Social Media Outrage After Kittens Rescued From House Fire Are Euthanized

Social media lit up in outrage after five kittens were saved from a deadly house fire in Conway, Arkansas, only to be euthanized shortly after they were taken to the local animal shelter. According to The Cabin, no people died in Thursday’s blaze, but seven pets perished.

After the fire, Capt. Rick Powell posted an image of the rescued kittens to Facebook – the photo’s caption reads:

These little guys lost their mom today in a house fire. We gave them oxygen therapy And I believe most will make it. They will have to bottle fed. They are at Conway animal shelter just in case someone is looking for a kitten.

Social media users who were celebrating the rescue of the kittens were heartbroken to discover that all of the kittens were euthanized shortly after arriving at the local animal shelter.

LaTresha Woodruff, Public Information Officer for the Conway Police Department, told the Pet Rescue Report:

One of the kittens died on the drive to the shelter. After exhausting her options for care for the others, the shelter director made the decision she thought was best under the circumstances.

Many people question the official response and believe that the kittens were put down because the shelter is not equipped to handle newborns.

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Kittens thrown away like garbage


Heartbreaking cruelty: Cat found impaled by arrow

Police are searching for the person who impaled a cat with a sharp object and an arrow early on Wednesday morning. The heartbreaking cruelty was discovered by a hotel employee on the 800 block of Collins Court in Miami Beach, who found the yellow cat with an arrow through his head and another sharp object sticking out of his neck. According to Channel 7News, the frightened and fatally injured cat had been hiding under a dumpster.

The cat is one of four that live behind the Franklin Hotel on Collins Avenue and have been taken care of  by the hotel’s former owner who is now offering a $20,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of  the responsible person(s). It was Georgio, a hotel employee who found the cat named Strush hiding.

“I hear, ‘meow, meow,’ so, over here, right here,” Giorgio said. “You see – look, look – you see the blood right here, right there. He had an arrow in the head.”

The cat was rushed to Dr. Rachael Johnson, a veterinarian at VCA Alton Road Animal Hospital. Strush suffered terribly as the arrow penetrated behind one of his eyes and came out his mouth. Rescue staff said the cat was non-responsive upon arrival. Sadly, Strush had to be humanely euthanized.

Miami Beach detectives are looking for the person or people behind the animal cruelty. Anyone with information is urged to call Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers at 305-471-TIPS. Help Strush find justice.

Photos of cat impaled by arrow courtesy of Miami Beach Police

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$6,000 reward offered in case of cat doused with gasoline and thrown in garbage bag

A $6,000 reward has been offered to anyone who provides information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person who doused a cat with gasoline and threw her in a garbage bag in Reading, Pennsylvania earlier this week. Had the sanitation workers not heard the cat’s desperate meows, she would have been crushed in the back of the garbage truck. The cat was discovered on Tuesday near the 500 block of North Front Street.

According to WfmzNews, Dr. Kimya Davani, with the Berks County Humane Hospital where the cat was taken for immediate emergency care, stated the cat was also tied up.

“I’m not sure if she initially went through the garbage truck, but she was tied up in a trash bag doused in gasoline,” stated Dr. Davani. “She was in shock, very dehydrated, underweight and her temperature was extremely low-life threatening.”

Rescuers have now named the cat ‘Miracle Maisy’, who is estimated to be no more than one-year-old. How she lived for at least six hours breathing in the fumes of gasoline is unknown, and how many of her nine lives she had to use to survive is also unknown. The cat’s medical staff, who spent nearly the entire day treating her, have been very concerned how the gasoline which soaked into her fur would affect her lungs and neurological functions, but so far Miracle Maisy is doing fine. Most of her fur had to be shaved away because the gasoline was so embedded that her fur couldn’t dry and her body temperature continued to fall to dangerously low levels.

Maisy will remain at Humane Pennsylvania’s hospital in Reading. Officials said they expect her to make a full recovery where she will be made available for adoption. 

