Tears: Homeless dog’s unbearable heartache as she watched newborn puppies die

When a  very pregnant, homeless dog came into a rural Texas shelter, the least that should have been expected was to provide the mother dog with a clean kennel, a blanket and a safe place for her to safely deliver her puppies. Instead, “Momma Marble” as she would eventually be named, gave birth in a dirty cage – a place where no new lives should ever have been born.

And if it hadn’t been tragic enough that the emaciated Momma Marble had given birth to her puppies in an environment overrun with filth  and disease, the poor dog witnessed each and everyone of her newborn puppies die from the unsanitary conditions. One by one, someone would take them away from her as she  desperatelytried over and over again to lick them; hoping they would each just breathe again.

Days later there was nothing left for Momma Marble; the babies she coddled so lovingly were gone. Her fate had been set in stone on Monday, as she was scheduled to be euthanized. After all, she was filthy, missing clumps of her coat and gradually getting sicker day by day. As Momma Marble’s story went viral on social media, Rescue Dogs Rock NYC   had just been notified; Stacey Silverstein, co-founder of the organization, committed to saving the dog’s life.

“Tears, tears and more tears,” Stacey posted on the group’s Facebook page. “Marble is NOW SAFE and needs immediate medical care
She needs to feel love and to know her life is just beginning and her awful past is just a memory behind her.”

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(Photos of homeless dog Momma Marble courtesy of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC)

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Bonded siblings 14-years-old dumped at shelter brings tears to volunteers’ eyes

Shiba and Jesse have spent a lifetime together.  The bonded siblings have been raised together since they were just puppies, what could have happened 14 years later when their owner told them to jump into the car and arrived at the Carson Animal Care Center in California on Sunday? According to volunteers, Shiba and Jesse’s owners could no longer handle the responsibility of their two dogs. Tragically, just like an old couch, one short ride and a bit of paperwork, the lives of devoted companions no longer mattered.

Look into their eyes. The confusion and heartbreak are all that can be seen. Although they are in the same kennel today, that will likely change in a day or two. Carson Animal Care Center does not support keeping bonded pairs together with the thought that the dogs will have an easier time finding a home if they do not have to be kept together. And so, after having lost the only home they have ever had, on top of everything else, they will be separated and their spirits further broken apart.

Pet Harbor info for Shiba: A5121549:

“My name is SHIBA and I’m an approximately 14 year old female German Shepherd. I am already spayed. I have been at the Carson Animal Care Center since 10/15. I will be available on 10/15. You can visit me at my temporary home at C318. My former family who owned me for had to give me up because they just weren’t up for the responsibility of a pet. Follow Shiba’s Facebook page here.”

German Shepherd  AGE:14 years
Female (S)  ARRIVED:10/15
Carson Shelter – 310-523-9566
M-TH 12pm-7pm, F-SU- 10am-5pm
216 W Victoria St. Gardena, CA 90248

Pet Harbor info for Jesse: A5121545:

My name is JESSE and I’m an approximately 13 year old male German Shepherd. I am already neutered. I have been at the Carson Animal Care Center since 10/15. I will be available on 10/15. You can visit me at my temporary home at C318. My former family who owned me for had to give me up because they just weren’t up for the responsibility of a pet. Follow Jesse’s Facebook page here.

German Shepherd  AGE:13 years
Male (N)  ARRIVED:10/15
Carson Shelter – 310-523-9566
M-TH 12pm-7pm, F-SU- 10am-5pm
216 W Victoria St. Gardena, CA 90248

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Photos and videos of bonded siblings Shiba and Jesse courtesy of Saving Carson Shelter Dogs. Share their plight with friends, family and approved rescue organizations. Sharing saves lives. These dogs deserve better; one perfect “share” could be the difference between life and death.


