UPDATE: Alleged New Jersey dog fighting ‘leader’ arrested for brutal pain and suffering of dogs

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Arrests made this week allege a horrific dogfighting operation in Cumberland County, New Jersey. The chilling details describe the rescue of more than 120 dogs from a squalid compound. The dogs were reportedly found in filthy conditions, with many exhibiting signs of abuse and injuries consistent with dogfighting.

One of the dogs had been found with a missing leg; other dogs showed deep wounds and suspected biting scars on their faces and bodies, and many of the other dogs were underweight and pregnant. Most of the dogs were shivering and suffering from untreated injuries as rescuers gently picked them up and wrapped them in towels and blankets to keep them warm and safe.

Two dogs were found dead in a nearby dogfighting ring.

Bruce Low Jr., 45, who deputies suspect is the “leader” connected with this egregious crime of dogfighting, was arrested after search warrants were issued on three New Jersey properties suspected to have been involved in dogfighting on an international scale. Low, known as “Hollywood” ran the dogfighting operations, trading as Royal Blue Kennels releasing dogfighting videos on Facebook and in private groups.

Low faces charges of second-degree racketeering, second-degree conspiracy, second-degree money laundering, cruelty to animals, dogfighting for gambling on the outcome, falsifying records and six additional charges.

Seven suspected co-conspirators have also been charged. According to AbcNews, the proceeds from dogfighting had been laundered through Kisdir Group, a construction business legitimately registered and operating from the same Maurice River Township site. William McClinton, 68, Coy Dickenson, 58, Travis Garron, 38, Mark A. Runkle, 42, and Roosevelt Hart, 29, have been arrested.

Dog fighting is illegal in all 50 states, however the heinous “sport” still runs rampant with indescribable animal suffering – all to make a bet.

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(Photos of suspects via AbcNews video screenshots)

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