Shenzhen is first Chinese city to ban sale and consumption of dogs and cats

Shenzhen has become the first Chinese city to ban the sale and consumption of dogs and cats. The new legislation comes after the coronavirus pandemic had been widely linked to wildlife trade and consumption. In … Read More

Rescued kitten needs emergency surgery

A rescued six-month-old kitten had to undergo emergency surgery.  The kitten, now named Crystal was rescued from a wooded area near Deltona, Florida. A Good Samaritan came across her while feeding some other homeless cats.… Read More

Pet owner washed dog paws with bleach to avoid COVID-19

If you use bleach to sanitize your dog’s paws after a walk, you should rethink this. Exposure to bleach through ingestion, breathing or touching is extremely toxic for dogs and can lead to severe burns … Read More

Dogs and cats can not spread coronavirus to humans

Dogs and cats can not spread the novel coronavirus to humans according to experts; nor can a human give the Covid-19 to their pets either.

In an out pour of internet panic after a 17-year-old … Read More

Social media ‘TikTok’ filled with content featuring animal cruelty

A popular social media site in China “TikTok” displays youngsters and unknown cruel adults  punching dogs and slapping cats to music; the sick content no longer a place to watch silly dance challenges and lip-syncing … Read More

Animal shelters in Los Angeles ask owners to delay surrendering pets

Officials with the Los Angeles County Animal Care & Control are asking pet owners who intend to surrender their pets to delay doing so in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak.

“We encourage those who

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Kitten with tiny cat mark on his face goes viral in the cutest way

No doubt we all need a reason to smile with all the news about a worldwide crisis concerning the coronavirus. Well, look no further, and check out this tiny kitten who dons a mark on … Read More

Pets cannot catch coronavirus: Why one dog tested positive

It’s been a long road for pets in the struggle to contain the coronavirus. In Hong Kong, one dog tested positive for the virus last week, but before everyone gets too worried, this is what … Read More

Coronavirus patient’s dog tests ‘weak positive’ in Hong Kong

A woman’s Pomeranian pooch was placed in quarantine on Wednesday after testing “weak positive” for the coronavirus in Hong Kong according to a government press release. If confirmed, the dog would mark the first case … Read More

Rescued from circus lion playing in the grass for first time goes viral

A ten-year-old video showing a lion who had been rescued from a circus playing in the grass for the first time, has gone viral again. The joy the lion shows as he carefully pads along … Read More