Rescuer admonishes heartless owner who dumped their dog at shelter after new baby arrives

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A once-loved seven-year-old dog struggled with heartbreaking emotion at an overcrowded Greenville, Texas animal shelter this week, after his family that he loved unconditionally, surrendered him without even turning around. Rooney, a sensitive Dogue de Bordeaux, also known as a French Mastiff, had lived in the same home with the same family all of his life.

Rooney was frightened at the shelter; the loud noises, the strangers, and he missed his family so much, he just dropped to his shelter cage floor in depression, wondering what he had done wrong to have been sentenced to death because they no longer wanted him?

On the shelter’s Facebook page, Rooney’s description was posted hoping to help him find an adopter. They described him as neutered, housetrained and good with other dogs. He was surrendered

due to having a baby and not being able to give him enough attention.


Had no one responded to Rooney’s plight quickly, chances were almost 100% he would have been euthanized for space. Luckily, the transporter Ricky who works with the Dallas rescue organization, Dog Ranch & Dog Ranch Rescue spotted Rooney, paid the $17 adoption fee and drove away with the sweet dog.

Of course, rescuers were furious. Why would there be a need to give up a loving member of the family because you can’t give him enough attention?

i am so sick and tired of people getting rid of their dogs because you had a baby, a change in your life, blah, blah, Blah…

Welcome to Dog Ranch Rescue Roone, you are a senior now, but we will find you a home that won’t throw you away again becayse they had a blip in their life.


And she added…

by the way this is what your dogs face looks like when you had had him for 7 years and then had a baby and now you dispose of him at the shelter.


Yes, dogs can smell the fear at the shelter and they know that other dogs do not survive there for long. Every shelter in Texas, and Texas truly is a large state, is dealing with overcrowded conditions and beautiful, gentle dogs just like Rooney are euthanized every day.

Statistics tell us that 920,000 surrendered animals are euthanized every year. Please spay and neuter your pets, and please make sure you can give a pet the commitment to properly care for them before bringing home that adorable puppy.

Check out Rooney’s short video as he gets used to his rescuers who already love and care for him:

For more information about Rooney and when he might be available for adoption, please address all inquiries here.

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