Pet pig suffers severe injuries after being used as ‘dog bait’ for training

A Houston based animal rescue group found Jude, a pet pig, on the side of a busy road with severe injuries after he had been used as “dog bait” for training dogs to fight in the ring. According to Houston Mini Pig Rescue & Network, the pig was immediately transferred to the Texas A&M Large Animal Hospital in College Station, where veterinarians first suggestion was to humanely euthanize Jude because of the extent of his injuries.

Rescuers didn’t agree, and made the decision to help Jude fight for his life. After one night at the hospital, he was released, however his injuries would require constant care:

“He had one eye completely gone that was filled with puss and maggots, the ear that remained was so inflamed with infection that we didn’t think it could be saved,” stated Meagan Se, a spokesperson for the group according to the Chron Houston. “Both of his hind legs had bloody impressions from a rope being tied to them tightly as well as a bloody rope burn around his neck.”

And then there were more egregious injuries that Jude had suffered including his tusks chopped off to avoid hurting the dogs as well as his front teeth broken and jagged for the same reason.

“This is the result of a defenseless pig being tied up and having dogs turned on to him as practice for dog fighting. Not one animal, pig or dog, deserves this abuse for the ‘entertainment’ of sick humans,” rescuers posted on their Facebook page.

The group could barely imagine the pain and suffering Jude had suffered, but when they needed to rub the antimicrobial medication to his tortured body, Jude allowed his rescuers to touch him and seemed to enjoy the first moments of tenderness he had felt in such a long time. Jude’s recovery has been remarkable both physically and emotionally.

According to the Humane Society, hog-dog fighting is a sport still quite prevalent in the South. The “sport” is disturbing as the dog owner leads his trained fighting pit bull into an enclosed area seemingly angry and ready to fight. At the other end of the arena a pig is forced into the pen while the ‘handler’ pokes and pushes the animal into the pen to face the already snarling dog. There are no defenses for the pig as someone has already chopped off his tusks and teeth. In a moment, the dog attacks and the pig squeals in fright and intense pain. The crowd cheers as the dog wrestles the pig to the ground  – the dog is declared the winner. And then the pig is removed and waits for the next fight.

Fortunately Jude will never experience any kind of abuse, torture or pain again, and the group is hoping to use this experience and heart wrenching example of animal cruelty to convince lawmakers that more legal protections are needed for pigs in the state.

(Photos via Facebook)

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53 dogs seized in dog fighting ring bust in Lansing, Michigan

On July 27th, 2017, a dog fighting ring was busted in Lansing, Michigan. Fifty-three dogs were seized from multiple locations as well as dog fighting paraphernalia. The investigation began in April 2017 and culminated at the end of July 2017 with the arrest of a father and daughter. Both are facing criminal charges in Ingham County. Corey Devon Henry 47, and Synquiss Tairee-Devon Antes 26, were arraigned on multiple felony counts of animal fighting.

According to the Lansing State Journal, Henry faces 10 felony counts, including animal fighting, possession of fighting animals or equipment and animal cruelty, and five misdemeanor licensing counts. Antes faces nine counts of animal fighting, a felony, and a misdemeanor count of failing to license a dog.

Animal fighting is punishable by up to four years in prison upon conviction.

A hearing to determine whether there is enough evidence for Henry and Antes to stand trial on the charges is set for August 18th, 2017 in Lansing’s 54A District Court. Until then, the dogs are being housed at two different county shelters. Forty-three dogs are at the Ingham County Animal Control and the other teh are housed at the Eaton County Shelter. The dogs are being held at undisclosed auxiliary shelters to protect them from falling into the wrong hands again. Currently, the county is seeking donations of money and food to help care for the animals.

Unfortunately, because the dogs came from a fighting ring, a petition has been filed in the Ingham County Court to have the dogs euthanized. If a judge finds that a dog “lacks any useful purpose and poses a threat to public safety,” it will be euthanized. The hearing for the fate of the dogs will be held on August 25th, 2017, also in Lansing’s 54A District Court.

Since the fate of the dogs was announced, efforts have been made nationwide to save them. According to several pit bull advocates, the dogs are victims in this case, and victims should not be punished. Many advocates are pushing for the judges to allow the dogs to be evaluated by experts. Only a thorough evaluation process will determine how many of them can be rehabilitated and become household pets.

