Abandoned three-month-old puppy hit by a car in critical condition

On Friday afternoon, just hours before families made their final preparations to celebrate the holiday weekend, Rescue Dogs Rock NYC received an urgent call from a rural Georgia shelter pleading for help for a three-month-old puppy in critical condition just brought in by Animal Control after having been hit by a car. Who can even imagine out how any owner could be so irresponsible as to allow a puppy this young to wander anywhere by herself? Who can even imagine  how any owner wouldn’t be desperately trying to find their “lost” puppy?

According to Jackie O’Sullivan, co-founder of the rescue, the ten-pound puppy suffered egregious injuries including cuts and gashes all over her body, including a deep hole in her side. She has been rushed to the organization’s emergency veterinarian; the puppy now dubbed Christie is reported to be in shock.

“She is being rushed as we post this to our Georgia Vet Partner to be stabilized,” Jackie posted on the organization’s Facebook page. “It is very possible this angel baby won’t make, it but we are going to try everything possible to save her life. She deserves all our prayers and our  help to give her that fighting chance that she so deserves.”

How could Jackie say no? Remember – don’t turn your back on your dogs even for a moment when they are not safely secured in your yard or on a leash. Accidents can happen in a split second.

There are no details of the accident suffered by Christie at this time. To help with Christie’s veterinarian expenses, go to or  Paypal:

(Photos and video of three-month-old Christie courtesy of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC)

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Video of Christie in critical condition arriving at emergency veterinarian: (Warning – graphic details)



Blind and deaf senior dog abandoned on side of road in Ware, Massachusetts

A neglected 11-year-old blind and deaf dog was cruelly abandoned  and left to fend for himself on the side of Route 9 in Ware, Massachusetts. Authorities are asking for the public’s help identifying the dog and/or her owner.

According to the Animal Rescue League (ARL) of Boston Law Enforcement Services, humane officers have joined forces with police to identify the owner of the Lhasa Apso mix. The dog was found earlier in May wandering near mile marker 66. On Thursday, the ARL posted the photo of the dogm now dubbed Eleanor, along with her heartbreaking story:

“In case you missed it all over the news yesterday, ARL has a dog named Eleanor that is in rough shape. We are restoring her back to health so hopefully she can live the rest of her days happy and comfortable. Police and our law enforcement team are actively looking for the owner who criminally neglected this poor animal. If you have any tips, please call Ware PD. We have also gotten a lot of messages about adopting her. She is currently not available for adoption, so please keep following our page for updates.”

In a news report from Western Mass News,  veterinarians stated Eleanor went blind due to chronic dry eyes that were never treated. In addition to being deaf, she suffers from an untreated skin disease causing pain and fur loss. She also suffers from  dental disease, matted fur, overgrown nails, and two masses on her head. While in the care of the Animal Rescue League, Eleanor has had one eye removed as well as the two masses; both were excised and biopsied and determined to have been benign. She has also received a number of treatments to improve her health and comfort.

Get well soon Eleanor; you will never have to worry about being neglected again.

To help Eleanor, please click here.

Photo of Eleanor abandoned in Ware, MA. courtesy of ARL.

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Heart-wrenching view of bear ‘Hai Chan’ missing front paws suffering in bile extraction cage

Bear bile extraction farming has been used in traditional Asian medicine for thousands of years. Known to treat liver and gall bladder conditions because the bear’s bile contains high levels of ursodeoxycholic acid, in modern times both herbal and synthetic alternatives provide the same medicinal properties. Tragically, modern science has had no beneficial effects for female moon bear “Hai Chan.” For the last ten years, she has barely existed in the tiny, rusty cage barely bigger than her body. She lacks even the most basic care.

