Owner leaves 14-year-old dog at shelter to be put to sleep

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A very sad update posted on Friday afternoon at 3:50 stated:

“… Symon is Rip. Owner called shelter later on again today to check if they already euthanized him, and why shelter was still holding him… shelter vet evaluated him and he was deaf, blind and very disorientated, they have not choice to apply the Eu. I can’t believe a private vet suggested them to take to a shelter to euthanize their dog for free. And more that they were not even have a heart to be in their last minutes of life. Again, Happy hell holidays to his owners, hope they never again owns pet. So sorry Symon, so sorry!”

Rest in peace Symon. We are deeply saddened you were betrayed by your family at a time when a gentle hug, a reassuring pat and the words “I love you; you were a good dog” would have been so comforting to you.

Tears rolled down the cheeks of  an animal advocate at the Harris County Animal Shelter in Houston on Thursday as the owner of a 14-year-old dog surrendered him to the shelter ordering the staff to euthanize their dog. Both shelter workers and volunteers expressed their outrage as to the heartless act on Houston, Save lives is our mission:

“…brought me to tear up with the girl at Harris County after I called shelter, when I asked what happened to this dog, and she says his owners brought him yesterday 12/15 and requested shelter to euthanize him, by suggestion of their own private vet!! WTH then you bring your old dog, the one you’re supposed to care for to a crowded shelter and left behind to die?!! Is it too much to at least be by his side until catch his last breath??..Why don’t you spend  the last days by his side? Their vet says is nothing that can be done for him; shelter’s vet has not done an evaluation at this time, I requested one..”

And now the 14-year-old dog is a poor old soul – a frightened and confused Shiba Inu betrayed by his family at a critical time in his life when a compassionate hug, a warm meal and the familiar sight of his family would put him at ease. Instead he is stressed and left to languish at a crowded shelter and left alone with his fears. Click here for Symon’s Pet Harbor listing:

“My name is SYMON. I am a male, black and gray Shiba Inu. The shelter staff think I am about 14 years old. I have been at the shelter since Dec 15, 2016. For more information about this animal, call Harris County Public Health and Environmental Services at (281) 999-3191. Ask for information about animal ID number A474090.

Advocates are currently pledging funds to help an approved rescue organization step up for Symon. “Even if it’s just for a few days, a few weeks or longer, Symon deserves his last days in a comfy bed with someone nearby assuring him he is a ‘good dog.'”

(Photo of 14-year-old dog Symon via Pet Harbor)

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  1. BASTARDS!!!! I have NEVER done this to one of my pets. NEVER. If one of them has little time left on this earth, I want to be there for them. How could anyone do this to their dog? I can’t imagine how confused that dog must be! The scum who left their dog like this needs to suffer, and suffer slowly…..

      • Obviously not, he´s only been blind, but that´s no reason to kill a dog or cat, or any pet, but a private vet had told the owners it would be better to put Symon asleep, so some FB pages say, I only wonder why the owner didn´t take him to another vet, for another opinion… I´m only glad we don´t have ANY kill shelter here in Germany, so no pet´s put down so easily, unless it´s terminally sick with cancer or so, but not because of the age, a disability, a disease like diabetes, arthritis, arthrosis, or for cats also not because they´re FIV+, have FeLV or FIP, those cats who have the last 2 diseases may not get very old, but they get a chance too here!!! Sorry for the loss of your pup…

      • It doesn’t mater whether the dog was in bad shape or not. You don’t desert your pet at any time. Thats stabbing someone that trusted and loved you in the back. I am always there for my pets and if the vet suggests it l don’t have it done. I realize that you might have to have that done, but it won’t be for my convenience.

    • ME EITHER…tears running down my face as I remember the times I have held ours as they crossed that RAINBOW BRIDGE…sure hope this no good family meets KARMA reallllll soon and take a big bit our of their asses….poor poor baby…

    • I absolutely agree with your comment. I hope they rot in Hell for what they did. If they do this to their dog maybe they do this to the elderly or children. Shit is better then they are. They should be locked up and told they have a small amount of time to live. Let’s see how they like. Worse then Hell being in a confusing environment and out of their comfort zone. Karma is a Bitch and it comes back hard.

    • i hope they never own a pet again…my beloved dog of 13 passed two months ago and I miss her so much thinking they made that decision and wasn’t even they’re with their family dog. Im sorry for the dog not for the family they obviously didn’t care …..so sorry


  2. I am a little confused with this article. Why was the dog euthanized ? The vet said there was nothing more to help him. Was he sick ? Poor soul.

    • Maybe because vets charge for the euthanasia serum, their service, carcass storage and the disposal company’s fee to come get the body and cremate it. Can be $100 more or less depending on size and weight of the animal.

      • I honestly considered that the owners may have had financial difficulties, but I just can’t imagine a vet not having empathy to help a family out – especially a family who loved their dog. Not too long ago, a story of a beloved Standard French Poodle crossed my path. The dog suddenly got extremely ill and the owner couldn’t afford the surgery as the vet suspected cancer, but wanted to try and save the dog she was just that lovely. So instead of putting her down, the woman relinquished custody of her dog to the vet who transported her to northern Florida for the surgery where he assisted. Sadly the cancer had spread too much to save the dog, but what an act of kindness, and although I write this column about all the horrible people who abuse their pets, I will never stop believing there are more kind people out here than the dregs of the earth.

      • In the suburbs of NYC where I live it is as much as $600 for euthanasia and individual cremation with the return of the ashes. When your pet’s time comes, it is a kindness to end their suffering quietly and if at all possible with you by their side. It is a horrible thing for them to go to a loud shelter, wait til the time they perform euthanasia, all alone in a “death” room. Even if it does have to be there, request pre-sedation and wait for it to be done. The heartless people who take their old blind, deaf, ill and suffering without seeing it thru til the end are heartless, selfish and cruel. That the pet’s time has come is sad but has lived a long life and deserves a kind death.

