Blind senior faces the wall day and night with little hope for adoption

Her name is Luna, and the blind senior Chihuahua was brought in as a stray on January 12. Lucky for Luna, she was chipped and her family was called; unlucky for Luna, her family didn’t want her anymore. A volunteer, brought to tears just watching the frightened sightless Chihuahua who seemed to have given up on life, posted the following on Facebook hoping to attract attention for Luna’s desperate rescue plight:

 “Sh*t out of luck little blind chi who just faces the wall and growls when anyone approaches! She has about as much chance of getting adopted as she has of driving a car. To make matters worse, she is at the back of the shelter and a non-public medical building so no one’s ever going to get to see her. I thought she was incredibly cute though and pray that maybe some kind soul will take pity on her and her grumpy predicament and get her the heck out of there!!”

And her advocate continued:

“She is age 10, blind as a bat, grumpy. That may be the good news!! She is tiny anyway and probably has no teeth so her bites, if she follows through on those growls, will probably amount to little more than being gummed!”

Luna’s Pet Harbor listing can be found here. “My name is Luna and I am described as a female, tan Chihuahua – Smooth Coated. The shelter thinks I am about 10 years old. I have been at the shelter since Jan 12, 2017. For more information about this animal, call Los Angeles County Animal Control – Baldwin Park at (626) 962-3577. Ask for information about animal ID number A5025190.  A Facebook page to follow her plight can be found here. Share Luna with approved rescue organizations, friends, family and social media contacts. Sharing saves lives. We are Luna’s only hope.

(Photo of Luna courtesy of Jackie Gibbons Tomlinson.)

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Kind hearts take time to help the freezing strays in Istanbul

Kindhearted people have taken time to help the freezing strays in Istanbul and all over Turkey. Stray dogs in the shopping areas have been given cardboard, blankets, food and towels to help them stay warm. Not a political mandated order to round up all the strays; it has been a collective effort of animal lovers and compassionate people coming together and providing comfort for those who cannot protect themselves.turkey dogs

On the Facebook page of Arzu Inan, the manager of the clothing store Penti described how they opened up their store in Istanbul to let the dogs come in and sleep:

“Unutmayın ki sadece gerçek sevgi ısıtır….” (Don’t forget that only true love warms up…), Arzu posted on her Facebook page.

While there are shelters for homeless people, even though statistics have already recorded the deaths of 20 people from the arctic conditions this past week, there are no shelters for the animals. Long haired dogs may be better able to withstand the cold, but what about the short haired canines shivering and trying to cuddle into balls to preserve their body heat? And that’s when the help came. Malls opened their doors. Even separate sanctuaries were made available for the stray cats. According to CNN Turks, one of the volunteers who gathered blankets and food for the strays stated:turkey dogs 2

“All of us, if we can help as much as we can, all the stray animals will be in good shape and the street animals need help all over the world.”

And even though Turkey seems so far away for people in the United States, our homeless pet issue is of major concern in our own backyard. While it is impossible to determine how many stray dogs and cats live in our country, estimates for cats alone range up to 70 million. In a world of troubling politics, there’s always that reassuring confidence that kindhearted people still roam the earth and speak for those who cannot talk. Why shop for a new companion when you can adopt? Turkey dogs 3

(Photos of Istanbul stray dogs via Facebook and Imgur)

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Dog has ‘Lassie-style moment’ when she sniffs out puppies in recycle bin

It was a canine good deed, described as a “Lassie-Style Moment,” on the Facebook page of Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuary in southwest England earlier this week, when a woman’s dog out for a walk sniffed around and discovered a trio of puppies abandoned in a recycling bin. The dog barked to convey her message to her human when she found the shivering eight-week-old border collie puppies. The two males and one little female pup had been left to fend for themselves in an area identified as Failand Woods.Lassie puppies 2

“Luckily a dog out walking sniffed them out, and in a true ‘Lassie style moment’, alerted her owner to rescue them, thank goodness as we truly feel they wouldn’t have survived a cold winter’s night. They were brought in to us for safe keeping and they will be heading into foster care this afternoon after a full vet check,” the sanctuary wrote on Facebook as they described the “Lassie-style” rescue- reminiscent of the puppies similar breed.

