Surrendered trio, including one blind dog, need a home together

Update: The dogs have been adopted (together!!)

A special threesome in Arizona is in need of a new home where they can live together. The trio, Tiny, Teddy and Lola, were surrendered by their family (who is unable to care for them any longer) and they are now waiting for a new family at the Maricopa County Animal Care and Control agency.

The shelter wrote:

This was a very difficult decision for the family and we ask that rather than making negative or unkind comments, we focus instead on trying to find the dogs a home where they can stay together.
They are all about five years of age. Tiny and Teddy are male Chihuahua mixes who are protective of their friend Lola. Lola is a very sweet pitbull/beagle mix who is blind.


A singular photo of the dogs provides clear evidence of their bond – look at the Chihuahua’s eyes as he stares adoringly at his blind companion, Lola. The shelter emphasized the need for the trio to find a home together:

Tiny and Teddy watch over her and help boost her confidence. They sleep snuggled up together and absolutely must remain together.

These bonded friends are available for adoption at the Mesa shelter which is located at 2630 W. Rio Salado Parkway. The adoption fee is $60 for all three dogs. They are not spayed and neutered so they will need to stay an extra day for surgery.

The shelter stated:

They would be best in a home without very small children due to Lola’s vision and the fact that tiny and Teddy do protect her. If you have a dog at home please bring them to the shelter and we can try an introduction. We don’t know how they are with cats.

Maricopa County Animal Care Facebook page here.

Senior dog has been homeless for over five years

A senior dog, at a no-kill shelter in Oregon, has been homeless for over five years. The mixed breed dog, named “Bandit,” is waiting for his own family at the Humane Society of the Ochocos in Prineville. Though Bandit (who is almost 12 years of age) is loved by staff and volunteers, he does not have a person of his very own.

Bandit had an owner a long time ago – his person was in the military and that individual went away and never returned to take Bandit home.


The shelter describes this handsome senior dog as “very loving,” though leery and distrustful of strangers. The following description explains further:

I know many commands and just want to please. I will protect your property. I do not like strangers. I will need an owner who will make sure that strangers don’t have access to me. The shelter is stressful to me because all these strangers keep coming around. I want to find a quiet home away from folks I don’t know and trust.
I am house-trained, micro-chipped and know many tricks.

Homeless dog, Bandit

Bandit is dog-selective…it is believed that he may do well with a submissive female dog – although a household with no other pets would be ideal. Please help this deserving senior dog find someone of his own – he is now an “elder” dog and he should be living in a loving home for what remains of his life.

Find Bandit’s Facebook page here.

Interested or have questions? Please call the shelter directly at  541 447 7178


Shelter searches for owner of ‘miracle’ puppy hit by car

A shelter in California is searching for the owner of a puppy who was severely injured after being struck by a vehicle. According to the Pasadena Humane Society & SPCA, the four-month-old beagle suffered a “severe” break in her leg after being struck by a hit-and-run car accident in South Pasadena.

The shelter recounted what transpired to the pup, which has since been dubbed “Miracle” by PHS staff:

Miracle was hit by a car in the intersection of Fair Oaks and Huntington. After the puppy was struck, she rolled underneath the car and landed on the sidewalk. A Good Samaritan ran to the puppy’s side, while the car drove away. This good-hearted individual rushed the injured dog to the Pasadena Humane Society where our animal control officers were waiting for her arrival after hours.

The injured puppy was diagnosed with a severe fracture in her hind leg, which requires surgery by an orthopedic specialist. Julie Bank, President/CEO of the Pasadena Humane Society & SPCA, stated:

“We are pulling together all our resources to ensure Miracle receives the best care possible and we need your help,” says . “We want to give her the best shot at having as normal a life as possible after such a devastating injury.”

The shelter is hopeful that Miracle’s owner can be found, and that she can be reunited with her family – thus far, nobody has come forward to claim the puppy as their own (Proof of ownership must be provided).

If an owner does not come forward, the puppy will be put up for adoption when she recovers from her injury. Interested parties can email and reference animal ID# A410205 for more information.

To help PHS continue to provide lifesaving care for Miracle and more animals like her, please consider making a donation to the Pasadena Humane Society at

If you have any information about this puppy, her owner or the hit and run itself, please call the Pasadena Humane Society at 626.792.7151.

Special needs puppy at animal shelter

A special needs puppy, born with shorter than normal limbs, was taken in at an animal shelter in Alberta, Canada. The puppy, named “Chipmunk,” aka “Nubbins,” needed to be adopted by someone who was equipped to handle his special needs.

On December 7, the Edmonton Humane Society reached to Facebook followers to find a special adopter for the adorable puppy, who was born in the shelter:

Chipmunk was born in the shelter after his Mom was brought in as part of the Northern Alberta Rescue Mission we did this past September. When he was born, we noticed his front paws were not fully developed. This has not slowed him down though! He has learned to walk with shorter than average front legs, and was always ready to play with his six other litter mates.


