Pit bull that survived death row and cancer now needs a home

Dennis, a brown and white pit bull terrier is a survivor. Not only was he lucky enough to escape death row at the Hillsborough County Animal Shelter in Tampa, Florida, but he has also had health challenges in his six years; a dog twice his age has not experienced. Dennis had ear infections that went untreated and robbed him of his hearing and then a diagnosis of cancer. However, sweet, friendly Dennis is so happy to have a second chance at life he is not going to let any of this break his spirit.  According to his foster Adam Keehnle, Dennis is a happy go lucky 60 pound lapdog who “talks” to everyone he meets.

Dennis’s journey started in July of 2016, when Lisa Palo and her rescue partner, Linda Perrigoue pulled him from the jaws of death at the shelter. Two groups, Save the Animals, Save the World and Friends of Hillsborough County Animal Shelter, FOHCAS,  banded together to raise funds for his care. It was believed at the time, that his ear infection and heartworm positive status were both easily treatable.

It was soon discovered that although Dennis was heartworm negative, his chronic ear infections not only caused him to be deaf, but also created an open wound on his neck which would not heal. Both were treated with round after round of antibiotics, but they stubbornly persisted and worsened. Then to make matters worse, seemingly overnight, Dennis developed a large lump on his leg.  That is when the vet gave the grim diagnosis of cancer. Linda and Lisa took him to two specialists; one who treated the Stage 2 mast cell cancer with Prednisone and Benadryl; that thankfully responded to treatment. Because the tumor responded so well, the vet was confident that the cancer was curable. And the other said that for his ears and neck a complex surgery would be required. It was determined that all of his issues be addressed with one expensive surgery performed by Dr. Matt Oakes at Tampa Bay Veterinary Specialists.

Dennis was not out of the woods yet.  Lauren Contino, founder of Save the Animals Save the World put out a plea for Dennis asking all “angels” to:

“Please help Dennis get well! He needs surgery to save his life. He is one of the many animals we have saved! Donate for Dennis to save his life…let’s get him healthy before the holidays.”

The wonderful folks at Friends of Hillsborough County Animal Services paid their maximum grant too. Linda and Lisa set up a You Caring to help pay for the expensive surgery and Lauren Contino continued her plea. Since then, Dennis has undergone two surgeries. The first was to remove the cancer from his leg and to try to resolve the chronic ear infections in both ears by removing the eardrums. The surgery was successful until early February 2017 when the neck wound reappeared.  Specialty veterinarian Dr. Oaks performed another surgery, during which yet another issue was found.  Apparently, Dennis had suffered a trauma in his earlier life that completely destroyed the saliva glands on one side of his face. Talk about bad luck!

Despite all of these setbacks, Dennis began to recover. All seemed well until February 15th, 2017 when Dennis tore all his stitches out.  He was once again rushed to Dr. Oakes, who stapled the wound shut. Everyone crossed their fingers that this was the last bump in the road for this courageous dog. On March 5th, 2017, Dennis got the staples out. His foster and rescuers were happy to announce that he is now cancer free and the ear infections are gone. He completed his last round of meds and FINALLY, Dennis is ready for a forever home.

Due to the chronic ear infections that went untreated until he was saved last July, Dennis is functionally deaf. He needs to be with a family that understands his special needs and his love of attention. Lisa Palo and Linda Perrigoue are still responsible for covering his food and medical costs until Dennis finds his forever home. Please help them help Dennis by contributing to his Fundraiser.


For the first time in his short life, Dennis is a healthy dog.  He is truly thankful to everyone who helped with his rescue and medical treatments.  It truly took a village!! Everyone who meets him falls in love with him and he repays them with big, sloppy kisses.

Please help this sweet dog continue a life of happiness and health.  And most importantly please help him find his forever home.
















Puppy belonging to slain OU student is missing

Update 6:30 p.m. (PST): According to KOCO News, Jamie has been reunited with Nathan’s family.