Hai Chan is believed to be one of more than 12,000 bears  kept on bear bile farms in China and Vietnam.  Still legal in China but outlawed in Vietnam, unfortunately legal loopholes still exist for the 1,300 bears kept as prisoners. In these cages where the bears are starved allegedly for better bile production, the excruciating painful extraction methods range  from “free drip” where the bears endures holes in their gall bladder to permanent catheters rarely cleaned and too often causing life-threatening infections.

According to Four Paws International, a non-profit organization based in Vienna, Austria, who provide for animals globally, Hai Chan’s front paws were removed years ago; the meat from her paws used in the so-called “bear paw wine” production.

“Like many other bears, Hai Chan lives mutilated in her tiny, rusty cage, lacking even the most basic care. It seems that she has even given up on her life already. We can’t say how much longer Hai Chan will survive, but we have joined forces with local partners Education for Nature – Vietnam (ENV) and World Animal Protection to form a coalition to expedite an end to cruel bear farming and hopefully help bears, like Hai Chan soon,” states the organization on their Facebook page.

Four Paws International is currently in the process of building a sanctuary large enough to accommodate the rescue of bears in horrific situations just like Hai Chan:

“Hai Chan’s home is a rusty cage which is not much bigger than her own body. The impression of her desperately lying in her cage broke our hearts when we first met her and it still does. We are currently constructing a new state-of-the-art sanctuary for up to 100 former bile bears in Vietnam and hope to begin rescuing the most desperate bears like Hai Chan this summer.”

Sign the petition to help end bear farming in Vietnam.

(Photos via Four Paws International)

Watch Hai Chan’s video here and help to end this brutal practice:



Owner of severely emaciated dog left chained to a tree receives little more than slap on the wrist

In the community of Vincent, Ohio, the owner of a severely emaciated dog that had been left chained to a tree, received a two-week jail sentence on Thursday as he stood in front of Judge Mark Kerenyi at the Washington County Common Pleas Court. John Clark Nelson III, 43, pleaded guilty to companion animal cruelty, a fifth-degree felony on April 14.

According to the Marietta Times, the starving dog had chewed his chain trying to get free, and while struggling had cracked his molars causing painful open nerves along the animal’s gum line. When discovered in December 2016, the dog had no food or water. When examined by a veterinarian, the black Labrador retriever and pit bull mix was also found to be severely dehydrated, 15-pounds underweight and infected with worms, fleas and skin infections.

Nelson surrendered the dog who has since been adopted. Nelson could have received a six-month sentence in the county jail, however according to Washington County Prosecutor Kevin Rings, the dog has since been adopted and didn’t suffer any permanent harm. In addition, Nelson had no prior criminal record.

“That’s disgusting, it’s absolutely disgusting,” stated Washington County Dog Warden Kelly McGilton, after Nelson’s sentencing. “This is where we fail as a society. There need to be laws prohibiting those who commit animal cruelty from ever owning any more animals, and I hate that he only got two weeks in jail; that’s not enough. Send a message to these people that we’re not messing around.”

In addition to the 15 days in the Washington County Jail, he will receive one day’s credit for time served. Nelson will also be on probation for two years and has been ordered to pay approximately $500 in restitution for the dog’s veterinarian bills and care.

According to McGilton, the dog will still need additional dental surgery. On the brighter side, he is described as “happy and healthy” now.

(Photos of chained dog via the Washington County Dog Warden)

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Arrest made in case of injured Boxer buried alive in Montreal

A man described to be in his 40s has been arrested in connection with the dog found beaten and strangled and then buried alive in Monteregie. According to the Metro News, the Surete du Quebec stated the man turned himself in to the police station in Rouville on Thursday. The resident, who lives in St-Paul d’Abbotsford, has been questioned by police and released with a promise to appear in court.

“The individual has been released and could subsequently be issued a summons to appear,” stated SQ Sgt. Claude Denis.

The unidentified man faces animal cruelty charges which, if found guilty, could face up to five years in prison. The man’s identity will not be made public unless he is formally charged. Investigators are stated to still be waiting for the necropsy results and will then present all of the evidence to the Crown who will decide if charges will be pressed.

