Dog who survived severe cruelty and now fighting cancer finds loving home

In Mesa, Arizona, an eight-year-old Boxer named Daphne is a true survivor. In the age-old adage to “never give up,” this spunky pooch has finally found her loving family and now begins a new chapter in her life – albeit much happier this time although she is fighting cancer. On Tuesday, the Arizona Humane Society announced that Daphne has been adopted. Daphne rescued

When rescued, Daphne weighed only 29 pounds and suffered from a painfully infected skin condition. For years, in her previous life, the sweet dog had spent every day and night confined to a cage where she slept in her own urine and feces. Nursed back to health, Daphne was sent to a foster home where she was described as doing fine. She gained 16 pounds and loved her new home – she loved to sunbathe on the porch and happily cuddled into her own plush bed. It wasn’t until Daphne returned to the Arizona Humane Society for a routine teeth cleaning, that her luck took a turn for the worst.Daphne rescued 3

Veterinarians found a small mass in her mouth; results of the biopsy tested positive for a malignancy. (Gingival Squamous Cell Carcinoma). The organization does not have the funding to treat Daphne’s cancer, but at this time she is doing fine. Daphne is energetic, has a great appetite and loves everyone she meets. Although her prognosis for the future is unknown, it didn’t stop a loving family from adopting her.

Live long and well Daphne. You deserve the best. (Photos of dog fighting cancer courtesy of Arizona Humane Society.)

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Update: Angry blind senior who faced the wall begins anew

Ten-year-old Luna, a blind senior Chihuahua figured out her family didn’t want her anymore.  Brought in as a stray to California’s Baldwin Park Animal Shelter on January 12, Luna had been microchipped, but when called, her owner no longer wanted her. For the first five years of Luna’s life, she had been living with the family she loved. Then cataracts developed, and her sight slowly began to fade away. When her family no longer had time for her, they gave her to another family, and the next five years went quite well – that is until Luna went completely blind. Suddenly the blind senior ended up in a cold cell – dogs barking, strangers talking to her, and she was just plain scared and miserable. There she was – betrayed again.Luna the blind senior

A volunteer, brought to tears watching the frightened sightless Chihuahua who seemed to have given up on life, posted the following on Facebook hoping to attract attention for Luna’s desperate rescue plight:

 “Sh*t out of luck little blind chi who just faces the wall and growls when anyone approaches! She has about as much chance of getting adopted as she has of driving a car. To make matters worse, she is at the back of the shelter and a non-public medical building so no one’s ever going to get to see her. I thought she was incredibly cute though and pray that maybe some kind soul will take pity on her and her grumpy predicament and get her the heck out of there!!”

When Pet Rescue Report shared Luna’s heartbreaking story, social media and kind animal advocates did the rest; they shared the tragic plight of a dog who just got old and lost her eyesight. Just two days later, came the senior’s big break; Hand in Paw came to Luna’s rescue.

“We learned of her story just yesterday, and we were able to help her because a wonderful woman has stepped forward as a committed and experienced, special-needs foster. She is not one bit aggressive and she loves to be touched. She just wants to be safe, surrounded by warmth and calm. Welcome, Luna…your future is bright with us, and we will NEVER stop loving you,” Piper Wood, the organization’s founder posted.Hand in Paw Luna

“I’ve fallen in love with this girl, Luna. She is one of the most precious dogs I’ve ever met! The fear and apprehension are gone. All she has left is love and affection, which is all she will ever receive from now on. This before and after is heartbreaking, but it is proof that kindness and compassion create miracles.”

Welcome home Luna. The group is investigating if Luna’s eyesight can be restored, but no big deal if that’s not possible. Many thanks for everyone who shared this dog’s story. (Photos of blind senior courtesy of Hand in Paw Rescue.

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Landlord forced family to surrender the family dog – help needed

A gorgeous dog named “Trixie” has found herself suddenly homeless after her family’s landlord told them that she was no longer allowed. Sadly, Trixie is now sitting behind bars at an animal control agency that is filled to capacity – a situation which means that every homeless pet is at risk of being put down due to space constraints.

The volunteer-run Facebook page, Saving Carson Shelter Dogs, wrote:

TRIXIE is a beautiful girl and after living with her family their landlord suddenly wouldn’t allow her so they dropped her off at the Completely FULL Shelter and put her in danger.

Trixie’s time is limited – owner surrendered dogs have no “safe” period of time because the facility knows that a family is not searching for their pet. Please help Trixie find her way to safety by taking a moment to network her adoption information.

  • Petharbor link here
  • TRIXIE – ID#A5025810
  • Los Angeles County Animal Control – Carson at (310) 523-9566/Ask for information about animal ID number A5025810
  • Facebook thread here
  • If you are in LA County and can foster this dog, please take a moment to fill out an application at

Carson Shelter, Gardena, California
216 Victoria Street, Gardena, California
310.523.9566, M-TH 12pm – 7pm, F-SU – 10am – 5pm


One missing dog found after deadly van crash: 3 dogs still missing

In Pueblo, Colorado, authorities announced on Tuesday that one of the four missing dogs involved in a deadly van crash on Friday has been found. The search for the other three dogs still continues. A black terrier, named Coco Chanel was found by a patrol officer from the Pueblo Animal Services who picked up her tracks on Tuesday.

