Pregnant pup ‘dumped in a dump’ in the middle of the desert

In the Redlands of California, a tiny and heavily pregnant dog had literally been “dumped in a dump” in the middle of the desert. How does a dog cry out for help? How does a … Read More

Man arrested for slamming mother dog forcefully to the ground

An Oregon man was arrested over the the weekend for allegedly slamming a mother dog “forcefully” to the ground. As reported by KCBY News, the cruel incident was captured on video and shows 29-year-old … Read More

Dog tied up stuffed in sack and dumped in trash rescued

A disturbing discovery by a Good Samaritan on Tuesday fortunately resulted in the rescue of a little dog. The yellow mixed breed pooch had been tied up, stuffed in a sack and dumped into a … Read More

Bonded pair abandoned by their owner in midst of Coronavirus pandemic

In the crowded city of Chicago, two bonded dogs found comfort with each other after their owner most likely abandoned them in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic. The two were picked up by officers … Read More

Puppy with multiple skull fractures found suffering in a dumpster

On Sunday, a Good Samaritan heard a dog whimpering from a dumpster in a back alley. When he went over to investigate where the crying had been, the man was shocked and heartbroken. A 25-pound … Read More

Dog left muzzled and tied to tree with note owner needed to help his mom

A beautiful dog was left muzzled and tied to a tree in central Florida after having been abandoned by his owner on Thursday evening. The Pittie Party of Central Florida, a non profit rescue organization, … Read More

Family’s dog found decapitated on train tracks – teens sought in cruelty investigation

Police in Fort Payne, Alabama, are investigating a case of animal cruelty involving a dog who was found decapitated on  train tracks. In a release, the authorities recounted what is known about the alleged crime, … Read More

Woman caught on video performing sex acts with her dog arrested

In Osceola Mills, Pennsylvania, a woman and her estranged boyfriend have been charged with animal cruelty after a video caught the woman performing sex acts with her dog.

According to WjactvNews, another woman contacted … Read More

Social media ‘TikTok’ filled with content featuring animal cruelty

A popular social media site in China “TikTok” displays youngsters and unknown cruel adults  punching dogs and slapping cats to music; the sick content no longer a place to watch silly dance challenges and lip-syncing … Read More

Chinese community offers cash rewards to residents for killing stray pets

In the  southern Chinese community of Dongguan in the Guangzhou Province, officials offered residents a reward, equal to $28, for killing any stray dog or unleashed pet during the coronavirus outbreak.

“We’ll reward people who

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