Owner surrendered these deeply bonded canine friends

Two dogs, deeply bonded to one another, are homeless after their owner moved and surrendered them to a busy California animal control agency. The dogs, a Chihuahua named Princess, and a German shepherd named Read More

Frightened dog waited next to his deceased pal in middle of busy road

In the Laurel, Mississippi area, SCAR -Southern Cross Animal Rescue received a call on Monday morning asking for help. Two dogs were spotted in the middle of the road; one of the dogs had been … Read More

Elderly dog living homeless for a year since his person passed away

In Corpus Christi, Texas, an elderly dog has been living on the streets for a year since his person died and left him homeless. Everyday, he goes to a nearby gas station where a kind-hearted … Read More

Home needed for dog who has spent 1068 days at a shelter

A handsome dog in Del Norte County, California, is desperately in need of a home. The dog, named Lucky, has been without a family of his own for 1068 days!

On July 1, the Dogs Read More

Family gave up their dog because they are expecting a baby

A dog in Long Island, New York, is homeless after his family decided he had to go. The beagle, named Connor, was given up because the people he thought were his family decided that he … Read More

Dog’s owner died and 15-year-old blind ‘Buster’ has no one to help

At the Miami-Dade Animal Services, a 15-year-old schnauzer has lost his owner and sadly has been surrendered to the nearest shelter. And if the sadness and loneliness can only be described as heartbreaking, Buster is … Read More

Oh No! 17-year-old shepherd surrendered by his owner on death row

At the San Antonio Animal Care Services, “Sid” was surrendered on Tuesday by his owner. The 17-year-old black German shepherd and Labrador retriever blend can be humanely euthanized at any time – there is no … Read More

Dachshund puppy shakes in fear at California shelter

A one-year-old female Dachshund arrived at the Carson Animal Care Center on Saturday as a stray. She shivers in fright from the noise and strangers passing by her shelter cage. Today this little one is … Read More

If ever a scared dog needed love, it’s this boy who has been through hell

UPDATE: “Because you shared Kai’s story and believed in him, he has been saved by a non-profit rescue in Charleston, SC, that specializes in dogs with fear and histories of abuse. The rescue Read More

‘Jimmy’ waited for days at Texas shelter until a miracle saved him

Not many people would ever want to adopt Jimmy from a Texas high kill animal shelter. Days came and went, and Jimmy just waited; his lack of a coat, his itchiness and his extremely neglected … Read More