Federal ban forces dog owners to leave their pets behind when fleeing Puerto Rico

As if escaping the island of Puerto Rico hasn’t been stressful enough for Americans who can no longer cope with the lack of electricity and the necessities of life, citizens from the island have been ordered by federal authorities to leave their pets behind.

According to the Daily Beast, commercial airlines are not allowing family pets weighing more than 20 pounds to accompany them out of Puerto Rico. Federal authorities have taken control of cargo compartments to transport supplies and unless the pet can fit into the cabin of the aircraft and weighs less than 20 pounds, they are forced to stay behind. Sylvie Bedrosian, president of the Pet Friendly Puerto Rico stated more than 2,000 pets have been left behind because of the embargo.

“I understand that most planes coming from the U.S. to Puerto Rico are filled with goods, but what bothers me most is that planes leaving the island are mostly empty. Why take custody of an empty cargo?” Bedrosian questioned.

The No Pet Left Behind Fema Act after Hurricane Katrina “authorizes FEMA to provide rescue, care, shelter, and essential needs for individuals with household pets and service animals, and to the household pets and animals themselves following a major disaster or emergency.” Still the federal ban has continued to be ignored.

“Our animal shelters were already at full capacity before the hurricane and now beginning to feel the burden that María left behind,’ Bedrosian said. “Our rescue missions have completely changed. We used to wonder for abandoned pets on the streets and now have to worry about those left on the airports.”

As of Wednesday Jet Blue and Southwest have been allowing up to eight pets on board at a time, but that doesn’t provide any solutions for dogs weighing over 20 pounds. United Airlines stated the embargo has been waived for them until the end of the month.

“United removed your pet embargo via charge until October 31 You can call 1-800-575-3335 to make your reservation.”

Pet Friendly PR, with the help of the Sato Project have been helping to not only help stray dogs find new homes by flying them to various rescue organizations in other states, but also have been helping pets and families to be reunited with special projects and flights:

“Call to action! We have been inundated with messages and emails from people who want or need to leave Puerto Rico but refuse to leave their dogs behind. We applaud you for your compassion and for standing by your family members and we want to help keep families together.
The Sato Project has secured a small private plane on Thursday that will fly to PR with humanitarian supplies. We want to send that plane back to NJ filled with owned animals. We have space for approximately 8 crates.”

To help these shelters – remember none of them have power and are struggling to help these pets, donations can be sent by clicking here and here. 

(Photos via Sato Project and Pet Friendly PR)

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Dog owner charged with dragging 2 dogs behind motorized scooter

In Van Buren, Arkansas, a local man has been arrested and charged with dragging his two dogs behind a motorized scooter. The dogs are now recovering, but not after having tolerated frightening abuse and cruelty. Paul Chavez has been arrested and charged with aggravated animal cruelty.

According to 5NewsKfsm, police in Crawford County received a report that two dogs had been abandoned and left tied to a stop sign one block off of Highway 282. Almost Home Shelter Rescue founder Rebecca Kascubowski described how the pads of the dogs’ feet had been torn. The larger dog, the Great Pyrenees, was protective of the smaller mixed breed pooch, and while being treated by a veterinarian had been making sure his little pal was safe.

The dogs have since been named Prince and Big P. After their recovery, the dogs will be ready for adoption, and since they do seem quite bonded, it is hoped the two can find a home together. For more information about Prince and Big P, please click here.

(Photo of Prince and owner charged with dragging dogs via screenshot News5 and Almost Home Shelter Rescue)

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Dog reappears 14 hours after family buried his dead body

Man stays with wild animals at risk from raging wildfires

Dog swept out to sea rescued by coastguard during training session

A frightened and shivering cockapoo that had been swept out to sea off the northeast coast of Scotland was rescued after a coastguard crew working during their routine training session spotted the dog swimming.

According to the Facebook page of the Maritime and Coastguard Agency, the dog had been swimming in the Moray Firth on Sunday morning and had been on the verge of drowning when a member of the public reported the dog had been swept out into the sea.

