Fort Calhoun man banned from owning pets after dog dies when left out in subzero weather

A Fort Calhoun, Nebraska man, whose emaciated dog died after it was left in subzero temperatures with wind chills to match, has been banned from owning or caring for any pets for the next five years. According to the Pilot-Tribune & Enterprise, Jason Franke. 42, pleaded no contest in May to intentional animal cruelty – a Class 1 misdemeanor, after a plea deal. In addition, Judge John E. Samson sentenced Franke to 18 months probation, a $1,000 fine and ordered him to serve 250 hours of community service at an animal shelter.

Washington County Attorney Scott Vander Schaff asked the judge to sentence Franke to jail.

“He believes the trigger is he didn’t come home on a snowy night. This happened over a period of time,” Schaff argued at the Washington County District Court on Tuesday.

In January, Franke was charged with animal cruelty and neglect resulting in the death of one of his dogs. Washington County Sheriff Department deputies were called by a neighbor in reference to an animal cruelty report. Upon their arrival, authorities found the dog, named Daisy deceased and another dog running around in the yard. The temperatures had been recorded in the single digits with wind chill factors below zero; neither dog had access to any shelter, food or water. The deceased dog was described as a large dog with short, gray fur. Although the neighbor tried to feed the dogs, the dog that died appeared “sickly.

All that could be found to protect the dogs from the inclement weather at the property located on County Road 28 was an outbuilding that had a hole in it. The small dog that survived was able to squeeze into the protected area, however the big dog couldn’t fit and was left out in the brutal weather – both malnourished and freezing to death.

Franke apologized to the judge stating he made a huge mistake and wished he could bring Daisy back – doesn’t happen Franke, and Daisy’s life ended because of your neglect and abuse. Rest in peace Daisy.

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Dog’s front paws missing in ‘horrific’ animal abuse case

In Spring, Texas, a dog named Liberty had been up for adoption from the Montgomery County Animal Shelter; her front paws were missing. The staff at the shelter had hoped her handicap had been the result of a birth defect. She had been picked up as a stray in Porter; no owner has been identified. On Thursday, the Texas Animal Society, who stepped forward to help Liberty find a home and foster her, released the news that the dog’s “horrific” injuries had been from abuse.

Liberty’s treating veterinarians stated the dog was in  a”very poor emaciated condition.” The rescue posted her update on their Facebook page:

“Our vet stewed over her all day and decided he better do x rays. The news is as horrific as we imagined. It is not a birth defect. She was either amputated, hit by a car and drug, injured and chew. He was only 100% sure, this was abuse.

There may be an amputation involved and positive at least one prosthesis required.”

Liberty is no more than one-year-old. In her favor, the dog is heartworm negative and even though she has open wounds all over her body, treatment with antibiotics, wound care and special booties will make her more comfortable.

“Liberty is quiet and subdued and has been neglected in the basics of care. Time will hopefully heal her mind and body.
Liberty will stay at the Vets office today and will be bathed, cleaned up and her wounds will be treated and cared for. Tonight she will go home with her foster Mum and start recovery.
The care of liberty will take time and be ongoing, she will need either a specialty wheelchair or prosthetic limbs made especially for her needs.”

To donate to Liberty’s care and her future needs in order to help this dog live a better life than her horrible past, donations can be made by clicking here.

(Photos courtesy of Texas Animal Society, Christi Watson Fauver, Alicia Segari)

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Men on bikes forced dog to run until she collapsed and then beat her

A tragic experience for a dog forced to run behind two men on bikes almost ended in her death had it not have been for the kind efforts of two Good Samaritans who rescued the five-year-old white pit bull mix on Thursday evening off the streets of Detroit’s east side.

According to the the non-profit animal rescue, Detroit Dog Rescue, two men were seen on bikes near St. Paul Avenue and Bellevue Street with the dog running behind them. When she couldn’t keep up and collapsed, the men tried to get the dog to stand by beating her. When those cruel efforts proved fruitless, they left her lying helpless on the ground.  Gently picked up and reassured, her rescuers turned her over to Detroit Dog Rescue (DDR).

On Friday,  the dog dubbed Penelope, was rushed to Oakland Veterinary Referral Services in Bloomfield Hills where veterinarians have been trying to stabilize her, however there seem to be many mitigating factors leading up to her poor physical condition. On the rescue organization’s Facebook page, Penelope’s initial prognosis indicated the following:

“She has bruises on her, is completely dehydrated, and seems to be giving up. We are getting fluids in her now and learning more about her story.”