    • I suppose that it’s because it would have cost them money and then they’d also have to deal with ‘the remains’ . . . I have to wonder what kind of owners they were to the dog in all those years if they didn’t cherish his life enough to guide him gently to the other side.

  3. My 13 year old Lab mix, adopted from a shelter as a pup, is struggling on bad hips. I’m the only home he has ever known. I would NEVER abandon him like this. Seriously, people. I hope those owners get a huge helping of karma barreling down on them right now.

  4. I absolutely hate people that do this ! Cold blooded heartless trash, you love a dog for 14 years and then you surrender him to be killed. How heartless and unloving is that. Pray that someone takes him in and loves him until his last day.

    • Kristi – He is at the Harris County Animal Shelter in Houston. Please … if you can rescue him so that he will know love, trust, loyalty, and the goodness of humans in his last year or two, that would be such a blessing for him and you.

      Thank you for being a rescue angel. ~ NW Florida

      Harris County Public Health
      Veterinary Public Health:
      612 Canino Road
      Houston, TX 77076
      Phone: (281) 999-3191
      Fax: (281) 847-1911
      Website: http://publichealth.harriscountytx.gov/About/Organization/VPH

    • Houston it says in the article “My name is SYMON. I am a male, black and gray Shiba Inu. The shelter staff think I am about 14 years old. I have been at the shelter since Dec 15, 2016. For more information about this animal, call Harris County Public Health and Environmental Services at (281) 999-3191. Ask for information about animal ID number A474090.“

  5. Each day, every publicly funded shelter should publish the names of all persons who use their services, adoption, animal surrender, animal killed, etc. As far as I know, a pet is property in every state in the USA and neither the animal nor his owner has a right to privacy. People need to be held responsible for their actions.

    • Oh that’s just great. Public humiliating people will just hurt the dogs and cats even more. Instead of having a place to drop off unwanted pets into the arms of people who will help them, that kind of policy would push people to drop their unwanted pets onto streets, the gutter, off of cliffs or even put a bullet in their heads. Yes, the people who did thus should be ashamed, but at least he wasn’t tied out back, without food and water, to die.

  6. The HELL is wrong with this idiot sub humans that have no feelings for a family animal for 14 years. I can not understand. NOTHING I mean NOTHING would make me take my loving family member to an over crowded shelter and request that this senior to be euth’ed, are you kidding me. Too many humans out there with hearts of steel that just do not seem to care. My gosh how I pray KARMA will find you all SOON!!! I pray for this senior baby and other like her. God Bless you sweet babies.

  7. How can I help him??? Give me link to contribute for his Hospice care. I live on East Coast, so can’t take him in, but want to help. I am in tears, I can’t stand how inhuman people are to their so called pets. I want to save them all, but can’t, but I can at least donate for his care.

  8. For the evil DEVILS that abandoned this dog to the shelter to be murdered this is ALL that I can pray happened. I PRAY that you evil devils NEVER made it home alive from the kill shelter. Hopefully you are wrapped around a pole somewhere close to home. No one that abandons ANY animal should live another day.

  9. Please tag a hospice rescue, at the very least. If it’s time for this poor boy to cross the rainbow bridge, at least let him be in a warm and loving environment with people all around him.????

  10. Ok…stop it. Just stop it. There is no such word as ‘euth’d’. IMHO it is demeaning to misuse this word and take away from the sorrow people feel when their dogs have died despite their best efforts (such as myself). And though in the end it may be best to euthanize this dog if the dog is suffering and beyond hope, it is a misuse of the word when applied to this situation because the people brought in the dog to ‘get rid of it’ rather than be there at the end.

    • I use the word ‘euth’d’ in titles as to keep the word count at a minimum so it doesn’t interfere with Google search engines.

    • Euthanized is and used for sick pets that must die because of health and pain. You never had to put down a pet?!!!!!! What do you do? Let them suffer?

  11. My Dog Madison passed away March 33, 2016 at age 14 (almost 15 on May 24, 2016). Dogs for forever and best friends until the end!!

  12. 4 years ago we decided after a couple of years of considering it, to get a Corgi…we went to dog shows that Summer and met a couple of breeders who had been raising them for decades. We gave our number to a couple of them and told them to contact us when they had a litter.

    Several months passed and a breeder called us and said that because of the economy, she wouldn’t be breeding any more and wanted to let us know so we wouldn’t be waiting.

    Imagine our shock when she called us the next day to let us know that the owners of a puppy she had sold 6 months earlier had called and had decided they didn’t want their puppy anymore ’cause it didnt’ fit their “life-style” and they would be returning her to the breeder.

    The breeder asked if we would consider the “older” puppy…I KNEW it was the right thing to do…we jumped in our car and drove 4 hours to the breeder’s home and there on the porch was this sad little Corgi in pen who started to yip and cry like she hadn’t seen us for months. The breeder let her out of her crate and she came running to us like she KNEW we were there for her.

    She slept on my lap all the way home snoring…It was as if she had been with us her whole short little life.

    Today, she is pride of the cul-de-sac…she loves all the kids and other dogs and cats and even gets Christmas presents from some of the kids every year.

    I will never understand how anyone could just leave their ailing pet anywhere.

    I have put dogs to sleep over the years and my heart ached for weeks.

    Perhaps this particular dog’s family couldn’t pay for her end of life care?
    Otherwise I don’t know how anyone could just leave their faithful pet alone and scared…NEVER!

  13. whats the real story here?
    why didnt the vet put him to sleep?
    what vet in the world would allow a pet whome he cared for to be wheel barraled to a high kill shelter .
    by the family.
    Documented? paper work from said vet?, To destroy animal?
    No , I dont think so.
    Leave the imaginary vet out of This mix.

