Abandoned pup hid in the railroad tracks as train passed over him

A very clever Jack Russel terrier had been abandoned at the railroad tracks and dutifully waited for his owner to return. The five-year-old pup, now named Coco by the staff at the West Los Angeles … Read More

First she was neglected and then Roxy was no longer wanted

At the Carson Shelter in California, Roxy is not doing well. The 10-year-old German shepherd appears to be overweight, and her nails are so long she now has difficulty walking.


A volunteer at the … Read More

Blind shepherd in danger after adopter returned him to animal control agency

A blind shepherd is at risk of losing his life after his adoptive owner decided to return him to a busy California animal control agency. The senior German shepherd, Oliver, was adopted almost two weeks … Read More

Update: Nola’s loyalty betrayed and now she needs our help

It was just 24-hours ago when Nola’s viral photo told her heartbreaking story. It was when the  scared senior arrived at St. Landry Animal Rescue in a wire cage in the back of an open … Read More

Owner said she was ‘vicious’ and needed to die at shelter

At the Orangeburg County Animal Control and Shelter, Star was surrendered. The terrified dog trembled and even may have understood what her owner told the staff.

‘”This dog needs to be euthanized… it’s vicious.”‘ Yep…

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Family returns dog adopted as a puppy to the same shelter – now he is heartbroken

A dog is heartbroken and confused after the family he has lived with since he was a puppy decided to surrender him back to the same shelter where he was originally adopted from. On Thursday, … Read More

Loyal senior dog trusted her owner – only to be left at shelter

When a picture is worth a thousand words, Nola’s heartbreaking story has already been told. On Thursday, the scared senior arrived at St. Landry Animal Rescue. She arrived in a wire cage in the back … Read More

Surrendered senior shepherd – he desperately wants out of shelter

A senior German shepherd, surrendered this month by his owner, desperately wants out of the busy animal shelter where he has been held since January 11. The nine-year-old dog, named Milo, could use some … Read More

Elderly dog waits to be noticed inside busy animal control facility

An elderly dog, 15 years of age, is waiting to be noticed inside a busy Florida animal control facility. Lulu, a miniature poodle mix, has been at the Miami-Dade facility since January 11.

The odds … Read More

‘It’s not my dog’ claims person who surrendered pup to shelter

“It’s not my dog,” the person who turned the matted mess of a pup into the animal shelter on Tuesday in Dallas told the front desk personnel.

“It is not my dog, to ACO. I

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