Shelter worked hit and injured by man dumping dogs

A shelter worker at OK Save A Dog Society in Prague, Oklahoma, was seriously injured after a man, who was dumping two dogs, ran over her. The victim, Sunshine Bush, recounted the terrifying situation:

Sunday June 25th at approximately 8 a.m. a man pulled into the driveway I went out of the area i was in to see who was there the proceeded to unload dogs out of his vehicle and jump in the vehicle to leave, I ran towards the vehicle as he was pulling out of the driveway because the dogs were circling the vehicle and I was afraid of them getting hit yelling stop stop the dogs the dogs as I got into the middle of the road to try and move the dogs he then went from reverse and proceeded to go forward in his vehicle my right leg went underneath the front of the vehicle my only option was to get out of the way by going up on the hood of the vehicle where the man proceeded to gain speed and drive down the road.

The man continued to speed down the road while Bush begged for him to stop – eventually, after the man slammed on his brakes, Bush was flung off of the vehicle. The terrifying incident resulted in Bush being injured with two broken wrists and a broken ankle.

The non-profit dog rescue has created a fundraiser (click here) to help raise money to cover Sunshine’s medical expenses; according to KFOR News, she does not have medical insurance.

No word on the name of the man accused of hitting and injuring Sunshine Bush.

(Images via OK Save A Dog Society Facebook page)


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Woman saves helpless creature – watch the heartwarming video here.


Vet clinic hands frozen dog to family expecting his ashes

A couple in Pennsylvania was distraught after having to put down their ailing dog, “Drew,” at a veterinary hospital in Darlington; their anguish grew when they came back to the clinic to receive his ashes. According to WTAE News, Lisa Horseman and Marlane Engles were shocked and dismayed when staff at the Rainbow Veterinary Hospital brought Drew to them.

Instead of handing the couple an urn with Drew’s ashes, the dog’s frozen body, draped in a white blanket, was carried out. The 15-year-old border collie’s remains had not been cremated in the eight days since he had been humanely euthanized…but his body was frozen.

Horseman told WTAE News, “They had no explanation, nothing, they just give me my frozen dog.”

Later, the veterinary hospital provided their statement about the unusual, and heartbreaking situation:

“We have been in business for over twenty years, caring for thousands of pets. Our entire staff treats every pet with the utmost care, respect and compassion under all circumstances, as if they were our own. It is true that there was a delay with Mrs. Horseman’s burial request for pet Drew. This delay was not due to the pet leaving the facility, as he never left our premise. Ultimately, Mrs. Horseman’s burial request was fulfilled.”

According to WTAE News, the couple wound up taking Drew’s body to be cremated on their own. Engles commented on the traumatic situation:

They need to learn from this mistake. They need to do the right thing to other people, and don’t do it again because that’s a horrible thing.”

(screenshot via WTAE News)

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Woman saves helpless creature – watch the heartwarming video here.

Rescue dogs brought in on zipline to save victims of Chinese landslide

In a deadly landslide in the Xinmo village in Mao County, China, a rescue dog was brought in using a zipline to help search for survivors. Ten bodies have been recovered and rescuers continue to search for 93 missing people after the landslide in the country’s southwest section devastated the village.

According to the Daily Mail, three people including a couple and their one-month-old infant were rescued on Saturday. The parents are in stable condition, however the baby has been sent to intensive care with pneumonia induced by inhaling mud. It is suspected the landslide had been the result of recent, heavy rains. As excavators removed tons of rubble, rescue dogs and their human companions searched for signs of life. Tragically, experts say the chances of anyone else surviving are slim. 

Although landslides have occurred before in the area, the size of this one was unprecedented. Described as 18 million cubic meters of earth and rock tumbling down the mountainside (636 million cubic feet), some of it fell as high as a mile from the ground blocking out a mile of road and river. Villagers were composed of 46 families who were mainly  farmers and did not have the money to move away to a safer zone. Efforts have been underway by the government targeting the poverty of the community; trying to improve conditions to attract tourists to the nearby ancient village of Xinhua and its once beautiful landscape. All tourists were evacuated safely.

The United Nations has offered help and U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, while offering  condolences issued a statement that,

 “salutes the efforts of the national relief and recovery teams. The United Nations stands ready to support the authorities in any way it can if needed.”