      • In the 25 years my Second Husband & I have just taken day trips so as to not have to have a pet sitter. When we went to London my own vet who is not in his 80’s came out and stayed the nights… I had a day time individual here during the day… When it have become necessary to have assist to the rainbow bridge, and with heart failure, cancer, there have been times when I have had to take a beloved member of our animal family to the vet to send them on…. NEVER have I left their side , I have stayed cried and held them to the every end so they have never been alone… My husband just can not do this!!! Hell as a nurse I have sat by the beds of people whose own family said just to call them and leave a message on the machine because they were attending a New Years party!!! When we have lost a dog I bring it home so the other dogs can spend a few minutes with them and know that they have passed on, and then they know , and are not looking for days for their friend to come back… I have used my vet for 45 years…. He has never charged me a nickel for the services required to send one of our animal members home, and he has cried right along with me, without an ounce of shame , at times… this is dedication… we have recipicated with gift certificates for him and his wife of 65 years.. A vet to send the family to dump their dog at a shelter isn’t a true professional in my book!!!

      • your right i wouldnt have to pay . My aunt and uncle are vets and have an animal hospital in ny.
        Some parts of this story dont add up. since my clear vision is not blurred by hate and anger and fustration.

    • You mentioned Trump above…must be his name is on your mind a lot. Yep…he would have done the same thing to a dog like this except he would have made sure he kicked it first and took the collar and leash with him so he wouldn’t lose any money.

      • D, I scrolled looking if your comment was to ellen cottone. I didn’t see any comment from her referring to Trump. Omg ellen this was an episode between you and me I don’t want to see ever happening again.

  14. I don’t think they abandoned him. They took him to be euthanized for free, per the vets recommendation. The shelter should not have held him. An owner isn’t allowed in the back of the surgical area of a shelter. It’s not cheap to put a large dog to sleep at a vets anymore. I feel for both the owner’s and their dog.

    • OMG, you feel for the P.O.S. owners? I suppose you would do the same thing because you were too f’n cheap to pay a vet to do it. I hope the owners are DEAD, just like the poor dog is right now.

  15. Maybe the owner didn’t have the money. Some vets won’t do anything without being paid. The fact the dog was taken in to be eu’d doesn’t mean the owner didn’t care. It may mean that the owner didn’t have $150 and didn’t want to bring the dog home. I’m sick of seeing stories where they try to trash the character of someone they haven’t inerviewed. Even the doctors at the shelter agreed that was best for the dog.
    Fact, All agreed the dog should be freed of suffering.
    Fact, The shelter CAN achieve that.
    Is this just a big advertisement to say “Don’t make us pay to put down your dog” or something?

    • The owners just left their family members to die. They were not there to hold, kiss, shed tears while they put him down. They left him all alone, and scared. Why are some of you people not understanding that, yes they might not have money to put down their family member, but it’s the way it was done. Dropped off to die all alone, with no heart. OMG. That’s not how you say goodbye to your member of the family that you supposedly love after 14yrs of unconditional love that the dog gave to the heartless owners.

  16. If someone takes their animal to a shelter to be put down to avoid the expense of a veterinarian – a cost that can be well over $100.00 – I don’t find that inhumane. Neither is an individual’s choice to not be in a room with an animal when they are being euthanized. Most of the comments posted on the site are ’emotionally driven’, not intellectually rational. Unless you’re willing to state that the shelter, its employees, its manner of dealing with euthanasia was ‘inhumane’ I believe you’re simply critical of the owner not holding the animal in their arms in a vets office to avoid the expense – but it is irrational to state the owner was in any way ‘inhumane’. Please look up the definition for clarity.

    • How would you feel if you were a senior, blind and deaf, and your famIly just dropped you off to be uthenized if the law allowed, without anyone being there and you were scared, I guess that’s not heartless Right? Since it’s okay for a pet to left alone, then it should be okay for you as well…

    • “Emotionally driven” comments which fit the very “emotional” event of ending the life of a pet you love .I cannot imagine someone cold hearted enough to be able to simply walk away from their pet in this situation.

  17. You know God made “sweetheart” loving animals just as He made humans! I think He should have made have made them first! He probably would have changed His mind about creating man! Animals are much more dedicated and loyal and loving to their families! They will stay by their loved families until the very end; but not so will the families! God will do the punishment; and it will be much harsher than we can imagine! God bless the ones who take care of these babies and care for them and give them love and care until the very end when they need it most! I wish I had the funds to take them all in; but alas I don’t! When they cross the rainbow bridge to Heaven; they will be “young” again; and will run and frolic forever more! Peace and free of pain!!????????????✝️

    • I totally agree and feel the same as you do. Animals will never judge you, they don’t care how good, or bad you look, they will love you, and will always be by your side, not like humans. Humans, judge, they will tell you off, and they will hurt you as well. They are worse than any animal

  18. I would never ever do this to my babies… but to wish death on the people is just horribly wrong. You hope they wrap around a pole? That is just sick. How do we encourage pet ownership and responsibility when we wish death upon those who wish death upon those animals we seek to protect? Seek to their level?

  19. We have an oldie that will be 16 tomorrow. She’s partially sighted, riddled with arthritis, her back legs collapse when she walks sometimes from the arthritis fusing the bones in her back, we have to cook her special meals twice a day and give her meds daily. She also needs to be brought to the toilet regularly on a lead in case she falls over so someone has to be with her nearly all the time and she goes to the vet weekly for check ups. Both myself and my son are disabled and we have 7 other pets to care for…..there is no way that we would so callously dump our old girl like that. Dogs are family and deserve to be treated with love and compassion especially in old age. My heart breaks thinking about this poor old dog. The people that dumped this poor old man are scum I can only hope that this comes back to bite them in a big way.

  20. WTF is wrong with people! How cruel! Poor baby Symon If the owners could not afford the Vet. then shame on him too for not doing this for them if it had to be done. That poor dog deserved to be comforted in his last hour. Well Karma is a real bitch, watch out you horrible owners when you time comes.

      • watch the mouth.
        you cant justify it
        passed guilt of your own inhuman behavior weighing you down?

        In the mean while take it down a knotch. Your anger just makes things worse.
        To bad you do not make positive changes in the situations around you.

      TO THAT POOR ANIMAL, Grrrrrr~!!!!!

  21. This grieves me terribly. This past summer my beautiful 9 year old Norwegian Elkhound was diagnosed with terminal cancer. I refused to put him down right away, because he was still having a lot of good days. About a month later, he was having many bad days and the pain medication was barely working, so I took him for his last trip to the vet and was there with him. I never would have dumped him at an animal shelter.

    • They didn’t want to pay for PTS. I have gone through having to put my loving pets euthanized in my presence. Having them cremated and in a box. Always hugged them while the vet put them down. How dare they ask if that loving dog was put down. POSs.

      • POS owners, how kind for you to call(sarcasm). You’re assholes. what is your excuse? you must know it’s on this post…cunts!!!!!

      • you didnt really use the word “c*nts” in one of your unhindged rant moments did you?
        because ,
        like ?
        How is that really Cool?!

  22. So the dog was 14 years old, deaf and blind, so what? My dog was 15, diabetic, deaf and blind but i wouldn’t dream of having him put to sleep just because of that. He eventually just gave up himself. As long as an animal is not in pain why should anyone have the right to end its life? Some people just do it for their own selfish reasons when a dog is getting old. Some thanks to the dog for years of love and loyalty! I would love to get my hands on such people they would need hospital care!

    • Horrible people!! I have always been at my pets’ sides at the end and even held hands with one sweet cat. Where is this poor dog being held? I would gladly take him in. I have another 14 yr old dog I adopted from the Humane Society because I couldn’t stand the idea of a granny dog having to live the rest of her life in a cage.

      • You have a great soul for adoption a senior dog, knowing how hard it will be to see her go, but that didn’t stop you. There should be more people like you to adopt senior dogs or cats, because they deserve to live their remaining years in a loving home, not a cage.

  23. There’s a special place in hell for both the vet that suggested this and the asshole piece of shit owners that did it. I hope they die a lonely miserable death.

  24. The bottom line is that some people just suck. No one is forced to take on the responsibility of a PET….if you can’t deal with the commitment, STAY AWAY!

  25. Once again despicable. Heartless people. Someone pick this baby up and take him home. I hope the owners get the same treatment when they are old . Horrible horrible human beings

  26. Update, please! I clicked on the PetHarbor link and this is what I got in response: “Sorry! This animal is no longer in our online database. Please check with the shelter to see about its availability.” Has Symon passed or, please, God, someone rescued him?

  27. My 17 yr old dog Missy was a black poodle rescue dog that was blind & deaf. She just passed a way a week ago. We only had her nearly 4 yrs and she was our life everyday. It seemed as though we’ve had her forever. She showed so much love for us and same with us toward her. We spoiled her and she spoiled us too. Caring for her in the last 6 months after she had a light stroke had been a little harder to care for her. She wasn’t house broke anymore, bumped into everything more often, easily aggravated, scared when she couldn’t smell where we were anymore, couldn’t eat from the right side of her mouth, and her love for us and our love for her never changed at all. She was so satisfied and playful still when she was in our arms. Now our home is so lonely without her. We both cry everyday still. Time will heal us soon as usual when we loose loved ones, but our friends always told us how good of parents we were to Missy. Most people might night take on this kind of responsibility with an animal, but Missy stole our hearts from the very first day. RIP my precious baby.

      • merry christmas penny d.
        have you done anything to make the world a better place today? as you curse your blue streak?
        as you cry out for the dogs owner to be put down. As you batter and bully a fellow commenter with pure hate.
        Its your inability to control your hate and anger and your unprovoked cruelty that that makes your world a constant bad place.
        I guess you miss the good old school days when you would harass and beat up and gang up on the local small kids or handy capped kidds. You the leader of your mean little gang.

        Note, linda and penny d. your little hate gang. you are the only 2-People(?) who feel the need for unprovoked hate and cruelty here . have a nice day.try and stay out of trouble.

      • penny d. i bet you neurotically checked 1000 times a day for 2 weeks hoping and praying i would respond in a cursey, fighty reply. it never came did it? Thats the controll i have over your type.
        and when you and linda flip your lid.
        and spit and growl you will nerotically check this conversation 1000 a day for the next 2 weeks again hoping for a response. you live to be angrey and hatefull.
        you know,
        this is why the girls dont call anymore.

      • for the record.
        i am not a christian.
        you and linda were some what raised in some sort of unregulated branch of christianity and your feelings expressed here are the typical hateful rants of “christains” lite/bad
        your real nice people.
        you both voted for trump.
        the christian athiest,
        you guys are awsome!!
        Dont worry, well fix it.
        Were on it. Try and keep out of the way.

      • As I recall you started mouthing off with slanderous remarks towards me when I commented how I felt about this post. “Passed guilt of your own inhuman behavior weighing you down”? Who the fuck are you to make comments like that? Take your fucking Bible and shove it up your ass in hell. You call yourself a good Christian? Clearly you have issues. “Take it down a notch”? FUCK YOU! Don’t preach to me nor anyone else. BTW not everyone celebrates Christmas you dumb cunt. Have a nice life.

      • Ellen, re your comment to me further down. I reply to you that I really don’t understand why you’re getting your knickers in the twist and I really don’t care for the comments. I’m only concerned for the poor mutt who had to be put down. Better get off your high horse.

  28. OMG! What kind of Vet are you? Instead of saving life you’re advising the owner to euthanize? Instead tell the owner to take care to the last breath.

  29. Do any of you really think the vet told these evil P.O.S. to lie and say that they found him and bring him to the shelter to have murdered? A vet will negotiate euthanasia. Why would he turn away a simple client’s procedure? Why not take half instead of sending them to a kill shelter when he would get zero, and then tell them to lie and say they “found” the dog as a stray? I just think these devils were just lying P.O.S. and although I wish they never made it home from the shelter that day, to call the shelter the next day to confirm that they killed their dog, I hope one day very soon they end up like the innocent loyal dog they had murdered for no other reason than their selfish wants and needs.

  30. I wish there was a petition to create a national registry for the people that surrender their dogs to kill shelters .. they are entered into a registry accessible by any shelter, breeder .. anyone to know what they have done and they can never get a dog again through these means

  31. I’m sorry Symon, you didn’t deserve to be left there, but your “family” wasn’t deserving of you. I hope you got to meet my Ginger, and Schroder, and my wife’s Mozart, when you crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Ginger loves to play, she’ll be a good friend for you. At least the people at the shelter cared about you, even if your so called “family” didn’t. , I’m sorry Symon, I’m sure you were a good dog…. RIP

    • I am in over 100dog groups n i cant take these stories.my dogs r my life n i know hell is going to be full of the bastards n bitches who do this.we have always had house full of babies n i have n will spend every penny to keep them with me.I agréé with other people n i wish them all a horrible death.no wonder i love dogs and hate people.

  32. I just said goodbye to my 14 year old Doxie Mix baby girl this morning I took her to our family Vet and was with her the entire time. I would never leave any of my fur babies at a shelter to be euthanized. If I couldn’t afford it (my cost today was $60.00..of course her private cremation will be around $130.00 but I want to have her back home) ……I think I could find some corner to cut from things I buy for myself.
    Those are my babies and my family and I can’t imagine just leaving them in a strange place to die frightened and alone. You just don’t do that to family. It speaks volumes about your character…or lack there of in my book.
    RIP Symone….keep an eye out for my Sassy… and the rest of my babies up there.

  33. Catherine If you scroll up I was attacked for making a comment about this post. It wasn’t necessary. We are here to comment on the issue at hand not to make rude comments to people who are angry at the injustice of animals.

    • You and I both have by the same individual::: I actually considered the tirade that she went on and on with this Christmas day and the day prior That of a rather unstable person…. I refuse to respond to the irrational statements she is making…. attempting to provoke someone

      • penny d.,

        thinks RACE has alot to do with animal abuse….
        mall fight….
        sooo hilarious!!!!!
        you must live far away from the madding crowd.
        your delicate. as you polish your gun on the front porch of your back wood shanty.

        Tell us more about your great self penny d. because it would appear to all of us here that you are nothing less then a common racist and general hateful low class ..
        erp, Person?

    • Linda I agree with your last statement. But I object to your rude name calling to some people who made comments on here that did not agree with you. Religion and politics should never come between a good cause such as animal welfare.

    • Linda I agree with your last statement, however, I object to your name calling some people here who disagree with you. Religion and politics should not come between a good cause such as animal welfare.

      • I agree, but I didn’t use name calling with people who disagreed with me. I used name calling to people who such as this post treats pets unfairly and when I did “someone” lashed out at me and judged me unfairly, after all, one should not be judged if you don’t know that person. We are hear to comment about the issues at hand and not be preached by someone who doesn’t like our comments. I also agree religion and politics should not be mentioned. Have no idea why people do it. Have a good day.

      • Although it is not my business I would appreciate you listing to my response on this issue… I did not understand the concept in the article about the foster vs the rescue in the article with the one missing dog and the dog almost starved, and made a statement something to the affect that there was more that didn’t meet the eye… then the same individual wrote, that I was stupid, an idiot and so forth… I have been a RN for over 25 years, graduated with the Clinical of Excellence Award… I did not appreciate the way Ellen( also My middle name) talked down to me… Then when I responded that this was the Pot Calling the Kettle Black!! She went totally off on me… and continued to make comments, which I will refuse to respond to ! So I respectfully disagree to a point.. Myself I do think Religion, ( or lack of It does play a part in animal abuse) so does (Race) just look at the news today and the film on what Race was the majority of the fight outbreak in several major cities across the Nation!!! photos don’t lie! This is the same with some of the horrific animal abuse again photos don’t lie).. Linda did not start out to berate this person, she was provoked!! The same as I was… Thank you.

      • Catherine Staffy…
        You stand up to the devil and she will flee.

        You can tell these ladies have a very positive affect on the suffering around them in their lives and communities.

    • Penny after reading your comments and scrolling you’re correct Linda was provoked and so were you. Why would anyone who doesn’t know her/you say false things That’s slander. Did it ever occur to her that one should never say bad things to to anyone? On a daily bases we go through the a loss a of pet, divorce, a death of a loved one.One never knows what goes on in one’s daily life. I always think of that. She should keep her fucking mouth shut and think on those terms.

      • Well I know one thing for sure I am not a back woods yokel, gun toting , cleaning Annie Oakley ! I am Democrat, well versed , animal advocate , rescuer , liberal, and think we all have the right to speak our minds, be it racial, political , religious, and it is sad that apparently this individual has chosen to target and attempt to degrade other’s for speaking out , including standing UP for their , not just Her Constitutional Rights… I don’t care if she is Black, Brown, Red, White, Pink or Purple, Democrat, Republican , Liberal and I feel saddened she choses to do this type of thing. I have not and will not respond nor will I address her. thank you for reading and making your own decisions!!

  34. Thank you Penny for your comments. She is trolling and has more concerns about how we react than the issue on hand towards. I don’t think she cares about the animals. She is self in solved.

  35. Ellen Sorry I didn’t vote for Trump. But why bring politics into an animal post and religion…lol. Good luck honey you need a psych eval take care. He He.

  36. Penny, I scrolled and saw that Linda and you were provoked. I don’t understand why this person was so nasty to make untruths comments about both of you. Especially she felt compelled to criticize Linda’s choice of language and accused her of “raised guilt of your own inhuman behavior weighting you down?”.Then continues with “In the mean while take it it down a knotch(she misspelled it). “Your anger makes things worse. Too bad you do not make positive changes in the situations around you”. She is truly a disturbed person and has no business preaching when she has issues of her own. How funny she is I will laugh at every comment she makes.

    • Audrey, don’t get your knickers in the twist, I’m not taking any of these comments seriously other than LINDA. She is well grounded probably the only one here who talks sense.

  37. there was no reason for this dog to be put down. I am sure that someone would have given him a loving home for the time he had left. Shame on his POS owner and the vet that agreed the dog should be killed for no reason.

  38. RIP Symon. So sorry you had such an uncaring owner that did not allow you to live out the rest of your life the way you deserved. I hope one day your owner is left some place alone to die. You got nothing for all your years of devotion. I am sorry you ended up with the wrong owner.

    • what would you have done? The Symon’s owner had dementia. The vet he has gone to said it was End of life. Was unwilling to work with an already cash-strapped and emotionally worn family (ever care give someone with dementia?) they did the right thing. The shelter had to go and try to turn it into a fucking PR gimmick. Who is going to take this dog? You? Go to your local shelter, ask for the next old dog that is brought in, and care for it long enough to go to the vet and put it to sleep. This dog was loved. The shelter failed.



    FUREVER FUR MOM OF……..10 !!!

    BITE THAT !!

    • Think of it. If their private vet that they paid to see told them there was nothing they could do. Why didn’t they have the dog euthanized there with them. Instead they brought it to a cold concrete shelter to be euthanized all alone. Smh my head at your response. I suppose you would drop off your dog at a shelter to be KILLED alone.

      • now , now linda.
        They did take care of the pet for 14 yrs. Its not like they adopted and 6months later he died of neglect. we all are here because we would have done things much differantally.
        But the reality is we do not know the facts , just what they told us. If you look at the picture, The dog had died Already.
        The body and its mind are gone.All that was left was a beating heart. and dementia. You should suppose that the dogs owner spent a life time with his bud. maybe even many of his last nights under the covers with him in his bed.

        This dog was loved untill the day he died. He did not suffer abandonment.
        He died way befor he was brought to the shelter.
        Closing thought,
        When the dog was put to sleep.He was not alone.Know that someone sat on the floor with the dog on their lap and rocked him and sang to him untill he was gone. many holy vet tech. stroked him and comforted him. He did not die alone

      • Oh sorry linda,
        Il try this so you can understand.
        if you are angrey in the treatment of shelter animals do something about it instead of having petty snits with people.
        You act like your the victim, but you act like you love to be a victim.
        Write a letter, start a pitition to shelters who still gas.
        I know i have. I think you have to move on to doing something to elivate pain and suffering.
        And maybe stop the self pitty and the pointless anger towaards strangers

    • You have the clear vision coleen.This is an animal rescue site it would be nice if penny d. could file some of that anger into something useful in aleviating pain and suffering for animals.

      But that is not the case. She loves the damaging and horrable immagery of murder and mayhem. Puncuated with words like F*ckin Bitch, Cu*t ect.
      dont let the squares get you down.
      especially from people who like to who suggest murder of an owner as a solution for anything.
      Meanwhile you and i and others like us can and will conqure the terable treatment of shelter animals, Factory farm animals, Un regulated puppy mills, Wildlife, The protection of endangered wildlife just beginning to recover, and the protection of our national parks and Protected lands and forests. Because im sure you agree coleen.
      Its all on the line. We have to free our minds and focus on the terrable changes and stop it with our words and positive action.
      What is the price of peace coleen?
      Its not anger, foul langue, talk of killing pet owners Etc.Or of what they would like to do to e. cottone who speaks the truth and sermons the world
      Its Constant Dillagence.

      • Excuse me ! Why are you even bringing my name into this discussion? Are you some sort of Religious Zealot, some sort of hate monaural , or just some person going around trying to stir up trouble…. !!! I have just as much right to express myself as you do, so why don’t you just leave it alone and march on!!! Thank you for NOT continuing to Pit one Person against another!!!

      • That’s my point Ellen. They owned the dog for 14 yrs and left him alone at an over crowded shelter. As you have commented we don’t know the facts. But I hardly think he had comfort while being euthanized. Many shelters use gas and heart sticks. Most don’t have the money to use injections which is the humane of putting down an animal. I just lost Elvis on New Years Day gasping for air on our way to Angel Memorial. Please do not tell me I don’t have a right to my opinion.

      • To speak the truth you have to know the truth.It takes an investment.

        “Fidete, sed verificate.”

      • yes audrey,
        You know it is the truth.
        I know this question is directed to me. I know your real question is why when i described the moment you were almost transported to the event like the fly on the wall.you witnessed some debate about detached professionalism but some people left the room but some people were involved.
        This was purly end care. Have a little faith in animal health care workers and animal activests.
        of corse they were on it.as humans who champion for animals do you really think he died alone?
        I know you dont.
        and try to stand fast against the negative yelling and screamming. its ment to trick you into missing the truth

      • Ellen Cottone would you please not assume my feelings on the passing of Elvis. And stop talking in riddles you make no sense at all.

      • linda,
        you are locked in morning. you are taking your attention from elvis who lingers arms and chin across your upper right thigh. remember that happy little high pitched voice about 20 mins after passing.
        “where am i? ”
        You are confusing kill shelters who gass. this shelter does not . gas shelters days are numbered. i have helped close them down i would advise you to petition voice with gentel effect chang . i do belive this will be a great comfort to you. make change.powerful one.
        Try and get the awful images of animals being inhumainly euthinised. you seeked out these images your self.

        You were suppose to go forth and make difinitive changes with those images. Not wast your time trifiling with strangers.
        Elvis is kind of having fun. no seperation aniaxioty. now he gets to be with you always. lights blinking and the tv turning on im sure is just your imagination. ERP!
        Yes every one is entitaled to their opione but base it on fact not fear and passed slights.
        let the bad times go,

      • Catherine,
        its to bad you feel so exposed by coleens coments. You seem to take personal offense to her words.
        Like an arrow of truth shot right thru your pride.

      • audrey,
        maybe you can see better if you take off your snarky glasses,
        and but on your clear views.
        The answers to your questions, That you didnt even put in print have all been answered.

        google the life expectancy of the breed.

        He grew old with his owner and that person is also unable to care for him.
        The person who brought the dog in was a family member. not the owner.
        He suffered from demencia.and physically he was gone.
        this is animal endcare
        he did not die alone.
        he did not suffer.
        His life was not tragic. it was acknowlaged by many people.
        From you and i and everyone here.

  40. Ellen Cottone, again I have no idea what you’re commenting about. I see fine thank you. I also don’t understand why you’re preaching to me. Keep your comments to yourself. I asked one question and you go on like a lunatic. LADY YOU NEED TO TAKE YOUR MEDS!!!!!!

  41. Ellen in a comment you made on 1/8. Please don’t assume what I feel and know you only make an ASS out of yourself. I worked in shelters outside of Boston. I am an advocate of animals. I have rescued dogs. Why do you persist in commenting untrue things about people. I find you a heartless person with no concern for these animals.You made an off the cuff remark about a poor dog that was in a well for days. Your comment “timmy fell in the well” was not humorous at all. Why are you here. You spend most times preaching to people’s comments. People are entitled to their opinions. Which you commented should come from fact, not fear…How do you know where my opinions come from? Again you ASSumed. My goodness woman you have got to stop assuming. It’s ok ELLEN COTTONE you don’t have to be right all of the time(which you haven’t been thus far) It seems you take pleasure making harsh judgments to people you don’t know. You preach to people and by the way you don’t practice what you preach. Your comments are very strange and make no sense at all…… Did too much drugs in your younger years? Stop telling us not to be angry. It’s ok to be angry. It’s a human emotion. Are you not human? I wonder. It’s a healthy reaction to be angry at a post about animal abuse. Take care and don’t forget to take your meds.

    • anger is the worst human emotion.
      It changes nothing and just makes things worse.
      I gave it up years. I get way more done with out it.
      Its not a healthy reaction. Its a base and primative reaction.
      Your healthy reaction? Is your excuse to be abusive.
      When you feel helpless.

      • Actually anger is not the worst emotion and it is healthy. Lack of empathy is the worst. Anger does not make things worse. It gives reasons for people to advocate for animal rights, children’s rights, and so on. How and why was MADD founded. Because mother’s were angry at drunk drivers killing their children? Why do you think organization for incest survivors started? There are many organizations that were founded because people become angry and wanted it to stop..Lack of any feelings for anything is a characteristic of a sociopath……unless your mommy dropped you on your head as a toddler. BTW why even mention abuse. Again please stop with your ASSumptions.

      • “anger is a tool that helps us read and respond to upsetting social situations. Anger increases optimism, creativity, effective performance and research suggests that expressions of anger can lead to more successful negotiations in life for help in organizations. Anger does not diminish nor cause anyone to be abusive. In your words “nice try though”.

    • Be careful or you will get the same blast of crap that religion, race, gender, demographic location, political choice, subjects shouldn’t be discussed on this site, all the while expounding about how religion works as the did to Barkley’s Mom!!! Wow…

      • I have no idea why she is so hell bent on telling people why and how to think and act. She obviously has mental issues. I find her amusing. Instead of reading the Sunday comics I just read her comments in Pet Rescue. WTG Ellen…..you make me giggle!

  42. If you saw a dog being beaten on someones front lawn.
    you would be angrey.
    i would head butt the guy.
    thats the differance between you and me,
    Your anger diminishes you.
    Mind your anger.

    • Don’t tell me what to do. You need to take care of yourself. We’re all fine, but, you on the other hand need to calm down and take it easy and stop being a control freak.

    • Wow! You would cause harm to another human being! That’s a temper. I wouldn’t go that far. Clearly you are a violent person. I just express my feelings. I wouldn’t react with such violence. Big difference between you and me. You obviously don’t practice what you preach…how funny. Keep amusing me. I’ll keep that in mind when you tell us not to be angry. You just showed us your true self. You can be angry. Lol.

  43. People who are actually rescuing animals are not angrey they are too busy working it and then moving on to the next rescue case.The “healthy” reaction.

    • No sweetie people who DO RESCUE DOGS are angry. That’s why they do it. Read their posts! Boy! Mommy did a real job when she dropped you on your head.

      • People actively “in” rescue are more motivated by righteous indignation and a strong sense of injustice and a strong sense of mercy.

        I dont have to read anyones posts to understand why a person gets off the couch and gets an animal the help they need.

        An angry person is rendered ineffective.(feeble)
        The name of the game is rescue. (to deliver )
        The name of your game is confrontational.

        An angry person gets nothing done.
        They spend all their time feeling personally attacked.
        And loving the rush. Your way to self absorbed. to rescue anything.
        Why dont you try to rescue your self?

      • “anger is a tool that helps us read and respond to upsetting social situations. Anger increases optimism, creativity, effective performance and research suggests that expressions of anger can lead to more successful negotiations in life for help in organizations.” However, Ellen thank you for your lame suggestions.

  44. You guys can all slam me all you want, but those of you heaping hell and damnation on this family are sick! The vet – who was unwilling to work with them on euth costs – told them to take this dog to the shelter to be euth’d. NOT to be used as a prop for PR. The shelter did not do their job. They were asked to put this dear, sweet soul down. They, instead take pictures and post about the “horrid” owners. Every single last one of you needs to think. If you had this dog – what would you have done? What are your options when you have no money? Should they have taken the dog home to suffer? Should they have taken the dog out and somehow killed him themselves? You guys are so upset, would you have donated money to have the vet do what *the shelter was supposed to do*? It’s not like they dumped the dog. They told them what was going on, asked them to perform the euth. I am pissed. At all of you. Step up. Work with people who help others in this situation. THINK about others in this situation. Get past the click baity headlines and read the truth. I have very disappointed and upset at this site, and at Penny for shit stirring when it was not needed. This article could have been about the system, and how it fails some owners. Then highlight groups and people who could have helped. Instead, those people and groups are now so angry they can not even think straight, and refuse to ever read anything on this site again.

    • Snufflesdbear, perhaps the site should be blamed. People are reacting to the article. Unfortunately we were not told of the whole story.

    • You make a good point even in longhand! I think that we don’t know all the story behind this sad event to be able to point a finger at someone. At the end of the day, another dog died, or as in this case euthanized. Poor mutt r.i.p.

