18 year old dog clings to kind visitor

Surrendered 18 yr old dog clings to kind woman at shelter

After being surrendered to a busy, high intake animal control agency in California, an 18-year-old dog had little to find comfort in…until a kind woman stopped to hold her. Photographer John Hwang was present when the touching moment took place at the Baldwin Park Shelter.

Hwang wrote about the moment:

Being in an unfamiliar environment, she felt the warm loving touch of Elaine and clung to her. All she wanted was to be held the whole time…


The 18-year-old dog, named “Muneca,”is blind and covered in fleas…she was surrendered to the Baldwin Park Shelter on October 11. You can help this senior dog find a loving home, or a reputable rescue agency, by taking a moment to share her adoption information.


Petharbor link here. Los Angeles County Animal Control – Baldwin Park at (626) 962-3577
Ask for information about animal ID number A3254323

(Photography by John Hwang)

  1. rie
    rie says:

    she should take her dont let that poor baby be murdered because of a crapy ex owner that should be shot guess it was time for a new dog for them,,,,

  2. Mary L. Shepard Berg
    Mary L. Shepard Berg says:

    sad to think when you get old you are now just a burden and get thrown away. my pets stay with me until they pass on to the Rainbow Bridge. the longer we have been together they become more precious as each day passes and I dread the day they will no longer be by my side

  3. Dan
    Dan says:

    We don’t know the situation. A dog does not live for 18 years without being cared for, especially a wiener dog. Keeping them out of trouble is a full time job. I feel it is likely that the owner hascpassed away.

  4. Paula
    Paula says:

    Someone in the L.A. area please get this sweet old girl out of there and give her a comfortable home where she can spend her final years. She still has love to share and obviously wants to be loved!

  5. Beverly Novak Banks
    Beverly Novak Banks says:

    Oh my God……Please, someone take this poor animal.I live in Mich. or I would….I know she’s 18, but if I could make her last days happy, I’d be so happy myself!!!!! Is there anyway someone could send her to me? I will pay all charges………………there has to be a way……………..

  6. Brenda Edge
    Brenda Edge says:

    Well the poor helpless baby don’t deserve this even if her owner has died ,the owner should have made some kind of provisions for her baby ,thats our job ,even if were young and healthy we should always have a back up plan for our baby if something did happen , if I were there I would go and get that poor baby and she would no nothing but love and the best I could give her until she passed ,which it would be so hard for me to watch her leave ,because I love animals so much ,but she deserves to be happy with what life she has left .I live in Ky and I see so many little dogs out there in Calif that I would love to take and give them a home filled with love but I live so far away ,my heart breaks for these poor dogs ,all of them deserve a happy home and love ,and when I hear one is going to be put down ,because no one will take them ,I just get sick ,surely there are more dog lover out there, please someone take this old girl and love her ,she can’t be around to much longer please someone open up your heart ,please keep us updated on this baby

  7. Anna
    Anna says:

    Someone save that poor baby!!! She doesn’t deserve to die in a shelter! Id take her if they could get her to GA but i think that distance may be to hard on her.

  8. Pam Goslee
    Pam Goslee says:

    I pray this sweet old soul was not given up because she was old. Please allow this sweet girl to live out the rest of her life. Please dont kill her. Shes made it this long and deserves much better

  9. Christina Hatkewitz
    Christina Hatkewitz says:

    I worked at a dog shelter for years. An older couple came in and surrendered 2 huskies (mother and son) 14 and 15yrs old.. They left 1500 for them to live their lives at the shelter bc the couple wanted to travel and the dogs that they owned for 14 and 15 years were a burden.(and of course my boss at the time accepted them in bc of the money, greedy bitch). Such a disgrace. Dogs (any animal for that matter) should be considered family members.. I hope this couple gets tossed aside like trash just like they did to their dogs. Karma is a bitch. I hope this baby gets a great home!!

  10. Sara
    Sara says:

    Please how can I help??? I live in TX and would take her in a heartbeat but feel the trip would be even more traumatic and stressful for her. 🙁 I will share and also help financially.