On Sunday night, a mixed breed puppy named Jamie was with Nathaniel ‘Nathan’ Ewing, a University of Oklahoma student who was killed in what is believed to be a robbery. According to News 9, Ewing was shot late Sunday night outside of the  Willow Brook Apartments in Norman – the student was hit in his abdomen and he died the next day, on his 20th birthday.

Now, Ewing’s devastated family is hoping to find the puppy who belonged to their son – Jamie is described as a black and white Labrador retriever/border collie mix. KOCO News reported that a tenant at the apartment complex where the shooting took place believes that the pup was picked up by someone who lives there – the individual who picked up the pup has stated that the puppy was hers.

A reward has been offered for Jamie’s safe return – anyone with information about the puppy’s whereabouts is asked to call 308-440-4519.

(Images screenshot via KOCO News)

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Ohio man fatally mauled after dog breaks free from chain

Update 4/26/17: The victim has been identified as 60-year-old Maurice Brown.

A man in Dayton, Ohio, was fatally mauled by a dog who broke free from its chain in the early morning hours on Tuesday. According to NBC4i News, the middle-aged man, who is described as an “innocent victim” in this tragic incident, was walking in an alley around 4:40 a.m. when the dog broke free from a chain and launched an attack.

Residents in the area could hear the man’s screams for help, as well as the sounds of dogs barking, but help did not arrive in time. When the authorities arrived, the man was found with severe injuries – he was transported to an area hospital and pronounced dead.

A search was instigated for the dog responsible – after the police found the suspected dog, they shot him to death. Three other dogs were found on the same property where the attack took place – the dogs have been removed and taken to animal control, but an owner has not yet been found.

The identity of the victim has not yet been released.

Long-term chaining of dogs is known to cause frustration and aggression – in many cities, prolonged tethering of dogs is against the law.

(Screenshot via NBC4i News)

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Utah woman drowns in swift current trying to save her dogs

In a sad story, a Millcreek, Utah woman drowned on Sunday afternoon as she tried to save her dogs from a raging creek. According to FoxNews, Liudmilla Feldman, 58, and her husband had been walking their dogs near Parley’s Creek when the dogs ran into the water and became caught up in the current.

Lt. Dan McConkey of the Unified Police Department explained what happened:

“The dogs went into the water and got caught in the current; she went in to rescue the dogs; she got caught up in the current. It doesn’t take much to lose your balance and fall into this water and be swept down. This creek runs quick, with the runoff it’s starting to run really fast.”

Several witnesses jumped in hoping to rescue Liudmilla. One Good Samaritan was able to grab the woman by her foot and pull her out of the water. Other witnesses began CPR, but she had been under water for more than 90 seconds and was unable to be resuscitated. Police emphasize it is important for people walking their dogs near Parley’s Creek to keep their dogs leashed. This year experts state the creek is especially dangerous because of the runoff.

Mr. Feldman and the two dogs are expected to recover. Rest in peace Liudmilla.

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Dog owner screams at rescuer after she left pet in boiling car to get pizza

The owner of a Springer spaniel who left her dog panting in a boiling car in St. Ives, Cornwall, screamed at a Good Samaritan for smashing the window of her car to save her dog after he was seen struggling to breathe in a crate in the back of a sports vehicle. The dog had been locked in the car for an hour and a half as the woman left to get pizza.

According to the Metro,  the dog’s owner had left her dog in the vehicle for the extended amount of time to go to Pizza Express. When she returned to her car she started to scream at Good Samaritan Clive Oxley.

“There is no reason at all to leave a dog in that state. But for something as insignificant as going for pizza is unbelievable,” Oxley stated.

By the time the woman returned, police had arrived and she soon admitted her dog could have died. Authorities estimated the temperature inside the vehicle had exceeded 125 degrees, and the dog left in the cage had no access to water or fresh air.

“You could not even touch the roof of the car; it was a flipping boiling car,” Oxley added. “I had to smash the window and get the dog out. I would do what I did again any time if I needed to. I would tell anyone in my situation – just smash it and get it (pet) out. It was virtually breathless when we finally got it out.”

