Reform needed at Broward County Animal Care

Once again, citizens are clamoring for change and reform at the Broward County Animal Care and Adoptions in South Florida since the naming of Lauralei Combs as the new Director.

The recent allegations of abuse, … Read More

Saving Solo: He was abandoned on the street and now slated to die

Once upon a time Solo had a family. Once upon a time Solo was loved, but on December 18, someone pulled out his leash and said, “let’s go out for a walk.” And with that … Read More

Their end is near: Time is running out for St. Landry dogs -HELP

St. Landry Parish Animal Control needs help finding homes for shelter dogs. Their end is near, and time is running out. Sadly, the dogs know their days are limited. They sleep more than they play. … Read More

California bans sale of puppy-mill dogs, cats and rabbits in pet stores

In a landmark California bill, starting January 1, pet stores will be prohibited from selling puppy-mill dogs, cats and rabbits. In addition to the ban, sponsored by Assemblyman Patrick O’Donnell and supported by the an … Read More

Tiger’s life matters: Emaciated and neglected in Texas high kill shelter

In San Antonio, Texas a six-year-old dog sits on death row at a crowded shelter. Emaciated and neglected, animal advocates are asking readers to share Tiger’s plight.  On Thursday evening, a volunteer tearfully shared his … Read More

Odessa Animal Shelter nearly killed 140 dogs over distemper scare

In Odessa, Texas, the Odessa Animal Shelter has no veterinarian on staff, so when dogs started showing signs of respiratory distress nearly two weeks ago, shelter personnel may have jumped to the conclusion the dogs … Read More

Status RED: Boxer in critical condition needs a village to help

Meet Troy; he is a senior Boxer in critical condition and needs the help of a village to leave Riverside County Animal Control.

“Suspect Dog has a combination of neurologic/vestibular issues as well as arthritis/musculoskeletal

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Two-month-old puppies at high kill shelter need help quickly

These two adorable puppies are just two-months-old and have had the bad luck to have landed at a high kill shelter in the city of Robstown located near Austin, Texas area where they are at … Read More

Heartbreak alert: Timmy shook with tears in his eyes at Miami shelter


In a heartbreak alert at Miami-Dade Animal Services, Timmy was visited by a volunteer on Sunday afternoon. Her story and what the young woman saw is worth sharing. Hopefully, it will save this puppy. … Read More

No one came to save Matilda: Dumped and nearly forgotten

Matilda knows she has been forgotten by her family. Even those with commitments to adopt this eight-year-old English bulldog a second time, have not come to the shelter to meet her. And on November 28, … Read More