Rescued: Puppies tied up in grain bag and dumped in river

Six puppies, barely old enough to open their eyes were rescued on Sunday morning after having been found by a kayaker. The pups had been tied up in a grain bag and dumped into the river near River Road in Uxbridge, Massachusetts. An animal control officer responded to the scene and took possession of the puppies.

Considering the circumstances, the puppies are reported doing well and are in the care of a professional until they are old enough to be made available for adoption. All are expected to survive and are being kept together.

If anyone has any information about the person(s) who abandoned these puppies, you are asked to contact Officer Benjamin Smoot at the Uxbridge Police Department. Someone in the area must know of a dog who had been pregnant and recently gave birth. Someone in the area may have seen someone carrying a grain bag or acting suspiciously near the river. Help these puppies find justice, and punish the person responsible for such inexcusable animal cruelty.

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Photo of the puppies found in grain bag via Facebook for the Uxbridge Police Department. Call 508.278.7755.

From the brink of death – firefighters save unconscious puppy.

Starving dog wanders onto woman’s porch before hurricane – family decides to give her a home.

Desperate to garner attention: Last chance for Sparky

In Pilot, Texas a two-year-old terrier named Sparky continues to be overlooked. Perhaps it is because this boy is deaf, but so what? He loves children and gets along fine with other dogs. Still – for the last six-months, volunteers and staff members at the All American Dogs Animal Shelter have had no luck finding Sparky a home.

This adorable little guy, weighing no more than 25 pounds has been in the shelter since February. Tragically the population of shelter pets has exploded to nearly 70 dogs and the shelter, who takes care of 17 local towns has become overcrowded.

“He is neutered, microchipped, heartworm tested (negative) and fully vetted,” reports the organization’s description of Facebook. He LOVES kids and other dogs. He cannot be left in a yard alone or he will try to escape. He must have another dog or human with him. He loves companionship of any kind.”

In addition, Sparky has his talents as can be seen by his desperate attempt to climb out of his shelter enclosure.

“He is very smart and a volunteer worked with him on agility training and thrived. He will chase cats so he does not need to go to a home with cats. Time is of the essence  now.”

For more information about Sparky, contact All American Dogs Animal Shelter 972-382-3647. Pilot Point TX.  Please share Sparky’s plight with friends, family and social media contacts. Sharing saves lives. A Facebook page featuring Sparky’s story can be followed here.

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From the brink of death – firefighters save unconscious puppy.

Starving dog wanders onto woman’s porch before hurricane – family decides to give her a home.

Public outrage as dog’s paw hacked off after he bit ducks and neighbor

In a disturbing video showing a dog’s paw hacked off by his owner, has quickly garnered world attention. The accompanying  story appeared in the local newspaper in the coastal town of Phu Quoc, Vietnam on Thursday. When a small black and white retriever pup named Mina bit the ducks at his home and allegedly nipped three neighbors, his owner grabbed the young dog, held him down and chopped off his front paw.

The video clip, recorded by the owner’s son, is extremely graphic and shocking; causing immediate public outrage. Everyone seeing the video cried, and everyone wanted the woman to be found and punished. Caring for Mina, however is the first priority. As posted on Facebook by animal advocate and rescuer, Nom Aly, volunteers stepped up to help:

“KIEN GIANG FAMILY ASSOCIATION and friends with animal love will take care and provide treatment together for Mina, and importantly to restore the mental damage to the baby.

Thank you to the local authorities, Dr. Hieu, Joey T, the driver who helped the Association to persuade the woman to release Mina, to allow us to help counsel her baby and bring Mina to the land of peace.”

Mina has undergone surgery for her paw and will remain with the rescuers until she is healed both physically and emotionally. The owner of the dog claims the dog is aggressive and this was “her way of saving the dog.” Still the woman insisted she loves the dog and bandaged his paw shortly after the heartless deed claiming she allowed the dog to sleep in her bed at night:

“Thụy Kim Anh Nguyễn- She said the dog bited (sic) 3 persons and many  ducks so to cut the dog’s leg was her solution! But in fact I don’t know if she has but she could set up fence so the dog won’t go outside of the big house with the yard. She could make a fence for her duck. She also said her husband want to kill the dog by knock the dogs head.”

