Reports of hunter with semiautomatic killing 10 wolves at Denali Park

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The State of Alaska Fish & Game revised an emergency order on Tuesday to stop the hunting and trapping season on state land along the Denali National Park and Reserve. Photos of an unidentified hunter with a semiautomatic AR-style rifle, leaning on a snow machine pictured with ten dead wolves, has caused outrage across the nation.

“Hunting seasons for wolves in Game Management Unit 20C within the townships in the Stampede corridor area bounded by Denali National Park and Preserve will close on Monday, April 2, 2018. Trapping seasons for wolves in Game Management Unit 20C within the townships in the Stampede corridor area bounded by Denali National Park and Preserve will close on Monday, April 9, 2018,” the state said in an emergency closure order.

According to AlaskaPublic, Bruce Dale, director of the State Division of Wildlife Conservation, had been notified of the kill where the wolf hunting limit is ten and that the killings had been reported were legal. Biologists and wildlife advocates, however disagree and state the mass killing of wolves by military assault rifles have no place in modern Alaska.

Denali is Alaska’s top tourist attraction, and more than half-a-million visitors come to the area to view the wildlife – including getting an occasional view of the wolves bears and other natural denizens. At the Yukon-Charles Rivers National Preserve, hunting has destroyed the balance of predator-prey relationships with the wolf population dying out and other species unable to sustain their survival. The state agency admits it has no idea how many wolves have been killed this season.

The National Park Traveler Organization states the hunting program is clearly out of control. Alaska citizens are calling the Governor to establish a no-kill zone to be managed along the boundary of Denali protecting park predators which include wolves, bears, lynx and wolverines.

Read more about the rifle assault on the Denali wolves here.

(Photos of Denali wolves killed via PEER)


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35 replies

    let’s see now. take his rifle and shove it up his butt and pull the trigger. the moron. 10 beautiful wolves wiped out for no reason.

  2. Red says:

    ANYONE….. or should I say any MONSTER that murders animals for sport… a sick individual. Pick up a golf club, a racquet, a basketball or football. Has to be guns? Ok they shoot clay pigeons!! You are shooting, but NOT MURDERING animals!!
    Anyone who hunts for sport is a cold, heartless, monster. May you rot in hell.

  3. Barbara Garabedian says:

    Sick assholes killing wolves how horrible these creeps are I pray they get killed & die poor animals there is no need to kill them kill yourselves bg

  4. Kathy says:

    Why doesn’t the hunter show his face?! Is he afraid of the repercussions he will face from outraged citizens? Assault rifles have no place in the hands of hunters or anyone other than the military or police! The killing of wildlife must stop completely or there will be nothing left in the wild! State agencies must maintain control and know what is going on! Sorry wolves that you were killed by some jackass who thinks he is the almighty!

  5. Pamela Bolton says:

    The better idea is to STOP ALL the KILLING and let nature take care of things. That is 10 Wolves I won’t get the chance to see. God knows I hate little men with big guns stroking their egos . Damn you for killing my dream!!!

  6. Michelle says:

    DISGUSTING…….such a coward. Show your face – big man with a big gun. HA! Karma is a bitch and I hope it catches up to you.

  7. Nadya Rossi says:

    There is only one reason, and one reason only, that people move to Alaska. And that is because they want to kill as many animals as humanly possible. This murderer is probably a member in good standing with the NRA. Probably best friends with Trump’s sons. Psychopath!

  8. Marni Montanez says:

    There is always someone out there who knows they are doing something wrong and cruel and so they hide their face. This is animal cruelty.

  9. Adrienne says:

    This is beyond cruel and shameful that he hides his face behind a mask because he knows what he did would cause outrage among even hunters. They should do the same to him,shoot,skin him and hang his hide up.

  10. Barkley's Mom says:

    This is disgusting! This isn’t hunting, this is “killing” show your face you POS! To say that the ‘hunting program is clearly out of control” is an understatement!

  11. Jacqueline says:

    What a brave soilder, there should be no hunting where cowards exist….. cowards like this one will wipe our nation out of beautiful animals! These wild animals should have more protection than any human it’s sickening to enjoy killing such beautiful animals…..

  12. Melissa Gurley says:

    I agree this is wrong he just wants to look like a big tough guy with a gun and then are defenseless real tough guy

  13. vicki hood says:

    We have a common killer. He has no ethics only poison throughout this miserable maggot infested body. The Lord watches –and he waits.

  14. Katherine says:

    We have a right to know who this coward bitch is. Find him…bring him to justice…(let us animal lovers at him).

  15. Nancy Raymond says:

    That assault rifle should be shoved so far up this asshole’s ass he chokes on it. What will Alaska do when they have killed off ALL wildlife and nothing is left for these bastard’s to shoot at??????

    • PAMELA D says:

      Agree Nancy . This bastard seems to be very proud of himself. I would love to take the rifle and shove one down his throat and one up his asshole. Low life POS needs to be killed. Sick bastard.

  16. Katherine says:

    We have a right to know who this coward is. Find him…bring him to justice…(let us animal lovers at him).

  17. Andrea Milioto says:

    I am disgusted and outraged by this cowardly bastard for murdering these beautiful innocent wolves. I cannot for the life of me understand why people would do such a thing to hurt another being ho deserves to live in peace without the threat of being killed by a psychopath. Why do humans think they have the right to have dominion over other beings right to live? This person needs to be found and prosecuted. Poetic justice would be if he got shot by his own gun. This is so sad indeed.



  19. Mark says:

    I hear people say the animal world is harsh,cruel,and unforgiving. I agree but, thee animals use what god gave them to do it and also had to hunt their pray and catch them. The animals don’t take more than the animal can handle. This so called hunter and others that do this wether lawful or not , violates responsibility and natures own laws


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