Unfortunately the dog’s update on Saturday morning hasn’t offered the hopes of recovery advocates have been hoping to read. Not only had the dog been forced to have litter after litter of puppies, she also tested positive for heartworms.

“… there are concerns about her uterus. It’s very possible that she will be going into surgery to correct the neglect she’s received her whole life. Heartworms complicate things immensely, so our team of doctors and Kristina made the decision to go ahead and do an echocardiogram today. Will keep everyone updated.”

Anyone with any information about Penelope and the person(s) involved in this cruel situation is urged to send DDR a message through Facebook or call 313-458-8014. To help with Penelope’s medical expenses, please click here.

Get well soon Penelope. Everyone is rooting for you. (Photos via Detroit Dog Rescue)

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Puppy left in hot car returned to her owner

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Good Samaritans make heartbreaking discovery: Two infected, neglected dogs left alone

The Grant County Animal Shelter is asking for the public’s help identifying the owner of two infected, neglected dogs left alone and found by Good Samaritans on Wednesday. The dogs were rushed to a veterinarian where emergency medical care treatment was started for their painful wounds and mange. 

“We would like to know what kind of human being allows this to occur to innocent animals? If this is not neglect/animal cruelty- than we don’t know what animal cruelty is,” the shelter posted on their Facebook page. These two dogs were brought in yesterday as strays and were taken to a veterinarian and he has never seen a case this bad in his whole career. This didn’t happen over night and these dogs have suffered unimaginably! They wail in pain if you touch their skin, they have open sores, and are in horrible condition!

The vet doesn’t even know if they can be saved because their condition is so grave, but they are being treated, and we are trying to do the very best for them.”

According to WlwtNews, Animal Control Officer Pat Michaels, worries that the dogs, who might be Cocker Spaniels may not survive. Describing the pups, Michaels stated:

“His skin looked like it was made of stone and the other dog, which was a female, if you reached out to touch her, she would just scream. It sounded like a banshee screaming,”

On Thursday, the rescue group, Recycled Doggies stepped up to help the Grant County Animal Shelter who has limited funds. Both dogs, now dubbed Andy and Annie have been placed in foster care; both dogs suffer from extreme cases of mange and other skin infections as well as malnutrition and overall neglect. 

“They are safe tonight in one of our foster homes where they got soft blankets and yummy food and will learn what it’s like to be loved and taken care of,” the rescue group posted after naming the two dogs. “They’re a bit uncertain right now about their new lives and they’re very uncomfortable due to the condition they are in, but they’re on medication and we hope they will be on the mend very soon. We don’t know their breed yet – one guess was Cocker spaniel, but it’s impossible to tell. Annie weighs 12 pounds and Andy weighs 14 pounds, but they are both underweight.”

And for the first time in a long time, both dogs have comfortable beds, ate their dinners and took their medication. To help with their care, please click here.

Anyone with information about the dogs is asked to call police or the shelter at 859-824-9403. To donate to the Grant County Animal Shelter and replenish their funds in order to help the next serious case of neglect and abuse, please click here.

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(Photos via Grant County Animal Shelter and Recycled Doggies)

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Shocking abuse: Dog sexually assaulted with broom handle

In Arlington, Virginia veterinarians are sharing the details of  what happened to a beagle mix, and how she was assaulted with a broom handle, one of the worst cases of animal abuse and cruelty they have ever seen. When Homeward Trails Animal Rescue decided to tell the story of a recently rescued dog from a shelter in Isle of Wight County, the organization didn’t want to do it for the shock value; instead as a message of compassion and kindness helping those who cannot help themselves:

 “We brace ourselves for sad stories in this work. We try to move through that part and get to the part where we get to balance that equation with outstanding love and care. Like Mr. Rogers used to tell his preschool viewers, ‘When you see something really scary on the news, look for the helpers. There are always helpers.’ Well. The story of the abuse of Huggles is a very disturbing one, and we are sorry to have to tell it to you. But we need to be the helpers.”

And so when Huggles came into the shelter in mid June, she had been in pain and appeared to have had a uterine infection. Veterinarians spayed her and started her on a series of antibiotics, and even though for the short time she improved, it wasn’t long before her condition worsened. When her foster mom noticed Huggles had been bleeding heavily from her vulva and had become listless, she consulted with the rescue’s partner veterinarian.

Shocking news! Radiographs performed showed the dog had been assaulted with a broom handle; the plastic part of the handle had broken off inside of her causing a “horrific infection.”

“There is no other explanation for the internal damage the vets saw, and the handle inside this dog,” posted Homeward Trails Animal Rescue on their Facebook page. “It is hard to live in a world where people do this kind of thing. And we can all just crumple to the floor and give up. Or we can give into rage. Or we can make the only sustaining choice, the only choice that makes it possible to keep going: We can be the helpers.”

Fortunately Huggles was treated in time, and now she is on the road to a healthy recovery. There has been no information about the person responsible for the heinous deed. Huggle had been brought into the shelter as a stray. A $200 reward has been offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person(s) involved.

Although there have been a few people on social media suggesting the dog’s story was too disturbing to post on social media, Homeward Trails Animal Rescue stated they appreciated the feedback, however while needing to raise the necessary funding for the dog’s expensive surgery and her aftercare, also on the agenda was making the public more aware of promoting efforts for stricter penalties for animal abuse and cruelty.

“Unless people are aware of actual incidents such as this one, they may not feel efforts to promote stricter penalties are worthwhile. And sadly, if we are to help these animals over choosing to euthanize them due to costs, we must rely on our wonderful, understanding supporters who make it all possible. And we do take great care not to post graphic photos that most would find offensive, including in this particular case. And sadly, we had many graphic photos.”

Get well soon Huggle. As soon as veterinarians give this dog a clean bill of health, she will be available for adoption.

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Sad little Grace Anne: No one adopts her because she’s ‘ugly’

Had Grace Anne been full of baby fur with fluffy little paws and a curled up tail, potential adopters would have stopped at her kennel the moment they saw her. Puppies have the easiest time finding homes – even at the overcrowded Harris County Animal Shelter located in Houston, Texas.

‘”Grace Anne’ is just a baby. Like our friend Gregory last month, she doesn’t know she is ugly. She just knows that no one stops to look at her. Do you see her? She’s 4 months old. She craves love. Easily treatable demodex mange. Adoptable or donate for rescue and offer to foster.”

Shame on the person who called this four-month-old Grace Anne their puppy before she became sick and tossed her away like an old shoe. According to the shelter, the mastiff mix is so very itchy. Her skin has turned bright pink, she’s nearly bald and what’s left of her coat has turned yellow. Demodex is a common infestation of a puppy’s skin comprised of tiny, cigar shaped, eight legged mites that live and feed in the hair follicles and oil glands. Aside from the mange, GraceAnne also has a secondary skin infection that will have to be treated.

Click here for the puppy’s Pet Harbor listing. “I am a female, tan Mastiff. The shelter staff think I am about 9 weeks old. I have been at the shelter since Jun 20, 2017.” For more information about this animal, call Harris County Public Health and Environmental Services at (281) 999-3191
Ask for information about animal ID number A486553. A Facebook page for the puppy can be followed here.

Share this little one’s plight with approved rescue organizations, friends, family and social media contacts. Sharing saves lives, and this puppy needs our help.

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Check out GraceAnne’s video below. This puppy is so sweet; surely someone wants to take her home and help her become beautiful again:

Walter Matthieu needs a hero: Dumped English bulldog suffering from heat at shelter

Perhaps it’s another reckless and irresponsible backyard breeder dumping dogs again? Local shelters have reported more than one English bulldog picked up as strays  recently in the area of  the San Bernardino City Animal Shelter. And now Walter Matthieu needs a hero as soon as possible.

“Walter is most likely from same breeder the other English Bullies have come from lately? Walter is so hot, misters on and he loves the water, has flea dirt? bleeding from back somewhere?,” wrote shelter volunteer Andrea Neyses on social media hoping to find a safe place for this suffering pup.

Temperatures are expected to reach record highs in the next few days, and Walter is so very hot. Although the misting elements are turned on and he loves the gentle cooling, this dog needs immediate rescue and medical attention. A Facebook page for this dog can be followed here. Click here for this dog’s PetHarbor listing. “I am a male, white and black English Bulldog mix. I have been at the shelter since Jun 17, 2017.” For more information about this animal, call San Bernardino City Animal Control at (909) 384-1304.
Ask for information about animal ID number A505100. Although this dog’s availability date is listed as June 24, he can leave with a medical release. 

San Bernardino City Animal Shelter
333 Chandler Place, San Bernardino, CA
Closed Sunday and Monday
Telephone: (909) 384-1304

Anyone wanting to foster a San Bernardino City Animal Shelter dog can look for information and fill out the form at Applications are shared promptly with rescues. Foster me application:

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(Photos and videos via Andrea Neyses)



Franklintown woman abandons puppies in remote area hoping ‘someone would find them’

A Franklintown, Louisiana woman has been charged with animal cruelty after a police officers spotted the woman abandoning a litter of puppies in a remote area. On Monday evening, Lieutenant James Holmes from the Franklinton Police Department observed a vehicle fleeing from the area; moments later the officer found several puppies near the road.

According to the Franklinton Police Department’s Facebook, officers stopped the vehicle and Rita Mooney admitted she had abandoned the puppies in hopes someone would find them. The puppies have been turned over to the Humane Society of Louisiana, and after they are evaluated by a veterinarian, will be made available for adoption.

Mooney has been charged with misdemeanor animal cruelty and released until her court date in August. Interested in adopting an adorable puppy? Contact the Humane Society of Louisiana here.

(Photo of Rita Mooney and puppies via Franklinton Police Department Facebook)

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Baby donkey rescued with hole in her forehead down to her skull

When villagers in the area of Rajasthan, Udaipur, India found a baby donkey with a huge hole in her forehead, no one could believe she was still alive. Needing immediate life saving veterinary intervention, volunteers from Animal Aid Unlimited were notified, and there in a farm area, rescuers found  tiny April nursing from her mother.

The baby didn’t put up much resistance as the men gently placed a rope around her neck and helped her into the animal ambulance, but not without the baby’s mom who had not been far away grazing along the path. Back at the hospital, the critically injured animal had maggots crawling out of her gaping wound, and so medication to kill the insects was immediately applied; that would take hours to work  before further medical treatment could begin. When the maggots were finally dead, April was sedated and started on antibiotics while the staff  removed the dead maggots, thoroughly cleaned out the wound and then bandaged it.

Within ten days, April’s condition had greatly improved; so much so she had been eating with gusto, and the wound which exposed her skull had begun to heal over. 

And now after two months, spend a few minutes, sit back, relax and smile as April’s life takes a positive change because of the kindness of Animal Aid Unlimited. To donate, please click here.

Photos via freezeshots from YouTube.

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Pennsylvania finally passes felony penalty for animal abuse

A comprehensive animal protection bill which includes a felony penalty has passed the Pennsylvania Legislature  and is expected to be signed by the governor within the next ten days. Senator Richard Alloway, from Adams County having become one of the main lobbyist in Harrisburg supporting animal rights, has consistently been a voice for those who cannot speak. The bill known as Libre’s Law, named after a Boston Terrier rescued just one year ago from a Lancaster puppy breeding farm, was the impetus for the legislation. Pennsylvania had been only one of three states without a felony penalty for severe animal abuse.

“You know, I’ve been in the legislature for ten years, and we seem to be traditionally behind everyone else for some reason,” Senator Alloway told the press. “But I’m just glad that we’re here today, and I’m looking forward to having the governor sign this bill.”

On July 4, 2016, as families and friends gathered together to celebrate the 4th of July, the Speranza Animal Rescue volunteers were called to help after a woman discovered an emaciated, dehydrated puppy during her walk in Lancaster. The puppy had been left for dead; fortunately the good Samaritan brought the pup to an emergency veterinarian where the rescue organization’s founder, Janine Guido rushed to help. The puppy was in and out of consciousness, barely breathing, and according to the vet was one of the worst cases of neglect and abuse she had ever seen.

“She assumed I wanted to let him go. To have him euthanized, and when I said do whatever you need to do for him to have a chance, she had a surprised tone in her voice. And she said ok.”

That day there had been the acrid smell of necrotic flesh, but as Janine looked down and saw the tiny head peeking out of the blanket, the doctor stating the puppy’s chances for survival were slim, she just couldn’t turn her back. And so began Libre’s long journey back to health and now a healthy 37-pound young dog who has garnered his own fan club and loves every bit of the attention.

And on Tuesday, with Libre present with his human mom, Janine, the Senate unanimously passed the bill which establishes grades of violations up to a felony charge for intentionally torturing an animal or for neglect or abuse that causes severe injury or death. Felony abuse laws currently existed, however had only been for dog fighting and severe abuse of domestic pets. House Bill 1238 strengthens existing laws where violators can be found guilty of a third-degree felony. Also included is additional language preventing dog owners from tethering in certain situations, such as if the animal has open sores or the owner has used a tow chain, choke collar or similar devices or during periods of intense heat, cold or other forms of inclement and dangerous weather. The bill includes measures for the forfeiture of pets in cases of abuse and addresses added protections for horses, police animals and crimes against guide dogs.

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Photos via Speranza Animal Rescue and Facebook.

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