Loyal senior dog trusted her owner – only to be left at shelter

When a picture is worth a thousand words, Nola’s heartbreaking story has already been told. On Thursday, the scared senior arrived at St. Landry Animal Rescue. She arrived in a wire cage in the back … Read More

Heartless owner? No one else would abandon a 17-year-old poodle

A rural Texas shelter sent out a plea early Monday afternoon asking for help with a 17-year-old female poodle that arrived at the shelter as an owner surrender requesting euthanasia. Rescue Dogs Rock NYC immediately … Read More

Little golden girl in critical need of rescue before it’s too late

At the Brooklyn division of New York Animal Care Centers, a little golden girl is in critical need of help. Carly is 13-years-old and weighs 13-pounds – therefore we are hoping “13” is her lucky … Read More

Old blind dog rescued after plummeting down 23-foot storm drain

In Udon Thani, Thailand, an old, blind dog was rescued on New Year’s Day after plummeting down a 23-foot storm drain. Fortunately he was able to catch his balance on a small piece of wood.… Read More

Owner called him ‘Monster’ and left him at shelter to die

At nearly 14-years-old an adorable Chihuahua named “Monster” was surrendered to Lancaster Animal Care Center in California on December 29. He sits and stares through the bars of his cage – wondering where and why … Read More

Senior dog surrendered to overcrowded shelter in wheelbarrow

For 12 years, Blacky lived with his family, but just a day before Christmas he was dumped at an overcrowded Houston shelter.  His family pushed him in using a wheelbarrow.  And this is what happened … Read More

Update: Tyler and Treasure find fairy tale ending from their scary plight

Just days before Christmas, Tyler and Treasure were surrendered to the overcrowded South Los Angeles Shelter. Their family had been moving into a new home.

A shelter volunteer told their sad stories:

“Tyler & Treasure

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Stray dog wandered into home during storm and gets adopted

A stray dog wandered into a home in Philadelphia early Saturday morning trying to find shelter from a rain storm. She has to be one of the luckiest stray pups in the world – the … Read More

A fairy tale ending for a 13-year-old poodle left homeless in a shelter

Just a week ago, an elderly, deaf poodle had been so stressed and sad at the busy New York city animal shelter where she was surrendered, she had stopped eating. The 13-year-old friendly poodle, named … Read More

Tears in dog’s eyes as owner left sweet senior at overcrowded shelter

At the SEAACA shelter in California, a gentle sweet senior was surrendered last Wednesday; one can literally see the tears in her eyes. The saddest 12-year-old beagle just watches through the bars in her kennel … Read More