Hunters killing mother bear and her ‘shrieking’ newborn cubs caught on video

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Just when you think hunting can’t get any crueler, a father and son have been accused of illegally slaughtering a mother black bear in her den and then shooting her two “shrieking” newborn cubs while they rested in their Alaska den. The bears had been living on Esther Island in Prince William Sound.

The charges announced earlier this week, accuses Andrew Renner, 41, and his son Owen Renner, 18, of felony misdemeanor charges relating to illegal hunting. It is illegal in Alaska to kill a mother bear with her cubs. The men are charged with unlawfully taking a female bear with cubs, unlawfully taking a bear cub and possessing and transporting illegally taken game. Andrew also faces charges for tampering with evidence and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

According to Fox News, the entire sickening crime was caught on a motion activated video camera set up to monitor the den as part of a study being conducted by the United States Forest Service and the Alaska Department of Fish and Game.

Alaska State Trooper Colonel Steve Smith stated, “In this case numerous crimes, including felonies are believed to have been committed.”

The egregious act occurred on April 14, when the men had been out skiing and approached the bears’ den. The video shows the son firing into the den at the mother bear. When the two newborn cubs witnessed their mother dying, they “shrieked” in panic, and the elder Renner then shot the babies – throwing their lifeless bodies outside of the den. The men removed the adult bear’s tracking collar insisting it couldn’t be traced.

“It doesn’t matter. Bear down. They’ll never be able to link it to us,” Owen Renner could be heard in the video.

Just days later, the men returned to the den, picked up the gun casings and disposed of the baby bears’ bodies. Two weeks later, however, Renner brought the mother’s bear skin and tracking collar to authorities stating he didn’t realize until after he shot the mother bear, that she had cubs.

Rest in peace poor black bears. The cubs never had a chance to grow up and play.

(Photos and video of mother bear and her “shrieking” newborns via Time)

Check out the video. Renner also failed to reveal the number of bears they already killed prior to this slaughter: (video is not graphic)

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  1. I cant, I can’t watch this heinous, tragic video of these innocent helpless animals get murdered. What kind of person would, could ever do anything so disturbing, so disgraceful? A very cold hearted sociopath is who.. He raised a heartless POS that is just as cruel. They both better be sentenced to prison for many, many years. They are obviously extremely dangerous to walk or ski freely on this earth!

  2. This is one of the most vile things I have read about hunters. Knew exactly what the laws were regarding bears and did it anyway, not just the mother bear with a tracking device, but two innocent cubs. Lock father and son up for a long time and take away any rights to ever hunt again.

  3. RIP precious little treasures and Mom. You did NOT deserve to die……

    Beyond disgusting…….. I hope all the POS’s who murdered this precious, innocent family burn in Hell forever for their cruelty…….

    In the meantime, arrest them and then throw the book at them (make their useless lives sheer Hell on earth)…… They should spend the rest of their useless lives in prison (and only leave in Pine boxes)…..

  4. “Just when you think hunting can’t get any crueler, a father and son have been accused of illegally slaughtering a mother black bear in her den and then shooting her two “shrieking” newborn cubs while they rested in their Alaska den.”

    This was not hunting, it was a barbarous criminal act. The author of this post knows this. Yet the author uses this criminal incident to promote the author’s anti-hunting, anti-wildlife management bias: “Just when you think hunting can’t get any crueler”.

    Does the author of the post support support wildlife starvation over wildlife management when the population exceeds the capacity of the local ecosystem? Based on the post, I fear the author prefers the cruelty of starvation.

    • This was far from “wildlife management.” In fact, it was illegal! I don’t support irresponsible and disrespectful fools such as these two alleged hunters. I don’t buy the mantra of killing wildlife is “good for them.” I have closely followed the deaths of endangered species, wildlife lured away with food to get them out of protected reserves, trophy hunting and the myriad of cruelty situations inflicted on wildlife by hunters. Oh and let me add, the utter hypocrisy of canned hunts – one in Texas offering cowards the chance to shoot endangered white bison for $13,500 for a trophy. Save your “wildlife management” rhetoric for your hunting clubs, since wildlife in the US is quickly being pushed out of its habitats by humans; and then bringing out their guns and arrows and yelling – “wildlife is starving.”

      • Cheryl, I agree with you 100% on all your statements. We have canned hunts in Florida as well as Texas and other places I’m sure. Wild animals just don’t have a chance. I will never understand how anyone finds pleasure in killing magnificent, beautiful animals. For a wall trophy, a rug … never. And don’t get me started on the abuse and killing of family pets, any wild animal. I don’t post often, but I had to tell you that you took the words right out of my mouth. Thank you

  5. two evil morons. shooting a mother bear then her cubs. I hope they go to hell for what they have done to these helpless bears.

  6. Shit!! like this gives hunters a REAL BAD NAME EVERYWHERE!!! I hope they BOTH GET TIME CONFINED TO A CELL WITH THE horrific video and SHEIKING of those MURDERED CUBS 24 X7 for about a YEAR as Loud as POSSIBLE !!! Let them hear the terror and fear of those innocent little animal’s … These are NOTHING SHORT of MORONIC BASTARDS that probably can’t get an erection unless THEY achieve it by The excitement of KILLING !!!

  7. Sickening. And this horrific administration is trying to allow bears/wolves to be killed in their Dems, lured with donuts and peanut butter.

  8. Just reading this gave me nightmares — the terror those babies must have felt. As for the 2 sub humans responsible for this horror, remove them from society whether by a slow and painful way or a bullet to the head. I don’t care. Their presence pollutes the environment. They’re of no use to anyone

  9. So heartless. They have no soul. Thank goodness for the motion activated video camera. Otherwise these two so called hunters would never have been caught. And even got their voices. I am sick that this mother bear and her cubs didn’t even get a chance to enjoy to play and enjoy life. They deserve jail time a huge financial penalty and the loss of hunting rights for the rest of their lives. We need to protect wildlife and the environment.

  10. Pair of bastards. I hope they both die in a hail of bullets. It speaks volumes about their lack of morals, humanity & compassion to be able to just kill a momma bear & her dependent, terrified & shrieking cubs. What a shame no-one managed to do the same to the wife & kids of this moronic family. Wonder what big Daddio would’ve said then? Both father & son are expendable pieces of turd, and I pray Karma invoices the pair of degenerate cnuts soon

  11. Oxygen thieves. Of no use to anyone. Get them & their degenerate genes removed from society. They may as well have shot a mom & her kids in the middle of the street. And then to treat their bodies with such disrespect & lie to the authorities. A whole life sentence is too good for them, they need to suffer.


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