Realtor fired for reporting abandoned and neglected dog in vacant house

In Lincoln Park, Michigan, a local realtor, showing a home marked on the Multiple Listing System as vacant, turned out to be the very spot a little Chihuahua had been abandoned in the basement living in a cage in its own feces and urine. Realtor Alison Reedy had been showing buyers the home when she came across the disturbing discovery. Alison reedy 2

According to WxyzNews, Alison called the listing broker who told her the current owners of the home were forced to move out and leave the dog at the home. She captured a photo of the dog in the cage, surrounded by it’s own waste in the cold and dark home, and called the Lincoln Park Police. An officer arrived and picked up the dog and took her to the local animal control.

So why did Alison lose her job as a real estate agent with Downriver Real Estate? According to Alison, who has been selling real estate for six years, she was in violation of an ethic’s policy for not calling her broker first to report the situation and posting the dog’s photo and what happened on social media. As for being fired as a result of Alison saving the dog, she has no regrets. Instead she states she has other and better opportunities in her future.Alison reedy 3

The Chihuahua’s owner could be facing animal cruelty charges.

(Photos of realtor fired via freezeshots courtesy of WxyzNews)

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Public’s help needed for answers on 6-month-old puppy chemically burned

The Kentucky Humane Society is asking for the public’s help identifying the owner of a six-month-old puppy injured that is suspected to have been chemically burned. The puppy, dubbed Alley, was found on Wednesday by Louisville Metro Solid Waste as they cleared debris from an alley in the area of 3326 Greenwood Avenue.

Discovered hiding under a bush with a severe leg injury, the Louisville Metro Animal Services were notified and rushed the puppy to their animal care center where veterinarians believe the dog may have suffered a chemical burn two weeks prior. An animal cruelty officer returned to the area – visited neighbors and investigated vacant homes, but no clues as to the identity of the owner have been found.

The Kentucky Humane Society has agreed to help Alley who was brought to the organization’s veterinarian staff early Thursday morning. In addition to the chemical burns, Alley also suffers from open wounds and missing skin. Stuck to her head and right front leg was a tar-like substance. Her wounds have been cleaned and bandaged, and she is receiving appropriate pain medication to ease her severe pain. At this time, Alley’s prognosis is unknown.

The public can help by donating online here. Anyone with information is asked to call Louisville Metro Animal Services at 502-473-PETS. Help Abbey get justice. Someone knows her previous owner and what happened. Be the voice for those who cannot speak.

(Photo of puppy chemically burned via Kentucky Metro Animal Services.)

Video of Abbey can be seen here. (Graphic and may not be suitable for all audiences)



Horse survived 6 weeks alone in snow after owner abandoned her

A six-year-old mare that had been abandoned in the deep snow in the back country at Bridger-Teton National Forest, Wyoming, at the end of a hunting trip survived 6 weeks alone. According to her owner, BJ Hill, the proprietor  and operator of Swift Creek Outfitters and Teton Horseback Adventures, the horse named Valentine had become extremely ill and “had all the signs of dying.” At that point, Valentine was left on her own; Hill was sure a predator would have killed her in an area known for wolves.

Not so at all, because on December 14, the Jackson Hole News & Guide reported a trail groomer spotted the dark-coated mare, albeit extremely gaunt and pawing at the drifts to find any hidden grass,  standing out in the deep snow. He contacted the Shosone National Forest’s Wind River ranger station in Dubois. By the next morning U.S. Forest Service Law Enforcement Officer Dirk Chalfant found out who the horse belonged to and what had occurred:

“What I discovered is this horse had probably been in there for six weeks, and at a least three of those weeks it was probably in about five feet of snow and occasionally 30 below zero,” stated Chalfant.

And then came the plans for her rescue after Hill was told his horse had survived. Through ungroomed trails and snow still falling, Chalfant, Hill and Hill’s son loaded up some hay for Valentine and used a snowmobile to finally find her. When Valentine spotted her rescuers, she made it quite clear she had no intentions of being left behind again.

“She didn’t want to spend another night back there alone,” Chalfant said. “If we had to leave her and drive away, I think she would have been heartbroken.”