The Anti Dog-Fighting Campaign has set up an advocacy team to collect letters on the dogs’ behalf.  They are asking that all letters be sent via email to and they will forward them to the correct judge. There is also a dedicated Facebook page  which also includes a wish list for the shelter.

A petition has been set up to save the 53 dogs from euthanasia.

Donations for the Ingham shelter can be dropped off at 600 Curtis St. in Mason, Michigan. For information call (517) 676-8370. The Eaton shelter, at 756 Courthouse Drive, can be reached at (517) 543-5755. Anyone who believes they lost a pit bull that may be among the group seized during the investigation can email a photo of the dog to

Despite a lack of signs that any of the dogs were ever household pets, shelter staff will pursue any potential leads with the photos they receive.

The case against Henry and Antes is ongoing and more charges are expected to be filed.

A woman’s door was left ajar during a storm – look who she found inside!


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College dean weighs in against Michael Vick’s induction into Hall of Fame

In less than two weeks since Virginia Tech announced its intention to include retired NFL quarterback Michael Vick as one of five recipients of the schools Sports Hall of Fame, two online petitions have garnered nearly 100,000 signatures opposing the move.  According to Wdbj7News, three days after Vick was named, alumna Jennifer Breeden created one of the two online petitions to revoke the honor. On the petition Jennifer wrote:

“By inducting Michael Vick, a non graduate, into the Virginia Tech Sports Hall of Fame, the University has decided to honor a man for his athletic ability rather than honor a person for being a decent and honorable human being.”

The second petition started by Rachel Beasley stated:

“The criteria states, ‘Must be of good character and reputation/ not have been a source of embarrassment to the university in any way.’ Michael Vick was an outstanding football player, but his character is far from outstanding.”

In addition, the Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine, which names Virginia Tech as one of its parent universities, released a statement from Dean Cyril R. Clarke in opposition to honoring Vick. Over the weekend, Dean Clark issued a statement on the college’s Facebook page condemning the decision.

“The college unequivocally opposes honoring an individual whose past actions contradict our values and the cornerstone of our mission,” the statement said. “Over the course of several days, I have communicated with President [Timothy] Sands and other campus administrators to express our disappointment and opposition to this decision. I continue to be in conversations with the president regarding this issue.”

For anyone who has ever forgotten what happened, in 2007 Vick and three other men were indicted on charges related to an illegal dog-fighting ring known as “Bad Newz Kennels.” Although some fans will tell animal advocates to forgive and forget, and that Vick showed remorse for those convictions, it was the degree of inhumanity, cruelty and downright sadistic treatment of the dogs who did not win as fighting dogs and the degree and torture the innocent animals endured by Vick’s own hands that rocks so many people to the core of human decency.

Donna Reynolds is the co-founder of Bay Area Doglovers Responsible About Pitbulls (BAD RAP), known for rescuing and rehabilitating pit bulls. In case anyone forgot or didn’t know the details and why so many compassionate people find Vick’s nomination so offensive, note Reynold’s  blog entries:

“The details that got to me … involve the swimming pool that was used to kill some of the dogs. Jumper cables were clipped onto the ears of underperforming dogs, then just like with a car, the cables were connected to the terminals of car batteries before lifting and tossing the shamed dogs into the water. We don’t know how many suffered this premeditated murder, but the damage to the pool walls tells a story. It seems that while they were scrambling to escape, they scratched and clawed at the pool liner and bit at the dented aluminum sides like a hungry dog on a tin can.

Reynold continued the heartbreaking blog post:

“…my mind’s image of a little black dog splashing frantically in bloody water … screaming in pain and terror…brown eyes saucer wide and tiny black white-toed feet clawing at anything, desperate to get a hold. This death did not come quickly. The rescuer in me keeps trying to think of a way to go back in time and somehow stop this torture and pull this little dog to safety. I think I will be looking for ways to pull that dog to safety for the rest of my life.”

Virginia Tech plans to induct Vick and the four other athletes into the Hall of Fame on September 22 in a ceremony to held during halftime of the Hokies’ home game against Old Dominion the next day. The university continues to defend Vick’s induction.