The little boys now bear the names of Carlos and Tosca; the female has been dubbed Mabel. Rescue manager, Sarah Schranz fears the pups may have been a Christmas present someone quickly tired of, but since their adorable photos have spread through social media and all over the Internet, the puppies have had dozens of adoption offers.

Animal advocates, and of course those of us who couldn’t get enough of the utter cuteness, donated puppy food, blankets and toys. The trio are all expected to be going to new their new homes next week.

How we love happy endings.

(Photos and video of Lassie-Style Moment pups courtesy of Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuary)

Check out how cute these puppies are in this short video:

Good Samaritan finds neglected poodle stuffed inside of gym bag

Whoever Ethel may have loved just days ago surely betrayed her. The senior, neglected and terribly matted miniature poodle had been stuffed into an old gym bag and abandoned on a Queens street in New York City. Had it not been for a Good Samaritan, who spotted the bag moving out of the corner of his eye on Thursday, it’s doubtful this suffering dog would even have survived one more day.

In the dog’s notes at the Animal Care Centers of New York City, Ethel’s tragic story was told:

“Finder came into QAC (Queens Animal Care) with a stray dog that was found inside a gym bag. Finder expressed that he got out of work and noticed a black and blue gym bag was moving. Finder looked in the gym and noticed a small dog. Finder stated he initially attempted to look for help, but he came right into QAC.”

Rescue Dogs Rock NYC stepped up on Friday morning to help the 12-year-old senior who barely weighed nine pounds. Emaciated and not able to stand, Ethel has been rushed to the organization’s partner veterinarian. Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, co-founder Jackie O’Sullivan, posted her thoughts on Facebook:

“Ethel is already showing signs of   Canine Infectious Respiratory Disease Complex. No way were we leaving Ethel to rot any longer like a piece of trash. Ethel is a living being. She feels. She hurts. We are happy to report, Ethel is already on her way to our NY Vet partner for life saving medical care.”

To help with Ethel’s care, donations can be made by clicking here or directly to our PayPal

(Photo of Ethel the senior found in gym bag Animal Care Centers of New York City.)

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Beyond heartbreaking: 16-year-old senior shivers in fear at Miami shelter

It’s a beyond heartbreaking brief video; 16-year-old Brandie the senior shivers in fear at Miami-Dade Animal Services. Somehow this black and brown Pointer mix was picked up as a stray on January 3. Her family either abandoned or just gave up trying to find her. Tragically, Brandie’s situation is desperate as the shelter has called out to their participating rescue organizations for help.Brandie 2

And as if being a senior and being black and brown isn’t bad enough, Brandie has been tucked into one of the bottom dark cages in the adoption room where she is overlooked and ignored as plump little puppies capture all of the attention of would be-adopters.

“As she looked over to the people choosing puppies, I was observing the sad look in her eyes. The senior shivers in fear and just looks out of her crate to that people that don’t even see her black body in the dark cage,” one volunteer at the shelter observed on Thursday.

Click here for Brandie’s Pet Harbor listing. “I am a spayed female, black and brown Pointer mix. The shelter staff think I am about 16 years old. I have been at the shelter since Jan 03, 2017.” For more information about this animal, call Miami-Dade Animal Services at (305) 884-1101. Ask for information about animal ID number A0812176. A Facebook page for Brandie can be found here.

