Pony evacuated from Santa Rosa fire in backseat of owner’s Honda Accord

On Monday, Lauren Mesaros had been faced with a life or death situation as the fires of Santa Rosa steadily crept towards her property. Knowing she had to evacuate her three horses and only having a trailer that would accommodate two, she knew she had to think fast. She couldn’t leave her pony behind.

With the fire less than a mile away and neighborhoods across the railroad tracks already completely destroyed by the fire, Mesaros, a registered nurse, loaded her two horses into a trailer borrowed from one of her friends. Unfortunately, her pony Stardust couldn’t fit. What was Lauren to do? Well, Stardust would have to come along in her car – a Honda Accord. And with the help of a carrot and a friend, who Lauren refers to as a “horse whisperer,” Stardust climbed into the back seat and they were off.

Lisette Hall Frye, a neighbor snapped the over the top adorable photo and sister-in-law Cindy Lundin Mesaros posted it to her Facebook page. Fortunately the winds shifted and thus far, Lauren’s property has been saved from significant damage. The three horses were transferred to Wind Horse Ranch in Sebastopol until the fire is over.

And as for Lauren’s car – Stardust may have left his mark, and the car may never smell the same again, admitted Lauren. But the good news – all four of them are safe.

(Photo of pony evacuated from Santa Rosa fire in owner’s Honda Accord Facebook via Lisette Hall Frye.)

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Dog reappears 14 hours after family buried his dead body

Man stays with wild animals at risk from raging wildfires

Teen who admitted to shooting horse with crossbow released from custody

A teenager who surrendered to police over an alleged crossbow shooting of two horses on Wednesday, resulting in the death of a beloved 19-year-old Haflinger mare,  was released in line with the Youth Justice Act – a program for youth diversion on weapons and animal cruelty charges.

The 17-year-old boy was arrested and interviewed at the Darwin Police Station on Thursday after authorities seized the crossbow alleged to have been used in the attack on the horses. Officials continue to investigate possible accomplices. According to the NTNews, a second horse was discovered with a similar arrow in his rump just one day after the pony named Pearly was shot and killed.

“This horrible sight greeted one of our young members today when she went to catch her own horse from the paddock at 4pm. Pearl, a gentle and well loved pony who has taught many children to ride and brought happiness to many visitors during her time at FBEC, was found with TWO arrows imbedded in her side. The members are shocked and horrified that someone could be so cruel, evil and stupid. Pearl has been taken to the Vets for surgery and we are awaiting news…

Pearl crossed over the bridge tonight. The arrows were too long and internal damage too vast. RIP Pearly you brought joy to many You didn’t deserve this. Condolences to your people,” had been posted on the Facebook page Fannie Bay Equestrian Club.”

Fannie Bay Equestrian Club believes the quarter horse named Hollywood Hitman  may have sustained a six-inch deep wound to his rump on Wednesday night also, but because the arrow worked it’s way out of the horse’s body as he fled in pain, staff members didn’t notice the wound until Thursday morning.

“The blood had dried and hole clotted over … he was in obvious pain,” the Facebook page entry read. “The vet had to open it up to see if part of the shaft was lodged inside.”

Hollywood Hitman and Pearly shared a paddock. On Friday, Pearly was buried:

“RIP Pearly, you brought joy to many. You didn’t deserve this.”

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Dog reappears 14 hours after family buried his dead body


Man stays with wild animals at risk from raging wildfires

Emaciated and weak Nester left to face flooding of storms alone

Nester had been living in an area of Texas, surrounded by what had resembled a landfill for the last five years. Knowing the property was slated to flood during Hurricane Harvey, his owners didn’t care – they left their neglected and emaciated horse tied to one spot to face nature’s angriest moments alone. And as the waters rose, Nester’s body had nearly been submerged in the rising flood.

Rescuers from the Underdog Project, a nonprofit organization from Plano, Texas, had to make the difficult decision not to rescue the horse that night after hearing gunshots. As the waters receded, rescuers returned; they were determined not to give up. The next day the combative owner refused to surrender the horse, but faced with criminal animal abuse and neglect charges, the owner slowly began to change his mind. The battle for Nester’s safety still wasn’t over – when volunteers returned with a trailer, the horse’s owner pretended to have had a heart attack.

Forced to leave, but never about to give up on Nester’s life saving rescue, volunteers returned with the authorities. Had the horse not been removed from his abusive situation, he would have died. That night, Nester quietly walked into the trailer and never looked back.

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(Photos and video courtesy of the Underdog Project)

Check out the emotional video:



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These horses rode out the hurricane in a laundry room

Two horses, in the path of Hurricane Irma, didn’t have to face the raging wind and pounding rain outdoors because they were brought inside to ride out the storm in a laundry room.

On Sept. 9, Taittyn Fischer uploaded a video of the two horses, “Dixie and Goose,” who were quite comfortable in their own “storm room.”

