Dog’s front paws missing in ‘horrific’ animal abuse case

In Spring, Texas, a dog named Liberty had been up for adoption from the Montgomery County Animal Shelter; her front paws were missing. The staff at the shelter had hoped her handicap had been the result of a birth defect. She had been picked up as a stray in Porter; no owner has been identified. On Thursday, the Texas Animal Society, who stepped forward to help Liberty find a home and foster her, released the news that the dog’s “horrific” injuries had been from abuse.

Liberty’s treating veterinarians stated the dog was in  a”very poor emaciated condition.” The rescue posted her update on their Facebook page:

“Our vet stewed over her all day and decided he better do x rays. The news is as horrific as we imagined. It is not a birth defect. She was either amputated, hit by a car and drug, injured and chew. He was only 100% sure, this was abuse.

There may be an amputation involved and positive at least one prosthesis required.”

Liberty is no more than one-year-old. In her favor, the dog is heartworm negative and even though she has open wounds all over her body, treatment with antibiotics, wound care and special booties will make her more comfortable.

“Liberty is quiet and subdued and has been neglected in the basics of care. Time will hopefully heal her mind and body.
Liberty will stay at the Vets office today and will be bathed, cleaned up and her wounds will be treated and cared for. Tonight she will go home with her foster Mum and start recovery.
The care of liberty will take time and be ongoing, she will need either a specialty wheelchair or prosthetic limbs made especially for her needs.”

To donate to Liberty’s care and her future needs in order to help this dog live a better life than her horrible past, donations can be made by clicking here.

(Photos courtesy of Texas Animal Society, Christi Watson Fauver, Alicia Segari)

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Text message depicting abused dog sparks a firestorm of controversy

A text message sent in error to the wrong recipient has started a firestorm of controversy nationwide and has concerned animal lovers questioning the actions or lack thereof of the Palestine, Texas police department. According to a story posted in the Palestine Herald on May 15, 2017, a Facebook posting depicting a dog bound around the mouth and legs with duct tape went viral sparking outrage.  It was also stated in the Herald that the person sending the text message worked for the Palestine Independent School District.

It all started when an unknown male received a text message from an unrecognized sender showing the dog bound to a small wooden post.  According to animal activists, this is an antiquated method to force one animal to breed with another. Upon further research, the phone number where the photo originated is registered to Eugene Carr.

Carr’s name has been linked to multiple sites on Google offering breeder pit bulls. On October 8, 2016 Eugene Carr advertised a breeder dog. Alongside the advertisement was a photo showing a fawn colored female pit bull restrained to a similar wooden post with a male dog behind her. In April of 2016, a similar post offered stud services via a male pit bull for $700.00. The name was Carr, and the contact number was the same.

Palestine interim Police Chief John Herod declined to confirm the name of the suspects, only stating it was an ongoing investigation of possible animal cruelty. The Palestine Independent School District also stated on its website that it is investigating one of their employees in connection with the case. In their public statement, they disclosed that one of their employees was allegedly engaging in animal cruelty through improperly breeding dogs and evidence of this was sent via a text message.   Although the claim is not school-related, it does involve a school employee, and they will investigate the situation thoroughly. In the interim, the employee whose name was not disclosed has been relieved of their duties.

Animal advocate Lola Olive has been following the case since it first appeared on Facebook. When voicing her concerns to the Palestine Police Department, she received the following response:

“The case is still being investigated. It is not over, yet. You stated that the Carrs were infamous for ‘exploiting dogs’. Do you have more evidence than the original post’s single picture? If there is more information than the original Facebook post that you have, would you mind sharing it? The original poster has ignored our attempts to contact him/her and since deleted the original post. We have been investigating what we can in our jurisdiction and have contacted other agencies that have been investigating this case as well. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.”

This author has also reached out to the Palestine Police Department and interim Chief Herod but has not yet received a response. Concerned citizens can contact the Palestine Police Department at 903-729-2254 and ask them to investigate Eugene Carr, his wife and their friends.