“An emergency call was made reporting a dog which had ran into the water and started swimming out to sea near Cumminston, Moray…”

The pup had been in the water for 40 minutes when the UK Coastguard helicopter was able to locate him and alert the Moray inshore rescue boat based at Findhorn to the dog’s exact location. They pulled the dog onto the board and returned him to his owners who had been waiting on shore with the Burghead Coastguard Rescue Team.

“The dog was rescued, exhausted and having nearly drowned, and taken back into harbour where the crew and officers provided first aid until the owner could arrange to attend a local vet. Happily, the dog is doing well,” stated an organization’s spokesperson. “Never follow  animals into the water; they are much better swimmers than humans and generally can stay alive a lot longer than us and usually can make their own way out.”


In a few minutes the rescue was over and the helicopter returned to its Sunday training session.

(Photos and video via Facebook)

Check out the video:

Rescued: Pile of puppies left on cold shelter floor for weeks

A pile of puppies huddled together in a Rio Grande Valley, Texas rural shelter for two weeks. When funds are scarce and families to adopt puppies are rare, decisions of life and death become stark realities – even for those so very young. Each of the six-puppies in the litter had been severely neglected, and each suffered with fleas, ticks, skin infections and mange. Each puppy was dehydrated and anemic – their skin itchy, red and raging; sadly there are few resources available for veterinarian care.

When Rescue Dogs Rock NYC was asked to help, co-founder Stacey Silverstein arranged to have the puppies transferred to the organization’s partner veterinarian hospital in Dallas.

“The shelter said it was easier to kill them and be done with it. We said no – not going to happen,” Stacey wrote as she posted the photos of the puppies on the rescue’s Facebook page. “So what did we do? We rescued them all!”


Five of the puppies have been treated and transferred to foster homes, however Jasmine remains in the emergency hospital in serious condition. Jasmine has already been given a blood transfusion costing $750; she remains on a 24-hour intravenous drip as her condition is so dehydrated and weak. Her prognosis is unknown, but she is being given every chance to survive.

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(Photos of pile of puppies left to die in shelter courtesy of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC)

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Dog reappears 14 hours after family buried his dead body

Man stays with wild animals at risk from raging wildfires

Nasty man caught on video kicking innocent pup in head while it waited for its owner

Authorities are appealing to the public for help identifying the nasty man caught on closed circuit video on Wednesday kicking an innocent pup in the head while the dog waited outside of a store for her owner.  The dog’s owner, Danielle Duce had been paying for her groceries at the One Stop shop located in Bramhall Lane in Stockport, when she heard her dog Izzy cry out in pain.

According to the Mirror, people had been walking in and out of the store, paying no attention to the well-behaved pooch – that is until a nasty man made a beeline for the dog and intentionally kicked her in the head with his boot. The video clearly shows the man coming into view swinging his leg towards Izzy. He closes in on her and strikes her on the side of the head.

Danielle brings Izzy with her to the store everyday, and each time Izzy has waited outside of the store with no problems.

“When this happened I was inside paying when suddenly I heard Izzy yelp loudly. I went outside and a woman said, ‘A man has just kicked your dog.'” stated Izzy. “There were people who were confronting him, and a man in a van was shouting at him but he just walked away.”

The RSPCA is hoping witnesses will supply the information needed to identify the culprit. The man is described as wearing a distinctive blue coat, is his 30s to 40s and having  blondish hair. Anyone who may have recognized him is asked to contact 0300 123 8018.

Although frightened, Izzy did not sustain any serious injuries. Still what will happen next time this animal abuser kicks someone’s dog for no reason? Help to bring justice to an innocent dog.

(Photos via screenshots from video)

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Dog reappears 14 hours after family buried his dead body


Man stays with wild animals at risk from raging wildfires


Woman sobs as she videoed owner dragging tired puppy down street on belly

In Great Yarmouth, England, a woman was so upset when she spotted a man walk past her with three dogs, including a tired puppy being dragged down the street on her belly, she videoed the disturbing scene to be used as future evidence. The woman sobbed as she witnessed the five-week-old Staffordshire bull terrier, named Fatsy, shaking, grunting and whining as her owner Robert Loombe dragged the little one down the street. The witness then turned the video over to the police, who tracked the owner down and charged him with animal cruelty.

