Dumped: 20-year-old cat surrendered to shelter

Buttons, a 20-year-old cat, was surrendered  by his owner on March 4, along with some other cats from the family.  Saving Sage Animal Rescue, a Miami, Florida rescue organization posted the sad news on their Facebook page asking for help:

“BUTTONS, A 20 YEAR OLD CAT DUMPED AT KILL SHELTER. Yes you read that correctly, this cat is 20 years old. He was dumped at the shelter with some of his siblings. Heartbreaking isn’t it?

Buttons is now safe, we pulled him early this am. He is currently at Pet Express Animal Hospital in Davie getting a thorough check up and a senior blood panel. Buttons will also be quarantined so that we know all is good before we send him off to a pre-approved potential adopter.”

Kathy Bieniek, vice president of the group, responded to the plea for help from the Miami shelter when she realized Buttons was not up for adoption because of his advanced age.  When she picked him up, the friendly cat enjoyed a back rub, and seemed to have voiced his appreciation with a few well-placed meows while on the way to the vet’s office. Buttons is being treated for tapeworms and has been receiving intravenous fluids. It wasn’t long, however before animal advocates and followers of the rescue group shared Buttons’ plight and an adoption offer arose.

According to People, Jennifer will be fostering the cat at her home in Jupiter, Florida:

“She saw this story and it touched her heart. She is a wonderful foster mommy; she has a special place in her heart for seniors. She just adopted a week or so ago a senior around 15 years old from an elderly person,” Bieniek stated. “I am hoping this senior lives out his life getting the love and attention he so much deserves and hasn’t gotten up until this point. Nobody should be disposed of like garbage.”

For more information about donating, volunteering, fostering or adopting, check out Saving Sage Animal Rescue Foundation via its website.

(Photos of 20-year-old cat surrendered via Facebook for Saving Sage Animal Rescue)

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Reward nears $50,000 for information about cruelty to Sage the cat

The Humane Society of Northern Utah crowd sourced nearly $50,000 as a reward for information  leading to the conviction of the person or people who tortured Sage, a family cat, in Clearfield last week. In an emotional gathering of people at Kiwanis Park last Sunday, more than a 100 people came out to pay their respects to the family of the six-year-old cat brutally tortured. But the gathering meant more, and according to KutvNews, residents in the area fear the person(s) involved might do this again:

“There’s just been a lot of people from day one who have been so awesome in sharing their support. And I think the community feels for our situation. They have a lot of animals in the community as well, and I think a lot of them are worried for their animals as well…” stated Ron Estes.

Sage, was found on March 8, badly beaten, with broken paws and ribs, eyes swollen shut and his whiskers cut.  The friendly gray and white tabby died the following day.

“They broke his ribs, his little toes, beat his face, glued his eyes shut, tried to glue his penis and anus shut, burned him with hot glue and put silicone on him,” said Debbie Barnes, president of the Humane Society of Northern Utah, in a news release. “This is the worst abuse case I have ever seen.”

The Humane Society of Northern Utah continues to accept donations on Sage’s behalf:

“Though many people feel the reward is “excessive” for an animal abuse case, there is a proven link between abusing an animal and domestic abuse, or worse. The individual(s) involved are in need of counseling, before the problem increases, potentially involving people.”

Read more about this heartbreaking story here.

Photo of Sage via Facebook.

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Supermarket clerk throws kitten out of store killing her

In a disturbing act of animal cruelty on Monday, a supermarket clerk fromWuxi Lu,located in the southern Jiangsu province of China, has been accused of throwing a tiny, stray kitten out of the store and flinging it to the street with such force that the defenseless animal died just minutes later.

According to Thatsmag.com, the cashier from the supermarket chain Liahus, roughly picked up the trapped kitten by her head and neck, walked to the front door and tossed the kitten outside in front of a store full of irate customers.

“I hit him trying to stop him but was too late, then ran after the kitten,” stated an American eyewitness Lisa Movius. “It couldn’t move. it’s pupils were huge and eyes bulging out, and it died a few minutes later.”