The woman was able to take her dog for a walk down the street, and soon her husband showed up – all of them heading to the police station. Both Devon and Cornwall police stated people do have the right to break into a car if they believe the pet is in distress. And again, as we head towards summer, the completely preventable reason too many pets die in hot cars begins again. Leave your dog at home in the summer; save his life and think of your pet first!

(Photos of dog left in boiling car screenshots via Metro)

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Yorkie dumped at police station by woman who said she had to go to work

A tiny Yorkie has been named Hollywood after the Hollywood Police Department in South Florida where she was dropped off by a woman who told the officer she had to “go to work.” According to CbsMiami, Rose Mone, from the Hollywood Police Department, doesn’t necessarily believe the woman’s story, but at the very least the silky Yorkshire terrier is getting a new start after suffering some serious medical issues now being addressed:

“Basically she just came in and said she had to go to work; said she was busy,” stated Mone. “She found it over there some where and put the dog over here on the chair and walked out and that was it. I knew he needed help right away because he was not going to make it thru the day.”

So Rose called the Glimmer of Life Pet Rescue  in Davie who described the little dog as extremely sick when they first picked him up.

“I think if he would have went to animal rescue they would have put him down because he was so sick,” stated Ed Degelsmith from the rescue organization. “He couldn’t walk, he was crying. (Veterinarians) …”put a catheter in him so he could pass some urine, X-rayed him. It showed he’s loaded with kidney stones…”

Even when the dog was in pain and crying, he still wanted to be picked up and hugged. On Monday afternoon, Hollywood was reported to be undergoing surgery for his kidney stones.

“I just got off the phone with Paul from Hometown veterinarian and he advised that Hollywood is on the operating table as I write this. They are going to do the stone removal first assess him and then neuter him if he’s in good enough shape then clean his teeth…”

To help with Hollywood’s recovery, a Go Fund Me page can be found here where updates are made available as they happen. Get well soon little one. We hope you make a speedy recovery.

(Photo of Yorkie dumped via Facebook Glimmer of Life Pet Rescue)

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Heartbreaking video shows dog trying to wake up deceased best friend

An utterly heartbreaking video shows a dog in China desperately trying to wake up his best canine friend, who was struck and killed by a car. According to the Daily Mail, the husky was struck by a vehicle on a busy road in Zhejiang Province last week.

Not only does the cream colored dog paw at his friend, trying to wake him up, but he appears to be “sobbing.” The emotion the dog shows is nothing short of devastatingly sad.

The dog stayed by his friend’s side for a half hour until an owner showed up and pulled the deceased husky off of the busy roadway. The cream colored dog followed the woman as she carried the husky out of the traffic.

The heart-wrenching video is yet another example of the complex emotions which dogs possess. Rest in peace.

(Video/Image Daily Mail)

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Heartbreaking: Abandoned senior reaches out to volunteer for reassuring hug

Near Orlando, Florida, a 12-year-old abandoned senior doesn’t want to die. On Sunday, Orange County Animal Services named him Leon, but a “rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” When shelter volunteer, Cris Ferreira Reed met him, her heart broke as the lonely dog reached out for a reassuring hug. And for a frozen moment in time, bonding with this neglected dog unraveled a bit of his story:

“This guy is 12 yrs old. He has no name yet, but I’ve been calling him “GRAYSON”. He has had a rough life and his skin needs some severe TLC. He also has no teeth; like many seniors he doesn’t hear well, walks slow and seemed not to care about me, so I hugged him… And suddenly, he hugged me back. He buried his face on me and enjoyed the kindness. He is also good with all dogs. Please help me share him for a home to spend his last days.”

Click here for this boy’s adoption listing. Animal ID: A375382    Room No.: WD71  “Hi, the Shelter named me Leon. I am an approximately 12 year old brown and tan male.  I have not been tested for heartworms. I weigh approximately 52 pounds. I have been at Orange County Animal Services since Friday, April 21, 2017. If you are looking for me, please come to Orange County Animal Services at 2769 Conroy Rd., Orlando, FL. The phone number is (407)836-3111.” A Facebook page for this senior can be followed here.