“Ready to ride this one out #irma”

On Fox 35 Orlando, Fischer and her roommate Georgia Mott, explained why they brought the horses inside:

“There were a lot of amazing people all over the southeast offering their facilities to evacuees with horses. As most of our friends who own horses moved them to concrete barns we got the idea to bring them inside the house, seeing as how it sits on a hill and is also made of concrete, we figured it was the safest choice.”

On Monday, Georgia Mott expressed relief that the storm had passed by – she wrote:

With a sigh of relief we can say Irma is gone! We got away with no real damage and the yard is high and dry. Needless to say, the horses were happy to get out of the laundry room this morning. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of the kind words, well wishes, and prayers. My prayers go out to those who didn’t fare so well.

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Truly emotional moment when dying man gets his last wish to feed a horse carrots

Patrick Saunders, 87,  of Braunton, Devon, had been a lifelong lover of horses, and it was his last wish to feed a horse treats – carrots, apples and perhaps a handful of polo mints.

According to Cornwall Live, Saunders had spent most of this life around horses – beginning his working career at a stable after his father, Victor had introduced him to the stately animals. From that day, Saunders always had a strong connection to the animals. At the hospice facility where Saunders spent his final days, he was too weak to get out of bed, but had constantly told the nurses stories of his relationship with the horses and how much he loved them. And so the staff at North Devon Hospice set out to arrange for  a horse named Victor, a stately stallion, to visit Saunders so he could pet him and feed him treats one last time.

Although he had not been feeling well at all, the day that Victor showed up, both the staff and Saunders’ daughter couldn’t help but notice the joy in the elderly man’s face.

“When they told me that a horse was coming to visit Dad, I thought that maybe he would be able to see the animal from his balcony. I had no idea he would be able to get so close,” stated Jayne. “It’s something I’ll never forget.”

It had been one of the nurses caring for Patrick who arranged Victor’s visit. 

“His passion for horses was so clear and they’d obviously played a big part in his life. One phone call later and then there was a beautiful brown stallion standing outside the front door of the hospice. I’ll never forget Patrick’s smile when he was stroking the horse’s face. You could see they had a real connection and it is experiences like that which make hospice care so special,” said Cathy Whattingham who made the arrangements.

Sadly, Patrick died three days later, but not without that special experience – thanks to the nurses and the stable who arranged for Victor’s visit. Rest in peace Patrick Saunders. You will be missed.

(Photos of dying man’s last wish screenshots via Cornwall Live and YouTube)

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Check out the video – bring your tissues:

Veterinarian frees chained horse and gets the best ‘thank you’ ever

In Romania, it is a common practice to chain the front legs of horses to keep them from roaming and running away. On this particular day however, veterinarian Ovidiu Rosu intervened when he found the wild horse in desperate need of some help. Just the thought of the young mare suffering as the chains dug deeper into her tender flesh was unbearable to the Four Paws Romania animal welfare charity volunteer.

Rosu sedated the horse and then began his work cutting through the chains. When finally he was able to free her and help her recover from the sedation, the horse showed her gratitude in a way no one would ever have suspected – she gingerly approached her rescuer and gave him a delicate kiss.

According to Four Paws International, the mare has been clipped and marked so she can be identified in the future should she ever become chained again.

“Should we find her in chains again we will take steps to find and report the owner to the authorities,” state the spokesperson from the organization. “We may also take steps to train the owner about the proper way to treat and look after horses, depending on their willingness to cooperate. Unfortunately practices like this have been in place for many years across many countries, not just Romania.”

(Photos and video of wild horse saved and saying “thank you” via screenshots of YouTube video Four Paws International)

Check out how a horse says “thank you.”

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Horses forced to pull 7700 pounds of weight in Spanish cart-pulling contest

In a bizarre cart-pulling contest competition forcing horses attached to carts overcome obstacles while pulling heavy weights, the Animalist Party Against Mistreatment to Animals (in Spanish : PACMA), shared a shocking video on its website. The disturbing scenes show horses tethered to carts and pulling up to 7,700 pounds of heavy weights through soft sand in Valencia during a contest called “Pull and Drag.” (Tiro y Arrastre)

According to the Daily Mail, the “keepers” are shown punching the animals in the face, stomach and testicles while simultaneously kicking them to cover the race course faster. The horses can be seen in obvious distress and try to react to their abusers, but are unable to defend themselves from the heartless treatment – all in the name of “sport.”

Complaints have been filed with the government in Valencia for the old tradition still existing in modern times, although PACMA state these competitions that began in the 1940s, have nothing to do with Spanish traditions. Unfortunately the advocacy group says these competitions are all too commonplace,  and the government has done little to respond to the overt animal cruelty complaints.

The competitions are held on a regular basis with big prize purses awarded to the winners. PACMA is calling for an end to the races under the European law relating to animal cruelty and the use of animals in shows. The Valencian Federation says it has strict rules as to animal treatment and would take action against cruelty. You can judge for yourself if you think this is a cruel “sport” and should be stopped.