  11. Wendy
    Wendy says:

    I just adopted an 18 year old abused chihuahua. Her name is Holly. I live in Tucson AZ. I would take her in 2 seconds if someone could get her to me. As long as she doesn’t mind she would have 2 sisters. After all they were here first 😉

  12. Virginia
    Virginia says:

    I have 2 senior dogs & cannot imagine what this poor dog is going thru. It’s likely her owner died & family dumped her. As a senior myself, I focus on senior pets too. How can I apply for adoption? I live in MS & I know it’d be difficult to get her here but I’m willing to do what I can for this sweet dog.

  13. Connie
    Connie says:

    Praying this sweet dog Muneca is rescued quickly and finds a loving forever home soon too – God Bless this sweetheart and replace any pain and suffering and fear and sadness with Your Love and Your Peace – Prayers and Blessings also for those who help animals – Please Dear Lord hear our prayer – Thank You.

  14. kanona2014Shannon Martel
    kanona2014Shannon Martel says:

    how is the dog? has anyone adopted her? I live in Norfolk Va and would take her but cannot get there. isn’t there anyone there can take her and let her live out her life in a loving home? my heart is breaking for this poor dog.


    I will gladly take her, I’m in Greensboro NC, if there is a way to get her to me I would love to have her in her golden years.

  16. Suz
    Suz says:

    No matter what the situation was, someone the poor dog knew, should of taken her to be euthanized. that would have been the kind, moral thing to do. To put a dog that old and frail in a kill shelter to suffer greatly for a few days before she is coldly put to death by strangers just makes me sick and angry.

  17. Jody Bognar
    Jody Bognar says:

    I’ll take her no question. I live in WI however so don’t know if she can travel this far and i would need to raise money to transport her. We lost our 14.5 yr old dog 10 weeks ago and have not gone without a dog this long in 29 years. I will hold her and care for her til the end and she’ll never be alone. We always have someone at home. I will submit an application tomorrow.

  18. Andrea Traphagan
    Andrea Traphagan says:

    I’m in the area of Los Angeles. Traveling…. I can’t imagine this kid getting this old and being in this great shape without a lot of love and care. They’re trouble finders and are particularly tough to keep from gaining weight. On our ranch we have 3 trim ones in great shape. 500 acres keep you lean but we do have a nice home that this kid could be comfortable. I will try in the morning to call if it’s meant to be it will be.

  19. Krissy
    Krissy says:

    So sad …I bet her owner died or was placed in a nursing home …you just never know. Maybe is a good thing to let family members know exactly what to do with our pets if we pass on 🙁 .Hoping and Praying someone will step up and let that sweet Lil girl live out her life in comfort with love .

  20. Nikki
    Nikki says:

    I would take her if her medical needs are covered. I can provide a loving home but don’t have much income. And I’m located in Tennessee. I’ve had doxies all my life and I have health problems so I could snuggle with her all day long!

  21. Leah Pritchard
    Leah Pritchard says:

    It doesn’t tell you the situation. The dog could of been loved and well cared for and the owner could of been old themselves and was terminally ill or put in a facility. Sadly this happen. 🙁

  22. frances kustes
    frances kustes says:

    ILL TAKE HER I LIVE IN LOUISVILLE ,KY ! MY EMAIL IS franceskustes@yahoo .com just let me no what i need to do please !!

  23. Denise
    Denise says:

    I’ll fly out and adopt her to live her last days as a beautiful princess should
    If she is still up for adoption
    Please contact me 432-813-2615

  24. Joyce
    Joyce says:

    I wish I lived closer 🙁 I would take her in a second!!!! I wouldn’t think of putting her through more stress of being shipped to me across country in VT. I hope she finds the loving home she needs and lives many more years.

  25. Sandra Carro
    Sandra Carro says:

    If you lived in California and knew Baldwin Park, you’d be horrified to know that dogs are often surrendered when they get old or sick. There are cultures that do not value dogs as the rest of do, and when they become a burden (deaf, blind, senile and barking too much, etc), they are thrown away. To me, this the ultimate cruelty and betrayal.