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Newborn puppies fall through grate at Texas shelter and drown

In a South Texas shelter, negligence of the staff resulted in the loss of four tiny lives less than two weeks ago. The German shepherd and Rottweiler mix, with her ten newborn puppies, had been surrendered to the high kill shelter, and instead of giving the family a bed where the mother dog could safely nurse her puppies, she and the litter were left on the concrete floor. There was no blanket; not even a plastic pool to contain the puppies as they blindly wandered in their concrete prison searching for each other for warmth and comfort, while trying to nuzzle and nurse from their mother.

And then the unthinkable occurred. Because of the shelter’s negligence, four of the babies easily fit through the kennel grates and fell into the drain below

which had been filled with water from hosing down the kennels. The little ones drowned a slow and painful death.

“A volunteer witnessed this and immediately removed the mom and her surviving newborn puppies out of the shelter to safety,” Stacey Silverstein, co-founder of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC wrote on the organization’s Facebook page. “The shelter did nothing except watch it happen. It’s supposed to be a safe haven for the homeless animals that come into it, but in fact, it’s quite the opposite here, and this family probably was better off on the streets.”

Knowing how helpless this little family was at the time and being aware of this tragedy, Rescue Dogs Rock NYC stepped forward and brought the family to safety. The mother dog, now named Zelda and her surviving six puppies, have all been safely moved and are now in foster care. Since rescue Zelda and her family are doing well, and all of the puppies are thriving. It is expected they will be ready to travel in a few weeks and will be brought to New York City to await their exciting adoptions.

Please check out Zelda. She weighs 50 pounds and is a year-and-a-half-old. She is reported to be fantastic with children, dogs and cats. Please consider adopting this beautiful young dog. Apply here for Zelda and her pups:


Please HELP
PO BOX 101
NY, NY 10028

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Photos of the newborn puppies and Zelda courtesy of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC


Dog reappears 14 hours after family buried his dead body

Man stays with wild animals at risk from raging wildfires


California is first state to ban sale of puppy mill animals

In what will become a significant blow to commercial pet breeders, generally referred to as the puppy mill industry, California pet stores will be required to get their puppies, kittens and rabbits from rescue organizations and shelters. Beginning in January 2019, only individuals will be able to purchase pets from private breeders. For pet stores, violators could face fines of $500 per offense.

On Friday, Governor Jerry Brown signed the law covering the entire state; 36 cities including Los Angeles and San Francisco, already have similar bans against large commercial breeding operations. The bill, A.B.485 has had strong support from animal welfare organizations and was written by Patrick O’Donnell and Matt Dababneh, two Democratic California Assembly members.

Arguments for the ban included how pet stores rarely know nor do they reveal the circumstances relative to the breeding of the dogs, cats and rabbits brought into their stores for retail sale. Puppy and kitten mills have long lists of inhumane conditions as to overcrowding, lack of care, lack of socialization and the very basics of humane care.

The Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council has opposed the legislation, claiming the new law would jeopardize hundreds of jobs. Pet stores, however have been dwindling in numbers for the past few years as public awareness of puppy mills draws the ire of animal advocates across the country. Still some pet store owners argue the ban prevents consumers from having their choice of purchasing a specific breed or simply not purchasing “someone else’s unwanted pet.”

“By cutting off the puppy mill pipeline that moves cruelly bred animals from across the country into California pet stores, A.B.485 will also help prevent California consumers from being duped into purchases that contribute to unconscionable animal ‘production’ and suffering,” the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals said in a statement.

