Ailing dog at animal services

Outrage as video of ailing dog in animal control shared virally online

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There is growing outrage over the care, or rather lack thereof, which was provided to a dog who was visibly ailing inside of a kennel run at an animal control agency in Mesquite, Texas. The reason for the anger is readily apparent after one views the pitiful footage showing a chocolate colored dog who is too weak to stand upright, swaying against a wall and surrounded by vomit.

Posted by Leslie Ysuhuaylas on Tuesday, March 21, 2017

The woman who tried to help the dog, who was being held at the Mesquite Animal Services facility, wrote:

I only saw his face for a second when I banged on the glass. He was too weak to even turn his head. He had no strength, was swaying back and forth supporting himself on the wall, and was drooling after having just vomited.

The woman wanted to take the sickly dog to a veterinarian for care, but she was denied. She explained:

I asked shelter staff if I could help, they said he was adopted. I requested to at least let me check him out, they said he was adopted. I said if I could try to get him medication, they said he had been adopted. I said I can take him to the vet and bring him back, they said he was adopted and was going to the vet on Monday, two days later. The “vet” was a neuter clinic.

She then shared the dog’s fate:

But he didn’t make it. We were told he had gotten better the next day. Today, they said they notified the adopters and the adopters made what they thought was the best decision for him. Conclusion: he’s dead.

According to the woman who has taken the situation public, the animal services staff refuses to comment on the situation – she wants others who are angry, like her, to demand this dog’s records – to see what truly took place inside of their facility.

Click here to access the city’s “report an incident” form.

Click here to read and sign a petition which was created on this dog’s behalf.

National Animal News on Facebook here.

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39 replies
  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    WTF?????? They just let that poor dog die? At least notify the adopters that he is sick and see if they want to provide medical care! What kind of shelter are these people running! I WILL be signing the petition and please update us on the outcome of this atrocity!

    • Olga says:

      Me too! This is total bullshit . This poor dog probably died of a condition called “bloat”. If he received medical attention asap he could have had a chance to live:-(
      Total assholes!!

    • Kathi says:

      I agree with you this poor doggie didn’t need to die that damn shelter and who ran it needs to be fired and much trouble with the law! Bunch of crap!!! You waste of crap shelter!

  2. Nancy Raymond says:

    So typical of so called ‘shelters’ who allow ill animals to languish w/no medical care whatsoever. This hell hole and its director should be fired ASAP – their refusal to answer questions or allow him to be seen and evaluated is deplorable. They did nothing but lie and cover up his condition – this place is a HUGE black eye for Mesquite, TX. They only thing they shelter is themselves and their incompetence and/or lack of care.

  3. Star Shelley says:

    So sad for this pup . I really think that the shelter lied about being adopted, they just did not want to give him medical care. Shame on them, not surprised. Some shelters don’t give a damn. About their dogs. Poor maname mentioned. RIP sweetheart

  4. Chris F. says:

    WRONG on all levels! The person who brought this dog in was willing to seek medical care at a vet’s office yet was denied repeatedly….The so-called adopters didn’t have possession of this dog but if were given the med. Info of his condition may have also had the option of taking him to a vet???? Despite any policy or procedure, this is just WRONG …..Where was the care and compassion for this sick animal?????? Further investigation please!

  5. Cynthia Como says:

    OMG!! The usual attitude,dogs are mere disposable PROPERTY in the eyes of so many shelters and so many people! His life well being and his life meant ZERO to whatever COLD HEARTED jerks that run these shelters! There is that attitude AGAIN,the only life that matters is the human one! He should of been taken to a vet IMMEDIATELY!!!!!!! ADOPTED OR NOT!!! I’m so upset after reading this,another innocent soul allowed to suffer FOR NO VALID REASON!!! RIP BEAUTIFUL FUR BABY❤SORRY THE HUMANS TOTALLY AND COMPLETELY FAILED YOU AND TO THEM YOUR LIFE DID NOT MATTER!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. andrew says:

    What assholes!!! You can see the vomit and the drool coming out of his mouth, very weak and most likely in pain. They said he was adopted? I say BULLSHIT!!!! No one is going to want to adopt a dog in this condition. Animal control doesn’t give a shit!

    • Cynthia Como says:

      I have not watched the video YET! I’m way,way too outraged and upset! I often wonder how any vet or vet tech can work in places and participate in the killing of innocent dogs who’s only crime is being homeless,which is a direct result of some low life human! In America,the richest nation in the world,if a dog finds themselves homeless they are sentenced to death!! THIS COUNTRY CAN AND SHOULD DO BETTER!!! But our government on ALL levels,LOCAL,STATE,AND FEDERAL has absolutely no desire to even TRY to fix the problem of over population and homeless dogs and cats! A lot of humans are so arrogant in thinking that the only life that matters is the human life and the hell with any other form of life! ITS WRONG,ITS IMMORAL,ITS SICKENING AND APPALLING!!!!!!!!

