Shocking footage of teen kicking cat into car draws ire from advocates

Disturbing and shocking footage of a teen dressed in a white shirt and tie holding a cat up to his shoulders before drop kicking the defenseless animal into a car has drawn the ire of online readers and animal advocates everywhere. The RSPCA has asked for the public’s help identifying the youngster and helping to find the cat. It is thought the cat may have been seriously injured.

According to the Daily Mail, the black and white cat had been sitting on a moped in south London when the heartless thug grabbed her. It is not known if the cat belonged to the kid, if the moped was his or the vile creep was annoyed the cat had been sitting on it, but nevertheless such acts of cruelty are never to be overlooked or ignored. The disturbing clip went viral after it was shared by an Instagram account called The Street Blogs; the abusive video was promptly reported to the RSPCA.

“It is completely unacceptable to treat a cat in this way and he or she could well have suffered some severe injuries from such a brutal kick.

We understand that such acts of cruelty can be very upsetting and emotive and we would urge anyone who does recognize the culprit or area to pass the information on to us and not be tempted to act on it themselves,” stated the RSPCA.

Unfortunately there seems to be a culture of cruelty brewing on social media platforms and people find it funny to share videos of cats being kicked and other animals being tortured or even killed. It’s extremely worrying and something which the RSPCA is not prepared to tolerate. We want youngsters to understand that it is not funny to be cruel to animals and it is also against the law.”

Animal welfare officers from the RSPCA are appalled at the footage and have launched an investigation into the incident. The public always has extraordinary contacts which continue to help solve the despicable cases of such overt animal cruelty. The charity’s Assistant Director of Inspectorate Dermot Murphy said he was concerned the cat may have suffered severe injuries and is suffering. Anyone with information is asked to call the RSPCA emergency telephone line on 0300 1234 999.

Help this cat find justice. Be the voice for those who cannot speak. Help[ get these abusive teens off the street.

(Photos of shocking footage of man kicking cat via Instagram)

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Cat broke all of his teeth trying to free his paw from hunter’s snare trap

A frightened black and white male cat broke all of his teeth trying desperately to free his paw from a snare trap after it unmercifully snapped down leaving the feline in excruciating pain. On Monday, the Doghouse Sanctuary in Banbridge, County Down, Northern Ireland received a call to rescue the cat dubbed Twinkles; he was rushed  for emergency veterinary treatment at Iveagh Veterinary Clinic.

It is not known if Twinkle will need to have his leg amputated. According to the Sun, the animal welfare organization is insisting that all traps be banned, even though ones like this are still legal.

“These kinds of traps, in all forms, are cruel, inhumane and ineffective,” the group stated. “They are often set illegally anyway, under the current regulations, and to expect the lowlifes who set them to abide by the new rules is pathetic. Eighty per cent of the animals caught in them are not the target animal and that is true in this case. It is as effective as putting the animal you want to hurting a crowd of other animals, closing your eyes and shooting.”

According to law, the traps are intended to capture wild animals that have become pests, however they are meant to be checked every 24 hours, and the captive animals released from the torturous pain and humanely destroyed.

Although Twinkle is not out of danger yet and veterinarians continue to take a “wait and see” how his paw heals as to whether it will have to be amputated, an update on the shelter’s Facebook page late Tuesday afternoon seemed more optimistic:

“Twinkle had a comfortable night with pain relief ,he is going to be sedated to have his bandages changed and wound cleaned .he is showing some interest in food but still on drip early days to see if all is ok with his leg x.”

Get well soon Twinkle.

Please help  pay for his Twinkle’s treatment by donating below:…/thedoghouse-sanctuary-twinkles

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Photos of cat broke all of his teeth trying to free his paw via Facebook.

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Naked woman sets kitchen on fire, tries to stab fireman after trying to cook a cat

A naked woman in Tucson, Arizona has been charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, arson of an occupied structure and animal cruelty and abuse. Ebony Hurndon, 41, tried to cook her cat when she set the kitchen on fire and then attempted to stab a fireman.

According to the, on Friday, October 6, the Tucson Fire Department had been called to a fire at an apartment in the 4300 block of East 29th Street. When firemen entered the apartment, Hurndon came out brandishing a knife and allegedly tried to stab the captain in the chest. The captain’s thick fire coat was able to thwart the sharp blade without injuring the officer. The Tucson Police Department arrived in a few minutes while Hurndon continued to threaten everyone around her.

