Man charged for riding wild Assateague pony

In Assateague, a frequent visitor to the 37 miles of beautiful beaches located near Chincoteague Island, Virginia and Ocean City, Maryland, spotted a group of young men petting two stallions which had approached their vehicle. … Read More

Standardbred won $350k racing and this is what happened to him

An emaciated gelding tucked in the back of a crowded pen at a nearby horse auction where horses are commonly sold and sent to Mexico and Canada for slaughter, was rescued on Sunday. The standardbred … Read More

Pony kicks tourist on beach after being hit with shovel

Near Ocean City, Maryland, Assateague Island National Seashore spans 37 miles of beautiful beaches. On there, more than 300 ponies wander the beaches, the inland forests and the salt marshes. Tourists come far and wide … Read More

Rescued: Dozens of mean kids mercilessly tortured gentle donkey

A group of mean children attacked a gentle donkey earlier this week in Limerick, Ireland. On Wednesday, the animal rescue group Limerick Animal Welfare  received a disturbing report of a donkey “being tortured by 20 … Read More

Ten horses die after trailer burst into flames traveling from Florida to New York

At about 3:00 a.m. on Sunday emergency services were called to rescue the drivers and horses on a trailer traveling on the New Jersey Turnpike after it burst into flames.

According to multiple reports, the … Read More

Animal hospital offers to treat horses injured during weekend protests

In Cincinnati, Ohio, an animal hospital has stepped forward and offered to help any police horses from the Cleveland Police Mounted Unit injured during the weekend protests. The Animal Eye Institute will treat horses suffering … Read More

Frightened pony impaled on fence after nasty teens chased it

At the Brinsley Animal Rescue Center in Nottingham, United Kingdom, a group of nasty teenagers frightened a pony and cows in a field on Tuesday night. The pony became so frightened he attempted to jump … Read More

Police arrest suspect charging him with multiple counts of raping ponies

In Kent County, Delaware, the New Castle County Police charged a 31 year-old man with two counts of felony bestiality in the suspected serial rape of ponies dating back to nearly a year ago. Michael … Read More

O boy! Horse stuck in muddy hole for two hours rescued

The San Diego Humane Society came to the rescue of a horse on Thursday in Gustay. The horse, named Tucson fell into a muddy hole, and he couldn’t get his legs out from beneath him … Read More

Horse near death listed on Craigslist ‘for free’ rescued

In Brown County, Ohio, an ad for a horse near death  spotted on Craigslist listed “for free” has been rescued by a local horse rescue organization. The ad on Craigslist stated:

“Free horse … I

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