      • Janie Ledergerber says:

        “Fixing” the problem of pet over population is not the responsibility of the government. Fixing the problem begins with each individual. You can’t adopt an animal from a shelter that has not been spayed or neutered. But you can get one that is not spayed or neutered just about anywhere. Every person who does not have a pet altered is adding to pet over population. Every puppy and kitten needs to be spayed or neutered by the time it is three months old. Much longer and they are in heat and getting pregnant. It takes an effort on the part of everyone but so many people just don’t care. Or they think that if they neuter their dog, the dog won’t “have his fun”. Every person at every level has to have the same goal before pet over population can be stopped in its tracks. It begins with you, Cynthia, and every one you know and everyone I know and on and on. If we want to put shelters out of business, we have to all do our part. It is just that nobody has figured out how to motivate the ones who don’t care.

      • Cynthia Como says:

        Janey Ledergerber, our government REFUSES to outlaw puppy mills which are nothing more than LEGAL TORTURE CHAMBERS FROM HELL,that hugely add to the over population of dogs. And the federal government spends MILLIONS of our tax dollars in government run labs that maime and torture and then kill dogs for the most inane experiments that have no value in the betterment of human lives. How about taking those millions and use it for affordable spay and neuter clinics? Humanity created this problem and humanity needs to try and fix it! Not to mention the laws being denied year after year to provide protection from the rampant abuse and torture of dogs and cats! I have a huge problem with people who do not spay and neuter their pets and have no problem telling them so. I will ALWAYS feel that there are solutions to ALL the problems out there with companion animals but I think that citizens and the government need to work together to at least TRY to put end to all the horrors that dogs and cats face with over population and abuse. Dogs and cats are viewed as DISPOSABLE,after all if one loses it’s life there are plenty more out there to replace them with! There is no value placed on their lives even tho they give so much to the betterment of the human race,like assisting the police and our soldiers at war.assisting the handicapped,leading the blind,comforting those afflicted with PTSD and Autism,bringing comfort to the lonely,sick and dying in hospitals and nursing homes,alerting people of on coming seizures and diabetic emergencies,I could go on and on. We have to at least TRY to do something because doing nothing is just not working.

  7. susan says:

    I pray this sweet baby gets help ASAP!!!!!
    The Mesquite Animal Services facility needs to step to get this sweet dog to the vet!!!!!!

  8. linda says:

    Penney Eims unfortunately both forms are for local complaints it would not help us seek justice for the deceased dog.

  9. Becky Harris says:

    ok, did you all not get it? the poor dog is dead because he was not vetted when he obviously needed it!! there’s a petition attached to this page. are you outraged? horrified? i am! and I signed the petition!

  10. Diana Bradshaw says:


  11. Me' says:

    Mesquite TX should be held accountable. They on numerous cages will murder every dog or cat in their stinky facility. Truth be told the lying fucker, the dog never had a chance. Any AC that gets tax dollars should never be allowed to murder the animals they are holding

  12. Dee says:

    Sounds like he was adopted was a lie. He was not adopted was he. ? Poor baby. Stuff like this happens at alot of shelters

  13. Jennifer mendieta says:

    You ass holes need to go work at McDonald’s. I work for animal services and who gives a damn if the dog was adopted you still get them help. If you are going to be in this kind of job it is a privilege to be able to take care of all fur babies, if you have no empathy nor sympathy you are in the wrong career. Get your asses out of your head and start taking care of those fur babies, your there last hope to feel loved. If you can’t love them then go flip burgers.

  14. Darla says:

    I signed the petition. This poor dog suffered and died because the shelter didn’t give a crap about him. He had to die alone and afraid. At the very least, if he was too sick to save, he should have been humanely euthanized while being surrounded by someone who cared. I think the “adoption” was a lie, a cover-up. Thank you to the woman who tried to save him. RIP sweet pup.

  15. Sue says:

    The POS who run these so called shelters should be held accountable. All too often assholes who feel they are powerful make these f…..g decisions only for these poor souls to suffer and die. If they cant do the job they should get the f..k out and anyone working in these so called shelters should be vetted and checked before being let near any animal. Whoever denied this poor soul should be thrown out named and shamed. Agggggghhhhhhhhhh I f…..g hate some people

  16. Lisa says:

    That dog was clearly poisoned. Albeit intentionally or accidentally. From cleaning chemicals or bad food. The shelter killed that dog. No question.

  17. Kathi says:

    This shelter and its workers should be fired and prosecuted for what they put this sweet doggie through! Rip sweet doggie you are safe with God now and can see how many truly love you!

  18. Mila Azor says:

    Why are you Killing the healthy or old animals in USA ?
    Why are the people ALLOWED to work in SHELTERS if they are tolerating the cruelties in the SHELTERS
    Im so Happy die the Animals in Germany because er Never KILL animals either they are Sick or Healthy
    Please Americans fight for the cruelties in the SHELTERS of your Country

  19. Mila Azor says:

    THE shelter worker poisoned the Healthy beautiful dog ????

    Im crying seeing this picture

    WHY ?



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