11-year-old dog with same ‘family’ dumped at shelter when child jumped on pet while sleeping

Almost all of his 11 years, Chino lived with his “family” – that is until they surrendered him to the East Valley Animal Shelter in Van Nuys, California on June 2, 2021.

So why would … Read More

Sweet 16-year-old pup’s family missed their role about loyalty and left him at a shelter

A sweet 16-year-old dog should be lazily lounging on a soft bed in a loving home enjoying his retirement. It seems, however that Jet Black, a Labrador retriever mix, tearfully missed out and found himself … Read More

El Paso man charged with animal cruelty after his dog starved to death in his backyard

An El Paso man was arrested on Wednesday after his dog died in his backyard. Daniel Travon Reddick, 24, has been accused of starving his three-year-old female husky named Duchess who died on June 7.… Read More

Terrified shepherd pepper sprayed by maintenance workers after abandoned in apartment

A young German shepherd had been abandoned by his owners in an apartment in Wichita, Kansas. No one knows how long he had been left alone. The  terrified pup had been discovered by maintenance workers … Read More

Owners moved away, leaving dozens of cats inside of home without food

Dozens of cats and kittens in South Carolina have been spared a slow and painful death, no thanks to their former owners. On Tuesday, the Florence Area Humane Society posted images of the cats, and … Read More

Dogs’ owner died and now they are on euthanasia list because no one wants them

Big Boy and Queen are bonded seniors, and when their owner died, no one in the family wanted them, and so off they went to the Riverside Animal Shelter in California.

Both dogs have been … Read More

Owner abandoned dog; left to fend for herself in yard for weeks

A dog dubbed Helen was underweight and terrified by the time she was discovered alone in the yard of her former family, who abandoned her for weeks. On Tuesday morning, the Philly Bully Team posted … Read More

Owner surrenders her 19 1/2 year-old dog to shelter

At the Inland Valley Humane Society & SPCA, the owner of a 19 1/2 year-old dog surrendered her to the shelter. The Chihuahua mix has skin issues and a possible eye infection or sight issues. … Read More

Viral TikTok video of man tickling stingray draws public ire and rebuke

A viral video of a man seemingly tickling a stingray has drawn public ire as many people see this as an act of animal cruelty. Controversy has divided the viewing audience between people who think … Read More

Precious ‘Lily’ needs someone to rush in and save her before Texas shelter puts her to sleep today

Lily is on the euthanasia list at Harris County Pets. It’s not that the shelter wants to put this young pup to sleep; tragically there has been an overflow of stray dogs entering the shelter, … Read More