Puppy mill mom survivor used just for breeding and kept in a barn

Pennsylvania is home to the largest number of Amish and Mennonite puppy mills in the United States, and more than likely the next time you walk into a pet store or view those adorable online … Read More

Puppy born without legs and abandoned by breeder ready to be adopted and live her best life

A puppy born without legs had been left at a West Virginia veterinarian by her owner to be euthanized. Her story, which could have quickly ended in heartbreak didn’t when Sue Bell, the founder of… Read More

Recent Amish puppy mill survivor screamed out in pain rushed to emergency hospital for life-saving treatment

Just days ago, a five-year-old Boxer arrived at the Adopt A Boxer Rescue; rescued from an Amish puppy mill. When he arrived, everyone fell in love with Clyde – the quiet, unassuming and sweet dog. … Read More

More than 400 animals mostly dogs rescued from awful Kentucky puppy mill

In Louisville, Kentucky, more than 400 animals, mostly dogs of nearly every breed, were rescued from awful living conditions at a puppy mill in Adair County. The animals lived in enclosures amid piles of feces, … Read More

Nassau SPCA seizes 11 puppies from unattended pet store alleged to be selling sick pets

In Baldwin, Long Island, staff members with the Nassau SPCA seized 11 puppies on Monday from a locked and unattended pet store. As of Monday afternoon, officials were unable to make contact with the store … Read More

Puppy peddler ordered to pay $200K in restitution for selling sick and dying puppies

On Friday, a man from Downey, California was ordered to pay $200,000 in restitution for selling sick puppies to families in Southern California with many of the puppies having died. Gustavo Gonzales pleaded no contest … Read More

84 malnourished, emaciated and matted dogs rescued from horrible puppy mill

The Oklahoma Alliance for Animals, along with the Sequoyah County Sheriff’s Office and the assistance of the Tulsa SPCA, rescued 84 malnourished, emaciated and matted dogs living in horrible conditions at an alleged puppy … Read More

Dozens of puppies arrive deceased from Ukraine to Toronto

In Toronto, dozens of puppies arrived dead as Ukraine International Airlines unloaded its cargo at the Toronto Pearson Airport over the weekend. The flight landed on June 13 carrying 500 puppies according to a statement … Read More

Maybe this was the life of suffering behind your cute puppy

Maybe this was the life left behind after the adorable puppies were sold to pet stores, or was it the life kept away from public view at the breeder’s home where you purchased your cute … Read More

Puppy mill owner sentenced to jail for abuse of nearly 300 animals

In Adrian, Michigan, a puppy mill owner was sentenced to prison on Wednesday for the long term neglect and abuse of hundreds of dogs, cats, horses and birds. Sharon Kay Evans will serve six months … Read More