New York judge rules Chunk the pit bull will not be euthanized

In Concord, New York, a judge decided on Tuesday that Chunk the pit bull will not be euthanized for biting a mail carrier. The dog, however will be required to be microchipped, subject to certain … Read More

Unique ‘low rider’ German shepherd would welcome a home

What a unique dog; a “low rider” German shepherd as described by volunteers at the  MCACC East Shelter in Mesa, Arizona. She came in as a stray on Tuesday and will be on a stray … Read More

Update: Owner arrested for starving Wisconsin dog

The owner of a severely starving dog in Wisconsin, found in a rural area in the Town of Sherman earlier this month, was arrested late Monday evening. According to a statement by the Humane Society … Read More

Six chained dogs left to freeze outside Long Island in record low temps

Six dogs, either chained or locked in cages, were left to freeze outside in an non-residential area of Manorville, New York on Tuesday evening. Record breaking temperatures dipped below freezing when Suffolk County police found … Read More

Some horrible person dumped terrified and pregnant dog in dumpster

On Tuesday morning a terrified, pregnant dog was discovered sitting in a dumpster in the Houston area. What kind of horrible person could be so heartless animal advocates have been asking all morning.

“Oh No!

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Three-month-old puppy recovering after being lit on fire with blowtorch

In Paterson, New Jersey, a three-month-old puppy is recovering after reportedly having been lit on fire with a blowtorch. A witness stated he discovered the tiny pit bull puppy and another dog lit on fire … Read More

Update on Phoenix: Dog’s story is just beginning

In Collinsville, Oklahoma, a stray dog was captured on Saturday morning. Sadly, the dog dubbed Phoenix is real; he is the heartbreaking picture of possible extreme animal abuse and neglect.

According to the Skiatook Paws Read More

This dog is a ‘heartthrob’ and shelter life is not acceptable

At the San Bernardino City Shelter in California, an extremely friendly two-year-old pit bull blend named Quinn has to temporarily live in a cage with no blanket, no bed or even a toy to keep … Read More

Tennessee animal shelter needs help: 140 animals arrive in less than a week

In Johnson City, Tennessee, the Washington County-Johnson City Animal Shelter needs help. In less than a week, 140 animals have arrived, and the shelter is in desperate need of help from animal advocates.

“We are

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Update on emaciated puppy rescued from rural Texas shelter

Near Austin, Texas, a nine-month-old puppy arrived in a rural shelter on Saturday evening in need of someone to rescue her. It was a life or death situation. Her condition was heartbreaking; her description so … Read More