Terribly neglected 12-year-old poodle not doing well in shelter environment

A sweet 12-year-old female poodle needs help; she desperately needs to be rescued and could be humanely euthanized at the Riverside County Animal Shelter in California.

When Marshmallow came into the shelter on February 8, … Read More

Senior Boxer surrendered at Georgia shelter and no one even left his name

A senior Boxer was surrendered to the Polk County, GA Animal Adoption and Recovery Shelter on February 2, and no one even bothered to leave his name or any information about him. And so this … Read More

Update: Senior German shepherd no longer on ‘unwanted’ list at shelter

At the Downey Animal Care Center in California, Arthur had no offers for adoption. After years of loyalty, Arthur couldn’t understand what happened and why he was in a shelter cage with so many other … Read More

Blind senior Border Collie rescued from storm drain during heavy rain

In San Bernardino, California, a Good Samaritan reported seeing a dog in a storm drain during a downpour on Sunday. A diligent rescue crew helped the Animal Control Officer find the dog despite the heavy … Read More

Previous show dog in Cuba grew old and deaf and then dumped at shelter

“Sauron” was once an admired show dog in Cuba. The black and white English cocker spaniel earned prizes, ribbons, money and fame for his owners – that is until he grew old. And then instead … Read More

Blind Corgi at Miami shelter ‘Please carry me and keep my water close’ sign on kennel

At Miami-Dade Animal Services a blind Welsh Corgi named Jimmy is so afraid of the kennel environment, he refuses to move. A staff member posted the following heartbreaking message on his kennel window:

“Please carry

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Senior dog and her closely bonded tripod have lost their home

For the last three years, Leah and Oso have lived together; their bond so tightly woven together if one dog doesn’t eat neither will the other one. Sadly, the pair have lost their home, and … Read More

Update on senior dog Merry Bell dragged through Texas shelter

One day after Christmas, an older Great Dane had been found as a stray living in deplorable conditions. A disturbing video posted on social media showed the dog being dragged to a shelter cage at … Read More

Overweight bulldog brought to shelter to be euthanized: Vet denied request

At the Miami-Dade Animal Services, an overweight English bulldog was brought to the shelter on Christmas Eve by her owners who asked their dog be euthanized. Poor Juliet is overweight and has breathing problems; thankfully … Read More

Rescue owner’s heartbreaking message to owner of 14-year-old dying dog left in trash

In Fort Bend County, Texas, a 14-year-old dog was discovered Thursday lying on a pile of trash on the coldest night of the season. Jamie’s Animal Rescue answered the plea for help.

A Good Samaritan … Read More