      • pamelala95
        pamelala95 says:

        They ARE amazing! I contacted them, and they wrote me back and said they picked her up this morning. I donated to them, and I posed their link on my FB wall and in a dog group I founded on FB. So far two people have donated to help her. Please, if anyone feels so inclined, help this wonderful organization. Baldwin Park is almost 3 hours from San Diego, and she will need a lot of care!

  26. Michelle Cyzauskas
    Michelle Cyzauskas says:

    Does anyone know if Dena Delgado at So CA Dachshund Rescue was contacted. I would be surprised that the shelter didn’t call her. I can not afford medical bills for an 18 year old or I could go get her tomorrow. I live near San Francisco. I wonder if I got her if I could find some help for her medical bills when the time comes. I’m retired with 3 dachshunds & do not think people should adopt more than they could afford or I would have more. I am so upset over this pix that I’m sick to my stomach.

  27. Mary
    Mary says:

    If someone can help get her to Texas, I’ll give her a forever home. I have cared for a senior and would love to have her.

    • Eirini McAdoo
      Eirini McAdoo says:

      I know there are special dog rescue transports. A lot of them are just simply volunteers. Either they don’t cost anything or they may ask for something little to cover certain unavoidable expenses (such as fuel for example). If you search for pet rescue transport, or dog rescue transport, or rescue transports for dogs both in Facebook and/or through Google you will find various possibilities. I am talking about the people/groups who are specialized in transporting rescued dogs (cats, etc also) that came from a shelter or foster only.

  28. Sally I Preminger
    Sally I Preminger says:

    Whatever the situation is, you have to be one heartless SOB to dump a dog off at that age to a kill shelter and if the owner did pass away they are probably rolling over in their grave knowing none of the family members took that sweet baby in…….

    I had a major heart issue two years ago where I had to be rushed to the hosp and have two stents implanted, I came very close to having a major heart attack and dying, the only thing I thought of the whole time was who will take care of my pets if I die and I truly believe that the love that I have for my pets helped me survive, I now have arrangements made that if something happens to me my pets will be taken care of…

  29. Roberta Mouse
    Roberta Mouse says:

    I would take that little darling and love her until she took her last breath….sadly I’m on a different continent. Please someone take her home and just love her !

    • Eirini McAdoo
      Eirini McAdoo says:

      If you are very interested in this very gentle, calm angel you can then contact: Los Angeles County Animal Control – Baldwin Park at (626) 962-3577
      Ask for information about animal ID number A3254323

  30. Tony Barnett
    Tony Barnett says:

    I live in California and we will help in any way possible. We have a 4 year old dauchsund that will enjoy some company.

  31. Kittie
    Kittie says:

    Sometimes I wonder about the validity of these stories. Euthanasia at a regular vet can be very expensive which at an already difficult time for an owner can be an added burden if money is tight for them or they have just exhausted all their funds taking care of a dog only to end up having to put it to sleep. Often times shelters offer low cost clinics that offer low cost euthanasia for pet owners. When I worked at one such shelter MANY people came to that shelter when it was their pets time. Part of the procedure though, to qualify for the low cost euthanasia offered by the shelter, was to “surrender” your dog to the shelter. These people loved their dogs, it was just their dog’s time and they only had the shelter as an option financially to give their dog that last loving act of helping them cross from this world with dignity. When I see posts like this I wonder about that. Maybe the person took their dog there to be humanely euthanized because it is old and blind and it’s quality of life was no longer there. Maybe though, instead of the owners wishes this shelter chose not to euthanize, which 1) I think is unethical and 2) is not really in the best interest of a dog who is maybe at the end of its years and no longer has the quality of life worth making it continue for sometimes euthanasia is better than a slow progressive loss of function- natural death is not always comfortable or pretty- it is very rare that pets die naturally and peacefully one of the last kindnesses we can do for them, one of our last acts of love can be to make the decision for them before dignity is lost and quality of life suffers too much. Posts like this really make me wonder. Obviously if the dog lived to be 18 someone got it to that ripe old age, which means someone cared for it. People who get dogs to that age dont usually “dump them” does it happen sometimes- maybe- but is that the norm of someone that raised a dog for 18 years, in my experience no. Lately I see a lot of places using propaganda to pull at heartstrings for various reasons and agendas, whether to raise money or push for laws or whatever. I try to keep an open mind. This write up is obviously one sided with no proof except a picture of a very aged blind dog being hugged which is meant to stir up emotions.

