Senior dog, wrapped in towel, surrendered by elderly man, ‘she’s too old’

On October 16, a senior dog, 14 years of age, was surrendered to the Carson Animal Services Facility in Gardena, California. The elderly dog was wrapped in a towel as she was handed over to waiting shelter staff.

The person surrendering this senior Lhasa Apso allegedly said, “she’s too old.” Whether the man truly meant that the dog was too old, or perhaps, that he was too old to properly care for her any longer, is unknown.

What is known is that this old gal, whose name is “Abby,” is in need of a new home. Abby is most certainly confused, frightened and overall, distraught, after losing her person and her home. Please take a moment to share her adoption information to help her find a new owner.

⏺ Lhasa Apso ⏺ AGE: 14yrs
⏺ Female (S) ⏺ ARRIVED:10/16
⏺ Carson Shelter – 310-523-9566
⏺ M-TH 12pm-7pm, F-SU- 10am-5pm
⏺ 216 W Victoria St. Gardena, CA 90248
Identification #A3230017

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Shelter’s longest resident is losing all hope

After over 930 days at an animal shelter, a dog who has the sad designation of “longest resident,” is losing hope. Baisley, a pit bull mix, arrived at the Babylon Animal Shelter in New York back in 2015.

Day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year, his kennel run is passed by and he remains overlooked and unwanted. On October 12, a description of this long-time was provided to followers of the Baisley Needs a Family Facebook page:

Baisley is one of our most relaxed dogs in the kennels. Most times when you walk into the kennel, you will find Baisley calmly laying on his bed with his front legs crossed. When he sees that you have a leash in hand, then he will expend his energy to stand up, stretch, and wait for you to take him out.
Baisley enjoys leisurely walks on our trail and time with his toys in our yards. Baisley is also a talker. He will talk you to death until you give him what he wants, his toy or attention!

According to the shelter, Baisley would do best as the only pet in the household. Baisley has been homeless for far too long – please take a moment to like his Facebook page, and share his adoption information. Networking helps boost adoption rates and saves lives!

Find Baisley’s Facebook page at this link.

Adoption information:

Baisley #15-154. Arrived 3/18/2015 at 3-5 years old.

51 Lamar Street
West Babylon, New York
(631) 643-9270

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 (Images via Facebook)

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Shelter seeks home for adorable, bonded friends

An animal shelter in Arizona is seeking a special home for adorable, bonded friends. On October 5, the Arizona Humane Society posted a plea on behalf of the sweet duo:

These adorable best buddies are looking for their furever home!

Jefe the Chihuahua and Jericho the German Shepherd came to AHS through our Field team and as you can see, these two are very bonded!

Adding that one dog is suffering with an infection which is known to impact dogs in the area:

Jericho is living with Valley Fever, an infection caused by fungus in soil, and Jefe has committed to sticking around and cheering on his best buddy through it.

More about Valley Fever:  A disease caused by a fungus known as Coccidiodes immitis – dogs suffering with Valley Fever can show a variety of symptoms, including dry cough, lack of appetite, lethargy, fever and depression.

The shelter is seeking a home where these dogs can reside together. Interested families are encouraged to bring their pets to the shelter for a meet and greet. Those interested in giving Jefe and Jericho a loving home are asked to call AHS’ Alternative Placement team at 602.997.7585 Ext. 2156.

Find the Arizona Humane Society on Facebook here.

(Image via Arizona Humane Society)

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Polka Dance, puppy with an expressive face and sweet disposition, needs a home

Polka Dance, a nine-month-old, female Staffordshire/Dogo Argentino mix is known to her rescuers as the “dog with a million expressions.” When she was just a baby, little Polka Dance was the big sister to all her siblings. She was such a happy, go lucky puppy who got along well with her brothers and sisters.  When her siblings would bicker, like puppies often do, Polka would not get involved. She loved them all equally.

Because of her expressive face and sweet, loving disposition, Polka was the first of the litter to get adopted. Unfortunately, it was not the happily ever after everyone was hoping for.  The older couple who adopted her were wonderful, caring people, What the rescue didn’t know was; the couple’s son who lived upstairs had an aggressive miniature pinscher. Polka Dance was attacked during her first two weeks with her new family.

