Beagle pup was tied to a pole and beaten in Bronx

A four-month-old beagle puppy was tied to a pole and beaten in the Bronx on Monday. According to the rescue organization that stepped up when Animal Care Centers of New York City called to help, the adorable little pooch suffered “severe injuries.”

On Monday, the Looking Glass Rescue, posted the puppy’s photo and shocking details as supplied by the shelter.

” We have this super cute and sad puppy that we are hoping to get out of here as soon as possible, possibly from trauma. The police officers who brought him said that someone called and said they witnessed the dog being beat and ties(sic)  to a pole. Unfortunately, there is not enough evidence to pursue a cruelty investigation.”

EENT: Droopy eyes, cannot open right eye, severe periocular swelling OU, ears clean, no nasal or ocular discharge noted

1-Anemic-r/o normal for puppy vs. blood loss vs. anemia of chronic dz unlikely
-Lymphocytosis-r/o normal puppy
vs.inflammation/infection vs. other

Additional medical information about the puppy was also included.

The president of the rescue, Jody Harris-Stern, is now caring for the puppy renamed Cleo. She suffers from severe facial swelling, an abscess on top of her head extending down to her eye, a fractured bone under her eye and “symmetrical breaks” in her cheeks likely caused by blunt trauma. The puppy also has cuts and wounds on her head, neck and shoulders.

PACK, WE NEED YOU NOW MORE THAN EVER…IVAN NEEDS YOU. PLEASE DONATE WHAT YOU CAN,” Jody posted on the organization’s Facebook page.

Fortunately Cleo is a little fighter reports NbcNewYork. Her medical bills have already surpassed $5,000. To help please click here.

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These unlikely friends are too adorable for words

Emma tried to hide in the corner of Texas shelter: This puppy got lucky

Emma Tee tried to hide in the corner of a Texas shelter; this was to be her last stop in the medical ward before a cart arrived to move the neglected nine-month-old puppy to the back room for euthanasia.  On Friday, her story had been destined to begin and end as follows:

“Emma Tee sits in a Texas kill shelter, in horrendous medical condition.
She’s on the cold and dirty, germ infested floor which is so sad
She is at the end of the road here.
Hairless, her limbs are swollen from infection, deep sores and gashes all over her body
We don’t know who did this to her, who allowed this to happen to her
She lies curled up tight, in a little ball hoping she can hide away in the shelter walls
Sadly, it’s just the opposite, there’s no hiding as she’s in the sick ward , where those dogs are first to be Euthanized.”

Emma Tee is one of the lucky ones. Rescue Dogs Rock NYC were asked to help this puppy, and at that moment the puppy’s life changed. She is currently safe and recovering at the organization’s San Antonio veterinary partner. Her skin is badly infected, her legs and feet are so swollen, she can barely walk, and the open sores all over her body are just a small indication of the misery and neglect this young puppy has suffered in her short life.

Emma Tee is expected to make a complete recovery.

To help with Emma Tee’s recovery and the beginning of her new life, donations can be made by clicking here.

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A ‘village’ of rescuers saved shelter dachshund from euthanasia

“It takes a village to raise a child,” may have become a popular proverb, but no doubt it took a village to enable the rescue of a dachshund surrendered by his owner who ordered the dog euthanized by Devore Animal Shelter.

According to the owner, the dog has a behavioral problem, including having bitten several people. The owner therefore made the decision, paid extra and ordered the dog be killed.

His story began on Thursday when he was brought into the shelter:

“Heartbreaking as owner refused to allow the Doxie to go to a rescue. Paid to have it euthanized. The owners are the only people who can reclaim the dog and give the doxie to a rescue. There is no evaluation done by the shelter to re access, and verify signed statements to be true and substantiated . It is because the owner made a claim the dog has bitten before, the impulsivity (sp) of this owner’s action sounds retaliatory. If this bouncing loving dog has behavior issues there would of been many rescues willing to get the dog evaluated and rehabilitated. I hope they are never allowed to adopt another living animal again! Outrageous injustice without a fair assessment from a trained personnel.”

