DeLand K-9 hero reunites family after toddler goes missing

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A terrifying situation unfolded in DeLand, Florida, this past Friday when a three-year-old child went missing from his home. Thankfully, the incredible teamwork between a DeLand Police Department K-9 and his handler led to a happy ending.

A Frantic Search Begins

The toddler reportedly wandered away from his family unnoticed. Precious moments ticked by as his worried parents frantically searched their property before calling for help. The DeLand Police Department responded swiftly, understanding the urgency of finding a lost child.

Enter K-9 Midnight: A Hero with a Keen Nose

Corporal Damon Clark and his K-9 partner, Midnight, arrived on the scene. Corporal Clark described the atmosphere:

It’s moments like these where every second counts. You can feel the worry radiating from the family.”


Known for his expertise in search and rescue, K-9 Midnight sprang into action. Using the boy’s favorite blanket, Corporal Clark provided Midnight with a scent to track. The K-9 hero wasted no time, leading his handler through the nearby woods with unwavering determination.

A Reunion Filled with Relief

After a tense 45 minutes, K-9 Midnight’s sharp nose located the missing child. The DeLand Police Department reports that the little boy was unharmed and overjoyed to be reunited with his family. Footage captured on Corporal Clark’s body camera shows the tearful reunion, a heartwarming testament to the powerful bond between humans and their canine companions.

The boy was unharmed and returned safely to his family. Officers gifted him with a DPD teddy bear, part of a recent donation to our department.

We are blurring the child’s face for privacy. Good work to all teams involved! This is the outcome we hope for in these situations, a safe return!


K-9 Midnight: More Than Just a Dog

K-9 Midnight’s heroic act serves as a powerful reminder of the invaluable role police dogs play in our communities. These specially trained canines are more than just pets; they are partners, heroes, and lifesavers. K-9 Midnight has been trained to search narcotics and missing people and has been with the DeLand Police Department since 2022.

Spreading Awareness: How You Can Help

  • Support your local K-9 units: Many police departments rely on donations to fund K-9 training and equipment. Consider reaching out to your local department to see if they accept contributions.
  • Spread the word: Share stories like K-9 Midnight’s to raise awareness about the incredible work these K-9 teams perform.
  • Practice pet safety: Ensure your pet is microchipped and has a collar with ID tags. Supervise young children around pools and bodies of water, and establish clear boundaries for your property.

By working together, we can ensure the safety of our children and the well-being of our furry heroes.

DeLand Police Department K-9 Unit: Saving Lives, One Sniff at a Time

The DeLand Police Department is proud to have K-9 Midnight and his dedicated handler, Corporal Clark, on their team. Their story exemplifies the unwavering commitment of law enforcement and the remarkable capabilities of K-9 units.

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