News reporter, cops and young boy rescue dog from busy traffic-filled street

When NBC news reporter, Pat Battle had been covering a news story in Hackensack, New Jersey on Friday and saw a small dog dart in and out of traffic, it was Pat’s first instinct to help. Just as quick as a flash of lightning, the black pup ran across the lawn in front of the Bergen County Courthouse and into traffic – just as everyone was leaving for the weekend. When Pat spotted a child about 50 yards away, she assumed it was the little boy’s dog; he had already been trying to catch her.

“The boy was calling her, I was calling her – she listened but she didn’t obey,” stated Pat.

And so it was time to engage more help, and just moments later a Hackensack police officer stopped his car to join in the effort to save the pooch who was oblivious to the increase in traffic and the dangers of getting hit by a vehicle. For the next 30 minutes, ten strangers worked hard to rescue the pint-sized pup. Count them – there were three police officers, three children and four adults who finally managed to corral the little ten-pound dog to safety.

It wasn’t over yet. Frightened from her scary jaunt, the Chihuahua hid underneath a dumpster. Sgt. Anthony DiParisi called for backup and the responding officers Sean Briggs and Jessica DeJesus lured the dog out with turkey and chicken. Snagged! Ironically the dog seemed grateful for the rescue and snuggled into the arms of Officer Briggs – the adorable little canine “jay-runner”  kissing, licking and wagging her tail.

The dog wore no collar, and therefore was transported to the Bergen County Animal Shelter where she will spend the next week and hopefully be reunited with her family. Maybe she just escaped from her home? If no one claims her however, that little boy who Pat met when she spotted the pup doing his marathon run – Ethan – said he and his mom would love to adopt the dog and name her “Go-Go” because she never stopped running until she felt the love.

Nice job Pat; no fake media here!

(Photos of news reporter and others save little dog screenshot via Pat Battle)

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Neighbor ran over dog with lawnmower for mating with his female dog

A friendly, three-year-old German shepherd mix was the victim of extreme animal cruelty recently after a neighbor pinned the dog to the ground and ran over his legs with a lawnmower for mating with the man’s female dog. Both dogs were just reacting to their natural instincts – shame on all owners who do not take the time to get their pets spayed and neutered.

It had been a fine summer day when the shepherd, named Mommam, ran and played in the residential neighborhood of Thanlang, Phuket, Thailand. Running over to mount the female dog, tragically the dog’s life changed for the worse in just a few minutes; the female dog’s owner became so furious that he grabbed Mommam, restrained him to the ground and ran over his legs with a lawnmower. Despite the dog’s intense pain and agony, he was able to pull away from his torturer and dragged himself over to the spot where he loved to take naps; he writhed in agony. Later that day when his owner found his dog – he was shocked.

Mommam’s injuries were severe and life threatening. Because his owner was not able to afford the emergency care for his dog, Soi Dog Foundation stepped up to help. The dog was rushed to a local veterinary hospital for treatment. His front leg had been completely severed, and it has since been amputated. His back right leg is currently being treated by Soi Dog vets, who hope they can save it.

As can be seen in the video below, once Mommam’s injuries were treated and his pain was brought under control,  his joyful spirit has returned. His tail is wagging, and he is able to walk – or jump – using his left legs alone.

An investigation by Thailand’s animal cruelty officials is currently underway. The person who attacked the dog is facing criminal charges.

Mommam desperately needs donations to cover his medical care. Please give today:

 Mommam’s recovery would not be possible without you. Thank you for helping him.

(Photos and videos of dog run over with lawnmower courtesy of Soi Dog Foundation Facebook)

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Video: (Graphic and may not be suitable for all viewing audiences)

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Actress Selma Blair’s dog dies after tragic accident

A dog belonging to actress Selma Blair has died following a tragic accident. On Thursday, the 45-year-old actress asked Instagram followers to pray for her rescued pup, “Ducky,” who was involved in some type of “terrible accident.”

💔Please say prayers for Ducky. She had a terrible accident this evening . The vet recommended ending her suffering. But when her tail wagged, I couldn’t do it. We are going ahead to try to put her body and organs back together. She is our home. We ask for this miracle. Please say a word. Arthur’s heart is broken. 🐾💔

Love and prayers were not enough to save the 13-year-old Chihuahua mix who was adopted by Blair’s family in 2015. On Friday, Blair’s Instagram account broke the devastating news:

Run with the angels. We miss you so much. So much, sweet girl. Please send us our next dog. With the spirit of you and wink. Our hearts are broken.

No word on what happened to Ducky – but she was obviously loved by her family. Run free sweet girl.

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Heroes rush into burning house to save a family’s trapped dog – read the story here!


Adorable moments when 2 naughty dogs send themselves to the ‘doghouse’

How adorable can it be when two naughty Australian shepherds sent themselves to their cages after their dog sitter returned home and saw the dogs’ ripped apart bed? The dogs tell their own story on a soon to be viral video when the dog sitter, who had been watching the two pups for a friend, noticed the bed had been torn apart in the corner. Initially when the man comes home, the dogs are ecstatic to see the friendly, loving face, but here comes the consequences of a few minutes of chewing boredom. Oops!

As the man questions the dogs, the guilty canines momentarily hesitate and slowly walk into their kennels. Long faces and that doggy guilt look of shame while keeping their eyes cast downward, the dogs admitted their guilt – no words needed of course. Their pet sitter didn’t seem that upset by the dogs’ error of their ways and seemed to derive their adorable admissions of guilt as adorable.

“These two Australian shepherds, who had a little bit too much fun ripping up a dog bed when their owner was away from home, at least managed to look reasonably guilty when the damage was found. A video of the dogs was shared to a YouTube channel under the name Gideon on August 15, showing the dogs seeking shelter in their crates when their dog minder walked across the room to survey the damage done to one of their beds. The dogs appeared to find it hard to look their temporary carer in the eye as he scolded them. The video had 8,591 views at time of writing.”

Credit: Gideon via Storyful (Photos of naughty dogs via screenshots Gideon video)

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Check out the video and tell us what you think?

UPDATE: Hero saves Liverpool dog videoed being kicked in the face

His name is “Sconehead,” and this adorable little Jack Russell terrier mix brought tears to the eyes of online readers Wednesday afternoon after  viral video footage had been posted showing the dog being kicked in the face and terrorized by his owner.

Just moments ago, Michael Lamb, 42, of Liverpool was hailed a “hero” after news that he rushed to Sconehead’s rescue yesterday after the vicious attack w outside of his supermarket in Toxteth. According to the Liverpool Echo, Lamb has spoken out and revealed he has already been instrumental in finding a home for the battered pup now named Sconehead.

The dog’s owner was videoed kicking his dog in the face. The disturbing footage, videoed by a Good Samaritan and later posted on social media, showed the dog owner slamming his foot into the face of the brown and white pup along the street of Park Road late in the afternoon. The witness had been walking down the street when he saw the man drag the dog off the bus and kick it from side to side. The dog was terrified and was trying to wiggle out of its leash, but the man kept yanking the defenseless pooch.

And soon the dog’s hero felt it was time to defend the abused pooch and came to his rescue. Lamb, who owns  Maggie’s Farm Organics, has since been keeping the dog safe.

“My main care was for that dog. I’m a father and I’ve got a little daughter. I was getting messages after the attack saying, ‘Do you know about this fella?’ and I did. I thought ‘I’m not having this. I shut the shop and walked up there, knocked two or three times, and I could hear the dog barking. My first impression was ‘I am taking that dog away from you’,” stated Lamb.

All of this had been happening in public, and it was then Michael convinced the owner to surrender the dog after noticing blood on Sconehead’s face. And less than one day, Sconehead has changed from a terrified little pooch into a “chill lad” who doesn’t want to leave Michael’s side.   Although Michael can’t keep the little guy, even though the RSPCA said he can keep  Sconehead, a neighbor – just a few doors up from the shop has already fallen in love.

“I know the girl who is going to have him. I wouldn’t just give him to anyone. I have had many people asking and saying ‘I will have him, I will have him’ but this way I can see him every day,” Michael told the news media.

Kerry Thomas will be Sconehead’s new mom telling the Echo it “was love at first sight.” She will be changing his name and is thinking about calling his Mick after his rescuer.

Be the voice for those who cannot speak.

There has been no information if the previous owner will be charged with animal cruelty, however police have confirmed an investigation continues.

