‘Deeply shocking’ cruelty: Cat left to starve and tied in garbage bag on side of road

A 15-year-old cat, reported missing by his owners three-months ago, was found on Monday by SA Police on the side of Gorge Road in Millbook, in the Adelaide Hills of  South Australia.  The cat, named … Read More

French philanthropist left 50 Russian museum cats money in his will for their care

In the basement of the State Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, a group of nearly 50 cats having been living there for centuries. Catherine the Great, the founder of the museum, designated the cats as … Read More

Airlines no longer required to transport peacocks and horses as service animals

Airlines in the United States will no longer be required to accept emotional support animals after passengers in the past insisted on flying with their horses, pigs, turkeys and peacocks.

The United States Department of … Read More

Tiny kitten suffering from traumatic leg injury needs our help

A tiny brown and white tabby kitten, weighing only .06 of a pound, is in need of an emergency rescue from OC Animal Care in Tustin, California. On Saturday, the shelter reached out for the … Read More

Police launch investigation after report of cat tied to firework and shot into air

In the North Wales section of Wrexham, police have launched an investigation into reports of a cat dying after having been strapped to a firework in the Queensway area.

The NWP Wrexham Town reported the … Read More

Pet cat missing for 3 days returns with note about its ‘debt’

A chubby, gray tabby who lives in Thailand, went missing for three days, and his owner became very worried about his pet’s welfare. Finally, the independent feline returned home, but yes, there’s a hitch here … Read More

Starving cougar found her way to animal rescue looking ‘for a place to die’

In Quilcene, Washington, a starving cougar found her way to an animal rescue and cuddled into an empty pen. An animal caretaker at the Central Valley Animal Rescue found the emaciated young female in one … Read More

Guard who threw boiling water over pregnant cat for stealing sausage causes outrage in China

In the Chinese city of Taiyuan in Shanxi province, a security guard was videoed pouring boiling hot water over a pregnant cat on Monday for stealing his sausage. The evil deed resulted in the death … Read More

Broken hearted senior cat left at shelter after her owner went to nursing home

The Genesee County Animal Shelter Dogs and Cats has a heartbreaking story to share about a 14-year-old cat recently brought to the shelter in Flint, Michigan. Sadly, Blessing’s best friend went to a nursing home; … Read More

5,000 pets found dead in cardboard boxes at China facility

In Beijing, at least 5,000 pets were found dead left in cardboard boxes last week at a logistics facility in Central China. Reports state the death of rabbits, guinea pigs, cats and dogs had been … Read More