Watch Brandie’s short video and share her plight with approved rescues, friends, family and social media. She’s a senior – and at this time of her life deserves better than this. We are Brandie’s only hope. Please help. The Miami-Dade Animal Services is located at 3599 NW 79th Avenue, Doral, Florida 33166. Call (305) 884.1101 or email

Photos and video of senior shivers in fear by 4Love of Paws Miami:



Stray Havanese guides bonded, blind mini pinscher along city street

An abandoned pair were rescued from the streets of Los Angeles on Friday and brought to the Downey Animal Care Center in California. Rescuers describe the very friendly ten-year-old Havanese pooch leading her blind friend, a miniature pinscher along the lonely streets; the dogs are extremely bonded. Both dogs appear to have been neglected, but their loyalty to each other keeps them hanging on. If only a home can be found for the pair so that they may live together for the rest of their lives.millie-on-thursday

Click here for the miniature pinscher’s adoption listing. “My name is Millie and I’m an approximately 10 year old female min pinscher.  I am not yet spayed.  I have been at the Downey Animal Care Center since January 6, 2017.  I am available on January 10, 2017.  You can visit me at my temporary home at D715. Animal ID: A5023670.

Click here for the Havanese adoption listing. “My name is Larry and I’m an approximately 6 year old male terrier.  I am already neutered.  I have been at the Downey Animal Care Center since January 6, 2017.  I am available on January 10, 2017.  You can visit me at my temporary home at D403. Animal ID: A5023668.

A Facebook page to follow the plight of these two bonded companions can be followed here. Advocates continue to pledge funds to help an approved rescue organization help these two very gentle and sweet little dogs. Share their stories with friends, family and social media contacts. We are all they have, and sharing saves lives.

(Photos of Havanese and mini pinscher via Animal Care of Los Angeles County. Video courtesy of Uyen Nguyen)

Watch their short video here:

Puppy suffers broken leg after man throws it over fence

In Okeechobee, Florida, authorities are searching for the man who threw a six-month-old puppy over the fence. A man, driving a four-door pickup truck, pulled up to a fenced in area at animal control on Tuesday and threw the dog over the fence. When discovered, the dog had suffered a broken leg. She has since undergone

According to the Okeechobee County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page, on January 3, the truck driven by a stocky Hispanic male arrived at the Okkeechobee Sheriff’s Office Animal Control, backed up to the fenced area and threw the puppy over the six-foot high fence topped with barbed wire. During the week, the area is used as a play area for dogs. The exceptionally sweet, female puppy, described as a Cur mix, sustained a rear broken leg. The shelter’s video showed her lying in the yard all night with her broken leg and no food or water until she was discovered early the next morning by shelter

Nala’s New Life Rescue has stepped up to care for the pup, now dubbed Jenny. Her leg was repaired at the expense of the foster home who is caring for Jenny, however the animal advocate is in no financial position to pay for the surgery. To help, donations can be made by clicking here.

The suspect’s truck is described as a Ford, two tone dark blue/gold on bottom. Anyone identifying this person or the truck is asked to call Deputy Rusty Hartsfield at 863.763.3117.

(Photos of puppy thrown over the fence with broken leg courtesy of Okeechobee County Sheriff’s Office and Nala’s New Life Rescue.)

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Check out sweet Jenny’s video.


Authorities locate woman who abandoned dog in cage

A surveillance camera video from the City of Bartlett Animal Shelter in Tennessee has garnered national attention after a woman is pictured pulling up to the shelter in a pickup truck, getting out of the truck and removing a dog in a cage from the tailgate. She then leaves the  abandoned  dog in the parking lot- quickly driving away. The short video, along with the following comments, were posted on the City of Bartlett Animal Shelter’s Facebook page Monday afternoon:

“Does anyone recognize this woman, dog or truck? If so, please let us know. We have a few questions for her. Thank you. I think we can all agree this is upsetting. Please keep foul language off this feed. It does not help.”

More than 581,000 views, 15,000 shares and 2,800 comments later, ranging from “how cruel can anyone be,” to “the woman could have dropped the dog down into a ravine,” the person responsible for the abandoned dog was located. Still the comments drew harsh criticism for leaving the dog in a parking lot despite a posted excuse:

“Here is one person’s explanation…. It was not her dog. She is a child who was told by an irresponsible adult to leave the dog because the adult did not want to wait for the shelter to open. You do not know the full story. She did return to the shelter after it opened and filled out paperwork that said the dog was a stray.”