When authorities arrived, the shop clerk tried to unsuccessfully press charges against Movius for trying to hit him. The police made the heartless culprit apologize, although Lisa stated it was in no way sincere; the worker claimed the kitten scratched him. Sadly, the animal cruelty laws in China are anything but effective, and tragically most animals do not get any protection against egregious acts such as done by this mindless fool.

In a brave attempt to get some justice for the innocent little victim of cruelty, Movius wrote a letter to the supermarket chain asking them to fire the employee, however the company has yet to comment on the subject.

Rest in peace innocent little kitten. Your life never had a chance to begin.

(Photo of supermarket clerk throws kitten via screenshot Thatsmag.com)

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Boys attacked zoo Flamingos

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Handicapped kitten can’t find a home: Can you help?

In Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts, a ten-month-old tuxedo kitten named Ivan, continues to get passed over whenever potential pet parents arrive at the MSPCA’s Boston shelter. For weeks, the adorable and extremely affectionate handicapped kitten, born with deformed legs, purrs and rubs – yet no one wants to take him home.Ivan the deformed cat cover

Ivan was born without radial bones in his front legs and is missing two toes on each of his front paws. In addition, his hind leg is deformed which makes it impossible for him to walk normally. So how does he get around? Shelter staff call Ivan’s method of moving as the “army crawl,” but have no fear – all of this doesn’t bother Ivan. The cat’s only problem is his difficulty when using his litter box which has discouraged would-be adopters.

“His physical limitations will always be there – so we’re looking for the adopter who can see through that and give him the second chance he deserves,” stated MSPCA-Angell adoption center manager Alyssa Krieger.Ivan the deformed cat 2

Sadly, Ivan’s handicap is the reason his former human surrendered him, but the green-eyed purr machine just wants to be loved. Hey – nobody’s perfect, and what Ivan might not have in kitty coordination, he certainly makes up for it with his awesome personality. If interested in meeting Ivan, email adoption@mspca.org for more information.

Photos of handicapped kitten Ivan courtesy of MSPCA Boston.

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Happy ‘Valentino’ Day: Neglected cat wanted to be held and loved

Today, on February 14, rescue organization, Leave No Paws Behind announced Happy ‘Valentino’ Day. If for a moment, you thought this was a misspelling, be assured that was not the case at all:Happy Valentino Day

“Happy ‘Valentino’ Day. He is so enjoying his morning meal and is doing great,” announced Toby Wisneski, founder of Leave No Paws Behind on the group’s Facebook page.  The Doc was telling me when she walks into his room she greets him with  ‘Hi Buddy, how you feeling today.’AND he gets right up, purrs, meows and waits patiently for his treatments and food.”

Last Saturday afternoon life was a lot different for this neglected and seemingly unwanted cat. Animal activist and talented photographer John Hwang, captured a heartbreaking moment in time for this boy in desperate need at the Baldwin Park Animal Care Center in California. So moved by the helpless cat’s plight, John asked for help on his Facebook page:Happy Valentino Day 2

“… He barely lacked the strength to meow. Parts of his fur were hard, caked with mud and feces. His eyes were shut with mucus and other fluids. His past story is not known, but his very difficult life was evident. He placed his head on Elaine’s shoulder. His paw resting on her arm. A staff worker wrote on her kennel card ‘nice cat.’ That despite everything he has endured he longs most to love…and be loved,” John wrote.

Animal advocate, Elaine Seaman’s didn’t care that the cat with the caked and swollen eyes suffered from a highly contagious mange infection. From the moment she picked him up, with his tiny paw reaching out, she knew he was special. And now just four days later, Valentino, grateful for the kind rescuers he was lucky enough to encounter on a day which may have been his last, a new life begins.

Valentino will need a foster home once he is released from the vet. Please email info@leavenopawsbehind.com if interested. To help Leave No Paws Behind, please click here.

Read Valentino’s original story here.

Click here and check out Valentino’s short video. Be sure to share your thoughts.