    • loran Watkins
      loran Watkins says:

      That’s not how this ‘shelter’ operates. And this community doesn’t have a good track record with older animals. This area has options if you have an older or sick dog that don’t include dropping it off and walking away. The fact that this dog is available for adoption means it isn’t necessarily on it’s “last legs” but if someone doesn’t move fast the shelter will kill it for ‘space’, because they don’t actually do the job they’re paid to do.

      • Kittie
        Kittie says:

        My only point here is everyone is making an awful lot of assumptions based on very little information or first hand knowledge of this particular dog and individuals situation. I would rather not make assumptions about things or people I have no first hand knowledge about. And sadly I see many dogs that should not be put up for adoption who end up on the adoption floor anyway so the fact that an animal is up for adoption, without any first hand knowledge of said animal, does not mean to me it is healthy, has a good temperament, or is appropriate for adoption. And IF this is a big problem in the area and if this is the typical way elderly animals are gotten rid of in the area then to me that means the area needs more outreach and education and possibly some more resources for people of that region. Bashing people doesnt solve the problem teaching them and helping them to learn how to do it better and that there are other ways is the solution. If this is some kind of cultural barrier and people do not know any other way or any better what to do with an elderly dog that perhaps they are no longer equipped to care for then help them learn better ways. I grew up in southern california. I get it. I now live on the east coast. I have seen all kinds. THe only things i see work is education
        There was a lady in my neighborhood who was old and had no idea that it was not a good idea for her cats to live outside and that they should be altered. She also had no idea there were programs to help, we helped her get in touch with the local spay neuter program, helped her find homes for the excess kittens, got her cat a collar and tag and a litterbox and now her cat dosnt have babies and lives inside. Education is the way to end these cycles not jumping to conclusions and hate.

    • Pietra Chandler Radcliff
      Pietra Chandler Radcliff says:

      Kittie, that can be true, but in cases where the animal’s plight is publicized, people have adopted the animal and we’ve seen photos of a nice ending. Also gofundme pages etc. are set up for the specific animal, not the shelter. I don’t think a story of an old dog is going to make people donate to the shelter, but help the dog. If this animal were surrendered to be euthanized, then she should have been – but she wasn’t, and as someone said, this is common in that area. It’s common in a lot of areas, unfortunately, and we’ve all seen it.

    • bellaterra66
      bellaterra66 says:

      Good points, Kittie. I’ve wondered about this for a long, long time. Not to mention that with all the children who are starving to death and/or dying because of lack of medical treatment or being blown to bits — I’m on emotional overload with these pet stories. I’m NOT unfeelng. I spent years feeding ferals and cried my heart out when I moved away. But, ya know, enough is enough. We can’t save the whole world.

    • Whit Walters (@whitlag1)
      Whit Walters (@whitlag1) says:

      In very rare situations I have seen this to be true Kittie, but clearly this dog was not cared for well- it was covered in fleas and it’s nails are long. Also, where there is a will there is a way. Most people can negotiate or call around to vets that will do for low cost, and people that love their pets will beg, borrow and plead to make things happen in their pet’s benefit. I have been in rescue for over 11 years now personally witnessing owners surrender pets as I volunteer in the kill facilities (incl Baldwin Cty). So as for your offensive word “propaganda” so be it if it gives an animal the chance it needs to have that last bit of comfort and dignity.

