Harvey is 15-years-old: He just wants to go home

In San Bernardino County, at the Devore Shelter Harvey is desperate to go home. He is 15-years-old and possibly blind, yet somehow he ended up as a stray and his family has not reached out … Read More

Incredible update: Dog that survived double homicide in Georgia adopted

A 15-year-old dog named Kentucky was the only survivor of a double homicide in Georgia.  A mother and daughter were the victims identified by the Whitfield County Sheriff’s Office in the double homicide; Judy Potts, … Read More

Senior pup Rocky waits and watches for his family: No one came for him

Rocky is a senior, and his heartbreaking tale is just one of thousands, but when we see it and feel his pain, the reality sets in. For hours every day, Rocky sits, watches and waits … Read More

Too old to have puppies, adorable bulldog kicked to the curb

At the Stanislaus County Animal Shelter in Modesto, California, the sweetest bulldog came in as a stray on January 11. Not only is she likely a purebred, but she is also unaltered. The shelter’s best … Read More

Owner abandoned 16-year-old dog in parking lot of shelter

In a heartbreaking situation that occurred on Saturday in Greensboro, North Carolina, the owner of a 16-year-old black and white Dalmatian abandoned him in the parking lot of the Guilford County Shelter.

According to social Read More

Status RED: Boxer in critical condition needs a village to help

Meet Troy; he is a senior Boxer in critical condition and needs the help of a village to leave Riverside County Animal Control.

“Suspect Dog has a combination of neurologic/vestibular issues as well as arthritis/musculoskeletal

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No one came to save Matilda: Dumped and nearly forgotten

Matilda knows she has been forgotten by her family. Even those with commitments to adopt this eight-year-old English bulldog a second time, have not come to the shelter to meet her. And on November 28, … Read More

Sugar hangs her head low: Always so sad when alone

At Riverside County Animal Control, Sugar watches and waits. She hangs her head low when she’s alone, but she waits. Of course, the ten-year-old senior wants to go home, but no one has come to … Read More

Dog surrendered at 16-years-old: Schatzi finds new home

Schatzi, a 16-year-old Dachshund, was surrendered to the Baldwin Park Animal Care over the Thanksgiving weekend celebration. She trembled and didn’t seem to know where she was after her intake experience, and with her sight … Read More

Thanksgiving Day rescue for 5-pound Yorkie Eleanor

A five-pound Yorkshire terrier will be spending Thanksgiving Day with two volunteer rescuers who will treat Eleanor as the treasured little dog she was always meant to be. Although Eleanor is not to be available … Read More