Dead thread can mean a dead puppy

Dead thread means a dead dog – this puppy is in danger

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Update 8/22/17: Adopted!

What happens with a Facebook thread for a shelter dog is stagnant? A so-called “dead thread” can equate to a dead dog…a puppy named “Popeye” is in danger right now because nobody is sharing his adoption information.

The eight-month-old mixed breed puppy has been at the Riverside County Animal Control – San Jacinto Valley Animal Campus since July 5. Today, over a month later, he is still sitting in his lonely, concrete kennel run.

The puppy came to the shelter as a stray but his family never bothered to come and get him. Now, though he is described as “people and dog friendly” he may die. You can play a part in saving this adorable puppy’s life by taking a few moments to network his adoption information.

Networking saves lives – plain and simple. The more people who see his face, and hear about where he is, the better his odds are of being adopted or rescued.

Petharbor link for Popeye here.

Facebook thread here.

Riverside County Animal Control – San Jacinto Valley Animal Campus at (951) 358-7387
Ask for information about animal ID number A1376534

(Image of Popeye the puppy via Facebook)

More news and updates at the National Animal News Facebook page.

Heroes rush into burning house to save a family’s trapped dog – read the story here!


16 replies
  1. Star Shelley says:

    First time I see this notice , when was the time he was posted. Sharing with prayers and love for his life and freedom

    • Pamela Garlisch says:

      I just share on FB from this email since they have all the links below the pictures. I’m not on FB all the time but I do get notifications from the Pet Rescue Report on things I’ve commented on.

  2. dianaroby02 says:

    Look at this face. He’s not even one yr old and he is facing being destroyed in this shelter. Could it be because he’s black, a victim of black dog syndrome? or because he’s a pittie. More likely both. Luckily, Popeye has angels on his side. Please see the article written about Popeye. He needs either a furever home or a foster home, pledges and a rescue group. His life is really in danger and he needs a confirmed home. Don’t just say you want him but………. Mean it and contact the shelter to start the process. Please share to help Popeye.

  3. Nancy Raymond says:

    PLEASE – someone step up and rescue Popeye – he is just a puppy and will give the right person joy and happiness for a long long time – he deserves a safe loving home – PLEASE RESCUE POPEYE!

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