    • pamelala95
      pamelala95 says:

      Kittie, if you read the article, this dog was flea-infested, and take a look at her toenails, terribly overgrown and probably adding to her discomfort. I understand your point about people not being able to afford to euthanize their dogs, but there are many low-cost options, and this dog is up for adoption, so they didn’t ask for her to be euthanized.

      LUCKILY she was rescued by Frosted Faces in San Diego. This write-up doesn’t feel one-sided to me, it feels compassionate.

    • terri brugh
      terri brugh says:

      I totally agree with you, Kitty. I am with rescue and although I hate to see the old ones like that surrendered to a shelter, I’m thankful when they do that instead of dumping them on the street. I have pulled many an old dog like this little baby, only to have to take them to be euthanized shortly afterward. But we try our best to give them whatever care we can for whatever time they have left and they always die in my arms with love. That is better than a cold table at a shelter. I just read an update that she was rescued. There are a lot of good dachshund groups in California.

    • Eirini McAdoo
      Eirini McAdoo says:

      It would have to be a very caring and gentle and patient transport, since she most likely and understandably is very scared (also because she is blind) and confused and hurt (her family just dumping her) I know there are special dog rescue transports. A lot of them are just simply volunteers, but do this because they care. Either they don’t cost anything or they may ask for something little to cover certain unavoidable expenses (such as fuel for example). If you search for pet rescue transport, or dog rescue transport, or rescue transports for dogs both here in Facebook and/or through Google you will find various possibilities. I am talking about the people/groups who are specialized in transporting rescued dogs (cats, etc also) that came from a shelter or foster only.

  32. Eirini McAdoo
    Eirini McAdoo says:

    I would get her in a heart-beat! I know a little about senior doggies (had my own) and grew up with some, plus volunteered at a no-kill shelter in the States for a couple of years, but I currently live overseas. This small, fragile angel needs a truly caring, gentle home with people who are committed and who are patient. Senior dogs are great, even if they may potentially have more ailments than younger doggies. They are wonderful!

  33. Mary lukowski
    Mary lukowski says:

    I kept my pets till the,end. Going to,a shelter to die,alone,is,horrible. Yes it’s cheap for,the,person to dump,them. This doggie was covered in fleas. Where was she. So,sad. Makes me sick to see all,these dogs,in,shelters. Stop breeding dogs and cats. Make it a law to spay or neuter. It’s a throw away world. Look at nursing homes too. Ugh

  34. Doug
    Doug says:

    I am checking with the shelter right now. I live about 700 miles from there but would be happy to help his poor, deserving creature.

  35. moofer1972
    moofer1972 says:

    I just got off the phone and she is indeed still at the facility and listed as first-come-first-serve. Help for this dog is on the way. If she hasn’t been picked up by lunchtime, she will be. My wife and i live in San Jose, but have a friend locally who will be picking her up and we will bring her north. Thank you for this post. If she is gone by the time we get there, I am equally as happy. I want her out of there. If I do end up with her, she will live the remainder of her days loved and cared for, and be made as comfortable as possible.

  36. J Martin
    J Martin says:

    Trying to get through to this shelter to make sure she is still available. My friend is going to go pick her up, if she is still available.. any ideas how to get someone on the phone??????

  37. Sandy Zettlemoyer Beswick Takacs
    Sandy Zettlemoyer Beswick Takacs says:

    I have a 15/16 yr. old Sheltie/collie mix. I’ve had her for 12 years and got her from a shelter. She’s got cataracs on both eyes, she’s partially deaf, her teeth are old, she has hip problems, she has accidents in the house which she never had before recently. I could never surrender her. I would rather wake up some morning and find she has gone over the rainbow bridge while she was still a part of our family.

  38. Susan L. Trout
    Susan L. Trout says:

    Only in the absolute most “extremely desperate” circumstances should an elderly animal find itself surrendered to a shelter. I’d sooner be shot by a firing squad than relinquish my beloved pets to anyone, particularly a shelter! I cannot inhabit the thought of doing this. It’s just not in my DNA. My prayers for all these sweet, confused animals that loving people come to their rescue, even if they have them for no longer than a day or two May God have mercy on the heartless. They surely don’t deserve it, but God is merciful.

