After 11 years of loyalty owner left scared little pooch at shelter

After 11 years of loyalty, Sasha was betrayed. The details of the Chihuahua’s surrender are  unknown, but try to explain to the tiny dog why she is in a kennel, alone and obviously very scared.… Read More

Chu Cho: Once a happy dog and this is one day after surrendered

In the City of San Bernardino, Chu Cho had the worst day of his life. The eight-year-old friendly terrier was surrendered by his owner to the shelter. All of his life, Chu Cho lived with … Read More

Abandoned, alone and weak, 3-pound dog thrown away like trash

Abandoned, alone and weak, a three-pound Chihuahua was thrown away like trash. Her photograph tells her heartbreaking story.

“She sits in front of a store, abandoned and alone, weak and fragile, needing help. People just

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‘She’s old’:Family surrendered their 14-year-old dog to be euth’ed

A family surrendered their 14-year-old to the Harris County Animal Shelter and asked the staff to have her euthanized because “she’s old.” Meet Greta Garbo, and although the Labrador retriever seems overwhelmed in her kennel, … Read More

Race against the clock to help blind senior from certain death

No one knows her name, but this blind senior’s life is in a race against the clock. On Friday morning, Dallas DogRRR posted the heartbreaking video of an abandoned dog at a local shelter. At … Read More

Zeda: Senior mastiff may be dying and she needs our help now

At the Carson Animal Care Center in California, Zeda was surrendered by her family, and this senior mastiff may be dying. Her status is critical; she could be euthanized at any time by the shelter. … Read More

Help Annabelle: 19-year-old dog dumped at shelter

Late last week, Annabelle’s owner dumped her at Miami-Dade Animal Services. What makes Annabelle’s surrender even more tragic is her age – 19-years-old. At the time of this sweet dog’s life when she needs her … Read More

Senior shepherd Spikey needs tall order of ‘TLC’ and love

Spikey is only eight-years-old, which of course rates him as a senior, but this friendly boy has lots of love and life to give to someone – that is if he can be adopted and … Read More

Owner buried blind dog with dementia alive in mud for 5 days

An old blind dog with dementia was rescued on Saturday after his owner had thrown the senior dog in the backyard where he wandered around until he fell into the mud and could not move … Read More

Senior used to be ‘someone’s dog’ until she got too old

Five photos tell the heartbreaking story of a senior who used to be “someone’s dog” – that is until she got too old. On Friday evening, Dallas DogRRR -Rescue. Rehab. Reform volunteers noticed the dog’s … Read More