Emaciated elephant forced to perform circus tricks in Thai arena

A severely emaciated elephant was forced to perform circus tricks to an almost empty arena at a crocodile farm in Samut Prakan, Thailand on Friday. The female, Asian elephant performed to just a handful of … Read More

Status RED: Boxer in critical condition needs a village to help

Meet Troy; he is a senior Boxer in critical condition and needs the help of a village to leave Riverside County Animal Control.

“Suspect Dog has a combination of neurologic/vestibular issues as well as arthritis/musculoskeletal

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‘Barely alive’ Angel found lying on pile of beer cans

Meet Angel; how anyone could be so heartless remains the unanswered question, but this sweet dog was discovered on Tuesday in a home located in Chickamuaga, Georgia. Police had been serving an unrelated warrant on … Read More

Throwaway dog slept next to her home for a year until she almost died

In Edinburg, Texas, Sarita’s life has been a “living hell.”  On Tuesday afternoon, the throwaway dog was rushed to the Frisco Emergency Hospital. And after a year of egregious neglect, it is not known if … Read More

Update on sad bulldog: Matilda has left the building

On Friday, Matilda, an eight-year-old English bulldog languished in her shelter cage at Lancaster Animal Shelter with her head hung low and seemingly having given up on life. Matilda’s owner surrendered her to the shelter … Read More

No one came to save Matilda: Dumped and nearly forgotten

Matilda knows she has been forgotten by her family. Even those with commitments to adopt this eight-year-old English bulldog a second time, have not come to the shelter to meet her. And on November 28, … Read More

Meet Joseph: Used by a breeder and then dumped on the streets

Meet Joseph; he was used by a breeder, and when he was of no value to sire more puppies to be sold at pet stores, he was dumped on the streets of Texas.

“I’ve been

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Starved and abandoned: Police seeking information on dog and owner

Likely having been abandoned, the Troy New York Police Department is asking for the public’s help for information on the dog and his owner. On Monday, this gentle pup was found in the area of … Read More

Broken leg, mange and cleft mouth, Fannie left on side of the road

Meet Fannie; how this dog survived after she was left on the side of a road in Louisiana on Monday with a broken leg, mange and a cleft or deformed mouth is not known. When … Read More

Heartless breeder left 21 Rottweilers including puppies in freezing cold

In Rocky Point, New York, a heartless breeder left 21 Rottweilers, including puppies out in the freezing cold on Thursday. Jose Borgos, 52, has been charged with 21 counts of  animal cruelty for dogs being … Read More