No one wants to adopt 3-year-old ‘Spike’ so shelter will euth’ him

At the South Los Angeles Animal Shelter, Spike is one of the dogs people see when they are walking down the aisles of the shelter, but they don’t stop – they just walk by. In … Read More

Run over by a car and dragged Milly’s life hanging by a thread

Milly was brought into a Texas shelter on Tuesday afternoon. She had been found  in the Rio Grande Valley after having been run over by a car and dragged.

Rescue Dogs Rock NYC came to … Read More

Dog owner fined after his dog attacked and killed a puppy at park

A dog owner from Ottawa was fined over the weekend and ordered to muzzle his dog after his unleashed Dogo Argentino attacked a woman and killed her 14-week-old puppy at a park.

According to the … Read More

Young dogs surrendered by irresponsible owner for being ‘big’ facing euthanasia

Two young dogs surrendered to the Harris County Animal Shelter because they were “too big,” may suffer the consequences of an irresponsible owner. On Thursday, Baby Girl and Rocky were ushered into separate kennels because … Read More

Dog has had the worst life that can be endured

Meet Eeyore. At Stray Rescue St. Louis, the young dog who has had the worst life that can be endured, is safe; he has already captured the hearts of his rescuers.

“He’s bleeding and has

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Still a puppy and so neglected: Golden retriever needs help

At the Riverside Animal Shelter in California, a one-year-old Golden retriever arrived on Friday. It’s difficult to believe “Honey Dew” is only a year old.


Pet Harbor adoption :

Dog – ID#A1585170
I am

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Terrified mother dog brought to shelter with her 4 pups

A terrified, young mother dog was brought to the Nassau County Animal Shelter on Wednesday with her four puppies. Zuma Dula needs help quickly.

According to the shelter, Zuma is believed to be between two … Read More

Tragic story of 5 senior dogs: Five years they have been abandoned

In Chickamauga, Georgia, five senior dogs have a tragic story to be told. It is hoped rescuers will step up and help these dogs.

Five years ago, the owner of these five dogs died. The … Read More

Jupiter’s life matters as his tail happily wags but no one wants him

Jupiter waits and hopes at the New York City Animal Care Center in Manhattan. He’s a spirited senior who has had trouble adjusting to shelter life amidst strange noises and people he has never seen … Read More

Terribly neglected little dog needs immediate help in NYC

At the New York City Animal Care Center, a little dog arrived Monday morning at the shelter. His terribly neglected appearance indicates he needs help immediately. He has not been evaluated or examined by the … Read More