Senior Labrador retriever should not be euthanized for space at shelter

An eight-year-old Labrador retriever is currently at the San Antonio Animal Care Services in Texas. She is currently in the medical section of the shelter; Sasha is emaciated (she weighs only 33-pounds) and appears to … Read More

Hearts cry passing shepherd’s kennel at shelter as he breaks down

At the Riverside Shelter in California, volunteers hearts break as they pass a 10-year-old German shepherd’s kennel cage. Tragically, he no longer resembles the happy and healthy dog he had been in March when he … Read More

Neglected dog Sam brought to shelter as owner ‘wanted him out’

In Houston, Texas, Sam was brought to the Harris County Animal Shelter by his owner on Thursday who told the staff he “wanted him out.”

“Not sure if the owner really meant kicking out since

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Hound tied up and left to starve to death had not been fed in a month

In Elizabethton, Tennessee, a hound that had been tied up and left to starve to death and who had not been fed in a month arrived at the Airport Emergency Clinic on Saturday night. Volunteers … Read More

Lonely 257 shelter days for Octavia at Fairfield County shelter

Octavia has been at the Fairfield County SC Animal Shelter for 257 days. This is how she spends a typical day although staff do try their best to help. More than eight-months ago, Octavia and … Read More

UPDATE: Neapolitan Mastiff at shelter granted reprieve for another day

At the Moreno Valley Animal Shelter in Moreno Valley, California, a six-year-old Neapolitan Mastiff mix will not be humanely euthanized at the end of today as per the shelter, however a viable plan is needed.… Read More

Neapolitan Mastiff will be euthanized today if no one comes forward to help

At the Moreno Valley Animal Shelter, a six-year-old Neapolitan Mastiff mix will be humanely euthanized at the end of today if someone does not come forward to save him.

Shelter Staff made the following comments
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Gentle senior went unnoticed for 10 days at shelter and now closed

At the Southeast Area Animal Control Authority (SEACCA) in Downey, California, a 12-year-old gentle Queensland Heeler was walked into the shelter and surrendered. What was going on in her owner’s mind baffles everyone, but this … Read More

Urgent assistance needed to help injured Hershey

An injured dog just arriving at a high kill shelter in Texas needs urgent help. Meet Hershey; a Golden retriever blend who came in on the Animal Control truck Sunday morning. He is reported to … Read More

Haters bash deaf pit bull on social media deterring people from helping

A large social media group that hate pit bulls have come out in force trying to deter people from helping Lilly – a young ,deaf pit bull who is losing her home for the third … Read More