Heartbroken child pens note to shelter as family dog surrendered

A spiral notebook filled with pages and pages of instructions addressed to the new owner of his dog named Rhino Lightning, written by a heartbroken child, after his dog was surrendered to a shelter ended with,

“Please tell Rhino that I love and miss him every night.”Rhino Lightning letter 1

Just one week ago, the three-year-old adorable brindle Boxer was surrendered to the Humane Society of Utah. The family had adopted the sweet dog six months ago, but the energetic pooch proved too rambunctious for the family with several small children and would unintentionally knock them down while playing. Maybe he wasn’t the best fit for the family, but nevertheless one young child was so saddened he wanted to make sure the dog’s new family knew all about him; and in a good way:

“Hi, if you are reading this you must own Rino now. He was my puppy. I really hope he is in a good inviorment. (sic) I really miss him. I wish he new (sic) that he was a preaty (sic) puppy…Please tell my ‘striped dream’ that love him and miss him every night.

Also included were the child’s observations about Rhino slobbering, loving cuddles as well as loving to sleep under the blankets. The child warned the dog’s new family not to give him tennis balls because he chews them up, doesn’t like the snow and in the summer is not a fan of swimming. Also Rhino doesn’t like cats, but he is “honestly just adorable.”Rhino Lightning letters

The Humane Society of Utah is looking for a new home for Rhino. Because he is a lively guy, children in the home should be at least eight-years-old. (Fill out an adoption application, if you’d like to be considered.)  According to the shelter, Rhino is a bit nervous in his kennel, but does fine when he is outside and able to romp around. He is house-trained and has a special liking for peanut butter.

On the organization’s Facebook page on Sunday, Rhino was scheduled to have a “meet and greet” with an interested family, but on Monday morning, his adoption photo stating he is still available for a lucky family remains on the website.  (updated at 10:55 p.m.) Please share Rhino’s story with friends, family and social media contacts. Sharing saves lives.

(Photo of Rhino described by heartbroken child courtesy of Humane Society of Utah.)

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First used to breed: Then tortured as bait dog just to be thrown away

A seven-year-old American bulldog has never been treated with love or respect. First used to breed puppies to sell for a profit and when she no longer could produce litter after litter, she was forced into another victimizing role; Jessy became a bait dog. The scars on her face, her body and her legs bear the reminders of the misery she endured.Jessy cover

And then she was thrown away; no identification tags, no microchip and no one ever came looking for her. Brought to the Miami-Dade Animal Services Pet Adoption and Protection Center on February 1, Jessy is in need of a home or a foster family. A shelter volunteer offers the following observation:

“She is so gentle and wants to be loved so badly. She comes and sits with you hoping that you will scratch her all over. After being so abused, you would think she hates people, but she wants the attention of her very own human. She shouldn’t be so abused at her age.”

Sadly, Jessy is giving up on life. In her shelter cage, she barely lifts her head when anyone passes by. A Facebook page following her plight can be found here or here. Animal advocates have been pledging funds to help with veterinarian and other expenses to an approved rescue organization. Share this girl’s story with friends, family and social media contacts. Make sure to reference A1848583.Jessy 2

Contact: with identification number to check: availability/status/request medical records. New location: 3599 NW 79th Avenue, Doral, Florida 33166. For information on transportation contact Steve Nash at (954) 774-0934 (by text or phone call); don’t allow a little distance stop you from saving Jessy.
(Photos of Jessy, the American bulldog used to breed and be bait dog courtesy of Urgent Dogs of Miami.)
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Injured dogs just meet and find solace in each other at vet office

Two injured dogs became immediate friends and found comfort in each other at a veterinarian’s office in New York City at their very first meeting. Rescuers had never seen two dogs who had endured such neglect and agony respond to one another with such apparent love and comfort.

“They ran into each other at the vet and they would not leave one another’s side. The purity and innocence that live in these two is commendable. They made it…and now they have each other. Little Valentine’s body is still sore and raw but he is coming along; the pain medication is working and he is in way better spirits,” Second Chance Rescue NYC Dogs posted on their Facebook page Wednesday morning updating advocates about the condition of two dogs dubbed Valentine and Moose.  Valentine and Moose

It started with the rescue of  five-year-old Moose late last week who was saved from a high-kill rural shelter that does not allow photos or videos enabling advocates to help these dogs find homes. With Moose’s tragic plight, volunteers were notified that his kennel mate attacked him while eating. Moose did not bite back or even growl; he sat there and took it. As he was being led through the shelter, a pregnant dog lunged and growled at him, and he only offered her his belly.

