Bonded siblings 14-years-old dumped at shelter brings tears to volunteers’ eyes

Shiba and Jesse have spent a lifetime together.  The bonded siblings have been raised together since they were just puppies, what could have happened 14 years later when their owner told them to jump into the car and arrived at the Carson Animal Care Center in California on Sunday? According to volunteers, Shiba and Jesse’s owners could no longer handle the responsibility of their two dogs. Tragically, just like an old couch, one short ride and a bit of paperwork, the lives of devoted companions no longer mattered.

Look into their eyes. The confusion and heartbreak are all that can be seen. Although they are in the same kennel today, that will likely change in a day or two. Carson Animal Care Center does not support keeping bonded pairs together with the thought that the dogs will have an easier time finding a home if they do not have to be kept together. And so, after having lost the only home they have ever had, on top of everything else, they will be separated and their spirits further broken apart.

Pet Harbor info for Shiba: A5121549:

“My name is SHIBA and I’m an approximately 14 year old female German Shepherd. I am already spayed. I have been at the Carson Animal Care Center since 10/15. I will be available on 10/15. You can visit me at my temporary home at C318. My former family who owned me for had to give me up because they just weren’t up for the responsibility of a pet. Follow Shiba’s Facebook page here.”

German Shepherd  AGE:14 years
Female (S)  ARRIVED:10/15
Carson Shelter – 310-523-9566
M-TH 12pm-7pm, F-SU- 10am-5pm
216 W Victoria St. Gardena, CA 90248

Pet Harbor info for Jesse: A5121545:

My name is JESSE and I’m an approximately 13 year old male German Shepherd. I am already neutered. I have been at the Carson Animal Care Center since 10/15. I will be available on 10/15. You can visit me at my temporary home at C318. My former family who owned me for had to give me up because they just weren’t up for the responsibility of a pet. Follow Jesse’s Facebook page here.

German Shepherd  AGE:13 years
Male (N)  ARRIVED:10/15
Carson Shelter – 310-523-9566
M-TH 12pm-7pm, F-SU- 10am-5pm
216 W Victoria St. Gardena, CA 90248

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Photos and videos of bonded siblings Shiba and Jesse courtesy of Saving Carson Shelter Dogs. Share their plight with friends, family and approved rescue organizations. Sharing saves lives. These dogs deserve better; one perfect “share” could be the difference between life and death.


Check out their video here:



‘Jerk of the week’ surrenders 15-year-old dog to shelter because he was moving

On October 4, Shaq was surrendered to the San Bernardino City Animal Control because his owner moved into a new apartment whose policy prohibits large dogs. The unaltered male tan and black Chow Chow mix is 15-years-old. His chances of being adopted about about “zero,” angry shelter volunteers called out. Try to explain to Shaq why his owner, dubbed “jerk of the week,” abandoned him; no one has yet been able to logically explain to any of the volunteers who fight the endless battle for these loyal pets. Who can explain the betrayal they all must feel as they too often sit and wait to be euthanized in the busy, overcrowded shelter? For sure, they don’t want to die.

Perhaps you can help? Click here for Shaq’s Pet Harbor listing. “My name is Shaq and I am an unaltered male, tan and black Chow Chow mix. Shelter staff think I am about 15 years old. I have been at the shelter since Oct 04, 2017.” For more information about the adoption process, click here: Animal Control. Note that the last adoption will start at 4:30 pm. For more information about this animal, call: San Bernardino City Animal Control at (909) 384-1304
Ask for information about animal ID number A508460.

Share this dog’s plight with approved rescue organizations, friends, family and social media contacts. A Facebook page advocating for his rescue can be followed here. Help Shaq forget the “jerk of the week” who just dropped him off and  didn’t care enough to search for an apartment that permitted larger dogs.

Check out his video by Cindy Willis. Look how great he looks for an older guy. Please give this boy a chance. He was even wagging his tail at the volunteer while she was videoing him:

Unlikely friendship: Blind dog and seeing eye cat need loving home

In Fulton County, Georgia an unlikely friendship reminds us all how our differences don’t necessarily matter in the much larger scheme of life when picking our friends, mentors and companions. And so true for Kim the cat and her friend Edward the Yorkshire terrier. When Kim moves too far away from Edward, the adorable pup will bark – as if reminding his friend – “Hey where are you going without me?”

And although Kim is partially blind, while Edward is completely blind, Kim doesn’t go anywhere without her favorite pooch. The two had been rescued from a high kill shelter after having been found abandoned and alone after Hurricane Irma.

Both Kim and Edward are currently guests of Angels Among Us Pet Rescue, and besides being “besties” – they are each others’ lifeline explained Krysta Cannon for the rescue.

“I think by now, many of our followers have at least caught a glimpse of Edward and Kim – the blind senior Yorkie and his equally aged seeing eye cat. On the surface the story is so cute, their friendship heartwarming, but there is a dark side, too. From the looks of them, their lives haven’t been pretty. They ended up in a rural GA shelter. One that is extremely overcrowded and was without power for several days due to the storms. That is A LOT for any animal to go through.”

Kim has been fighting off both an eye and upper respiratory infection. Poor Edward has it even worse. The seniors are very old (14) and it takes extra coaxing to help Edward eat – which sadly has not being going well. He needs ongoing medical and care to help him feel better. These two deserved better than what they had, but now their lives are slowly being turned around.

Kim and Edward are in their twilight years; it is not known how long they have, but for now they love cuddling up to each other and feeling the love both have to offer between them. They both love to be touched and deserve any future days they have to be filled with love and happiness.

For more information how to volunteer, donate or provide a home for these two, please click here.

(Photos of blind dog and seeing eye cat via screenshot by WgclNews and Facebook Angels Among Us Rescue)

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We can do more: Blind and deaf 12-year-old senior needs out of shelter

Poor little Nicky; she is on a senior alert. Downey Animal Care Center shelter volunteers Sal Valdepena and Linda Chute worry about the 12-year-old senior who has been at the shelter since July 9. 

Quite sure Nicky is blind and deaf, the pint sized pooch only weighs 11 pounds and has a  heart murmur (1-2/6) The shelter, although volunteers and staff try to make this difficult situation as pleasant as they can for this little pooch, Nicky just doesn’t seem to be able to get comfortable. She paces, shakes and has not been eating well lately. Her tiny stiff legs lack regular exercise; a shelter cage is not a proper home for Nicky.

Share little Nicky’s plight with friends, family and approved rescue organizations. Doesn’t this little elder gal deserve more than this? We can do better and get her into the right loving home where the rest of her days will be filled with sunlight and love. Follow Nicky’s Facebook page here.

When inquiring about this dog, make sure to reference #A5087631.

Downey Animal Care Center
(562) 940-6891
11258 Garfield Ave Downey, CA 90242

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(Photos and video courtesy of Sal Valdepena and Linda Chute)








Owner dumps 15-year-old Poms ‘Chucky and Milo’ at crowded shelter

After 15 years of having a home, Chucky and Milo were surrendered to the Carson Animal Care Center; the reason – their owner didn’t want the responsibility of caring for the bonded little Pomeranians. The two bonded seniors need everyone’s help to either find an approved rescue organization, a home or a compassionate family to provide foster care. Otherwise their futures seem very bleak.

#A5106984 My name is MILO and I’m an approximately 15 year old male Pomeranian. I am not yet neutered. I have been at the Carson Animal Care Center since 9/2. I will be available on 9/2. Follow Milo’s plight here:

Pomeranian  AGE:15 years
Male  ARRIVED:9/2
Carson Shelter – 310-523-9566
M-TH 12pm-7pm, F-SU- 10am-5pm
216 W Victoria St. Gardena, CA 90248


#A5106985 My name is CHUCKY and I’m an approximately 15 year old male Pomeranian. I am not yet neutered. I have been at the Carson Animal Care Center since 9/2. I will be available on 9/2.

Pomeranian  AGE:15 years
Male  ARRIVED:9/2

A Facebook page for both of the dogs can be followed here.

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(Photos and videos of Chucky and Milo courtesy of Saving Carson Dogs’ volunteers)

Share their information, photos and video; we are their only hope. Sharing saves lives – help Chucky and Milo leave the shelter cuddled safely in a rescuer’s arms. Check out their video. Haven’t these two very frightened seniors been through enough? Surely someone can help:







14-year-old Australian shepherd dumped in shelter to die frightened and alone

Update: Sad news to report – Titan was euthanized

Titan is a 14-year-old Australian shepherd brought in as a stray into one of the most crowded California shelters on August 17. His family had until August 29 to contact  the Riverside County Animal Control, but no one ever showed up. As if Titan knows he has been truly abandoned by the family he spent his entire life loving, now he barely acknowledges anyone passing by nor lifts his head to show any interest.

Whether Titan has two days, two months or two years, does being a senior dog warrant his family deserting him at the time of his life where all he most likely wants is a soft bed, a good meal everyday and a soft hand gently petting his head – reminding Titan of the love his family shares for him?

