Six-week-old puppy tossed out of car window

A six-week-old puppy was witnessed being tossed out of a car window in Georgia on Friday. Fortunately, a Good Samaritan stopped and scooped the tiny puppy up from the road before she was hit by … Read More

UPDATE: Man arrested for dumping husky on side of road in Texas

In Horizon City, Texas, the video of a young husky was captured by a witness who noticed a dog had been being dragged by a leash along the side of a vehicle while it was … Read More

Man in China accused of starving dog, then beating him nearly to death with an iron bar

A man in China is accused of locking a dog in a cage and withholding food for days – in desperation, the dog broke free from the cage, and after killing a chicken in an … Read More

Florida man caught on video kicking and dragging 5-month-old puppy

A man from New Smyrna Beach was arrested on Tuesday and charged with felony animal cruelty after cell phone video showed the man kicking and dragging a malamute-mix puppy.

According to Click Orlando, Danny Brandner, … Read More

Fake rescue groups are a danger to animals and society

Fake rescue groups are a danger to the welfare of many abandoned animals. Sadly, there has been an upsurge in investigations of “self-proclaimed rescues.” These rescues are often charged with hoarding, unacceptable living conditions, neglect … Read More

Heartless jerk shot dog in the face with an arrow

It is not known who the heartless jerk is that shot an arrow through the face of a two-year-old dog running loose in Houston on Friday morning.

According to the Houston Humane Society,  the … Read More

Abandoned pup found floating and struggling in lake in desert area of Terra Lago

In the desert area of Terra Lago, an abandoned dog was spotted floating and struggling  in a lake trying desperately to stay afloat and get to the shore. A Good Samaritan spotted him and called … Read More

Dog severely injured after being tethered to bumper and dragged behind vehicle

A dog in Gallatin County, Montana, suffered severe injuries after being tied to the bumper of a car and dragged an estimated half mile. On July 15, Gallatin County officials issued a news release about … Read More

Woman tried to lure Asian man’s dog into busy street because he wasn’t leashed

A video posted on Reddit went viral on social media this week. The footage recorded a woman in New York City trying to lure a dog out onto a busy highway because the pet was … Read More

Boston terrier killed on walk after off-leash shepherds attacked

The Jefferson Police Department IA responded to a dog attack on Monday afternoon. When authorities arrived, they met with a woman who had been walking her Boston terrier on a leash when two off-leash German … Read More