Emergency rescue as workers save 9 pups and their mom from flooding drainpipe

For three days, volunteers had been desperately working to save a family of ten puppies and their mother who had taken up temporary refuge in an old drainpipe in a rural area of Dallas, Texas. As described by rescue volunteer for Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, Leslie Ysuhuaylas stated the mother dog had been living in the abandoned area since November; there she delivered two litters; only one puppy from a previous litter seemed to have survived.

What the mother dog had not anticipated this time, however were the pouring rain storms predicted for the area which would soon flood – including the drain where she thought her six-week-old puppies had been safe from predators and other dangers. The puppies were discovered accidentally while on a rescue mission for a different dog, and as the volunteers entered the drainage area they heard the puppies crying:

“We went in and mom started growling when we approached,” Leslie stated. “We weren’t equipped to be in there; there was limited lighting and we had no idea what type or size of dog we were dealing with or the number of  puppies hiding there. So we went out back out to plan getting them out before it started to rain.”

While rescuers set humane traps to capture the family and waited patiently to bring the little ones to safety, the downpours began. They went back into the drain, but the darkness and the flooding made any attempts to find the puppies nearly impossible.

“We thought the puppies had died,” Leslie told the Pet Rescue Report, “but 15 minutes later one came out with his head just above the water, ten minutes later another came out, and in another 15 minutes came JJ out; his head had been underwater and his body barely afloat. We started doing CPR and took him to the fire station for oxygen, but it was too late.”

The group were immediately able to catch the mother dog, and she eagerly jumped into the car. When rescuers returned that evening, four more puppies were spotted, but the frightened little ones scattered into the nearby woods – not before two more were safely captured. The next morning another one was trapped, and the last remaining sibling ran out of the tunnel trying to rescue his trapped brother.

“He (the last puppy) stayed in the tunnel all day, and we had no idea where as there are several branches in the tunnel where he could hide.”

And then the rains began to fall again – this time harder and the water from the tunnel quickly moving anything in its path to the nearby creek. And on Monday morning, when almost all hope had been lost for the rescue of the last puppy, he somehow had found safety in one of the bigger tunnels. You can watch his rescue in the attached video.

“They are all heading to the vet today as a family, while we attempt to trap the only surviving puppy from mom’s previous litter who has been living in the woods with his family. There have been limited sightings of him as we focused on his younger siblings. This entire family has lived a very difficult life, and have only survived so long because the babies have a very strong and caring mother that has ensured their safety and protected them through the difficult weather and predators. She has raised strong-willed puppies and survivors!”

All of the puppies and their mother have been transferred to the partner veterinarian for Rescue Dogs Rock NYC. A three-week temporary foster home  as well as  donations are needed. If you are in the Dallas area and can help, please contact Leslie. Please donate for the surviving family members via PayPal at donate@rescuedogsrocknyc.org or www.rescuedogsrocknyc.org/donate/

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(Photos and video of drainpipe puppies courtesy of Leslie Ysuhuaylas and Rescue Dogs Rock NYC)

Check out the drainpipe area where volunteers dared to enter in order to save the lives of these desperate puppies:

Baldwin Park shelter volunteer cried as she caressed tiniest one-eyed victim of heartless neglect

A seven-year-old poodle lies curled up in her kennel cage at the Baldwin  Park Animal Care Center in California. Missing an eye, terribly matted and pretending to be asleep, a shelter volunteer couldn’t help but be drawn to the tiny victim of heartless neglect. Picked up by Animal Control as a stray on June 2, she is expected to be available for adoption on June 6. Her online story begins when Karen Klink met her on Saturday:

“This lovely lady from Baldwin Park animal shelter building four, was just ‘pretending to sleep.’ One eye gone, matted fur, either obese or other issues… I quietly approached her and she came to me in a loving manner. Not knowing anything about her injuries, I carefully petted her and held her for a while. No fear or aggression, just love.”

A Facebook page can be followed here or here. Certain pictures break our  heart; what this seven-year-old dog must have been through while on the street fending for herself is hard to imagine. In her kennel cage however, she tries to act as if she were invisible, but at the slightest touch she quietly inches over for affection and reassurance that all will be fine. She’s a broken little dog who desperately needs to be rescued. Share this dog’s plight with approved rescue organizations, friends, family and social media contacts. Sharing saves lives.

Click here for this dog’s adoption information: “I don’t have a name yet and I’m an approximately 7 year old female poodle min.  I am already spayed.  I have been at the Baldwin Animal Care Center since June 2, 2017.  I will be available on June 6, 2017.  You can visit me at my temporary home at B407.” Animal ID: A5073451.

