Woman who abandoned elderly yellow Labrador retriever cited for animal cruelty

The woman, seen on a now viral video, who abandoned an elderly yellow Labrador retriever, has been identified and cited for animal cruelty. As reported by KOIN News, the woman’s name is not being … Read More

Woman arrested after her dead German shepherd was found on 152-degree ground

A woman in El Paso, Texas, was arrested after her dead German shepherd was found on ground which registered a sweltering 152-degrees. As reported by KVIA News, 22-year-old Jennifer De La Cruz left her … Read More

Carson shelter senior: ‘Adopt me, love me, be my rescuer’

At the Carson Animal Care Center in Gardena, California, a 14-year-old Chihuahua waits for someone to help him.

Check out his video:


This little senior is estimated to be 14-years-old and no one has … Read More

Abandoned and broken, Angel was left in a crate in a vacant home for a month

On Friday, an animal control agency in North Carolina introduced Facebook page followers to a puppy named Angel, who survived what should have been unsurvivable. The Randolph County Animal Services agency recounted the dog’s horrific … Read More

Lion cub whose legs were broken to pose for tourists off to Africa for new life

Animal cruelty hit a new all time low earlier this year when a lion cub’s legs were intentionally broken so it could not escape while being forced to take photos with visitors and tourists at … Read More

Joyous reunion for dog with owner turns into shocking abuse case

What should have been a joyous reunion for a dog and his owner, turned into a continuing nightmare for the little dog and total shock for all those involved. The incident occurred on July 24, … Read More

Video captures woman abandoning yellow Labrador retriever

Surveillance video captured the moment a woman, driving a Tesla, abandoned a yellow Labrador retriever in Vancouver, Washington. The video footage was posted on the I Paw’d It Forward Facebook page on Thursday:

This woman

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Emaciated dog found near death in Dallas

This week, an emaciated dog was discovered near death at an Oncor site in Dallas, Texas. The skin and bones dog, dubbed Cecelia, was found near coils at the site and it is likely that … Read More

Family claims that their kitten was ruthlessly kicked by a minor

A kitten belonging to a Fargo, North Dakota, family was seriously injured after being attacked. According to the kitten’s family, it was a “kid” who viciously kicked Simba, shattering his jaw.

According to Valley News Read More

Social media video shows El Paso man abusing tiny Shih Tzu

In El Paso, a man was arrested on Wednesday after a video posted to social media showed the 20-year-old abusing his small Shih Tzu.

According to KtsmNews, the video shows Caleb Hicks kicking his … Read More