Sweet English bulldog watching for her family at crowded shelter as people walk by

What could be harder for a dog watching and waiting for her family to come? What could be sadder than to watch their faces show the disappointment as each time the door opens it’s not … Read More

Update on Houston street dog who tried to be invisible because most people tried to hurt him

Every day a street dog in Cleveland, Texas would hide in the rocky areas and try to find a place to lie down and sleep while remaining alert enough to fend off predators. He would … Read More

Irresponsible owner dressed her senior dog in Tartan plaid coat and then abandoned her on the streets of Houston

An irresponsible owner, who apparently couldn’t wait the two weeks required to surrender her dog to BARC in Houston, dressed her senior pup in its warm Tartan plaid coat on Thanksgiving day. Most likely, the … Read More

Abandoned ‘scary’ dog waited where he was left for someone to help him

Stray Rescue of St. Louis often receives heartbreaking pleas from members of the community for help with neglected and abused dogs. So many dogs have been abandoned and left to fend for themselves; so many … Read More

‘Unluckiest dog’ waiting two years for a new home after he was found lying beside his dead owner rejected again by latest prospect

After two years and labeled as one of Britain’s “unluckiest dogs” Dillon still hasn’t had any luck finding a new home. The adorable lurcher was found two years ago lying beside his dead owner “still … Read More

Sweetest pup comes into shelter with pink paint on her body that said ‘FREE’

At Huntsville Animal Services, an amazing two-year-old dog arrived at the shelter with pink paint on her body that said “FREE”. There are lots of interpretations for that four-letter word, and the staff at the … Read More

Volunteer at Animal Charity of Ohio helps dog find a new home after more than years five years at shelter

In Canfield, Ohio, a dog who has spent five-and-a-half years at the Animal Charity of Ohio has found his forever home.

“2018 days. 5 years 8 months 6 days. This boy came with Heartworm, it

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Happy ending needed for 13-year-old frightened Dachshund surrendered by his family

Poor Peanut was surrendered on Thursday; he is 13-years-old and shivers in fear in the corner of his shelter cage at Baldwin Park Animal Care Center. When he entered the shelter, there were bite wounds … Read More

Emergency rescue needed: Heartbreaking video shows 14-year-old dog surrendered to shelter because ‘he is too old’

After 14-years of true canine loyalty, Shadow was surrendered to the East Valley Animal Shelter. He was turned in by his guardian, who when asked why he was surrendering his dog to the shelter, replied … Read More

Three-month-old puppy shot in her back discovered by homeowner hiding in flower bed

In Sanford, North Carolina, a homeowner discovered a three-month-old puppy suffering from two gunshot wounds in her back and shoulder last week in his garden. The injured puppy was partially paralyzed – a bullet had … Read More