What happened next showed how respectful and persistent animal rescuers were trying to save the dachshund. Shelter personnel from the San Bernardino County animal shelters submitted an explanation citing why the dog could not be released to any rescue organization:

 “The dog with animal identification number A669324 was surrendered by its owner on September 12, 2018, the owner requested that the County euthanize the dog and signed a contract to have this service performed. The statement indicated by the owner on the contract was ‘My animal has a behavioral or temperamental defect that could pose a health or safety risk or otherwise make the animal unsuitable for placement as a pet.’ Pursuant to California Food and Agriculture Code Section 31108.5 entitled Proof of Ownership When Relinquishing a Dog Required. Section (a) (1) states: Upon relinquishment of a dog to a public or private shelter, the owner of the dog shall present sufficient identification to establish his or her ownership of the dog and shall sign a statement that he or she is the lawful owner of the dog,’ the person who relinquished this dog was established to be the owner of this dog.”

Shortly thereafter, a legal fund for the Doxie’s plight was set up while rescuers, animal advocates and supporters repeatedly asked if the dog’s life could be spared. Perhaps it was political pressure, social pressure, owner remorse, a compassionate staff or a combination of everyone working together that San Bernardino County – Devore Animal Shelter , released the dog to rescue on Friday afternoon.

“Good afternoon,
After contact with the owner it has been determined that the dog with animal identification number A669324 will be made available to 501(c)(3) rescue groups today on a first come first serve basis.
Thank you for your interest in our shelter pets.
Kelly Papp”

A.R.T And Paws rescued the Pomeranian that accompanied the Doxie on Thursday. Described as a sweetheart, the Pom had been at the veterinarian having dental work performed. Check out when the two dogs are reunited:

To help with these two grateful dogs, donations to ART N Paws Animal Rescue can be made here.

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(Video courtesy of Liraz Abraham)

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Say good-bye to the beloved “bug”

Rescue crates carrying animals to safety from hurricane fell off transport truck

In Charlotte, North Carolina, a transporter carrying animals to the safety of Carolina Waterfowl Rescue from Hurricane Florence, did not strap rescue crates properly causing several of the enclosures to fall off of the truck. The transport was on its way Thursday evening from Wilmington to Charlotte.


According to the Facebook page of the Carolina Waterfowl Rescue, the crates went flying and landed on the side of the road without the transporter being aware of what happened. By nightfall, a pelican and three chickens that had fallen out of the truck were recovered. A hawk is still missing as of Friday morning.


“THESE are not our birds,” the rescue organization posted. “This was not our transporter. We are opening our shelter to evacuees and his happened on a volunteer transport from the coast. I just wanted to clarify this was not our fault and we were just here waiting to receive the birds.”

Archilles, the hawk remains missing. Anyone with information is asked to call 704.668.9486 or text 704.684.9247.

Check out the rescue’s Facebook page to see some of the many animals few others volunteered to help. Arrivals include a donkey and her baby, parrots, chickens, hawks and ducks. Volunteers are fostering many in their own homes. To help, donations would be welcome; these are just a few of the rescuers who have stepped forward to help.

Donations can be made by clicking here.

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Watch a soldier’s heartwarming reunion with a dog she rescued

Turn up the volume – does this talkative malamute make your dog howl?!

It was the end of the line for 18-week-old Bebe until fate stepped in

It had been the end of the line for a four- and-a-half-month-old puppy. Bebe seemed lifeless, rejected, shut down and homeless with no hope of ever finding a home. Barely beginning her life, the puppy had already suffered so much; one look at her, and it was apparent that she had been a victim of extreme neglect and abuse.

Video#1. Suddenly Bebe heard a voice, but was that human calling her?

