Senior Great Dane surrendered by family of 9 years for new puppy

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In Raeford, North Carolina, a nine-year-old Great Dane had been loyal to her family since they first brought her home as a puppy. And then something that this girl couldn’t understand happened. She didn’t know where her family had gone, but she waited at the door at the shelter for them to return.

According to @wellbehaved1, on TikTok, the staff knew the dog was truly heartbroken and unable to understand why she had been left at a shelter; which had been explained that her former family wanted her euthanized. And then their plans were to replace her with a new puppy.

Check out her TikTok video:

“Her family said she protected and loved the children and always stopped them from getting into trouble. She wanted to wait for them by the door. She’s absolutely heartbroken and doesn’t understand, so was so loyal. They had her since birth, 9 years.”

Fortunately, the video gave us all hope after the poster added:

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Thank you bobbi for giving her the best life! Adopt a senior!


Her video garnered more than 550,000 views. Hearts melted when the poster included “and then came her happily ever after.”

Of course, the decision to adopt a senior dog requires a substantial amount of thought, but these dogs are generally the last to be adopted at shelters, yet they have so much love, experience and knowledge to bring with them to their new homes.

1.Older dogs have often grown out of bad habits and don’t chew up shoes, behave and avoid accidents in the home.

2.Older dogs have had training and know basic commands.

3.Older pets are likely to settle into a home more quickly and easier into a new home.

Statistically, seniors only have a 25% adoption rate as compared to the 60% adoption rate of younger dogs and puppies as cited through the ASPCA.

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Mommy! Hungry!
Another silly red hat, but yummy treats, so it’s all good!

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  1. This is tragic😢😢😢 I don’t understand how anyone could give up a family member…….. My husband and I specifically adopt older furbabies. They are wonderful companions and they know that they are very loved. They have so much love to share with us!!!

    If I could, I’d love to adopt this precious treasure. I grew up with family and friends who had Great Danes. They are fantastic family members!!!


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