Van carrying rescue dogs involved in deadly crash

In Pueblo, Colorado, a van carrying rescue dogs from Houston to several Colorado shelters was involved in a deadly crash early Friday morning. The driver of the van, Charles Roberts, 59, was killed; his son Jared who had been sharing the driving survived the crash. The van had been transporting dogs from Houston’s BARC – a trip volunteers made once a week to save countless lives of stray and unwanted dogs.

According to Channel 9 News, Jeff Richey, the owner of Farfel’s Farm and Rescue in Boulder, the dogs are transported and cared for by Rescue Pets Movement. Five vans bring 150 dogs to Colorado every Friday. A nine-pound Schnauzer Yorkie, heading to Richey’s rescue is still missing.

The Pikes Peak Humane Society is currently caring for 23 of the 26 dogs believed to have been in the van when the deadly crash occurred. A few of the dogs have been treated for minor injuries. Three dogs are still missing. Colorado State Patrol tweeted out a picture of the missing dogs. If found, please call 719-544-3005.

According to the Facebook page of Rescued Pets Movement, a GoFundMe page has been set up for Charles Roberts. The group also updated their supporters as to the terrible tragedy:

“… At this time, we do not know how the accident occurred. To say we are grief stricken is an understatement. We are doing our best to determine what happened and how we can help the family. We hope to set up a gofundme page for the family to help them with their terrible loss. Please keep the family in your thoughts and prayers.

Concerning the dogs, three got loose during the accident, and we have contacted the fosters of those dogs. The rest of the dogs are all safe and unharmed. Our friends in Colorado jumped when they got the call and are helping us search for the dogs. Pike’s Peak Humane Society has been instrumental in caring for the dogs and helping us in this time of crisis.”

(Photo of rescue dogs involved in deadly crash via Twitter)

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Sometimes even heroes need a helping hand

We live in a society where celebrities are idolized, and athletes are considered modern day heroes.  But what about all the unsung heroes – those working behind the scenes, going unnoticed day in and day out, working to ease the pain and suffering of others yet never getting any reward or recognition?  And what about those who always extend a helping hand without deliberation or question? Sometimes these unsung heroes themselves are the ones who need a helping hand.

Maria Marcal, a woman in her 50s has been passionate about dog rescue her entire life. She dedicated her time and compassion for animals for many years in the rescue community and also helped out at the Downey Animal Care Center in Los Angeles County, California. Unfortunately, during this time, Maria’s mother fell ill will Alzheimer’s which escalated to dementia. Maria set aside all of her rescue work to take care of her mother full-time.  Then to make matters worse, Maria was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer and will have to undergo chemotherapy and surgery.

Due to having to take care of her mom full time and pay for her own mounting medical bills, Maria has been placed in a difficult financial situation.  All of this has culminated to an eviction from the home she and her mom and her four dogs have lived in for many years in Orange County California. Maria is devastated not only for herself and her mom, but for her four dogs.  Where can they go if she is homeless?  Who will take care of them while she has surgery? All of this and the fact that she has had to leave mementos, family heirlooms and personal belongings behind to move in to a motel with her four dogs has Maria stressed and disheartened.

Many in the rescue community upon hearing of her plight gave generously to her fundraiser, however she still needs help. Marie is continuing to reside in a motel with her four dogs until a permanent housing solution can be found. Until then she needs financial assistance for day to day living while she continues her chemotherapy treatments. Although she has applied for disability and other services, it takes time for those services to be approved and become effective. Heroes are not only the ones you see on television, receiving medals and awards for their acts of heroism. They are everyday people who sometimes fall on hard times and need the help of others to lift them up.

Maria Marcal has spent her life caring for others, please help her get through this difficult time.

Donations can be made via Paypal to

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”

-Mahatma Gandhi

GTS Husky Rescue struggling to keep their doors open

When GTS Husky Rescue was founded in 2014, their goal and mission was to save arctic breed dogs from high kill shelters across the nation. Although specializing in these breeds, they have also taken in and helped others when space allows.

Located in Jupiter, Florida, GTS Husky Rescue is a 100% no-kill shelter strictly run by volunteers with no paid staff members.  All dogs stay either on the ranch or with a foster until they can be adopted. Those dogs that are deemed “unadoptable” due to behavior problems or medical issues, are either kept at the ranch or placed in long-term foster homes while they are rehabilitated.  According to the statement on their website, they are “dedicated to improving the lives of helpless dogs.”

Unfortunately, their dedication to fulfilling that statement has gotten them in to some dire financial straits; almost to the point where they may have to close their doors. This is due partially to having taken on so many dogs with extreme medical conditions and behavioral issues needing training that funding has become scarce. Because they are a 501©3, they strictly rely on donations.

Two of their rescue dogs in 2016 had been hit by cars; both needed extensive hip surgery and physical therapy.  One dog Corinna had to have cancer removed and required treatment for heartworm and a fungal infection.  Along with her physical ailments, Corinna is also terrified of people which required work with a behaviorist.  Sasha, another GTS Husky Rescue dog, came with severe food and toy aggression which also required training and work with a behaviorist. Thai, has had all her cancerous tumors removed, but also needs a trainer due to biting issues. All of these dogs came from high kill shelters, and all could not be adopted out because of these issues. If it weren’t for GTS Husky Rescue they would surely have been destroyed.

To end the 2016 year, GTS took on two more hard luck cases; Noel, a German Shepherd/Husky mix from Palm Beach County Animal Control who had a fractured pelvis and Jacob who has neurological issues.

Jacob, a two-year-old male Husky was at Miami Dade Animal Services (MDAS) who in turn called on GTS to rescue him. After his neuter surgery, it took him 24 hours to wake up, which is highly unusual. When he finally did wake up, his head was tilted and he could not walk straight. GTS contacted a neurologist for Jacob. The neurological exam proved to be inconclusive, so the next step is an MRI and a spinal tap. Unfortunately, when GTS was asked by MDAS to take Jacob, it was unbeknownst to them that he had any afflictions at all. Per MDAS, he was a healthy dog.   However, when reaching out to Jacob’s original owner, she confirmed he had been experiencing seizures which is why she turned him over to MDAS. She did not disclose this to MDAS.

GTS Husky Rescue is hoping Jacob can go on to be a healthy dog, but this is not a realistic hope unless he can be completely diagnosed and treated. All of this will be very costly.

Although GTS Rescue does not like to rescue beyond their means and capabilities, they have taken on two very expensive medical cases within a few weeks. They are committed to these dogs now, so they must stay the course until both dogs are completely well. Because GTS Husky Rescue has taken on so many hardship cases from all over the nation, their vet bill is enormous. They put out a plea for help so they can keep their doors open and continue to help homeless dogs, blind dogs, breeder dogs, hoarder dogs and even owner surrenders which many rescues do not take in.

The organization completely relies on donations to vet the dogs, upkeep the ranch, feed the dogs and maintain their vaccinations and medications. Since they opened in 2014, GTS Husky Rescue has saved the lives of 400 dogs that otherwise would have died because no one else wanted them.

(Photo courtesy of GTS Husky Rescue)

To donate to GTS Husky Rescue, or to view adoptable dogs, or for fostering and volunteering opportunities visit their website

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Couple blamed ‘horrendous’ sexual abuse on baby as dog mauling

When a couple claimed the horrific injuries on a one-year-old little girl on dog mauling, authorities found the wounds inconsistent with a dog attack. In San Antonio, Texas, Bexar County Sheriff Javier Salazar, claims this could be the worst case they have even seen. The child suffered life threatening stab wounds and sexual injuries. Her condition has been upgraded to stable condition at the hospital.crystal-herrera

According to Fox News, police had been called to a home on December 31 after a 911 call, stating a young child had been attacked by the family dogs when she wandered outside of the house. When questioned, the relative and boyfriend, Isaac Andrew Cardenas’ stories were not consistent with the crime scene and the evidence. According to the police report, the child suffered,

“extremely serious and life-threatening wounds consistent with a brutal sexual assault and multiple stab wounds. The child did suffer stab wounds to her upper body, but additionally to her private areas.”