Polka, who was so easygoing with her own siblings did not expect another dog to come charging toward her while she was just quietly sniffing around her new yard, trying to get familiar with her new surroundings.  She had never been exposed to any mean dogs until that day, and she herself doesn’t have a mean bone in her body. Animal Coalition Unlimited picked her up from her adopters the day after the incident. But sadly, the attack left a lasting mental scar that was not easy to heal.  Polka Dance, who had loved all other dogs became scared of them and reacted by barking excessively, warning all new dogs she met to stay away from her.

Would she ever attack another dog? Most likely not. When reunited with her siblings after several months, she got along well with all of them and other dogs she was familiar with. She will bark at people she has never met before. It’s one of the strong traits of her breed; she is a loyal companion who will bark to tell strangers to stay away from her people.

Secondly, after she was returned from her first home with the miniature pinscher, she was placed in a temporary foster for two months. The foster lived far from the city so Polka was not exposed to new people. Despite her rough start, Polka gets along with almost all respectful dogs, and shared and a kennel bed with her foster housemates and siblings with no problem.  However, she will need some space and time when meeting people for the first time. This sweet girl needs someone who is willing to help undo the undesirable experiences she had during her short stay with the people who had her.

Her next adopter will have to be willing to work and gain her trust. Once she connects with a person, she will be super affectionate and shower you with love.  She lived with a cat and a small dog at her first foster home (from age 10 to 16 weeks), she was fine with them. Polka Dance is currently in a boarding facility and is fully potty trained.  She is available through the Animal Coalition Unlimited Foster to Adopt Program.

Polka Dance will go to her new foster or adopter with a 42” double dog door dog crate, a bag of grain free Petcurean dog food, her Canine Equipment brand walking gear and all of her favorite toys.

Visit her page on the Rescue Me website

To schedule a meet and greet with Polka Dance, please fill out the application form:

Animal Coalition Unlimited does not adopt their dogs out on a first come first serve basis but rather on the philosophy of finding the most fitting home for each dog. If interested in Polka Dance please send an email to

For updates on Polka Dance, visit the Animal Coalition Unlimited on Instagram

If you cannot adopt Polka Dance, but would like to donate to her care and boarding please send all donations via



Owner moved – left arthritic, elderly dog at animal control

How could you? How could you bring your elderly, arthritic dog who has a hard time walking, into a busy, high traffic animal control agency where he might be put down? How could you decide to move and leave your family member behind?

These questions and more are plaguing animal lovers who are hoping against hope that 13-year-old “Blacky” will be saved before the unthinkable happens. Blacky, a senior Labrador retriever mix, was left by his family at the Los Angeles County Animal Care and Control.

According to staff, the following information is known about this senior dog:

His owners stated he was kept primarily outdoors, is partially housebroken, is disinterested in small children, good in the car and on a leash, does not try to escape, and is low energy. It was not known how he is with other animals. He was surrendered because the owner was moving. “Blacky” does have trouble walking and his owners stated he has bad arthritis.


He is available now on a health waiver and it is recommended that the adopter take him to the vet for bloodwork and X-rays (pelvic with stifles).

Blacky has until the end of day Friday (October 6) to be saved or his life will end at this animal control agency.

Blacky is at Palmdale Animal Care Center – ‘BLACKY’ ID #A4544000

Animal control contact: Sgt. Connor Johnson – Central Networking Contact: Cheryl Kendall

Facebook thread here.

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Will you help this blind, senior dog find a family?

She’s no longer a spirited puppy, nor does she have her sight, but this pretty senior dog has an endearing personality which has made her a favorite among staff and volunteers at California’s Sacramento SPCA.

This week, the shelter posted a plea to its Facebook page with the hopes of finding Ethel a family to call her own. The shelter wrote:

This sweet gal may not ‘show’ well in her kennel, but if you take her out and spend some time with her, she’ll quickly become your new best friend.
Ethel has been waiting for her new family for about 2 months and we hope to find them soon! #adoptme#findyourfido

Will you help Ethel find her family? With a bit of social networking, this lovely senior dog’s person will undoubtedly be found.

Find Ethel’s Petango profile here.

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Recently in the news: Someone abandoned an ailing puppy in a Styrofoam container in Miami Beach

Family’s rescued dog ballooned to dangerous weight – now she is getting life saving help.