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(Photo of puppy mill operation via HSUS)

Check out how dogs live in puppy mills:


Two lonely dogs take comfort in one another at frightening shelter

Neither dog had ever seen each other prior to having been picked up as strays in San Antonio, Texas. No matter – it’s all the cold, lonely harsh truth of how abandoned dogs really feel when left at a shelter. Their expressions reflected their despair. Hopeless, depressed and scared to death what was slated to happen next, the two bonded together for comfort. Maybe they sensed it; both of them had been on the schedule to be euthanized at the overcrowded shelter.
Rescue Dogs Rock NYC‘s co-founder Jackie O’Sullivan is not unfamiliar with the heartbreaking expressions of the nearly broken souls.
“We took one look at this photo and couldn’t look away without taking action to help these two dogs,” stated Jackie. “We were able to get them to  safety, and they both need extensive medical treatment. Both have been transferred to the organization’s San Antonio vet partner.”
Welcome Barney the Basset hound and Raphael, the shepherd. You will never be alone again.
(Photo of lonely dogs via Facebook and RDR NYC)
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Abuse rips our hearts apart: Skeletal and abused dog wags her tail when rescued

Every dog has a story; some are sadder than others, but  Valerie’s abuse and starvation ripped apart the hearts of rescuers who were in charge of transporting the skeletal dog to New York City on Monday. Rescued from BARCS (Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter), the emaciated dog had been found wandering the streets as a stray.

“It’s a wonder she was standing for these photos as there is nothing to her,” Jackie O’Sullivan, co-founder of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC wrote on the organization’s Facebook page introducing Pit Bull Awareness Month. “She’s 24 pounds and just a skeleton. How long did she have before she succumbed to the torture and dropped dead?”

Valerie has been transferred to the rescue organization’s partner emergency veterinarian where the friendly and forgiving pup is receiving life saving treatment.

October has been designated as National Pit Bull Awareness Month; intended to help change the perceptions of the American Pit Bull Terrier and “pit bull type dogs.” It is hoped we can correct false information and help to advocate for these dogs. We are their voice. Check out the photos of Valerie and how her calm disposition in spite of the abuse, neglect and mistreatment she must have endured.

Never again will Valerie have to worry about starving or wandering the streets. This the face of a rescued dog.

Get well soon Valerie. To donate to her care:

Rescue Dogs Rock NYC
PO Box 101
Gracie Station
New York, NY 10028

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(Photos of skeletal Valerie courtesy of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC)

Special dogs help little girl who lost her leg to infection


Desperate to garner attention: Last chance for Sparky

In Pilot, Texas a two-year-old terrier named Sparky continues to be overlooked. Perhaps it is because this boy is deaf, but so what? He loves children and gets along fine with other dogs. Still – for the last six-months, volunteers and staff members at the All American Dogs Animal Shelter have had no luck finding Sparky a home.

This adorable little guy, weighing no more than 25 pounds has been in the shelter since February. Tragically the population of shelter pets has exploded to nearly 70 dogs and the shelter, who takes care of 17 local towns has become overcrowded.

“He is neutered, microchipped, heartworm tested (negative) and fully vetted,” reports the organization’s description of Facebook. He LOVES kids and other dogs. He cannot be left in a yard alone or he will try to escape. He must have another dog or human with him. He loves companionship of any kind.”

In addition, Sparky has his talents as can be seen by his desperate attempt to climb out of his shelter enclosure.

“He is very smart and a volunteer worked with him on agility training and thrived. He will chase cats so he does not need to go to a home with cats. Time is of the essence  now.”

For more information about Sparky, contact All American Dogs Animal Shelter 972-382-3647. Pilot Point TX.  Please share Sparky’s plight with friends, family and social media contacts. Sharing saves lives. A Facebook page featuring Sparky’s story can be followed here.

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From the brink of death – firefighters save unconscious puppy.

Starving dog wanders onto woman’s porch before hurricane – family decides to give her a home.

Getting by with a little help from friends: 2 lonely shelter dogs bond

Two lonely shelter dogs, Blinker and Chili Pepper, had never met until they were brought into the DeKalb County Animal Services in Chamblee, Georgia. Chili Pepper arrived in August when animal control officers picked him up as a stray. In September, Blinker had been rescued after having been tethered to a property with no shelter available.

When the two  one-year-old dogs were placed together in a kennel, something wonderful happened. Almost instantly the two dogs bonded – cuddling with each other and in the most adorable way. Katie Corbett captured photos of the two as they snuggled up to each other on their little bed.