“He may look rough but he is as gentle and kind as they get, therapy dog type. Clearly a loser once cropped his ears so badly and as a result he has a raging skin ear infection, imagine someone taking scissors to your velvety floppy ears. He has really bad sores, an infection on his bum, he is covered in fleas, has an eye and skin infection.”Valentine and Moose 2

Once he arrived at the vet, he was diagnosed with a severe skin condition, an out of control ear infection and  polyps all over his body, especially on his back end. His toe nails are infected, and he was covered in flea residue. Most disturbing was that most of his teeth were totally rotted out which is uncommon for his young age; he will require surgery for this.  Described as a “low rider pit,” Moose who has a solid disposition despite all he has endured. He is described as an “absolute joy and honor to be around, truly an easy going guy.” Moose will be moving to a foster home for care and will be back and forth at the vet for treatment. Please note three more dogs were rescued that day from that same shelter.

And then came the  rescue of a 10-week-old puppy on Monday. When the organization posted his heartbreaking photo, it appeared as if the defenseless little pup’s face had been shredding away. He had been found wandering the streets in horrific condition, and for days he sat at a high-kill shelter and was scheduled to be euthanized. The rescue organization immediately put out a plea for help:Valentine the puppy

“It sounds like he has some kind of respiratory condition (unfortunately most dogs in the shelter end up with these respiratory infections). He has something that looks like a burn on his face, but may be some kind of severe mange or severe skin infection. His stomach is also raw and has the same bloodied scabs all over it. It looks like the skin was peeled away from his belly. He cries out in pain when anyone tries to touch him. We won’t know exactly what is going on until we are able get him to a vet. We cannot imagine the pain and discomfort he must be in. Please help us pull Sweet Valentine. We would like to save Valentine today and offer his the medical support he needs to get through this.”

And now the two injured dogs have met and their compassion to each other gives all of us a moment to pause and reflect how absolutely perfect is the description that dogs are our best friends – and not only to humans, but to each other in the most crucial times of their lives. If you would like to donate to Moose and Valentine, please click here. If you would like to get them a little gift for their temporary stay in foster care, you may do so at…

(Photos of injured dogs find comfort in each other courtesy of Second Chance Rescue NYC.)

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Little stray found wearing his sweater but where is his family?

The curly white stray dog came from somewhere, but no one has arrived at the Carson Animal Care Center to claim little Billy. The unkempt poodle showed up in his tartan sweater, and everyone hoped his family would be searching for him by calling all the local shelters and visiting animal rescue websites anxious to be reunited. Since February 9, 12-year-old Billy had been waiting at the front of his cage. The moment he heard noise or movement – he quickly rushed to the front hoping; wishing his family had finally arrived. Sadly all of that recently changed; too many disappointments, and now Billy barely looks up when someone approaches his kennel cage. The sadness and utter despair shows in his tiny face and in those deep brown eyes.

Click here for Billy’s Pet Harbor listing.  “My name is Billy and I am described as a male, white Poodle – Miniature. The shelter thinks I am about 12 years old. I have been at the shelter since Feb 09, 2017.” For more information about this dog, call the Los Angeles County Animal Control – Carson at (310) 523-9566. Ask for information about animal ID number A5032277.  It is unknown if Billy’s owner died, and he was just dropped off at the shelter or even if his owner may be elderly and doesn’t know how to make use of the Internet to find her lost dog.

A Facebook page for Billy can be followed here.  Sadly, there hasn’t been much attention or interest for Billy, and senior dogs rarely have a line at the door to adopt them. Please share Billy’s plight with approved rescue organizations, friends, family and social media contacts. Sharing saves lives. Won’t you help?

For further information, contact the Carson Shelter located at 216 Victoria Street, Gardena, California. Phone: 310.523.9566.

