After nine months, ‘champion snuggler’ has grown tired of waiting for someone to adopt him

After nine, excruciatingly long months, a dog named Maxx has grown weary of waiting for someone to adopt him. Two days ago, the Pennsylvania SPCA posted a video of the homeless pooch to social media, … Read More

Blind senior Border Collie rescued from storm drain during heavy rain

In San Bernardino, California, a Good Samaritan reported seeing a dog in a storm drain during a downpour on Sunday. A diligent rescue crew helped the Animal Control Officer find the dog despite the heavy … Read More

Puppy with spina bifida adoption offers go viral after he was stood up by adopter

In West Chester Township, Ohio, a nine-month-old puppy with spina bifida has had more than 200 adoption offers after his photo went viral on Monday. The Peaches Bully Rescue had transported the American bulldog puppy … Read More

Dumped in October – handsome shepherd continues to wait for someone to love him

Back in October, a handsome German shepherd named Oso was dumped at a busy California animal control agency. Today, months later, the six-year-old dog continues to wait for someone to love him.

Day in, and … Read More

Young German shepherd at shelter is too terrified to walk on a leash

A young German shepherd, sheltered at a facility in Apple Valley, California, is urgently in need of help. The two-year-old dog, named Prince, is so terrified that he will not walk on a leash. Prince … Read More

Previous show dog in Cuba grew old and deaf and then dumped at shelter

“Sauron” was once an admired show dog in Cuba. The black and white English cocker spaniel earned prizes, ribbons, money and fame for his owners – that is until he grew old. And then instead … Read More

Senior German shepherd has no adoption offers and now part of the unwanted

At the Downey Animal Shelter in California, Arthur has had no offers for adoption. After years of loyalty, Arthur doesn’t understand what happened and why he is in a shelter cage with so many other … Read More

Shelter dog had ‘long list’ of potential adopters, but nobody showed

A homeless shelter dog had a long list of potential adopters who had expressed interest in giving her a home, but not a single person showed up to meet her. The two-year-old Coonhound, named ScarlettRead More

Big beautiful St. Bernard arrived as a stray at California shelter

Reunited with her family! 😉

Near the Carson area of California, a big, beautiful St. Bernard arrived at the Carson Animal Care Center on Saturday. She had no collar nor microchip, so where is her … Read More

Homeless shelter dog, ‘Someday I hope to be handsome’

A shelter dog in Wenatchee, Washington, is hoping that someone will find him worthy of becoming their forever pet. On Saturday, the Wenatchee Humane Society posted a photo of Romy, writing a post from his … Read More