Willow, Powder and Sandy have not been located after the van crashed near mile marker 72 on I-25. The van, carrying rescue dogs from Houston to several Colorado shelters crashed killing the driver, Charles Roberts. The van had been transporting dogs from Houston’s BARC – a trip volunteers made once a week to save countless lives of stray and unwanted dogs. According to Jeff Richey, the owner of Farfel’s Farm and Rescue in Boulder, the dogs were transported and cared for by Rescue Pets Movement. Five vans transport 150 dogs to Colorado every Friday.

Read previous story here.

(Photo of dog found after deadly van crash via Twitter)

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Dog tethered with a 35-pound chain for 15 years finally freed

An aged black Labrador retriever named Bear finally tasted freedom on Monday afternoon. Chained in the backyard of a home in New York, the Guardians of Rescue negotiated with the dog’s owner for Bear’s freedom, and when all was said and done – a 35-pound chain tethered to Bear for the last 15 years was permanently cut away. The non profit organization, based in Smithtown, New York, had been out delivering dog houses and food to animals in need when they came across Bear and just knew they had to make a difference in the gray muzzled dog’s remaining life.Bear Guardians of Rescue 2

And so the tough looking rescuers with their soft hearts, made Monday the day that Bear gained his freedom. From the moment his 35-pound chain was cut away came the heartwarming words:

“You are free Bear. You’re finally free and you will be going to a new life. Hopefully Bear can be placed with an older family where he can lie around inside of a home and have a good rest of his life,” the dog’s rescuers stated as Bear walked around for the first time without the weight of the heavy chain.

And soon it was time for Bear to go for his first truck ride – looking happy already. The friendly dog enjoyed the gentle pats on his head and the warmth of the truck. Now Bear needs a foster home or better yet, a family who will show this dog how really sweet his life can be.

“The Guardians got Bear loaded into the truck yesterday, and headed into his bright happy, future off of a chain. Will you give this gentle, old guy a comfy bed, in a new home with a family who will lavish him with love and attention?,” the men asked on Facebook Tuesday morning.

If interested in helping Bear, please click here. Donations can be made to Guardians of Rescue by clicking here.

(Photos and video of dog tethered with a 35-pound chain freeze shots Facebook.

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Video of Bear’s freedom from his heavy chain:


Blind senior faces the wall day and night with little hope for adoption

Her name is Luna, and the blind senior Chihuahua was brought in as a stray on January 12. Lucky for Luna, she was chipped and her family was called; unlucky for Luna, her family didn’t want her anymore. A volunteer, brought to tears just watching the frightened sightless Chihuahua who seemed to have given up on life, posted the following on Facebook hoping to attract attention for Luna’s desperate rescue plight:

 “Sh*t out of luck little blind chi who just faces the wall and growls when anyone approaches! She has about as much chance of getting adopted as she has of driving a car. To make matters worse, she is at the back of the shelter and a non-public medical building so no one’s ever going to get to see her. I thought she was incredibly cute though and pray that maybe some kind soul will take pity on her and her grumpy predicament and get her the heck out of there!!”

And her advocate continued:

“She is age 10, blind as a bat, grumpy. That may be the good news!! She is tiny anyway and probably has no teeth so her bites, if she follows through on those growls, will probably amount to little more than being gummed!”

Luna’s Pet Harbor listing can be found here. “My name is Luna and I am described as a female, tan Chihuahua – Smooth Coated. The shelter thinks I am about 10 years old. I have been at the shelter since Jan 12, 2017. For more information about this animal, call Los Angeles County Animal Control – Baldwin Park at (626) 962-3577. Ask for information about animal ID number A5025190.  A Facebook page to follow her plight can be found here. Share Luna with approved rescue organizations, friends, family and social media contacts. Sharing saves lives. We are Luna’s only hope.

(Photo of Luna courtesy of Jackie Gibbons Tomlinson.)

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Dog’s heart broken after his owner left him at animal control

A dog’s heart is broken after his owner left him at a busy animal control agency in California. The dog, a six-year-old pit bull named “Blue,” has been held at the Carson Animal Services facility in Gardena since December 7 – the day that he was left behind by the person that he loved.

On December 7, the volunteer-run Facebook page, Saving Carson Shelter Dogs, posted a video of Blue which shows his sadness after being left behind. The description accompanying the video reads:

BLUE has a gentle spirit and you can feel like he really wants to roll over and have to scratch his belly tomato him feel like everything will be ok. His Owner dropped him off and broke his heart and he needs help fast.

Despite the plea for fast help, Blue is still at the same animal control facility, over a month later. Animal control agencies are not set up for long-term housing of unwanted pets. Due to the high-intake of strays and other owner surrendered pets, space is a constant battle and dogs who deserve the chance to live lose their life.

Please help Blue by taking a moment to share his adoption information.

Petharbor link here (Per Saving Carson Shelter Dogs – Blue is “rescue only”)

Facebook thread here.

