Senior pregnant dog dropped off at shelter lost the 21 puppies she carried

A senior pregnant Labrador retriever who arrived unresponsive in the back of a pickup truck on Saturday to the Boone Area Humane Society in Iowa is slowly making progress towards her recovery. Tragically, all 21 … Read More

Tiny senior surrendered to shelter dressed in her rain coat

A tiny senior dog was surrendered to an animal shelter in Oklahoma wearing her rain coat. Because of her age and condition, Dorothy was immediately placed in the back room to be euthanized, but when … Read More

Strangers stopped to help bonded dogs from traffic swerving around them

In St. Louis, three kind and concerned strangers stopped traffic on Monday to help a pair of bonded dogs out of a busy street where traffic had been swerving to avoid hitting them. The Good … Read More

Owners dumped Coco at 14-years-old and she hasn’t stopped shaking in fear

At San Bernardino City Animal Control, the owners of a 14-year-old poodle decided to surrender her. The tiny gray miniature is so scared she seems unable to stop shaking in fear.
Coco suffers from cataracts
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Broken-hearted Tommie Bear returned to shelter again and now he just mopes

In Houston, Texas, Tommie Bear just lies on his bed and barely acknowledges anyone passing by his shelter cage. The broken-hearted dog was returned to Harris County Pets again after just a few months.

Tommie … Read More

Puppy alert: Two eight-month-old Labs wind up at California shelter

How did an adorable eight-month-old puppy wind up at the Carson Animal Shelter along with either his sibling or  bonded pal? The unnamed little guy arrived at the shelter on Friday; his female companion arrived … Read More

Literally scared to death at Miami high kill animal shelter

One can only imagine how frightened four-year-old Russell is after having been confiscated by authorities and brought to a shelter cage at the high kill and overcrowded Miami-Dade Animal Services. Yet, here he sits and … Read More

Abandoned in Rio Grande Valley and nearly hit by car, en route to vet

Volunteers from Rescue Dogs Rock NYC were alerted on Wednesday to another stray puppy, barely surviving and living a horrific life in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas. The abandoned pup was nearly hit by … Read More

Beyond neglected and abused, ‘Goose’ is past due and needs help now

Who can understand how anyone could have looked into Goose’s eyes day after day and watched him begging for food, for medical help and perhaps some love? This poor guy was impounded on October 10 … Read More

Dog left on side of road with dogfood bag watches for his owner to return

Two Good Samaritans couldn’t believe their eyes late last week when they spotted a dog on the side of the road along CR 20 in Corunna, Indiana. The dog was just sitting there as if … Read More