When asked to help, Rescue Dogs Rock NYC didn’t hesitate. Co-founder Stacey Silverstein stepped forward to give Bebe hope.

“Lying on the dirty, germ infested shelter floor waiting to die, Bebe knew her fate. We assume Bebe was a happy puppy at some point in her life, but things certainly turned for the worse … and now she was left abandoned and sick in a kill shelter waiting to die,” Stacey posted on the organization’s Facebook page along with the puppy’s heartbreaking photo.

“We took one look at her video, and we knew we had to help.”

Bebe suffers from dehydration, a serious skin infection, anemia and dehydration. She is currently at the organization’s San Antonio veterinarian partner receiving urgent medical care.

“Her eyes are full of puss, her ears are cracked and stiff from neglect –
Her body hairless and covered in sores
She’s shaking from being so weak 
Thank goodness we rescued her when we did as she was in horrific condition
Bebe has already had IV fluids and a medicated bath to soothe her skin.”

Bebe, however was not the only innocent young victim of abuse and neglect at that shelter. Kennel mate Bobo, who is just eight months old, also has suffered. He looked up as Bebe was getting ready to leave. Look closely, and note this puppy’s eye is missing. How did that happen? And so Bobo would not be left behind.

“We plan to literally give them their life back by bringing them to a place of health peace and well being,” added Stacey.

Video#2: Bebe’s kennel mate Bobo would not be left behind.

Please help Bebe and Bobo

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Something awful was tied around Teddy’s muzzle for a long time

Something awful had been tied around Teddy’s muzzle for an extended period of time. The deep, sharp wounds cut clear down to his bones; the infection was deep and the young dog’s pain had to have been intolerable.

(Graphic photo below may not be suitable for all viewers)

On Monday, the Pennsylvania Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (PSPCA) introduced Teddy Jr. to their followers on social media. In mid-August, the dog had been found as a stray with a serious injury to his muzzle. Teddy Jr. had been taken to a nearby county shelter. When notified, officers from the PSPCA picked him up and immediately transported him to the shelter’s hospital for emergency treatment and assessment.

“When he arrived, we were all shocked by what we saw – Teddy Jr. had a wound all the way around his muzzle with bone exposure. We knew he was in pain, and that time was of the essence, so our surgeon cleaned the deeply infected wound and closed it, and thus began a waiting game to see how Teddy would recover,” the organization posted on their Facebook page.

In just two weeks, Teddy Jr. has made an amazing recovery. He loves his surgeon, Dr. Nau and everyone he is introduced to – as long as it is slow. Who can blame him? Because of his terrible experience, Teddy Jr. can be fearful of people at first, but “when he loves you, he LOVES you.”

Teddy Jr. is a story of hope and healing.  If only all dogs involved in cruelty situations could have equally happy endings. We must not give up – there are angels out there helping all the time.

Teddy did have a microchip and charges are pending further investigation.

To help with Teddy Jr’s care and other needy pets, donations can be made by clicking here.

(Photos of something awful around Teddy’s muzzle via PSPCA)

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To die: Bonded pup and deaf pal torn apart by NYC Housing Authority

In a cruel twist of fate, a bonded pup and her deaf pal have been torn apart by the New York City Housing Authority that restricts pets weighing more than 25 pounds. Who can even count the amount of dogs killed by euthanasia since the city’s inception of the weight restriction law?

And on Monday, one day before September 11 – a day no one will ever forget, Porsha will lose her life at Brooklyn Animal Care Center. For no behavioral reasons, both dogs have been separated from their families and each other. (Her bonded pal Max is not on the list to die today)

A volunteer writes about Porsha.

“Porsha is truly a doll! She is so friendly and sweet. She makes super cute piglet noises when she’s happy. She seems housetrained and walks nicely on the leash. Porsha is reportedly friendly with kids, likes to play with toys and was bonded with her deaf housemate, Max , also at Bacc. She’s a good girl.”

Max # 40223 and Porsha # 40224.


Video #2

Porsha ID# 40224 Brooklyn Animal Care Center
4 yrs old, 69.2 lbs
Gray / White Female
Large Mixed Breed Cross
Intake Date: 08-31-2018

No Cats
No dog parks

Came in with MAX ID# 40223


Upon Intake:
Upon intake Porsha was very friendly as her tail wagged she did lick me. She was also nice enough to allow me to collar her as well as scan her for a microchip. She did sit still for her pretty intake photo as well.

Means of surrender (length of time in previous home):
Owner surrender

Previously lived with:
2 adults, 1 dog

To adopt this dog, follow the instructions listed below:

Step 2: Go to the red menu button on the top right corner, click register and fill in your info.
Step 3: Go to your email and verify account
Step 4: Go back to the website, click the menu button and view available dogs
Step 5: Scroll to the animal you are interested and click reserve
Step 7: Fill in your credit card info and complete transaction Animal Care Centers of NYC (ACC)

Shelter contact information
Phone number (212) 788-4000

Shelter Addresses:
Brooklyn Shelter: 2336 Linden Boulevard Brooklyn, NY 11208

“Thank you for your interest in adopting from Animal Care Centers of NYC. Our At Risk List is posted each day (except Saturday) at 6:00PM and remains viewable until 12:00PM noon the following day.”

The shelter starts euthanasia at 1:00 p.m. Follow Porsha’s Facebook page here.

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Senior dog in needRocky is desperate to be noticed, but nobody wants him – more about helping here.


Dog ‘Champ’ intentionally starved holds no grudges as miracle continues

Champ the intentionally starved dog, has made himself comfortable at his foster home in Maryland.  On Wednesday, the dog celebrated his three-week anniversary since his rescue. The now pampered pooch has  already gained 20 pounds. And when Champ is hungry, he barks!

“Doesn’t my head look much better? At my weigh in today at the vet I was 71.9 pounds! This means I have gained 20 pounds in the 3 weeks since I was rescued!,” Justice for Champ’s Facebook page posted.

Video: “I’m a happy guy, but shouldn’t you be feeding me now?”

Everyday Champ is getting stronger. Who can believe this is the Laurens, South Carolina dog exactly three weeks ago, whose photo of the dog curled up in the dirt starving, near death and crawling with maggots went viral? Animal advocates were outraged as Champ’s terrible story of abuse and neglect unraveled:

“His heartbreaking story is that he is the victim of a breakup,” Rescue Dogs Rock NYC co-founder Jackie O’Sullivan posted on the organization’s social media page. “… since ‘he was not her dog’, she fed her dogs but not Champ.”

Changes to existing tethering law and stricter animal welfare ordinances are being discussed. The following progress has been made:

“Update on the Greenville County, SC tethering ordinance: it passed its second reading, 11 to 1. They did not vote to bypass the final reading. That means it will go to a third and final vote in early October. We had six speakers from the public speak for the ordinance, and zero against.

Nearly every single person mentioned Champ tonight, and the importance of drafting stricter animal welfare ordinances to ensure nothing like this can happen again.

The meeting in early October will include a public hearing. Anyone is welcome to speak.

This is a big step forward. We have been heard. This is because of Champ, he is a worldwide celebrity. He is our catalyst for change.”

Read prior coverage of Champ’s plight here.

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Almost a bad memory: Champ the starved dog moves on to foster home

Drum roll please!  Almost just a bad memory, Champ the intentionally starved dog, moved on to his medical foster home in Maryland on Saturday morning. For the next several weeks, while he continues his miraculous recovery, the 16-month-old Mastiff will be pampered and loved.

“The rumor mill is true! Champ is going to stay with me and Cakes for the next several weeks while he continues to recover. Me and Cakes can’t wait to show him the ropes and get him in the yard but until then, Mom and Dad said he needs time to decompress and get settled in and feel comfortable.

Champ is in good hands and is a total lovebug!”