The police used an electronic stun gun to stop the woman. The fire which started from the stove was extinguished. Sadly, the cat did not survive.

(Photo of naked woman who tried to cook a cat via Tucson Police Department)

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Authorities search for disgusting jerk who posted video of him peeing on stray kitten

If you think you have heard every disgusting, sicko act of outrageous stupidity and animal cruelty, this just beats them all!  A jerk from Seoul, Korea is currently under investigation by the Yeongdeungpo Police Station for urinating on a stray kitten and then beating the defenseless little one with a stick.

According to an online post, some gross male actually uploaded a video of himself abusing the stray kitten by urinating on it. After the despicable act of pure cruelty, the man stomps on the weak kitten with his feet. The shocking video was reported to the animal rights organization CARE, who quickly offered a reward of $2,616 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person abusing the kitten as seen in the video. Within an hour, the identity of a suspect had been spread throughout the Internet world of social media.

Executive director of CARE, Im Young Ki tried to explain the heartbreaking situation:

“Stray cats are abused often because they don’t have owners. It’s devastating. In order to prevent such animal cruelty, proper education, as well as more strict laws are required.”

A 28-year-old man with the surname of Lee is currently under investigation, however he has not been arrested.

Allkpop, a popular news site, has had many concerned readers asking about the kitten. Netizen Marie Music posted the kitten’s update:

“…The cat is a lot better now, but he had a surgery for a long time and his life was critical but he made it… he lost his one eye and his jaw was totally crushed. Also he had many other major injuries but he made it at least. Now he is  very much better. The police couldn’t find this monster. That man who the police investigated wasn’t the one … he is still outside free. Now that cat is looking for his new home … his previous family abandoned him cause of moving. What the hell? A rescuer payed a lot for the cat’s surgery and care, but she cannot keep him. ” (translated)

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Sneaky horse gets stuck in window – watch the video of the rescue effort here

Family’s rescued dog ballooned to dangerous weight – now she is getting life saving help.

Alaska man wakes up to family of eight Lynx playing on his porch

In Anchorage, Alaska, photographer Tim Newton woke up to a noisy party on his front porch last week. And there they were; a family of eight Lynx playing on the deck – momma kitty with her seven little ones. On Newton’s Facebook, he posted many of the delightful photos and described his experience:

“Tim was awakened by noises on our deck last week – and looked outside. In astonishment, he grabbed his camera.. and can you believe it? Mama Lynx and her SEVEN kits!! She called to them and they all lined up right outside in front of where he was standing (he was inside the screen door!) Amazing ALASKA WILD LIFE!!! (They proceeded to run and play on our deck, and then in our yard!)”

It had been on September 19 when the family gathered on Tim’s neck. They had been running back and forth in playful kitty antics when Tim heard the strange noises. Pulling back the curtains, Tim originally thought the visitor he first spotted had been a domestic cat, but as the youngsters played, he noticed the long tufts on their ears and their huge paws.

What could be cuter than the litter of kits frolicking in the early morning hours – mom watching over her babies very carefully, but enjoying their carefree antics? In a few minutes the family disappeared towards the northern side of the home. It was then Tim heard the mother’s distinctive Lynx meow. Apparently she had been calling the kittens, and as  the tall grass moved, tiny camouflaged little ones ran towards their mom.

Clicking away with his camera, Tim could hardly believe his luck. One click did alert the mom, who momentarily checked the photographer out from behind the screen door, but no worries there, and the kittens turned the deck back into their playground. It had been an incredible 40 minutes of having a close encounter with one of Mother Nature’s most beautiful creatures just enjoying being free.


” You can now view Tim’s photos and buy prints of your favorites at: – thank you for your interest and following me. I am so happy you all are enjoying them so much!”

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Man threatens to shoot his cat but message intended to garner support for aid

It’s complicated, but posting a video holding a frightened cat by the scruff of the neck with a man holding a gun to its head and threatening on social media to shoot the pet, isn’t the right way to garner support for the suffering hurricane victims in the British Virgin Islands.

