Inspector called discovery of suffering pup worst case of cruelty

Found dumped on a Worcestershire, United Kingdom farm, a suffering pup had been left in agony for what authorities stated had been more than 12-hours. An inspector with the RSPCA called the starved and beaten … Read More

Severe chemical wounds found on rescued stray, but he is still loving

In Columbus, Ohio, a small dog was found over the weekend with what appeared to be severe chemical wounds. Roaming the area near South Champion Avenue, the dog’s injuries cover nearly his entire body.

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Update on King James: Dog who lived in agony in front of owners

In Fort Worth, Texas, where animal abuse and cruelty often goes unchecked, King James lived in agony alone in his owner’s backyard for several weeks if not months. A heavy chain nearly strangled him to … Read More

Dog mom of 10 puppies shot twice before she was surrendered

In Franklin, Massachusetts, a new dog mom of 10 puppies had been shot twice in Alabama while she was pregnant. When surrendered to a shelter, the Alabama veterinarians discovered she was pregnant.

Fortunately some good … Read More

Unlikely friends: Deer and dog play cross-species tag

On Monday evening, the owner of a frisky, rescued German shepherd watched “unlikely friends” – dog and a deer play tag along the fence of his Lakewood Ranch home.

According to Ethan Cole’s Facebook page, … Read More

Disturbing video of man throwing dog ’50 feet in air’

Authorities are investigating a disturbing video which has gone viral across social media Tuesday appearing to show a man throwing a dog “50 feet high in the sky” in Carson. The video was posted to … Read More

Missouri pooch runs away to play with friends at dog daycare

In St. Ann, Missouri, a friendly pooch named Hugo ran away from home to visit and play with his friends at dog daycare. Happy Tails Pet Hotel and Playland recounted the dog’s adventure on their … Read More

Little dachshund rescued from edge of Sunshine Skyway Bridge

A little dachshund was rescued from the edge of the Sunshine Skyway Bridge  in Pinellas County on Sunday. The dog was spotted walking south in the northbound lane before jumping on the bridge’s incline and … Read More

Detroit cop shot family dog in front of 9-year-old child

A 9-year-old child has been traumatized after a Detroit Police officer shot the little boy’s dog in front of him.

“I said it was my dog. I said can you help me find my dog?,”

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Man placed push pins in tree beds on Queens sidewalk to deter dogs

In Astoria, Queens and all over New York City, dog owners are aware that tree beds are supposed to be off limits to dogs bathroom habits. Someone in the area, however has placed push pins … Read More