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Virginia Tech responds to online petitions against Vick’s induction to Hall of Fame

Virginia Tech has responded to two online petitions which had hoped to stop Michael Vick’s induction into the college’s Hall of Fame.  The former Virginia Tech quarterback has been named one of five athletes in the university’s Hall of Fame class of 2017.  According to Wdbj7News, three days later, alumna Jennifer Breeden created an online petition to revoke the honor. Two online petitions have garnered nearly 70,000 signatures.

In 2007, Vick was sentenced to prison for 23 months for running a dogfight operation near Richmond, Virginia. Vick’s prison sentence was longer than his two co-defendants, after he lied to the judge about his involvement. Although he said he accepted responsibility for his actions at the time, U.S. District Judge Henry Hudson accused Vick of being “less than truthful.”

In one of the most disturbing animal cruelty cases involving dog fighting, innocent dogs were brutally tortured and killed by electrocution, hanging, drowning and via other violent means if they didn’t perform well in the rings. Vick denied he had ever been directly involved in the egregious suffering of the dogs, but his co-defendants told a different story. Along with his prison term, he was fined $5,000 and was ordered to serve three years of probation.

On Friday, Virginia Tech responded to the complaints with the following press release:

“Mr. Vick’s induction into the university’s sports hall of fame acknowledges his tremendous achievements as a student athlete—who some will say was the greatest in the history of the university.

We understand that there are those who do not and will never agree with this decision.

In considering Mr. Vick’s nomination to our sports hall of fame, the criminal activities in which he engaged, his subsequent conviction, and time he served for his crime were also considered.

And it was informed by the remorse he has shown since that conviction, the work he is currently engaged in to advance animal welfare issues, as well as his efforts to help our current student athletes, based on lessons he’s learned in his own life, make positive choices as they begin their adult lives.

This in no way condones the actions for which he was convicted.

The university remains dedicated to the protection of animal health and welfare and embodies great care and compassion for all living animals.”

Some Vick fans continue to defend him and tell animal advocates it’s time to move on, but no matter how many times football fans repeat the “forgive and forget” mantra, most people are unaware of the details of the cruelty inflicted upon these dogs. Many of the dogs from Vick’s Bad Newz Kennels were able to be rehabbed and cared for after they were seized in April 2007, but what about the unnamed innocent victims not as well publicized.

Donna Reynolds is the co-founder of Bay Area Doglovers Responsible About Pitbulls (BAD RAP), known for rescuing and rehabilitating pit bulls. In case anyone forgot or didn’t know the details and why so many compassionate people find Vick’s nomination so offensive, note Reynold’s  blog entries:

“The details that got to me … involve the swimming pool that was used to kill some of the dogs. Jumper cables were clipped onto the ears of underperforming dogs, then just like with a car, the cables were connected to the terminals of car batteries before lifting and tossing the shamed dogs into the water. We don’t know how many suffered this premeditated murder, but the damage to the pool walls tells a story. It seems that while they were scrambling to escape, they scratched and clawed at the pool liner and bit at the dented aluminum sides like a hungry dog on a tin can.”

Reynold continued the heartbreaking blog post:

“…my mind’s image of a little black dog splashing frantically in bloody water … screaming in pain and terror…brown eyes saucer wide and tiny black white-toed feet clawing at anything, desperate to get a hold. This death did not come quickly. The rescuer in me keeps trying to think of a way to go back in time and somehow stop this torture and pull the little dog to safety. I think I’ll be looking for ways to pull that dog our for the rest of my life.”

And that is just one example of what happened and how Vick tortured and laughed at the dogs’ pain and agony. And that is just another reason why animal advocates have voiced their disappointment at Virginia Tech. It’s the horrific fate of all those dogs buried in the ground at Bad Newz Kennel that reminds all of us that the forgiveness is owed to those dogs as well as the ones who were lucky enough to have been freed from Vick’s hell on earth.

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Detroit Pit Crew save 2 puppies from becoming dog fighting victims

A disturbing social media post showing a man holding two puppies by the scruffs of their necks, offering them for sale for $175, quickly brought together animal advocates determined to offer the puppies a better life. Comments by the man, holding the puppies in the cruel manner, indicated they would be used for dog fighting. And there was no way the animal rescue, Detroit Pit Crew would let that happen.

According to News Wxyz, Theresa Sumpter, with the rescue organization, had been alerted on Wednesday night about the Facebook post and quickly took action:

“We immediately were like ‘we need to save these puppies,” Theresa stated. “They are in danger now.”

And within minutes she contacted the seller, but did not tell them she was from a rescue group – so as not to mess up the sale of the pups. By Thursday morning, both puppies had been purchased for $150, dubbed Hazel and Gretel and safe. The rescuer admitted she was “beyond outraged” and had a tough time believing anyone would advertise dogs to become fighters.

“…They are not fighters, they are lovers,” Theresa continued. “Look at them. She doesn’t want to fight, she wants to be loved.”

And as to the creepy man who handled the puppies as if he had been holding up an old pair of shoes…? Detroit Pit Crew decided to do a screenshot of the person and placed the photo online to shame the punk via social media – which by itself can be harsh when tiny puppies are being portrayed as future fighting dogs.

Read more about the Detroit Pit Crew and the other puppies rescued at the same time from a different situation. Help this organization help more dogs by volunteering, fostering, adopting or donating. 

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(Photos via Detroit Pit Crew Facebook page)

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Dog’s face and the desperate look in his eyes plead for help

Chester is the tragic face of dog fighting. The desperate look in his eyes pleaded for help; surely the monsters who subjected this innocent victim to hell never cared. Surely the monsters who subjected this innocent victim to this hell never loved a dog. Odds are he was used as a bait dog.

And on Thursday afternoon, a rescue volunteer walked into a rural Texas shelter and knew Chester deserved more than an untimely death. From the moment the rescuer entered the dog’s kennel, he slowly approached her as he left a trail of blood behind him. For once in a long, long time, Chester felt a soft human touch, and then he slowly retreated back into the corner of his cage and began to lick and tend to his wounds. When contacted, Rescue Dogs Rock NYC stepped up; co-founder Stacey Silverstein explained the situation on the organization’s Facebook page. She could not refuse to help:

  “He had lived through this before, injured with puncture wounds from dog fighting. Chester was covered in blood. He was covered in scars. His body told us his past and through his eyes showed us his pain.”

Chester has been rushed in for emergency medical treatment. Let’s hope this poor dog survives. To help with this latest case of extreme abuse and cruelty, donations for the dog’s care can be made by clicking here or PayPal at

(Photos of Chester’s face and desperate look courtesy of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC and Leslie Ysuhuaylas)



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Dog breeders organize wolfhound dog attacks for title of Champion of Breed

Owners and breeders of Asian shepherds brought their dogs to a stadium in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan on Sunday in an organized dog fight competition aimed at finding the dogs best suited to improve the breed. According to the Daily Mail, twelve breeders watched their dogs fight each other as they vied for the title of Champion of Breed.Wolfhounds fight 2

The countries of Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan are both very similar in culture, society, religion and language. Formerly part of the USSR, the countries are located in Central Asia. Dog fighting is legal in both countries and often witnessed by dozens of spectators as well as the dog breeders themselves; many even video the egregious battles between the massive Kyrgyz wolfhounds.

Dog fighting competitions are also popular in China, and spectators seem to have no trouble watching the dogs tear each other apart; the fights are not stopped even when both dogs are bleeding and seriously injured. The shocking photos released have drawn harsh criticism and disgust from Westerners.

(Photos of fighting wolfhound dogs screenshots via the Daily Mail)

Caution: Graphic photos may not be suitable for all viewing audiences.


Severely neglected dog captured by animal control after 6-months on the run

For six-months, a severely neglected dog dubbed Boomer by area residents, had been roaming the wooded sections in the outskirts of Macon, Georgia, cleverly eluding anyone who came too close. Boomer aimlessly wandered searching for food, in an area well-known for dog fighting; no one knows how the puppy ever survived. On Friday, local officers from Animal Control captured the young dog; described to be in extreme pain from open wounds and festering sores covering his entire body. Peach County Animal Rescue  stepped up and offered to help.Boomer Halfway Home Rescue

Boomer has been rushed to Smith Animal Hospital where he remains in a sterilized environment because of his compromised immune system’s inability to fight off the infections and lacerations he has suffered for an extended period of time. Once healthy, Boomer will be transferred to Halfway Home Rescue Inc., and will travel to the organization’s home located in North Haven, Connecticut. At this time however, the extent of his medical needs are unknown and is expected to undergo long-term care before he is well enough to travel.

“Boomer broke our hearts when we first saw him! He was on the run for months and has a horrific skin condition that looks to be mange. He is completely terrified and has shut down,” stated the rescue organization on their fundraising page.

Boomer’s anticipated recovery and rehabilitation can be followed on Facebook by clicking here. His medical needs and his emotional needs will be tenderly addressed, and it is hoped advocates can help. Donations can also be sent
(Please use “Friends and Family” option when sending payment) or to Halfway Home Rescue Inc. PO Box 712, North Haven, CT 06473. Get well soon Boomer.

Photos of severely neglected dog Boomer courtesy of Halfway Home Rescue Inc.

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Couch dog: Starving bait dog languished in rain and cold and no one stopped to help

Near the Mexico border in Texas, Duke was abandoned, and while he quietly padded around the neighborhood the critically injured dog found an old couch thrown out at the curb awaiting trash pickup. The two-year-old pit bull’s teeth had been filed down to nubs – some had been mercilessly removed. He had scars, open wounds and a raging infection, and he jumped onto the old soft couch, and there he curled up into a tight ball and wished for a better day.duke the couch dog

Duke was a surviving bait dog – the area well-known for dog fighting. His  advocate, Leslie Ysuhuaylas, told his story:

“His home, a dirty couch thrown out onto the curb – just like him. He was covered in infections, parasites and his teeth had been pulled and filed down. For a week the survivor stayed there. People in the area called him ‘couch dog.’ They watched him each day and night sitting on the old couch – only to move if someone tossed him a morsel of food.” duke the couch dog2

Perhaps adding to the tragic plight of Duke is that no one stopped. How many people drove by and felt pity, yet refused to help? Just by his appearance, it was obvious the dog’s medical needs were urgent.  Still Duke slept on the old couch; in the rain and in the cold. The couch became his home. On Friday, with Leslie’s help, Rescue Dogs Rock NYC  saved Duke, and he is officially off the couch. He has been rushed to a veterinarian in Dallas where the dog is now receiving the help he deserves.

“Duke is now receiving intensive medical treatment,” Stacey Silverstein, co-founder of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC wrote in an update on the organization’s Facebook page about Duke on Friday afternoon. “The dog is completely hairless, his skin is severely infected – red and raw. He is anemic, dehydrated, weak and covered in ticks and fleas. This two-year-old was used as a bait dog as his teeth have been filed down and pulled. When we were alerted to Duke and heard his story, and how this dog so desperately wanted to live, we could not turn our backs on him.”duke the couch dog 3

No one knows who owned Duke before he escaped from the hell where he lived for his short life, but his future looks brighter. To help with this dog’s medical expenses, please click here or Paypal

Photos courtesy of Leslie Ysuhuaylas and Rescue Dogs Rock NYC.
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Deputies bust large dog-fighting operation

According to Sunday’s WKRG News, deputies busted a large dog-fighting operation this weekend. The suspected dog-fighting ring was located at property along the Mississippi and Alabama state line.

Washington County Sheriff Richard Stringer noted that several agencies were involved in the investigation which led to multiple arrests. According to WFSA News, 26 people were placed under arrest in the Saturday night raid – those arrested are facing felony charges.

WKRG provided a list of some of the individuals who were arrested in the raid:

KENNETH BELL 1/15/2017
DARRYL BERRY 1/15/2017
SHARON BERRY 1/15/2017
LATRELL GRAY 1/15/2017
BRIAN D. JOHNSON 1/15/2017
DERICK JONES 1/15/2017
KEMMA KIRBY 1/14/2017
THELMA KIRBY 1/14/2017
ANA SPOTTS 1/15/2017
SHARON TATUM 1/15/2017
KENYORA TODD 1/15/2017

Several dogs were seized in the raid – the sheriff is hoping that the dogs are capable of being rehabilitated.

(Photo via WKRG News)