Animal Care Services (ACS) workers also picked up the dogs at the home and told investigators the dogs showed no signs of being aggressive. Medical staff agreed the little girl had not been a victim of dog mauling.

“I can’t even begin to describe to you the level of depravity that went into this crime,” stated Sheriff Salazar. “It’s been described to me and …just imagining it is enough to chill any of us.”

Cardenas has been charged with super aggravated sexual assault of a child; bond has been set at $300,000. The relative was charged with injury to a child by omission.

The child will be in the care of Child Protective Services. Authorities are investigating if there was any prior history of child abuse.

(Photos for dog mauling accusations courtesy of Bexar County Sheriff’s Office)

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Street dog with melon-sized mass never stopped smiling

When a compassionate animal advocate spotted a street dog wandering around a village in the area of Udaipur Rajasthan, he was shocked to see a huge melon-sized mass hanging from underneath the dog’s chin. Animal Aid Unlimited, a rescue organization in India, received the call about the Labrador retriever dubbed Mango, and knew they had to help.tumor-dog-2

When rescuers arrived, they offered the street dog  food and treats to gain his trust. Mango was then transported back to the rescue’s hospital ward to diagnose the tumor and hopefully do something to help the dog. All the while, the smiling pup wagged his tail and never stopped smiling. After examining the dog and the balloon sized swelling, it was determined the mass was an abscess which they hoped would successfully drain.

“We rushed him into a surgical procedure to drain the melon sized mass of blood and pus–and yes, it was horrendous! but also so satisfying to relieve the pressure. Without treatment, the infection in the abscess could have led to blood poisoning (sepsis) and could have been deadly,” posted the organization on their Facebook page describing the medical procedure Mango had just undergone.tumor-dog-3

The drain was left in Mango’s neck for the duration of the mass draining, and in two weeks, the young dog had almost completely healed.

Check out Mango’s video from the time he was rescued to now that he is ready to find a forever home.

(Photos of street dog with mass courtesy of Animal Aid Unlimited)

To donate to Animal Aid Unlimited to help more dogs in dire need, please click here.

Starved dog Chi Chi ate her own puppies to survive

In Brooksville, Florida, a starved dog named Chi Chi, left heavily chained up in the backyard of her home with no food or water, ate her own puppies to survive. Hernando County Sheriff’s Office made the grizzly and heartbreaking discovery after authorities were called by a neighbor, to a home on Leonard Street, who claimed he had been bitten by one of the dogs. deandre-goodson-2

According to BayNews9, animal control officers arrested Deandre Goodson, 21 for one count of animal cruelty. Three dogs were found tied up without water, but Chi Chi had been suffering the worst. Her ears were mutilated, and she had multiple bites over her entire emaciated body. When discovered, the dog was too weak to walk. In a statement released on Tuesday, the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office stated:

“Authorities were able to contact Goodson by phone who agreed to meet deputies at the Hernando County Animal Services offices in Brooksville. Goodson said a friend Breon Wyatt had given him the dog about a year ago. He indicated the dog got out of the yard a couple of months ago and he had only recently found Chi Chi and brought her back home. ..

“Goodson confirmed Chi Chi gave birth to two puppies about two weeks ago, but she had eaten them.”

Goodson told authorities he fed Chi Chi regularly, but had no idea why she seemed starved. He explained the dog’s injuries were a result of the other dogs attacking her, but had not taken her to the vet for treatment. The dog is currently receiving medical attention.

Goodson remains in jail in lieu of a $5,000 bond.