  39. Vanni
    Vanni says:

    I would take her in without a second thought. I am in Idaho unfortunately. But this beautiful gal needs a place to retire and live happily until she passes. Poor baby. My heart breaks

  40. Lisa
    Lisa says:

    We took in a 16 year old Chihuahua last October. Abandoned at our local Humane Society and was aggressive refusing to come out of crate. I, my family and 2 other Chihuahuas loved on him and he quickly returned the love. We had him for 4 months before he passed. Would do it again in a heartbeat. Sharing in these connections means so much no matter for how long. <3 Bless the adopter and everyone willing to go out of their way to rescue this older gentleman. If its on your heart, there are many many seniors in shelters across the country looking for homes.

  41. Kittie
    Kittie says:

    Why do people on here think that transporting an 18 year old dog long distance or on a plane would be safe or healthy for it, that is added stress on an old dog with a compromised immune system and could potentially be fatal to an animal this old. Please do not advocate for shipping a dog like this accross the country like that.

  42. Pietra Chandler Radcliff
    Pietra Chandler Radcliff says:

    This little sweetheart has been adopted. For anyone who lived nearby and was wiling to take her, please consider taking a dog that was perhaps not publicized. I know all of you have such good hearts and want to help if you can. Everyone wants a dog whose story they know and empathize with and will go to great lengths to help. If you can take a dog, I’m sure there are dogs at a local shelter that need you too. It’s just something to think about.

  43. DONNA GESCH - Fly4Paws
    DONNA GESCH - Fly4Paws says:

    Frosted Faces Foundation has her gently in their care today. There is an application process to be considered as a Forever Foster. The link is on the website. 🙂

  44. Glo
    Glo says:

    How can some people be so heartless? Bless her little heart, how can you not love a dog/family member after 18 years, she is so sad and confused. Shame on her previous owners, they should be banned from owning anymore dogs for life, this is animal cruelty.

  45. Tabitha
    Tabitha says:

    I have 4 small dogs, 1 special needs dauchshund, 3 rescues. My oldest, my special needs baby is 11. I can’t imagine EVER surrendering him.

  46. Michelle Cyzauskas
    Michelle Cyzauskas says:

    I tried to rescue her but someone beat me. I’m glad because she’s now in San Diego & I’m near San Francisco. The drive or flight would have been hard on her. I’m thrilled someone took her in.

    I imagine her owner probably died and relatives didn’t want her.

  47. Jennifer
    Jennifer says:

    For everyone who said if they were there they would adopt her, I am sure you have a local shelter that would love you to help them out. There are thousands and thousands of pups/kittens in this poor girl’s situation that need someone like you.

      • Michelle Cyzauskas
        Michelle Cyzauskas says:

        Of course all seniors are deserving. All dogs are. Some of us are just so hung up on dachshunds. Everyone grew up with one, grandma, neighbors, someone. Everyone who sees mine has a childhood story about a funny weinerdog. I hope this old girl is in her furever home, I know she had one picked out for her.

  48. Katherine Wolfe
    Katherine Wolfe says:

    Oh, thank you – such a relief she’s out of there and with people who will take care of her. I’m up in Portland but I would have taken her, we already have a blind dog and I’m learning how it is for them.

  49. Tammy
    Tammy says:

    Did an elderly person have to surrender the dog bc they couldn’t take care of it anymore or went to a nursing home? That’s how I got my dog.

  50. Angie Naquin
    Angie Naquin says:

    Is anyone seriously considering taking this dog. I live on the east coast but I am truly interested. If someone can help me with the legs or the trip I will take her. We have a camper so we could travel quite a ways if someone could help me some with the legs. I mean really how much more money is she going to require in her little life…all she needs is some good lovin’ to live out her last days. Please someone give an update. I have a wonderful house and yard for her. I know to you guys that is sounds crazy lady would do this…but I love them. I have 2 dachshunds of my own.
    Please don’t overlook or ignore my post.

