Young lioness declawed so she could play with visitors at zoo

A zoo located in the southern Gaza Strip in Palestine recently declawed a young lioness in an effort to make her friendlier so visitors would be able to interact  and “play” with her.

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Arrested: Heartless teen posted video of kitten he struck with large rock

In Marion County, Florida, a heartless teenager has been arrested after posting a video of a kitten he struck with a large rock. Isaiah Diehl was identified on a Snapchat video as the person who … Read More

Group who went to smoke pot in abandoned home found caged tiger

In Houston, a group of friends wanting to smoke pot on Monday in an abandoned home, were quite surprised – and no they were not hallucinating. In the house they found a caged tiger.

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Video shows Arkansas couple beating a dog and choking a cat

In Alexander, Arkansas, a man and a woman face animal cruelty charges after authorities accused them of beating a dog and choking a cat in videos posted on social media on Sunday.

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Heartless person abandoned soaking wet cat under bench in freezing cold

In Boston, a heartless person abandoned a cat in the  freezing weather in Sullivan Square on Monday . The soaking wet cat was discovered huddled inside of a carrier that had been “shoved” under a … Read More

Florida man threw crated cat in ditch filled with water

In St. Petersburg, Florida, a man faces animal cruelty charges after allegedly throwing a crated cat into a ditch filled with water. An eyewitness has been credited for saving the cat’s life.

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Bill proposed in New Jersey to provide attorneys for cats and dogs in court

A new bill has been proposed by New Jersey State Assemblywoman Annette Quijano that would provide attorney representation for dogs and cats in court. Law students and attorneys could volunteer to represent the pets pro … Read More

California bans sale of puppy-mill dogs, cats and rabbits in pet stores

In a landmark California bill, starting January 1, pet stores will be prohibited from selling puppy-mill dogs, cats and rabbits. In addition to the ban, sponsored by Assemblyman Patrick O’Donnell and supported by the an … Read More

Investigation launched into death of kitten by seven-year-old child

In Middletown, Ohio, investigators from Middletown’s Animal Control are looking into a report of animal cruelty involving the death of a kitten involving a seven-year-old child.

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Cats found sealed inside buckets and abandoned on NYC streets

Police are investigating two disturbing acts of animal cruelty in the SoHo neighborhood of New York City where two cats have been found sealed inside buckets and abandoned on the street. Neither cat was able … Read More