The video was posted online by Leo Ferraro, 50, a self professed animal lover from the Swiss canton of Aargau, wanting John Cleese, the Monty Python star to retweet his message. Ferraro grabs one of his cats and points a gun to its head, while addressing celebrities threatening to shoot the cat if they didn’t share his message.

“…if I don’t get RT (retweet) for my friends in #bvistrong (British Virgin Islands)by today noon – this creature will be a dead cat.”

Ferraro is an online producer for Swiss daily “Tages-Anzeiger” and breeds cats in his spare time. He was hoping to garner the help of prominent people to increase his social media reach for help. Ferraro spends a lot of time in the Caribbean and has been heartbroken since viewing all of the destruction and the suffering of the residents.

He does state he is very aware of the outrage his video has caused in Switzerland, but calls it a “cry for attention.” It is not known at this time if authorities are investigating this as a possible animal cruelty case, but the online community has no patience for such madness as this.

“A ban on keeping animals and taking away your gun is the least you deserve, you scumbag,” one person posted under the disturbing video.

Ferraro later tried to reassure everyone that his cat was fine and posted a photo of the cat sleeping on the couch.


(Photos via Twitter and Daily Mail)

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A tale of two kitties

During a late summer thunderstorm, which is very common in Central Florida, two tiny kittens were found crying in the rain; their eyes sealed shut with infection. Neither cat could see which way to go due to their temporary blindness. They just laid there in fear getting drenched in the downpour. Thankfully a good Samaritan happened to see them huddled up near a trash can.  She immediately picked them up and bundled them in her shirt to warm them and took them into her house.

The kittens were dried off and placed on a heating pad. Upon examination of their eyes, they both had severe infections and the oozing had caused their eyes to be sealed shut.  The rescuer went to work cleaning their eyes with a warm, wet cloth until they could both see again, but they were still in danger. Both were about 2 weeks old and not completely weaned. Every four hours they were bottle fed, and every hour their eyes were cleaned.

The rescuer began to search for a cat rescue. Candy’s Cats Inc. located in Ocoee, Florida immediately offered to help. Candy Sullivan, founder of the cat rescue, called her vet and got an appointment set up for the kittens to be seen. She also called on a foster who was skilled in caring for such young kittens. After treatments for their eyes, and in the excellent hands of their foster mom Myrna, both kittens, now named Minky and Pepper are thriving.

Candy’s Cats Inc, is known in the Central Florida area as the rescue who will take in hard luck cases, cats and kittens who are maimed, ill or about to be euthanized.

According to their website, Candy’s Cat mission statement reads:

“We love our cats, and we’d love for you to experience that love, too, by providing a safe, forever home for our cats, who come in all sizes, shapes and condtion.  Each and every cat is tested for feline leukemia and feline aids, provided with age appropriate vaccinations, spayed or neutered (we believe in kitten spay/neuter); most are microchipped and they are all treated for medical conditions they each are diagnosed with while in our care.”

Candy’s Cats is currently teaming up with the Pixel Fund, another animal advocacy group for a big adoption event. The “Fall in Love” adoption event will be held at Headquarter Honda located at 17700 State Road 50, Clermont, Florida on Saturday September 23rd, 2017from 11am to 4pm.

Visit  to learn more about this amazing rescue, see their adoptable cats and kittens and donate to help kittens like Minky and Pepper.

“The smallest feline is a masterpiece.”
                             -Leonardo da Vinci

Minky, thriving in foster care

Pepper after her eyes have healed.










Unlikely friendship: Blind dog and seeing eye cat need loving home

In Fulton County, Georgia an unlikely friendship reminds us all how our differences don’t necessarily matter in the much larger scheme of life when picking our friends, mentors and companions. And so true for Kim the cat and her friend Edward the Yorkshire terrier. When Kim moves too far away from Edward, the adorable pup will bark – as if reminding his friend – “Hey where are you going without me?”

And although Kim is partially blind, while Edward is completely blind, Kim doesn’t go anywhere without her favorite pooch. The two had been rescued from a high kill shelter after having been found abandoned and alone after Hurricane Irma.

Both Kim and Edward are currently guests of Angels Among Us Pet Rescue, and besides being “besties” – they are each others’ lifeline explained Krysta Cannon for the rescue.

