Rescuers save 53 dogs from the back of an illegal slaughter truck in Indonesia moments before they were to be killed

Rescuers in Indonesia reported hearing dogs whimpering inside of a transport truck as they approached the vehicle on Wednesday morning. Further investigation found dogs trapped in hessian sacks – most with their mouths tied shut … Read More

Irresponsible owner dressed her senior dog in Tartan plaid coat and then abandoned her on the streets of Houston

An irresponsible owner, who apparently couldn’t wait the two weeks required to surrender her dog to BARC in Houston, dressed her senior pup in its warm Tartan plaid coat on Thanksgiving day. Most likely, the … Read More

Dog recovering after someone beat him and dumped him with other deceased animals found in trash bags

A dog is on the road to recovery after someone beat him and abandoned him with other dead animals who had been stuffed inside of trash bags and dumped. The horrifying situation was discovered in … Read More

Bittersweet ending for 14-year-old Dachshund ‘Jade’ dumped at shelter dressed in her Christmas sweater

Our hearts ache at the bittersweet ending for 14-year-old Jade who was dumped at a local animal shelter in central North Carolina on Tuesday dressed in her Christmas sweater. As volunteers from the Doxie by Read More

Abandoned ‘scary’ dog waited where he was left for someone to help him

Stray Rescue of St. Louis often receives heartbreaking pleas from members of the community for help with neglected and abused dogs. So many dogs have been abandoned and left to fend for themselves; so many … Read More

Neglected dog, found shivering on the end of the chain, has been rescued and needs a loving home

A neglected dog, found on the end of a chain, shivering in the cold in Muskegon, Michigan, has been rescued and now she is in need of a loving home. Pound Buddies took part in … Read More

Pigeons dyed blue rescued after having been released at a funeral

Over the weekend, the wildlife rescue division of Animal Nation were called about a group of pigeons who had been found at a cemetery after being released at a funeral. Fortunately, the staff at the … Read More

Idaho teen sentenced for sexual assault of family dog and sexual abuse of children

A teenager in Idaho Falls, Idaho, was sentenced lastThursday for felony lewd conduct – the charge stemmed from the 17-year-old’s sexual abuse of young children and his family’s dog. As reported by East Idaho News,Read More

Sweetest pup comes into shelter with pink paint on her body that said ‘FREE’

At Huntsville Animal Services, an amazing two-year-old dog arrived at the shelter with pink paint on her body that said “FREE”. There are lots of interpretations for that four-letter word, and the staff at the … Read More

Happy ending needed for 13-year-old frightened Dachshund surrendered by his family

Poor Peanut was surrendered on Thursday; he is 13-years-old and shivers in fear in the corner of his shelter cage at Baldwin Park Animal Care Center. When he entered the shelter, there were bite wounds … Read More