      • There is absolutely no excuse for any owner to dump off there so called family member to a local shelter without being by their dog’s side while being uthenized. I would never do that, that is just heartless. So many years of having a loyal, loving best friend by your side, and just like that to get dumped. SORRY, NO EXCUSE.

    • Thank you. Much of the information on this site needs to be shared in order to reach out to the many animals who need some kind of assistance. I for one, am not interested in badgering, name calling,self righteousness or anything that distracts from the reason of these posts. Let’s focus more on these animals and less on ourselves and opinions!

      • I have let my sweet love Tucker know he is there and ask that he introduce himself and his friends and play with and look after him and let him know his family loved him very much. Tucker was an angel , very compassionate. Symon is pain free with perfect sight and hearing. I hope his family is soon blessed with the resources to never have to take such a heart wrenching decision.

  45. … assholes. My ancient Siamese kitty drew her last breath with me at her side, her great blue eyes trained on me until the end. She went in grace and peace.

  46. There is a wonderful lady vet who comes to the house when my fur babbles have reached the end of their road. She sits with them a while, usually while I am holding them. They die in their garden, or inside in their bed, when I say it is time she gives the first shot, I hug them, love them tell them they were good all their lives and I hope to see them again, then the final shot and they go over the Rainbow Bridge knowing I loved them always.
    No scary ride to the Vet, no reminders of the times they had been sick, just peace and happiness at home. I adopt older dogs, and cats with FIP, so I have had Dr Pierce out often. I currently have 6 FIP cats and a blind dog I got when she was 8 years old. She had spent 5 months at the shelter when I found her, went the next morning and got her, sight unseen. She is a wonderful, funny little dog, I am so happy with her, and her playmate who was 6 when I got her.

  47. I hope that all the bad karma that can come to a person, comes to you, you disgraceful example of a human being. That poor soul, who gave you years of his life was left to die alone. You couldn’t even repay him with taking him to a vet and having him cross over in your arms. If this is the kind of treatment you showed him while alive, then he is in a better place. But for you….karma is a bitch and so are you.

    • I couldn’t have said it better myself. I believe in karma, and I believe the selfish, heartless people will get it back and more. People like that should never own a pet.

  48. What kind of cheap ass owner is that? HEARTLESS. and what a pitiful excuse for a vet! OMG. This report never ceases to amaze me. Sorry ole buddy. RIP

  49. That is sickening my moth in law had a stroke cldnt care for her15 yr old long haired Chihuahua and he’s about90% blind no way no how is he going to shelter. That baby is familiar with me and my son so we took him. I also have a long hair Chihuahuas that’s about12 and when my baby goes she will go in my arms. Blindness is no reason to give up on your furbabies they need you more than ever then. I LOVE ALL MY FURBABIES!!!!!

  50. It happens all of the time. People take their very old, sick and often blind dogs to shelters & dog rescues so they don’t have to pay anything. The people get Free euthansia and the poor pet gets abandoned to strangers when it needs their family the most.

    GRITTING MY TEETH~!!!!! Grrrrr~!!! Lucky I don’t know who it is~!!


  53. Does anyone have any idea, how long he sat
    in Shelter, before being Euthanized,
    please let me know, if you do….
    This Act, is Beyond sickening,
    I Feel “ONLY” Intense Anger, at the Heartless
    Owner, who did this~!!!! I feel pity,
    for their current dog… THERE Needs to be WAY more
    oversight, on PUBLIC Animal Ownership~!!!!
    The Dog License Fees we pay, would then be put to a
    GOOD USE~!!!!!

  54. “I love you; you were a good dog” would have been so comforting to you.
    BUT YOUR P.O.S. Owner, just discarded you~!!!! Hopefully, your owner,
    will have to pay the Piper~!!!!
    And for Eternity~!!!!

  55. Linda, I couldn’t read it for a while. it is so telling and so reveling its almost painful
    but if you can get past the lashing out , you can really see the early stages for the love and appreciation between pennys dauchound , ellen cottone and linda. if you can get past the silly attemps at hurting,
    you realize these 3 think exactally alike.i can see the anger, riotious indignation, the helplessness as we see this pet treated so unlovingly and we 3 having so much love to give but we were to far to give love to this poor soul.
    i see the toung in cheek. the kindest of the mocking humors.
    we were angry of the coldness of our suffering friend delivered in a wheel barrow. it made us crazy. we are blamless. its was a shock to the system and 3 very different people screamed in protest to the dog’s owners and the institution that allowed. and then dog fought in the square till we got tired and went home to lick our wounds.
    only to have to relive it every late comer steps in and makes an impassioned late ass comment. sigh, god and the past on dog, are so laughing at us.

    • ellen..I had just joined Pet Rescue Report and I could not contain myself from making such harsh comments. It took me sometime to discipline myself not to use foul language about people who abuse animals. However, I will use still use certain words when I read the behavior of those that abuse and kill animals…..POS, assholes, pricks, bitch, bastards and dicks. What I don’t use is anything that has to do with race, creed or religion.

  56. I would never abandon one of my pets like that. I have a 20 + 2 months old cat with kidney disease, an elderly pitbull my husband found as she was abandoned by her previous owners and a disabled 18 month old kitten. As well as another dog and 4 more cats. I have done everything in my power to make sure their quality of life and perhaps quantity of life is the best. Our pitbull was not spay and full of heartworm disease when she was found. We gave her the treatment protocol. We could not spay her at that time but unfortunately she developed pyometra and mammary cancer. We made the choice to have her spay as we figured the pyometra was going to kill her before the cancer. If we would have had her from the beginning, she would have been spay as soon as eligible. The people who abandoned this beautiful dog just for being old and blind, should NEVER be able to have another pet again. You just don’t do that to a part of the family. It is absolutely disgusting.

  57. You sorry piece of fecal I had to euthanize my service dog Blackie when he was diagnosed with cancer and I had it done immediately but he was surrounded by people who loved him and I held him in my until he crossed the Rainbow Bridge. I miss him we only sixteen years together. I have a new dog I picked him up at the same shelter all dogs who come to me are her to be spoiled and loved.


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