Mortgages going to the dogs: Millennials buying homes for their pooches

Millennials are now leading the “pack” of home buyers and mortgages; and guess what is motivating many of them to make that decision? According to a recent survey conducted by the Harris Poll for Sun Trust Mortgage, 33 percent of millennial home buyers (ages 18 -36) were driven towards that nesting call because of their dogs.

“Millennials have strong bonds with their dogs, so it makes sense that their furry family members are driving home-buying decisions,” said Dorinda Smith, SunTrust Mortgage President and CEO. “For those with dogs, renting can be more expensive and a hassle; home ownership takes some of the stress off by providing a better living situation.”

Dogs ranked higher than marriages and birth of a child as prime motivating factors for purchasing a home. For those millennials who have not adopted a dog but are planning to find a canine companion in the future, 42% have stated that is a key factor for home ownership.

For animal lovers, the news is certainly not surprising, and presents a good barometer for real estate professionals honing in on a market of sophisticated and discerning young home buyers. With so many rental restrictions affecting the breed of dogs, the size of dogs, additional fees and just the dissatisfaction of no space to run around, pet people need a different and friendlier solution. So why not purchase a home with a yard? Better yet if there are dog parks and pet friendly neighbors, people make more friends. Dog parents have less restrictions in their own homes. So many times, while showing a home, future buyers with dogs hold the backyard space as a priority – even over closet space and modernizing the kitchen.

We now can expect to see more dog friendly amenities in newer neighborhood construction, including more dog parks, walking trails, doggy disposal bag stations and perhaps a cool running water fountain – one for the humans and one below for convenient doggy reach. And as a parent of a millennial, who has grown up in a world of rescuing dogs, cats and horses and more aware of environment and a compassionate world for all animals, is it any wonder this next generation shows more respect for their pets than just the obligatory junkyard dog chained to a doghouse 24/7? Few dogs in the past generations were treated as respectfully as Lassie.

And then there’s always another consideration for the doggy boom with millennials. No matter how many creature comforts this generation lavishes on their dogs, the expenses are nowhere near the expenses of having a child. Perhaps the loyalty and love from Gotham the dog provides that too – or at least for awhile?

We do need to warn prospective homeowners however that those purchasing a townhouse, a condo or an apartment, Home Ownership Associations can present as many restrictions as renting. Make sure to carefully check out requirements from the HOA and even disclose pertinent information on home insurance policies as to the breed of the dog. All in all, there’s nothing like having a dog.

Please note the survey was conducted online from June 28-30, 2017, among 412 U.S. adults ages 18-36, among whom 248 purchased their first home and 135 have never purchased a home. This online survey is not based on a probability sample and therefore no estimate of theoretical sampling error can be calculated.

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Woman’s boyfriend accused of slamming 8-week-old puppy to ground

In Xenia, Ohio, a felony arrest warrant was issued on Saturday for the man accused of slamming an 8-week-old puppy to the ground after swinging the defenseless animal around on its leash. According to the Dayton Daily News, Matthew Bolen faces “causing serious harm to a companion animal” charges.

The puppy, named Willow was found last weekend after a neighbor called 911:

“One of my neighbors is throwing a dog around, and he’s like swinging him around and banging him on the ground,” the 911 caller told dispatch. “The dog is crying like crazy.”

Officers responded to the residence on Colorado Drive and arrested Bolen on an outstanding warrant. Bolen’s girlfriend  had been the original owner of Willow; she has since relinquished ownership of the puppy to Leah Lind, a victim’s advocate with the city of Xenia.

The puppy suffered serious injuries. A GoFundMe account described the puppy as having a broken knee, dislocated hip and fragmented bone in her hip socket. Willow is recovering from surgery and more procedures will be needed in the future. There is still a chance the dog may need to have her let amputated. And through it all, the puppy wags her tail, loves everyone and hops and plays as if nothing was wrong.

You can follow this adorable pooch’s recovery here. 

(Photos of suspect and 8-week-old puppy via Xenia Police and Saving Willow)

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Heroes rush into burning house to save a family’s trapped dog – read the story here!

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News reporter, cops and young boy rescue dog from busy traffic-filled street

When NBC news reporter, Pat Battle had been covering a news story in Hackensack, New Jersey on Friday and saw a small dog dart in and out of traffic, it was Pat’s first instinct to help. Just as quick as a flash of lightning, the black pup ran across the lawn in front of the Bergen County Courthouse and into traffic – just as everyone was leaving for the weekend. When Pat spotted a child about 50 yards away, she assumed it was the little boy’s dog; he had already been trying to catch her.

“The boy was calling her, I was calling her – she listened but she didn’t obey,” stated Pat.

And so it was time to engage more help, and just moments later a Hackensack police officer stopped his car to join in the effort to save the pooch who was oblivious to the increase in traffic and the dangers of getting hit by a vehicle. For the next 30 minutes, ten strangers worked hard to rescue the pint-sized pup. Count them – there were three police officers, three children and four adults who finally managed to corral the little ten-pound dog to safety.

It wasn’t over yet. Frightened from her scary jaunt, the Chihuahua hid underneath a dumpster. Sgt. Anthony DiParisi called for backup and the responding officers Sean Briggs and Jessica DeJesus lured the dog out with turkey and chicken. Snagged! Ironically the dog seemed grateful for the rescue and snuggled into the arms of Officer Briggs – the adorable little canine “jay-runner”  kissing, licking and wagging her tail.

The dog wore no collar, and therefore was transported to the Bergen County Animal Shelter where she will spend the next week and hopefully be reunited with her family. Maybe she just escaped from her home? If no one claims her however, that little boy who Pat met when she spotted the pup doing his marathon run – Ethan – said he and his mom would love to adopt the dog and name her “Go-Go” because she never stopped running until she felt the love.

Nice job Pat; no fake media here!

(Photos of news reporter and others save little dog screenshot via Pat Battle)

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Heroes rush into burning house to save a family’s trapped dog – read the story here!

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Family’s digging dog deemed honorary narcotics K9 after drug find

The Yamhill County Sheriff’s Office has named an Oregon family’s digging dog, “Kenyon,” as an honorary narcotics K9 after the dog unearthed illegal drugs which were buried on his owner’s property. The 18-month-old golden retriever dug up what his owners thought was a time capsule – possibly left by the people who previously lived in their home.

According to the Sheriff’s Office, the family, who has opted to remain anonymous, decided to video-tape themselves opening the supposed time capsule, for posterity sake, but when they opened the black tube, the quickly realized that keepsakes from the past weren’t inside.

The family reached out to the authorities for assistance – come to find out, the black capsule was holding over 15 ounces of black tar heroin valued at approximately $85,000.

Sheriff Tim Svenson praised Kenyon for his backyard discovery and said, “Opioid addiction and overdose deaths are on the rise and with the help of Kenyon this large quantity of heroin is removed from our community.” Sheriff Svenson presented Kenyon with an official Yamhill County K-9 citation ribbon and named him an honorary narcotics K-9 for life.

Honorary narcotics K9

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Heroes rush into burning house to save a family’s trapped dog – read the story here!

Canine besties you just have to see – check out the heartwarming photos here.

Heartbreaking: Hopeless pup knows no one is coming for him at shelter

He has no name and no one has come to the Clayton County Animal Control in Ellenwood, Georgia.  A volunteer at the shelter describes this young dog’s tragic plight:

“This Is The Face Of HOPELESS! A Dog Stuck In A Shelter Day After Day. At 1st They Are Excited To Hopefully Get A Family Or Rescue But Each Day That Goes By Hope Slowly Slips Away. This Pup Doesn’t Have A Name, Nor A Fundrazr & Isn’t o n A Euth List But Surely Deserves To Be Rescued Or Adopted.”

*Intake Number: #171393
*Intake Date: 6-16-17
*Available Date: 6-24-17
*Breed: Pit Bull
*Gender: Male
*Age: Adult
*Size: Large
*Weight: 60 lbs.
*Shelter: Anvil Block (AB)

*PHONE: 1-(770)-347-0210

*Please Email Rescue:
*FAX: 1-(770)-603-4199

If you need assistance in coordinating rescue please email: &

A Facebook page for this dog, described as calm and sweet, can be found here.  This boy is just looking for some love: he is available for public adoption. Please share his story with friends, family and social media contacts. Sharing saves lives. Make sure to take a moment and watch his short video. This pup should not be “hopeless.” This boy should be home loving life and running and playing with his new family. Additional information can be found here.

(Photos and video courtesy of “hopeless” pup via Clayton County Animal Control volunteers)

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Video here:

Heroes rush into burning house to save a family’s trapped dog – read the story here!

Neighbor ran over dog with lawnmower for mating with his female dog

A friendly, three-year-old German shepherd mix was the victim of extreme animal cruelty recently after a neighbor pinned the dog to the ground and ran over his legs with a lawnmower for mating with the man’s female dog. Both dogs were just reacting to their natural instincts – shame on all owners who do not take the time to get their pets spayed and neutered.

It had been a fine summer day when the shepherd, named Mommam, ran and played in the residential neighborhood of Thanlang, Phuket, Thailand. Running over to mount the female dog, tragically the dog’s life changed for the worse in just a few minutes; the female dog’s owner became so furious that he grabbed Mommam, restrained him to the ground and ran over his legs with a lawnmower. Despite the dog’s intense pain and agony, he was able to pull away from his torturer and dragged himself over to the spot where he loved to take naps; he writhed in agony. Later that day when his owner found his dog – he was shocked.

Mommam’s injuries were severe and life threatening. Because his owner was not able to afford the emergency care for his dog, Soi Dog Foundation stepped up to help. The dog was rushed to a local veterinary hospital for treatment. His front leg had been completely severed, and it has since been amputated. His back right leg is currently being treated by Soi Dog vets, who hope they can save it.

As can be seen in the video below, once Mommam’s injuries were treated and his pain was brought under control,  his joyful spirit has returned. His tail is wagging, and he is able to walk – or jump – using his left legs alone.

An investigation by Thailand’s animal cruelty officials is currently underway. The person who attacked the dog is facing criminal charges.

Mommam desperately needs donations to cover his medical care. Please give today:

 Mommam’s recovery would not be possible without you. Thank you for helping him.

(Photos and videos of dog run over with lawnmower courtesy of Soi Dog Foundation Facebook)

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Video: (Graphic and may not be suitable for all viewing audiences)

Heroes rush into burning house to save a family’s trapped dog – read the story here!

California couple accused of torturing a young boy

A couple in Murrieta, California, has been arrested on accusations that they tortured a young boy. According to Thursday’s KTLA News,  the child is in “grave condition, and his father, 33-year-old Benjamin Matthew Whitten, is behind bars.

The local authorities arrested Whitten, a Navy machinist, and his 25-year-old girlfriend, Jeryn Johnson, after finding the five-year-old child with severe injuries and comatose, on Tuesday. The authorities were alerted to the situation when Whitten called 911 to report a medical emergency with the boy.

Responding officers noted that the boy was “frail and malnourished.” Neighbors observed paramedics performing CPR on the boy before he was taken to a hospital for care.

The authorities were able to get a search warrant for the couple’s home – they discovered 11 dogs, four cats and some fish living in the residence which was described as “extremely unsanitary.” According to CBS Los Angeles, the couple had a “passion” for rescuing neglected dogs.

The boy was air-lifted to another hospital in San Diego County – he is said to be still “fighting for his life.” The couple is facing multiple charges, including torture and child abuse.


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Heroes rush into burning house to save a family’s trapped dog – read the story here!


Actress Selma Blair’s dog dies after tragic accident

A dog belonging to actress Selma Blair has died following a tragic accident. On Thursday, the 45-year-old actress asked Instagram followers to pray for her rescued pup, “Ducky,” who was involved in some type of “terrible accident.”

💔Please say prayers for Ducky. She had a terrible accident this evening . The vet recommended ending her suffering. But when her tail wagged, I couldn’t do it. We are going ahead to try to put her body and organs back together. She is our home. We ask for this miracle. Please say a word. Arthur’s heart is broken. 🐾💔

Love and prayers were not enough to save the 13-year-old Chihuahua mix who was adopted by Blair’s family in 2015. On Friday, Blair’s Instagram account broke the devastating news:

Run with the angels. We miss you so much. So much, sweet girl. Please send us our next dog. With the spirit of you and wink. Our hearts are broken.

No word on what happened to Ducky – but she was obviously loved by her family. Run free sweet girl.

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Heroes rush into burning house to save a family’s trapped dog – read the story here!


Adorable moments when 2 naughty dogs send themselves to the ‘doghouse’

How adorable can it be when two naughty Australian shepherds sent themselves to their cages after their dog sitter returned home and saw the dogs’ ripped apart bed? The dogs tell their own story on a soon to be viral video when the dog sitter, who had been watching the two pups for a friend, noticed the bed had been torn apart in the corner. Initially when the man comes home, the dogs are ecstatic to see the friendly, loving face, but here comes the consequences of a few minutes of chewing boredom. Oops!

As the man questions the dogs, the guilty canines momentarily hesitate and slowly walk into their kennels. Long faces and that doggy guilt look of shame while keeping their eyes cast downward, the dogs admitted their guilt – no words needed of course. Their pet sitter didn’t seem that upset by the dogs’ error of their ways and seemed to derive their adorable admissions of guilt as adorable.

“These two Australian shepherds, who had a little bit too much fun ripping up a dog bed when their owner was away from home, at least managed to look reasonably guilty when the damage was found. A video of the dogs was shared to a YouTube channel under the name Gideon on August 15, showing the dogs seeking shelter in their crates when their dog minder walked across the room to survey the damage done to one of their beds. The dogs appeared to find it hard to look their temporary carer in the eye as he scolded them. The video had 8,591 views at time of writing.”

Credit: Gideon via Storyful (Photos of naughty dogs via screenshots Gideon video)

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Check out the video and tell us what you think?

Update: Roxie continues to fight for her life under emergency care

When a 911 call came into the Rescue Dogs Rock NYC organization early Monday morning from Manhattan’s New York City Animal Care Center, Jackie O’Sullivan was shocked and in tears. A friendly stray had been nearly strangled to death by her chain collar. The rescue organization asked the city shelter if they would release Roxie before her stray hold was over – this friendly pup needed emergency help.

Roxie was transported by Jackie, co-founder of the rescue group, from the shelter to the organization’s  Brooklyn veterinarian partner where the dog has been examined, assessed and treated. Her condition, although serious, continued to improve even though veterinarians stated Roxie would need surgery on both eyes. It is suspected she previously had cherry eyes and that is what ruptured as a result of the chain that had been strangling her. The staff believe her eyesight might still be viable – it’s just too soon to know for sure.

All was going well for Roxie, as she thoroughly enjoyed her first bath, and her future seemed to be taking a positive path, but on Thursday morning, Roxie took a turn for the worse:

“…. tongue swelling. She had been improving and you can see her eyes look better, but she’s been losing blood since (at least) Sunday when she entered NYC ACC after being strangled by that awful chain,” stated Jackie as Roxie was carried into the specialty veterinarian hospital in Brooklyn. “She bruises very easily and her blood is not clotting properly. That’s all we know as of now. She started to choke on her tongue when she arrived, and they rushed her into the back to start emergency treatment.”

Roxie has been receiving both blood and plasma transfusions. The latest update on Thursday evening indicates the dog will be administered another transfusion. Please say a prayer for Roxie – she didn’t deserve to be abused and mistreated. She deserves to live and be loved; we can only hope that is possible.

Help Rescue Dogs Rock NYC make the most difficult rescue situations possible; as Roxie continues to fight for her life.

PayPal: or website: or mail:
Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, PO Box 101, NY, NY 10028

Photos and video of dog strangled courtesy of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC

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