Despicable teens laugh as they slam cat against the wall

Two despicable teens laughed as they hurled a defenseless cat against the wall. The Scottish girls, aged 17 and 18, are now receiving threats of bodily harm including, but not limited to death threats for … Read More

Emotional video captures ‘Timber’ the cat’s survival after Camp Fire

In Paradise, California, one month after the state’s worst fire in Northern California, the family cat, Timber, returned home. Courtney Werblow told her story on Facebook: one of hope and the miracle she witnessed.


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Disturbing video of teen kicking caged cat into pond under investigation

In a disturbing video, posted on a social media site on Thanksgiving Day, showing a caged cat kicked into a pond, is now under investigation in Lafayette, Indiana.  The video showed a black cat wearing … Read More

Burned cat, found by news crew, remains unclaimed at area shelter

A burned cat, found by a KATU news crew, remains unclaimed at the Butte Humane Society Clinic. KATU News reporter Lashay Wesley and photographer Ric Peavyhouse were covering the wildfire in Paradise, California, earlier … Read More

Camp Fire evacuees at Walmart parking lot ordered to leave with their pets

By Sunday, hundreds of Camp Fire evacuees, with their few belongings and mementos, their children and their pets will be forced to leave the Walmart parking lot at Chico. The portable bathrooms will be removed, … Read More

Mountain lion euthanized after killing a dog in Colorado

On Wednesday, a mountain lion was euthanized by Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) officials, after having been captured on Monday in Evergreen after it had killed a dog. Officials state the mountain lion was killed … Read More

Burned cat pulled from Woolsey Fire cared for by news reporter

Not only does Abc7 reporter Veronica Miracle keep everyone informed about the Woolsey Fire situation, she also provided care for a cat pulled from a burning house completely destroyed by the fire.

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Too odd looking to be adopted? Sweet Huckleberry needs a home

Some may say Huckleberry is “odd” looking, but most would just call him adorable. The unique looking cat is looking for a home in north Texas and by all accounts, he is a sweetheart.

Huckleberry’s … Read More

Rare Siberian tiger cub desperately roared when forced to pose with tourists

A rare two-month-old Siberian tiger cub desperately roared in fear when forced to pose with tourists for photos at a Chinese zoo. Witnesses at the Harbin Siberia Tiger Park in north China videoed the smiling … Read More

Dog protected his 10-month-old kitten friend until someone found them

In Virginia Beach, Virginia, a dog and his bonded 10-month-old kitten have a heartwarming story to tell. The little dog was spotted huddled between two porta-potties at a soccer complex; paws cradling his little feline … Read More