Bonded trio need a new home

Surrendered trio, including one blind dog, need a home together

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Update: The dogs have been adopted (together!!)

A special threesome in Arizona is in need of a new home where they can live together. The trio, Tiny, Teddy and Lola, were surrendered by their family (who is unable to care for them any longer) and they are now waiting for a new family at the Maricopa County Animal Care and Control agency.

The shelter wrote:

This was a very difficult decision for the family and we ask that rather than making negative or unkind comments, we focus instead on trying to find the dogs a home where they can stay together.
They are all about five years of age. Tiny and Teddy are male Chihuahua mixes who are protective of their friend Lola. Lola is a very sweet pitbull/beagle mix who is blind.


A singular photo of the dogs provides clear evidence of their bond – look at the Chihuahua’s eyes as he stares adoringly at his blind companion, Lola. The shelter emphasized the need for the trio to find a home together:

Tiny and Teddy watch over her and help boost her confidence. They sleep snuggled up together and absolutely must remain together.

These bonded friends are available for adoption at the Mesa shelter which is located at 2630 W. Rio Salado Parkway. The adoption fee is $60 for all three dogs. They are not spayed and neutered so they will need to stay an extra day for surgery.

The shelter stated:

They would be best in a home without very small children due to Lola’s vision and the fact that tiny and Teddy do protect her. If you have a dog at home please bring them to the shelter and we can try an introduction. We don’t know how they are with cats.

Maricopa County Animal Care Facebook page here.

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  1. Beth(SunWolf) C. says:

    KUDOS to the shelter in they all 3 go together no matter what, much gratitude for that and letting them hang together instead of separating as many shelters would do..they already are confused and don’t understand, at least they have each other for comfort till that special person/persons give them a home.

  2. pennysdachshund says:

    Just the Look of uncertainty in Little Tiny as he looks at Lola is So very heart wrenching. I am glad the family was upstanding enough to seek help and not dump this little family on a road , ditch or let them starve to death!!! Instead they did ask for someone to save and rehome their little ones!!! I hope the year of 2017 is a Happy and fulfilling for the three of them finding a new family WHO will Adore them as a Whole and Committed Family!!!

  3. Darla says:

    I know it’s going to be tough to find a home that will take 3 dogs but I hope & pray it happens. They need to be together.

  4. linda says:

    That’s a tough call to adopt all 3 in the same family. Please concentrate in having them them adopted separately if necessary. Most dogs will adapt when separated. Best to find good forever homes.


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