Rescuers save 53 dogs from the back of an illegal slaughter truck in Indonesia moments before they were to be killed

Rescuers in Indonesia reported hearing dogs whimpering inside of a transport truck as they approached the vehicle on Wednesday morning. Further investigation found dogs trapped in hessian sacks – most with their mouths tied shut … Read More

Emergency help needed: Rescuers left ‘speechless’ at heartbreaking surrender to Texas shelter of 15-year-old dog named ‘Lucky’

In San Antonio, Texas, rescuers at the San Antonio animal shelter were left speechless and in tears after a heartless owner surrendered 15-year-old Lucky. How in the world does any dog owner not seek veterinary … Read More

Urgent plea sent from Miami shelter to help five-year-old ‘Gipsy’

A heartbreaking photo of Gipsy has been bringing rescuers together; hoping to support an approved rescue organization who will save her before her time is up. Sadly, the Miami-Dade Animal Services are nearly full and … Read More

Wichita Animal Shelter nearly full as five scared dogs whose owner died face critical crisis

The Wichita Animal Shelter has listed 30 dogs for humane euthanasia as conditions become dangerously overcrowded. Sadly, the dogs who have been at the shelter for the longest period of time will be the first … Read More

Playful energetic ‘Yoshi’ who once cuddled with his mom no longer wanted when his family truly failed

For all two years of his life, Yoshi loved growing up with his family and especially the five-year-old child who had been his companion and friend. Described as friendly with female strangers, a bit standoffish … Read More

No future for ‘Arlo’ at shelter unless the community comes together to save him from euthanasia

As of Friday, Arlo was placed on the euthanasia list at the Riverside Animal Shelter in California. With the influx of dogs arriving at the shelter, the rates of euthanasia have increased, and although Arlo … Read More

Update on Great Pyrenees cast aside because no one thought he mattered

This once beautiful dog scarcely recognizable as a Great Pyrenees was rescued on Wednesday by Dallas Dog -Rescue.Rehab.Reform. His name is Hemingway, because his rescuers believe he has a story to tell.

Just a … Read More

Once beautiful Great Pyrenees cast aside to scavenge for food in trash cans will get another chance

This once beautiful dog is scarcely recognizable as a Great Pyrenees. Just a day ago, he was picked up by Animal Control near the Dallas area where he had been scavenging through trash cans and … Read More

Eight puppies who have not been socialized dumped at shelter after owner never bothered to be responsible

Eight puppies are huddled in a corner, scared witless because they have never been socialized and suddenly find themselves in a noisy shelter with strangers everywhere. The litter was surrendered to the East Valley Animal … Read More

Senior pup has been dumped at Miami shelter four times: This is his last chance

Rocky surely must be familiar with the Miami-Dade Animal Services, because he has been surrendered to the shelter four times. Yes, four times, and it’s not fair. Just look at his picture – he is … Read More