Cat stowaway in delivery truck discovered during Virginia ice storm

In Falls Church, Virginia, a very friendly cat has an unusual tale to tell, and although she obviously can’t speak, her notoriety and the adorable “oohs and aahs” have endeared our hearts – even during … Read More

Young shepherd watches people passing by her shelter kennel trying to find her human

At the Harris County Pets Resource Center in Houston, Texas, a pretty young German shepherd watches everyone who passes by her shelter cage hoping to find her human. On February 11, Tart was picked up … Read More

Dogs with ice on their fur rescued from record freeze by Texas authorities

The Victoria County Sheriff’s Office rescued two dogs from record freezing temperatures in Texas on Monday morning. Deputies went out to the home on County Line Road and found that two dogs had been left … Read More

Shepherd thrown out of truck at gas station begged his family not to leave

At a Mobil gas station in Baytown, Texas, a German shepherd was dumped out of his family’s red truck. As the red truck waited for the traffic light to change to green, the dog ran … Read More

Public’s help needed at Manhattan animal shelter shut down due to Covid19

At New York City’s animal shelter in Manhattan, staff members have tested positive for Covid-19 causing the agency to temporarily shut down and plead for help from local animal rescues and citizens alike to care … Read More

Bonded dogs languished in home for weeks after owners committed suicide

In a tragic story that only gets worse, two bonded dogs at the Aurora Animal Shelter in Colorado need immediate help. Animal advocates and the miracle of social media might be their last hope out … Read More

Heartbreaking hoarder case finds dozens of animals living in misery

The Animal Rescue Corps received a request for help on Friday from Pointe Coupee Parish Animal Services in Louisiana with a neglect and hoarding case. Their mission was to extract the remaining animals and assist … Read More

‘Jabba the Hutt’ puggle lost half her weight to become more adoptable

At the Stark County Humane Society in Louisville, Kentucky, a severely overweight puggle, who weighed nearly twice her healthy body weight, became an Instagram star and found a new home. Vet tech Meredith Wille has … Read More

French philanthropist left 50 Russian museum cats money in his will for their care

In the basement of the State Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, a group of nearly 50 cats having been living there for centuries. Catherine the Great, the founder of the museum, designated the cats as … Read More

Extreme neglect yet this little pup holds no grudges as rescuers clean him up

At the Houston SPCA, the newest resident came in on Friday severely matted, urine soaked, flea-infested, underweight and with painful skin lesion as a result of his matted coat. His matting was so bad, … Read More