(Photos and videos of cart-pulling contests via Facebook and screenshots PACMA)




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Disturbing video:



Whoa! Senate committee says ‘neigh’ to reopening horse slaughter plants in U.S

The United States Appropriations Committee voted in favor of an amendment to ban any horse slaughter plants from opening in the United States on Thursday. In a news release from the Humane Society of the United States, Senators Tom Udall, (D-NM) and Lindsey Graham, (R-S.C.) led the bipartisan effort along with committee members Senators Christopher Coons, (D-Del), Susan Collins, (R-Maine), Diane Feinstein, (D-Calif.), Jack Reid, (D-R.I.) and Jeanne Shaheen, (D-N.H.) cosponsoring the amendment as gaining strength in the anti-slaughter campaign.

Last week, the House committee voted to reopen horse slaughter plants in the United States. The Appropriations Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives voted 27 to 25 members who support the anti-slaughter bill. All but one Democrat on the committee voted to oppose the amendment to ban horse slaughter while 26 of 30 Republicans favored it. The vote came as the panel approved a Department of Agriculture funding bill. The House and Senate committees are now in disagreement, and key lawmakers will have to settle this item among others is dispute.

“Unimaginable because American horses deserve a better fate than to be gathered up by a disreputable ‘kill buyer’ who outbids a rescuer at an auction, loaded onto an overcrowded truck, and then stunned, hoisted up by one leg, and pulled apart piece by piece – which is exactly  what the 27 lawmakers who voted against the Roybal-Allard/Dent amendment are trying to sanction,” wrote Wayner Pacelle, President and CEO of The Humane Society of the United States.

Horse slaughter has been banned for more than a decade. The ban is enforced by blocking the Department of Agriculture from paying for inspectors at horse meat plants that slaughter horses and is in place through September 30.

Pacelle states the negotiations in today’s vote in the Senate signifies the country’s feelings against horse slaughter for human consumption. According to U.S. Senator Tom Udall, Americans find the thought of horse slaughter for their meat repulsive, stating,

“…there is no reason the federal government should contribute in an way. This amendment is a strong step forward, and I will keep fighting to prohibit horse slaughter in the United States.”

The slaughter of American horses continues to disgust most people. Horses not only serve as pets and companions, they have also served in the development and building of the West, heroes in war and still serve in police and other national and federal positions. As to the few people who want to benefit by slaughtering horses, investing is such an endeavor is little different than opening a restaurant which sells dog meat. Whereas there are homeless horses – much as there are homeless dogs and cats yet we don’t mix our dogs into the meat stew. It again becomes a moral responsibility for horse owners to care for their horses  and promote proper breeding as well as adequate rescue and retirement.

Animal advocates must continue the fight.

(Photo of Dakota by Liz Lamont)

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Kentucky man kills his horse with an axe for jumping the fence

In a disturbing act of animal cruelty, a Wolfe County man has been accused of killing his horse with an axe. Authorities arrested Carl Miller after he admitted that he had become angry at his horse for damaging the fence when the horse would jump over it to graze in the neighbor’s yard.

According to WkytNews, Miller, 72, struck the miniature horse in the head with an axe because he didn’t have a gun. His daughter, Starr Campbell stated she wasn’t really defending her father for the terrible act, but tried to explain that was the way his generation handled animals they no longer found useful or wanted. The horse had been a gift for his grandson.

“I see both sides,” Campbell said. “I don’t condone what he did. I don’t like what he did. But he’s from that generation where that’s what they did when they didn’t see anything fit, they got rid of it.”

Miller now faces second degree animal cruelty charges. His court date is set for August 19.

(Photos of Miller and the fencing the miniature horse ruined via screenshots from WktyNews)


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Woman arrested for striking police horse with pole and nail attached

In Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, a woman faces charges for striking a police horse with a flag pole with a nail attached during a demonstration on Saturday morning. Lisa Simon, 23, faces aggravated assault, illegally taunting a police animal, prohibited offensive weapons, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and obstruction of administrative law.

According to Penn Live,  the incident unfolded on Saturday morning at the Pennsylvania State Capitol Complex in Harrisburg during a demonstration of “March Against Sharia.” The protest had been scheduled to take place in other cities including New York and Dallas. During the rally, Pennsylvania State Police Troopers Mounted Patrol and the Harrisburg Police helped with crowd control. As a State Trooper and his equine partner, Sampson, moved among the crowd, Simon attacked the horse – hitting him in the side of the neck. Sampson suffered minor injuries, but was able to return to work.

Simon is reported to have resisted arrest. She was moved to the Dauphin County prison in lieu of $100,000 bail; her preliminary hearing is scheduled for July 6. As of Monday night, Simon was still in custody.

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(Submitted photo of woman arrested for striking police horse)








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