Disturbing video of exotic pet trade shows monkey shaved to look human

In a disturbing video garnering thousands of views on social media, emerged footage again of a small monkey shaved by its captor, making the exotic pet appear human. Dressed in pajamas and slippers and apparently used to the treatment, the video has sparked outrage as it highlights the cruelty of the exotic pet trade.

According to the Daily Mail, the video is thought to have originated in Indonesia, and besides the monkey already having undergone a “crew cut” to make him look more human, his face is being shaved. He can be seen holding his head back as if he is used to the action. Reactions to the video included many readers dispelling the rumors that these animals make good pets.

“…they are expensive and dangerous. A lot of people modify them by having the teeth removed and I have seen where they get the tips of the fingers altered so the nails don’t grow. It’s cruel. Very, very cruel!”

Monkeys live a long time, require a huge amount of  daily care, need a lot of space, and contrary to what has been depicted in movies – are not cuddly. A pet primate that has to stay in a cage and has little to no daily activity gets lonely. It is not unusual for them to become extremely mean and vicious.

Tragically the exotic pet trade often leads to the death of the animals. Trappers take the babies away from their parents and smuggle them into the country in the worst conditions. Many die in transit. Just one month ago, a man tried to smuggle Asian leopard kittens in his backpack and pygmy monkeys in his underwear. Purchasing these exotic pets only encourages the abuse.

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(Photos of exotic pet trade via Facebook and YouTube freezeshots)

Check out the video – this just shouldn’t be allowed:

15-year-old dumped senior too scared to move from corner at Georgia shelter

In Polk County, Georgia, a 15-year-old senior was surrendered to the shelter by his owner. How does one explain to Butch, who has lived in one home all of his life, that his owner no longer cares if he lives or dies? Tragically, this senior seems to understand the betrayal; he lies in the corner of the his shelter cage and shakes, but refuses to budge. And there comes the real concern; who will want to adopt Butch?

Butch was surrendered to the Polk County, GA Animal Adoption and Recovery Shelter on October 16. He is listed as a Labrador retriever and boxer mix. When inquiring about this dog, please reference 36834619.

“This is Butch; he is 15 yrs old and was surrendered by his owner. He has done nothing but sit in his kennel since he’s gotten here and shake. Hopefully we will build up enough trust and can farther test this boy before it’s too late,” volunteer Shannon Hicks posted on Facebook.

On Saturday, Shannon was able to leash Butch and slowly began to walk out of the kennel. Within ten feet of the door, the poor guy became so scared and overwhelmed, he pulled his way back into the building.

“I just let him go back in, and he went into his kennel and laid back down in the corner. He didn’t growl or bite, but just got so scared that he didn’t want to walk or anything. We will keep trying but it’s tough in  this environment,” Shannon posted.

Share Butch’s plight with approved rescue organizations, friends, family and social media contacts. Sharing saves lives. Additional information for Butch can be found here. Make sure to reference 36834619. We are all he has. Please help him find a safe home.

(Photos and video by Shannon Hicks)


Ignored by humans, helpless stray found carrying her dead puppy

Ignored by humans, the helpless stray fought a losing battle trying to keep her tiny puppies safe. When volunteers were notified of three tiny puppies roaming the streets, they acted as quickly as they could. Nighttime in the valley of south Texas can be dangerous.

Originally there had been six puppies. By the time they were all found, two had been hit by a car; one had just died. Two puppies had been captured and rushed to the emergency veterinarian near Dallas. One puppy is still missing. And most tragic of all – the mother dog had been found carrying a dead puppy in her mouth; she tried her best to protect her family.


Such is the plight of homeless dogs. Such was the plight of this mother who had been abandoned by her uncaring owner and left on the cold and dirty streets to fight her own way. Had it not been for the efforts of volunteers and Rescue Dogs Rock NYC who stepped up to help, unimaginable horrors would have  flooded the dog’s daily lives; most likely all of the puppies would have met untimely and painful deaths.

“This is their reality; the reality of homeless dogs – ignored by humans all over our country. Every day this is happening,” explained Stacey Silverstein, co-founder of the rescue organization. “Momma you did your best; it just wasn’t enough. We will now do our best to give this family a new beginning. They are safe with us a RDR NYC.”


Please check out the photos; their needs are immediate. All are safe at an emergency veterinarian.