(Photos of poodle victim of heartless neglect via Karen Klink)

For more information about this animal, call:
Los Angeles County Animal Control – Baldwin Park at
(626) 962-3577
Ask for information about animal ID number A5073451
4275 North Elton Street
Baldwin Park, CA 91706
Monday- Thursday: 12:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.
Friday-Sunday: 10:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m

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Stranger makes incredible donation to rescue homeless animals.

Update: Abandoned 3-month-old puppy hit by a car survives surgery

On Friday afternoon, just as families made their final preparations to celebrate the holiday weekend, Rescue Dogs Rock NYC received an urgent call from a rural Georgia shelter pleading for help for a three-month-old puppy in critical condition after having been hit by a car and just brought in by Animal Control. According to Jackie O’Sullivan, co-founder of the rescue organization, who often steps forward for the most critical cases of animal abuse and cruelty, the puppy dubbed Christie suffered multiple injuries including cuts, gashes, possible fractures and a deep hole in her side.

Christie was rushed to an emergency veterinarian hospital for life saving care. It was unknown if the ten-pound puppy could even survive the transport or surgery, however the team of surgeons were able to close up the hole in her stomach before the injury became infected. In addition, Christie’s intestines and stomach had been compromised from the impact of the crash.

“Christie also sustained a fractured femur from the hit which can be seen in the x-ray,” stated Jackie on Facebook informing animal advocates the puppy’s condition is still extremely critical and the next 48 hours are likely to reveal if the defenseless little dog, who hasn’t even had a chance to live, will survive this traumatic injury. “The fracture will be surgically repaired at our GA specialty Hospital on Tuesday which will costs well over $3500, and due to the puppy losing a lot of blood and being extremely weak, she had to be transferred to a 24 hour emergency hospital where she will remain indefinitely under 24 hour care,” Jackie continued.

To help with this puppy’s enormous medical expenses, donations can be made  Http://rescuedogsrocknyc.org/donate or to Paypal:

(Photos of puppy hit by a car survives surgery courtesy of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC)


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Puffy Paws Kitty Haven, a cat hospice and rescue shelter

Puffy Paws Kitty Haven is a no kill cat hospice and rescue shelter located in Englewood, Florida. They humorously bill themselves on line and on Facebook as the “World’s Greatest Cat House.” And indeed, they are. The founders and operators, Rick and Chrissy Kingston work very hard, day in and day out caring for two hundred special needs and unwanted kitties on their own.

Puffy Paws Kitty Haven takes care of the largest amount of special needs cats and kittens in the area. They care for cats with feline leukemia, FIV, blind cats, feral cats, epileptic cats, senior kitties, kitties with only one eye and more. All of these special needs cats and kittens would have been euthanized because they would be deemed un-adoptable. None of the cats or kittens are put down due to behavior problems, space or adopt-ability issues. The only ones that are humanely euthanized are those with medical conditions that cause pain and suffering and have no chance of survival.

Also, Puffy Paws is the first rescue in the area to feature adoptable and special needs cats live on the Internet. It all started 16 years ago in the loving home of Chrissy and Rick Kingston. There they took in cats and sometimes even families of cats. In the fall of 2009, Puffy Paws Kitty Haven moved outside the Kingston’s home. To better handle the different medical needs, they have separated them into two separate living quarters. The “Haven Home” is a 2200 square foot building which houses the healthy, adoptable kitties and a permanent resident for those that have physical, emotional and behavioral problems. The second building is 800 square feet with a 400-square foot used solely for kitties with feline leukemia. This section has been nicknamed the “The Kitty Angel Club.”

Over the last 11 years, founder Chrissy Kingston estimated that she has worked thousands of hours caring for the kitties and spent over $100,000.00 on unwanted though loving cats and kittens.

Puffy Paws Kitty Haven was named after a small, sickly kitten that was part of the Kingston’s family for only one year. The kitten’s name was “Poo-Puffy Paws,” or “Poo Puff” for short.  Although he was a happy, well loved, and well cared for kitten, he passed away during Hurricane Charlie in 2004. Naming the Haven after this very special kitten represented to the Kingstons something they wanted others to know and appreciate; one kitty at a time can change the heart of one person at a time.

On November 20th, 2006, Puffy Paws Kitty Haven became a not-for-profit corporation. This allowed Puffy Paws to raise funds for the cats currently in their care as well as future cats that will come to them needing a safe haven. But caring for 200 cats can be very costly and difficult to maintain when you rely solely on donations. It costs $946.00 a month to feed the cats and $275-$300 a day for cleaning supplies to keep the two buildings spotless and the litter-boxes clean.

(Photo of cat hospice via Facebook)

To read more about Puffy Paws Kitty Haven, donate or adopt one of their cats visit their website.

Also, visit their Facebook page.

