Update on Houston street dog who tried to be invisible because most people tried to hurt him

Every day a street dog in Cleveland, Texas would hide in the rocky areas and try to find a place to lie down and sleep while remaining alert enough to fend off predators. He would … Read More

Rescuers save 53 dogs from the back of an illegal slaughter truck in Indonesia moments before they were to be killed

Rescuers in Indonesia reported hearing dogs whimpering inside of a transport truck as they approached the vehicle on Wednesday morning. Further investigation found dogs trapped in hessian sacks – most with their mouths tied shut … Read More

Dog recovering after someone beat him and dumped him with other deceased animals found in trash bags

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Neglected dog, found shivering on the end of the chain, has been rescued and needs a loving home

A neglected dog, found on the end of a chain, shivering in the cold in Muskegon, Michigan, has been rescued and now she is in need of a loving home. Pound Buddies took part in … Read More

Rescued ‘Sunny’ is only a two- year-old and this is what months of neglect caused

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Man charged for throwing and punching Rottweiler puppy, causing injuries

A man in Hamburg, New York, is facing a charge of aggravated animal cruelty for allegedly throwing and beating a four-month-old Rottweiler puppy. The man is identified as 28-year-old Kyle Ribarich – he allegedly threw … Read More

Three-month-old puppy shot in her back discovered by homeowner hiding in flower bed

In Sanford, North Carolina, a homeowner discovered a three-month-old puppy suffering from two gunshot wounds in her back and shoulder last week in his garden. The injured puppy was partially paralyzed – a bullet had … Read More

Emergency help needed: Rescuers left ‘speechless’ at heartbreaking surrender to Texas shelter of 15-year-old dog named ‘Lucky’

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Shepherd left chained for weeks survived on acorns falling from the tree above

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Henrico County man arrested for hitting and kicking German shepherd after disturbing treatment caught on video

In Henrico County, Virginia, a neighbor videoed a disturbing animal cruelty situation involving a German shepherd being hit and kicked multiple times by a man. The dog could be heard yelping which prompted an immediate … Read More