Dog owner fined after his dog attacked and killed a puppy at park

A dog owner from Ottawa was fined over the weekend and ordered to muzzle his dog after his unleashed Dogo Argentino attacked a woman and killed her 14-week-old puppy at a park.

According to the … Read More

Man videoed himself beating dog after finding photos of his girlfriend on dating site

In Sydney, Australia, a jealous boyfriend videoed himself allegedly beating his dog and sending the photos to his ex-girlfriend after finding her photos on a dating site.

According to the Daily Mail, John Odah, … Read More

Animal hospital offers to treat horses injured during weekend protests

In Cincinnati, Ohio, an animal hospital has stepped forward and offered to help any police horses from the Cleveland Police Mounted Unit injured during the weekend protests. The Animal Eye Institute will treat horses suffering … Read More

Man and woman accused of sexually assaulting a horse

A man and woman in Aiken County, South Carolina, are accused of sexually assaulting a horse. According to multiple sources, the accused are identified as Abigail Louise Ronco, 30, and Damian Alexander Connor, 31.

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Beautiful husky stray needs his story shared to save his life from the shelter

A beautiful and friendly stray arrived at the Carson Animal Care Center earlier in May, and he still doesn’t have anyone interested in adopting him. He has been yearning for a new home since May … Read More

Ailing, malnourished puppy abandoned in box outside of convenience store

An ailing and malnourished puppy was abandoned in a box outside of a San Marcos, California, convenience store on May 24. The six-to-seven-week-old Chihuahua puppy was in such poor health that she had to be … Read More

Rescuers didn’t know what animal it was under pounds of matted hair

At the Arizona Humane Society, a neglected animal was rescued, but when staff first responded to the call on Friday, they could barely tell what type of animal was under the pounds of matted … Read More

Ventilation shut down and steam poured in to kill thousands of pigs

Thousands of pigs suffered an agonizing death when ranchers shut down ventilation in their barns and funneled in steam to essential “roast” them alive. As reported by the Des Moines Register,  pigs at an … Read More

Great Dane abandoned in locked empty trailer for two months

A severely emaciated Great Dane was rescued on Friday by Stray Rescue of St. Louis. The dog was discovered locked in a vacant trailer after a woman fled her place and left the dog locked … Read More

Young dogs surrendered by irresponsible owner for being ‘big’ facing euthanasia

Two young dogs surrendered to the Harris County Animal Shelter because they were “too big,” may suffer the consequences of an irresponsible owner. On Thursday, Baby Girl and Rocky were ushered into separate kennels because … Read More