It is unclear if Mina will be returned to his owner.

Please help send pleas to Baovecho, a Vietnam organization, (an Asian Canine Protection Alliance – ACPA – member) who created a Vietnamese celebrity video to speak out against dog meat and animal cruelty. Ask to help remove this dog from the owner. Baovdcho email:

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(Photos and video of Mina with paw hacked off via Facebook)







26 dogs stolen from heartbroken owners saved from being boiled alive and eaten

Dozens of dogs between three-months and eight-years of age were rescued from being boiled alive and eaten on Monday night after they were heard whining and crying for help. Police and animal activists were alerted to three northeastern warehouses in Meghalaya, India where the dogs were discovered tied inside bags with their mouths and legs tightly bound with rope. 

The rescue effort began when an animal advocate witnessed three dogs being pushed into the trunk of a car and posted the photos on social media. The pictures soon went viral, and authorities quickly caught up with the driver. After intense questioning, 26 dogs were found in three different warehouses including the three dogs found in the back of the vehicle. The driver of the car said he had been paid to carry different bags and drop them off at warehouses; the man claimed he had no idea there were dogs inside of the bags.

The women who had hired the driver and the driver were arrested, but soon bailed out of jail. Authorities are pursuing additional charges.

A description by one volunteer how the dogs were found was heartbreaking:

“The dogs were brutally packed in gunny bags and tied with ropes so tightly that it took me at least 20 minutes to cut each one of them off. But by the time I reached the fifth dog, I had given up because I was worried for the health of other dogs. The dogs were scared and howling and whining. The look of fear in their eyes was devastating. It took me some time to comfort them. Their limbs were tied and mouth was shut so they couldn’t bark. The movement was restricted and they sat helpless.”

According to the Sun, the dogs had been stolen from their owners or found wandering the streets in the open market areas. In India, dogs are alive when placed into boiling water at markets until their skin and fur peels off. Then their meat is sold by the pound.

When found, the rescued dogs were severely dehydrated, frightened and disoriented. They have been transported to Just Be Friendly where they have been vaccinated, fed and cared for while recuperating from the egregious experience. Dr. Shashanka Dutta, founder and veterinarian for the non-profit organization, stated the dogs were badly traumatized, but volunteers and staff were doing everything possible to comfort them. Fifteen of the dogs have already been adopted locally or returned to their owners; all of the pets reported to be  well-behaved and friendly.

In India, the consumption of dog meat is illegal, but in the northeastern areas of Mizoram and Nagaland, hundreds of dogs are still killed for their meat; some local people believing the meat is high in nutrition and contains medicinal benefits. The area is known for its cultural differences and diverse traditions, languages and tribes. Stray dogs are not often seen in the area; it is believed the people keep their dogs until they are old and then eat them. 

The only way to change the brutal murder of these dogs, according to Dr. Dutta, is to provide education and social awareness.

(Photos of dogs rescued from being boiled alive via screenshots from  Caters, Just Be Friendly and Facebook)

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Check out the rescue of these dogs on video:



Owner let 6-month-old puppy roam freely until he was hit by a car

In Dallas, an irresponsible owner allowed his 6-month-old puppy who weighed less than eight pounds, freely roam around the family’s trailer park home – that is until the pint-sized pooch was struck by a car on the nearby busy highway. Stacey Silverstein, co-founder of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC was called on Friday night; no one else stepped up to help, and Stacey was not about to say no.

“Well one too many times of Oreo running on his own and his luck just ran out, because this last time he was left unsupervised to fend for himself, he ran into the highway and was VIOLENTLY hit by a speeding car. Keep in mind he is only 8 lbs,” Stacey posted on the group’s Facebook page along with the puppy’s photo and a brief video.

According to a witness, the person driving the vehicle that struck the puppy stopped, saw what he did and instead of helping or calling the police, rushed back to his car and sped away. It was the driver behind the person who hit Oreo who stopped, picked up the nearly dead puppy and called for help.

“We were asked to help and we had two choices to decide in the middle of the night,” Stacey explained. 1) Either turn our backs on this desperate situation, because Oreo clearly needed very expensive medical care OR 2) HELP OREO or he surely was going to die a painful death.

