Six chained dogs left to freeze outside Long Island in record low temps

Six dogs, either chained or locked in cages, were left to freeze outside in an non-residential area of Manorville, New York on Tuesday evening. Record breaking temperatures dipped below freezing when Suffolk County police found … Read More

Man arrested after starved and dead dogs found in backyard

A man in Louisville, Kentucky, was arrested and charged after starving and dead dogs were discovered in his backyard. According to multiple sources, 39-year-old Lamarrick Sanders is facing six counts of animal cruelty after animal … Read More

Shelter pup is ‘kennel stressed’ after 3 weeks and scheduled to die

At the Riverside County Shelter in California, a young German shepherd is barely a year old, but is scheduled to be humanely euthanized at anytime. His crime?  Nicholas is “kennel stressed” after having spent three … Read More

Jail time for man who repeatedly ran over dog

A Kansas man has been sentenced to jail time for repeatedly running over a dog who had escaped from his yard. According to multiple sources, earlier this month, 20-year-old Cole Ford Carter was sentenced to … Read More

Some horrible person dumped terrified and pregnant dog in dumpster

On Tuesday morning a terrified, pregnant dog was discovered sitting in a dumpster in the Houston area. What kind of horrible person could be so heartless animal advocates have been asking all morning.

“Oh No!

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Ailing puppy died after being abandoned in Walmart bathroom

An ailing puppy, who was abandoned in the bathroom of a Walmart store in Wilkesboro, North Carolina, died not long after being found. As reported by My Fox 8 News, a store employee was … Read More

Three-month-old puppy recovering after being lit on fire with blowtorch

In Paterson, New Jersey, a three-month-old puppy is recovering after reportedly having been lit on fire with a blowtorch. A witness stated he discovered the tiny pit bull puppy and another dog lit on fire … Read More

Update on Phoenix: Dog’s story is just beginning

In Collinsville, Oklahoma, a stray dog was captured on Saturday morning. Sadly, the dog dubbed Phoenix is real; he is the heartbreaking picture of possible extreme animal abuse and neglect.

According to the Skiatook Paws Read More

Dog pushed and twisted into a crate dumped on side of road

Early Sunday evening, a woman spotted a dog dumped in a crate in Anson County, North Carolina. The dog could not walk or stand, and he desperately cried out in pain hoping someone – anyone … Read More

Florida woman arrested for allegedly trying to drown cat in culvert

A Florida woman was arrested after being observed trying to shove a cat’s head underwater in a culvert. As reported by the Dayton Beach News-Journal, 37-year-old Amanda Goodwin was observed holding a gray cat, … Read More