Meet Joseph: Used by a breeder and then dumped on the streets

Meet Joseph; he was used by a breeder, and when he was of no value to sire more puppies to be sold at pet stores, he was dumped on the streets of Texas.

“I’ve been

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Neglected Mandu used for breeding until she was too old

Meet Mandu; this adorable 11-year-old had been abandoned with some very serious medical issues. The New York City Animal Care Centers reached out to Rescue Dogs Rock NYC for help. And on October 19, Mandu … Read More

Heartbreaking photos of puppy trying to lick dead litter mate awake in store window

A tiny Pekingese puppy tried his best to lick his dead litter mate awake while heartbroken onlookers teared up as they watched the pup in a pet store window in Athens, Greece.

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Two stray dogs suffering: Puppy mills and loathsome backyard breeders

On Sunday evening, two stray dogs were spotted running through the streets of Jonesboro, Arkansas. ARC Angels 4 Animals volunteer,  Angie Heringer had been driving in the area when she received the call and saw … Read More

Meadow: Lifetime of breeding and then tossed out onto street

In San Antonio, Texas, the shell of a beautiful Old English bulldog was found languishing in a ditch. It would seem Meadow’s entire life must have been spent giving birth to litter after litter, and … Read More

Texas SPCA seizes 140 dogs and puppies from suspected puppy mill

On Saturday, the Texas SPCA removed 138 dogs including 21 puppies and two cats from a suspected puppy mill in Fannin County. According to the organization’s press release, the dogs were removed on Friday … Read More

Dog and her 3 puppies die in horrific fire

In Cantonment, Florida, a dog and three puppies died in a horrific fire behind a home. According to a neighbor who posted the disturbing video on social media, the fire broke out at a home … Read More

More than 160 Pomeranian dogs rescued from truck in Nevada

In Las Vegas, authorities discovered more than 160 Pomeranian dogs abandoned in a U-Haul truck on Wednesday evening. Investigators believe the 164 dogs were abandoned in the 3000 block of Tonto Street in Sandy Valley … Read More

California is first state to ban sale of puppy mill animals

In what will become a significant blow to commercial pet breeders, generally referred to as the puppy mill industry, California pet stores will be required to get their puppies, kittens and rabbits from rescue organizations … Read More

Crackdown on sales from puppy mills in California pet stores if governor signs

It could be a “win, win” for dogs, cats and rabbits in California Governor Jerry Brown signs a measure sent to his office on Thursday requiring pet stores to sell animals from shelters or rescue … Read More