Kitten rescued after getting stuck on 12-story ledge

In Singapore, a lucky little kitten surely used up one of her nine-lives … and so soon when she jumped out of an open window and got stuck on a ledge 12-stories high.

According to the SPCA Singapore Facebook page, the kitten’s rescue was possible because a concerned person saw a kitten in a very precarious position.

“World Animal Day reminds us that we can make a difference with small acts of kindness such as reporting cases of animals in distress or creating a safe home for our pets,” the organization’s page posted to their followers.

Using a post with a rope that had been looped, it took a few tries, but the frightened, albeit extremely adorable kitten was soon safe. Just in case, the loop didn’t catch the tiny one, officers stood below with a blanket spread out. The SPCA in Singapore stressed that kittens and cats are naturally very curious animals, and they could easily fall out of an open window thinking they were going to chase a bird.

Hold your breath for a moment and check out the video:


Heartbroken traveler searches everyday for lost cat at LAX airport

When a lonely woman from Rome looked forward to beginning her new life in Costa Rica, an overnight layover at Los Angeles Airport drastically changed her fate when her constant companion and emotional support cat accidentally escaped from his travel kennel.  Jacky the lost cat

On June 14, Carla Tedeschi, 45, having  grieved over the recent loss of her mother, starting over with a new job presented exciting possibilities. Everything was set – her clothes and her memories were packed, and her therapy cat, Jacky, a brown tabby with the green and yellow piercing eyes, had been well prepared for the trip. He was micro-chipped, wore a blue plastic collar with a heart-shaped  charm engraved with his name and his owner’s phone numbers, and his travel passport was safely secured in Carla’s travel bag. Carefully placed in his travel crate for his first transcontinental flight, as Carla traveled from Rome to Costa Rica through a planned connection, an unexpected delay demanded  they all deplane and wait until the next morning to resume their trip to their new home.

Exhausted from her trip and speaking little English,  Carla’s nightmare began. When a taxi driver refused to help her with her large suitcases and the cat’s kennel and left her at the curb to fend for herself, she struggled to load her possessions onto an airport trolley. As she sat down at Terminal 7 (United Airlines) to  rest for a moment, Jacky’s carrier fell over, crashed to the ground and the frightened cat bolted. Jacky disappeared  in what seemed like a split second! Carla searched everywhere for Jacky, and as her emotions climbed to panic mode, stress took its toll; the woman suffered a seizure and was immediately rushed to the hospital.Carla Tedeschi

Nurses at the UCLA hospital assured Carla her cat was safe at a Los Angeles shelter and not to worry. All of her possessions were lost at the airport including her travel bag which had Jacky’s traveling papers. Carla believed the nurses and when released from the hospital headed to Costa Rica for followup medical therapy.

And as soon as she was physically able to return to Los Angeles, Carla came back to find Jacky. And for weeks, she has combed every shelter, every rescue and the airport calling for Jacky who she adopted from the streets in Rome. Many thanks to the Barbi twins for spreading the news. Many thanks to celebrities Morgan Fairchild and Joanna  Krupa for their love of cats and knowing how special the bonds of friendship can be with our feline companions; and not to forget the rescue organizations involved with Carla coordinating rescue efforts. In addition, thank you Sal LaBarbera, retired LA police officer and Mary Grady, media director for Los Angeles airports for tweeting about this heartbreaking story. Now if only Jacky could be found – a happy ending is what a tired woman deserves. Translated, Carla (and edited slightly for comprehension)  writes:

“Please help me to find my Jacky. Send an email to Maybe someone have seen this cat inside or outside the airport area. Or maybe some one adopt him from the shelters. I just want to know that my Jack is ok and still alive. Please help to realize what happen to my jacky. He is very beautiful cat and possibly somebody adopt him. Please give some information just to let me know my little Jacky is ok. Thanks everybody. And please halp me to looking for Jacky.”

The search continues – Carla has spent all of her money returning to Los Angeles and staying in motels, hoping for a miracle that Jacky is alive and well – even if someone adopted him. All she wants to  know is if her cat survived and he is fine.  For more information and how you can help find Jacky, contact (626) 524 5344. A $500 reward has been offered.

Please share Carla’ plight to find Jacky with rescue organizations, shelters, friends, family and social media contacts. Miracles do happen,  and sharing saves lives.

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(Photos courtesy of Sia Barbi)

Dozens of dog beds donated to lonely and sad shelter dogs

If you could ever could join me as I walk down the aisles of animal shelters, like me, you may not remember the color of their coat or if their ears stood up or flopped to one side, but I guarantee, you will never forget the sadness in their eyes as they watch and hope you will be the one person to become their new best friend.Homeless dog gets bed

And surely that is what infamous blogger, Stuart Edge felt last week when he arrived at the Janice R. Johnson Center for Animals in Deseret, Utah to volunteer at the shelter by walking the dogs and providing them with playtime – a small gesture everyone would enjoy. Before Edge headed off to the shelter, he called and asked what he could bring to lend the dogs some comfort,  while they waited patiently (some impatiently) waited for their new families. The staff explained how the dogs would enjoy some soft beds – after all most slept on hard concrete floors, as if being in a shelter wasn’t difficult enough to have to cope.

And with that, Edge garnered the support and attention of his friends – and off the group went to find dog beds – a lot of them! Filling up his car with fluffy beds, Edge and his squad of dog-loving volunteers made sure every dog was comfy. First it was playtime; the happy dogs couldn’t get outdoors quick enough. When that was over – even though it was time to return to their kennels, those fluffy beds made life at the shelter just a little bit more tolerable.

Spend five minutes and check it out. Your heart will smile! Follow the National Pet Rescue on Facebook.

K-9 tracking team search Pinelands for 87-year-old woman’s lost cat

Deep in the Pinelands of New Jersey, a four-year-old cat is still missing and military officials are using a K-9 tracking team to help in the search, reports Mokey the cat

In this very special situation, an 87-year-old woman was discovered last week in the backseat of her car deep in the forest, by soldiers from the Massachusetts Army National Guard who had been training at Joint Base Mcguire Dix-Lakehurst. It seems the woman, Jeannette Haskins of Little Egg Harbor had been on her way to visit family in Maryland when she became disoriented and ended up lost for three days. Fortunately, the elderly woman was able to collect rain water to drink during the 90 degree  heat wave. When found, Haskins was severely dehydrated, but she has since been reported to be doing better.

Of utmost importance to Jeannette is her lost gray and white tabby, Mokey, who had been traveling with her, and of course is her best friend. A volunteer pet detective, Bonnie Wagner-Westbrook is working with military officials and a K-9 tracking team to help find Mokey who was adopted two years ago from a shelter in South Jersey.

According to the Press of Atlantic City, it is now at a critical point as to how long the cat’s scent will be around and be useful in Mokey’s search.

“This is the perfect storm of a place to lose an animal; on a military base with no access, a desert/Pine Barrens environment, excessive heat. There is, fortunately, a stream nearby where the car was found,” stated Wagner-Westbrook.

Mokey is micro-chipped and  does have some street experience, so it is hoped he is found safe and able to rejoin Jeannette. The family is offering a reward. Anyone with information is asked to call 443.631.7157.

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Adoptable 5-year-old Lab faces death because shelters are full

Jazzy is everything good you hear about Labrador retrievers; her kindness even shows in her eyes. Tragically this five-year-old extremely adoptable dog faces euthanasia because the shelters are full, and there’s just no room to accommodate all of the dogs being surrendered, abandoned or mistreated. Jazzy the lab

On Saturday, July 30, Jazzy will be available for adoption through the San Bernardino City Shelter. Click here for her Pet Harbor listing. ID#A496219. “I am a female, black Labrador Retriever. Shelter staff think I am about 5 years old. I have been at the shelter since Jul 24, 2016.” For more information about this animal, call San Bernardino City Animal Control at (909) 384-1304.