ID#A4482180/Los Angeles County Animal Control – Carson at (310) 523-9566
Ask for information about animal ID number A4482180

If you are in LA County and can foster this dog, please take a moment to fill out an application at

Note – all inquiries about this dog, including those about temperament, health and availability, must be made directly to the facility.


Dog has ‘Lassie-style moment’ when she sniffs out puppies in recycle bin

It was a canine good deed, described as a “Lassie-Style Moment,” on the Facebook page of Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuary in southwest England earlier this week, when a woman’s dog out for a walk sniffed around and discovered a trio of puppies abandoned in a recycling bin. The dog barked to convey her message to her human when she found the shivering eight-week-old border collie puppies. The two males and one little female pup had been left to fend for themselves in an area identified as Failand Woods.Lassie puppies 2

“Luckily a dog out walking sniffed them out, and in a true ‘Lassie style moment’, alerted her owner to rescue them, thank goodness as we truly feel they wouldn’t have survived a cold winter’s night. They were brought in to us for safe keeping and they will be heading into foster care this afternoon after a full vet check,” the sanctuary wrote on Facebook as they described the “Lassie-style” rescue- reminiscent of the puppies similar breed.

The little boys now bear the names of Carlos and Tosca; the female has been dubbed Mabel. Rescue manager, Sarah Schranz fears the pups may have been a Christmas present someone quickly tired of, but since their adorable photos have spread through social media and all over the Internet, the puppies have had dozens of adoption offers.

Animal advocates, and of course those of us who couldn’t get enough of the utter cuteness, donated puppy food, blankets and toys. The trio are all expected to be going to new their new homes next week.

How we love happy endings.

(Photos and video of Lassie-Style Moment pups courtesy of Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuary)

Check out how cute these puppies are in this short video:

Cutest homeless senior dog alive?

Update: Rescued!

Is perhaps the cutest, homeless senior dog alive sitting behind bars at an animal shelter in Stockton, California? Possibly (though most dog moms and dads will defend their own companion’s good looks as “the best”).

Meet 10-year-old “Red,” who is reported to be a Chow Chow mix (maybe with a Welsh Corgi or other short-leg breed?). Red is at the Stockton Animal Shelter and he is waiting to leave his kennel run, and head to a home.

Red is undeniably cute, but he appears to be sad – who can blame him? Please take a moment to network Red’s adoption information and help him find a home.

Petharbor link here. Facebook thread here.

My name is RED.

I am a male, brown and red Chow Chow mix/The shelter staff think I am about 10 years old.

For more information about this animal, call:
Stockton Animal Shelter at (209) 937-8274
Ask for information about animal ID number A248951

(Photo via Facebook/Stockton Animal Shelter)


Doomed dog: Irresponsible owner told shelter, ‘You might as well kill her’

A young dog was completely and utterly let down by her former, irresponsible owner, who told an animal shelter, “you might as well kill her.” The dog, named “Xena,” lived her life outside – without training, without supervision, without vaccinations, licensing or ever having been spayed.

Suffice to say, left to her own devices, Xena got herself into trouble and she did not have a responsible owner to help her afterwards. Xena is the type of dog who is highly motivated by movement (shepherd and border collie owners will understand what this means!). On two of the occasions when Xena was gallivanting outdoors without supervision, her propensity to chase after moving objects got the better of her.

In instance number one, she chased after someone mowing his yard and nipped at his pant leg. On instance number two, Xena, again unsupervised, chased after a child on a bicycle (which of course was overly enticing because it was moving). The nips resulted in nasty designations (dangerous dog) and hefty fines.

Xena’s owner did what she always did – let her dog down. Xena was taken to a shelter and staff was told that they “Might as well kill her.” Fortunately for Xena, someone took a chance on meeting her before her period of quarantine expired (at which time she would have been put down) – despite the frightening signs outside of her kennel run warning of a dangerous dog inside.

Xena’s angel described the first encounter, “When I first approached – entering her kennel without fear nor hesitation – I was immediately met by this sweet girl who gingerly took treats from my hand, kissing my fingers in appreciation before burying her head in the crook of my arm, struggling to deposit her entire 66-pounds in my lap.”

Since that time, Xena has been vaccinated and altered and she completed an intensive month-long training program where she exhibited “exemplary behavior.” Unfortunately, Xena needs more help. A fundraiser established to help Xena explains:

We have reached the point where Xena’s training is concluding, and must find her a receiving rescue, foster, or knowledgeable and responsible adopter. In order to facilitate that success, we are asking for your help to raise funds to cover a year’s worth of surety bond and to reimburse the rescuer who used his mortgage payment to cover her training costs. Although we are convinced that Xena would pass a re-evaluation of her “dangerous dog” determination with flying colors, under Minnesota law she would most likely NOT be given that opportunity for at least a full year, given her two-incident history.

Xena deserves a chance to be a beloved companion to a responsible owner. Please click here to read more about how you can help make that dream a reality.

Note: All donations are being processed under the auspices of the Lake Superior Humane Society (Knife River, MN) – a registered 501(c)(3) organization, and donors will receive a tax-deductible receipt for their generosity.