Sneaky horse gets stuck in window – watch the video of the rescue effort here


Surrendered Senior Dog Has Only Until Monday

A senior dog, surrendered by his owner to California’s Redlands Animal Shelter, is on limited time – in fact, he has only until Monday to be pulled to safety. On September 26, the volunteer-run Facebook page designed to help homeless pets at the shelter find homes, wrote:

Update: Buddy is on limited time. We have until Monday to find a rescue or adopter.

Seeking an adopter or rescue for Buddy (#A041276). This poor senior came into the shelter with his seizure medication that he needs to be given twice a day. Buddy is a 9 year old, neutered, Terrier mix.

Buddy’s time is nearly up – please network his adoption information to help save his life.

Redlands Animal Shelter
504 N. Kansas Street
Redlands, CA 92373
(909) 798-7644 / Fax (909) 335-4773
Hours of Operation:
Tues – Fri: 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
Sat: 10:00 am – 4:00 pm

Note: Buddy’s owner had to give him up because of medical reasons (owner’s medical issues, not the dog’s medical problems)

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Pitifully neglected dog taken in at busy animal control

Update 9/27/17: Rescued!

On September 20, a pitifully neglected dog was taken in at a busy, high intake animal control agency in California. The seven-year-old dog, named “Yuri,” appears to have had little, if any, care over the course of his life.

Yuri quite obviously is in need of a great deal of care – his coat is unkempt and his eyes are ulcerated. He has been made to suffer for far too long. Please help Yuri find the help that he needs by sharing his adoption information (which can be found below):


🔹Yorkie 🔹 AGE:7 years #A5113012
🔹 Male 🔹 ARRIVED:9/20
🔹 Carson Shelter – 310-523-9566
🔹 M-TH 12pm-7pm, F-SU- 10am-5pm
🔹216 W Victoria St. Gardena, CA 90248

INTERESTED IN FOSTERING? If you are in LA, OC, SB, or Riverside County and can foster this dog, please take a moment to email ASAP to request an application. It would save their life! 💚💚

Facebook thread for Yuri here

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Incredibly handsome stray is overlooked, day after day

Update 9/27/17: Adopted!!

A young (2 years of age) dog is being overlooked, day after day at a California animal shelter. Six weeks have passed since Koda, a husky, was brought in as a stray to the VVAPL Humane Society in Apple Valley.

According to a volunteer photographer, Koda is a “great high energy dog” who is friendly and loves to play ball. Despite his many attributes, he remains un-noticed and alone.

Koda is a handsome boy who should be enjoying his life in a home, with a loving owner. Koda should be racing through the grass after a ball and then lounging on his own bed, by the side of his person. Please help Koda find his new home and family by taking a moment to network his adoption information (below).

Information to save Koda:

1-3 year old male Husky fusion
VVAPL Humane Society
21779 Zuni Road
Apple Valley, Ca. 92307

Facebook thread for Koda here.

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Puppies pulled from a tar pit!

Starving dog wanders onto woman’s porch before hurricane – family decides to give her a home.

Emergency foster or adopter needed for special needs dog

A plea went out from the Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter and the rescue group Get a Bull for an emergency foster or adopter for a dog named Spartacus. The seven-year-old pure-bred Cane Corso suffers from epilepsy. He requires daily medication and lots of TLC.

Spartacus was in a very loving, caring home environment with a woman named Sharon, who has saved many special needs dogs from the shelter. That all ended when Sharon had to be hospitalized due to a serious illness. Although family and friends worked around the clock to care for Spartacus in Sharon’s absence, the situation became too difficult to manage. The plea for a medical foster went out, but no one responded so Spartacus had to be returned to the Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter.

Spartacus was Sharon’s life. Now he is back at the shelter and is confused and disoriented wondering why he is no longer at home.  He is visibly sad and upset and spends his time pacing in his kennel. He is declining rapidly in the shelter. Spartacus is described as a 100-pound dog who loves people, but does not do well with other animals. He needs to be the only pet in the house. He also needs to be in a home with adults only and a fenced in yard.  He also needs to stay on his epilepsy medication.

If you can help Spartacus, please contact the Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter located at 3320 Beltagh Avenue in Wantagh, New York.  Their phone number is 516-785-5220 and Jackie is the contact person in charge of fosters.

(Photo of dog needing emergency foster via Facebook)

Link to emergency request on Facebook here.

If you can foster or adopt please contact: