Left behind but still loyal, resilient pup was ready to be rescued

In Southern California, a shepherd mix had been left behind to fend for himself when the dog’s owner quit his job at a local shop and just walked away. Sadly, the man forgot to call … Read More

Another heartless jerk pulls to side of freeway to abandon small puppy

In the city limits of Perris, another heartless jerk driving a silver Tacoma pickup truck, pulled over to the side of the I215 freeway on Tuesday morning and pushed a cardboard box out onto the … Read More

Starving Chihuahua spotted eating trash and fleeing into drain pipe saved by kind hearts

A Good Samaritan who had been on her way to Kaufman, Texas on Saturday spotted a tiny, starving Chihuahua with an injured leg eating trash on the side of the road. The kind woman stopped … Read More

Senior dog and her closely bonded tripod have lost their home

For the last three years, Leah and Oso have lived together; their bond so tightly woven together if one dog doesn’t eat neither will the other one. Sadly, the pair have lost their home, and … Read More

Dog practically begged her owner not to leave her behind at shelter

At the Lost Angeles Animal Services South, a one-year-old dog’s eyes followed her owner’s departure from the shelter on Tuesday, seemingly begging not to be left behind. Champagne, described as a “Pomsky,” – a canine … Read More

Husky has been returned to the San Diego shelter 7 times: Help him find a home

At the San Diego Department of Animal Services, a three-year-old husky has been returned to the shelter seven times. Alas, the beautiful dog named Houdini with the mesmerizing blue eyes still needs a home … Read More

Frightened pup clinging to volunteer will be euthanized unless someone can help her

At the Miami-Dade Animal Services, the photo of a frightened pup clinging to a volunteer continues to circulate on social media, hoping someone’s heart will melt when they see Flor and rush to the shelter … Read More

Penguin is first adoptable pit bull in 30 years in Denver

At the Denver Animal Shelter, Penguin, a friendly and sweet black and white pit bull blend canine, was found by animal control nearly three-weeks ago scavenging the Montibello area of the city without a collar … Read More

Simba is so confused after being surrendered to shelter by person he loved most

At the East Valley Animal Shelter in California, Simba was brought in by his owner and surrendered on Wednesday afternoon.  Maybe Simba thought he had been going for a ride to have a fun adventure … Read More

Poor little guy dumped at Texas shelter severely emaciated with infected sores

In San Antonio, Texas, a one-year-old Labrador retriever is receiving better care at the shelter than he has likely had in his short life. Meet Snowball – surrendered by his owner in horrible condition. The … Read More