“What greater gift than the love of a cat?”
Charles Dickens (author, Great Expectations)

UPDATE: Once healthy puppy returned to Baltimore shelter near death

Had it not been for the extraordinary efforts of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC late last week, Rupert’s story would never have been told; the one-year-old emaciated puppy – too weak to stand or barely lift his head had to be rushed to the organization’s specialty veterinarian hospital for emergency life-saving treatment. Just five days later, Rupert remains at the hospital, and although he is still in need of around the clock care and monitoring, the veterinarians and staff remain moderately optimistic.

On Tuesday morning, Jackie O’Sullivan, co-founder of Rescue Dogs Rock updated the puppy’s condition on the organization’s Facebook page:

“…he’s able to stand for short periods with some support. He’s gone from 23 to 24.5lbs which is not a lot, but yesterday’s abdominal ultrasound ruled out any major issues. He remains anemic, EPI & other possible GI issues have been ruled out, but the medical team believes he has a bleed somewhere in there. Rupert was also full of parasites which he’s being treated for. The last concerning thing is that he has a nodule on one of his lungs. They are hoping the nodule is infection related, but of course worst case, it could be cancer.”

Six-months ago, Rupert had been adopted by a family from the Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter (BARCS). The energetic and healthy six-month-old puppy happily frolicked into his new owners’ arms – positive his young life would be one of love. Sadly, that was all too short-lived.  Late last week, Rupert was returned to BARCS as a skeleton; he could not stand or walk and was close to death. An animal cruelty investigation was initiated. According to the adopter, their puppy would eat, but he just didn’t gain weight. When adopted, Rupert weighed 33 pounds; when brought back to the shelter, the emaciated puppy weighed 22 pounds.

To help this dog, donations can be made to PayPal: Donate@rescuedogsrocknyc.org or www.rescuedogsrocknyc.org/donate/ or mail: RDR NYC PO BOX 101 NY NY 10028.

Follow the National Pet Rescue on Facebook. (Photos and video of Rupert courtesy of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC)

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Latest video of Rupert trying so hard to walk again. Feel better little guy.

Surrendered to shelter in garbage bag, but there’s more to Alexa’s story

Just a puppy and saved in the nick of time, Alexa is now resting comfortably at a partner veterinarian for Rescue Dogs Rock NYC. The organization stepped in on Friday when rescuers at a southern Texas high kill shelter spotted the dog as they were leaving. After having been surrendered, the puppy had been carried to the rear of the building to be placed in a kennel awaiting humane euthanasia; sick dogs at this shelter are killed immediately. The dog bled when touched; it was because of her raw skin. Of course, there had been no doubt Alexa had been neglected and mistreated, but there is more to her story. 

Just days before, two college women found the pup as a stray scavenging around looking for scraps. They picked her up and brought her home; the women wanted to help:

 “We actually found ‘Alexa’,” stated Clarissa – one of the young women who found the puppy. “She was a stray and we took her in but working full time and being full time students we knew we couldn’t care for her. I’ve never taken care of a dog with mange; we gave her penicillin but knew that she needed much more care than we could offer. I called the shelter, which in all honesty thought that they would help treat her. The reason she was in a bag was because we were just trying to avoid blood stains in the vehicle. As she has already left some blood stains on the couch at home. We were actually very relieved rescue was there when we got there. We didn’t know that they were going to put her down. I have a dog of my own and love it to pieces, took him the other day for pink eye. So before everyone thinks we were so horrible for leaving her in a bag, that wasn’t the case. That’s the day we got informed about the amazing work…”

Clarissa continued:

“I felt horrible for this dog. And in all honesty I would have left her in the shelter thinking they would have helped her out. I had called before taking her in. I was told that as long as she tested negative for heartworms they would treat her. Rescue was the one that informed us she would be put down. But the bag was the one thing we had at hand, children are in and out of our vehicles so the last thing we wanted was for there to be blood where they sit. Not that we meant it in a malicious way.”

The puppy is in serious condition and had been in excruciating pain. Her skin is completely devoid of fur; Alexa looks like a burn victim. While being transported in the car to the veterinarian, her rescuer described the puppy ” as just being content lying down and resting.” When they carefully picked her up out of the car to take her inside to the veterinary hospital, everything Alexa touched was covered in blood. She is now receiving life saving emergency care.

Rescue Dogs Rock NYC has again come to the rescue of a dog who would have been immediately euthanized had they not stepped in. To help, donations can be made via PayPal Via PayPal at donate@rescuedogsrocknyc.org or www.rescuedogsrocknyc.org/donate/.

Photos courtesy of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC.

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Puppy with mangled leg followed kids home: NY rescue comes to his aid

A puppy with a severely mangled leg followed kids home from a bus stop in Poteet, Texas on Thursday. The damage to his swollen and bleeding back leg resulted in exposed bone. Had the pup spent any time in the nearby shelter, he would have been euthanized because of lack of funds for emergency veterinary care. Instead another life has been saved. 

