Elderly dog living homeless for a year since his person passed away

In Corpus Christi, Texas, an elderly dog has been living on the streets for a year since his person died and left him homeless. Everyday, he goes to a nearby gas station where a kind-hearted … Read More

Oh No! 17-year-old shepherd surrendered by his owner on death row

At the San Antonio Animal Care Services, “Sid” was surrendered on Tuesday by his owner. The 17-year-old black German shepherd and Labrador retriever blend can be humanely euthanized at any time – there is no … Read More

Senior Lab watched his people walk away and abandon him

At the Carson Animal Care Center, a 12-year-old male Labrador retriever was surrendered on Wednesday because his family was moving. Maybe one part of the family had been all excited beginning another phase of their … Read More

Poor Charlie: 15-year-old senior betrayed and left at Texas shelter

At his moment of need, 15-year-old Charlie, was surrendered to Houston County Pets. The Labrador retriever and pointer mix needs a home or a loving foster situation. No senior should be spending what remains of … Read More

Owner surrendered senior dog to shelter because no time to secure yard

RESCUED! Many thanks to everyone who helped.

Meet Blackley, a 12-year-old Border collie brought to the Riverside Animal Shelter in California over the Memorial Day weekend. His owner picked him up, but on June 4 … Read More

Milo needs a home: Called ugly because he has battle scars from past abuse

In Anson County, North Carolina, Milo has been waiting since 2019 for a home. The 10-year-old senior has been overlooked because he’s “ugly.” The battle scars from his past abuse all over his head and … Read More

Senior dog’s journey should not end alone and scared at crowded shelter

Quincy is a senior German shepherd who arrived at the SEAACA shelter in Downey, California. He likely had a hard time walking into the shelter – his right hind leg isn’t working quite like it … Read More

Beautiful Labrador retriever in urgent need of rescue from Texas shelter

In San Antonio, Texas, a seven-year-old Labrador retriever is in urgent need of a home. A volunteer fills in some of the blanks of Sandy’s past life:

“Sandy has been through a lot and appears

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Inexcusable: Poor Maltese senior left matted and miserable at shelter

Talullah was impounded at the SEACCA (Southeast Area Animal Control Authority on May 20, 2020 from the City of Downey. She has been described as an aged female Maltese mix weighing only 13 pounds.

A … Read More

For 10 years goofy-eared dog with loving spirit has waited for a home

In Port Washington, New York, a goofy-eared dog with a loving personality has spent 10 of his 11 years in a kennel cage. Sadly, this adorable pooch named Zeus is the longest resident at The Read More