Shelters clearing house waiting for July 4th deluge of dogs listed sweet blind pup to die

At the West Valley Animal Services in Chatsworth, California, a sweet, blind dog has been scheduled to be euthanized. Chocolate needs someone to help her today.

A volunteer writes:

We don’t know too much about

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Toxic giant hogweed plant responsible for death of dog after having been stung

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Dog that fell off boat able to swim for two days to reach shoreline

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Starving dog severely neglected and barely able to stand fighting for his life with love

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‘Rambo’ had a bad day in the dog park and now he is slated to die at NYC shelter

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Bravest rescuers ever as they saved the life of a dog set on fire in Memphis

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Tiny Yorkie escapes talons of eagle swooping down for his prey

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Heartless creep on scooter stole a 75-year-old man’s puppy

A heartless creep seen on a surveillance video stole a 75-year-old man’s puppy on a Queen’s sidewalk in broad daylight Saturday. The video showed Alonso Gil’s uncle’s entrance of his home in South Ozone Park … Read More

Police department announces unexpected death of young K9

On Monday, the Chula Vista Police Department announced the unexpected death of a young K9 who worked for their agency. A news release states that the four-year-old Belgian Malinios, Ranger, died on Saturday, June 25. … Read More

Minneapolis City Council awards $150k settlement to family whose 2 dogs were shot by police

The Minneapolis City Council approved a $150,000 settlement payment to the family this week whose two dogs were shot by Minneapolis police in 2017. When Officer Michael Mays responded to a burglary alarm and entered … Read More