Bonded brothers Harvey and Homer cried in shelter until reunited

A 10-year-old male named Harvey and his eight-year-old brother Homer are bonded brothers and probably are lost away from their home. The pair are very cute, but seem to be very sad and confused. Both … Read More

Chopper: Sweet old dog’s family never came for him at shelter

At the Palmdale Animal Care Center in California, Chopper watches from his kennel cage and hopes his family will come to rescue him. After all, Chopper is 14-years-old and has been waiting since August 28, … Read More

‘Landon’ surrendered because he was too old and had fleas

An approximately 12-year-old Pomeranian, named Landon has not been having a sweet retirement. Sadly, his owners surrendered him to the Carson Animal Care Center for being “too old.” In addition, Landon was covered in fleas … Read More

German shepherd’s owner never came for her even with her microchip

Some dogs just have no luck. A gorgeous, eight-year-old German shepherd named “Rasco,” according to her card at the Riverside Animal Shelter in California, has been waiting for her family to take her home since … Read More

Finding a home for 15-year-old Lassie

A 15-year-old German shepherd mix named Lassie hasn’t had the luck or love his name sake predecessor enjoyed beginning way back in 1954. The well-known series centered around a smart and fearless collie who performed … Read More

Senior pup Henry all alone when his owner died with nowhere to go

At Downey Animal Care Center in California, Henry’s fate remains unclear. Who would want a 14-year-old dog? How could this have happened to a sweet, old guy like Henry.

A  shelter volunteer wrote about Henry’s … Read More

Kobe’s family told shelter dog was too old and ‘going blind’

What could be sadder than seeing a confused 12-year-old dog sitting and waiting for his family to return for him, after having been surrendered to a high kill, overcrowded California shelter? And here waits Kobe … Read More

Old sweet pup needs to be saved at Kansas shelter today

Time is running out for Molly. Sadly, the 14-year-old Bichon Frise was surrendered by her owner because they did not have the time to properly care for her. If no one helps Molly by 5:00 … Read More

With tears in her eyes, pup left at shelter and traded in for a larger model

With tears in her eyes, Chica watched as her owner left the shelter. After ten years, her family surrendered her because they wanted a bigger dog. Meanwhile Chica was left heartbroken and confused.

A volunteer … Read More

Velveteen lies in a shelter after spending her life with a family

Velveteen lies in a shelter cage after she was surrendered on Friday to the Moreno Valley Animal Shelter in California. Her story is not original, but nonetheless tragic for a 12-year-old dog who spent most … Read More