“I think by now, many of our followers have at least caught a glimpse of Edward and Kim – the blind senior Yorkie and his equally aged seeing eye cat. On the surface the story is so cute, their friendship heartwarming, but there is a dark side, too. From the looks of them, their lives haven’t been pretty. They ended up in a rural GA shelter. One that is extremely overcrowded and was without power for several days due to the storms. That is A LOT for any animal to go through.”

Kim has been fighting off both an eye and upper respiratory infection. Poor Edward has it even worse. The seniors are very old (14) and it takes extra coaxing to help Edward eat – which sadly has not being going well. He needs ongoing medical and care to help him feel better. These two deserved better than what they had, but now their lives are slowly being turned around.

Kim and Edward are in their twilight years; it is not known how long they have, but for now they love cuddling up to each other and feeling the love both have to offer between them. They both love to be touched and deserve any future days they have to be filled with love and happiness.

For more information how to volunteer, donate or provide a home for these two, please click here.

(Photos of blind dog and seeing eye cat via screenshot by WgclNews and Facebook Angels Among Us Rescue)

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World’s oldest cat has died

A cat, believed to be the oldest in the world, has died. According to People Pets, Nutmeg made it to an impressive…make that incredible, 32 years of age before passing away.

The elderly feline had lived with Liz and Ian Finlay for the past 27 years – Nutmeg was a stray who kept following the Finlay’s other cat (Spice) home. After deciding to keep Nutmeg, a veterinarian who examined him placed his age at five years (based on his teeth).

In June 2016, Westway Veterinary Group posted a Facebook photo of the senior tabby cat, and noted that he was “still going strong” even after suffering a stroke:

Meet Nutmeg, who’s still going strong at the ripe old age of 31 – thanks to Westway Vets. The moggy marvel underwent lifesaving treatment after suffering a seizure 12 months ago.

Mrs. Finlay told the Mirror U.K. her thoughts about her cat’s secret to life:

He is not our cat, we are his humans and he never lets us forget that. Maybe that is the secret to his long and happy life.”

Heart failure ultimately claimed Nutmeg’s life – he was humanely euthanized in September.

More news and updates at the National Animal News Facebook page.

Firefighter offers dehydrated deer bottled water – watch the amazing video here.

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Cat stolen from shelter found tortured with every bone broken in nearby dumpster

When shelter employees arrived at Whisker City Animal Rescue on Tuesday morning in Shoreline, Washington, they found a cat had been stolen after its outdoor enclosure had been tampered with and broken into. April Brown, the founding director of Whisker City Cat Rescue, said the lock had been removed and Quixote, a pure Savannah had been stolen.  The cage had been securely screwed down and padlocked. The cat, a cross between a domestic and a wild African serval breed had been at the shelter for several months; no one had ever had any trouble with Quixote in the past.

At first April posted a message to the Facebook group to keep an eye out for the cat – possibly thinking someone may have stolen the cat because he was valuable, but when an employee noticed blood on the cat’s blanket they called police. When Brown first checked the dumpster outside, she didn’t see anything, but a short time later a coworker came running into the shelter screaming she had found Quixote’s lifeless body hidden under the garbage.

“Every bone looks like it’s broken in its body. Its eyes had been taken out. It’s horrible. It’s horrible. Its head is practically flat; it had been crushed,” Brown stated as reported by KomoNews.

According to the group’s Facebook page, the disturbing report stated:


“Stomped, beat, flung, crushed and banged a cat against the wall until it died. Quixote was brutally tortured for more than 15 minutes and then thrown into a dumpster. Killer wore a yellow disposable rain poncho with the words “Homeless needs homes but not in my neighborhood – Richmond Beach. Murder committed on September 19, 2017 at Whisker City Cat Rescue at 3AM. Please contact Sargeant Gabriel Morris at Shoreline Police. 206.510. 7657.”

A neighbor has come forward and said she heard loud noises at about 3:00 a.m. She thought it had been branches falling on her roof and stated the noise had gone on for nearly 15 minutes.

All of the cats in their outdoor enclosures have since been moved indoors at the Whisker City Cat Rescue; extra security cameras are scheduled to be installed. Anyone with information is asked to call the police. Help bring  justice to an innocent victim of some depraved monster.

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(Photos via screenshots Facebook)

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