On Thursday evening, Rescue Dogs Rock NYC arranged to have the Texas Heeler mix transferred to their veterinary partner; he has been named Marlon. It is not known how this puppy hurt himself, and it is still unclear whether his paw and his leg can be saved.

“We shudder to think the pain this baby is in,” posted the rescue’s co-founder Stacey Silverstein. “We are hearing the bones in the paw ‘aren’t connected.'”


To help Marlon and the other emergency cases at Rescue Dogs Rock NYC,  donate@rescuedogsrocknyc.org or www.rescuedogsrocknyc.org/donate/ or mail: RDR NYC PO BOX 101 NY NY 10028

(Photos and video of Marlon with a mangled leg courtesy of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC and Leslie Ysuhuauylas)

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Most adorable kitten with deformed legs waiting for ‘purr-fect’ home

Meet River – this adorable kitten was likely born with her front deformed legs, but she doesn’t let her disability stop her. And what could be more inspiring than a beautiful kitten who is happy just as she is? The staff at the Bedford County Humane Society have no doubt fallen in love with her. River walks upright and has no trouble motoring around – just being too cute!

Bedford County Humane Society is located in Everett, Pennsylvania. Within one hour of River’s photos having been posted on the organization’s Facebook page Wednesday afternoon, hundreds of people have been “awwing” and “cooing” about her. Of course, she has special needs, and will require a home with a very patient and loving family.

Please share River’s story with friends, family and social media. Contact the Bedford County Humane Society directly with any questions about this kitten. We are all looking forward to meeting her new family.

(Photos of kitten with deformed legs via Facebook)

Contact information:

1108 Lutzville Road

Everett, Pennsylvania 15537Highlights info row image

(814) 623-8968
Hours 1:00PM – 5:00PM
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Traffic on busy freeway halted to save terrified kitten

Traffic on a busy freeway was halted in order to safely remove a terrified kitten. According to Gulf News, the frightening situation unfolded in Abu Dhabi last Thursday.

The video, which shows Abu Dhabi’s Civil Defense team moving in to rescue the tiny feline, has gone viral on social media. According to NESN News, traffic police worked with the rescuers to shut down four of the eight lanes on the busy roadway in order to ensure that the kitten would not be killed by a vehicle.

The great lengths taken to save the wayward kitten are indeed heartwarming – every life matters. Great work on the part of officials in Abu Dhabi!

(Video Gulf News/Facebook)

Man accidentally shoots his wife while killing neighbor’s dog – read what happened here.

Wife accidentally shot by man who shot neighbor's dog

15-year-old charged with shooting family’s friendly dog in the head

A neighborhood teen has been charged with shooting a family’s friendly dog in the head on Thursday afternoon in the Marquette Park area of Chicago. The dog’s owner Maritza Galindo let her two dogs out into the yard for a bathroom break, but within minutes Luna somehow got out of the yard. As soon as they realized it, the family went searching for their dog.

“Everybody knows her in the neighborhood,” Maritza told reporters from the Chicago Tribune.  “Here in the neighborhood, kids next door with come to Luna and play with her because they know she is not bad … She’s a pit bull terrier and that’s the thing; people always think they’re bad dogs by looking at them. They think they’re dangerous, but it all depends on how you raise them.”

Maritza’s three young children – aged 3, 7, and 8 miss their dog, but have not been told Luna had been shot in the head and is awaiting surgery. All they know is that their best friend has been hurt.

Police in the neighborhood did hear a gunshot on Thursday afternoon, and when they arrived, they found the injured dog; a 15-year-old boy had been spotted running from the scene. Officers caught up with the teen and found him holding the gun. He told authorities he was scared the dog was going to hurt him, although there has been no evidence Luna ever showed any aggression. The youth has been charged with five felonies for shooting Luna – which include the aggravated use of a weapon without a state firearms identification care, theft, criminal damage of a domestic animal, aggravated cruelty to animals and reckless discharge of a firearm.

Chicago Animal Care and Control released Luna back to her family, who rushed their dog to the family vet where an X-ray showed the bullet was lodged between the dog’s eyes and would require surgery to remove it. The family was given some pain medication for their dog, but finances precluded them from affording the operation estimated to cost between $1,500 and $8,000. On the brink of tears, Maritza thought her dog was going to die – the dog she has raised from a puppy with her kids.

On Friday, Chicagoland Rescue Intervention and Support Program (CRISP) stepped in to help. With the cooperation of One Tail at a Time, a donor has been found to help pay some of Luna’s surgery. A YouCaring page can be found here. She is scheduled for surgery on Monday at MedVet; the family hopes she survives and just wants her back.

Photos of teen charged with shooting family dog in the head Chicagoland Rescue Intervention and Support Program)

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