(Photos of starved dog Chi Chi Hernando County Sheriff’s Office)

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Lost rescue pooch survived cold and being hit by a train

Just four days after rescue pooch Freddie was adopted from a local shelter in Stockholm, Sweden he went missing, but this wily pooch survived the cold and having been hit by a train. According to The Local, the lost rescue pooch, survived his scary adventure with nothing more than a gash on the top of his head.berit-holmgren-2

It was just one week before Christmas when Berit Holmgren’s new rescue pal, Freddie went missing in the Are ski resort. Berit posted a plea for help on a local Facebook group and readers responded moving quickly to the last place the elusive lost rescue pooch had been seen. Finally, just two days before Christmas, railroad workers found the dog. Frightened Freddie had been hit by a train near Holiday Club, but he fell underneath it thus escaping injury.

Driven home by the railroad staff, the sweet dog survived his unintended adventure. Berit happily posted her dog was exhausted and was now safely at home sleeping it off and “enjoying his rest.” Although he is sore and a bit dirtier for the wear, Berit and her family celebrated with champagne and a bit thank you to everyone who made the happy and safe reunion possible.

Welcome home Freddie. (Photos of lost rescue pooch via Facebook)

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Pup with paralyzed hind legs rescued from street in Beirut

When researching the number of stray animals in the United States alone, the results are staggering and disheartening. Per the ASPCA Pet Statistics, approximately 7.6 million animals enter shelters across the nation annually; 3.9 million are dogs and 3.4 million are cats. Of these animals, 2.7 million will be euthanized. According to the World Animal Awareness Society 90% of dogs born in the U.S.A will never find a permanent home.

But even more tragic is the stray dog population on a global scale. According to World Health Organization (WHO) the estimated total worldwide is somewhere between 20,000,000 and 600,000,000. In cities, such as Beirut, Lebanon there are no laws to protect animals so abuse, torture, and neglect run rampant.

One dog, appropriately named Lucky, was indeed fortunate enough to get out of Beirut alive, thanks to the efforts of a good Samaritan and a rescue group in Alberta, Canada. Lucky’s journey started when she was found on the side of the road in Beirut with both of her hind legs paralyzed. It is unknown if she was born this way or if it was the result of abuse or being hit by a car.  Whatever the circumstances, Lucky was left on the side of the road like garbage. While many people passed her by, going about their day to day activities, only one person stopped.

The woman who rescued Lucky works very hard to help homeless animals in Beirut. She knew that Lucky’s only chance was to get out of Lebanon.  Since April 2016, Lucky has been in boarding and foster care in Beirut. One of the fosters put a post about Lucky needing a foster or adopter outside of Lebanon. Just One More Animal Rescue and Recovery, a foster based rescue group operating out of Swan Hills, Alberta, Canada saw the post about Lucky and knew immediately they wanted to help.

Lauri Restad,  the president of the rescue and her vice president Tammy Stals, knew their first step was to set up a fundraiser to get Lucky to Canada from Beirut. They put out a request for donations starting in October 2016 to cover the transporting fee and necessary paperwork and Lucky arrived in Alberta, Canada on December 12th, 2016. Lucky’s first stop before going to her foster was at the home of Tammy Stals. Because it was -­20 degrees when Lucky arrived, Tammy bought a little coat for her to wear and a warm blanket. It will take some time for Lucky to get used to the Canadian climate.

Now that Lucky is in Canada, she can get the medical help she needs to be able to walk again. Lucky does have a cart with her to help her mobility. She is only able to stand and walk on her own for a few seconds. She will most likely require surgery and therapy to possibly restore the function of her paralyzed hind legs. She is currently incontinent, and it is not definite that she will be able to use her back legs again. But Lauri and Tammy feel confident that she will recover and be able to walk again. Despite not having the use of her back legs, Lucky is a sweet, happy dog and will be ready for adoption once all her medical needs are taken care of.

