Oklahoma shelter euthanized Rudolph, but puppy survived

In Davenport, Iowa, King’s Harvest Pet Rescue posted a story on their social media page about a puppy that had been euthanized but survived. Meet Rudolph, and this little guy certainly has a story to … Read More

Horrible betrayal – dog with badly untreated leg break surrendered to shelter

A young dog in Texas is on the list to be put down at a busy Texas animal control agency after being betrayed by her family. The 10-month-old German shepherd has a horrible leg break … Read More

Sad puppy has never known love – now he is locked away at crowded animal control

A sad puppy, who likely has never known what it means to be loved, is locked away at a busy animal control agency in Corpus Christi, Texas. The pup, Bobby, is in dismal condition … Read More

Special adopter sought for differently-abled puppy

A rescue group in Washington is seeking a special adopter, for an adorable, differently abled puppy named Opal. The darling bulldog was born on October 16, and a birth defect has left her unable to … Read More

Senior pup Rocky waits and watches for his family: No one came for him

Rocky is a senior, and his heartbreaking tale is just one of thousands, but when we see it and feel his pain, the reality sets in. For hours every day, Rocky sits, watches and waits … Read More

A year ago, senior dog was surrendered to shelter – please don’t let him die there

Nearly one year ago, a senior dog named Frankie lost the only home he had ever known when he was surrendered by his family to the Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter in Wantagh, New York. … Read More

Owner alleged to have abused dog in lobby of shelter: Turned away to adopt new pet

An owner surrendering a young German shepherd to the Southeast Area Animal Control (SEAACA) and alleged to have been hitting the dog in the lobby, was denied the opportunity to adopt a smaller dog on … Read More

Beautiful, sad, unwanted dog waits alone at shelter

Months have slipped by and it appears that a beautiful young dog, held at a busy Texas animal control agency, is completely unwanted. The sad girl, kenneled at the Pasadena Animal Control and Adoption facility, … Read More

Saddest dog in the shelter cries for help

Volunteers at the City of Shasta Lake Animal Shelter have named the saddest dog in the shelter “Hope” because that’s what everyone wants for the border collie and hound dog mix. She was picked up … Read More

Puppies dumped behind car dealership ready to be adopted

In Charlotte, North Carolina, a litter of puppies were dumped behind a South Charlotte car dealership on Saturday. The South Charlotte Dog Rescue came to the aid of the malnourished and dehydrated two-month-old little ones. … Read More