Celebrity animal activist accused of staging dog slaughterhouse videos

A Los Angeles animal activist has been accused of staging egregious dog killings in slaughterhouse videos in Indonesia, Cambodia and other places in Asia. Marc Ching, the founder of Animal Hope & Wellness Foundation, … Read More

Stray mother dog feeding her puppies stabbed in random act of cruelty

In the town of Jinjang, located in Malaysia, authorities are investigating a disturbing act of animal cruelty. The Malaysia Animal Association reported a stray mother dog nursing her newborn puppies had been stabbed to death … Read More

Dog abuse video sparks worldwide outrage

A video that was played and shared  countless times on Facebook has caused worldwide outrage and a demand for action. The video shows a dog named Peanut being scolded  and tortured by his owner Wesley … Read More

Man shot German shepherd twice ‘to shut him up now’

In Spalding County, Georgia, a man drove to a neighbor’s home and shot at a German shepherd three times – hitting the dog twice and saying “maybe that will shut him up now.” The two … Read More

Terribly neglected little dog needs immediate help in NYC

At the New York City Animal Care Center, a little dog arrived Monday morning at the shelter. His terribly neglected appearance indicates he needs help immediately. He has not been evaluated or examined by the … Read More

Trailer and all – family moved away dog left behind due to be euth’ed

In Monahans, Texas a dog’s family moved away – trailer and all and decided to leave their dog behind. Currently the sweet dog is at the county shelter, but if not rescued or placed in … Read More

Authorities fear dog tied with heavy chain thrown into lake alive

A dog discovered with a “large, heavy chain” was found dead in a lake in Basildon, Essex, England. The deceased dog was found by a worker for the city at Northlands Park one week ago.… Read More

Man accused of setting house on fire and forcing dogs into burning room

An East Ridge, Tennessee man faces animal cruelty charges after authorities suspect he set a house on fire and forced two dogs into a burning bedroom. Dustin Matthew Sneed was arrested on Thursday and has … Read More

Dog rescued after cruel owner watched his dog hanging from tree

A viral video posted this week on social media showed the disturbing details of a man standing on the side of a road torturing his dog in Malaysia. The dog had been tied with a … Read More

Couple in Yucatan rescue puppy tied up and abandoned in an old bag

In Temax, Yucatan, a couple had been traveling along a country road when they spotted a moving bag in the middle of the road on the outskirts of town. The Good Samaritans were sure there … Read More