The dog, later named Sugar Ray, was discovered on Tuesday when a man out walking heard faint whimpering sounds in the area of Saint-Paul d’Abbotsford located in southwest Montreal. He went in search of the sounds, and what he found was shocking – a dog buried alive!  According to Monteregie SPCA  inspector, Linda Robertson, the man spotted a paw sticking out of the ground as the dirt moved beside it.  The male dog was still breathing and very much alive. He called 911, and officers rushed to the area and helped dig the dog out of his grave; a blanket had been wrapped around him.

Rushed to a veterinary hospital for emergency care, it was thought that Sugar Ray had been nearly strangled and hit with a blunt object. By Tuesday night and Wednesday morning, the dog’s condition had improved, however late Wednesday afternoon, Sugar Ray struggled to breath; and despite veterinarian efforts to keep him alive, the dog went into cardiac arrest and died. The SPCA Monteregie posted the sad news on their Facebook page.

“Very sad news….our beautiful Boxer whom we named Sugar Ray, who fought so hard to survive, has passed away this afternoon. He was surrounded by the people who loved and cared for him – the vet techs and veterinarians of the Chambly Veterinarian Hospital.
We are heart broken as we know everyone will be. We are so grateful for your love and support towards Sugar Ray.
Details of Sugar’s death are not yet confirmed. We will update you as soon as we have more news.
Thank you…”

There has been no information as yet how the suspect knew Sugar Ray.

Read the previous update here.

(Photos of Boxer buried alive via SPCA)

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Puppy abandoned in garbage bag making amazing progress

Less than two weeks ago, Alexa had a severe case of demodex mange; she was so sick it was unknown if she would live or die. The six-month-old puppy had been surrendered to a Texas shelter in a black garbage bag. Inside of the bag her skin bled; she had been carried to the rear of the building to be placed in a kennel to await humane euthanasia. Sick dogs are killed immediately; often there is little time or money to treat and care for them at rural shelters.

When animal rescuer Leslie Ysuhuaylas, a Texas-based volunteer for Rescue Dogs Rock NYC informed Stacey Silverstein about the puppy, emergency plans were formulated. The puppy was transported to Dallas for emergency care. It was unknown if the puppy, who was completely devoid of fur and in excruciating pain would survive, but Alexa was a fighter.

And on Saturday, the Vizsla already has been showing signs of her aristocratic bearing. She has arrived in New York and is being fostered while her coat grows back and she gets stronger. The six-month-old puppy’s update on Facebook drew “oohs and aahs” at her amazing progress:

“Update On Garbage Bag Dog. Check out Alexa
She’s doing so much better since those scary shelter days when she was dropped off in a black garbage bag, hairless with bloody infected skin
She is still hairless, but on her way to being completely healthy with continued vet care and TLC from her loving foster Mom.”

Alexa is kid and dog friendly. She has not been tested with cats, but is just about ready for adoption. Interested in this gorgeous gal? Click here for an application to adopt.

To help Rescue Dogs Rock NYC save more dogs in desperate need, donations can be made
or Paypal:

(Photos of Alexa courtesy of Leslie Ysuhuaylas and Rescue Dogs Rock NYC)

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Heartbreaking neglect: Ten-pound dog left outdoors day in and day out

Buzzy is the heartbreaking story of neglect. Only ten-pounds, the pint sized pooch was left outdoors day in and day out. Ticks have covered his body – crawling between his toes while sucking out his blood. And while Buzzy never had a chance to be a “pet” at this rural home in South Texas, we can only wonder if neighbors and friends ever noticed his condition and turned their back on a dog in dire need?

Rescue Dogs Rock NYC have stepped forward to help. Co-founder of the organization, Stacey Silverstein encourages everyone to watch Buzzy’s short video and look at the dog’s photos.

