Help: Gentle pup with his ear ripped away scheduled to be euth’ed today

A three-year-old dog named Brownie Bear is scheduled to lose his life  at a San Antonio animal shelter. More than likely Brownie Bear had been a bait dog for training fighting dogs in the ring … Read More

Boston terrier killed on walk after off-leash shepherds attacked

The Jefferson Police Department IA responded to a dog attack on Monday afternoon. When authorities arrived, they met with a woman who had been walking her Boston terrier on a leash when two off-leash German … Read More

‘Abbott Hates Dogs’ top Twitter trend after governor vetoes measures for tethering dogs outside

In Austin, Texas, Governor Greg Abbott has really hit a sore spot with animal advocates- especially dog lovers – and we know there are lots of people who love dogs.

On Monday, when Abbott vetoed … Read More

‘Sweetest darn dog on earth’ used as bait dog and needs our help

Meet Lucas – this senior terrier mix might very well be the “sweetest darn dog on earth,” but someone with no soul thought making Lucas a bait dog to teach other dogs to fight in … Read More

Owner poured gasoline over dogs to stop them from fighting and they caught fire

A woman from south Phoenix admitted pouring gasoline on her two dogs to stop them from fighting. Moments later, the dogs ran by a lit barbecue in the yard and caught on fire. They are … Read More

Dog rushed to emergency surgery after owners failed to protect their dog from vicious attack

In a rural Texas shelter, a young dog had been surrendered by his owner after what had been referred to as a “vicious dog fight.” Tragically, the dog’s owner apparently did nothing to protect his … Read More

Dog covered in bite wounds and tied to a tree left by his torturers to die

In Toledo, Ohio, a blue merle and white mixed breed dog, was found covered in bite wounds and tied to a tree. There is little doubt the person(s) who tortured this young dog left her … Read More

Update: 42 dogs rescued from Daytona dogfighting ring recovering

In Daytona Beach, Florida, 42 dogs rescued from an alleged dogfighting ring two weeks ago are recovering at the Halifax Humane Society. The dogs were seized after Daytona Beach Police Department discovered the disturbing situation … Read More

Sweet ‘Max’ surrendered to shelter after fight with housemate and lost his eye

In San Antonio, Texas, a sweet and friendly one-and-a-half-year-old Staffy terrier named Max was surrendered to the shelter after having had a fight with another dog in the household. It is likely Max wasn’t the … Read More

Urgent rescue needed for abused ‘bait’ dog who only wants to hug her stuffie

At the Miami-Dade Animal Services, an urgent plea has been sent out for help rescuing a young, abused dog who most likely had been a “bait” dog when picked up by local animal control officers … Read More