(Photo of rescue dog on zipline  screenshot via Facebook and Reuters)

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Check out the video:

On death row because of boyfriend: Lifelong puppy pushed out door by owner

Susie Q may be on death row because of her owner’s boyfriend who just didn’t like her; the dog was just too old and too slow. Found wandering in the streets in Pasco County, Florida, the dog’s microchip led the shelter back to her owner. When contacted, the woman told shelter workers she didn’t want her dog back even though she had been with Susie Q since she was just a puppy. The heartbreaking story begins here:

“You got me as a puppy, when I was small and cute. You took such good care of me; you even let me sleep in your bed. You had me spayed and micro chipped. When I didn’t feel good, you would take me to the vet. You kept my shots up to date. You always told me what a good girl I was. We had so much fun.”

And why didn’t the owner want Susie Q to come home? When her boyfriend decided he didn’t want the dog around anymore, the woman kicked the dog outside, closed the door and finally Susie Q  just wandered away:

“Time marched on. My face grew grey, my step a little slower. You met a new friend, you two became close. I overheard him say that he didn’t like me or want me around. I was confused when you threw me out. I spent every day and night outside. As my body ached from the cold, hard ground, I could only think of how warm it was inside. I miss you Mom. I don’t know what I did so wrong.”

Fortunately, a Good Samaritan found her aimlessly wandering and took her to the shelter where she was named Annie; here at least she would be fed, safe from predators and traffic. She shook in her kennel and watched everyday for her mom to find her, but the real sadness came the next day:

“They found my chip this time. I was so happy when they told me that you would be here soon. You told them my name so they started calling me ‘Susie Q’,,, just like you do Mom. Time went by and I started to shake again. I wondered what was taking you so long. The shelter worker came and moved me into another kennel; in a quieter building. They call this building ‘A’. As she closed my kennel, she told me that she was sorry, that you were not coming. She said that you do not want me anymore. Mom, I don’t understand. You told them that you had me since I was a baby and that I am old now. You told them that I love other dogs and even cats. You also told them how I love farm animals. Mom, what did I do so wrong that I can’t come home?”

On Sunday, Susie Q has both rescue organization and adopter interest. Please continue to share her story until she is safely out of the shelter. And if dogs could talk and tell their story, how many would have repeated the sad plight of Susie Q? Be a responsible pet parent; make sure you are committed to the lifelong responsibility; guaranteed to be returned many times over with lots of love and loyalty.

Anyone wiling to adopt may email the shelter @ Please include Susie Q’s ID#A35691561. Email may be sent anytime but you must come in person to adopt. A Facebook page for this dog can be followed here.

Pasco Co Animal Services
19640 Dogpatch Lane
Land O’ Lakes, Fl

(Photos of dog at shelter because of boyfriend via Amy Miller Kruse)

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Video by Caitlin Torres:



Caught on video: Three thieves try to steal a puppy from Ventura adoption event

Does anyone recognize these three individuals? A security video from a Ventura, California animal rescue organization captured three thieves attempting to steal a puppy Wednesday evening. According to the Facebook page of Paw Works, three individuals entered the adoption center located in the Pacific View Mall shopping center and tried to steal a fluffy little dog named Ripley.

The public is being asked to look at the photos and read the descriptions of the suspects:

Wanted individuals for theft:

1. White/Hispanic looking female. She is 5’4″ ish black hat, black shirt and blue jeans. Despite the appearance in the photo this was a female.

2. White/Hispanic male with a dachshund terrier mix.

3. White/Hispanic female with what looked to be a one month old tabby kitten with white paws.

Paw Works volunteers are concerned these people might be going around the area of Ventura stealing pets. The other pets the thieves were carrying did not come from Paw Works. Please contact the police or Paw Works if anyone had any information. Ripley is safe.

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Aged dog found heaven after being rejected multiple times by her owner


Dog’s front paws missing in ‘horrific’ animal abuse case

In Spring, Texas, a dog named Liberty had been up for adoption from the Montgomery County Animal Shelter; her front paws were missing. The staff at the shelter had hoped her handicap had been the result of a birth defect. She had been picked up as a stray in Porter; no owner has been identified. On Thursday, the Texas Animal Society, who stepped forward to help Liberty find a home and foster her, released the news that the dog’s “horrific” injuries had been from abuse.

Liberty’s treating veterinarians stated the dog was in  a”very poor emaciated condition.” The rescue posted her update on their Facebook page:

“Our vet stewed over her all day and decided he better do x rays. The news is as horrific as we imagined. It is not a birth defect. She was either amputated, hit by a car and drug, injured and chew. He was only 100% sure, this was abuse.

There may be an amputation involved and positive at least one prosthesis required.”

Liberty is no more than one-year-old. In her favor, the dog is heartworm negative and even though she has open wounds all over her body, treatment with antibiotics, wound care and special booties will make her more comfortable.

“Liberty is quiet and subdued and has been neglected in the basics of care. Time will hopefully heal her mind and body.
Liberty will stay at the Vets office today and will be bathed, cleaned up and her wounds will be treated and cared for. Tonight she will go home with her foster Mum and start recovery.
The care of liberty will take time and be ongoing, she will need either a specialty wheelchair or prosthetic limbs made especially for her needs.”

To donate to Liberty’s care and her future needs in order to help this dog live a better life than her horrible past, donations can be made by clicking here.

(Photos courtesy of Texas Animal Society, Christi Watson Fauver, Alicia Segari)

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Text message depicting abused dog sparks a firestorm of controversy

A text message sent in error to the wrong recipient has started a firestorm of controversy nationwide and has concerned animal lovers questioning the actions or lack thereof of the Palestine, Texas police department. According to a story posted in the Palestine Herald on May 15, 2017, a Facebook posting depicting a dog bound around the mouth and legs with duct tape went viral sparking outrage.  It was also stated in the Herald that the person sending the text message worked for the Palestine Independent School District.

It all started when an unknown male received a text message from an unrecognized sender showing the dog bound to a small wooden post.  According to animal activists, this is an antiquated method to force one animal to breed with another. Upon further research, the phone number where the photo originated is registered to Eugene Carr.

Carr’s name has been linked to multiple sites on Google offering breeder pit bulls. On October 8, 2016 Eugene Carr advertised a breeder dog. Alongside the advertisement was a photo showing a fawn colored female pit bull restrained to a similar wooden post with a male dog behind her. In April of 2016, a similar post offered stud services via a male pit bull for $700.00. The name was Carr, and the contact number was the same.

Palestine interim Police Chief John Herod declined to confirm the name of the suspects, only stating it was an ongoing investigation of possible animal cruelty. The Palestine Independent School District also stated on its website that it is investigating one of their employees in connection with the case. In their public statement, they disclosed that one of their employees was allegedly engaging in animal cruelty through improperly breeding dogs and evidence of this was sent via a text message.   Although the claim is not school-related, it does involve a school employee, and they will investigate the situation thoroughly. In the interim, the employee whose name was not disclosed has been relieved of their duties.

Animal advocate Lola Olive has been following the case since it first appeared on Facebook. When voicing her concerns to the Palestine Police Department, she received the following response:

“The case is still being investigated. It is not over, yet. You stated that the Carrs were infamous for ‘exploiting dogs’. Do you have more evidence than the original post’s single picture? If there is more information than the original Facebook post that you have, would you mind sharing it? The original poster has ignored our attempts to contact him/her and since deleted the original post. We have been investigating what we can in our jurisdiction and have contacted other agencies that have been investigating this case as well. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.”

This author has also reached out to the Palestine Police Department and interim Chief Herod but has not yet received a response. Concerned citizens can contact the Palestine Police Department at 903-729-2254 and ask them to investigate Eugene Carr, his wife and their friends.








Men on bikes forced dog to run until she collapsed and then beat her

A tragic experience for a dog forced to run behind two men on bikes almost ended in her death had it not have been for the kind efforts of two Good Samaritans who rescued the five-year-old white pit bull mix on Thursday evening off the streets of Detroit’s east side.

According to the the non-profit animal rescue, Detroit Dog Rescue, two men were seen on bikes near St. Paul Avenue and Bellevue Street with the dog running behind them. When she couldn’t keep up and collapsed, the men tried to get the dog to stand by beating her. When those cruel efforts proved fruitless, they left her lying helpless on the ground.  Gently picked up and reassured, her rescuers turned her over to Detroit Dog Rescue (DDR).

On Friday,  the dog dubbed Penelope, was rushed to Oakland Veterinary Referral Services in Bloomfield Hills where veterinarians have been trying to stabilize her, however there seem to be many mitigating factors leading up to her poor physical condition. On the rescue organization’s Facebook page, Penelope’s initial prognosis indicated the following:

“She has bruises on her, is completely dehydrated, and seems to be giving up. We are getting fluids in her now and learning more about her story.”

