Who could be so heartless and abandon 17-year-old tiny dog on streets of Miami

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Of course, it’s a rhetorical question, and of course, the family of this geriatric pup have not shown up at Miami-Dade Animal Services relieved that someone found their precious dog. Instead, the overcrowded shelter has issued a plea to approved rescue organizations, friends, family and social media contacts for help with the aged senior now called “Romeo.”

Adoption listing:


Animal Name: ROMEO

Located At: Miami-Dade Animal Services

Kennel Number: RECEIVING

Description: I am a neutered male, black and tan Terrier.

Age: The shelter staff think I am about 17 years old. He is described as an unaltered male terrier with a black and brown coat.

More Info: I have been at the shelter since Apr 01, 2024.
Although I am still in my stray holding period, I may be available for the Foster to Adopt Program.

Location: Miami-Dade Animal Services

Phone Number: (305) 884-1101

Address: 3599 NW 79 Avenue
Doral, FL 33122

According to veterinary notes from the shelter, Romeo’s physical examination was limited because he was extremely nervous. He does eat well, has difficulty seeing and is arthritic. His back legs are stiff and present with luxated patellas. In addition, it has also been noted Romeo suffers from severe dental disease and has a small growth on his right rear paw.

Romeo would do best with a dental cleaning and a diet of soft, easily chewable and digestible foods.

Please share this senior’s plight and help him find a home. He should not have to be afraid at a shelter and even worse, should not have to die at a shelter. Follow his story here. Call (305) 884-1101 or email: [email protected].

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