Help emergency at Berkeley Animal Center highlights critical need for foster homes and adoptions

At the Berkeley Animal Center in Moncks Corner, South Carolina, there is a critical need for foster home parents and/or adoptions. On Friday, volunteer and pet photographer Jeanne Taylor posted a photo highlighting the plight … Read More

Bill in Florida would classify dogs as dangerous based on behavior and not on breed

In Tallahassee, Florida, a bill in the Florida House of Representatives would change how dogs are classified when determining if they are to be deemed dangerous. Instead of dogs being classified as dangerous because of … Read More

Ex-marine and founder of sanctuary for stray animals in Afghanistan authorized to move 200 animals and staff out of country

During his deployment with the British Royal Marines in 2006, Paul “Pen” Farthing began an animal rescue after breaking up a fight between two dogs in the town of Nawzad. One of the dogs followed … Read More

Abandoned shivering and terrified dog left tied to railing at vet office

At the Dewitt Animal Hospital in Syracuse, New York, an employee discovered an abandoned dog left tied to the railing of the veterinarian hospital on Wednesday morning. The poor dog was cold, shivering and terrified.… Read More

Don’t blame the big dogs all the time: Letting small dogs off leash too often

In an open letter to a dog owner who allowed her five-pound YorkiePoo to run off leash coming back from the beach on Sunday, should act as a reminder to pet owners to be responsible … Read More

11-year-old friendly dog dumped at shelter for no reason

Butter the dogIt was the 4th of July as families and friends gathered together to celebrate; that is except for Butter. The 11-year-old Chinese Sharpei was surrendered to the Carson Animal Care Center without even a reason. … Read More

Dogs 101: Blue green algae and the risk to your dog


T809954178c50bb1c3e32a2dd691aab06here aren’t many dogs who don’t enjoy a day at the water. Bounding after a stick or ball, splashing, swimming…in general having a blast in the great outdoors. The possibility of a lurking … Read More

Dogs 101: What to expect from your newly adopted dog


You did the right thing – you adopted a dog from a rescue or a shelter. You have bought all of the wonderful dog toys and treats and the best food and your expectations for … Read More