Fragile, blind senior dog at shelter: How did ‘Baby’ get lost?

A fragile, blind senior dog tries his best to hide in his little bed at the Carson Animal Care Center in California. “Baby” was found on Monday, but his family has not come for him. … Read More

Man in hospice with one week to live wishes to find homes for his 11 dogs

In Bexar County, Texas, a kind animal loving man in hospice, with only a week to live, has a final wish – homes for his remaining 11 dogs. Richard Ewers has been rescuing dumped and … Read More

Four years in a shelter: Romeo wants his own family

Since June 4, 2015, Romeo has lived at the Brookhaven Animal Shelter in New York. He’s nine-years-old – a senior and among the forgotten. He’s healthy, weighs 60-pounds, is heartworm negative and just wants to … Read More

Senior Dachshund with heartbreaking video at shelter rescued

A ten-year-old Dachshund had been waiting for someone to hold him and tell him everything would be fine. Instead he cowered in the corner of his shelter cage at Riverside County Animal Control. On Saturday … Read More

For blind senior Matilda, it is the ‘worst of times’

Since April 23, a blind, 12-year-old Lhasa Apso has been waiting for her owner at Carson Animal Care Center. Is it any wonder no one has come to the shelter to rescue their best friend? … Read More

Owner dumped Buster because he was ‘too hard on her back’

At the Ramona Humane Society, an eight-year-old dog named Buster seemed to be crying real tears. Today was the worst day of Buster’s life – his owner surrendered him because he was “too hard on … Read More

Dallas: Saddest dog abuse story ever needs a happy ending

Meet Dallas; this 11-year-old mixed breed Staffy-Mastiff mixed pup has one of the saddest abuse stories ever told. His life was hard, yet he still loves people and deserves a happy ending. Perhaps you can … Read More

Who would surrender a 19-year-old dog? Helping Mitch

Who would surrender a 19-year-old dog? Poor little Mitch is lost and clueless since he was dropped off at the Carson Animal Care Center in California. A volunteer describes the aged Chihuahua:

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Update: Senior dog who had ‘no one’ safe with Leave No Paws Behind

A senior cocker spaniel was left at the Carson Shelter in California. He needed help today; he had “no one” but within a few hours Ollie’s luck has changed.

Earlier Friday morning, the animal rescue … Read More

Sweet senior left at the shelter at 15 and no one has come to help

A 15-year-old cocker spaniel was left at the Carson Shelter in California. He needs help now, and it is hoped that someone will come to his aid.

Dubbed Ollie, he is currently being cared for … Read More