Skin and bones dog was left chained in the cold

Skin and bones dog left chained out in the cold

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Owners of a neglected dog dubbed “Buster,” will likely face criminal charges for the conditions they forced their pet to exist in. The skin and bones dog was discovered in Howell, New Jersey, on the end of a chain, no food or water in sight – forced to suffer in the harsh cold and rain. According to the Monmouth County SPCA, Buster “barely resembled a dog.”

On February 13, the shelter described the pitiful conditions which Buster had endured before help arrived:

Last week, an anonymous call was made to Animal Control in Howell, who quickly notified the Law Enforcement Division of the Monmouth County SPCA. When we arrived on scene, we saw an animal that once may have resembled a dog, but was now skin and bones, barely able to stand and looking completely out of hope. Buster had been chained outside in the harsh cold and rain with no shelter and no visible food or water. Buster was completely emaciated and dehydrated and at first glance, his future looked very grim.

After being released from his chain, rescuers rushed Buster to MCSPCA where a medical team jumped into action to help. Buster was provided with IV fluids and pain relievers for his visibly swollen joins. During his veterinary assessment, it was discovered that Buster was infested with fleas, suffering from both ear and skin infections and his mouth was full of “rotted teeth.”

Buster’s life of suffering and misery is gone – today he is recuperating in a quiet environment where he is surrounded by people who care for him. His many maladies are being treated and he is being provided with comforts that he could have never previously imagined.

Donations to help Buster with his ongoing veterinary needs can be made at this link to the shelter.

The Monmouth County SPCA addressed the charges which Buster’s former owners will be facing and commented on donations for his ongoing care:

Our Law Enforcement team works hard to make sure cruelty like this is brought into the light. Buster’s former owners will be facing criminal charges so that he can be brought to justice. All money donated towards Buster will go directly to his treatment. If we raise more than the cost of the care for Buster, you can rest easy knowing your donation will help another animal just like him!

(Photo via Monmouth County SPCA)

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14 replies
  1. SLV says:

    I honestly think whoever did this to Buster needs the same done to them. I know human rights activist would be throwing a fit but sometimes the punishment fits the crime and I honestly think this is one of those cases. Thank goodness help arrived in time for Buster unfortunately it won’t for way too many dogs.

  2. pennysdachshund says:

    Howell, New Jersey: Citizens I hope you stand up and demand the judicial system just doesn’t the VILE BUZZARD VOMIT POS that allowed this dog to deteriorate LIKE THIS GO on their MERRY WAY to get another animal TO TORTURE THE WAY THEY DID THIS “ONCE BEAURIFUL GUY”” !!! Make sure the AREA NEWPAPER HAS A PHOTO of THE ASSHOLE AND PRINT IT ON THE FRONT PAGE MORE THAN ONCE !!!

  3. Kathleen Drude says:

    There are many Busters in the Monmouth and Middlesex county area! Some of them can be seen some can’t! It’s up to people who see abuse, neglect, torture to call the police to call the SPCA! The issue being that for many towns there is no direct number to animal control one has to call the police! In many instances law enforcement doesn’t take these calls seriously or they delay calling animal control. The other issue is that animal control officers are not trained properly. It should be a standard practice for anyone to become an animal control officer they should have to take at least one year of courses in animal behaviour. Having said this I’m glad this Buster was gotten to in time!

  4. Star Shelley says:

    This is right down getting ridiculous, why this stupid, low life owners continue to neglect their pets by leaving them outside in the cold. I wish to God he would teach this idiots a lesson and let them be chained outside to suffer the same fate. Thank God for someone finding him

  5. Theresa says:

    motherfucking owners I like to put a fucking chain around your fucking neck and leave you out in the woods hopefully some animal will fucking kill you

  6. susispot says:

    This dog’s tormentor needs to spend a week, or longer would be nice, on the end of a chain out in the elements. Absolutely no food or water made avail. Add a bucket load of fleas to the mix. Roll them in some rice hulls for that nice itch and see if they learn a lesson.

  7. Mandy says:

    I truly believe us as people should come together an change the law when it comes to animals cruelty. Any one that can treat an animal like that should get treated the same way the same torcher they give.We as people take in these pets we don’t have to we choose to. Animals pets depend on us to care for them. They are at our mercy. It’s heart breaking to see Buster an many others we don’t see or hear about suffer an live in fear not knowing what lies ahead for them until help does arrive. People that do this to animals no they will only get a slap on the wrist a little fine and in some cases a few days in jail. Change the law give these people the same punishment as they give these helpless defenseless animals an this will stop. It angers me that these animals may never get the justice they deserve. They should get the same justice we get. The only difference between pets an humans is they have 4 legs we have 2. People we need to fight harder for our pets an all pets this is fucked up an wrong put his picture on the sight so we no who he is an if the law won’t give Buster justice the people will

    • pennysdachshund says:

      I am IN TOTAL agreement : I have just written our state legislation about our State being 1 of 17 states that do not have Beastility as a felony or crime on our state books…. Wyoming the first state to give women the right to vote yet allow this to go unpunished!! WOW

  8. Nancy Raymond says:

    Sorry, these hunks of sewer slime who treated Buster so cruelly so well deserve the exact same they gave – chained to a tree, left and totally forgotten about. Let the punishment fit the crime.


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