Sibling pups surrendered from home with too many dogs

A pair of sibling puppies were surrendered to the San Bernardino City Animal Shelter. One moment the eight-month-old friendly puppies were home and playing, but when too many dogs were discovered in the home, the … Read More

Dog that existed in cage too small to stand and covered in fleas rescued

A dog who lived in a cage too small for her to even stand up and covered in her own feces and urine arrived at the Stray Rescue of St. Louis on Friday evening. The … Read More

Dog returned to shelter for being ‘too loyal’

Meet Wink. It’s hard to believe this adorable floppy-eared pooch was returned to the Riverside Animal Shelter in California for being “too loyal.” Sadly, all we can do is shake our heads and tell her … Read More

Help: ‘Less adoptable’ Magoo has been at shelter for 2 years

It’s Adopt A “Less Adoptable” Pet Week, and Mr. Magoo is headlining the news. This two-year-resident at the Humane Society of Marshall County in Benton, Kentucky sure can use the help of social media to … Read More

Puppies dumped in the park now listed to die at city shelter

In the Wichita, Kansas area, five puppies were dumped in the park, and now they are listed to be euthanized at the area animal shelter.


According to the rescue group Beauties and Beasts, IncRead More

15-year-old dog finds new home after he had been trapped in car for days

In Eureka, California, a 15-year-old dog had been trapped in a car for days after his owner died. A Good Samaritan  spotted the dog after noticing the vehicle had been abandoned on the side of … Read More

Three weeks later and surrendered heartbroken seniors still at shelter

All their lives Feisty and Lady felt loved and secure. Sadly, life sometimes hands us lemons, and when their owner became ill and too weak to care for the bonded pair, their lives took a … Read More

Dog found wandering in Salina with broken jaw and head injuries

In Dewitt, New York, a dog was found wandering on Monday in the Town of Salina with head injuries, a bloodied ear and a broken jaw. The CNY ASPCA, veterinarian has been able to … Read More

Close to being a perfect pooch, help Patches find a home

In Jacksonville, Florida, rescuers just can’t understand why there isn’t a line at the door to adopt Patches. While he may seem shy when first approached, he quickly turns into a playful pup who is … Read More

Friendly bulldog could light up the world but now his life is about to go dark

In Staten Island, New York, BJ sits and waits in his kennel at New York City Animal Care Centers to die. His life is about to go dark, and even though he has that adorable … Read More