Newly adopted pup returned after 1 week because he has energy

A beautiful pup was returned to an animal shelter just one week after adoption because his new family did not appreciate his energy. The German shepherd, named Sam, is now waiting at the Balch Springs … Read More

Shepherd is perfect but no one has come to adopt him

Meet Ringo Starr. This handsome four-year-old German shepherd is nearly perfect; he has a sweet smile, does a perfect sit and has a warm personality. So why hasn’t someone rushed over to the Downey Animal … Read More

After 15 years of being someone’s companion tiny Yorkie left at shelter to die

After 15-years of being someone’s companion, little Quark was brought to the Southeast Area Animal Control (SEAACA). The tiny, geriatric Yorkshire terrier weighs just 7.8 pounds, has cataracts, severe dental disease and has a possible … Read More

Government in Turkey ministry orders all stray pets to be fed

As Turkey settles into the new normal and prepare to stay home in order to contain the spread of Covid-19, the government has taken a positive step in order to care for the country’s thousands … Read More

Over 377 days – shelter pleads for home for one of only remaining dogs at facility

An Arizona shelter is pleading for a home for a dog who has been homeless for over 377 days. On Tuesday, Desert Tails Shelter wrote a plea on behalf of Zoey:

Zoey is one of

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Scared dog past due to leave shelter and currently at risk

A scared dog, three years of age, is past the safe period of “stray hold” and he is currently at risk of losing his life because nobody came to get him. The shepherd mix, known … Read More

Young and friendly pup at Miami shelter slated to die tomorrow

A young and friendly pup at Miami-Dade Animal Services needs immediate rescue. On Tuesday morning, advocates called out for help:

“Last plea for Hazel #A2119807

Blast for rescue, commitment needed by 4/8”

Meet Hazel – … Read More

Magnificent Neapolitan Mastiff in Miami shelter that no one wants

What a sad story it is for a five-year-old Neapolitan Mastiff who needs a forever, loving home. Meet beautiful Jasmin who arrived as a stray on April 1. She’s no stranger to the shelter; in … Read More

‘Project dog’: Texas stray hasn’t had it easy and needs help now

At the BARC Animal Shelter and Adoptions in Houston, Texas, the heartbreaking photo of a stray appeared on social media this weekend. She has no name and hasn’t had it easy in life even though … Read More

Blind and deaf English bulldog dumped in Miami

UPDATE: Returned to owner.

A semi-blind and possibly deaf English bulldog just became another statistic for animal neglect. The seven-year-old white and fawn dog needs emergency help. He is currently at Miami-Dade Animal Services and … Read More