Recent Amish puppy mill survivor screamed out in pain rushed to emergency hospital for life-saving treatment

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Just days ago, a five-year-old Boxer arrived at the Adopt A Boxer Rescue; rescued from an Amish puppy mill. When he arrived, everyone fell in love with Clyde – the quiet, unassuming and sweet dog. He enjoyed his soft blankets, those gentle and affectionate touches from his caretakers and the warm meals specially prepared for him.

Sadly, the moments to relax and indulge the newest member of the rescue were all too brief. Sunday morning brought tears and stress. Just as Clyde was becoming accustomed to comfort, security and love, the dog was found unresponsive. Volunteers worked quickly; he was rushed to an emergency veterinary hospital.

“His screams filled the cold, rainy parking lot of the emergency hospital as the the technicians rushed him inside on the gurney. Our volunteer walked back to her car with a lump in her throat and tears in her eyes.”

Clyde is not able to sit upright, is distorted and confused. As per the emergency veterinarian, Clyde remains in critical condition.

No diagnosis has been shared yet, but we will update as information is made available. For now, Clyde is clinging to life.  Meanwhile, Adopt A Boxer Rescue is asking for your support with donations. To help please click here.

We are all pulling for you Clyde.

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  1. Diana Rowell says:

    While my heart DOES go out to ALL the “good people” trying their best here, the REALITY IS that if the “decent, law abiding” citizens of PA would take a FIRM stand in the next election and DEMAND only leaders that will STOP this “sadistic puppy mill madness” be considered for office, you’d be surprised at just how MUCH SUPPORT you’d get from EVERY ONE. This is an egregious scenario playing out all over the country, BUT just look around and YOU WILL find DOZENS of counties, cities, towns, and even some statewide BANS on pet stores selling “puppy mill animals”. It’s the PET STORES that keep these THUGS in business. Private sales would NEVER be enough to keep them goin and obviously taking a personal stance against it doesn’t even put a tiny dent in the problem. The ENTIRE country ought to be OUTRAGED at USDA, as it is THEY who REFUSE to make these FREAKS follow rules and just like FDA, they are CORRUPT to the CORE and paid off under the table EVERY DAY to look the other way. I have a good friend who couldn’t stomach working at USDA because of the blatant corruption and reporting it only got him bad reviews. This agency is funded by US folks and THEY act like WE work for THEM. SMH!

  2. tamara beinlich says:

    Damn the Amish puppy mills! I’ve seen videos on youtube of the Amish dog auctions and I’ve never seen such horrificly mistreated dogs in my life. Once their done with them they dump them at auctions. Most have never been out of a cage. They have NEVER seen the grass or the sky! The Amish never get them vet care or bother with vaccinating. Dogs spend their whole lives living in a cold/hot barn. The lucky ones get to go to auction, the unlucky ones go to the back of the barn and get a bullet to the head. F*ck the Amish!!!


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