Anyone with information is asked to contact Crime Alerts Berks at 877.373.9913 or the Reading Police Department at 610.655.6116.

If only all rescue stories could end “happily ever after.” Be the voice for those who cannot speak. Many thanks to the sanitation workers who saved the life of a helpless kitten.

(Photos of cat doused with gasoline screenshots via Wfmz News and Berks County Humane Society)

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Man killed 2 cats using martial arts because of his daughter’s allergies

In Greene, Maine the man accused of killing two cats, using “his knowledge of martial arts how to choke things out” has been charged with aggravated animal cruelty. Michael Herrmann, 47, surrendered to the Androscoggin County Jail in Auburn on Friday after police issued an arrest warrant.

According to Wcsh6News, Herrmann killed the cats with his bare hands because he didn’t want the animals in the house because of his daughter’s allergy. The cats reportedly belonged to a friend of the family who dropped the cats off at Herrmann’s home. Animal Control Officer Wendell Strout had been investigating the deaths of the cats after receiving a report the cats had been victims of animal cruelty.

Herrmann did lead authorities to a snowmobile trail in the woods where the dead cats were found still in their carriers. He  allegedly told the Animal Control Officer he just didn’t have time to take the cats to the Humane Society and felt they would have been euthanized there anyway. Herrmann has since bonded out of jail, however he is prohibited from having any animals.

Rest in peace innocent pets.

(Photo of suspect who is charged with using martial arts to strangle 2 cats via Androscoggin County Jail)

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Hung by his neck and left to die cat breaks his own leg to escape

In what veterinarians have labeled a deliberate and horrible act of animal cruelty to a young, friendly cat in Bundaberg, Australia, the rescuer involved stated she was brought to tears just trying to understand how anyone could do such a heinous act. The cat had been hung by his neck and left to die; somehow he was able to free himself, but not before breaking his leg.

According to the rescue organization, Best Friends Feline, owner Nikki Chapple stated the 18-month-old cat’s story began when he was a stray – just living on the streets barely able to scrounge for food while he tried desperately to survive. And as bad as that life was, it soon became even worse:

“One day someone gets hold of you and you’re unsure what’s going on as you don’t overly fear humans usually you adore pats and are friendly with them, but this human was not so friendly. He used some rope or string to hang you by your neck and left you to die. You struggle gasping for air, frightened at what was happening to you, scared and betrayed. Your survival depended on you getting free, so you give it all you have and break your leg so severely it now drags around under your body as you get about but you were free. Injured, alone and in pain, someone discovers you and takes you to the local pound where they figure out your back story and put a call out for someone to help you.”

Chapple had been notified by Red Collar Rescue after the cat’s story that he had been hung by his neck and left to die had been posted on social media. Although the rescuer knew the cat’s recovery would be expensive, her plight just broke Chapple’s heart. On Wednesday night, when she finally met the cat she named Odyssey (after the ordeal he had been through), Chapple cried.

“The skin was gone from around his neck. It looked like your typical collar injury, but thinner so it must have been a tiny piece of rope,” she wrote on social media. “He had worn away the hair around his paws; it was bloody and underneath his leg was an ulcerated sore. Someone had deliberately done this or another suggestion was a dog fighting ring used him as bait.”

Poor Odyssey had been dragging his front left leg behind him, and sadly his leg could not be saved. Odyssey successfully survived the amputation and is already reported to be doing quite well as a tripod. Nikki updated the cat’s followers on Facebook – now presenting the story of a rescued kitty; hopefully with a new life ahead of him:

“I brought him home yesterday afternoon, and all he wanted to do was smooch me endlessly while purring non stop . He is on heavy pain meds so likes laying down with his head in your palm while you hold his paw with your other hand.”

Best wishes for a speedy recovery. Odyssey is available for adoption. Donations to help cover his veterinarian expenses are appreciated in order for more cats in bad situations can also be rescued. Donations can also be sent to:

Commonwealth Bank
Account Name: Best Friends Felines
BSB : 064171
ACC: 1045 6758

ABN: 55 433 833 458

Photos of Odyssey hung by his neck and left to die courtesy of Best Friends Feline.

