Man threw Chihuahua ‘because it wouldn’t go outside’

In Mount Zion, Illinois, the son of the owner of a Chihuahua flung the tiny dog “because it wouldn’t go outside” to use the bathroom. Tristin Jones, 22, was arrested on Wednesday and charged with … Read More

Warrior: Fighting back the neglect at brink of dying

Rescuers named him Warrior. Despite the heartbreaking neglect suffered by this stray, Warrior fights to stay alive. On Wednesday night, Rescue Dogs Rock NYC received an urgent plea from the New York City Animal Care … Read More

Update: Dog with embedded collar saved by the thump of wagging tail

A stray dog, with a deeply embedded collar was finally captured on Wednesday; it was the thump of her wagging tail that helped the animal control officer pinpoint her location. Suffering in excruciating pain, the … Read More

44 dead dogs found in woman’s freezers in Shamong home

In Shamong, New Jersey, a woman was arrested on Wednesday after New Jersey State Troopers discovered 44 dead dogs packaged in plastic bags and stored in freezers throughout the home.  Donna Roberts, 65 has been … Read More

Cruel: Poor pup found with deeply embedded collar

In a cruel act of animal neglect, a stray puppy with a deeply embedded collar, was finally captured on Wednesday and brought to the Calhoun County Animal Shelter in St. Matthews, South Carolina. For weeks … Read More

Lion cub discovered in Lamborghini at Paris’ tourist attraction

A French animal protection organization is caring for a lion cub found by police in a Lamborghini in Paris at the Champs-Elysees Boulevard. It is suspected someone wanted to sell the cub for profit.

When … Read More

Villagers in India tie leopard cub by legs as kids pose for photos

A two-month-old leopard cub was tied up by his legs by villagers in Maharashtra, India to let children play with the panicky little one and pose for photos. The cub had ropes tied around its … Read More

Iowa woman arrested for illegally debarking dogs

In Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, an Iowa woman faces charges for illegally debarking dogs. Denise Felling, 55, has been arrested by the Iowa County Sheriff’s Office on Friday and is expected to be extradited to Lancaster … Read More

Emaciated Chihuahua ‘Oscar’ trapped in cage and thrown in dumpster

In Des Moines, Iowa, the Animal Rescue League of Iowa’s Animal Control Division described what happened to Oscar, a Chihuahua, this week. The emaciated dog had been trapped in a kennel cage and thrown in … Read More

Meet one of China’s slaughterhouse survivors

Meet one of China’s slaughterhouse survivors. No doubt her rescue is miraculous and thanks to Harbin SHS, a non profit in Heilongjiang, China, many more dogs just like this sad face will have the … Read More