Chicago woman loses lawsuit demanding no dogs in condo elevator rides

The wife of a prominent attorney will have to continue to share the elevator rides from her penthouse residence with dogs after losing a federal lawsuit against the Union Square Condominium Association. Holl Geraci, wife of bankruptcy attorney Peter F. Geraci had filed a housing discrimination lawsuit in 2015 claiming her fear of dogs was covered under the Fair Housing Act.

According to the Chicago Tribune,  the jury ruled in favor of the condo association. Holly claimed she suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder after having been attacked by a German shepherd when she was a child. She maintained riding the elevator with large dogs frightened her.

“They didn’t believe that Holly Geraci actually suffered from a disability as it’s defined by the Fair Housing Act,” Graham Miller, an attorney representing the condo association, said Monday.

In 2000, when the Geracis moved into the posh development, there were no dogs allowed, however the association made an exception for their senior dog who weighed ten pounds. By 2004, the building opened their doors for all dogs – no breed exceptions. After that, Holly filed several complaints with the board asking that she be able to ride the elevator without dogs – which would have entailed owners or dog walkers having to get off the elevator whenever Geraci decided to leave or enter the building.

In 2013, Holly became entangled in a physical altercation with a dog walker that later resulted in Holly losing and the plaintiff being awarded $275,000 in damages.

The Geracis have since purchased a 6,000 square foot penthouse at the Ritz Carlton; no dogs allowed.

(Photo via woman suing for dogs on elevator rides via Facebook)

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4-month-old abandoned puppy wandered for days with gaping hole in his face

As everyone headed home on Friday evening preparing for a restful weekend, a frantic 911 call came into Rescue Dogs Rock NYC. A four-month-old puppy had been picked up by animal control in San Antonio, Texas with a life-threatening injury. Part of the pup’s face had been ripped off; leaving a gaping hole. No one knows how the injury happened, however it is suspected he was attacked by another dog. What do young puppies know about defending themselves at such a young age? 

For five days, the defenseless puppy was reported to have been wandering around an abandoned home. Finally an area resident called animal control; had that not happened, it is likely the dog dubbed Nelson would have died. By the time animal control found him, Nelson was in shock; his facial wounds were infected and already rotting away.

“We cannot imagine why people waited so long and allowed Nelson to suffer so,” stated Stacey Silverstein, co-founder of the rescue organization. 

And in coordination with animal advocate Leslie Ysuhuaylas, transportation was arranged to the Callaghan Road Animal Hospital where surgery was performed on Saturday to clean and close the puppy’s injuries. Nelson is now resting comfortably; perhaps the first time in his very short life. In all fairness to the area residents, it is possible no one saw the puppy’s injuries, but what happened to Nelson’s owner?

Rescue Dogs Rock NYC are often called upon to help seriously abused and at risk dogs from kill shelters and provide these special companions with specialized medical care – often running into thousands of dollars. To help Nelson and more dogs in similar serious circumstances, donations can be made to PayPal: or or mail: RDR NYC PO BOX 101 NY NY 10028.

(Photos of puppy with gaping hole in his face courtesy of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC)

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Update: 20-year-old spaniel Sonoma dumped at shelter by owner

As he waited for his owner to return, Sonoma was terrified and confused in a caged kennel at the Carson Animal Care Center. On April 18, the 20-year-old spaniel, obediently walked into the shelter with the one person he trusted his entire life; he had no idea this would be the last time he would ever be with her. It was the supreme betrayal of loyalty. A volunteer standing at the counter overheard the following heartbreaking conversation moments before Sonoma was led away:

“SANOMA spent his entire life with the woman that just left him at the shelter. She felt he was too old and she would come home to find him swimming in the pool because he is DEAF and BLIND! He is completely confused about what is happening to him; it must be so scary. He needs help now! Please share for his life, he’s such an angel.”

On Wednesday, Sonoma was welcomed into the family of Frosted Faces Foundation. 

“…but ultimately, it doesn’t matter when, how, or why you surrendered your dog. At any age, the only languages a dog will ever know are fierce loyalty and love. There is nothing one can say to explain to your dog all of the reasons you feel your decision of abandonment is justified, and that is why we operate Frosted Faces Foundation.”

And so the senior has started his new life – all 20-years of him. With the help of rescue volunteers, Teresa Molina and Vicki White, the happy dog’s butt wiggled and he took his freedom walk on Wednesday afternoon – just hours after his heartbreaking story garnered attention on social media.

“Meet Frosted Face Sonoma whose days will go on, his heart will heal, and we will be his advocates- me, his new family, all of you. Where anger meets love, we act,” stated the group on their Facebook page.

Then came a bath, scratches behind the ears and some reassuring words that this dog is in a better place. Then came the light green bow tie, a delicious meal to take the edge off and finally a soft bed to rest his weary soul. Welcome home Sonoma; you are one of the lucky ones.

To help Frosted Faces Foundation help more dogs, donations can be made here. Sonoma will need $25/month sponsoring Fans, please register at If you are interested in being Sonoma’s Forever Foster (medical expenses covered) or Forever Family (adoption with $500/year major medical grant), please apply right away at

Photos courtesy of Frosted Faces Foundation. Previous story here.

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Stray mother dog traveled 2 miles a day to scavenge food to feed her puppies

Not much could be stronger than a mother’s love for her babies – and particularly a stray mother dog who area residents say traveled two miles a day to scavenge food so she could feed her puppies? And that’s when Krystle Woodward, the owner and founder of Pinky Paws Animal Rescue in Fowler, California was told about the neglected dog who had been seen wandering in the area and then mysteriously heading back to care for her newborn puppies.

Krystle had heard about the stray nearly two months ago, but no one had been able to capture her, and it wasn’t until last Thursday that life would change for a devoted canine mom, dubbed Betty Boop and her ten tiny puppies:

 “I trapped Betty Boop on my break at work. To find she later escaped. Thurs on my lunch break, hubby rushed with the van we trapped and saved Betty Boop. After 30 people saw her over the past 3-4 weeks scavenging for food in city limits to go far back miles in the country to feed her pups. Then after work I stayed late night at the vet. Had to make sure she didn’t have infection. I cried all night after Dr said she was nursing. I kept thinking about all those pups suffering a painful death starving,” Krystle wrote on the organization’s Facebook page.

By Friday, however Betty Boop continued trying to escape; she ran outside and tried to climb the fence. The nursing mom had to try anything to get back to her puppies. And so Krystle’s mission to find the puppies commenced. According to YourCentralValley, the puppies were found underground in the basement of an abandoned home. Woodward called her friend’s son, Kenneth Stoen, a Freemont Elementary School student, to help rescue the pups from underground.

All of the ten puppies are healthy and have been named -Amber, Citrine, Copper, Jade, Jasper, Onyx, Opal, Pearl, Rubyloo and Sage.

“Just her trust in me to show me where her puppies were,” said Woodward. “It really touched my heart that’s why I love them so much and we’re their voice.”

The puppies will be available for adoption on May 1. Let’s help find these babies some homes; will be giving their first shots. They are 6 weeks old. 
There are seven girls and three boys. One boy is black and two are brown. They are pit mixes.
If you would like to donate and help, please click here.

(Photos and video of stray mother dog and her puppies courtesy of Pinky Paws Animal Rescue)


Check out how Betty Boop trusted her rescuer and led her to the puppies:

Terribly neglected when his owner died, Reno gets new ‘leash’ on life

The neglect of Reno had been going on for a long period of time, but when the senior’s owner died, the dog’s future became even more ominous. Covered in fleas, matted and with his eyes swollen, the dog was surrendered to a rural shelter in Georgia. It might seem as if no one in the family cared if Reno had one more day, one more month or even a few years left to live – no one wanted him.

When advocates called out to Rescue Dogs Rock NYC to help, Jackie O’Sullivan, co-founder of the organization, immediately agreed and quickly made arrangements for the raggedy, neglected pooch who had already given up on life at the shelter to be transferred to the group’s partner veterinarian emergency services. On Saturday, Reno was sedated in order to be cleaned, shaved and examined.

“We posted little senior Reno yesterday when he came in horrible condition after his owner died. Today he was sedated, shaved, cleaned up & had his rotten teeth pulled. The photos are heartbreaking,” Jackie posted about the ten-year-old dog’s updated condition on Facebook Saturday night. “He was matted, had rotten teeth, horrible overgrown nails, was filthy, flea infested and he’s blind. Looks like he was born blind, but before he was too matted to see his face.”

And on Saturday, Reno’s life has changed. No more will he be matted and no more will fleas infest his undernourished body. Many thanks to Rescue Dogs Rock NYC for stepping up to a dog no one wanted anymore.

“We want you,” stated Jackie, ” and so do many other people who read about your life.”

To help Reno and more dogs in similar need, donations can be sent via PayPal: or or mail: RDR NYC PO BOX 101 NY NY 10028.

(Photos and video of courtesy of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC






Check out his short video when he first arrived at the vet. Shameful condition for a little dog who just wanted to be loved.