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Dumped: 20-year-old cat surrendered to shelter

Buttons, a 20-year-old cat, was surrendered  by his owner on March 4, along with some other cats from the family.  Saving Sage Animal Rescue, a Miami, Florida rescue organization posted the sad news on their Facebook page asking for help:

“BUTTONS, A 20 YEAR OLD CAT DUMPED AT KILL SHELTER. Yes you read that correctly, this cat is 20 years old. He was dumped at the shelter with some of his siblings. Heartbreaking isn’t it?

Buttons is now safe, we pulled him early this am. He is currently at Pet Express Animal Hospital in Davie getting a thorough check up and a senior blood panel. Buttons will also be quarantined so that we know all is good before we send him off to a pre-approved potential adopter.”

Kathy Bieniek, vice president of the group, responded to the plea for help from the Miami shelter when she realized Buttons was not up for adoption because of his advanced age.  When she picked him up, the friendly cat enjoyed a back rub, and seemed to have voiced his appreciation with a few well-placed meows while on the way to the vet’s office. Buttons is being treated for tapeworms and has been receiving intravenous fluids. It wasn’t long, however before animal advocates and followers of the rescue group shared Buttons’ plight and an adoption offer arose.

According to People, Jennifer will be fostering the cat at her home in Jupiter, Florida:

“She saw this story and it touched her heart. She is a wonderful foster mommy; she has a special place in her heart for seniors. She just adopted a week or so ago a senior around 15 years old from an elderly person,” Bieniek stated. “I am hoping this senior lives out his life getting the love and attention he so much deserves and hasn’t gotten up until this point. Nobody should be disposed of like garbage.”

For more information about donating, volunteering, fostering or adopting, check out Saving Sage Animal Rescue Foundation via its website.

(Photos of 20-year-old cat surrendered via Facebook for Saving Sage Animal Rescue)

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Reward nears $50,000 for information about cruelty to Sage the cat

The Humane Society of Northern Utah crowd sourced nearly $50,000 as a reward for information  leading to the conviction of the person or people who tortured Sage, a family cat, in Clearfield last week. In an emotional gathering of people at Kiwanis Park last Sunday, more than a 100 people came out to pay their respects to the family of the six-year-old cat brutally tortured. But the gathering meant more, and according to KutvNews, residents in the area fear the person(s) involved might do this again:

“There’s just been a lot of people from day one who have been so awesome in sharing their support. And I think the community feels for our situation. They have a lot of animals in the community as well, and I think a lot of them are worried for their animals as well…” stated Ron Estes.

Sage, was found on March 8, badly beaten, with broken paws and ribs, eyes swollen shut and his whiskers cut.  The friendly gray and white tabby died the following day.

“They broke his ribs, his little toes, beat his face, glued his eyes shut, tried to glue his penis and anus shut, burned him with hot glue and put silicone on him,” said Debbie Barnes, president of the Humane Society of Northern Utah, in a news release. “This is the worst abuse case I have ever seen.”

The Humane Society of Northern Utah continues to accept donations on Sage’s behalf:

“Though many people feel the reward is “excessive” for an animal abuse case, there is a proven link between abusing an animal and domestic abuse, or worse. The individual(s) involved are in need of counseling, before the problem increases, potentially involving people.”

Read more about this heartbreaking story here.

Photo of Sage via Facebook.

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Supermarket clerk throws kitten out of store killing her

In a disturbing act of animal cruelty on Monday, a supermarket clerk fromWuxi Lu,located in the southern Jiangsu province of China, has been accused of throwing a tiny, stray kitten out of the store and flinging it to the street with such force that the defenseless animal died just minutes later.

According to, the cashier from the supermarket chain Liahus, roughly picked up the trapped kitten by her head and neck, walked to the front door and tossed the kitten outside in front of a store full of irate customers.