Thanks to the groomer who first spotted the horse, he was able to carve out a rough path and then the men built a road behind her. Attached by a lead rope, the snow was packed down by the men, as Valentine happily made her way out of Fish Creek Trail. For the next eight hours, the horse, at her own pace traveled nearly 20 miles through the deep snow; she had no “quit” in her. And when the men and Valentine reached the road, a trailer was ready to take her home to Pavillion.

Some true stories are just stranger than fiction. Welcome home Valentine.  (Photo of horse survived courtesy of US Forest Service.)

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Scrappy: Bait dog ripped apart and dumped to die

In Savannah, Georgia, the tragic story of a tortured dog continues to touch the hearts of animal advocates everywhere. Scrappy, as he has been dubbed, was covered in both old and new bite wounds. When discovered, he had been abandoned and left to die – had help not come in the nick of time, the dog surely would have welcomed death.Scrappy IPR

When Imagine Pet Rescue founder, Cindy McManus received the plaintive call for help last Friday, she was shocked at the dog’s condition. Scrappy had been the victim of dog fighting. The young dog didn’t want to fight, so his cruel owners used him as a “bait dog,” and Scrappy wasn’t ever allowed or able to fight back. Ripped apart, tortured, starved, infected with heart worms, and then he was abandoned.

“I sit here tonight and ask myself over and over ….. HOW is dog fighting EVER OK??? What part of us as human beings find this a ‘SPORT’ or ‘ENTERTAINMENT’?????? …. DON’T WORRY Scrappy… you will NEVER HAVE TO FIGHT AGAIN….. or be subject to the ‘human failures….’ YOU ARE SAFE now and we will HEAL your wounds…,” Cindy posted on the organization’s Facebook page asking for help to save Scrappy.Scrappy IPR3

And in a personal message to the sweet canine victim, and statements aimed directly at the cruel people who inflicted this egregious cruelty, Cindy added:

“I have so little words to cobble together to even express what you have been through sweet boy… used as a BAIT DOG…your injuries made me sob… you sweet boy did NOT deserve this… all because you refused to fight… you suffered the ultimate consequences… your ear almost ripped off… your entire head mangled all because someone chose to “profit” from your existence… I hope they suffer far worse than you have… but Yes Scrappy… you are safe now… and loved and WE will HEAL you

Scrappy is currently at the group’s emergency veterinary partner, Savannah Animal Care. His recovery needs will be extensive, and it is estimated he will need numerous sutures to close the wounds on his face and body. Despite the pain and torture Scrappy has endured,  he showers his rescuers with love and kisses. Scrappy has forgiven and holds no grudges.

To help, donations can be made by clicking here or via Paypal

Wishing you a speedy recovery. (Photos of Scrappy courtesy of Imagine Pet Rescue)

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Dog who survived severe cruelty and now fighting cancer finds loving home

In Mesa, Arizona, an eight-year-old Boxer named Daphne is a true survivor. In the age-old adage to “never give up,” this spunky pooch has finally found her loving family and now begins a new chapter in her life – albeit much happier this time although she is fighting cancer. On Tuesday, the Arizona Humane Society announced that Daphne has been adopted. Daphne rescued

When rescued, Daphne weighed only 29 pounds and suffered from a painfully infected skin condition. For years, in her previous life, the sweet dog had spent every day and night confined to a cage where she slept in her own urine and feces. Nursed back to health, Daphne was sent to a foster home where she was described as doing fine. She gained 16 pounds and loved her new home – she loved to sunbathe on the porch and happily cuddled into her own plush bed. It wasn’t until Daphne returned to the Arizona Humane Society for a routine teeth cleaning, that her luck took a turn for the worst.Daphne rescued 3

Veterinarians found a small mass in her mouth; results of the biopsy tested positive for a malignancy. (Gingival Squamous Cell Carcinoma). The organization does not have the funding to treat Daphne’s cancer, but at this time she is doing fine. Daphne is energetic, has a great appetite and loves everyone she meets. Although her prognosis for the future is unknown, it didn’t stop a loving family from adopting her.

Live long and well Daphne. You deserve the best. (Photos of dog fighting cancer courtesy of Arizona Humane Society.)