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(Photos contributed and screenshot via the Echo)

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Family pit bulls rescue children from copperhead snake

In Brandon, Florida, two protective family pit bulls rescued a grandmother’s two young grandchildren for a deadly attack by a copperhead snake in the yard of their home on Monday. Melissa Butt had been in the yard relaxing while the children Zayden, 4, and Mallory, 1, played, when suddenly the woman’s two dogs ran over to the kids and jumped in front of a copperhead snake.

According to News8Wfla, the dogs barked causing the snake to strike. Slayer was bitten twice in the face and Paco sustained a bite to his elbow. Melissa rushed the dogs to Blue Pearl Veterinary Partners Hospital in Brandon for the ant-venom. It was essential to act quickly to save the dogs’ lives.

Melissa was worried she wouldn’t be able to afford the cost of saving her dogs’ lives, but as soon as word began to spread about the brave dogs and their imminent plight, animal rescue group Frankies Friends stepped in and were able to cover the cost of the treatment.

What could have been a tragedy for two little children and two dogs, has now turned into an inspiring story of loyalty and love. Paco is back at home nearly acting as his old self, while Slayer has been recovering at Blue Pearl. Whenever Melissa stopped in at the veterinary hospital to visit Slayer, his tail flapped non-stop. And then came the best news of the day:

“The swelling from the deadly snake bite has gone down and Slayer is going home today! Frankie’s Friends was able to help pay for the second dose of antivenin he needed to save his life, thanks to donors like YOU,” the group posted Wednesday afternoon on their Facebook page.

It’s the kind of story we at Pet Rescue Report love to tell.

(Photos of family pit bulls via Frankies Friends)

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No animal cruelty charges for man who shot and buried his dog on beach

In Virginia Beach, a local chiropractor has been cleared of animal cruelty charges. Michael Whalen admitted to shooting his dog Allie in January explaining his 15-year-old dog had been suffering from seizures and shooting her was the only humane way to relieve her of her pain.

According to WTKR News, 65-year-old Michael Whalen ended his 15-year-old Vizsla’s life with a gun when her failing health, from old age and Cushing’s Disease, took a turn for the worse.

“Never, ever did it occur to me that at 3:30 in the morning that she would start with these violent seizures and convulsions.” The agonizing seizures went on for 40 minutes – he described how he tried to comfort his dog, Allie, “I kept trying to calm her down. I had to spend most of my time keeping her from choking.”

He then stated he brought her to her favorite place – the beach and  buried her. Her body was found ten days later by someone walking along the beach. Photos of the dog led authorities to Whalen.

On Monday, General District Judge Paul Merullo dismissed the animal cruelty charge against Whalen made by prosecutors who argued he neglected getting emergency veterinarian care for Allie the night of the incident reports the PilotOnline.  A private veterinarian, however had deemed the dog a candidate for euthanasia more than a year earlier. The judge found Whalen guilty of unlawfully disposing of an animal. Whalen was fined $500 for illegal dumping.

“If I’m guilty of anything,” Whalen stated after court, “it’s for loving her too much.”

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(Photo of dog buried on beach via screenshot from PilotOnline)



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Update: Dog strangled with chain so tight her eyes nearly popped out

When a 911 call came into the Rescue Dogs Rock NYC organization early Monday morning from Manhattan’s New York City Animal Care Center, Jackie O’Sullivan was shocked and in tears. A friendly stray had been nearly strangled to death by her chain collar. The rescue organization asked the city shelter if they would release Roxie before her stray hold was over – this friendly pup needed emergency help.

Roxie was transported by Jackie, co-founder of the rescue group, from the shelter to the organization’s  Brooklyn veterinarian partner where the dog has been examined, assessed and treated. It was assumed the blood coming out of the dog’s eyes was a result of the trauma she endured while the pressure built up in her neck and face area because of the near strangulation. As tragic as the images appear, Tuesday morning’s update on Roxie lends rescuers some much needed emotional comfort:

“… taking some comfort that Roxie is safe and out of harm’s way. The bad is behind her and now we focus on treatment and recovery,” Jackie posted on the organization’s Facebook. “Roxy had a nice bath (she was a mess when we picked her up) and is now on IV fluids, pain meds and antibiotics. She’s also on medications for her eyes and ears.”

Bloodwork has been completed and veterinarians are waiting for the results to determine if she will need further testing including an MRI. Roxie will need surgery on both eyes. It is suspected she previously had cherry eyes and that is what ruptured as a result of the chain that had been strangling her. The staff believe her eyesight might still be viable – it’s just too soon to know for sure.

Check out her latest video as she quietly enjoys her first bath – in a longtime. Please keep Roxie in your thoughts. To help with her medical expenses:

PayPal: or website: or mail:
Rescue Dogs Rock NYC
PO Box 101
NY, NY 10028

Photos and video of dog strangled courtesy of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC

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Four dogs sentenced to die after mauling 10-year-old girl

In Klamath Falls, four dogs have been ordered to be euthanized after they mauled a ten-year-old girl on June 1. Last Thursday, the Klamath County commissioners unanimously voted to kill the Mastiff dogs stating it was in the public’s interest to end their lives.

According to the Herald and News, dog owner, Vincent Berry has ten days to appeal the decision through the court system. Berry intends to file the appeal through Klamath County Circuit Court. The attack took place at Berry’s home where Berry’s neighbor, Alyssa Stevens, 10 had been playing with the four dogs in an enclosed yard while her father had been home next door. Deputies stated the child had been around the dogs many times, and there had never been any incidents. The dogs had never been reported to be aggressive or a menace to anyone in the past. Berry stated the child had no permission to be in his yard with the dogs.

Alyssa suffered serious injuries including a torn scalp, punctured lung and broken ribs. She remained hospitalized for several weeks.

Commissioners agree this has been a very difficult decision. No criminal charges were ever pressed against Mr. Berry, however the dogs were labeled “dangerous” and according to state law, the commissioners can order the dogs killed. The child’s father told authorities he didn’t see any alternative, considering the seriousness of the injuries inflicted upon his daughter.  Mr. Berry, however has proposed moving his dogs out of Klamath County to Washington where they would live in a very rural area. Evidence had not been provided how the dogs would be safely secured as to prevent any danger in the future. In the appeal, Berry will present his plan to safely keep the dogs separated.

Unless the case is appealed, the dogs will be die on August 21. The order also directs Berry to turn over a fourth dog not currently in custody; the other three dogs remain in custody. It had been previously reported that the other dog still with the family had not been involved in the attack.

Weigh in on what you think.

(Photo of likeness of the four dogs via Pixabay)

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Owner claims ‘exercise’ routine after video of dog dragging tire appears on social media

In Beaverton, Oregon, the owner of a dog caught on video over the weekend dragging a tire calls his training technique “exercise.”  Two dogs, wearing a harness, were seen dragging tires behind them. The person who recorded the video feared the owner may have been abusing his dogs.

According to KatuNews, the owner of the dogs, Denes Balasz, stated the dogs pull tires behind them on walks; explaining when he was a runner, he pulled tires as a part of his weight training – describing the pulling motions help to develop and maintain the muscles of his two Dogo Argentinos. Jasmine and Sultan are both four-years-old – they are a large game hunting breed and are very friendly and great around children.

Balasz has raised the dogs since they were puppies, and says they are well-trained, well-exercised and great dogs with very friendly dispositions. Although neither dog has ever competed in any kind of pulling or strength competition, he insists his dogs thoroughly enjoy their exercise. One of the tires weighs five pounds, while the other tire weighs  from ten to fifteen pounds.

The person who recorded the video expressed her concerns as the outdoor temperature that day was 90 degrees, and she didn’t think anyone should be exercising their dogs hard – much less pulling weights in the extreme heat. Balasz answered back that he had been close to home where the dogs had access to plenty of cool water and had not been worried about the heat – even though the dogs had been pulling on an asphalt surface which is known to heat up and possibly burn the pads on dogs’ paws.

Both dogs appeared to be very healthy and Beaverton Police say no crime has been committed as per Oregon law.

Just one week ago, two women in St. Louis, were spotted forcing a small puppy to drag heavy weights during its walk. Animal advocate, Kathy Venegoni posted a photo she took of the incident and believed it was an act of animal cruelty. The Humane Society of Missouri, however states what was shown is not illegal, and unless the dog is underweight or injured, this kind of action is not against the law. Police and animal control officers can only intervene if the weights are causing the dog to be in distress. St. Louis Metropolitan Police stated this is a “sport” and not illegal.

Read more about this story here.

(Photo of dog dragging tire screenshot via KatuNews)

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Be still my heart – check out these adorable photos showcasing a precious friendship.


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