Shelters clearing house waiting for July 4th deluge of dogs listed sweet blind pup to die

At the West Valley Animal Services in Chatsworth, California, a sweet, blind dog has been scheduled to be euthanized. Chocolate needs someone to help her today.

A volunteer writes:

We don’t know too much about

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‘Rambo’ had a bad day in the dog park and now he is slated to die at NYC shelter

Rambo had a very bad day at the dog park recently. Although the friendly and active two-year-old pup had been used to playing in the park with other dogs present, something happened that day, and … Read More

Poor pup held as ‘evidence’ for 8 months in shelter without ever being let out

What poor Cash has endured for the last eight months is genuinely intolerable and cruel. For the last eight months, Cash has been held at the South L.A. Shelter in California and had not been … Read More

‘Lala’ waits at shelter for a family: Sweet but frightened

At the Devore Animal Shelter in California, “Lala” still waits for a family, but if someone doesn’t come soon, Lala will be humanely euthanized. The two-year-old brown and black German shepherd mix has been at … Read More

Special delivery puppies born shortly after mom surrendered to shelter

The SPCA of Wake County has taken in seven tiny puppies just born along with their mom from a local shelter in North Carolina. The mom, Anabelle, had been heavily pregnant when she was surrendered, … Read More

Two-year-old stray adopted by person who knew dog was fearful and may bite, but then returned him to shelter again

In April 2022, a two-year-old furry pooch was found as a stray and entered the Carson Animal Care Center in California.

#A5473930 My name is PEPPY and I’m an approximately 2 year old male I

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Puppy with oversized ears hoping to find loving home once he’s cleared for adoption

At Angels Among Us Pet Rescue, a two-month-old Great Dane puppy will be arriving at the Georgia based rescue organization on Wednesday, but not without a good natured fanfare of jokes about the size … Read More

Overbred and neglected ‘Mary’ needs a hero to save her life

At the Lancaster Animal Care Center in Los Angeles, Mary came into the shelter as a stray. No one has come for her, and now Mary needs a hero.

When you watch her short video, … Read More

After 8 years as loyal family pet owner left dog death sentence because he was ‘too big’

At the Brooklyn shelter location for New York City Animal Care Centers, “Future” was handed a death sentence when his owner surrendered him because the dog was “too big.” Sadly, Future’s life was summarized into … Read More

Life of a shelter dog so hard for the abandoned confused and scared

At the Monmouth County SPCA in New Jersey or any of the thousands upon thousands of rescues throughout the United States, being a shelter dog, even though their physical needs are provided, their emotional needs … Read More