Dog waits at hospital three months after his owner died from Covid-19

A loyal dog waited for his owner at Wuhan Taikang Hospital every day for more than three months hoping to be reunited with his human. Sadly, the dog’s elderly owner had succumbed from Covid-19 after … Read More

Outrage as two dogs auctioned off in Ukraine to pay owner’s debts

There has been international outrage this week as two purebred dogs confiscated from their owner were auctioned off to cover the owner’s debts. The photos of the dogs appeared on a state-owned website.

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Soldiers partner with rescue org to bring stray dog home to U.S. from Syria

A group of American soldiers have partnered with a non-profit rescue organization to help raise funds to bring a stray puppy back to the United States from Syria. The puppy, rescued while on a war … Read More

Super pup makes daring 20-foot leap out of bedroom window

In Odenton, Maryland, an eight-pound dog, appropriately named Smalls, made a daring leap out of the bedroom window of a one-story home on Friday. He made quite the successful landing and pranced away unharmed.

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Still a puppy and so neglected: Golden retriever needs help

At the Riverside Animal Shelter in California, a one-year-old Golden retriever arrived on Friday. It’s difficult to believe “Honey Dew” is only a year old.


Pet Harbor adoption :

Dog – ID#A1585170
I am

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Heart Wrenching: Dog refused to leave his dead sister’s body on side of road

A dog whose sister had apparently died on the side of the road, refused to leave his sibling behind when authorities came to his rescue on Friday in Kingsville, Texas.

“A call came in for

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Terribly neglected little dog needs immediate help in NYC

At the New York City Animal Care Center, a little dog arrived Monday morning at the shelter. His terribly neglected appearance indicates he needs help immediately. He has not been evaluated or examined by the … Read More

Shepherd found her way home – 40 miles and 97 days later

In St. Paul, Minnesota, a six-year-old German shepherd mix found her way back to the home she preferred after having been adopted by a family almost 40 miles away.

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Trailer and all – family moved away dog left behind due to be euth’ed

In Monahans, Texas a dog’s family moved away – trailer and all and decided to leave their dog behind. Currently the sweet dog is at the county shelter, but if not rescued or placed in … Read More

Dog rescued after having jug stuck on his head for 3 weeks

In Port St. Joe, Florida, a black Catahoula was rescued on Friday after witnesses say the dog had a jug stuck on his head for at least three weeks.

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