Child bit senior dog: Startled pet bit back and now no longer wanted

A five-year-old child bit a senior dog. Where were his parents? Sadly, the startled pet bit the child back, and now the dog is at Jefferson County Animal Control, Missouri because his family no longer … Read More

Two stray German shepherd puppies never have had a touch of love

On Saturday, two stray German shepherd puppies were captured by Animal Control in Garland, Texas. Both female pups were scared and visibly trembled, but allowed shelter volunteer Roxi to pet them.

“They are both at

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Update: Ailing senior bulldog labeled ‘code red’ on the mend

Just days ago, an ailing senior dog was labeled “code red” after her stray holding period from Riverside County Animal Control came and went; her owner never stepped forward. Sadly, Esme was hurt and ill; … Read More

Terrified siblings in isolation section have little chance for adoption

Terrified siblings kept in the isolation section of San Bernardino City Animal Control have little chance of finding homes. Picked up as strays on October 12, the two young sisters huddle together for comfort; they

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‘Lucky’ the dog? Family dumped him at shelter when he hurt his leg

A broken-hearted dog named ‘Lucky’ still watches through his kennel bars for his family to return. Just one month ago, Lucky was surrendered to the Carson Care Center in California after he injured his leg.… Read More

Safe! Update on ‘Mocha’ about to lose her life

Freedom Farm Rescue has found Mocha! She is safe.

“Thank you to all our supporters and all who helped…we are grateful!

Especially Casey Turner who spied her and called us from seeing the flyers we

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Tragic update for caged German shepherd found over embankment

Police in Enfield, Connecticut will continue to investigate how a caged German shepherd was abandoned over an embankment on State Street last month. On Monday, the shepherd was euthanized.

According to the Enfield Police, the … Read More

Bonded dogs sleep together at night dreaming of a home

At the Miami-Dade Pet Adoption and Protection Center, two bonded brothers don’t understand why they are not home, however they have each other and at night dream about a place where they can run, play … Read More

‘Mocha’ totally defeated and about to be euth’ed for space

In Salisbury, North Carolina, ‘Mocha’ sits in the Rowan County Animal Shelter totally defeated and soon to be euthanized for needed space. It’s not that Mocha is mean, it’s not that the shelter is mean … Read More

Family kept ‘Rascal’ for 15 years and then they moved away

For 15 years, Rascal was part of the family, but when they decided to move away, Rascal became dispensable. And so off to the East Valley Animal Shelter in Van Nuys he went. Rescue volunteers … Read More