  51. Ramona Mulligan
    Ramona Mulligan says:

    First everyone who was eager to adopt her, please don’the forget that there are hundreds of others who also need a forever home! Reading so many compassionate posts made me feel hopeful about humanity for the first time in a long time. ♡♡♡

  52. david
    david says:

    My little dog molly passed away when she was 17 she was a little dashhound how could someone do that to her if could take her I would but I am In the UK but if I send any money to care for please let me

  53. Denise
    Denise says:

    Does anyone have an update on whether she was adopted? I checked their website and the ID number isn’t listed. I can get there today to pick her up if she’s still there! If you have any current information, please let me know ASAP!

  54. Michele Pelli Radeke
    Michele Pelli Radeke says:

    Reading this thread restores my faith in humanity. It’s so wonderful to know that there are so many kind people (around the globe) that want to step up and help this beautiful dog. I hope whoever adopted her will make the remainder of her life safe and loving. It would be so nice to see an update to this heartbreaking story.

    • Jenn
      Jenn says:

      Pump the brakes a bit there, Jennifer. We don’t know her whole story. Not every dog that finds its way to a shelter gets there because of abuse or neglect. Sometimes circumstances are beyond anyone’s control. The average lifespan of a dachshund is 14-15 years, if they’re lucky enough to avoid debilitating back injuries. This sweet girl is 18 and still kicking, albeit blindly. That tells me that someone actually *cared* for her! It’s quite possible that the previous owner was elderly and had to surrender their dog due to illness, being moved into a nursing home, or death. What would you have those left behind do who aren’t in a position to care for her? Euthanize her? Abandon her to the streets? Sometimes people surrender to shelters because that’s the only humane option they have left. Rest easy, my friend.

  55. Cindy
    Cindy says:

    Karma. She was-is obviously amazing little soul. She deserves the live to end. The people who turned her in – karma is a blessing. Or karma sucks. Live it like you would want life done to you.

  56. Russell Irving
    Russell Irving says:

    This whole thread for a dog I understand I have two Corgis. But what about the children who have nothing? The older people who sit tied to a wheelchair in front of a nurses station all day? Half a state moved for one little dog. How many homeless did you avoid today? Have compassion for all. I pray the human race either grows up or give it to the cockroaches.

  57. Marilyn Krupa-Burns
    Marilyn Krupa-Burns says:

    I live in Indiana. I have three dachshunds. I would take her in a heartbeat if they could get her to me. That little angel needs someone to hold her, love her, guide her, and to be there for her in the last moments of her life. Praying someone will step up and take this angel.

  58. Vlar
    Vlar says:

    I tried to find this dog on the Baldwin Park Shelter website using her ID number A3254323, but nothing comes up. I hope and pray she found a home!!!!

  59. tricia laye
    tricia laye says:

    I just cannot understand how any one can give up their dog, or any pet, just because they have got old, people know they are going to get old, just like a human,it makes me so angry, I have a darling dog, who I rescued in 2005, and am just so happy I still have him, he has arthritis in his back legs,a stretched ligament in one of them, and also suffers from skin problems, which he is under the vet for all of these things, it hurts to read about people that can have no heart or feeling, for them when they get old or start to have health problems, the anger I feel for people who do this, makes my blood boil, if only humans had the loyalty and love that dogs, give, the world would be such a better place, .Dogs, and any pet you have, be it a dog, cat rabbit, or any pet give their trust and love to you, and shouldbe returned to them, I am fuming .

  60. Patty Archer
    Patty Archer says:

    I would never take my babies to a shelter. I worry because I’m 77 and should I pass away, what will happen to my babies. I have one son and never see him. He would take them to be euthanized. I pray to God that he will let me outlive them so they won’t have to be frightened.

    • Jody Bognar
      Jody Bognar says:

      Patty. Write me on Facebook and we can talk. I can find what state you live in, and help if need be, to make arrangements. I believe you can put your wishes in your will. I would help and take your pets and/or help rehome them as well. I live on WI. Jody


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