So obviously we had no Choice but to help. We had Oreo rushed to the emergency hospital where he was in shock from the hit. He was put on IV and stabilized; X-rays taken showed, as suspected; a SERIOUS outcome. Oreo had a shattered pelvis that snapped in two and a broken leg.”

On Saturday morning, Oreo underwent surgery to repair his pelvis and to put a plate in his badly damaged leg if he is ever to walk again. Sadly, he had to go through this agony because his owner just let him wander around with no supervision; Oreo paid the ultimate price and remains at the Dallas Veterinary Surgical Center in North Dallas on intravenous pain medication.


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(Photos and video of 6-month-old puppy courtesy of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC)

Getting by with a little help from friends: 2 lonely shelter dogs bond

Two lonely shelter dogs, Blinker and Chili Pepper, had never met until they were brought into the DeKalb County Animal Services in Chamblee, Georgia. Chili Pepper arrived in August when animal control officers picked him up as a stray. In September, Blinker had been rescued after having been tethered to a property with no shelter available.

When the two  one-year-old dogs were placed together in a kennel, something wonderful happened. Almost instantly the two dogs bonded – cuddling with each other and in the most adorable way. Katie Corbett captured photos of the two as they snuggled up to each other on their little bed.

Getting by with a little help from friends has helped Blinker and Chili Pepper. How frightened any dog must be after winding up in a shelter; strange smells, no one familiar and noise, noise, noise! And so these two are always together and strategically touching – knowing how good it feels. Both dogs are available for adoption, and although it would obviously be preferred to keep them together, they can be adopted separately. Blinker loves to be hugged and appears to be the more sedate of the two dogs. Chili Pepper has some extra energy and enjoys a good romp in the yard chasing tennis balls.

Both dogs will be neutered upon adoption. Blinker will need surgery on his cherry eye which will be paid for by the shelter. Follow their story on Facebook here.

Interested in adopting? Bring the children, bring the cat and make arrangements to meet these two. For more information click here.

(Photos of 2 lonely shelter dogs courtesy of DeKalb County Animal Services)

From the brink of death – firefighters save unconscious puppy.

Starving dog wanders onto woman’s porch before hurricane – family decides to give her a home.

Unlikely friendship: Blind dog and seeing eye cat need loving home

In Fulton County, Georgia an unlikely friendship reminds us all how our differences don’t necessarily matter in the much larger scheme of life when picking our friends, mentors and companions. And so true for Kim the cat and her friend Edward the Yorkshire terrier. When Kim moves too far away from Edward, the adorable pup will bark – as if reminding his friend – “Hey where are you going without me?”

And although Kim is partially blind, while Edward is completely blind, Kim doesn’t go anywhere without her favorite pooch. The two had been rescued from a high kill shelter after having been found abandoned and alone after Hurricane Irma.

Both Kim and Edward are currently guests of Angels Among Us Pet Rescue, and besides being “besties” – they are each others’ lifeline explained Krysta Cannon for the rescue.

“I think by now, many of our followers have at least caught a glimpse of Edward and Kim – the blind senior Yorkie and his equally aged seeing eye cat. On the surface the story is so cute, their friendship heartwarming, but there is a dark side, too. From the looks of them, their lives haven’t been pretty. They ended up in a rural GA shelter. One that is extremely overcrowded and was without power for several days due to the storms. That is A LOT for any animal to go through.”

Kim has been fighting off both an eye and upper respiratory infection. Poor Edward has it even worse. The seniors are very old (14) and it takes extra coaxing to help Edward eat – which sadly has not being going well. He needs ongoing medical and care to help him feel better. These two deserved better than what they had, but now their lives are slowly being turned around.

Kim and Edward are in their twilight years; it is not known how long they have, but for now they love cuddling up to each other and feeling the love both have to offer between them. They both love to be touched and deserve any future days they have to be filled with love and happiness.

For more information how to volunteer, donate or provide a home for these two, please click here.

(Photos of blind dog and seeing eye cat via screenshot by WgclNews and Facebook Angels Among Us Rescue)

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Firefighter offers dehydrated deer bottled water – watch the amazing video here.

