Western New York group offers help and hope to senior dogs

A group in Western New York is now offering help and hope for senior dogs.

Statistically, senior dogs end up in shelters several different ways. This happens when their increased medical expenses and dietary restrictions … Read More

Lost dog euth’ed within 24 hours of being brought to NY shelter

A lost dog was euthanized within 24 hours after he arrived at the Staten Island Animal Care Center. The owner had frantically been searching for his 16-year-old mastiff only to find out his dog had … Read More

Small dog rescued after being trapped by robotic vacuum cleaner

In Ballwin, Missouri, a small dog had to be rescued by the police this week after he became trapped by a robotic vacuum cleaner. Megan Dunavant had been cleaning her house when Stonewall, her senior … Read More

13-year-old Lab rescued after falling down deep ravine

On Sunday night, a 13-year-old Lab fell down a deep ravine and spent most of the night trapped because he was not able to go up or down. The Pierce County, Washington dog, named Pepsi, … Read More

Elderly beagle shot and stabbed fighting for his life brings tears to all

What would prompt anyone to abuse an elderly beagle found wandering in Frostproof, Florida this week, after having been shot and stabbed? The dog, now dubbed “Max” remains in critical condition as volunteers from Hardee Read More

Florida rescue dedicated to helping senior citizens keep their dogs

Often when visiting an animal shelter, we come across many dogs and cats who share the same sad story. They were once the beloved pet of  senior citizens, but for whatever the reasons were not … Read More

Blind 12-year-old pit bull waited his whole life to be rescued

A blind and homeless 12-year-old pit bull waited his whole life to be rescued, although he didn’t know it at the time. Somehow the pitbull and boxer mix was able to wander into a junkyard … Read More

Best buddies dumped for being old: Owner gets new puppy next day

Sarabe and Jasmine are best buddies and surely never expected to leave the only family they ever knew. Tragically over the weekend, the bonded pair were surrendered to the East Valley Animal Shelter in Van … Read More

UPDATE: Miami shelter dog Nina is not ‘too old and she won’t die soon’

Nina has been adopted. Many thanks to everyone for sharing her story. It worked! Check out this happy dog on the way to her new home.

Sadly, Nina continues to be overlooked and forgotten. With … Read More

Sir Troy: Abandoned in a cage on the streets and now sentenced to death at NYC shelter

How does a friendly, middle-aged dog with a wiggly butt in spite of his dermatological issues, dubbed Sir Troy, be abandoned in a crate and left along a residential street in Brooklyn wind up on … Read More