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(Photos of stray found carrying her dead puppy courtesy of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC)

Donations can be made:

PayPal at


Please network for a foster home in the Dallas area for this family.

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This former guide dog is now a hotel ambassador who greets hotel guests

Plea from Texas shelter for urgent care for six-month-old suffering puppy

A six-month-old suffering Shih Tzu remains in critical condition at a south Texas emergency hospital. On Thursday, co-founder of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, Stacey Silverstein, arranged to have the tiny pup rushed to their organization’s partner veterinarian partner for life-saving treatment.

“This was the plea from the shelter,” Stacey posted on the group’s Facebook page. “Please help. 6-month old shi tzu puppy – very weak needs rescue immediately or he will be considered a mercy Euth.”


The puppy, who has since been named Chipper had entered the high kill shelter extremely weak, listless and lethargic. No one knew what had happened to him, but such a young life, how could he be doled out a death sentence with no information as to what had happened or what was wrong? The puppy’s Saturday morning update does not indicate any improvement, however no one has given up and he continues to fight for his life:

“Chipper remains in critical condition at the emergency hospital. We felt he deserved at least a chance to survive so we had Chipper rushed to the ER for life saving medical care… He’s on 24 hour IV , heat and had a blood transfusion overnight.”

Hopefully this puppy’s story is just beginning, and we will follow his progress. For now he needs everyone’s support.

To donate to Chipper’s mounting veterinarian bills, please click here:
Pay pal

(Photos and video of 6-month-old suffering puppy courtesy of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC)

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Video of Chipper upon arrival at vet:

Police asking for public’s help with German shepherd starvation case

In Dodge City, Kansas, the police department is asking for the public’s help with finding the person responsible for animal neglect and cruelty starvation case of a German shepherd found on Tuesday. The  emaciated dog weighed only 27 pounds and when rushed to an emergency veterinarian scored a “1” out of a “5” for body condition indicating the lowest grade as to the dog’s condition.

According to the Dodge City Police Department’s Facebook page, the dog has already gained eight pounds since she arrived, and Dodge City Animal Control personnel have not found any underlying medical reasons why the dog could not eat.

“It’s not right. You wouldn’t want this to happen to your children; it shouldn’t happen to your pets either. It’s wrong either way you look at it, so people need to straighten up and do what’s right,” stated Dodge City Animal Control Supervision Laura Stein.

Police report the dog was found near Mulberry and Avenue H. According to Dodge County Police Department Chief Drew Francis, the owner of the dog faces animal cruelty charges, allowing a dog to run at large and not procuring a rabies vaccination or city license tag. The dog is currently under medical care and will not be available for adoption until her condition improves.

If the owner of the dog is found guilty of animal cruelty, he (she) could receive a jail sentence from 30 days to one year with a fine ranging from $500 to $5,000.

Anyone with information on this German Shepherd’s identity or her owner is asked to call the Dodge City Animal Shelter at 620-225-8180.

Help this dog find some justice. This just isn’t fair!

(Photo of German shepherd starvation case via FB)

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This former guide dog is now greeting guests as a hotel ambassador!

Six-week-old German shepherd puppy dumped in woods ‘like an old mattress’

A six-week-old German shepherd puppy’s life was all too brief. Dumped in the woods like a ” broken washing machine or an old mattress,” the emaciated puppy was discovered near Kirkham, Lancashire, earlier in the week.  A person walking in the area had found the frightened puppy staggering on Tuesday afternoon near Station Road.

According to Express, the walker had been worried when she found the puppy barely able to walk. The Good Samaritan rushed the puppy to a nearby veterinarian. RSPCA Inspector Amy McIntosh was assigned to the possible case of animal cruelty and abandonment.

“We don’t believe she had been there for long as it is a busy dog-walking area, and we think she would have been spotted out in the open fairly quickly so we suspect she was abandoned there shortly before 3pm. She wasn’t tied up and didn’t have any belongings or bedding with her so it looks as though she’s just been plonked there without a second thought. She was completely emaciated, dehydrated and very, very weak,” the inspector stated.