Facebook pages for Jazzy can be found here or here. Please share Jazzy’s plight with approved rescue organizations, friends, family and social media contacts. Volunteers at the shelter do all they can to help every dog find their future, but your help is needed. Sharing saves lives. Come to the shelter and meet Jazzy – find out by interacting with this beautiful dog to see if she can become a part of your family. Don’t shop for your next canine companion – ADOPT.

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(Photo Save SBC Shelter Pups)

Senior Lab who served her owner faithfully as hunting dog lies heartbroken in high kill shelter

For all of her 12-years, Cammy served her master with loyalty and love. Trained as a hunting dog, Cammy never lost sight of her duties and proudly followed directions with the utmost pride. Then why, after a lifetime of devoted service, was she surrendered  on Monday to the Pasadena Animal Shelter? Cammy

Sadly, Cammy’s former owner gave no information about his dog; only that she had been a trained hunting dog. The circumstances as to why she was surrendered were not discussed, nor was there any information offered to help Cammy find a new family.

“I don’t know their circumstances the owners may have had no other choice, but I know she’s the sweetest girl and she needs our help now. I walked into the overflow area where the new comers are crates, and she was there laying heartbroken in a crate. Please network this girl and help me get her out of the shelter,” posted a volunteer on Cammy’s Facebook page.

Cammy is a 12-year-old black Labrador retriever trained as a hunting dog. She is spayed and there are no visible or obvious health issues; she is very sweet and well-behaved. According to volunteers, Cammy returned her crate without event being told. She loves attention too. It’s breaking volunteer’s heart that she may possibly spend her last days in a kill shelter.

If anyone can foster, adopt or pull please contact the Pasadena animal shelter at 5150 Burke Rd., Pasadena, TX 77504. 281-991-0602 ask for ID A122284

Storing dry pet food and making sure it’s safe

Our four-legged friends  are often thought of as part of our families, and of course we want their foods to be nutritious, safe and tasty. So what should be done to make sure Fido or Fluffy’s dry kibble is safe? After all, pet food is perishable, and once the bag is opened and oxygen seeps in, the product can quickly lose its integrity.

Iris 3 piece dog food storerBe cautious; just because an expiration date is written on the side or the bottom of a dog or cat food bag does not mean the food is good for a year. All of that just means it stays fresh as long as you haven’t opened the bag – remember natural dog foods that do not contain chemical  preservatives have a much shorter shelf life if not properly stored.

To begin, here are some suggestions of what NOT to do:

  • Upon opening the bag, do not leave it opened
  • Don’t let the bag or the food get wet; molds and mildews are dangerous to your pet’s health
  • Do not store dog food in the sunlight
  • Don’t mix the old food with the new food; use all of the old food first
  • Make sure to use the food within 45 days of opening the package

And now as to what To do:

  • Store all pet food in a cool, dry place away from the sun
  • Every time you replace pet food, make sure to carefully wash, rinse and dry the container to avoid contamination.
  • Store food in the original bag in an airtight container. If that isn’t possible, cut off expiration, lot and all ID#s just in case of a recall.

As to a favorite, the IRIS Airtight Pet Food Container Combo Kit tops the chart for storage.

“This stacking 3-piece combo includes a 33 and a 12 quart container and a matching 2-cup food scoop. Airtight seals keep dog food, cat food, bird seed, treats, etc. fresh and pest-free. Four rotating casters allow for easy movement around the kitchen or pantry.”

As a rule, I keep all of my dog’s food in the original bag which does take up more room, but keeps the fats and oils from settling in the bottom of the container and spoiling. The containers are made of a hard plastic which doesn’t scratch. Although it doesn’t come completely assembled, it takes just a few minutes to add  the casters and the tops. The casters make it convenient to  move around. I have another complete set in my back pantry which I use to store bird seed and food for the squirrels.

Buy the IRIS 3-Piece Airtight Pet Food Container Combo on for $19.66. Buying with this link on Amazon helps support Pet Rescue Report.