“I hit him trying to stop him but was too late, then ran after the kitten,” stated an American eyewitness Lisa Movius. “It couldn’t move. it’s pupils were huge and eyes bulging out, and it died a few minutes later.”

When authorities arrived, the shop clerk tried to unsuccessfully press charges against Movius for trying to hit him. The police made the heartless culprit apologize, although Lisa stated it was in no way sincere; the worker claimed the kitten scratched him. Sadly, the animal cruelty laws in China are anything but effective, and tragically most animals do not get any protection against egregious acts such as done by this mindless fool.

In a brave attempt to get some justice for the innocent little victim of cruelty, Movius wrote a letter to the supermarket chain asking them to fire the employee, however the company has yet to comment on the subject.

Rest in peace innocent little kitten. Your life never had a chance to begin.

(Photo of supermarket clerk throws kitten via screenshot

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Boys attacked zoo Flamingos

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Handicapped kitten can’t find a home: Can you help?

In Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts, a ten-month-old tuxedo kitten named Ivan, continues to get passed over whenever potential pet parents arrive at the MSPCA’s Boston shelter. For weeks, the adorable and extremely affectionate handicapped kitten, born with deformed legs, purrs and rubs – yet no one wants to take him home.Ivan the deformed cat cover

Ivan was born without radial bones in his front legs and is missing two toes on each of his front paws. In addition, his hind leg is deformed which makes it impossible for him to walk normally. So how does he get around? Shelter staff call Ivan’s method of moving as the “army crawl,” but have no fear – all of this doesn’t bother Ivan. The cat’s only problem is his difficulty when using his litter box which has discouraged would-be adopters.

“His physical limitations will always be there – so we’re looking for the adopter who can see through that and give him the second chance he deserves,” stated MSPCA-Angell adoption center manager Alyssa Krieger.Ivan the deformed cat 2

Sadly, Ivan’s handicap is the reason his former human surrendered him, but the green-eyed purr machine just wants to be loved. Hey – nobody’s perfect, and what Ivan might not have in kitty coordination, he certainly makes up for it with his awesome personality. If interested in meeting Ivan, email for more information.

Photos of handicapped kitten Ivan courtesy of MSPCA Boston.

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Happy ‘Valentino’ Day: Neglected cat wanted to be held and loved

Today, on February 14, rescue organization, Leave No Paws Behind announced Happy ‘Valentino’ Day. If for a moment, you thought this was a misspelling, be assured that was not the case at all:Happy Valentino Day

“Happy ‘Valentino’ Day. He is so enjoying his morning meal and is doing great,” announced Toby Wisneski, founder of Leave No Paws Behind on the group’s Facebook page.  The Doc was telling me when she walks into his room she greets him with  ‘Hi Buddy, how you feeling today.’AND he gets right up, purrs, meows and waits patiently for his treatments and food.”

Last Saturday afternoon life was a lot different for this neglected and seemingly unwanted cat. Animal activist and talented photographer John Hwang, captured a heartbreaking moment in time for this boy in desperate need at the Baldwin Park Animal Care Center in California. So moved by the helpless cat’s plight, John asked for help on his Facebook page:Happy Valentino Day 2

“… He barely lacked the strength to meow. Parts of his fur were hard, caked with mud and feces. His eyes were shut with mucus and other fluids. His past story is not known, but his very difficult life was evident. He placed his head on Elaine’s shoulder. His paw resting on her arm. A staff worker wrote on her kennel card ‘nice cat.’ That despite everything he has endured he longs most to love…and be loved,” John wrote.

Animal advocate, Elaine Seaman’s didn’t care that the cat with the caked and swollen eyes suffered from a highly contagious mange infection. From the moment she picked him up, with his tiny paw reaching out, she knew he was special. And now just four days later, Valentino, grateful for the kind rescuers he was lucky enough to encounter on a day which may have been his last, a new life begins.

Valentino will need a foster home once he is released from the vet. Please email if interested. To help Leave No Paws Behind, please click here.

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