Hundreds of animals found in deplorable conditions at North Georgia puppy mill

It began on Wednesday evening with an anonymous call from an area resident in the north Georgia county of Habersham complaining about excessive dog barking. What officers discovered, when they arrived at the property was both shocking and deplorable. They encountered a puppy mill; hundreds of animals had been lined up in rows – barely existing in plastic tubs filled with their own feces and urine. Some were so matted, they could barely walk, eat or  relieve themselves. Many of the puppies suffered from eye, ear and skin conditions.  According to the Humane Society of the United States,  the Habersham County Department of Animal Care and Control immediately secured a warrant for the property and called the Animal Crimes unit with the HSUS for assistance.

By early Thursday morning, HSUS staff members, law enforcement officials, and local humane groups raided the property. They seized more than 350 dogs, cats, and other animals from squalid, deficient conditions. Donkeys, a horse, bunnies, chickens, ducks, geese, goats, sheep, and an alpaca were found on the property searching for food and clean water.

Working side by side with Habersham County and with support from Cashier’s Highland Humane Society, RescueBank, Greater Good, Save the Horses, Cornerstone Animal Hospital, Humane Society of North East Georgia, Northeast Veterinary hospital, PAWS Bryson City, Gwinnett County Animal Welfare and Enforcement and other neighboring welfare organizations, the dogs have been removed as well as the other animals.

In the Humane Society of the United States press release, 

“We never expected to discover something of this magnitude in our own backyard,” said Madi Hawkins, director of HCACC. “I’m grateful to our dedicated and compassionate staff who have been on scene over 24 hours and will continue to be here until the last animal is rescued. This is a heartbreaking situation, and it’s not an easy task to be present to witness this kind of cruelty.”

The HSUS and Cashiers Highland Humane are safely transporting the dogs, cats, bunnies and birds to a temporary emergency animal shelter, where they will be thoroughly examined by teams of veterinarians and receive any necessary immediate medical care. Rescue Bank is providing the necessary food for the dogs. The horse and farm animals  are being transported to Horse Inc.

The case remains under investigation. There are still estimated to be more than 10,000 puppy mills operating in the United States. The challenge is to close them all down – how these animals are forced to live is beyond reprehensible.

(Photos and video of puppy mill in North Georgia courtesy of HSUS, Frank Loftus) To donate to this organization, please click here.

Check out the video. No animal should have to live like this:


Out of time: Lito holding his ‘stuffie’ unaware there will be no more playtime

RESCUED! Many thanks to everyone who shared the story of this incredible pooch.

The only constant in Lito’s life at Brooklyn’s New York City’s public shelter has been his “stuffie.” He cuddles with it, he rubs against it and when a volunteer offers to play with him, he grabs his toy. His short life has been summed up as follows:

“IMAGINE A ‘STUFFIE’ BEING THE ONLY THING IN THE WORLD THAT YOU HAD TO LOVE — IMAGINE NOBODY LOVED YOU … This sweet, sweet boy has sat there for weeks peeking his nose through the bars that keep him confined. His tail wagging, his eyes look up with such hope as each person passes him by – but nobody picked him. Lito plays happily with other dogs and is average rated (will fit into just about any home). So today he is out of time simply because he is homeless. This dog IS ONLY 12 MONTHS – AND WILL BE KILLED SHORTLY AT NYCACC – BROOKLYN, NY.”

A Facebook page for Lito can be followed here. Please note that dogs placed on “death row” only get 18 hours to be shared and rescued. With a holiday weekend approaching, Lito’s chances become slimmer, but not before volunteers get one more chance to sing this little guy’s praises. According to Rachel Bennett, who has interacted with Lito, here’s a first hand peek into this playful dog’s personality:

“I have walked Lito a couple of times, and he’s out of this world beautiful! Though he’s very friendly and sweet, he’s a big boy and can be a lot of dog at times (a bit pully on the leash). He is very house trained and seems highly trainable! I love the way he’s always sleeping on the bars of his cage so he doesn’t miss anything!”

Share this boy’s plight with approved rescue organizations, friends, family and social media contacts. Sharing saves lives. Euthanasia begins at 1:00 p.m. Be the difference for Lito.

My name is LITO. My Animal ID # is A1106806. Brooklyn Center, NY. I am a NEUTERED male tan and white am pit bull ter mix, approx 12 months old, weight 69 lbs, rated Average (will fit into just about any home)”

LITO A1106806 is available to be reserved on the ACC website until noon of April 13th

(Photos and video courtesy of Julie Carner and Must Love Dogs)


Watch his video here:


Man who dragged Golden retriever alongside his car sentenced to jail

The man who dragged a Golden retriever alongside of his car was sentenced to 14 days in jail; nearly one year less than prosecutors requested, reports the Palm Beach Post. Ross Garret Cheney, 29, will serve his sentence on weekends rather than spend 14 consecutive days in jail.