Tiny dog rescued from 121 degree vehicle

A Pomeranian was rescued from a hot car with temperatures recorded at 121 degrees on Thursday, after the dog’s owner left her in a vehicle while inside a medical facility, reports the Johnson City Press. Pomeranian rescued

Washington County/Johnson City Animal Control Officer Wayne Thomas had been called by authorities to check on the small dog after calls from concerned citizens. When the officer arrived at the scene, one window of the car was down about four inches. A thermometer placed inside the vehicle initially read 101 degrees, and as the officer took photos and documented the situation, the temperature rose to 121.

The dog’s owner, Blair S. Bays, 54, of W. Watauga Avenue, told the officer he had checked on his dog named Breezy, however Thomas had already been at the scene for a half-hour before Bays arrived.  Onlookers stated they had been standing by the car for ten to twenty minutes before Animal Control arrived and never saw Bays check on Breezy.

Thomas broke into the car and rescued Breezy who he described as lying on the seat panting with a dry tongue sticking out. A bystander offered a wet bandana to help cool the dog down, and Thomas put the overheated pooch into his air-conditioned vehicle.

“He was upset at what he’d done when I explained it,” Thomas said. “You’re basically microwaving your dog.”

Bays faces animal cruelty charges and is scheduled to appear in court on August 16. Bays was allowed to take Breezy home with him.

Leave your pets home in the summer.

(Photo screenshot via the Johnson City Press)


Owner orders 6-year-old shepherd euth’ed as dog cries and tries to follow family

UPDATE: Macadoodle has been adopted and is settling in with his new family. Many thanks to everyone who shared this dog’s story. Please consider putting the same effort into more dogs at risk.

Surrendered to the San Antonio Animal Care Services on Friday, the owners of a handsome six-year-old German shepherd requested their dog be euthanized because he had heartworms. Paddy Lepley Alexander Hearts broke at the shelter as volunteers and staff watched the dog cry as he desperately tried to follow his family out the door as they left. Even more tragic – the dog tested negative for heartworms.

The shelter has not evaluated the dog’s dispostion and have limited information since he just arrived. A Facebook thread hoping to help with his immediate rescue can be found here.

Owner surrenders requesting the dogs be euthanized are usually taken to the back and are killed immediately, so this poor pup doesn’t have much time. Please share his plight with approved rescue organizations, family, friends and social media contacts. If able to adopt or foster, contact Animal Care Services at (ACSRESCUE-FOSTER @ for more information about this lovely dog and to try to help him out of his predicament.

Make sure to reference A380736. He is being housed in Building 4.

(Photo courtesy of Paddy Lepley Alexander)

Boxer adopts orphaned bird after it fell out of its nest

In Kent, England, a woman’s rather adorable but goofy Boxer has developed a bond with an orphaned bird that fell out of tree in the garden of his home. rusty the gentle giant cover

On a Facebook page called Rusty the Gentle Giant, the dog’s owner Jurgita Peciulaityte, recounts the bond the bird named “Birdie” and Rusty have forged together. The pair have become inseparable since the day Rusty found the tiny bird while Jurgita had been in her woodworking shop.

“I heard him barking excitedly like he had found a cat, and discovered he was looking at this little bird which had fallen out of its nest,” described Jurgita to the KentOnline. “As soon as I approached, the bird opened its beak so I found some earthworms which it gobbled down.” Rusty the gentle giant 3

Although Birdie is too young to fly, it hops onto Rusty’s back when the dog is lying down. And when Rusty stands up to see if Birdie is on his back, the happy-go-lucky pooch goes round and round. Rusty the gentle giant 2

“Rusty is very gentle and caring and doing a great job,” describes Jurgita, “but he is no help with digging for worms. He will be one sad puppy when the birdie flies the nest.”

Sadly all of Birdie’s brothers and sisters had flown away, and there had been no sign of the mother, but that doesn’t seem to be a problem. Day#9 of Birdie’s and Rusty’s friendship included:

“We practice going outside, perching up on different things and a bit more flying 🙂. Hope that Birdie will memorize the route to our porch, and if he needs food after leaving he will find some in there, left special for him.  As alway Rusty keeps a close eye on him 🙂 xx”Rusty the gentle giant 5

Stay tuned as Birdie gets ready to fly.