Getting by with a little help from friends has helped Blinker and Chili Pepper. How frightened any dog must be after winding up in a shelter; strange smells, no one familiar and noise, noise, noise! And so these two are always together and strategically touching – knowing how good it feels. Both dogs are available for adoption, and although it would obviously be preferred to keep them together, they can be adopted separately. Blinker loves to be hugged and appears to be the more sedate of the two dogs. Chili Pepper has some extra energy and enjoys a good romp in the yard chasing tennis balls.

Both dogs will be neutered upon adoption. Blinker will need surgery on his cherry eye which will be paid for by the shelter. Follow their story on Facebook here.

Interested in adopting? Bring the children, bring the cat and make arrangements to meet these two. For more information click here.

(Photos of 2 lonely shelter dogs courtesy of DeKalb County Animal Services)

From the brink of death – firefighters save unconscious puppy.

Starving dog wanders onto woman’s porch before hurricane – family decides to give her a home.

Baltimore junkyard mama leads rescuers to her newborn puppies

When Baltimore City Animal Control were alerted to a call in the Broadway East neighborhood, two dogs had been reported living in an alleyway junkyard filled with trash piled nearly to the roof. Living in the filth and chaos were a Labrador retriever male mix and a smaller golden pup – soon to be dubbed Joe and Goldilocks by their rescuers.


According to BARCS Animal Shelter, the dogs had been surviving and sleeping amidst the trash. Their owner had reportedly died, but no one ever came to rescue the dogs. And when it came time to transport the two dogs to the safety of the shelter, Goldilocks hesitated and slowly approached her rescuers as if she had been trying to lead them to a particular spot. The rescue officers climbed through the piles of debris, and within minutes found the dog’s puppies – three of them, and they were no more than a few weeks old.

The staff at BARCS knew a shelter was no place for a mom and her babies and reached out to Maureen Sosa, the intake director of  Humane Rescue Alliance.

“I really wanted to help some of our local partners even though we were also helping out-of-area organizations Sosa stated on the organization’s Facebook page. “We had the space, so I wanted to fill it up!”

Goldilocks and her puppies are now together in a foster home. She is described as a sweet dog who is doing a great job nurturing and raising her puppies. Goldilocks and her puppies will be available for adoption in a few weeks. To browse all of the animals currently available for adoption, visit the organization’s website at

Check out the junkyard photos courtesy of BARCS and Humane Rescue Alliance.

Joe is available for adoption through BARCS.

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Strangers help reunite kittens who were found in two different car engines, miles apart!

Little boy told that he can choose any pet at shelter – he picks a huge, elderly cat who had just lost his home. Heartwarming story here!





We can do more: Blind and deaf 12-year-old senior needs out of shelter

Poor little Nicky; she is on a senior alert. Downey Animal Care Center shelter volunteers Sal Valdepena and Linda Chute worry about the 12-year-old senior who has been at the shelter since July 9. 

Quite sure Nicky is blind and deaf, the pint sized pooch only weighs 11 pounds and has a  heart murmur (1-2/6) The shelter, although volunteers and staff try to make this difficult situation as pleasant as they can for this little pooch, Nicky just doesn’t seem to be able to get comfortable. She paces, shakes and has not been eating well lately. Her tiny stiff legs lack regular exercise; a shelter cage is not a proper home for Nicky.

Share little Nicky’s plight with friends, family and approved rescue organizations. Doesn’t this little elder gal deserve more than this? We can do better and get her into the right loving home where the rest of her days will be filled with sunlight and love. Follow Nicky’s Facebook page here.

When inquiring about this dog, make sure to reference #A5087631.

Downey Animal Care Center
(562) 940-6891
11258 Garfield Ave Downey, CA 90242

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(Photos and video courtesy of Sal Valdepena and Linda Chute)