FedEx driver runs over family’s 13-year-old dog and drives away

In Caddo Mills, Texas, a FedEx driver pulled up to a family’s home to drop off a package, hit the 13-year-old dog with her vehicle, got out to check the front of the truck for … Read More

Man, dog asleep in subway station stabbed during altercation

In Chelsea, Manhattan, a man and his dog asleep on a bench at the subway station, were stabbed early Wednesday morning. The victim, Anthony Alexander, a 34-yeaar-old homeless man had been in an argument with … Read More

Puppy violently thrown across room at Los Angeles dog boutique

In the Fairfax District of Los Angeles, an incident on Wednesday showing an employee of a dog boutique grabbing a rambunctious dog and violently throwing him across the room, has animal lovers irate. The disturbing … Read More

Update: Owner arrested for starving Wisconsin dog

The owner of a severely starving dog in Wisconsin, found in a rural area in the Town of Sherman earlier this month, was arrested late Monday evening. According to a statement by the Humane Society … Read More

Some horrible person dumped terrified and pregnant dog in dumpster

On Tuesday morning a terrified, pregnant dog was discovered sitting in a dumpster in the Houston area. What kind of horrible person could be so heartless animal advocates have been asking all morning.

“Oh No!

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Three-month-old puppy recovering after being lit on fire with blowtorch

In Paterson, New Jersey, a three-month-old puppy is recovering after reportedly having been lit on fire with a blowtorch. A witness stated he discovered the tiny pit bull puppy and another dog lit on fire … Read More

Dog pushed and twisted into a crate dumped on side of road

Early Sunday evening, a woman spotted a dog dumped in a crate in Anson County, North Carolina. The dog could not walk or stand, and he desperately cried out in pain hoping someone – anyone … Read More

Puppy dumped at Texas kill shelter and this is the only life she knows

A 10-month-old puppy was dumped at a Texas kill shelter; clearly neglected this is likely the only life she has ever known. When a desperate plea for help went out on social media, Rescue Dogs Read More

‘Don’t turn away’: Phoenix is real and now safe from his horrors

In Collinsville, Oklahoma, a stray dog was captured on Saturday morning. Sadly, the dog dubbed Phoenix is real; he is a heartbreaking picture of extreme animal abuse and neglect.

According to the Skiatook Paws & Read More

Mississippi dog fighter sentenced to nine years in prison

In Adams County, Mississippi, a man was found guilty on Thursday of felony dog fighting. Tommie Queen had been accused of nine counts of dog fighting; a jury found him guilty on three counts.

According … Read More