Pregnant pup ‘dumped in a dump’ in the middle of the desert

In the Redlands of California, a tiny and heavily pregnant dog had literally been “dumped in a dump” in the middle of the desert. How does a dog cry out for help? How does a … Read More

Parents dump dog at shelter because child didn’t do his homework


At the Balch Springs Animal Shelter in Texas, Javier was dumped on Tuesday because the dog’s little human didn’t do his homework. Sure we hear lots of worthless excuses for surrendering dogs to animal … Read More

Dog dumped in Redlands after her owner believed she carried COVID19 virus

UPDATE: We are happy to report Daisy just went home with a wonderful family and a new fur friend.

A dog was dumped in the Redlands of Florida, but luckily was found by an animal … Read More

Greta: Beautiful Great Pyrenees stuck in Texas shelter with no interest

In Georgetown, Texas, Greta waits. Since March 16, she has been in a shelter cage at the Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter. She is frightened and who can blame her? Animal advocates think she is … Read More

Stray husky has litter of puppies in Texas oil field and help is on the way

In Midland, Texas, a stray husky had been living at an oil field. The kind workers had been feeding her daily, but on Saturday night, she gave birth to a litter of nine puppies. The … Read More

Desperate help needed for 2 dogs as their owner leaves the country

In La Habra, California, two dogs need help desperately. Their owner is leaving the country in a few days, and there is no one willing to care for these boys.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, … Read More

Young Australian cattle dog sits in back of kennel and shakes

At the Riverside County Animal Shelter, a two-year-old Australian cattle dog sits in the back of her kennel shaking uncontrollably. She broke the hearts of volunteers.

Check out her video:

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Social media miracle accomplished: Neapolitan Mastiff in danger rescued

Saving a troubled Neapolitan Mastiff the internet fell in love with this week has been accomplished thanks to the miracles of social media, as an army of animal advocates shared, planned and raised funds to … Read More

O boy! Horse stuck in muddy hole for two hours rescued

The San Diego Humane Society came to the rescue of a horse on Thursday in Gustay. The horse, named Tucson fell into a muddy hole, and he couldn’t get his legs out from beneath him … Read More

He’s blind and lost: Heartbreaking pup who just wants to be loved

At the Central California SPCA animal shelter in Fresno, California, a frightened terrier sits in the corner staring at the wall. He is blind, confused and needs help to find a foster home or better … Read More