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Dog that fell off boat able to swim for two days to reach shoreline

What a surprise this week when a missing dog named Jolie, appeared on a beach in Aguilas near the southeast city of Murcia in Spain and was brought to the local police station by Good … Read More

Starving dog severely neglected and barely able to stand fighting for his life with love

At the Two Tailz Rescue in Roswell, Georgia, a three-year-old male dog weighing only 32 pounds, and half of his ideal weight, was rescued on Thursday after a rural shelter called out for help. Whoever … Read More

‘Rambo’ had a bad day in the dog park and now he is slated to die at NYC shelter

Rambo had a very bad day at the dog park recently. Although the friendly and active two-year-old pup had been used to playing in the park with other dogs present, something happened that day, and … Read More

Stray kitty in dire need of rescue: Scratched up and barely can walk

Sometimes we all have to reach out and help those who cannot help themselves. In this very sad situation, posted on social media by Broward Community Cats – TNR and Feral Cat Help Only, … Read More

‘Hellish conditions’ Man locked four dogs in hot shed without water

A Florida man was arrested and is facing charges after four dogs were found locked in a hot shed, without food or water, in conditions the Lee County sheriff referred to as “hellish.” According to … Read More

Bravest rescuers ever as they saved the life of a dog set on fire in Memphis

Just one week ago, in Memphis, Tennessee, fast acting Good Samaritans saved the life of a dog intentionally set on fire in the Nutbush community near Chelsea and Graham. It was the worst sight neighbors … Read More

Minneapolis City Council awards $150k settlement to family whose 2 dogs were shot by police

The Minneapolis City Council approved a $150,000 settlement payment to the family this week whose two dogs were shot by Minneapolis police in 2017. When Officer Michael Mays responded to a burglary alarm and entered … Read More

Flight attendant for Southwest Airlines uses his flight benefits to help blind and deaf senior pup

Patrick the Chihuahua, a nine-year-old blind and deaf pooch, had been abandoned by his heartless owner. His long list of health problems made it very difficult to find a new home, but fortunately Dallas Pets … Read More

Heartbreaking video of 5 pound emaciated dog begged a Texas rescue to help

Minka arrived at a Texas shelter fighting like a tiny warrior who wanted to live. The shelter administered intravenous fluids accompanied by injectable and oral antibiotics. She had been found by animal welfare officers as … Read More

Rescuers find five German shepherd puppies abandoned in rural area

On Sunday, five German shepherd puppies were discovered in a rural area of central Washington.

Adams County Pet Rescue stated that the puppies appear to have been abandoned:

Heather was headed home yesterday and found

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