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Update: Angry blind senior who faced the wall begins anew

Ten-year-old Luna, a blind senior Chihuahua figured out her family didn’t want her anymore.  Brought in as a stray to California’s Baldwin Park Animal Shelter on January 12, Luna had been microchipped, but when called, her owner no longer wanted her. For the first five years of Luna’s life, she had been living with the family she loved. Then cataracts developed, and her sight slowly began to fade away. When her family no longer had time for her, they gave her to another family, and the next five years went quite well – that is until Luna went completely blind. Suddenly the blind senior ended up in a cold cell – dogs barking, strangers talking to her, and she was just plain scared and miserable. There she was – betrayed again.Luna the blind senior

A volunteer, brought to tears watching the frightened sightless Chihuahua who seemed to have given up on life, posted the following on Facebook hoping to attract attention for Luna’s desperate rescue plight:

 “Sh*t out of luck little blind chi who just faces the wall and growls when anyone approaches! She has about as much chance of getting adopted as she has of driving a car. To make matters worse, she is at the back of the shelter and a non-public medical building so no one’s ever going to get to see her. I thought she was incredibly cute though and pray that maybe some kind soul will take pity on her and her grumpy predicament and get her the heck out of there!!”

When Pet Rescue Report shared Luna’s heartbreaking story, social media and kind animal advocates did the rest; they shared the tragic plight of a dog who just got old and lost her eyesight. Just two days later, came the senior’s big break; Hand in Paw came to Luna’s rescue.

“We learned of her story just yesterday, and we were able to help her because a wonderful woman has stepped forward as a committed and experienced, special-needs foster. She is not one bit aggressive and she loves to be touched. She just wants to be safe, surrounded by warmth and calm. Welcome, Luna…your future is bright with us, and we will NEVER stop loving you,” Piper Wood, the organization’s founder posted.Hand in Paw Luna

“I’ve fallen in love with this girl, Luna. She is one of the most precious dogs I’ve ever met! The fear and apprehension are gone. All she has left is love and affection, which is all she will ever receive from now on. This before and after is heartbreaking, but it is proof that kindness and compassion create miracles.”

Welcome home Luna. The group is investigating if Luna’s eyesight can be restored, but no big deal if that’s not possible. Many thanks for everyone who shared this dog’s story. (Photos of blind senior courtesy of Hand in Paw Rescue.

Read the original story here.

Video of starving sun bears in zoo sparks outrage

Undernourished and starving sun bears in an Indonesian zoo – appearing to be so hungry that they beg visitors for food and eating their own feces have been recorded on videos enraging animal rights activists.Starving bears

In video footage, recorded by the advocacy group, Scorpion Wildlife Trade Monitoring Group, several gaunt bears at the zoo located in the Indonesian city of Bandung, have stirred tremendous outrage throughout social media. Notably bears do not beg for food; one of the videos shows a heartbreaking scene of an obviously starving bear rushing over as visitors throw bits of fruit down to the animal. One of the bears was so desperate for food, he is seen on video defecating and then eating his own feces.

Reviews  from tourists of the zoo from Trip Advisor reflect the seriousness of the situation:

“Rusty cages, dirty place and really neglected animals. Some of them are very thin. Hell on earth for all these poor animals,” one of the comments stated.Starving bears 2

Another review stated,”Please do not give your money to this facility. The animals are dying of neglect. They are fed only on food donations, and when there are no donations they starve. The bears are surviving by eating their feces. A giraffe died there by ingesting plastic because it was so hungry. There is no veterinarian on staff and animals who become…”

Sun bears originate from forests in Southeast Asia and are currently classified as vulnerable by the International Union for Conservation of Nature. Volunteers from other advocacy groups state the bears are only a fraction of what their healthy weight should be. Access to examine the bears physically has been denied by zoo officials. According to the Daily Mail Australia, the director of Scorpion, Ganung Gea, stated:

“When my team visited the zoo last week there was no grass or live trees on the floor of their cage. We saw a sun bear eating its own dung, but when we contacted the zoo’s officers, they told us the bear was medicated and we weren’t allowed to see it.”

Bandung is Indonesia’s third largest city with a population of over 2.4 million. It’s also one of the country’s top tourist hotspots.