The puppy, dubbed Pumpkin, sadly was too sick to survive, despite the extraordinary veterinary procedures performed trying to save the little female pup’s life. Tests results concluded Pumpkin was infested with parasites, was very anemic and had a serious liver problem;  hours later the puppy was humanely euthanized. Inspector McIntosh had immediately bonded with the puppy, and shared her sorrow  and anger over the puppy’s death:

“I’m devastated that Pumpkin couldn’t be saved and furious that someone could abandon such a weak, vulnerable puppy and leave her to die. It’s completely unacceptable to dump her like this. She’s been cast aside just like a broken washing machine or an old mattress. There is no excuse for this sort of irresponsible and mindless cruelty.”

Perhaps the only consolation Inspector McIntosh can draw from the untimely death of this tiny puppy, is Pumpkin received hugs and kisses – human compassion that some jerk who deprived this defenseless little one.

The RSPCA is appealing for anyone who recognizes Pumpkin or has information about where she comes from to contact the charity’s appeal line on 0300 1233 8018.

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(Photos of six-week-old German shepherd puppy via RSPCA)

Watch a joyful reunion between a soldier and her ecstatic dog

‘Obscenely vicious’ dog fighting ring busted: Abused and tortured dogs saved

Thirty-six pit bulls ranging in ages from one week to seven years have been seized in Wyandanch, New York; authorities called the breeding operation  as well as the conditions where the dogs lived, as “obscenely vicious.” More than half of the dogs rescued were puppies.

According to the Long Island News, the pit bulls were being trained and tortured for dog fighting rings. In September, the Suffolk police and the ASPCA removed dozens of dogs from two homes. On Thursday it was announced “Operation Bloodline” brought down the operation being run under the guise of a kennel. At a news conference, Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman stated:

“Dogfighting is an obscenely vicious and cruel form of animal abuse that tortures animals and endangers the safety of the public. It’s barbaric, despicable, and illegal.”

As for the dogs, two had to be euthanized after they had been attacked by their mother. A third dog named Sophie had been so abused and tortured, no one could get near her and she had been a threat to anyone who tried to approach her. The dogs had all been chained and separated; none had any food or water and the ones suffering from bite wounds and other injuries had been left untreated. One of the dogs had a broken leg and another was emaciated. All of the dogs were covered in fleas, were filthy and had long nails – signs of having lived solitary lives and rarely off their chains.

Arrested were Richard Davis, 34, Martin Newkirk, 49, and Taikeem Wheeler, 26 for operating kennels out of their homes that were staging areas for dog fighting rings. Police also recovered dog fighting paraphernalia including breaking sticks to separate the dogs while fighting, heavy chains, weighted dog vests, treadmills and performance enhancing dietary supplements for the dogs, designed to increase strength and endurance as dog fighters. The three face  felony charges of animal fighting and animal cruelty.

The attorney for Wheeler denied all of the charges and stated the dogs were all personal pets including the dog Sophie who had been euthanized. All of the surviving dogs are currently in the care of the ASPCA, and it is hoped once they are healed, the dogs can be retrained and adopted.

Dogfighting is illegal in all 50 states. In New York, each charge can carry a maximum penalty of four years in jail and a fine of $25,000.

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(Photos for obscenely vicious dog fighting ring busted via the NY Attorney General’s  Office)

Watch a joyful reunion between a soldier and her ecstatic dog

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Federal ban forces dog owners to leave their pets behind when fleeing Puerto Rico

As if escaping the island of Puerto Rico hasn’t been stressful enough for Americans who can no longer cope with the lack of electricity and the necessities of life, citizens from the island have been ordered by federal authorities to leave their pets behind.

According to the Daily Beast, commercial airlines are not allowing family pets weighing more than 20 pounds to accompany them out of Puerto Rico. Federal authorities have taken control of cargo compartments to transport supplies and unless the pet can fit into the cabin of the aircraft and weighs less than 20 pounds, they are forced to stay behind. Sylvie Bedrosian, president of the Pet Friendly Puerto Rico stated more than 2,000 pets have been left behind because of the embargo.

“I understand that most planes coming from the U.S. to Puerto Rico are filled with goods, but what bothers me most is that planes leaving the island are mostly empty. Why take custody of an empty cargo?” Bedrosian questioned.

The No Pet Left Behind Fema Act after Hurricane Katrina “authorizes FEMA to provide rescue, care, shelter, and essential needs for individuals with household pets and service animals, and to the household pets and animals themselves following a major disaster or emergency.” Still the federal ban has continued to be ignored.

“Our animal shelters were already at full capacity before the hurricane and now beginning to feel the burden that María left behind,’ Bedrosian said. “Our rescue missions have completely changed. We used to wonder for abandoned pets on the streets and now have to worry about those left on the airports.”