Woman dives into drain pipe to rescue trapped puppy – read the story here.




Dog owner banned for life from owning pets after causing unbearable suffering

Daniel Gerrard Taggart of Portaferry, North Ireland, has been banned for life from owning any pets after a court found him guilty of causing nearly unbearable suffering to his young dog. A veterinarian reported Taggart’s golden doodle had the worst case of toenail overgrowth he had ever seen in over 13 years of practice.

According to the BBC News, the dog was seized in January 2016 by the Ards and North Down Borough Council‘s animal welfare organization. A veterinary evaluation of the dog estimated the dog had not received any exercise in a year-and-a-half – explaining that the dog’s nails would have taken at least that amount of time to grow to such an egregious and painful length. Taggart was found guilty of failing to take reasonable care of his dog to ensure its good health.

Besides the lifetime ban from keeping or having any involvement with animals, Taggart was sentenced to jail for three months which was suspended for a year and fined approximately $1,300 including court costs. A clear message against animal cruelty was intended to be sent; stating such behavior towards pets will not be tolerated.

The dog has since recovered and has been adopted to a new family and is doing well.

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(Photos via the Ards and North Down Borough Council)

Firefighter offers dehydrated deer bottled water – watch the amazing video here.

Woman dives into drain pipe to rescue trapped puppy – read the story here.



Helpless puppy abandoned behind dumpster in cardboard box

In Mission, Texas a tiny helpless puppy curled up in a cardboard box on Wednesday; just where his heartless owner abandoned him behind a dumpster for the trash men to cart away. Had it not been for an employee from the bakery where the puppy had been dumped, who peeked into the box after hearing the soft cries of the seriously ill puppy, who knows what his fate might have been in just a few more hours?

When Rescue Dogs Rock NYC were notified to help, co-founder Stacey Silverstein arranged to transport the puppy to the organization’s partner emergency veterinarian hospital where the puppy, now dubbed Trooper, remains in critical condition.

“How dare this happen,” posted Stacey on the group’s Facebook page. “Living beings are not to be treated like trash. This angel was left to die in a box and be picked up by the sanitation with the rest of the trash. Thank God we were alerted to this atrocity, and we immediately took this puppy into our rescue. He is in critical condition.”

At this time it is still not known if Trooper will survive, but everything medically possible is being done.

This is a developing story and as more information is made available about Trooper, his updates will follow. To donate to this extremely critical case,

Pay pal
PO Box 101
NY,NY 10028

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Photos of helpless puppy courtesy of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC

Firefighter offers dehydrated deer bottled water – watch the amazing video here.

Woman dives into drain pipe to rescue trapped puppy – read the story here.

Dog trapped in Mexico City earthquake pulled to safety scared but unhurt

The crowd cheered late Tuesday afternoon as a Golden retriever was pulled from the rubble of the Mexico City earthquake – scared but alive and unhurt. The dog was carefully lifted out of the rubble in the Alvaro Obregon area, and as he was picked up and placed into the arms of a nearby rescuer, the crowd cheered and applauded. And as the dog was carried to safety, multiple kindness and happy tears exploded from the faces of survivors and rescuers alike as the dog was given tiny pats on the top of his head.

At least 217 people have died after the devastating 7.1 magnitude quake struck. All day rescuers have been frantically searching the rubble in the area of a school hoping to find some of the missing young children. One of the most desperate rescue efforts was at a primary and secondary school in southern Mexico City, where a wing of the three-story building collapsed. According to AbcNews,  the bodies of 21 children and four adults have been discovered at the site stated Mexico’s Education Minister Aurelio Nuno said. Eleven people have been rescued, and three people are still missing — two children and a teacher.

On Wednesday, rescue dogs accompanied harnessed workers wearing helmets, forming bucket brigadesand passing up pieces of debris as they searched for survivors. At one point, the rescue crews dropped listening devices into a hole amid the rubble of the collapsed structure and attempted to send in a rescue dog to sniff for survivors.

(Photos of dog saved in Mexico City earthquake via Facebook and AbcNews)

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Video of dog saved: