Beagle stuck under truck for 40 miles saved in miraculous rescue

In Rochester, New York, a two-year-old beagle named Zeke became stuck underneath a truck on Thursday and miraculously survived the 40-mile trip. With the combined efforts of the Rochester Fire Department and Rochester Animal Services, … Read More

Dog that escaped death row now missing under suspicious circumstances

Buddy, a dog that escaped death row at Miami-Animal Services, is now missing, with his adopter under suspicion. For anyone who works or volunteers in the animal rescue world, one of the worst nightmares is … Read More

Shelter failed to scan dog’s microchip – owner devastated her beloved dog was killed

An Indiana woman was devastated to learn that her beloved dog was killed at the city’s shelter because staff failed to scan him for a microchip. Jesslyn Edwards’ young German shepherd had an AKC Reunite … Read More

Senior Labrador retriever should not be euthanized for space at shelter

An eight-year-old Labrador retriever is currently at the San Antonio Animal Care Services in Texas. She is currently in the medical section of the shelter; Sasha is emaciated (she weighs only 33-pounds) and appears to … Read More

Cute pooch delivers wine to customers during coronavirus pandemic

A Maryland winery has gotten creative with wine delivery for customers who must maintain their social distance during the worldwide coronavirus pandemic. Rather than handing wine purchases off to customers in person, the Stone House … Read More

English bulldog returned to shelter because he wouldn’t get out of the car

UPDATE: Note from Moreno Valley Animal Shelter stated Desmond has been rescued. (No further information available)

At the Moreno Valley Animal Shelter in California, an English bulldog was returned shortly after he was adopted on … Read More

Hearts cry passing shepherd’s kennel at shelter as he breaks down

At the Riverside Shelter in California, volunteers hearts break as they pass a 10-year-old German shepherd’s kennel cage. Tragically, he no longer resembles the happy and healthy dog he had been in March when he … Read More

Shenzhen is first Chinese city to ban sale and consumption of dogs and cats

Shenzhen has become the first Chinese city to ban the sale and consumption of dogs and cats. The new legislation comes after the coronavirus pandemic had been widely linked to wildlife trade and consumption. In … Read More

Man arrested following discovery of 65 dead cows and hundreds alive but starving

A Montana rancher has been arrested following the discovery of 65 dead cows, and hundreds of cattle alive but starving. The Cascade County Sheriff issued a news release about the sad situation found on property … Read More

Frightened Chihuahua in need of someone she can trust

A frightened Chihuahua needs help. Currently at the Denville Animal Shelter in Denville, New Jersey, the volunteers posted a heartbreaking video asking for help. Her name is Athena; she loves her bed and her toys … Read More