She couldn’t refuse: Rescuer heard a cat cry for help over the phone

On Saturday afternoon, animal activist and talented photographer John Hwang, captured a heartbreaking moment in time of a cat in desperate need at the Baldwin Park Animal Care Center in California. So moved by the helpless cat’s plight, John asked for help on his Facebook page:Valentine the cat 2

“… She barely lacked the strength to meow. Parts of her fur were hard, caked with mud and feces. Her eyes were shut with mucus and other fluids. Her past story is not known, but her very difficult life was evident. She placed her head on Elaine’s shoulder. Her paw resting on her arm. A staff worker wrote on her kennel card ‘nice cat.’ That despite everything she has endured she longs most to love…and be loved,” John wrote.

Immediately, advocates began to share the cat’s plight, and so it came to be that Toby Wisneski, founder of Leave No Paws Behind, was called to help. The organization provides hospice care, comfort, love and a safe haven for the terminally ill and the hard core cases; at the time of rescue all animals are immediately transferred to their partner veterinarian.Valentine the cat 2a

“This is heartbreaking. We are going to name him Valentino,” stated Toby. “I just received an SOS from Elaine Seamans asking if we could help this sweet old soul. ( He is being passed by more then likely because he is testing positive for eggs and mites. I heard his little cries for help over the phone and my decision was made!..”

Within an hour, Valentino was safe and had already arrived at the Pet Doctors of Sherman Oaks. His eyes are so badly infected he can’t open them, and his head feels like a helmet because he is so crusty from dirt, dried up feces and urine, yet he is described as sweet and grateful. Already Valentino knows he has been saved. He will need a foster care in the Los Angeles area. Please email info@leavenopawsbehind.com if you can help.

Updates on Valentino’s condition will follow.

Donations to help Valentino can be made by clicking here.

Check out Valentino’s short video:

Russian body artist under fire for tattooing his Sphynx cat

A Russian artist is under fire from animal advocates for tattooing his pet hairless Sphynx cat. The cat was sedated with heavy anesthetics before the artist, identified as Aleksandr, inked four tattoos onto the cat’s body at his studio located in central Russia’s Sverdlovsk Oblast region.Demon the cat 2

According to the Sun, the cat named Demon, now carries a series of four “gangster” designs on his back and sides worn commonly by Russian criminals. On the cat’s side can be seen a prison tower, a deck of cards, a young woman and a cigarette. Aleksandr admitted he might not have been acting in the best interests for his cat, after having to administer anesthetics so Demon could withstand the needle punctures on his delicate skin.

“Of course I feel pity for doing it to him. It’s not like he wanted to do it himself. He has a different skin, so tattoos are applied differently. I hope it is not too bad for him,” Aleksandr stated. “It is not his first tattoo. Usually he feels fine and recovers from the anesthesia pretty fast.”

As for the significance of the inks, they are known to indicate seniority as part of criminal gangs, the seriousness of their crimes and the length of time they have been in prison. Animal activists have condemned Aleksandr for doing this to Demon; calling it out as animal cruelty. One of the artist’s friends, however stated it is no different than a farmer branding his livestock. This writer frankly doesn’t agree.  Go tattoo yourself and leave the cat alone. And while Sphynx cats are known for their lack of a coat, they are not completely hairless.

Photos of Sphynx cat screenshot via Cen/Liferu)

Read about the recent death of a baby manatee by careless humans.

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Neighbor shot the cat ‘because it looked at him like he owned the place’

An Ormond Beach, Florida man may face animal cruelty charges after shooting and paralyzing a neighbor’s cat “because it looked at him like he owned the place.” The man claimed he shot the cat because it was defecating in his yard, and he simply wanted the animal out of there.

According to Click Orlando, the cat belonged to Hung Nguyen, 60, who lives at the Pinewood Trailer Park. Other residents there are now mourning the death of the cat saying it was the “most saddest thing to see a little animal, literally tears running down its face.” Neighbor Heidi Hatheway pulled the mortally injured cat out from underneath the trailer; the cat was later euthanized.