Funding is still needed for Lucky’s medical. All funds collected since October have gone toward the fees to get her out of Beirut to Canada.

(Photo of pup with paralyzed hind legs Lucky’s Journey)

If you would like to be part of Lucky’s miracle and recovery, donations can be sent to the rescue’s Paypal account at:

For updates on Lucky and to see her journey from Beirut to Canada, visit her Facebook page at;














GTS Husky Rescue begging for help to save dog with broken pelvis

GTS Husky Rescue, located in Jupiter, Florida is a 501 (c)3 which specializes in saving Arctic dog breeds such as Siberian Huskies and Alaskan Malamutes. However, they will open their rescue to other dog breeds if space allows.  They are 100 % volunteer run and will travel anywhere in the United States to rescue Huskies from high kill shelters.

Recently, Palm Beach, Florida Animal Control reached out to GTS pleading with them to take in a German Shepherd/Husky mix that had been brought to their shelter starved and with a broken pelvis.  Apparently, the dog had been hit by a car.  Rebecca Booden of GTS Husky rescues states they did not hesitate for a second to make the decision as it was the right thing to do.They named the dog Noel and made a commitment to save her life even with the high cost involved making her well again. To get Noel healthy again, she will need surgery as well as a lengthy recovery stay at the veterinarian hospital.

Although Noel has been through so much pain and suffering, she is a sweet, affectionate dog who loves to give kisses even when she is in extreme pain.  After her surgery and recovery, she will go to the GTS Husky Rescue ranch in Jupiter, Florida where she will stay until she gets adopted.  She, like the other dogs at GTS Husky Rescue, will be vetted, fully trained, fed quality food and exercised daily by the volunteers.

A fundraiser has been set up for Noel’s surgery and recovery costs. GTS is asking everyone who can help to please donate to Noel’s care.  She, like all other rescue dogs knows she has been saved and is so appreciative.

According to GTS Husky Rescue:

“They are committed to rescuing the dogs that are broken, blind, hit by cars, suffering from torture or hoarding situations, starved, neglected, and abused. These dogs have no voice so they need our help and the help of rescuers like GTS Husky Rescue.”

Please visit Noel’s Fundraiser page and contribute towards her care.

(Photo of husky rescue courtesy of GT Husky Rescue)


When their owner passed away, not one family member offered any help

In Valencia County, New Mexico, three dogs may soon breathe their last: this desperate situation was certainly not their fault when their owner passed away. For over a month, the emaciated black Labrador retriever along with two shepherds had been left alone in a home. There was no food or water. It was hoped family members would have stepped forward to save them. No one ever offered.valenica-county-homeless-pets-2

Sadly the dogs have experienced trauma; making all three very fearful and therefore aggressive. Staff and volunteer have reported the dogs bark and growl when anyone approaches their kennels, and although they can not be adopted out to the public, it is hoped an experienced rescue organization will volunteer to help.

A Facebook page can be followed here. Advocates have been pledging funds payable to an approved rescue to help with medical and behavioral expenses. All three of the dogs were emaciated. Now they need a holiday miracle to step in and give them a second chance at life and happiness. Please share their plights with family members, friends and social media contacts. Sharing saves lives, and these dogs deserve better than what they have been experiencing at the most stressful time of their lives.valenica-county-homeless-pets-3

For more information, about the tan German shepherd mix listed as eight-years-old, refer to ID33627. For information about the black Labrador retriever mix estimated to be nine years old, refer to ID33625. For information about the black and brown four-year-old German shepherd mix, refer to ID33626.

The deadline for these dogs is Friday.  For more information how you can help, contact the Valencia County Homeless Pets or contact the Valencia County Animal Shelter located at 1209 Hwy 314 Los Lunas, New Mexico 87031. Please contact them at 505-866-2479 if you are interested helping these dogs.

(Photos of dogs when their owner passed away via Valencia County Homeless Pets)