‘It’s not my dog’ claims person who surrendered pup to shelter

“It’s not my dog,” the person who turned the matted mess of a pup into the animal shelter on Tuesday in Dallas told the front desk personnel.

“It is not my dog, to ACO. I

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Skinny dog spent his entire life tied to a tree until he was rescued

A skinny dog, barely noticed in central Georgia, spent the last four years tied to a tree. He was originally named Cocaine by his owners;  he weighed 25-pounds – less than half of what a … Read More

Stray Lab retriever hides in the corner and shakes at busy Texas shelter

In a short heartbreaking video, a stray Labrador retriever is shown trying his best to make himself invisible. The barking, the clanking of bowls, the laughter of children and all the strange people have quickly … Read More

Mother dog and her 5 puppies living in muddy barrels rescued

In Roanoke, Virginia, a chained mother dog and her five puppies had been living in muddy rain barrels in the backyard of their home. The emaciated dog spent most of her energy feeding and protecting … Read More

Last call: Shepherd shook in fear at impound and no one has come to help

At the Moreno Valley Animal Shelter, a young German shepherd still waits for someone to help her. Earlier in the week, shelter volunteers visited with Savannah; her eyes were full of sadness.

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Dumping ground dog waits on discarded chair for someone to help him

It is becoming an everyday occurrence in some of the most isolated areas of South Texas. Each day brings new dogs that have been dumped and abandoned. Each day they get thinner and thinner – … Read More

Exhausted and mangled, dog limps right up to shelter’s front door

In Opelousas, Louisiana, a small mixed-breed dog exhausted, mangled and scared beyond belief, limped through the gate of the St. Landry Animal Rescue on Thursday afternoon and slowly headed right to the front door as … Read More

Urgent: Hit by car and extricated from grill dog needs rescue today

In San Bernardino, California, a small white dog was hit by a car and had to be extricated from the grill of the vehicle. Her condition is serious, and if he is not rescued today … Read More

16-year-old surrendered senior ends 2019 crying in his shelter cage

A 16-year-old senior surrendered to the Orange County Animal Services cried in his shelter cage. He ended 2019 with a home and began 2020 homeless; and there he cries.

“Friends of Orlando Shelter Pets Per

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Dog found tied up in church with ‘I’m so so sorry’ note

In Blackpool, England, a brindle and white dog was found tied up a church with a note from his owner which read, “I love you and I’m so so sorry.” In addition, the handwritten note … Read More