Still unidentified by authorities to media, the 69-year-old man admitted he shot the cat, but it was a poor judgment call, even though he said “it looked at him like he owned the place” before relieving himself on his property. “….All I wanted to do was get it out in front of my walkway, stop pooping. For the flies and the smell is just horrendous,” he stated. The man stated he had no idea the cat belonged to someone and admitted to shooting at cats in the past, but had always missed. The elderly man has several health issues and is afraid if he gets arrested, his disability benefits will stop, and he will become homeless.  Neighbors, however question if the man is such a poor shot, could it be a resident who is killed next?

An investigation is underway, and it will be the decision of the state attorney general as to whether there is sufficient evidence to charge the man with felony animal cruelty.

Rest in peace little kitty. We are sorry humans failed you. (Photo of neighbor who shot the cat because it looked at him screenshot Click Orlando)

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Heartless culprit pours boiling hot water on 2 neighborhood cats

An unknown heartless culprit has poured boiling hot water on two neighborhood cats in Poole, England. Authorities believe one person is responsible for dousing both cats over their heads and backs with the burning liquid which seriously scarred both animals; almost killing one of them.Boiling water cats2

According to the Daily Mail, it is believed the same person attacked the cats since both pets lived just doors apart from each other. Police speculate a disgruntled neighbor may have been angry at the cats entering into their yard and then poured the liquid from a kettle or a pot. The first attack happened to a tortoiseshell cat named Lavender in October 2016. When her owner, Sarah Cutler returned home, the cat was in such pain from her injuries, she could barely crawl.

“Her injuries were so horrible and we took her to the vets straight away. She received treatment, but the fur and skin from her back kept coming off for the next week. It took them quite a while to actually conclude she had been scolded by boiling water,” Sarah stated.

Lavender is no longer permitted to go outside. Her injuries are permanent, and the cat seems to have lost her zest for the normal kitty curiosity. Sarah added:

“She’s still getting infections, has lost the top of her ears and will never regrow the fur on her back. We can no longer let her outside because of the injuries and she wouldn’t dare to anyway, she’s too scared. She’s become very subdued since the attack, which has been life-changing for her.”

The second incident occurred earlier this month, and that cat involved nearly died from her injuries. Whether the person responsible for the attack was angry about a special garden the cats may have messed up or birds the cats may have attacked, there is no excuse for such egregious cruelty. Neighbors with cats are in a panic over the safety of their pets. The best advice would be to keep all cats safely indoors.

The RSPCA is asking for the public’s help. Anyone with information is asked to contact authorities. No one has the right to make any animal suffer.

(Photos of heartless culprit dousing cats with hot water via screenshots via the Daily Mail.)

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Public’s help wanted identifying cruel cat dragger

Authorities in Los Angeles are asking the public for help identifying the woman caught on camera cruelly dragging a cat on a leash. A witness took photos of the woman cat “dragger” last Friday on Van Nuys Boulevard and Sherman in Van Nuys. The cat was dragged at least four blocks.

According to KtlaNews, one witness identified as Shifrah, stopped her car and demanded the woman leave the cat alone and stop dragging him:

I was disgusted and I was horrified,” said Shifrah. “The cord is around his neck, and she’s just pulling him. You know he was trying to get away from her.”

Shifrah then called 911 and continued to follow the woman. The situation soon became more disturbing as another witness got out of her car, also telling the cat dragger to release the animal.

“Another lady got out of her car and she walked up to this woman abusing this cat on a leash and she’s telling her to leave the cat alone,” stated Shifrah. “She ripped the blonde wig off the abuser’s hair. So now they’re kind of arguing; you’re seeing fists flying a little bit. The cat is either dropped or thrown to the ground. The mean lady is saying ‘give me my wig, give me my wig,’ and then she tasered the nice lady. I see flashes of light and she’s tasering the lady, and then that’s when the fight kind of ended.”

The suspect ran away leaving the cat. A good Samaritan brought the injured cat to the East Valley Animal Shelter where she has been dubbed Mischief and is currently receiving treatment.

Anyone with information is asked to call Los Angeles Department of Animal Services at 888-452-7381. Help Mischief find justice. Please share this story; someone knows this woman’s identity.

(Photo of cat dragger from LA Dept of Animal Services)

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