‘Soldier’ injured dog covered in puncture wounds ready for foster home

In Abbeville, South Carolina, a couple had been walking their dog on Sunday when they found a critically injured dog lying in the bushes. He couldn’t stand and barely moved; the Abbeville County Animal Services … Read More

Suffering dog found in bushes on 4th of July now named Freedom

On the 4th of July, a kind woman was shocked when she found a severely injured dog lying in the bushes near her home. She comforted him with water and immediately sought out help. When … Read More

Severely injured bait dog slowly recovering in South Florida

A severely injured bait dog, used for illegal dog fighting in the Miami area, is slowly recovering from his near death situation; all thanks to skilled and compassionate veterinarians and a South Florida rescue group.… Read More

Videos posted of neighbor allegedly torturing dogs with firecrackers and water

In St. Petersburg, Florida, videos of dogs in a neighboring backyard, seemingly being tortured and abused, have gone viral as animal activists across the country show their outrage in the treatment of the dogs.

For … Read More

Dog left on side of road with bite wounds and exposed leg bones

A dog left on the side of a road in Flint, Michigan had to have been in the worst condition rescue volunteers had ever seen. On Sunday morning, Rebel Dogs Detroit rushed out to help; … Read More

Police urge public’s help identifying men in video showing dogs killing animal

The Dallas police are asking for the public’s help identifying two men wanted in connection with a video that showed two dogs killing a small animal. The video appeared on social media two weeks ago … Read More

Was Patrick a bait dog? Help needed for this Texas shelter victim

In San Antonio, Texas, Patrick arrived at the San Antonio Animal Care Services on Wednesday. Was the two-year-old dog a bait dog used in illegal dog fighting training? There has been no confirmation on what … Read More

Young dog died after Tennessee man posted dog fight on social media

In Cleveland, Tennessee, a young dog died on Monday and a man has been arrested after a video posted on social media showed two dogs fighting. Matthew Garman, 21, faces dog fighting or baiting animals … Read More

156 dogs rescued from illegal dog fighting operations in Georgia

In Macon, Georgia,  11 federal search warrants were executed Wednesday morning related to suspected violations of the federal Animal Welfare Act (AWA) and drug trafficking, resulting in the rescue of 156 dogs.

The investigation has … Read More

Dog fighting allowed in Pennsylvania? Hounds attack coyotes in contest

In Frenchville, Pennsylvania, the annual coyote killing contest begins today. For the next three days every coyote killed using guns, traps or dogs are rewarded with cash prizes. The Mosquito Creek Sportsman Club is hosting … Read More