Lion cub whose legs were broken to pose for tourists off to Africa for new life

Animal cruelty hit a new all time low earlier this year when a lion cub’s legs were intentionally broken so it could not escape while being forced to take photos with visitors and tourists at … Read More

Rescued cat weighs in at portly 24-pounds

At the Cats Protection’s Bredhurst Adoption Center in Kent, a six-year-old cat named Dixie weighed in at a portly 24-pounds this week. The animal charity organization is featuring Dixie to warn owners of overfeeding their … Read More

Cruel act: Basketball player gives cat ice cream for ‘brain freeze’ laugh

A retired basketball player has been receiving mixed reviews for one of his latest Twitter videos with many internet users claiming giving a cat ice cream to watch it have a “brain freeze” is nothing … Read More

Man sealed kitten in a jar and watched it gasp for air in Instagram prank

In the town of Sokal, located in the western Ukraine, a 20-year-old man has been arrested after he sealed a kitten in a jar to film a “funny” video on his Instagram account. Yuri Soroka, … Read More

Social media revels as cat and museum security guard resume face-off

In Onomichi, located in the Hiroshima Prefecture, photos of a cat and a museum security guard having a face-off outside of the Onomichi City Museum of Art, have gone viral. The guard and the black … Read More

Indiana woman faces federal charges in torture of dog and cat videos

In Kokomo, Indiana, a 19-year-old woman faces federal charges in connection with an investigation into the torture of dogs and cats posted to videos on social media. Krystal Scott was arrested on Tuesday and charged … Read More

Kitten stuck in pipe for days and her tiny meows grew louder and louder

A tiny kitten was stuck in a pipe since Friday. Witnesses from the St. Louis area were heartbroken as her tiny meows grew louder and louder. She was desperate; her rescuers were on their way … Read More

Cat with container over his head and set on fire fought for his life

In Easton, Pennsylvania, rescue volunteers found a cat frantically running around in the field near The Center of Animal Health & Welfare  animal shelter on Saturday evening.

The disturbing situation, discovered shortly before the staff … Read More

Yulin dog meat festival moving ahead in spite of dogs are pets – not food

On Sunday, the Yulin dog meat festival will begin in spite of the Chinese declaration that dogs are pets and not food. A distressing video by Humane Society International’s partners shows rows and rows of … Read More

Invasive species bufo toads are toxic and can kill pets

The fat, warty cane or bufo toads have been making uninvited appearances all over South Florida. The heavy rains have brought them out of their burrows and given them ample amounts of water to breed. … Read More