Separated from her bonded friend at shelter, help needed to reunite pair

At the city shelter in Wichita, Kansas, two bonded dogs are almost out of time. Their deadline to be rehomed and out of the shelter by Wednesday has come and gone. The future for these … Read More

Broken-hearted Tommie Bear returned to shelter again and now he just mopes

In Houston, Texas, Tommie Bear just lies on his bed and barely acknowledges anyone passing by his shelter cage. The broken-hearted dog was returned to Harris County Pets again after just a few months.

Tommie … Read More

Blind bewildered senior German shepherd tossed away like trash

At the Clayton County Animal Shelter, volunteers try to comfort a nine-year-old blind German shepherd. Sadly, he has been at the shelter since October 8, and his time might be running out. Rocky was rescued … Read More

Heartbreaking to watch owner lead young dog into kill shelter and walk away

At the Miami Dade Animal Services, tears came to the eyes of animal advocates as heartbreaking photos of a woman casually leading her young dog into the shelter and then seeming to be casually walking … Read More

Beyond neglected and abused, ‘Goose’ is past due and needs help now

Who can understand how anyone could have looked into Goose’s eyes day after day and watched him begging for food, for medical help and perhaps some love? This poor guy was impounded on October 10 … Read More

Bonded seniors have spent entire lives together but have little chance for a future

Paloma and Fluffy are bonded seniors and have spent their entire lives together. Sadly, they have little chance of being adopted together; perhaps they don’t even face a future as they are currently waiting at … Read More

Dog found hiding behind washing machine in vacant house and left to die

At the San Bernardino Animal Shelter in California, a five-year-old terrified dog was found hiding behind a washing machine in the abandoned home where his family left him to die. When discovered, he was shaking … Read More

Once an energetic pup who spent months isolated at shelter to be euth’ed

At the East Valley Animal Shelter, a three-year-old mixed breed pup who spent months isolated in a shelter cage will be humanely euthanized if he is not rescued by Sunday afternoon. His heartbreaking story is … Read More

Meet shelter senior ‘Dorothy’ overbred and thrown away like trash

At the San Bernardino City Animal Shelter, Dorothy was thrown away like trash.

Meet the lovely #A534869 Dorothy ***under the bred and neglected and “thrown out like trash” disguise…,” posted volunteers hoping to find Dorothy

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Terrier is only 8-months-old and this is how he arrived at Miami shelter

At the Miami-Dade Animal Services, an eight-month-old male terrier arrived on Friday. He was found as a stray on the streets of Miami. An urgent plea went out from the shelter asking an approved rescue … Read More