Rescue rushes to save 15 year old dog and her 13 year old sons from being euth’ed

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In Gaithersburg, Maryland, the House With A Heart Senior Pet Sanctuary has limited space, and although they might not be able to take every cat or dog in need, the founder and director Sher Polvinale, tries her best to network the pets in need with approved organizations.

When a woman called late last month about three elderly dogs – Hudson, Bella and Ciroc, explaining how her brother had recently passed away, and that she had gathered up the dogs and brought them to her home. Bella, 15, was the mother dog to Hudson and Ciroc – both 13, and none of the seniors got along with her dogs. In addition, she was taking care of her brother’s estate and just didn’t have the time to devote to the three Chihuahuas. And it wasn’t that the woman was trying to be heartless – Sher could feel the woman’s despair and sorrow, thinking she would be taking the dogs to her veterinarian to be humanely euthanized.

According to the Dodo, the woman broke down and told Sher she had already made arrangements for the dogs to be put down that same afternoon, and her daughter had asked her mother to reach out to a senior dog sanctuary first before she brought the dogs in for their final day of life.

Sher begged the woman not to take the three to the vet and told her to drive to the House With A Heart. And even though the woman lived more than an hour away, she agreed, placed the dogs in a carrier and drove them to the sanctuary.

When the dogs arrived, they were frightened, but by the next morning they had settled in to a routine. All of the dogs had medical issues starting with Bella and Hudson having enlarged hearts. Hudson’s health conditions also included gallstones. All three suffered from dental disease.

Mama Bella and her boy, Hudson, went to the cardiologist and they are both cleared for their dental surgeries! Hudson has mild degenerative valve disease and does not need any medication at this time. Bella has moderate degenerative valve disease and has started on medication that should help her feel much better. Next step for these babies is for them to get their much needed dentals!!


Check out their video:

And then came the dental procedures:

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