Help: Bald Knob shelter will euthanize dogs because of overcrowding

In Bald Knob, Arkansas, the local shelter stated they will euthanize dogs if people don’t start adopting pets soon. The shelter has a capacity of 35 dogs, and at this time have six too many.… Read More

Homeless dog knows nobody wants him, but he still enjoys his 15 min per day of fun

A dog, homeless at a Florida animal shelter since May, knows that nobody wants him, but that doesn’t stop him from enjoying his 15 minutes of freedom each day. Yes, just 15 minutes is all … Read More

A desperate plea – senior shepherd can’t open his mouth, help needed

A desperate plea for help has been issued for a senior German shepherd who is in need of veterinary treatment. The nine-year-old dog, Rocky, is at the Los Angeles County (Downey) facility in California.

Not … Read More

Little Lola left at shelter because owners had ‘too many’

Little Lola isn’t to blame for her owners having “too many” dogs, yet she’s being punished after having been surrendered to the Harris County Animal Shelter.

A volunteer helping to promote her plight in order … Read More

Because he’s old: Owner asked shelter to euth’ 15-year-old Rusty

In a heartbreaking situation, a sweet 15-year-old golden retriever mix  named Rusty was surrendered to the Hillsborough County Pet Resource Center on Tuesday. The notes about his surrender included the following:

17-sep-19 – note

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Animal rescuers – an integral part of our society

Animal rescuers are an integral part of our society. Where would we be without them? One can not even imagine all the overflowing shelters across the nation having no other place to send the dogs … Read More

Too scared to move, senior shepherd in need of assistance

A senior German shepherd, eight years of age, is too scared to move at the Los Angeles County, Baldwin Park, Animal Care Center in California. The dog, dubbed Jordan by networking advocates, tries to disappear … Read More

No one knows why Guava is terrified but he is scheduled to die today

At the Corpus Christi Animal Care Services in Texas, Guava, a one-year-old male Labrador retriever mix is terrified of people. He is scheduled to be humanely euthanized on Tuesday if no one can help him.… Read More

What happened? Senior dog found wounded, matted and covered in maggots

On September 11, a stunning, albeit badly neglected, senior dog was taken in at the Los Angeles County Animal Care facility in Downey, California. The husky, dubbed Eddie, was found with badly matted fur, maggots, … Read More

Surrendered Chi goes into heartbreaking panic as her family leaves shelter

What a heartbreaking scene late last week as a tiny Chihuahua panicked as her family surrendered her to  Carson Animal Care in California and walked out of her life forever. When Coco, (aka Itty Bitty) … Read More