Update on Bruno: Surrendered by his owner after attacked by other dogs

On Monday morning, a shelter in Edinburg, Texas posted photos of Bruno; the dog had been surrendered by his owner after having been attacked by another dog. Apparently, no veterinarian treatment had been provided for … Read More

Rescued Staffy so skinny all of her bones visible through her skin

The RSPCA are investigating the discovery of a starved Staffy – so skinny all of her bones were visible through her skin. The neglected Staffordshire Bull terrier was rescued early Friday morning when a local … Read More

How does this happen? 14-year-old blind dog found as stray

How does this happen? On the rescue page of Saving Carson Dogs, the heartbreaking story and accompanying video of a 14-year-old cocker spaniel appeared late last week. Even more disturbing, the dog is thought to … Read More

Good Samaritans rescue box of puppies dumped in the trash

How cruel to think any person could be so heartless as to dump a box of puppies in the trash. Two Good Samaritans rescued four little ones from the trash on Sunday night in Madera, … Read More

‘What did I do wrong?’ Sweet senior Mastiff so neglected and in need

At the Carson Animal Care Center, an eight-year-old purebred Mastiff sadly stares out of her kennel cage as if to say, “What did I do wrong?”  Years of neglect and most likely used as nothing … Read More

Augusta mother accused of leaving 7-year-old home alone with dead dogs

An Augusta mother has been accused of leaving her 7-year-old child home alone with 13 dogs, with at least two of them dead. Monquetta Daiele Holder, 28, is being held at the Charles B. Webster … Read More

No help from police as Bear the dog left in flooded kennel for days

In Blue Springs, Missouri, a dog named Bear languished in his flooded kennel enclosure for three days, and according to the neighbor, the Blue Springs Police Department would not remove the dog from his pen.… Read More

Obese tourists banned from riding Greece’s Santorini donkeys

In order to protect the iconic Greece Santorini donkeys, new rules have been established by the government to ensure the safety of the animals. In response to numerous complaints from animal advocates as well as … Read More

Couple convicted of letting Boxer suffer dragging 9-pound tumor

A couple from Sault Ste. Marie were convicted this week of animal neglect following an investigation concerning a Boxer dog left to suffer dragging a 9-pound tumor. Kevin and Robin Hanka, both 28, were each … Read More

500 dead dogs found inside totes containers behind Monticello home

In Drew County, Arkansas, authorities made the grisly discovery of 500 dead dogs found inside of totes containers in a Monticello home. Sheriff Gober, from the Drew County Sheriff’s Office stated the residence had been … Read More