Horse rescued after getting trapped in a dumpster

In Southern California, a horse was rescued on Friday after getting trapped in a dumpster. Huntington Beach Fire Department were able to use a forklift and harness to pull the horse, named Rodeo, out of … Read More

Seven Chincoteague ponies have died from ‘swamp cancer’

Within the last few months, three female Chincoteague ponies have died plus four other ponies have been euthanized after what has become referred to as “swamp cancer.” The fungus-like disease produces painful lesions and other … Read More

Gelding found wandering I-75 has captured hearts as he heals

A 12-year-old gelding, now named “Teddy Bear Highway” was found on Friday wandering Interstate 75 between the Micanopy exit and Wacahoota Road has captured the hearts of animal lovers as his injuries are healing.

According … Read More

Helpless horse tied and dragged behind white truck

In San Leon, Texas, a video of horse tied and being dragged behind a white pickup truck has gone viral. The Galveston County Sheriff’s Office is asking for the public’s help identifying the person(s) involved … Read More

Merry-go-round in China using live ponies draws cruelty complaints

A merry-go-round in China using live ponies at a shopping center has drawn online outrage with accusations of animal cruelty. A viral video showed four ponies, with their heads attached to steel bars, circling a … Read More

Man discovered horse, who sought refuge from fire, tangled in pool cover

A horse, seeking refuge from the deadly Camp fire in Paradise, California, was discovered tangled in a pool cover. In a public Facebook post, resident Jeff Hill stated that the horse seemed to have … Read More

Family’s horses died in devastating barn fire

A devastating barn fire in Kent, Washington, has resulted in the death of several horses. According to the Kent Reporter, seven horses perished on Monday morning when the fire broke out at a barn in … Read More

Obese tourists banned from riding Greece’s Santorini donkeys

In order to protect the iconic Greece Santorini donkeys, new rules have been established by the government to ensure the safety of the animals. In response to numerous complaints from animal advocates as well as … Read More

Hurricane Florence rescue includes blind horse and her seeing eye donkey

Hurricane Florence seemingly never ending rains have stopped and overflowing rivers and lakes have subsided, but the rescue of helpless animals continue. On Sunday night, the Waynesville, North Carolina horse rescue, Star Ranch Horse Rescue, … Read More

Rescuers save horses neck deep in water after their owner hospitalized

Rescuers saved horses who were trapped neck deep in flood waters in the aftermath of Hurricane Florence. According to Sweet Paws Rescue, the horses were found in Burgaw, North Carolina – the organization recounted … Read More