Dog waits at hospital three months after his owner died from Covid-19

A loyal dog waited for his owner at Wuhan Taikang Hospital every day for more than three months hoping to be reunited with his human. Sadly, the dog’s elderly owner had succumbed from Covid-19 after … Read More

Inexcusable: Poor Maltese senior left matted and miserable at shelter

Talullah was impounded at the SEACCA (Southeast Area Animal Control Authority on May 20, 2020 from the City of Downey. She has been described as an aged female Maltese mix weighing only 13 pounds.

A … Read More

For 10 years goofy-eared dog with loving spirit has waited for a home

In Port Washington, New York, a goofy-eared dog with a loving personality has spent 10 of his 11 years in a kennel cage. Sadly, this adorable pooch named Zeus is the longest resident at The Read More

After three years, rescue dog finally gets a home of his own

A dog who waited for years to be chosen by an adopter is finally getting his second chance. As reported by NBC 15, the senior pit bull, Goliad, waited patiently for three years with a … Read More

Soldiers partner with rescue org to bring stray dog home to U.S. from Syria

A group of American soldiers have partnered with a non-profit rescue organization to help raise funds to bring a stray puppy back to the United States from Syria. The puppy, rescued while on a war … Read More

Basset hound has waited nearly a year at shelter and no one wants him

At the Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society, a basset hound/border collie mix, has waited nearly a year for a place to call home; no one seems to want him. With more than 1,600 adoption applications … Read More

Still a puppy and so neglected: Golden retriever needs help

At the Riverside Animal Shelter in California, a one-year-old Golden retriever arrived on Friday. It’s difficult to believe “Honey Dew” is only a year old.


Pet Harbor adoption :

Dog – ID#A1585170
I am

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Heart Wrenching: Dog refused to leave his dead sister’s body on side of road

A dog whose sister had apparently died on the side of the road, refused to leave his sibling behind when authorities came to his rescue on Friday in Kingsville, Texas.

“A call came in for

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Man shot German shepherd twice ‘to shut him up now’

In Spalding County, Georgia, a man drove to a neighbor’s home and shot at a German shepherd three times – hitting the dog twice and saying “maybe that will shut him up now.” The two … Read More

Terrified mother dog brought to shelter with her 4 pups

A terrified, young mother dog was brought to the Nassau County Animal Shelter on Wednesday with her four puppies. Zuma Dula needs help quickly.

According to the shelter, Zuma is believed to be between two … Read More