“This is real. This is the reality for a dog left outside,” Stacey posted on the rescue’s Facebook page early Thursday afternoon as Buzzy was transported to the organization’s partner veterinarian for treatment and emergency care. “There are many ways to help dogs like Buzzy. He is a young dog and weighs less than ten pounds, but of course he’s heartworm positive and suffers from tick-borne illness.”

Volunteers at the rescue couldn’t just watch Buzzy’s video without reaching out to help. Check out his teeth; he’s just a baby.  Be a voice for those who cannot speak. 

(Photos and video of dog left outdoors day in and day out courtesy of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC)

To help with Buzzy’s veterinarian expenses and care, donations can be made to
or Pay pal:







Watch this little dog’s video here:



North Ridgeville animal control officer fired after smashing the skulls of baby bunnies

For years a North Ridgeville, Ohio animal control officer has garnered unfavorable and at times disturbing headlines for a number of alleged animal cruelty incidents. On Wednesday, Animal Control Officer Barry Accorti was fired after he smashed the skulls of baby bunnies. According to a statement from the North Ridgeville Police Department, Accorti was fired for “performance issues.”

Accorti’s latest disturbing incident involved a local resident, Sheldon Jones, who found several baby rabbits while mowing the lawn. Not knowing what to do with the little ones, the man called local authorities who notified Accorti. According to Fox News, Jones, who thought the rabbits would be placed and eventually freed from a wildlife rescue, was shocked when the animal control officer began to smash their tiny heads against the tailgate of his truck:

“When the officer got out here, he took the rabbits,” Jones said. “We didn’t exchange very many words. And he went over to the bed of his truck at the end of the driveway and smashed their necks on the bed of his truck. He never asked me if we wanted to keep them because had he asked I would have said yes,” Jones said. “I had no idea he was going to kill them. He never told me that.”

This, however was not the first time Accorti has been accused of cruelty. In June 2013, a local mom found a litter of feral kittens in the woodpile behind her home. As a responsible citizen, she called the local Animal Control for help. When Accorti arrived, he told the woman the shelters were full and pulled out his gun and shot the kittens – right in front of little children who screamed in fright and shock; Accorti telling them the kittens were “going to kitty heaven.”Even though there was an investigation and an outpouring of community disgust towards the death of the five kittens and the circumstances with the children, the police chief told people to move along and that there was nothing to see. 

And just one year later – the same officer shot another helpless animal; again in front of children. In a report by the Chronicle, another disturbing incident took place in June 2014. A baby raccoon captured inside of a cage was shot twice by Accorti in front of three children:

“This is the second time in a year,”  Michelle Kearsey, a local resident, said as she cited the need for a change in policies governing the handling of nuisance animal calls. “That raccoon could have been moved. This officer has shown no regard for the children of this community. People are tired of it. That animal was defenseless and in a cage. It’s like the kittens.”

In the police department’s statement on Wednesday, the organization followed up the announcement of Accorti’s termination with the following explanation:

“There should have been better communication and understanding of perception and sensitivity as well as following established protocol.”

Smith wants animal cruelty charges pressed against Accorti.

(Photo of kittens and baby bunnies via screenshots from Fox News and the Chronicle)

Rest in peace innocent baby animals never allowed to grow up.

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This is unlike any security footage I’ve ever seen before! 

UPDATE: Dog buried alive with his paw sticking out of dirt has died

It was a shocking discovery when a man out walking on Tuesday heard faint whimpering sounds in the area of Saint-Paul d’Abbotsford located in southwest Montreal. He went in search of the sounds, and what he found was shocking – a dog buried alive!  According to Monteregie SPCA  inspector, Linda Robertson, the man saw a paw sticking out of the ground as the dirt moved beside it.

