dog’s eyes heartbreaking: Remy’s rescue is urgent

At the Indianapolis Animal Care Services, Remy’s rescue is urgent. The one-and-a-half-year-old pup was surrendered by her owners after a week of having given birth to a litter of puppies. The owners claimed she rejected … Read More

Nine-week-old German shepherd puppy up for adoption in Palm Beach County

A two-month-old German shepherd puppy is ready to be adopted from Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control. Brought into the shelter on Friday, it doesn’t seem as if his owner has contacted the shelter, … Read More

Senior dog and her closely bonded tripod have lost their home

For the last three years, Leah and Oso have lived together; their bond so tightly woven together if one dog doesn’t eat neither will the other one. Sadly, the pair have lost their home, and … Read More

Armed thugs beat up woman and steal her 5-month-old French bulldog puppy

In San Francisco, Sarah Vorhaus had been walking her two dogs in Russian Hill on Tuesday evening when she was attacked by four armed thugs who assaulted at gunpoint. The suspects stole her five-month-old French … Read More

Dog practically begged her owner not to leave her behind at shelter

At the Lost Angeles Animal Services South, a one-year-old dog’s eyes followed her owner’s departure from the shelter on Tuesday, seemingly begging not to be left behind. Champagne, described as a “Pomsky,” – a canine … Read More