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We can hardly wait to see this bedraggled Great Pyrenees turn into a beautiful giant after being rescued

Less than one week ago, a Good Samaritan spotted a bedraggled Great Pyrenees get side swiped by a truck on a busy highway in the suburbs of Dallas. The kind woman pulled over to help … Read More

Rescuers save 14 dogs in desperate need from 9 degree temperatures in St. Louis

Fourteen dogs were saved on Wednesday by Stray Rescue Organization in St. Louis. No sooner had one of the most popular and beloved rescuers, Donna opened the door to her Jeep after finding one of … Read More

Michigan couple facing charges after allowing dozens of domesticated deer starve to death on their property

A couple in Bay County, Michigan, are facing charges after the discovery of dozens of dead deer on their property. As reported by MLive.com, 57-year-old Pamela A. Reinhardt, and her husband (not yet publicly … Read More

Dumped in an industrial area two scared pups loyally waited for their owners to return

In Vernon, California, just five miles south of Los Angeles, two dogs were spotted being abandoned just three days ago. It was the usual – the vehicle stopped, pushed them out of the car and … Read More

Stray puppy found in Baltimore County hunched over unable to walk and frozen with pain

A badly injured puppy spotted in the area in Baltimore County was reported to Baltimore City Animal Control on Monday. When officers arrived, the puppy, now named Seattle, was unable to walk or move around. … Read More

Owner called Kiry a ‘nice dog’ as she dumped him at crowded NYC shelter after 10 years

The last words that Kiry heard from his owner at the New York City Care Center in October 2021, was “he’s such a nice dog.” And minutes later Kiry’s fate was sealed – he was … Read More

Miami-Dade police officer shot 8-month-old puppy seven times after barking complaint

A Miami-Dade police officer is under investigation after a home surveillance camera video showed him shooting and killing an eight-month-old puppy outside of a home near Miami Gardens.

According to the Insider, the tragic … Read More

Heartbreaking diagnosis for dog rescued with huge mass on his face will keep pushing forward and live every day to the fullest

Street feeders in Cleveland, Texas found Bear with a huge mass on his face eating cat food that had been left out on a nearby resident’s porch. Drops of blood had been left behind on … Read More

Police rescue puppy muzzled with tape and tossed away into a dumpster

On Monday morning, police in the Dallas, Texas area discovered a small black and white puppy with her muzzle taped shut with tape and then tossed away in a dumpster as if she were just … Read More

Dog miraculously survives being buried alive by owner

Virginia – A dog has miraculously survived being put into a garbage bag and buried alive by her owner. The pit bull mix, named Lily, was rescued after a witness called the Dinwiddie County Sheriff’s … Read More