Bonded dogs need home or will go to a shelter and likely won’t get out

In southern Maryland, two bonded dogs need a new home this week or they will go to a shelter and likely will never leave from the front door. Sadly, dogs that are surrendered to shelters … Read More

Hopeful faces wishing you will fall in love and adopt them from shelter

At Roswell Animal Services in New Mexico, there is an open house on Sunday – and could it be your forever friend is just waiting with hope in his eyes? The shelter is open and … Read More

Beautiful husky stray needs his story shared to save his life from the shelter

A beautiful and friendly stray arrived at the Carson Animal Care Center earlier in May, and he still doesn’t have anyone interested in adopting him. He has been yearning for a new home since May … Read More

Reward offered for person who burned kittens in a box

In Des Moines, Iowa, a $1,000 reward has been offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person involved in the case of abandoning nine tiny kittens in a box and then … Read More

Dog has had the worst life that can be endured

Meet Eeyore. At Stray Rescue St. Louis, the young dog who has had the worst life that can be endured, is safe; he has already captured the hearts of his rescuers.

“He’s bleeding and has

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Woman stabbed cat and tried to drown it in bathtub in ‘self defense’

In Des Moines, Iowa, a woman tried to kill her cat because the cat was “aggressive” and in self defense stabbed the pet with a kitchen knife and then tried to drown her in a … Read More

Florida man kicked chicken ‘like a field goal’ for making annoying chirps

In Marathon, Florida, a man was arrested on Monday and charged with animal cruelty after he was accused of kicking a chicken “like a football player kicks a field goal,” authorities from the Monroe County … Read More

Neglected 6-month-old Pug puppy at crowded California shelter

A neglected six-month-old Pug arrived at the Riverside Animal Shelter in California this week. Animal advocates are stunned and disappointed how anyone would purchase a puppy and then allow her to get into this condition.… Read More

Frightened pony impaled on fence after nasty teens chased it

At the Brinsley Animal Rescue Center in Nottingham, United Kingdom, a group of nasty teenagers frightened a pony and cows in a field on Tuesday night. The pony became so frightened he attempted to jump … Read More

Frightened shelter pup could sure use help finding a safe home

At the Nassau County Animal Services in Yulee, Florida, a frightened young dog could use everyone’s help finding a safe home. Staff members named the two-year, doe eyed little one PupPup.

Check out her video: … Read More