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14-year-old dachshund’s littermate and human died but pup stares through the glass hoping they return

At the Monmouth County SPCA, Sammy’s story continues to break our hearts. The 14-year-old dachshund bonded littermate who had been bonded with each other during their entire lives passed away a few months ago. And … Read More

Smokey’s family left him at busy animal control because he got ‘too big’

A German shepherd named Smokey recently lost his home and family because they decided that he was “too big” to keep. On Friday, Saving Carson Shelter Dogs posted a video of Smokey, explaining Smokey’s situation:… Read More

Shelter is full – will anyone save young ‘moppy’ pup, Thiago?

A young “moppy” pup named Thiago has been held at the Los Angeles County Animal Control – Downey facility since mid-December, and he is in need of help because the shelter is full. On Thursday, … Read More

Rescuers save 14 dogs in desperate need from 9 degree temperatures in St. Louis

Fourteen dogs were saved on Wednesday by Stray Rescue Organization in St. Louis. No sooner had one of the most popular and beloved rescuers, Donna opened the door to her Jeep after finding one of … Read More

Stray puppy found in Baltimore County hunched over unable to walk and frozen with pain

A badly injured puppy spotted in the area in Baltimore County was reported to Baltimore City Animal Control on Monday. When officers arrived, the puppy, now named Seattle, was unable to walk or move around. … Read More

Owner called Kiry a ‘nice dog’ as she dumped him at crowded NYC shelter after 10 years

The last words that Kiry heard from his owner at the New York City Care Center in October 2021, was “he’s such a nice dog.” And minutes later Kiry’s fate was sealed – he was … Read More

Shelter dog was all excited and dressed up for his new family but they never showed up

At the Kentucky Humane Society, Hendrix didn’t have a good day. Now it didn’t start out that way at all, because the pooch’s potential family was supposed to meet him today, and he dressed … Read More

Daybreak needs a break: Pup is shy and scared and could use help finding a family to love

Two weeks ago, Daybreak was dropped off at the Nassau County Animal Services in Yulee, Florida. He is extremely shy and frightened but gentle, and could use some help finding a family with patience to … Read More

Rascal spent 222 days watching other dogs at shelter get adopted: Today he found his human and his home

In Orange County, Florida, for 222 days, Rascal waited in his kennel at Orange County Animal Services and watched every dog around him get adopted. At eight-years-old, stubborn and dog reactive, Rascal didn’t garner much … Read More

UPDATE: Stray dog Boji from Istanbul who rode mass transit everyday has been adopted

Thousands of stray dogs and cats roam the streets of Istanbul, but one particular stray named Boji had become a seasoned commuter thus becoming an internet star, who took advantage of the modern modes of … Read More