(Photo of stray Billy at Carson Shelter courtesy of Saving Carson Dogs)

Check out Billy’s video here:

Update: Shih Tzu dubbed ‘Lego’ just wants to dance and kiss

In a disturbing case of animal cruelty, authorities are still trying to locate the owners of a neglected Shih Tzu found wandering the streets in Freemansburg, Pennsylvania last Tuesday. According to the rescue organization, Because of a Dog, it wasn’t long before shelter staff noticed the extremely matted and filthy pooch, dubbed Lego, was not able to defecate – no matter how hard she tried. Initially the staff thought the dog might have had a tumor or severe matting blocking her rectum.Lego on Monday 2

The Chief of Police at Freemansburg contacted Because of a Dog, founder Selena Anstead for help; together they tried to figure out what was going on with the tiny dog’s rectal area. When Selena saw a mat almost the size of her fist, the Chief authorized her to transport the dog to the vet.

“Well, in that matting they found a few legos.  Yes, legos….the little plastic building blocks,” Selena explained. ”Now an x-ray is needed. And ultrasound. This little girl had more legos in her rectum! They had to sedate her to do a short procedure to remove the legos. All together there were about 6-7 legos. This little girl can’t weigh more than 5 lbs! She is emaciated. Thankfully there is no prolapse. However, her rectum is extremely inflamed and sore. We have no idea how long she was like this, but this is not something that occurred over the course of a few days – not for how badly that was matted.”Lego the dog 3

After the procedure, the dog was transferred to Peaceable Kingdom in Whitehall where she is recuperating. Selena was glad to report that the veterinary expenses of $658 have been raised, and the funds will be paid to the vet for Lego’s emergency care procedures. Some advocates have been very critical that the little pup was named Lego; stating it was not appropriate…

“The shelter named her. It wasn’t meant to be cruel. With everything that they see on a daily basis they have to have an outlet – it’s a name, nothing more, nothing less,” Selena explained.

On a bright note, Lego is eating, drinking and going to the bathroom. As the rescue forwarded the latest photos of Lego to the Pet Rescue Report today, she had this to add:

“The shelter sent me new pics. It was hard for her to get Lego to sit still long enough as she wants to keep dancing and kissing! She will make a family very happy!”

Donations and information about adoptions can be sent to Peaceable Kingdom by clicking here.  This organization helps most of the medical strays from the Bethlehem area. They could use the help.

(Photos of Lego courtesy of Because of a Dog.)

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Rainbow Animal Rescue stages massive rescue from Robeson County Animal Shelter

In the United States alone, millions of dogs and cats enter animal shelters every year. More than 50% of the animals in these shelters are euthanized due to overcrowding and lack of fosters or adoptive homes.  Playful, healthy, good-natured dogs, cats, kittens and puppies are put down at a frightening rate simply because no one wants them. Although some shelters have adopted the no-kill model, we have miles to go before we can achieve the status of a No Kill Nation.

Over $2 billion is spent annually by local government offices to shelter and ultimately destroy 8-10 million adoptable dogs and cats. Robeson County Animal Control, located in St. Pauls, North Carolina, has one of the highest kill rates in the nation.  They have recently had a higher influx of animals due to the recent devastation brought about by Hurricane Mathew.

Rainbow Animal Rescue located in Halifax, NC did a massive rescue from Robeson in January 2017. All told, they rescued 72 dogs in the month of January; 30 were from Robeson. They went in planning to pull only 15 dogs, but when they arrived they saw so many animals desperate to be saved that they pulled 30+ dogs and puppies between January 11th and January 17th. Rainbow Animal Rescue is a 501 (c) 3 no-kill rescue based in North Eastern North Carolina. Their mission is to help as many unwanted, abandoned and mistreated animals in North Carolina and the surrounding areas as possible.  All pets rescued are either fostered in a home environment or housed at the new Animal Rescue and Adoption Center based in North Eastern NC, until they find a suitable home.   They take animals from the county dog pounds such as Halilfax County Animal Control as well as from private pet owners who can no longer care for them.

Sadly, and unexpectedly all the dogs rescued from Robeson suffered from Parvo, respiratory illness or were HW positive. Rainbow Animal Rescue knew the risk when taking on so many dogs from Robeson, but they could not turn them away. Of the adult dogs rescued, half were heartworm positive and have started their first phase of treatment. Those that were heartworm negative have found placement.   One of the senior dogs, named Vince, unfortunately cannot be treated with a fast kill method as he would only have a 50-60% survival rate. He must be treated with a slow kill method.