On Friday, Loombe’s punishment was regarded by animal activists as a joke. According to the Mirror, Loombe was fined $400 and was not banned from owning animals in the future, although the Norwich magistrate barred him from owning Fatsy any longer. Loombe pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary suffering to an animal and also admitted to possessing marijuana, but was not punished for the disturbing the peace offense.

According to witnesses, and Jade Barker who videoed the cruel situation, Loombe reacted angrily to people begging him to stop dragging the puppy along the sidewalk.

“I saw him dragging this poor little puppy behind him. I said that he needed to pick the puppy up and he told me to f*** off,” Jade stated. “So I just carried on walking and then saw him still dragging it across the road so its face collided with the high curb. I just thought it was so disgusting so I stood at the side of the Co-op and filmed him for 11 seconds. I was so upset that I was crying my eyes out.”

At least five other bystanders approached Loombe as he dragged the puppy more than 60 yards, but to each person, the nasty man reacted with rage telling people he was training the puppy how to walk on a leash by dragging it stating “you have to be cruel to be kind.”

The puppy had been one of a litter of seven puppies Loombe had at his home. At the time of his arrest, the police removed all of the dogs. On his Facebook page, which had garnered intense criticism,  has since been closed from public view, he insulted anyone who criticized him, but later added:

” I appreciate that I must me or nearly the most hated person in Norfolk & my behaviour/situation is nothing less than horrifyingly awful? I understand all of this & I mad a fu**ing massive mistake which I am/have paying for!!”

And as for Fatsy, she suffered a bloodied chin and a police spokesperson stated the mother dog and the puppies were at the Suffolk based Broken Halo Animal Rescue Center. Soon after the puppy’s father and two other puppies were brought to the rescue by a member of the Loombe family. All five dogs are currently in foster care and are due to be adopted. Fatsy is slowly recuperating from her ordeal.

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(Photos of tired puppy dragged via screenshots from video, Facebook and East Anglican News Service)

Dog reappears 14 hours after family buried his dead body


Man stays with wild animals at risk from raging wildfires

Two lonely dogs take comfort in one another at frightening shelter

Neither dog had ever seen each other prior to having been picked up as strays in San Antonio, Texas. No matter – it’s all the cold, lonely harsh truth of how abandoned dogs really feel when left at a shelter. Their expressions reflected their despair. Hopeless, depressed and scared to death what was slated to happen next, the two bonded together for comfort. Maybe they sensed it; both of them had been on the schedule to be euthanized at the overcrowded shelter.
Rescue Dogs Rock NYC‘s co-founder Jackie O’Sullivan is not unfamiliar with the heartbreaking expressions of the nearly broken souls.
“We took one look at this photo and couldn’t look away without taking action to help these two dogs,” stated Jackie. “We were able to get them to  safety, and they both need extensive medical treatment. Both have been transferred to the organization’s San Antonio vet partner.”
Welcome Barney the Basset hound and Raphael, the shepherd. You will never be alone again.
(Photo of lonely dogs via Facebook and RDR NYC)
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Gravely injured mother fought off other dogs to protect her newborn puppies

When the gravely injured young, black and white retriever mother dog was surrendered on Wednesday to a high-kill rural shelter in Georgia, she was in severe pain. According to the owner, she had been attacked by other dogs; all she wanted to do was to protect her newborn puppies. Without medical care, her wounds became infected; the maggots could be seen oozing out of the open infected wounds on her slender body. Why her wounds were never treated or cleansed remains unexplained.

