Good Samaritans rescue box of puppies dumped in the trash

How cruel to think any person could be so heartless as to dump a box of puppies in the trash. Two Good Samaritans rescued four little ones from the trash on Sunday night in Madera, … Read More

Street dog found having violent seizures makes incredible recovery

How often does a street dog ever get lucky? This shy girl scrounged for food and remained stoic as not to ever show weakness or vulnerability. And so had been Stella’s life – that is … Read More

No help from police as Bear the dog left in flooded kennel for days

In Blue Springs, Missouri, a dog named Bear languished in his flooded kennel enclosure for three days, and according to the neighbor, the Blue Springs Police Department would not remove the dog from his pen.… Read More

Intentionally starved ‘Champ’ officially adopted: ‘I’m going home’

The intentionally starved dog “Champ” had a joyous announcement on Friday morning. Who can believe  the Laurens, South Carolina dog, whose photo of him curled up in the dirt starving, near death and crawling with … Read More

Neighbor accused of breaking into home and beating dog with baseball bat

In Springfield, Ohio, a local man has been accused of breaking into his neighbor’s home last Thursday and beating a dog to death with a baseball bat. Jeffrey Sagraves, 55, has been charged with felony … Read More

Woman accused of tying dogs’ mouths with bungee cords to keep them quiet

In Ankeny, Iowa a woman has been accused of tying two of her dogs’ mouths with bungee cords for extended periods of times to keep them from barking. Elisa Andres, 27, faces animal neglect charges … Read More

Leitchfield man forgot dog tied to bumper and dragged pup behind truck

A Leitchfield man told authorities he forgot a one-year-old pit bull had been tied to the bumper of his truck, and on Sunday dragged the defenseless pup four blocks severely injuring the dog’s paws, legs … Read More

Dog protected his 10-month-old kitten friend until someone found them

In Virginia Beach, Virginia, a dog and his bonded 10-month-old kitten have a heartwarming story to tell. The little dog was spotted huddled between two porta-potties at a soccer complex; paws cradling his little feline … Read More

Dog or mountain lion? What photobombed reporter’s live shot?

As a welcome diversion to all of the political stress going on in the news, Twitter users took a break this week as KUTV reporter Morgan Saxton seems to have been “photobombed” by a mysterious … Read More

Innocent puppies dumped because they were hungry and killing chickens

Two innocent puppies huddle together at a rural shelter in Summerville, Georgia after having been surrendered by their owner. Little more than skin and bones, the pups had been killing chickens. Of course they were … Read More