As of Wednesday Jet Blue and Southwest have been allowing up to eight pets on board at a time, but that doesn’t provide any solutions for dogs weighing over 20 pounds. United Airlines stated the embargo has been waived for them until the end of the month.

“United removed your pet embargo via charge until October 31 You can call 1-800-575-3335 to make your reservation.”

Pet Friendly PR, with the help of the Sato Project have been helping to not only help stray dogs find new homes by flying them to various rescue organizations in other states, but also have been helping pets and families to be reunited with special projects and flights:

“Call to action! We have been inundated with messages and emails from people who want or need to leave Puerto Rico but refuse to leave their dogs behind. We applaud you for your compassion and for standing by your family members and we want to help keep families together.
The Sato Project has secured a small private plane on Thursday that will fly to PR with humanitarian supplies. We want to send that plane back to NJ filled with owned animals. We have space for approximately 8 crates.”

To help these shelters – remember none of them have power and are struggling to help these pets, donations can be sent by clicking here and here. 

(Photos via Sato Project and Pet Friendly PR)

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Watch a joyful reunion between a soldier and her ecstatic dog

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Outrage at ‘tradition’: Dogs pitted to fight wild boars to the death in Indonesia

In  a remote area of Java in Indonesia, crowds still gather around a makeshift arena lined with a bamboo wall to watch dogs fight wild boar to the death. Participants in  the village claim the blood-curdling “sport” known as “adu bagong” or boar fighting, is important to preserving  their tradition for hunting.

According to Reuters, the bloody battles using dogs began in the 1960s when wild boars invaded the area and were hunted by dogs to help farmers protect their crops. Since then the fighting has become more of a disgusting sport with the winner earning a grand prize of  $2,000.

“It used to be very simple, not like now when the dogs are trained,” said Nur Hadi, head of Hiparu, a participant in the fighting. “From there it’s been handed down and has even become part of tradition and culture.”

Participants say the contests test the hunting abilities of their dogs; to animal rights groups the practice is nothing less than dog fighting. With this activity however, if the boar survives the fight which doesn’t end until one of the animals is injured, once healed the boar gets to fight in the arena again, For the losers, they are butchered and sold for meat.

Animal rights groups insist the practice is nothing more than animal cruelty and should be banned. In a statement to the Independent, Wendy Higgins, spokesperson for Humane Society International stated:

“The vicious and exploitative fighting of dogs and wild boars in Indonesia is a disturbing spectacle that must be condemned. Watching animals savagely fight each other must never be considered entertainment, nor excused as culture. Not only is it extreme animal cruelty, but it debases us as humans to promote such barbarity as fun. Any tradition that requires a sentient being to become a victim of violence should be consigned to the history books.”

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Watch a joyful reunion between a soldier and her ecstatic dog

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Tears: Homeless dog’s unbearable heartache as she watched newborn puppies die

When a  very pregnant, homeless dog came into a rural Texas shelter, the least that should have been expected was to provide the mother dog with a clean kennel, a blanket and a safe place for her to safely deliver her puppies. Instead, “Momma Marble” as she would eventually be named, gave birth in a dirty cage – a place where no new lives should ever have been born.

And if it hadn’t been tragic enough that the emaciated Momma Marble had given birth to her puppies in an environment overrun with filth  and disease, the poor dog witnessed each and everyone of her newborn puppies die from the unsanitary conditions. One by one, someone would take them away from her as she  desperatelytried over and over again to lick them; hoping they would each just breathe again.

Days later there was nothing left for Momma Marble; the babies she coddled so lovingly were gone. Her fate had been set in stone on Monday, as she was scheduled to be euthanized. After all, she was filthy, missing clumps of her coat and gradually getting sicker day by day. As Momma Marble’s story went viral on social media, Rescue Dogs Rock NYC   had just been notified; Stacey Silverstein, co-founder of the organization, committed to saving the dog’s life.

“Tears, tears and more tears,” Stacey posted on the group’s Facebook page. “Marble is NOW SAFE and needs immediate medical care
She needs to feel love and to know her life is just beginning and her awful past is just a memory behind her.”

To help Marble, please click here:

Pay pal

(Photos of homeless dog Momma Marble courtesy of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC)

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Check out this poor dog’s video: