‘Rambo’ had a bad day in the dog park and now he is slated to die at NYC shelter

Rambo had a very bad day at the dog park recently. Although the friendly and active two-year-old pup had been used to playing in the park with other dogs present, something happened that day, and … Read More

Stray kitty in dire need of rescue: Scratched up and barely can walk

Sometimes we all have to reach out and help those who cannot help themselves. In this very sad situation, posted on social media by Broward Community Cats – TNR and Feral Cat Help Only, … Read More

Tiny Yorkie escapes talons of eagle swooping down for his prey

In British Columbia, a tiny Yorkshire terrier named Coco, fought valiantly to escape from a bald eagle swooping down in the backyard of her home. The doorbell camera caught the terrifying moment the eight-month-old puppy … Read More

Heartless creep on scooter stole a 75-year-old man’s puppy

A heartless creep seen on a surveillance video stole a 75-year-old man’s puppy on a Queen’s sidewalk in broad daylight Saturday. The video showed Alonso Gil’s uncle’s entrance of his home in South Ozone Park … Read More

Flight attendant for Southwest Airlines uses his flight benefits to help blind and deaf senior pup

Patrick the Chihuahua, a nine-year-old blind and deaf pooch, had been abandoned by his heartless owner. His long list of health problems made it very difficult to find a new home, but fortunately Dallas Pets … Read More

Sweet rescue dog abandoned for 3rd time and found as stray needs help to find her 4th and forever home

On Wednesday morning, the Valley Animal Center received a call that one of their previously adopted dogs had been found as a stray in Las Vegas. The worst part – this was the third time!… Read More

Four-pound ‘ferocious’ dog who bit the index finger of person breaking up dog scuffle slated to be euth’ed

Meet “ferocious” Newt, a four-pound Chihuahua, who bit the right index finger (puncture wound) of a person breaking up a dog scuffle between this four-pound pooch and another dog in the home. Newt was found … Read More

Special delivery puppies born shortly after mom surrendered to shelter

The SPCA of Wake County has taken in seven tiny puppies just born along with their mom from a local shelter in North Carolina. The mom, Anabelle, had been heavily pregnant when she was surrendered, … Read More

Stray puppy who fell into 90 feet deep ravine rescued and then finds loving home

Just a few days ago, a stray puppy had the misfortune of falling down a ravine reported to have been over 90 feet deep. Because the puppy was so small and young, he was not … Read More

13 year old dog who spent her entire life on a chain outside has been freed

In Hockessin, Delaware, a 13-year-old dog named Sammy Girl spent her entire life chained outdoors. She lived under a tree with a dog house, but never seemed to feel comfortable in it, and would tightly … Read More