Golden retriever puppy realizes he’s safe after close encounter at Asian dog meat trade

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Meet this adorable golden retriever named Archilles. He was just rescued by No Dogs Left Behind (Global) who have dedicated their efforts saving puppies and dogs from the Asian dog meat trade.

Emergency response is what sets No Dogs Left Behind apart from other rescue and response teams in East Asia. Once No Dogs Left Behind is alerted and intel related to a slaughterhouse, dog meat truck, illegal dog dealer or wet market is verified by our allies, Jeffrey begins coordinating and dispatching the efforts needed to systematically conduct the rescue with precision. Time is of the essence as dogs are often being slaughtered on site and lives hang in the balance.


Many times the rescuers’ lives are in danger when intercepting traffickers, but once you watch the following brief clip on TikTok, you’ll likely agree it’s all worth the risks.


Love heals…a survivor’s first moments of freedom. Achilles arrived to freedom just last night! #adoptdontshop #goldenretriever #stopanimalcruilty Email [email protected]

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“Love heals…a survivor’s first moments of freedom. Achilles arrived to freedom just last night! #adoptdontshop #goldenretriever #stopanimalcruelty

Email: [email protected].

Many of the dogs sold to meat traders have been stolen from their families; some of the dogs still wearing their collars. Others are raised in inhumane conditions for the sole purpose of using them in the meat market. Some of the dogs started their lives as strays, hoping someone will come to their aid and give them homes where they will be treated with love and care.

And that leads us right to the video clip of the puppy named Archilles. See how he absolutely knows he is finally safe in the arms of his rescuer; it had been only a day or two he had been saved. What must this young puppy witnessed in his short life?

All dogs rescued through this organization are given veterinarian care, sent to approved rescue organizations for rehabilitation and socialization when needed; all in preparation to be adopted.

If you’re interested in helping or adopting one of these wonderful dogs, please click here for more information.

Follow the National Pet Rescue for the latest animal related news.

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