The disturbing animal cruelty situation occurred on August 8, 2016, when the dog who belonged to Cheney’s parents, ran out of the family home. Family members and friends went searching for the dog, and when Cheney found him, he leashed the dog around the neck and had the dog run alongside of the car while en route back home. According to Bill Bishop, chief assistant state attorney in Okaloosa County, the dog was not able to keep up, although Cheney never stopped while the dog was being dragged until a motorist finally flagged him down.

An officer who arrived at the scene rushed the dog to the nearby veterinarian hospital where he was treated for numerous injuries. The dog was returned to his owners.

Cheney was charged with aggravated animal cruelty as prosecutors recommended he be given the sentenced of 11 months and 29 days – with four years of probation. Instead, Circuit Judge John Brown sentenced Cheney to two weeks in jail, two years of probation and 100 days of community service. In addition, Cheney will not have a felony conviction on his record if he follows the sentencing guidelines.

Cheney has a previous record of being a “habitual offender” as his past arrests have included multiple charges of  driving with a revoked license.

(Photo of Cheney who dragged Golden retriever via Okaloosa County Jail)

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California rescue takes on litter of very ill German shepherd puppies

In a heartbreaking emergency, the California rescue, Coastal German Shepherd Rescue of Southern California, have bravely taken on a litter of seven very sick German shepherd puppies surrendered by their owner to the open admission San Bernardino City Shelter on Saturday afternoon. As is preferred practice for city shelter, unless an approved rescue organization can be found immediately, puppies with contagious diseases have to be immediately euthanized to avoid the spread of illnesses to the other shelter dogs.

Within an hour, the word had spread amid the rescue community for the seven puppies who tested positive for parvovirus. The majority of cases are seen in puppies between six weeks and six months old, however the incidence of the parvovirus infection has been reduced by early vaccination in young puppies.

“Just when we were starting to catch our breath from the many medical cases we have had over the past week, we got a text from our friends at the San Bernardino City Shelter that 7 (SEVEN) pups had just been surrendered and they tested positive for PARVO. Seriously, SEVEN PARVO PUPPIES. . . Unbelievable. We had no time to even think. The pups had one hour to leave the shelter or be euthanized,” the group posted on their Facebook while coordinating the emergency rescue details.

More than likely these puppies came from a backyard breeder. Advertisements from these unscrupulous breeders are all over the Internet and especially on Craigslist. Although they  may seem to be the neighbor who happens to live next door, these are the people who treat their  family pets as breeding machines for profit. Too often, these pet owners do not utilize the expertise of veterinarians – and a tragic situation just like this with seven critically ill puppies are the result.

“SEVEN PARVO PUPPIES are going to cost us a small fortune but there is no way we could say no. Can you help us figure out how we are going to cover the medical bills for this litter? Every dollar will add up and make a big difference.”

The pups have all been transferred to the organization’s partner veterinarian and are being kept in isolation and treated accordingly. No updates have been made available as of this time. To donate to their care, please click here.

(Photos of German shepherd puppies via Facebook Coastal German Shepherd Rescue OC)

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93-year-old Vermont man dies in icy pond trying to save his dog

In Chittenden, Vermont, a 93-year-old resident of Rutledge died on Saturday afternoon trying to save his dog from an icy pond. According to an official report by the Vermont State Police, Detective Trooper Pfindel stated William R. Graf died when he ventured out onto the ice at Leffert’s Pond off Wildcat Road after his dog fell through the ice.

A witness stated Mr. Graf was unable to get out of the water.  Police stated the dog also died. An autopsy is pending.

In a similar tragedy, an Oklahoma man drowned in January trying to save his dog who fell through thin ice on a pond.  Tanner Shorter, 22, had been out duck hunting with a group of friends in Stephens County when the accident took place. Shorter’s dog ran onto the thin ice to retrieve a bird and apparently fell through the ice – Shorter immediately tried to rescue his companion, but died in the process.

So what do you do if your dog falls through the ice?

First of all, always keep your dog on a leash. If you didn’t heed that warning, experts strongly urge pet owners to take the following steps:

  • Call 911. Wait for fire rescue
  • Do not go onto the ice after your dog. If the ice didn’t support your dog, it’s surely not going to support a human
  • Let the rescue workers do their job
  • Don’t repeat the mistake and keep your dog on a leash in the future

Rest in peace Mr. Graf.

(Photo of Vermont State Police report man died in icy pond via Facebook)

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