The veterinarians are working round the clock using the best methods available such as Cerenia,  metronidazole, Theraflu and probiotics to treat the various ailments the different dogs are suffering. All of the medical expenses have wiped out the emergency savings account for Rainbow Animal Rescue. Due to this financial setback, they have limited funds which lessens their ability to help other shelter dogs.   Please help Rainbow Animal Rescue care for the sickly dogs they have taken the responsibility of saving and assist them with their continued rescue efforts.

Visit their website at

Donations can be paid via Paypal at or called in directly to Williamston Vet Hospital by calling 252-792-3000. Some of the dogs and puppies rescued have succumbed to their illnesses. According to a representative from Rainbow Animal Rescue it is a painful decision to let them pass. The only consolation is the puppies experienced loving arms when taking their last breaths; the truly bittersweet side of rescue.














Dog tossed from SUV onto Florida highway recovering

In Boca Raton, Florida, a dog tossed from an SUV on Saturday afternoon onto a highway is lucky to be alive. Eyewitness Lisa Gabrielle had been driving in the area when she spotted a black SUV slow down along Camino Real and push a black and white dog out onto the roadway.Dalmation thrown from car 2

According to WptvNews, Lisa’s heart just broke, and she just knew she had to help.

“I saw the car stop and I just saw hands just push them out. I rescued my own dog two years ago and I just saw him when I saw this. I really hope that we can find whoever did that is because I am such an animal lover and the fact that I saw a dog have to go through something like that is so heartbreaking.”

So Lisa took the Dalmatian home with her for the night – dubbing the friendly pooch Buster and on Sunday brought him to the Tri-County Animal Rescue. Although Buster doesn’t seem to be injured, the shelter did state he was severely underweight. Today, Buster is scheduled for a complete examination at the vet, and he may be eligible for adoption in the near future.

The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office has been notified. Anyone recognizing this dog is asked to call authorities. There is just no excuse to throw a dog out of a moving vehicle. Buster deserves justice.

(Photos of dog tossed from SUV screenshot via WptvNews.)

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Five-pound abandoned dog found with ‘legos’ stuffed in her rectum

In the small community of Freemansburg, Pennsylvania, an animal cruelty atrocity is calling for the public’s help to bring justice to an abandoned five-pound Shih Tzu found wandering the streets on Tuesday afternoon stuffed with legos. According to the rescue organization, Because of a Dog, the Shih Tzu was picked up as a stray, and it wasn’t long before shelter staff noticed the extremely matted and dirty pooch was not able to defecate – no matter how hard she tried. Initially the staff thought the dog might have had a tumor or severe matting blocking her rectum.Lego the dog 2

When Because of a Dog, founder Selena Anstead, was asked to help, volunteers donned gloves and scissors, and as they gingerly helped the tiny dog out of her cage, the horrible smell was overwhelming.

“She was a total mess. Opened the crate; out she came and as the Chief, one of my volunteers, and I were ‘suited up’ in disposable gloves, we managed to get her distracted while I took a look at her rectal area. This did not appear to me to be a tumor, but a rather large ball of hair, fecal matter. Her rectum was not even visible. She was so dirty and icky that it was impossible to even tell if she was male or female. The pink dye in her hair at the top of her head gave us a clue that the dog was possibly female.”

When it could not be determined what was blocking the dog from having a bowel movement, and she kept trying and trying, volunteers placed her in a bathtub to soften up the matting. And what they discovered  was nothing short of disturbing:Lego the dog 3

“Well, in that matting they found a few legos.  Yes, legos….the little plastic building blocks,” Selena explained. ” Now an x-ray is needed. And ultrasound. This little girl had more legos in her rectum! They had to sedate her to do a short procedure to remove the legos. All together there were about 6-7 legos. This little girl can’t weigh more than 5 lbs! She is emaciated. Thankfully there is no prolapse. However, her rectum is extremely inflamed and sore. We have no idea how long she was like this, but this is not something that occurred over the course of a few days – not for how badly that was matted.”

Lego, as she has been dubbed, is now on a course of antibiotics, an ointment was applied, and she is currently being treated at Peaceable Kingdom.  The dog is currently reported to be snuggled upon soft comforters and resting. How the legos even got into her rectum is unknown; there were no teeth marks on them indicating they weren’t chewed and swallowed.

