Cruel owner dragged Eliza out of his truck and abandoned her

In Pendleton, South Carolina, authorities with the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office Animal Control Division are asking for the public’s help identifying the person who dragged Eliza out of a truck on McMurtrey Road in Pendleton.… Read More

Senior dog, shaking on floor of kennel, waits to be saved

A senior dog, 12 years of age, shakes on the floor of his kennel run at the Riverside County Animal Control facility in California. The Queensland Heeler, known by his ID#A1519767, has been at the … Read More

Sweet old boy continues to wait for a home of his own

A sweet, old boy in a busy California animal control facility is patiently waiting for a home of his own. His name is Rex and he was recently transferred from the Downey Animal Care Center … Read More

Help: Gentle soul Liam found wandering the streets of Houston

Meet Liam; he’s only a puppy and found wandering the streets of Houston in the most heartbreaking condition.

“His skin is itchy, red and inflamed. His face is covered in scabs. His paws are so

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Dog mom of 10 puppies shot twice before she was surrendered

In Franklin, Massachusetts, a new dog mom of 10 puppies had been shot twice in Alabama while she was pregnant. When surrendered to a shelter, the Alabama veterinarians discovered she was pregnant.

Fortunately some good … Read More

Beautiful girl thought she had a home, but adopter returned her citing ‘responsibility’

A beautiful girl, just five years of age, thought she had a home when she was adopted earlier this month from the Riverside County Animal Control agency in California. The shepherd mix, dubbed Sasha PierceRead More

Young dog just wants to play, but he is out of time and on the list to be put down

A young dog, just over a year of age, loves to play, but he is locked away in a kennel run at a busy California animal control agency and he is out of time. According … Read More

Anniversary marks 2 years that dog has been at shelter – half of his life!

On Sunday, the Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter acknowledged an anniversary that nobody was celebrating…two years that Wilson has been homeless. The four-year-old dog has spent half of his life at a shelter…waiting for someone … Read More

Desperate situation – young dog sick and in need of help at busy animal control

A young dog at a busy California animal control agency is in desperate need of help – the two year old Belgian malinois is sick and he needs to be rescued. The dog, known only … Read More

To my family: ‘Don’t you care I am dying today at a shelter?’

A family dog’s final hours are spent sitting in his kennel – invisible and hidden from the public. Panko is dying today.

“Why mom and dad? Why don’t you care I’m going to die in

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