Intoxicated driver alleged to have hit pole killing 3 horses

In Northwest Harris County, Texas, the driver of a trailer carrying three horses inside died after the vehicle crashed along Highway 249 on Thursday evening. Deputies believe the driver had been intoxicated.

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Sickly puppy found locked in cage and abandoned on side of road

A sickly puppy was locked in a wire cage and abandoned alongside a road in Winchester, Kentucky. The sad situation was brought to light on Friday morning by the Clark County Animal Shelter, who has … Read More

Disturbing photo of dog riding on tow truck sparks outrage

In Waltham, Massachusetts, a disturbing photo of a dog riding on the back of a flatbed tow truck has sparked outrage on social media. Police and animal rescue organizations have been investigating after phone calls … Read More

Owner of Mesa animal shelter faces 117 animal cruelty charges

In a disturbing investigation of animal cruelty, the owner of a Mesa animal shelter faces 117 animal cruelty charges where animals lived in egregious conditions; where many of them were starved and where dogs died … Read More

Dog killed in unprovoked attack after trespasser chased her around yard

In Pamona, California, a transient trespassed into the front yard of a home on East Second Street on Tuesday and stabbed a dog to death in an unprovoked attack. The disturbing deed was caught on … Read More

Madison County man swung and slammed dog into table for barking

A 26-year-old man from Madison County, Indiana is facing animal cruelty charges after allegedly getting angry at a dog for barking and then killing it. Timothy R. Neill was arrested on animal cruelty charges and … Read More

35-year-old Bald Eagle with one wing stolen from sanctuary

The search is on for whoever stole a 35-year-old Bald Eagle from a New York wildlife sanctuary. The protected bird has only one wing – he has been in the care of the Quogue Wildlife … Read More

Ailing dog found by good Samaritan too far gone to save – police are investigating

A badly neglected and ailing senior dog was found in Franklin, New Hampshire, by a good Samaritan and taken to an emergency veterinarian for care. Sadly, the elderly dog was determined to be too far … Read More

Senior in need of medical help betrayed at 15-years-old by her family

At the Fort Worth Animal Care & Control, a 15-year-old senior was surrendered on Wednesday. The heartbreaking video showed her as being non-reactive to other dogs, very calm and sweet; even though her owners had … Read More

Cat’s paw nearly blown off when someone strapped a firework to her

A cat in Pennsylvania has lost an entire leg after someone strapped a firework to her body. The horribly cruel act is believed to have taken place on or near the Fourth of July. … Read More