Who can believe this is the Laurens, South Carolina dog barely two weeks ago, whose photo of the dog curled up in the dirt starving, near death and crawling with maggots went viral? Animal advocates were outraged as Champ’s terrible story of abuse and neglect unraveled:

“His heartbreaking story is that he is the victim of a breakup,” Rescue Dogs Rock NYC co-founder Jackie O’Sullivan posted on the organization’s social media page. “… since ‘he was not her dog’, she fed her dogs but not Champ.”

Are you wondering where Champ is being fostered? Think back to the beginning of 2017. An Isabella fawn and rust purebred Doberman had been brought into the county shelter in Kershaw City, South Carolina. He was severely injured, emaciated and scarred. Someone had cropped off his ears in an egregious home botched job, but that wasn’t the worst of it for this one-year-old dog. His back was completely bent over and contorted as he hobbled in pain. The shelter staff believed the clearly starved and abused puppy had escaped from the hell where he had been existing, and as he tried to eat a dead animal lying on the road to stave off his intense hunger, he had been struck by a car.

Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, and co-founder Jackie O’Sullivan came to Spencer’s rescue that day; the dog with a severed spine, and even though the costs to help him had been estimated to be extremely expensive, there was no hesitation to help:

“We took him because he was suffering, and he deserved to live,” Jackie posted to their followers on the rescue’s Facebook page. “It was the right thing to do, but we need your help. We put down a $3,000 deposit just to bring him in the front door. It is no wonder so many dogs can not be helped. In addition to the operation for his spine, his stomach is full of bones – which is another problem we will have to address.”

Spencer has since recovered and his amazing foster home (which became his permanent home) has now opened their doors to Champ. And with his orthopedic bed, Champ is getting settled in.

“We know there were lots of happy tears shed for this miracle boy as he moves on to the next stage of his journey. Onward and upward Champ! You got this!”

Read Spencer’s story here.

Spencer”s recovery was another miracle. Check it out:

It is because of so many generous people these extremely difficult rescues are possible. Help support Rescue Dogs Rock NYC.

Read previous coverage of Champ’s plight here.

And not to be outdone by Spencer’s story, check out Champ’s Sunday morning walk.

“Here is how Champ’s first day in a home went:
Champ had a variety of short walks yesterday, learning the neighborhood and we are happy to say he is able to quickly learn where he is living and is picking up on a routine. The other great news is that he is house broken. He ate 4x yesterday and continues to have a very healthy appetite. It is so true that when he wants to eat, he lets you know. Champ also had a meet and greet at the vet office yesterday and got an initial weigh in. He continues to gain weight and we will have a more detailed report after his vet appointment on Friday,” his foster family posted earlier Sunday morning.

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Emaciated Zeke ran into daycare center and miraculously rescued

No one knows where nine-pound Zeke came from, but on Thursday, the emaciated puppy innocently wandered into a daycare center in San Antonio. Moments later he quickly scampered away.

Volunteer animal advocates saw the three-month-old skeletal body covered in a thin layer of skin and fur and knew the puppy would not survive much longer; they went on a search to find him. Rescuers were able to join together, collaborated a basic plan and searched for hours. No one could find Zeke; many of the volunteers had to go home.

No way was this to be the end of the story for this frightened puppy. Two rescuers had no intentions of giving up – Zeke would surely have died.  And at 9:00 p.m., the rescue was a success. Zeke was captured and spent the night with his heroes.

Rescue Dogs Rock NYC have again stepped up to help. On Friday morning, just hours before the start of a long holiday weekend, Zeke was taken to the organization’s  partner veterinarian where he is receiving life-saving medical care and undergoing tests.

“Little Zeke is only 9 pounds at 3.5 months old. He should weigh at least 15 pounds,” co-founder Stacey Silverstein posted on the organization’s Facebook page. “This poor guy had a horrible beginning in life, but we will make sure that is all changed!”

To help:

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