Petition available by clicking here.
(Photos of starving sun bears courtesy of Scorpion Wildlife Trade Monitoring Group.)
Warning: Videos are graphic and some audiences may find them too disturbing to watch.


Rottweiler found with ears and nose chopped off

The Michigan Humane Society is offering a $2,500 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person(s) responsible for brutally disfiguring a brown and tan Rottweiler found near Livernois and Warren on Detroit’s southwest side.

According to the organization’s press release, on January 17, a concerned citizen who saw the dog in the area with his serious injuries, contacted the MHS. A rescue team raced to the site, found the Rottweiler mix and rushed him back to MHS’ Mackey Center for Animal Care in Detroit. Once there, the shelter’s veterinarian staff immediately began assessing the animal’s injuries and working to make him comfortable.  Mark Ramos, a lead investigator for the organization stated:

“It appears that someone purposely maimed this poor dog, which has caused it a great deal of suffering. This kind of cruelty is unacceptable. We need to be a voice for these animals and as a community we need to speak through our strong actions to make sure this doesn’t happen again. This animal deserves justice.”

The friendly chocolate-colored Rottweiler mix had both of his ears cut off, his nose has been cut off, and  he had cuts and abrasions on his back legs. The dog’s tail has also been removed. At this time no one knows who owns the older dog described as being very friendly with everyone. Ramos believes the dog will recover and eventually be available for adoption.

Anyone with information is asked to call the MHS hotline now at (313) 872-3401 and help find the person responsible.  

Photo of Rottweiler found with ears and nose chopped off courtesy of Michigan Humane Society. To help with donations, please click here.

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Mangy 6-month-old puppy snuggles up for kisses

A good-natured puppy, dubbed Remy had no idea how sick he was, yet the friendly and affectionate pooch snuggled up to every human crossing his path. Found roaming the New York City streets by Animal Control, the emaciated 6-month-old puppy was brought to the city shelter. No one knows how long he had been scrounging for food, but his physical condition didn’t happen overnight. And now in the very coldness of a New York City January winter, Remy, was fortunate to have been saved. Even better for this young pooch occurred when Rescue Dogs Rock NYC stepped up to provide him with the veterinary help – both physically and emotionally he deserves.Remy RDR2

Diagnosed with severe mange, deep gashes and collective skin infections, the puppy with no hair was transferred from the New York City Animal Care Center to Rescue Dogs Rock NYC. Remy is currently in critical condition. Jackie O’Sullivan, co-founder of the rescue updated animal advocates on Tuesday about the puppy’s prognosis on their Facebook page:

“Remy was transported to our vet partner yesterday, and sadly he’s in very rough shape. Remy’s skin is swollen and infected with areas of deep gashes which are open and bleeding. He is emaciated and weak and completely dehydrated. He was found on the city streets as a stray so we have no information on how he was left in such horrible condition. Remy RDR3

Our plan, as always is to give Remy everything he needs so that he can become a healthy and happy puppy once again.”

To help Remy, donations can be made by clicking here,  or donate through PayPal at

(Photos of 6-month-old puppy courtesy of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC)

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5 starving dogs found abandoned after owners evicted from home

Five starving dogs were left inside of an abandoned trailer home in Charlestown, Indiana by their owners. Without forethought or compassion, the starving dogs were left to fend for themselves in a vacant home with no food or water after the owners were evicted.The Arrow fund

The frightened black Labrador retrievers are now receiving emergency care through the Arrow Fund located in Louisville, Kentucky.  Two of the dogs in satisfactory condition are being cared for at Animal Control. The other three severely emaciated dogs have been transferred to the Blue Pearl Veterinary Hospital. According to the organization’s Facebook page, the three dogs now dubbed Phoebe, Prudence and Piper were so dehydrated, veterinarians could not draw blood until the dogs were administered fluids. Their bodies were all rated as a “1” – the lowest number an animal can be classified and still be alive.arrow fund 3

Donations and foster homes are needed. Donations can be made on the organization’s website at; checks can be mailed to The Arrow Fund P.O. Box 11127 Prospect , Kentucky 40059 . Foster applications are on the website as well. Updates will follow. Please be the voices for those who cannot speak.

(Photos of starving dogs screenshots via WDRB)

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