Oh my dog! Senior pup adopted on his 11th birthday after 9 years at shelter

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Oh my dog! After nine years at the 2nd Chance Shelter in Boaz, Alabama, a senior dog named Rocky has been adopted and is finally home. He had been at the shelter for years, but on January 8, 2024 he was adopted; just four days after celebrating his 11th birthday. The celebration was not at the shelter, although it would have been fun, but one can only imagine how much more meaningful it was for Rocky to celebrate another trip around the sun in his OWN home.

Miraculously, Rocky’s adoption was only days after another senior named Maggie Mae, who had spent nine years in the shelter, also was adopted.

one thing that kept my spirits high was the dream of a home and a loving family I can call my own. My dreams have come true.

Maggie May’s perspective on Facebook

I’ve been adopted! Yay! Happy Dance! Hi. My name is Maggie Mae. I celebrated by 10th birthday back on December 20th. A wonderful family saw my birthday post and wanted to come meet me and take me home. They really did show up and I am so happy to let everyone know that I went home with my forever family.

Maggie May

So how did Rocky luck out and get adopted too? Two years ago, Mackenzie had visited the shelter looking to adopt a dog. She met Rocky and instantly fell in love with him, and she promised Rocky that as soon as she had her own home, she would come back and take him home with her. And then just the other day – here she was at the shelter. She had just recently been married and now had her own place.

I couldn’t believe it. I have lived at the shelter since i was 1 year old. I have lived at the shelter for 9 years. i was overlooked day after day that turned into years. That is 63 in human years.


Now don’t get us wrong. Rocky made lots of friends during all this time at the shelter, but he was always a bit sad-eyed when he saw his kennelmates being adopted, and he had been left behind. He was always grateful since he had been rescued as a stray and brought to the shelter on January 12, 2014, but still there’s no place like home.

Maybe Rocky was at the shelter because he’s a black dog; that’s always been a problem. Then there was the part where Rocky only liked lady dog, and he just has to be king of the house. That made it harder to find the perfect family. Rocky, however never lost hope. One day his dream would come true.

And this time it happened!

I just found mine. My family took me to the pet store to pick out treats, my bed and toys. Stay tuned for updates. Life is great! I love my family and home! Once again, thank you Mackenzie for keeping your promise to me that you would take me home one day. Home and family. Those 2 words are wonderful to hear. A special thank you to Doug and Wanda. Without them, I would not be here telling you about my adoption and new family…


Many wishes for long and loving lives Maggie Mae and Rocky. I mean, what are the chances of both dogs finding their forever homes? They did! Both of them! Never give up. And please believe – the best is yet to come.

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