“What we do know however is because the chief called us and we all acted quickly, this little girl’s life was saved. Now we need you all … we must pay the $658 medical bill….During the whole ordeal, she never stopped wagging her tail and how she was even able to do that without crying is beyond words.”

Lego will be cared for and nurtured until she is healthy enough to be adopted. Anyone with information about the owner of this dog is asked to contact  the Freemansburg Police Department at 610-866-2221. Lego was found on the 400 block of Main Street in Freemansburg. She had no identification.

A YouCaring account to help with Lego’s veterinarian costs can be found here.

(Photos of abandoned dogs with legos courtesy of Because of a Dog and Freemansburg Police Department.

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‘Look at me now’: Surgeons give mutilated dog a new muzzle

On Friday morning, the Michigan Humane Society posted a new photograph of Baron, the severely mutilated dog found wandering the streets of Detroit last month after his ears, nose and tail had been chopped off. Surgeons gave him a new muzzle. “Look at me now!”

“The Michigan Humane Society is happy to share that Baron is happy, healthy and healing!,” followed the dog’s photo.Michigan HS Baron
Dr. Bryden Stanley, a soft tissue expert practicing at Michigan State University, agreed to help. The Rottweiler’s story had gone viral as animal advocates cried out in emotional horror as the dog’s photos circulated through social media. Besides missing his ears, nose and tail, Baron also suffered lacerations all over his body.
According to  the FreePress, during surgery, Stanley attached two flaps of skin on Baron’s muzzle to create a new top of his nose. She also linked a piece of skin near his lip to shrink the nasal passage.Baron the dog with missing nose
“He had a big hole in his nose, so he, you know how dogs put their noses everywhere to sniff things out, and so we had to make it a little smaller so he wouldn’t get twigs or berries or anything up there,” stated Dr. Stanley. ” I think he looks quite good.”
Although Baron’s looks can’t be restored to his original appearance since he no longer has his ears, he can still hear fine. His muzzle will never look the same, and he won’t have the black part of his nose, but experts say he will be able to live a near normal life.Dr. Robert Fisher, Michigan Humane Society’s chief medical officer removed all but three inches of Baron’s tail.  Assisting in the surgery was Maria Podsiedlik, who is at MSU on an international fellowship program.
There have been no arrests in this case of animal cruelty. Anyone with information is encouraged to call authorities. Doesn’t Baron deserve justice?
Read previous story about Baron here.
(Photo of Baron’s new muzzle courtesy of the Michigan Humane Society)
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Homeless tripod pup cuddled on a shoe box for weeks

A homeless tripod pup had been homeless for at least five months and struggled to survive on the streets of Los Angeles. The residents in the area had no idea where Princess came from, nor how she lost her leg, but there was no doubt her life had been a struggle for a long time.Princess 3 legged dog 2

When one day, Los Angeles rescue organization Hope for Paws received a text asking if they could help the three-legged female dog that had been living in front of a home for the past few weeks and didn’t belong to anyone, rescuers immediately replied. As they arrived at the address, they found the shivering dog asleep on a cardboard shoe box as the rain lightly fell down upon her fragile body.Princess 3 legged dog 3

As Eldad Hagar, founder of Hope for Paws, slowly approached and carefully placed his signature “lucky” leash around her neck, Princess just stared – she didn’t bark, she didn’t growl nor did she try to escape. It’s as if she knew, these humans were really there to help. Instinct told her she was sick, and maybe this was the answer to her silent pleas for help. According to the homeowner, Princess had shown up one day; he had been feeding her, and she seemed to have adopted the shoe box as her bed.

And so Princess was cuddled in a blanket and rushed off to see the organization’s veterinarian where her rescue happened in the nick of time. From inadequate food and adverse conditions, Princess was extremely anemic, and had Hope for Paws not come around at the right time, it is doubtful the dog ever could have survived much longer. For months, Princess remained in treatment – but now she’s genuinely a princess just patiently waiting for a kingdom to call her own.Princess 3 legged dog 4

(Photos and video of homeless tripod pup Princess courtesy of Hope for Paws.)


Watch her incredible video, and if interested in giving Princess a forever home contact Smooch Pooch Rescue.