Click here for Titan’s Pet Harbor adoption listing. “I am a neutered male, black and brown Australian Shepherd mix. The shelter staff think I am about 14 years old. I have been at the shelter since Aug 17, 2017.” For more information about this animal, call Riverside County Animal Control – San Jacinto Valley Animal Campus at (951) 358-7387. Ask for information about animal ID number A1386389.

On Wednesday, a shelter volunteer stated Titan was not handling the shelter situation very well; ” his family did not come for him…scared, sad, confused and will die because of it,” had been posted on the dog’s Facebook page. Share Titan’s plight with approved rescue organizations, friends, family and social media contacts. Sharing saves lives.

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Lost dog found by storm chaser in Texas – see what he did to get this pup back home.

Rescuers save helpless creatures suffering from Hurricane Harvey’s non-stop rain.

14-year-old dog, Rocky doesn’t understand his owners don’t care anymore

How does anyone explain to a 14-year-old dog his owners don’t care anymore? Rocky spends all day from his display room howling trying desperately to either call for the family who surrendered him or attract attention from someone willing to ease his aching broken heart. Volunteer and animal advocate, Ahsley Lopez visited Rocky on Wednesday and her heart broke:

 “He even tried biting at the glass to get out! He eventually just stood there looking at me without moving an inch. His sad eyes broke my heart. I took him out to play after taking these pictures and videos and I hate to know that all he wants is his owners that didn’t provide him with the best care. He comes to kiss me and he just cries the whole time.”

While in the park, Rocky watched every car and every person. When he didn’t recognize anyone, he cried.  And again -how does anyone explain to a 14-year-old dog his owners don’t care anymore?

“Rocky #A1897204  German shepherd mix
The cruelest blow.. an owner surrender at age 14.. Dear Lord, why??
Despondent, thin, ears gnarly and thick from years of untreated infections, rough calloused elbows from laying on hard concrete, now this?!?! He tries to make himself (unsuccessfully) a fluffy bed out of thin newspaper.
He has a doggie smell like he’s never had a bath..years of neglect that don’t ‘wash away’.
For whatever remaining years of his life, this dog needs HELP!”

Please share Rocky’s plight with approved rescue organizations, friends, family and social media contacts. A Facebook page for this dog can be followed here.

For information about Rocky and how you can foster, donate or adopt:– for status checks and general inquiries – for fostering inquiries – for volunteer inquiries

All dogs are located at Miami-Dade Animal Services.  The shelter address is 3599 NW 79th Ave, Doral, FL 33166. Phone# 305-884-1101. Adoption Hours:Monday – Friday 10 a.m. – 6:30 p.m.Saturday/Sunday 10 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Are you new to the “Fan Page” or new to adopting a dog from Miami Shelter? Then read this note: List of Rescues who can pull from the Shelter:

Photos and video of 14-year-old Rocky courtesy of Ashley Lopez and Marta Sanchez

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Check out Rocky’s video … how he yearns for his family who will never return:


Dumped! 16-years-old and ‘you leave me at the shelter to die’

Dumped! Lia just wanted to be loved. Thought to be 16-years-old, and at a time when a hug, a kiss and a soft bed could make all the difference in the world for a gentle 9-pound Shih Tzu in the sunset of her life, her owners instead decided to surrender her to Manhattan’s facility of New York City Animal Care Centers.

“My name is LIA. My Animal ID # is A1122844.
I am a female gray shih tzu mix. The shelter thinks I am about 16 YEARS old. I came in the shelter as a OWNER SUR on 08/21/2017 from NY 10455, owner surrender reason stated was PET HEALTH.”

And as angry as animal advocates are, it’s not the shelter’s fault. Overcrowding, age and Lia’s medical status have brought her to Wednesday’s list of dogs to die this afternoon by humane euthanasia. Where is her family? Doesn’t Lia deserve to be held by her owner and gently stroked telling her she was a good dog all of her life? Doesn’t Lia deserve to live out her days if so inclined?

Check out her profile as detailed by the shelter:

“08/21/17 18:08 Basic Information Lia is a 16 year old gray small breed dog. Her owner brought her in for the pet’s health. Socialization Lia is friendly around strangers, she play really well with other small dogs. She plays gently with children, and adults. Behavior Lia enjoys being brushed and bathed. For new family Her previous owner described Lia as friendly and outgoing. She loves to lay around and watch tv with you all day long. She enjoys being brushed and bathed.”

As to Lia’s physical conditions – she’s old; does advanced age warrant a death sentence?

“O.D. suspect blind cannot assess anterior or posterior chambers due to chronic disease: rule out KCS, ears clean, no nasal discharge noted Oral Exam: periodontal disease/gingivitis/oligodontia PLN: No enlargements noted H/L: NSR, NMA, CRT < 2, Lungs clear, eupnic ABD: Non painful, no masses palpated U/G: female MSI: Ambulatory x 4, skin free of parasites, no masses noted, poor coat, severely matted all 4 paws. CNS: mentation appropriate – no signs of neurologic abnormalities Assessment: geriatric female small breed, chronic ophthalmic disease: rule out KCS vs other. matted hair coat, periodontal disease. Plan: finish grooming matts from feet consider ophthalmic consultation consider periodontal therapy Prognosis: fair SURGERY: too old for surgery.”


For more information on adopting from the NYC AC&C, or to find a rescue to assist, please read the following:

You can call (212) 788-4000 for automated instructions.

Lia can be adopted by anyone. Please share her plight with friends, family, approved rescue organizations and social media contacts. She only has a few hours left to nibble on treats. Sharing saves lives.

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(Photos and video of dumped Lia  via NYC ACC volunteers and staff)

Check out her video – sure doesn’t look like a little old lady who is ready to die:

Owner didn’t want his 16-year-old pooch after discovering dog was still alive

Penny is a delightful 16-year-old pooch who has a story to tell; too bad it is so sad. Brought into Baldwin Park County shelter as a stray, some careful detective work discovered a link to his past by the license tag he wore. No one expected Penny’s previous owner to react this way:

“#A1303225 Penny, listed as a brown tan unaltered chi, has a story,” wrote shelter volunteer Karen Klink. “His owner said he was dead and wasn’t paying his license fees. A miracle happened, and Penny showed up alive! When the owner came, he said Penny wasn’t worth it despite being offered financial assistance by ASPCA. The little dude is confirmed 16 years old; not by the owner who had no clue, but from when he had been licensed many moons ago.”

And with the push of the red button on the owner’s Iphone, Penny was left homeless, in a high kill animal shelter and now hopes for a miracle. Penny does seen to be quite healthy and is in need of a foster or a permanent home; he promises not to take up much room. He enjoys his naps and loves wet food. After all, those senior years can affect teeth, and although he still has some, it’s just so much easier to chew and then savor the tastes of canned food.

Share Penny’s plight with approved rescue organizations,  friends, family and social media contacts. Sharing saves lives. This senior can be followed on Facebook here.


Baldwin Park Animal Care Center 4275 N. Elton Street
Baldwin Park CA 91706
(626) 962-3577
Mon to Thu: 12p.m. – 7p.m.
Fri to Sun: 10a.m. – 5p.m.

(Photos and video of Penny the 16-year-old pooch courtesy of Karen Klink)

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Check out Penny’s video here:

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Inconvenient dogs: ‘We don’t want our pets anymore -going on vacation’

In Moncks Corner, South Carolina, owners have been abandoning their pets to go on vacation. For the past few weeks the Berkeley Animal Center has seen an influx of abandoned cats and dogs at its gates dropped off at night and non-business hours.

Live5News spoke to Berkeley Animal Center’s spokesperson, Hannah Moldenhauer, who expressed her concern for all the cats and dogs being left behind – including the pets coming in that are pregnant.

“This is not a place where people can board their animals,” Moldenhauer said. “We’ve even had people who have called over the phone and said we want to drop off our animal, we’re going on vacation for a few weeks and we don’t really want our pet anymore. Well, you shouldn’t have gotten a pet in the first place.”

In recent weeks, the pet population in the shelter has increased to 80 dogs; the normal capacity is 69 dogs and 51 cats. The shelter is taking in five new pets a day. To help the animals find new homes, adoption fees have been discounted. For cats over two years old, there is no fee; under the age of two, cats can be adopted for $10. Dogs over the age of two are also able to be adopted for $10; under the age of two are $15.

The shelter is also asking the community to volunteer and foster some of the pets as well as send in donations. And if you’re not interested in finding a dog or a cat for a lifelong pal, there are also rabbits who need homes.

The center is hoping to install a surveillance camera system. It is illegal to abandon a pet by just tying them to the gate or dropping them off on the side of the road during off-hours. Come on – you irresponsible pet parents – don’t get a dog or a cat if you think that going on vacation is a reason to abandon your loyal pal.


Please share this article and encourage friends and neighbors to come visit the adorable pets at the Berkeley Animal Center. Follow the organization on their Facebook and check out the faces you are sure to fall in love with and arrange a visit.

The center does take animal surrenders, however, the owner must schedule an appointment to drop the pet off to prevent overcrowding.

(Photos of pets left behind while their previous families went on vacation via Facebook Berkeley Animal Center)

The Bekeley Animal Center is open Tuesday through Saturday from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m.

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