The CtvNews reports the man pushed the dirt away and found the male Bull Mastiff still breathing and very much alive. He called 911, and officers rushed to the area and helped dig the dog out of his grave; a blanket had been wrapped around him. Claude Brodeur, who discovered the dog when he first spotted the paw, stated he walks the area nearly everyday, but because of the rain he had skipped a few days. Authorities helped  to uncover the dog and rushed him to a veterinarian in Chambly. It was hoped the dog would survive.

After examining the dog, veterinarians stated the dog had been strangled and hit over the head with a blunt object.

“He was wrapped in what looked like a sheet or a mattress covering,” stated Officer Robertson. “If the earth had been right on his head, he probably wouldn’t have survived as long as he did.”

By Tuesday evening, the dog’s heart beat and body temperature began to rise to normal values, and by Wednesday he had been eating and drinking on his own, yet was not able to walk. Later that day, however the dog had a seizure followed by a heart attack and died – most likely a result of trauma he had suffered.

The SPCA updated their Facebook page with the devastating news:

“Very sad news….our beautiful Boxer whom we named Sugar Ray, who fought so hard to survive, has passed away this afternoon. He was surrounded by the people who loved and cared for him – the vet techs and veterinarians of the Chambly Veterinarian Hospital.
We are heart broken as we know everyone will be. We are so grateful for your love and support towards Sugar Ray.
Details of Sugar’s death are not yet confirmed. We will update you as soon as we have more news.
Thank you…”

Sugar Ray did not have a microchip. Originally the shelter thought the dog was a Mastiff, but on Tuesday evening changed his breed identification to that of a Boxer. In 28 years of investigating animal cruelty cases, Officer Robertson never encountered a dog having been buried alive. Did his previous owner think the dog was dead when they buried him? The SPCA said the Surete du Quebec is investigating what happened and are trying to locate the owner. Anyone with information is asked to call 450.460.3075.

Rest in peace Sugar Ray. We are sorry you were let down by humans. Help this dog find justice. Be the voice for those who cannot speak.

(Photos of dog buried alive via the SPCA)

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Help me: Paralyzed with fear Maltese muppet reaches out to volunteer

Rescued: 2nd chances rescue

Jersey is a male Cockapoo and Maltese blend. The little muppet is so frightened he ran to the corner of his kennel cage while trembling and hiding his face at the same time. When he arrived at the Devore Animal Shelter in San Bernadino County, California, the staff labeled him as “rescue only.” Sadly the little dog had no idea his fate could so easily be sealed. No one ever told him, he had to act sweet and cooperative after having obviously been neglected for a long period of time.  Animal advocate and shelter volunteer Andrea Neyses met Jersey on Tuesday, and now pleads his case:

“I WANT SOMEONE TO HELP ME ” Jersey is special at Devore Shelter, can’t be seen. Jersey is going to change someone’s world, please help him? Jersey is rescue only; listed as aggressive?,” Andrea began after sitting and watching the little dog.

But then the little dog seemed to understand; kindness can be a self-rewarding benefit in the tragic world of animal neglect and cruelty.

“This guy reached out under the kennel as I started to leave: a sign?,” questioned Andrea as she posted Jersey’s video on her social media page. “I petted his head and paws and talked a minute: never once did he growl. Staff is going to try and spend some time with  him. I believe Jersey is a good dog who’s only afraid ….”


Click here for Jersey’s Pet Harbor listing. “My name is RESCUE ONLY. I am a male, cream Cockapoo mix. My age is unknown. I have been at the shelter since May 19, 2017. For more information about this animal, call San Bernardino County – Devore Shelter at (909) 386-9820. Ask for information about animal ID number A672892. Share this dog’s plight with approved rescue organizations; sharing saves lives. Follow his Facebook page by clicking here. Animal advocates have been pledging funds payable to an approved rescue for this little dog’s continued care, vetting and grooming. Can you help?

Check out Jersey’s video and Andrea’s observation. “Take a chance on me!”

Follow the National Pet Rescue on Facebook. (Photos and video of Maltese Jersey  courtesy of Andrea Neyses)