The shelter added:

He will, however, require some special care in his forever home because of this medical condition. He may need orthotics once fully mature, and adopters must be prepared for future veterinary costs.
If your family is ready to look after Chipmunk and his unique needs, please come down to the shelter to meet him!


It didn’t take long to find Chipmunk a safe place to go – shortly after the Facebook post, the shelter alerted followers that Chipmunk had a new home:

Adopter Found!

We are so happy to report that Chipmunk, now named Nubbins (which he was lovingly nicknamed during his stay at the shelter) has already been adopted.

Chipmunk and his litter mates won over the hearts of many staff while he was with us, and we are delighted to see him go to his forever home with one of our amazing EHS volunteers.

Other dogs are still waiting for their own happy “tail.” Click here to see other homeless dogs at the shelter.

(Photos via Edmonton Humane Society/Facebook)

Find Edmonton Humane Society on Facebook here.

Mother in ‘heavy labor’ when rescued from busy shelter

A gorgeous litter of “snow angel puppies” is alive today thanks to the prompt action of a rescue group in Orange County, California. Not long ago, the German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County sprang into action on behalf of a pregnant shepherd who was in “heavy labor” at an animal control agency.

Rescue Director Maria Dales recounted the rescue effort, “Tempe and her paramour, Booth, were rescued from a distant shelter. Malnourished Tempe was ready to burst with puppies. GSROC responded to a plea from the shelter to rush to get her. Within hours of her rescue, Tempe began to deliver her babies.”


The puppies’ mother was so weak that she was unable to nurse her newborn babies, so veteran foster parents stepped up, armed with baby bottles and formula, to take on the huge task. Working round-the-clock to provide the newborns with their required feedings ensured that the litter of puppies survived.

The dedication of the foster parents has resulted in a gorgeous litter of snow angel puppies who are nearly ready to leave for their forever homes. The pups, Sweets, Hodgins, Parker, Camille, Angela and Finn (all named for characters in the Bones T.V. show), will be ready for their homes in two weeks.

Foster mom, Kelli Noss, described the little bundles of joy:

“The puppies are super goofy. They’re all identical minus a few features (my husband & I can tell them apart but I’m pretty sure no one else will be able to). The whole litter loves, loves,loves our kids (and our kids love them). Our 3 year old son likes to lay down on the grass with them and they all puppy pile him. Sweets has known his name since he was 4 weeks old and comes when he’s called. Camille, Sweets, and Finn were all supplemented 3-4 feedings, every day, for the first two weeks. “


She added:

“When we take in foster puppies, depending on the level of care we need to provide, we shift onto a schedule that’s fairly similar to having a newborn baby. We constantly are able to observe them on a video monitor so I can check on them while I pick up my daughter from school or when I’m resting in bed.  We also have great friends and family who understand that we have to cancel plans/events if a litter comes in,since there’s  no pre-planning when it comes to taking in fosters.  In rescue work, you get what you get.”

These precious puppies are well-rounded…they have spent their time around dogs, cats and even ferrets. All are described as “curious” and of course, they are sweet as they are adorable.

Litter of puppies ready for their home

The adoption donation for the puppies is $475, which includes vaccinations, microchip, worming, and spay/neuter.

Click here to find the website to complete an adoption application.


A beautiful reunion captured on video at animal shelter

A beautiful reunion, between a lost dog and a United States Army Sergeant, was captured on video and shared with followers of the Front Street Animal Shelter for the City of Sacramento, California.

The touching video shows Sergeant Dahlberg being reunited with her beloved dog, “Ginger,” who ran away several weeks ago. It is readily apparent that Ginger is exquisitely happy to be back in her person’s arms…

The shelter wrote, “Ginger ran away several weeks ago, and Sergeant Dahlberg and her daughter were afraid their beloved puppy was lost forever. But after constant searching, they found Ginger on our website – and you can see how happy both she and her family were to be reunited.”

According to the shelter, Ginger contracted the deadly Parvo virus while she was on her own – thanks to veterinary treatment, she is expected to make a full recovery.

Find the Front Street Animal Shelter on Facebook here.



Looking for a unique dog? Meet ‘Bevin’ the fluffy pibble

Some people long for a unique pet to call their own – for those individuals, the status quo just won’t do. A dog currently being held at the DeKalb County Animal Services facility in Georgia, just might fit the bill for a person seeking out a dog with a unique appearance.