As to the dog’s medical records available, please note the following:

“Meet Leon! This cutie is in need of rescue due to age and medical: “Skin/Coat: hair loss and warts all thru head and trunk/body Location/Type of wounds/hairloss (if applicable): Ambulation: gait abnormality rear legs due to arthritis Elimination:No Additional observations: Bilateral cataracts but animal can still see well Assessment: Old arthritic dog Recommendation(s): Rx Rimadyl 100 mg bID for 5 days, and posible an outcome when time is up” “Additional observations: scratching at intrascapular area Assessment: reported fleas Recommendation: request Activyl with kennel. LH/DVM” Please let us know if anyone can take him!”

It continues to sadden advocates when dogs, when at the time in their lives need their families the most, they are abandoned or surrendered, but be the person who can make a difference. Whether Leon has one week, one year or more, he deserves better. Share his plight with approved rescue organizations, friends, family and social media contacts. Sharing saves lives.

(Photos of dog who reached out for reassuring hug courtesy of Orange County Animal Services and Chris Ferreira Reed.)

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‘I don’t need a dog’: Note left with elderly dog abandoned in a cold, wet field

Early Saturday morning in South Yorkshire, United Kingdom, Alan Webster of the volunteer Yorkshire Pet Ambulance service had been doing a fundraising activity when he spotted an elderly dog abandoned in a cold, wet field near Oldcotes Car open market. She was left alone – cold, shivering and afraid; chances are she had been dumped the night before or even longer. Next to the dog named Tessa, were all of her belongings – a blanket, a plastic bag full of food and water and a note.

“The dog was so cold and so upset that we put a tin of rice pudding on using a stove in our van and it downed the lot. It’s totally, totally wrong that someone’s abandoned an old dog like this,” Webster posted on the organization’s Facebook page.

The note left with Tessa was stated:

“The dog Tessa is 12 years old and is not my dog. My neighbor told me that Tessa is chipped. My neighbor asked if I would take charge of Tessa as my neighbor has planned a new life in Canada. Reluctantly I said yes but I know I will not keep Tessa. Tessa likes tea, coffee and watered milk. Tessa’s first meal is a 11:30 am. My neighbor has now gone to Canada. My neighbor was happy thinking Tessa is good hands.

Sorry for the above but I don’t need a dog.”

When found, Tessa had been resting on the soaking wet blanket, but it doing better since her rescue. Hundreds of people have sent messages with offers to help as well as multiple adoption offers.

“We wish to thank everyone for their interest in the abandoned dog this morning – it’s impossible to reply to everyone in person.
At the moment she is at the vets and we will update everyone as soon as we know more.
Regards Alan”

Hopefully Tessa’s veterinary exam will go well and she will be transferred to Netherlands Kennels on Kilnhurst Road in Rotherham for adoption.

To donate to this charity, please click here.

(Photos of Tessa, the elderly dog  via Yorkshire Pet Ambulance Facebook )

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Man accidentally shoots wife while killing neighbor’s dog who got loose

A man in Ogden, New York, accidentally shot his wife while shooting at a neighbor’s dog who got loose from his nearby home. According to a press release from the Ogden Police Department, a couple was walking their own two dogs when a neighbor’s dog got loose and ran at them.

The couple has stated that the loose dog, whose name was Keeno, was attacking their leashed dogs – the man walking the dogs pulled out his own pistol and shot at Keeno. In the fray, one of the bullets his own wife in the leg. Keeno was also killed; the leashed dogs who belonged to the couple were not injured.

The department explained:

A round from his pistol accidentally struck his wife in the upper leg. She suffered non-life threatening injuries and is being treated at an area hospital. The offending dog was also struck and is deceased. There were no other injuries reported. The husband did have a valid pistol permit and was in legal possession of the handgun at the time of the incident.

According to WHEC News, Keeno’s owners have stated that their dog was a friendly therapy dog and they believe that there is more to the story.

(Screenshot via WHEC News)

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