Dog thrown out of car on busy expressway

On Friday, June 3rd, 2017 a traveling motorist witnessed two African-American males throw a small dog out of their car on the East/West expressway in Orlando, Florida. The witness was very shaken by what she had seen and contacted the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, who in turn contacted Orange County Animal Control. Unfortunately, she was unable to get the tag number of the vehicle.

According to Animal Control, an officer responded but could not find the dog. Yet, over the course of several days more calls went into the Sheriff’s Office advising of a small black and tan dog roaming around the expressway. A deputy sheriff also went in search of the dog, but once again the pooch evaded rescue.

On Monday, June 5th, 2017, two Good Samaritans, Cathy Wagner and Jennifer Carr decided to look for the dog. Both ladies are staunch animal advocates and active in the animal rescue world.  After searching up and down the expressway in the vicinity where the dog was seen, with no results, they were about to give up. Jennifer then saw the dog peeking out from an area overgrown with weeds and bushes.  The dog was terrified and shaking badly. Luring her out with treats, Cathy and Jennifer were able to pick her up and place her in their vehicle. They rushed the dog to the vet where it was discovered she was approximately and year and a half old, had recently given birth and had one of her canine teeth missing. She was also extremely undernourished and emaciated. The vet and the two rescuers hypothesized that the dog was either used for fighting or breeding, and when she no longer served her purpose she was thrown from the vehicle in hopes of killing her.

Cathy and Jennifer named the dog Willow since she was found in an area overgrown with brush. Today Willow has gotten over her fear of humans and is a loving, affectionate dog whose tail is always wagging. She gets along okay with other dogs but not cats.  She has been vaccinated, spayed and is heart-worm negative. Willow is currently in a foster home, but she cannot stay there because she has already gone after two of the cats. She does, however get along with the Bernese Mountain Dog she shares the home.

If you can help Willow have a better chance at life, please contact and put “Willow” in the subject line.

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Woman operates on her dog with a kitchen knife because she couldn’t afford vet

A woman from Iowa faces animal neglect and cruelty charges after authorities accused her of performing surgery on her dog with a kitchen knife in her living room because she was not able to afford veterinarian charges. Sarah Diane McMenamin, 26, has been charged with animal neglect causing serious injury or death to her dog.

According to the WtaeNews,  McMenamin had taken her dog to Iowa State University VetMed after the dog became very ill. Doctors told McMenamin her dog had an obstruction and needed immediate surgery, and without the operation, the dog might need to be humanely euthanized. The surgery estimate was $2,000; the woman stated she didn’t have the money. On June 1, she arranged to have her dog euthanized at a different clinic, but never showed up for the appointment. Veterinarians became worried the dog wasn’t getting the needed help and informed police asking them to do a welfare check on the dog.

When police arrived at the Arbor Street home, McMenamin told authorities that she performed surgery that morning to remove the obstruction from her dog using a paring knife and tongs. She said she did not think the dog had an obstruction, but that the dog might have consumed rat poison, and she wasn’t able to afford the vet costs. And why did McMenamin think she could operate on her dog successfully? The woman told police she grew up on a farm castrating pigs and thought she could safely perform the operation. Police reported McMenamin had caused “unjustified pain, distress or suffering” resulting in the death of her dog.

McMenamin is currently free on $1,000 bond and is scheduled to appear in court on Monday. If found guilty of the charges, she faces the maximum of a year in prison.

Rest in peace poor dog. What a horrible death you must have suffered.

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James: Dog with head crushed on one side rescued from south Texas shelter

James is the heartbreaking case of a dog who has suffered far too much during his very short life, but animal cruelty has no limits. Sadly few of the criminals are ever punished and even fewer are ever arrested. And so this defenseless pint sized pup was rescued from a high kill south Texas shelter by Rescue Dogs Rock NYC who received a call from shelter volunteers who had been present when James had been brought in with a swollen eye and his head crushed in on one side.

No one knows what happened to this dog, but he was quickly whisked off to the organization’s partner veterinarian hospital where he was given emergency medical treatment to stabilize his condition. James has since been transferred to New York City where he remains in the hospital under constant care. Diagnostic testing has revealed blunt force trauma to his head causing the skull fracture that literally collapsed part of his head as well as inflicting trauma to his eye. Sadly, his eye had to be removed.

In addition, James will need surgery on his hind leg as he limps when he walks; all of this abuse and poor James is only two years old and weighs ten pounds.

“The suffering he has endured is unimaginable,” Stacey Silverstein, co-founder of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC posted on the organization’s Facebook page Thursday morning. “We need your help to give James everything he needs and deserves to bring him one day to a place of health and well-being. Right now he will remain at our New York veterinary hospital indefinitely.

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Police investigate heinous cruelty crime after Chihuahua suffered severe burns

In Cache, Oklahoma, police are asking for the public’s help finding the person(s) responsible for the severe burns a tiny Chihuahua suffered after she disappeared from her yard on Tuesday evening. According to the department’s Facebook page, a $250 reward has been offered by CrimeStoppers for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the culprit.

The owner states she let her two dogs out for a quick bathroom break, and ten minutes later heard one of the dogs yelping as if she was in pain. The woman hurried to the backyard and couldn’t find her three-year-old Chihuahua named Pixie. She left her yard, searched the area and finally found the little dog on her front step suffering from severe burns over one-third of her body. The dog was quickly rushed to an emergency veterinarian, and police were notified. Sentiments about the disturbing animal cruelty crime were offered on the police department’s Facebook:

“The fact that anyone would do such an evil and nasty thing to a small innocent dog, is nothing more than the definition of evil. If you have any information regarding this case, please contact the Cache Police Department immediately. Like and Share this post to get the word around! This is a felony, immoral and a heinous crime, and we will catch whomever is responsible.”

Tragically, Pixie died Friday morning. Authorities have interviewed individuals and persons of interest. They will continue to investigate until this crime is solved. The incident took place in the 700 block of North 4th Street in Cache. Anyone interested in donating to the reward, please contact the Cache City Hall at 580-429-3354.

Rest in peace Pixie. We hope you find justice.

(Photo of Chihuahua suffering severe burns courtesy of Cache Police Department)

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Good Samaritans make heartbreaking discovery: Two infected, neglected dogs left alone

The Grant County Animal Shelter is asking for the public’s help identifying the owner of two infected, neglected dogs left alone and found by Good Samaritans on Wednesday. The dogs were rushed to a veterinarian where emergency medical care treatment was started for their painful wounds and mange. 

“We would like to know what kind of human being allows this to occur to innocent animals? If this is not neglect/animal cruelty- than we don’t know what animal cruelty is,” the shelter posted on their Facebook page. These two dogs were brought in yesterday as strays and were taken to a veterinarian and he has never seen a case this bad in his whole career. This didn’t happen over night and these dogs have suffered unimaginably! They wail in pain if you touch their skin, they have open sores, and are in horrible condition!

The vet doesn’t even know if they can be saved because their condition is so grave, but they are being treated, and we are trying to do the very best for them.”

According to WlwtNews, Animal Control Officer Pat Michaels, worries that the dogs, who might be Cocker Spaniels may not survive. Describing the pups, Michaels stated:

“His skin looked like it was made of stone and the other dog, which was a female, if you reached out to touch her, she would just scream. It sounded like a banshee screaming,”

On Thursday, the rescue group, Recycled Doggies stepped up to help the Grant County Animal Shelter who has limited funds. Both dogs, now dubbed Andy and Annie have been placed in foster care; both dogs suffer from extreme cases of mange and other skin infections as well as malnutrition and overall neglect. 

“They are safe tonight in one of our foster homes where they got soft blankets and yummy food and will learn what it’s like to be loved and taken care of,” the rescue group posted after naming the two dogs. “They’re a bit uncertain right now about their new lives and they’re very uncomfortable due to the condition they are in, but they’re on medication and we hope they will be on the mend very soon. We don’t know their breed yet – one guess was Cocker spaniel, but it’s impossible to tell. Annie weighs 12 pounds and Andy weighs 14 pounds, but they are both underweight.”

And for the first time in a long time, both dogs have comfortable beds, ate their dinners and took their medication. To help with their care, please click here.

Anyone with information about the dogs is asked to call police or the shelter at 859-824-9403. To donate to the Grant County Animal Shelter and replenish their funds in order to help the next serious case of neglect and abuse, please click here.

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(Photos via Grant County Animal Shelter and Recycled Doggies)

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Shocking abuse: Dog sexually assaulted with broom handle

In Arlington, Virginia veterinarians are sharing the details of  what happened to a beagle mix, and how she was assaulted with a broom handle, one of the worst cases of animal abuse and cruelty they have ever seen. When Homeward Trails Animal Rescue decided to tell the story of a recently rescued dog from a shelter in Isle of Wight County, the organization didn’t want to do it for the shock value; instead as a message of compassion and kindness helping those who cannot help themselves:

 “We brace ourselves for sad stories in this work. We try to move through that part and get to the part where we get to balance that equation with outstanding love and care. Like Mr. Rogers used to tell his preschool viewers, ‘When you see something really scary on the news, look for the helpers. There are always helpers.’ Well. The story of the abuse of Huggles is a very disturbing one, and we are sorry to have to tell it to you. But we need to be the helpers.”

And so when Huggles came into the shelter in mid June, she had been in pain and appeared to have had a uterine infection. Veterinarians spayed her and started her on a series of antibiotics, and even though for the short time she improved, it wasn’t long before her condition worsened. When her foster mom noticed Huggles had been bleeding heavily from her vulva and had become listless, she consulted with the rescue’s partner veterinarian.

Shocking news! Radiographs performed showed the dog had been assaulted with a broom handle; the plastic part of the handle had broken off inside of her causing a “horrific infection.”

“There is no other explanation for the internal damage the vets saw, and the handle inside this dog,” posted Homeward Trails Animal Rescue on their Facebook page. “It is hard to live in a world where people do this kind of thing. And we can all just crumple to the floor and give up. Or we can give into rage. Or we can make the only sustaining choice, the only choice that makes it possible to keep going: We can be the helpers.”

Fortunately Huggles was treated in time, and now she is on the road to a healthy recovery. There has been no information about the person responsible for the heinous deed. Huggle had been brought into the shelter as a stray. A $200 reward has been offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person(s) involved.

Although there have been a few people on social media suggesting the dog’s story was too disturbing to post on social media, Homeward Trails Animal Rescue stated they appreciated the feedback, however while needing to raise the necessary funding for the dog’s expensive surgery and her aftercare, also on the agenda was making the public more aware of promoting efforts for stricter penalties for animal abuse and cruelty.

“Unless people are aware of actual incidents such as this one, they may not feel efforts to promote stricter penalties are worthwhile. And sadly, if we are to help these animals over choosing to euthanize them due to costs, we must rely on our wonderful, understanding supporters who make it all possible. And we do take great care not to post graphic photos that most would find offensive, including in this particular case. And sadly, we had many graphic photos.”

Get well soon Huggle. As soon as veterinarians give this dog a clean bill of health, she will be available for adoption.

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Staten Island man kicks 8-month-old Yorkie down flight of stairs

An allegedly drunk Staten Island man who kicked a defenseless eight-month-old Yorkshire terrier down a flight of stairs was indicted on Wednesday for animal cruelty. Michael McNicholas, 24, was arrested on May 18 at his home at the Emerson Hill Apartments after witnesses stated he kicked the puppy named Banana down the stairs.

According to the Daily News, McNicholas now faces aggravated cruelty to animals and torturing and injuring animals. When authorities arrived, McNicholas told them he had been drinking because he was upset it had been the anniversary of his mother’s death.

“I kicked the dog and it flew across the stairs into the wall,” he told police about the incident.

Tragically Banana suffered fatal injuries including traumatic brain injury, eye hemorrhages, rib and hip fractures, multiple liver lacerations and multiple contusions. The puppy was humanely euthanized despite veterinary efforts to save her at the South Shore Animal Hospital.

McNicholas was free on $1,000 bond.

(Photo of Staten Island pup kicked down the stairs by his owner courtesy of Richmond County District Attorney)

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