Abandoned pup hid in the railroad tracks as train passed over him

A very clever Jack Russel terrier had been abandoned at the railroad tracks and dutifully waited for his owner to return. The five-year-old pup, now named Coco by the staff at the West Los Angeles … Read More

Teen identified from Snapchat video showing puppy being thrown and punched

A teen has been identified and arrested following an investigation which was sparked by a viral Snapchat video showing a puppy being thrown and punched. As reported by News 9, a 13-year-old boy was … Read More

Police release photo of suspected seagull killer

Police in Maryland have released a photo of a man who is suspected of luring seagulls to a parking lot and then killing them with a moving car. As reported by NBC Washington, the … Read More

Stray found in Cabarrus County with burns over 70% of his body

In Cabarrus County, North Carolina, Titus was found as a stray on Friday and taken to the shelter.  It is always shocking to discover how cruel human beings can be. Titus has burns over 70% … Read More

First she was neglected and then Roxy was no longer wanted

At the Carson Shelter in California, Roxy is not doing well. The 10-year-old German shepherd appears to be overweight, and her nails are so long she now has difficulty walking.


A volunteer at the … Read More

Man used warm coffee to rescue 3 kittens frozen to ground

In Alberta, Canada, an oil worker used warm coffee to free three abandoned kittens stuck to the frozen ground on Wednesday.

Kendall Disisch had been out inspecting oil wells when he heard the kittens meowing. … Read More

Chinese market at heart of deadly virus sold koala, snakes, bats, wolf pups and more

The questionable, most would say nasty, offerings of exotic meat at the Chinese market where a new, deadly virus has emerged is believed to be tied to the mystery illness’ development and outbreak. According to … Read More

Neglected mother dog leads rescuers to house of horrors for animals

A neglected mother dog, found roaming in Spalding County, Georgia, led rescuers to a true house of horrors for animals. According to multiple sources, the dog was seen wandering on Tri County Road and volunteers … Read More

Update: Nola’s loyalty betrayed and now she needs our help

It was just 24-hours ago when Nola’s viral photo told her heartbreaking story. It was when the  scared senior arrived at St. Landry Animal Rescue in a wire cage in the back of an open … Read More

Owner said she was ‘vicious’ and needed to die at shelter

At the Orangeburg County Animal Control and Shelter, Star was surrendered. The terrified dog trembled and even may have understood what her owner told the staff.

‘”This dog needs to be euthanized… it’s vicious.”‘ Yep…

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