Puppy alert: Two eight-month-old Labs wind up at California shelter

How did an adorable eight-month-old puppy wind up at the Carson Animal Shelter along with either his sibling or  bonded pal? The unnamed little guy arrived at the shelter on Friday; his female companion arrived … Read More

Everybody loves ‘Gary’ but nobody wants to adopt him -511 days in shelter

Since May 2019, Gary has been sleeping in a kennel at the Babylon Animal Shelter in Amityville, New York. He was picked up as a stray, and although he is very sweet and likes other … Read More

Poor pup didn’t get picked at adoption event

UPDATE: Thanks to everyone for sharing Poolar’s story. This boy was adopted and has left for his new home!

At the Nassau County Animal Services, Poolar is so sad. Expecting and excited to meet … Read More

Blind bewildered senior German shepherd tossed away like trash

At the Clayton County Animal Shelter, volunteers try to comfort a nine-year-old blind German shepherd. Sadly, he has been at the shelter since October 8, and his time might be running out. Rocky was rescued … Read More

Dog found hiding behind washing machine in vacant house and left to die

At the San Bernardino Animal Shelter in California, a five-year-old terrified dog was found hiding behind a washing machine in the abandoned home where his family left him to die. When discovered, he was shaking … Read More

Terrified dog stayed by dead friend while rescue worked 12 hours to save her

Near Fowler, California, a terrified dog waited near her dead companion at the side of a busy road. When a Good Samaritan contacted Pinky Paws Search and ResQ, Krystal Woodward and her husband rushed to … Read More

Broken hearted senior cat left at shelter after her owner went to nursing home

The Genesee County Animal Shelter Dogs and Cats has a heartbreaking story to share about a 14-year-old cat recently brought to the shelter in Flint, Michigan. Sadly, Blessing’s best friend went to a nursing home; … Read More

Can we help this dog? Legend has been at shelter because of ‘human failure’

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‘Trojan Horse Terrier’ puppies need homes after arriving at shelter

In Yulee, Florida, six adorable puppies arrived at the Nassau County Animal Services. All are playful, loving and ready to be adopted.

A popular question among those who have seen the puppies on the shelter’s … Read More

Woman tried to run over police as more than 14 dogs living in filth removed from home

In West Manheim Township, Pennsylvania, a 56-year-old woman accused of trying to run over police with her vehicle as they oversaw the rescue of 14 dogs and other animals that had been living in “abhorrent … Read More