The pooch, believed to be a five-year-old, female Australian shepherd was terrified when found, but the staff at the shelter report the dog to be very sweet and friendly. And although some comments have stated the person dropping the dog off saved the pooch from harm, the shelter didn’t agree:

“Had the lady put the dog on the sidewalk, we would agree. However, our parking lot connects with the street where there are garbage trucks flying through here. She could have been hit in that cage.”

The Bartlett Police Department were able to track down the person who abandoned the dog. The organization posted on their Facebook page the person had been located and was coming to the shelter to fill out the paperwork so the dog could be adopted. The police department wants to remind everyone that abandoning an animal is illegal.

“If you feel the need to bring an animal to the shelter, please come inside so we can assist you and ensure the safety of the animal,” a department spokesperson stated.

Be the voice for those who cannot speak. There is never an excuse to abandon a pet; even youngsters should know better.

(Photo of abandoned dog freeze shot from video.)

The short video can be viewed here:

Heartbreaking: No new home means Frankie dies today

Update: Rescued!

Ten-year-old Frankie spent Christmas, and now the first nine days of 2017 in a kennel cage at the Miami-Dade County Animal Services. The very sad terrier has waited and waited for someone to save him, and no one has stepped forward. He shakes and shivers and has no idea why he is being kept behind bars as a prisoner; the sweet gently dog didn’t do anything wrong.

The shelter has sent out numerous please for help, and this dog urgently needs a rescue to save his life. His deadline is Monday afternoon at 6:00 p.m. when it has been reported the dog will be euthanized for space. Described as incredibly sweet, friendly and calm, this dog would make a wonderful companion. Surely there must be someone out there to give him a loving home and a warm bed – instead of the cold floor of a kennel and a fate even worse than that. The dog’s initial evaluation described him as friendly, non aggressive, but stiff. Advocates have been pledging funds to help a qualified rescue organization with his medical expenses.

Share Frank’s plight with friends, family and social media contacts. We are his future, and sharing saves lives.

A Facebook page for this dog can be followed here.  For more information about this dog, contact Miami-Dade Animal Services Pet Adoption and Protection Center located at 3599 NW 79th Ave, Doral, FL 33166. Be sure to reference A1840190. According to Urgent Dogs of Miami, there has been interest in rescuing Frank. Pet Harbor listing here.

Photos and video of Frankie courtesy of Urgent Dogs of Miami.

Check out Frankie’s short video here:


Senior Labrador retriever found abandoned and depressed

By the look in Ray’s eyes, this senior Labrador retriever knows he has been abandoned and his family will never try to find him. Found wandering alone and scavenging for food scraps in Torrance, California, eight-year-old Ray isn’t feeling that well. He’s much too thin, his eyes are crusty, and he’s missing parts of his coat, but none of that has diminished his love for humans – no hard feelings with Ray. All he wants is a family to love.

Click here for Ray’s adoption listing.  “I don’t have a name yet and I’m an approximately 8 year old male Labrador retriever  I am already neutered.  I have been at the Carson Animal Care Center since January 7, 2017.  I will be available on January 22, 2017.”

Ray’s Facebook page can be followed here. Additional information can be found here. Share Ray’s plight with approved rescue organizations, friends, family and social media contacts. Sharing saves lives. Advocates have been pledging funds to help an approved rescue with veterinarian and support expenses.

For additional information on fostering or adoptions, please contact:

Carson Shelter, Gardena, California
216 Victoria Street, Gardena, California
Phone: 310.523.9566 Make sure to reference A5023753.

Photos of Ray the senior Labrador courtesy of Saving Carson Shelter Dogs

A short video can be viewed here: