Dog fighting video showed small puppy attacked by fighting dog

In Severn, Maryland,  the Anne Arundel County police arrested a man on Tuesday for alleged animal cruelty and dog-fighting activity in. A video showed a training clip of a small puppy being attacked by a … Read More

Dogs with horrific injuries from fighting on ‘other side of fence’

In Spaulding County, Georgia, four dogs with horrific injuries appeared to have been involved in dog fighting. Neighbors were shocked to see the animal abuse that had been happening on the “other side of the … Read More

Charlie, the dog found starving in Buffalo garbage tote put to sleep by SPCA

Charlie, the dog found starving and thrown into a Buffalo garbage tote in January was put to sleep on Friday announced the SPCA Serving Erie County. The organization met in a news conference on … Read More

Dead dog discovered in dog food bag after arrest for dog fighting

In Brownsville, Florida a dead dog was discovered in a dog food bag after authorities responded to a complaint about dog fighting on Thursday.  Police received a tip that dog fighting was going on in … Read More

Underdog who escaped dog fighting ring now battling cancer

All the most popular films or stories in literature chronicle the hero’s journey. The underdog, who against all odds, ends up triumphant. Joey, a Pit Bull, rescued from a dog fighting ring is literally the … Read More

Update: Who abused and tortured Stryker?

In Henderson, North Carolina, Stryker was rescued Thursday evening. No one knows who abused and tortured this young dog; his injuries are indicative of having been used as a bait dog.

Stryker was saved by … Read More

Cruelty: What have they done to you Stryker?

In Henderson, North Carolina, Stryker was rescued on Thursday evening. No one knows for sure what happened to this young dog, but his injuries are indeed indicative of having been a bait dog – either … Read More

Poor Marge: Victim of dog fighting peed on herself when rescued

This is Marge, and she is a victim of dog fighting. Hundreds of thousands of dogs are trained to fight and suffer just like this every year. Marge’s hell on earth occurred in Orlando. On … Read More

Two dogs rescued from Hurricane Florence in school bus shot and killed

In Greenback, Tennessee, two dogs rescued from Hurricane Florence in a school bus were shot and killed last week by a neighbor who stated a fight had broken out with four dogs that had been … Read More

Arkansas shelter targeted again: Five dogs injured when turned loose

An Arkansas shelter was been targeted again on Saturday night. Just a week ago, someone had broken into the Humane Society of the Delta and started a vicious dog fight after releasing eight dogs from … Read More