Humane Society of Grand Bahama braving Hurricane Dorian

On Monday, a group of animal shelter volunteers were reportedly trapped at a local shelter in Freeport during Hurricane Dorian. The Humane Society of Grand Bahama posted a pleas for help on their Facebook page.… Read More

‘Dead cats over dead cats’ detectives said about convicted ‘rescuer’

A Miami-Dade detective recalled seeing “dead cats over dead cats over dead cats” during an animal cruelty investigation involving dozens of cats discovered inside of a Northeast Miami-Dade efficiency apartment where they were left to … Read More

Bonded kitten and pooch surrendered when owner left for college

At the Harris County Animal Shelter, a bonded kitten and her best friend – a Chihuahua were surrendered on Tuesday because their owner left for college.

Meet eight-week-old tabby kitten  Laura (A540116) and her bestie … Read More

Cat returned: Plus no jail time for man who dragged cat behind scooter

The man from the Florida Keys caught on camera dragging a leashed cat behind his motorized scooter pleaded guilty in court, and on Friday was sentenced to 12-months’ probation.

According to The Miami Herald, … Read More

Betrayed 14-year-old cat: ‘No thanks I don’t want him anymore’

A disturbing situation occurred at the Orange County Animal Services early Wednesday evening when a 14-year-old cat was surrendered to the shelter. A volunteer writes:

“This is exactly what is wrong in our community. Aztec

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79-year-old woman will not go to jail after feeding stray cats

In Garfield Heights, Ohio, a 79-year-old woman sentenced to 10 days in jail for feeding stray cats after the animals’ owner abandoned them will not go to jail after all. Nancy Segula had been scheduled … Read More

79-year-old woman slated for jail for feeding stray cats up for new hearing

In Garfield Heights, Ohio, the heat’s on as social media showed their outrage over a 79-year-old woman sentenced to 10 days in jail for feeding stray cats after the animals’ owner abandoned them. Nancy Segula … Read More

79-year-old woman sentenced to jail for feeding stray cats

As if a judge in Garfield Heights doesn’t have anything else to do besides sentencing a 79-year-old woman to jail for feeding stray cats, it seems Nancy Segula will soon be spending ten days behind … Read More

Deputy rescues crying kitten and falls in love at first ‘meow’

Deputy Sheriff C. Bowling from the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office in Florida had stopped at a local store to buy a beverage when he heard a faint crying in the dark. Grabbing his flashlight, the … Read More

Despicable woman tapes kitten to makeshift wall

A despicable woman, believed to be from Memphis, posted a short video of her kitten taped to a makeshift plastic wall on Tuesday, intended to be a divider for a hallway. As the kitten, desperate … Read More