Neapolitan Mastiff will be euthanized today if no one comes forward to help

At the Moreno Valley Animal Shelter, a six-year-old Neapolitan Mastiff mix will be humanely euthanized at the end of today if someone does not come forward to save him.

Shelter Staff made the following comments
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Gentle senior went unnoticed for 10 days at shelter and now closed

At the Southeast Area Animal Control Authority (SEACCA) in Downey, California, a 12-year-old gentle Queensland Heeler was walked into the shelter and surrendered. What was going on in her owner’s mind baffles everyone, but this … Read More

Senior Lab no longer ‘left behind’ is the most grateful little dog

Although the Carson Animal Care Center is closed to the general public because of the coronavirus outbreak, it didn’t stop the owners of a 13-year-old Labrador retriever from surrendering him on Sunday.

#A3523351 I’m

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Left behind: 13-year-old Lab surrendered to shelter breaks our hearts


RESCUED BY Leave No Paws Behind, Inc.  LOOK WHO WE HAVE AND LOOK HOW GRATEFUL HE IS ! They just know that when they are wrapped in the loving arms of our human

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Senior saved from kids kicking her and now she’s on the list for euthanasia


A ten-year-old senior dog was saved from an apartment complex as kids kicked her and tried to ride her like a pony. She was brought to the Maricopa County Animal Care in Phoenix, Arizona. … Read More

Surrendered to high kill Texas shelter and owner never said why

Ramby had no idea her owner decided to surrender her to the Harris County Animal Shelter on Saturday. After all, the Labrador retriever and German shepherd blend thought she was going for an exciting car … Read More

Bonded 19-year-old Chinese Crested dogs dumped at shelter in cardboard box

A bonded pair of 19-year-old Chinese Crested Hairless dogs were dropped off at a shelter in Ohio in a cardboard box on Wednesday when their former owners no longer wanted to care for them.

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Dog’s disabled owner could not care for him and now he’s on death row

Bronson has an adoption hold! Many thanks for everyone’s help; another precious life saved.

At the San Antonio Animal Care Shelter, Bronson’s disabled owner could no longer manage to care for his dog because he … Read More

After 9 years, Buddy replaced by puppy: Saddest shelter dog

For nine years, Buddy was a member of the family, but he was replaced by a puppy. One day, nearly a year ago, Buddy thought he was going for an adventure in the car. Little … Read More

No one wants to adopt Wally because he’s ‘ugly’

First of all, Wally is not ugly – his looks are unique. Too often dogs are chosen by their appearances – the cute ones often find homes quickly. Nevertheless all shelter dogs deserve homes, and … Read More