Unfortunately the dog’s update on Saturday morning hasn’t offered the hopes of recovery advocates have been hoping to read. Not only had the dog been forced to have litter after litter of puppies, she also tested positive for heartworms.

“… there are concerns about her uterus. It’s very possible that she will be going into surgery to correct the neglect she’s received her whole life. Heartworms complicate things immensely, so our team of doctors and Kristina made the decision to go ahead and do an echocardiogram today. Will keep everyone updated.”

Anyone with any information about Penelope and the person(s) involved in this cruel situation is urged to send DDR a message through Facebook or call 313-458-8014. To help with Penelope’s medical expenses, please click here.

Get well soon Penelope. Everyone is rooting for you. (Photos via Detroit Dog Rescue)

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Puppy left in hot car returned to her owner

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Dog thrown out of car on busy expressway

On Friday, June 3rd, 2017 a traveling motorist witnessed two African-American males throw a small dog out of their car on the East/West expressway in Orlando, Florida. The witness was very shaken by what she had seen and contacted the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, who in turn contacted Orange County Animal Control. Unfortunately, she was unable to get the tag number of the vehicle.

According to Animal Control, an officer responded but could not find the dog. Yet, over the course of several days more calls went into the Sheriff’s Office advising of a small black and tan dog roaming around the expressway. A deputy sheriff also went in search of the dog, but once again the pooch evaded rescue.

On Monday, June 5th, 2017, two Good Samaritans, Cathy Wagner and Jennifer Carr decided to look for the dog. Both ladies are staunch animal advocates and active in the animal rescue world.  After searching up and down the expressway in the vicinity where the dog was seen, with no results, they were about to give up. Jennifer then saw the dog peeking out from an area overgrown with weeds and bushes.  The dog was terrified and shaking badly. Luring her out with treats, Cathy and Jennifer were able to pick her up and place her in their vehicle. They rushed the dog to the vet where it was discovered she was approximately and year and a half old, had recently given birth and had one of her canine teeth missing. She was also extremely undernourished and emaciated. The vet and the two rescuers hypothesized that the dog was either used for fighting or breeding, and when she no longer served her purpose she was thrown from the vehicle in hopes of killing her.

Cathy and Jennifer named the dog Willow since she was found in an area overgrown with brush. Today Willow has gotten over her fear of humans and is a loving, affectionate dog whose tail is always wagging. She gets along okay with other dogs but not cats.  She has been vaccinated, spayed and is heart-worm negative. Willow is currently in a foster home, but she cannot stay there because she has already gone after two of the cats. She does, however get along with the Bernese Mountain Dog she shares the home.

If you can help Willow have a better chance at life, please contact and put “Willow” in the subject line.

Body of missing teen has been found

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Woman operates on her dog with a kitchen knife because she couldn’t afford vet

A woman from Iowa faces animal neglect and cruelty charges after authorities accused her of performing surgery on her dog with a kitchen knife in her living room because she was not able to afford veterinarian charges. Sarah Diane McMenamin, 26, has been charged with animal neglect causing serious injury or death to her dog.

According to the WtaeNews,  McMenamin had taken her dog to Iowa State University VetMed after the dog became very ill. Doctors told McMenamin her dog had an obstruction and needed immediate surgery, and without the operation, the dog might need to be humanely euthanized. The surgery estimate was $2,000; the woman stated she didn’t have the money. On June 1, she arranged to have her dog euthanized at a different clinic, but never showed up for the appointment. Veterinarians became worried the dog wasn’t getting the needed help and informed police asking them to do a welfare check on the dog.

When police arrived at the Arbor Street home, McMenamin told authorities that she performed surgery that morning to remove the obstruction from her dog using a paring knife and tongs. She said she did not think the dog had an obstruction, but that the dog might have consumed rat poison, and she wasn’t able to afford the vet costs. And why did McMenamin think she could operate on her dog successfully? The woman told police she grew up on a farm castrating pigs and thought she could safely perform the operation. Police reported McMenamin had caused “unjustified pain, distress or suffering” resulting in the death of her dog.

McMenamin is currently free on $1,000 bond and is scheduled to appear in court on Monday. If found guilty of the charges, she faces the maximum of a year in prison.

Rest in peace poor dog. What a horrible death you must have suffered.

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