Hunters to be allowed to bait and kill hibernating bears and wolves in Alaska

In a final ruling expected to be published on Tuesday, hunters in Alaska will be venturing into national parks to bait hibernating bears with doughnuts and bacon to lure them from their dens to kill … Read More

Trophy hunters killing polar bears for fun to pose for photos

Photos of trophy hunters smirking atop of slaughtered polar bears may be another pastime for the rich and bored. The conservation status of polar bears is currently ranked as “vulnerable” or as a threatened species … Read More

Trump administration to open hunting at national wildlife refuges

The Trump administration has proposed increasing access to public lands for the expansion of hunting and fishing. The U.S. Secretary of the Interior, David Bernhardt announced on Wednesday that 1.4 million acres would be opened … Read More

Hunter who killed mother bear and her cubs in den sentenced to jail

Just when you thought hunting couldn’t get any crueler, a father and son from Wasilla, Alaska illegally slaughtered a mother bear in her den and then shot her two “shrieking” newborn cubs. The bears had … Read More

Alaska man shot polar bear that strayed from its usual habitat

In Fairbanks, Alaska, a man from the northeast area of the state fatally shot and killed a polar bear that had strayed south of its usual habitat.

According to the KToo Public Media, Jim … Read More

Hunter critically injured after bear he shot landed on him

A hunter in Carter Lake, Alaska is currently fighting for his life after he was critically injured when the bear he shot landed on top of him. William McCormick, 26, had been hunting on Saturday … Read More

Hunters killing mother bear and her ‘shrieking’ newborn cubs caught on video

Just when you think hunting can’t get any crueler, a father and son have been accused of illegally slaughtering a mother black bear in her den and then shooting her two “shrieking” newborn cubs while … Read More

Reports of hunter with semiautomatic killing 10 wolves at Denali Park

The State of Alaska Fish & Game revised an emergency order on Tuesday to stop the hunting and trapping season on state land along the Denali National Park and Reserve. Photos of an unidentified hunter … Read More

U.S. House sanctions the killing of hibernating bears and wolf puppies in dens

The United States House of Representatives overturned an Alaska-specific wildlife regulation on Thursday previously issued by the United States Fish and Wildlife Service which protected shooting and trapping wolves with cubs, shooting grizzly bears from … Read More