Meet “Bevin,” a fluffy pibble. Bevin has the blocky head and compact body of a typical “pit bull,” but his fur is rather fluffy, like a border collie, retriever, or chow-chow. On Sunday, the Facebook page for DeKalb County Animal Services offered some personality information about this handsome boy:

Bevin’s favorite activity is shimmying up to people and showering them with kisses. This sweet three year old has a very unique feathery coat. He turns heads wherever he goes! He gets along great with other dogs, enjoys making new friends, and can’t wait to find his forever home!

It seems that three-year-old Bevin has it all – unique good looks and a sweet personality. An added bonus, adoption fees for Bevin are waived through Monday.

Unique Bevin

Find Bevin’s Facebook thread here.

Bevin’s adoption profile here (ID#34035733 )

All inquiries about this dog must be made directly to the animal services facility.

Woman devastated: Pregnant stray killed after going to shelter

A woman is devastated after the pregnant stray dog that she picked up and took to an animal “welfare” facility in Tulsa, Oklahoma, was killed. According to KTUL News, Carol Towry was trying to be a good Samaritan when she picked up the pregnant dog, dubbed “Brownie,” and took her to the City of Tulsa Animal Welfare (TAW) agency.

Towry did not want the dog to deliver puppies on the streets, so she took her where she hoped the dog, and her unborn puppies, would be safe. Towry visited Brownie at the shelter, and she utilized social media to garner attention for the impounded dog.

The social media networking appeared to be working – several rescue agencies stated that they were interested in taking the dog and her puppies in, but they never got the chance. Brownie and her unborn puppies were killed as soon as the mandatory three-day stray hold expired.

Jean Letcher, the TAW manager, claims that no rescue agencies expressed interest in saving Brownie and advised that the pregnant dog was “euthanized” because the facility was too full. Letcher provided her reasoning for having Brownie destroyed, “We already have one mom with 10-day-old puppies and another mom with 10- to 15-day-old puppies in the shelter, and we did not need any more puppies.”

Pregnant dog, Brownie

Towry is devastated and feels betrayed – in fact, she has stated that she wishes that she had just left Brownie to fend for herself on the streets. Towry stated, “We failed her, the system failed her.”

Brownie’s sad, untimely death is an important reminder of the importance of altering pets. Rest in peace Brownie.

National Dog News on Facebook here.


Family’s lost dog adopted out to new family

A California family is upset that their lost dog was picked up by a good Samaritan, taken to a shelter in San Diego, and then adopted out to a new family a short time later. According to Wednesday’s NBC 7 San Diego News, Prince, an Alaskan Malamute mix, managed to slip out of his harness in early October – his family tried to find him by putting up lost dog fliers, and posting to Facebook and Craigslist, but their efforts were apparently thwarted by the shelter who had him in their care.

After slipping out of a harness on October 2, Arlene Alvarado’s five-year-old dog ended up at the San Diego Humane Society in Escondido –  when Alvarado saw a post about her dog on Lost Husky San Diego Facebook page, she called the shelter, but learned that her dog was already adopted to someone else.

Alvarado claims that she phoned the shelter asking about her dog on the 7th of October – just one day after he was picked up, but she claims that the facility told her that her dog was not there. A spokesperson for the shelter issued a statement about the sad situation, “We’re very sorry for this misunderstanding and have offered Ms. Alvarado our deepest regrets and a free adoption. It is extremely important that pet owners have their pets licensed and micro-chipped so animal shelters are able to reunite pets with their owners as quickly as possible.”

Alvarado is going through the court to try and fight for custody of her dog – in the meantime, she hopes that his new family will hear her plea and opt to return him to her, of their own accord.

This sad situation is a reminder to all pet owners to keep their pets licensed, micro-chipped and fitted with current identification tags.






Blind dog surrendered to busy animal control agency

On November 6, a young, purebred, blind dog was surrendered to a busy animal control agency in Gardena, California. The three-year-old Doberman, named “Max,” is being held at the Carson Animal Services facility following the loss of his home and family.

Shortly after Max was surrendered, the Saving Carson Shelter Dogs Facebook uploaded a video of him, along with a few words about what has been observed of his personality:

We just met him but it seems like MAX may be BLIND. His owner left him today and he is pretty confused but he has the most gentle energy and the bets sense of smell! He needs help fast, he doesn’t know what’s happening or where he is.

Losing a home is stressful for any dog – being a blind dog makes the sad situation all the more stressful and confusion. Max did not ask to lose his family and Max certainly did not ask to be locked away in an unfamiliar kennel run…he has no control over his life and could use the help of strangers right now.

You can help Max find a new home, or a reputable rescue agency to take him in, by sharing his adoption information.

  • Petharbor link here
  • Los Angeles County Animal Control – Carson at (310) 523-9566
    Ask for information about animal ID number A5009575
  • Facebook thread here
  • Please direct ALL inquiries about this dog to the facility, including those about temperament and availability

National Dog News on Facebook here.