Poor Marge: Victim of dog fighting peed on herself when rescued

This is Marge, and she is a victim of dog fighting. Hundreds of thousands of dogs are trained to fight and suffer just like this every year. Marge’s hell on earth occurred in Orlando. On … Read More

Two dogs rescued from Hurricane Florence in school bus shot and killed

In Greenback, Tennessee, two dogs rescued from Hurricane Florence in a school bus were shot and killed last week by a neighbor who stated a fight had broken out with four dogs that had been … Read More

Arkansas shelter targeted again: Five dogs injured when turned loose to fight

An Arkansas shelter was been targeted again on Saturday night. Just a week ago, someone had broken into the Humane Society of the Delta and started a vicious dog fight after releasing eight dogs from … Read More

Owner surrendered Bruno to shelter after he was attacked by another dog

On Monday morning, a shelter in Edinburg, Texas posted photos of Bruno; the dog had been surrendered by his owner after having been attacked by another dog. Apparently, no veterinarian treatment had been provided for … Read More

Despicable dog fighting video shared on Snapchat under investigation

A Snapchat video, showing a despicable dog fight in action with a crowd of people in attendance, is now under investigation by the Hardin County Sheriff’s Office. The video appears to have been taken near … Read More

Jurors find man guilty of training dogs for vicious dog fight matches

After a one-week trial in a Manhattan federal court, a jury of five men and seven women found a Bronx man guilty of violating the animal welfare act and conspiracy for training dogs for vicious … Read More

Jury sees disturbing video of dogs being mauled in accused dogfighter trial

In a Manhattan federal court on Thursday, jurors viewed a disturbing video showing an accused dogfighter keeping dogs in horrible conditions and showing a dog being mauled by another as one of the dogs cries … Read More

Officers find 5-foot caiman in DC basement used to fight dogs and puppies

On Wednesday, authorities found a 5-foot caiman being kept in the basement in a plastic tub in a Southeast D.C. home where 12 scared and neglected dogs and puppies appeared to have been used in … Read More

Monroe County Sheriff’s Office shocked at horrific dog abuse case

The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office were shocked this week at the horrific dog abuse of 11 pit bulls found starving and locked outside of a home near Highway 70. The dogs were rescued on Wednesday … Read More

Stray dog returned back to abusive owners

On June 29, 2018, a stray, female dog showed up outside a home in Plant City, Florida.  When resident “Danielle” first saw the dog, she was walking along the fence line trying to come in. … Read More