Inconvenient dog dumped at shelter when family made travel plans

In Houston, Texas, an inconvenient dog named Molly senses she is no longer important to her family. At five-years-old, the dachshund and Chinese Shar pei mix sits in a kennel cage at an overcrowded shelter.… Read More

This dog is a ‘heartthrob’ and shelter life is not acceptable

At the San Bernardino City Shelter in California, an extremely friendly two-year-old pit bull blend named Quinn has to temporarily live in a cage with no blanket, no bed or even a toy to keep … Read More

Frozen with fear, abused dog cowers in corner of high kill shelter

What are the odds of an abused dog frozen with fear leaving a high kill shelter alive? His name is Paws, and this highly compressed dog faces into the corner of his kennel cage – … Read More

Tennessee animal shelter needs help: 140 animals arrive in less than a week

In Johnson City, Tennessee, the Washington County-Johnson City Animal Shelter needs help. In less than a week, 140 animals have arrived, and the shelter is in desperate need of help from animal advocates.

“We are

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Child bit senior dog: Startled pet bit back and now no longer wanted

A five-year-old child bit a senior dog. Where were his parents? Sadly, the startled pet bit the child back, and now the dog is at Jefferson County Animal Control, Missouri because his family no longer … Read More

Matted and scared senior spaniel tries to hide from the world

On November 1, a frightened 10-year-old Cocker Spaniel mix arrived at the Baldwin Park Animal Care Center in California. His legs are weak, and he has trouble walking around the slippery floor in his kennel. … Read More

Terrified four-month-old puppies: Their humans far from kind

Two terrified four-month-old puppies huddle on top of each other; they are so frightened and barely want to move. What had their humans done to them to cause some utter fright? Puppies like to play, … Read More

Horrible conditions: City of Orange Cove cuts funding to shelter stray dogs

In Orange Cove, California, the city has had a contract with the Friends of Orange Cove Animal Shelter to care for stray dogs since 2014, but has now abruptly ended the agreement. And now the … Read More

Dog in viral video shown hanging and being beaten outside window rescued

A viral video circulating on social media Friday, showing a small white dog hanging outside of a window by its leash and being beaten by a woman, has been rescued.

According to the rescue organization, … Read More

Two stray German shepherd puppies never have had a touch of love

On Saturday, two stray German shepherd puppies were captured by Animal Control in Garland, Texas. Both female pups were scared and visibly trembled, but allowed shelter volunteer Roxi to pet them.

“They are both at

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