And if that wasn’t disturbing enough, where were her puppies she so desperately tried to protect in spite of her life-threatening injuries? It wasn’t until one day later that same person walked into the shelter and surrendered the dog’s six tiny puppies who also had maggots crawling over their tiny bodies. Rescue Dogs Rock NYC volunteered to help, and arrangements were immediately made to transport the family in peril to an emergency veterinarian in Georgia.

On Thursday morning, the mother dog, now named Sugar has been reunited with her puppies. Jackie O’Sullivan, co-founder of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC updated the progress on the family’s plight:

“Mama now called Sugar was reunited with her 6 newborn puppies & they are all at our GA vet recovering. Mom is nursing, but she’s also on IV fluids & antibiotics for her infected wounds. Her wounds were clipped & cleaned last night. We are happy to report all are maggot Free!!! Sugar has 3 boys & 3 girls & we’ll post baby photos soon.”

To help with this lucky family:
Rescue Dogs Rock NYC
PO Box 101
Gracie Station
New York, NY 10028

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(Photos and video of Sugar and newborn puppies courtesy of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC)

Check out the short video as Sugar was being cleaned up:



Man stays with wild animals at risk from raging wildfires

Good Samaritan rushes to save puppy tossed out of moving car



Vladimir Putin kisses and hugs his new puppy given to him as birthday present

Not often does the world ever catch a glimpse of Vladimir Putin and his softer side, but on Wednesday he was given a belated birthday present from Turkmenistan President Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov during meetings in Sochi. As Berdymukhamedov picked the adorable ball of canine cuteness up by the scruff of the neck towards the flashing cameras, Putin, gently grabbed the little one, now named Verny and gave him soft cuddles and kisses. 

The name Verny means “faithful” in Russian. The alabai breed is a home-bred Turkmen mix of the Central Asian shepherd dog. The breed is officially listed as part of Turkmenistan’s national heritage. The dogs were originally bred for shepherding, protection and guard duty.

Putin turned 65 on October 7.

“We have a common friend.” Berdymukhamedov stated according to Reuters. “This is the world’s unique alabai dog. And today I bought this little alabai with me.”

Despite the sternness of Putin’s appearance, it’s a well known fact that he has a love for animals. There have been numerous photos of Putin feeding elk, holding kittens and playing in the snow with his dogs. This is Putin’s third dog given to him as a gift. There’s Buffy, a Bulgarian shepherd from Bulgaria’s premier and Yume, an Akita from a Japanese official. Putin also has been given horses as well as a tiger for gifts in the past.

(Photos of Vladimir Putin welcoming his new puppy via Reuters screenshot)

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Saving Chinba: Owner could not afford to treat dog’s skin condition

When Harris County Animal Shelter volunteers in Houston, Texas spotted Chinba with his painful, bright red skin still wagging his tail, tears came to their eyes. His owners were not able to afford to treat his horrible skin condition. On the bright side, however one can only be glad they decided to bring the dog to the shelter instead of dumping him on the side of the road.

Now Chinba needs rescue.

“As much as it breaks our heart to even watch this video, bashing his previous owners won’t help save him! So please, we are BEGGING, help us save Chinba! He desperately needs a new name and a new start to his life.

In order to save him, we need a rescue group to take him on. Rescue groups run entirely off of donations so the number one thing we need help with us funds for his vet care.”

For a rescue group to save this one-year-old puppy, a local committed foster home is needed. Since he is in such terrible condition, someone will have to take care of him until he recovers and is ready for adoption. The rescue group will cover all expenses – just a warm home and some love is needed. Local Houston residents willing to give this young dog a chance at a better life, please contact the shelter. Please note, there has not been any definitive diagnosis of the pup’s skin disease.

Click here for this dog’s PetHarbor link. ID#A495069 “My name is CHINBA. I am a male, white and gray Setter/retriever. The shelter staff think I am about 1 year old. I have been at the shelter since Oct 10, 2017. For more information about this animal, call Harris County Public Health and Environmental Services at (281) 999-3191. Follow his Facebook page here. Share his plight with approved rescue organizations, family, friends and social media contacts. Sharing saves lives.

Check out his short video – look how sweet he is: