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We can hardly wait to see this bedraggled Great Pyrenees turn into a beautiful giant after being rescued

Less than one week ago, a Good Samaritan spotted a bedraggled Great Pyrenees get side swiped by a truck on a busy highway in the suburbs of Dallas. The kind woman pulled over to help … Read More

Rescuers save 14 dogs in desperate need from 9 degree temperatures in St. Louis

Fourteen dogs were saved on Wednesday by Stray Rescue Organization in St. Louis. No sooner had one of the most popular and beloved rescuers, Donna opened the door to her Jeep after finding one of … Read More

Dumped in an industrial area two scared pups loyally waited for their owners to return

In Vernon, California, just five miles south of Los Angeles, two dogs were spotted being abandoned just three days ago. It was the usual – the vehicle stopped, pushed them out of the car and … Read More

Stray puppy found in Baltimore County hunched over unable to walk and frozen with pain

A badly injured puppy spotted in the area in Baltimore County was reported to Baltimore City Animal Control on Monday. When officers arrived, the puppy, now named Seattle, was unable to walk or move around. … Read More

Police rescue puppy muzzled with tape and tossed away into a dumpster

On Monday morning, police in the Dallas, Texas area discovered a small black and white puppy with her muzzle taped shut with tape and then tossed away in a dumpster as if she were just … Read More

Family’s elderly dog escaped from his home yet animal services in Abilene euthanized him within 20 hours breaking the owner’s heart

In a heartbreaking situation on Saturday in Abilene, Texas, a dog owner posted their elderly dog as lost in one of the local lost and found groups on social media. His dog, named Lucky was … Read More

German shepherd dumped in the park because he had a serious injury to his back leg

In Washington Park, Indianapolis, Officer Frazier from the North District IMPD spotted a German shepherd wandering by himself in the park on Saturday morning. After spending time with the dog in order to gain his … Read More

Surgeons discover dozens of ponytail elastics in Shih Tzu’s stomach

A three-year-old Shih Tzu had to be rushed for emergency surgery after having been surrendered by his owners to the New York City Animal Care Center for vomiting and not eating or drinking for days.… Read More

Dog chained for four years with upside down cart as his only shelter rescued and will suffer no more

In rural Tennessee, Guardians of Rescue were contacted about a dog who had spent the last four years tethered on a chain with an upside down shopping cart as his only shelter. Left at the … Read More

Dog chained to dumpster waited out rain and freezing temperatures for days could barely believe help arrived

How does such abject cruelty to “man’s best friends” still happen numerous times a day and in too many places to ever count? This sweet, little dog had been tied to a dumpster for three … Read More