Hillsborough County euthanizes young dog by mistake

The Hillsborough County Pet Resource Center in Florida is currently under negative scrutiny for the wrongful killing of a dog named Loki. In September 2016, the 8-month-old black and white American Staffordshire terrier was picked up as a stray.  He had a history with the Pet Rescue Center as a dog who had been adopted, returned, then re-adopted before coming back as a stray. In October, he disappeared from kennel reports.

WFLA Channel 8  reporter Steve Andrews interviewed Tamar Barry of Rescue Me Tampa. She stated it was unusual to have a dog just disappear from kennel reports.  As a rescue, they rely on the kennel reports so they can see notes about each dog to aide them in getting eligible, adoptable dogs out of the shelter. Ms. Barry reached out to the Pet Rescue Center director Steve Trebatoski asking about Loki’s status.  He responded via email stating Loki had been euthanized on October 5, 2016, but due to an error it wasn’t entered into the computer until October 6, 2016.

When Ms. Barry asked why Loki was euthanized, there was no response.  Standard procedure at the Pet Rescue Center is to indicate the cause for euthanizing such as an unprovoked bite. Tamar Barry requested to see all of Loki’s records However, not all the records were sent.  Information was purposely withheld.  Ms. Barry demanded all records be released as they belong to the public and the taxpayers who are not only paying to maintain the shelter but for euthanizing the animals in its care.

The full story of what happened to Loki came out in the disciplinary records of former employee Christa Lepisto who failed to follow procedure and as a result Loki was mistakenly euthanized. Pet Rescue Center director Scott Trebatoski issued the following statement to WFLA;

As the only open-admission shelter in Hillsborough County, the Pet Resource Center takes in approximately 20,000 dogs and cats every year. Even though Pet Resources established a best-practice protocol with multiple checks-and-balances to reduce the likelihood of errors, the dog was euthanized in error. Immediately, corrective action was taken with the employees involved. A post-incident assessment was done to determine how this incident occurred. Policies and protocols were assessed and revised with updated procedures now in place.”

He did not address whether the Pet Rescue Center actually withheld public records. Loki didn’t have a chance in his short life. He was adopted, brought back, adopted out again, ended up as a stray then killed for no reason. Apologies, disciplinary action or brushing the truth under the carpet will never bring Loki back.

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Babysitting dog ‘Charlie’ never had to be taught to love family baby

How is it that a dog seems to innately know how to take care of a human baby? There are so many different things humans constantly learn about their canine pals. In this heartwarming story of Charlie the Beagle, it seems there was never any question as to the amazing talent this 24 pound, floppy eared pal had towards the newest member of the family.

Charlie the Beagle met baby Laura the moment she came home with her mother from the hospital; a lot of sniffs and licks and the bonding began:

“We taught our dog how to play keyboard, how to change traffic lights and how to swing a baby crib, but we never had to teach him how to love our daughter,” Charlie’s owner said, and when you watch the video, the reasons become clear.

While Charlie may not be able to change a diaper the way Laura’s mom does, he sure has the patience to swing the baby’s crib and gently play with her. He can pull the baby’s doll and moments later returns to rest the doll carefully on the baby’s back as she closes her eyes to take a nap. This sweet dog shows us how to face every new day with a smile and a zest for life.

We do encourage every dog owner to ALWAYS be in the room and close to both baby and dog no matter how bonded they may be. NEVER leave a baby, young child or toddler alone with any dog. Let all of our stories about babies and dogs be happy and safe.

(Photos and You Tube courtesy of babysitting dog Charlie and baby Laura)



Shayla’s life mattered: Puppy euthanized after being misidentified

In Anson County, North Carolina, the Anson County Animal Shelter is under sharp criticism from animal advocates after euthanizing a four-month-old puppy on Tuesday named Shayla.

Just one week ago, four month-old Shayla’s life changed for the worst; she was surrendered by her owner along with her siblings. As Animal Control rounded up the puppies in a “not so humane manner” described by the previous owner  as “dangling” the pups from a lead and picking up one of the dogs by “the scruff of the rump,” one of the little ones bit the kennel worker. As reported by WcncNews,  the Anson County Animal Shelter and County Manager Megan Garner, stated the bite broke the worker’s skin and caused bleeding. Officials said the skin on his finger, “had to be glued back together.” In addition, the employee did not seek hospital care, but under a rabies protocol, Shayla was ordered to be quarantined for ten days after learning the dogs had not been vaccinated. There has been no evidence of the bite injury.

“The puppies were safe in rescue care until Anson County workers showed up at the foster’s home to confiscate the biter puppy for a bite quarantine. It is standard practice in the state of North Carolina to hold an unvaccinated animal in bite quarantine for 10 days post bite. We had no issue with that. The only problem is that they identified the wrong sibling. The shelter employees were made aware that it was the wrong puppy and they didn’t care, they took Shayla anyway,” posted the Greater Charlotte SPCA who reached out several times to the Anson County Animal Shelter offering to help.

Garner continued to allege that the employee positively and correctly identified the puppy named Shayla as the one that bit the employee.

“Greater Charlotte SPCA called multiple times to offer help and to offer to work together to get Shayla back to her siblings after the bite quarantine. We also emailed. We were never acknowledged by those who had any decision making authority. We have pulled many shelter animals over the years from our partner shelters after their bite quarantine. Shayla did not have to be euthanized.”

The puppy’s former owner, Gretchen McCollum, tried to intervene after Shayla was brought back to the shelter, and even was allowed to visit the sweet puppy who appeared healthy. No one from the shelter  commented as visitors pushed their hands through the puppy’s cage to pet her. North Carolina protocols for dog bites from unvaccinated animals require employees to be administered two shots and be tested for rabies. The only positive method to test an animal for rabies is to kill the animal and test a sample of the dog’s brain tissue.

“Today, Shayla was euthanized. A totally innocent puppy who didn’t even have the opportunity to complete her 10 day bite quarantine because the County Manager decided to be spiteful against passionate animal advocates. That County Manager is Megan Garner (mgarner@co.anson.nc.us 1-(704)-994-3200). She’s the one who refused to acknowledge us when we tried to reach out to help.”


And on the Facebook of Saving Shayla, the heartbreaking announcement came on Tuesday:

“It is with unimaginable sadness that we have to post that Shayla was killed today. She was innocent and she died because of others’ spite and dishonesty! We are just devastated! However we will continue to fight for justice for Shayla! Please continue to call, please continue to email, please continue to share, please continue to tell Shayla’s story! Shayla’s life mattered.”

Advocates are asking that everyone please call/email the Anson County Commissioners and tell them that Shayla’s life mattered and ask that Shayla’s life be used as an opportunity to save others. It is an opportunity to make sure no other innocent puppy suffers the same fate under the current County Manager’s hands!
Anson County Commissioners:
Or call the clerk to the board at 1-(704)-994-3201
Photo and video via Saving Shayla Facebook.
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Fiery crash kills woman and several animals at shelter

A fiery crash has claimed the life of a woman and several animals at the Brandywine Valley SPCA in New Castle County, Delaware. The driver, identified as  33-year-old Latoya Cooper, apparently lost control of her vehicle shortly after midnight on Sunday, reported 6 ABC News.

The animal shelter has released information about the devastating incident:

First responders contained the fire, and emergency personnel, BVSPCA staff, and neighbors worked quickly to move 100 animals to safety.

Two cats needed emergency veterinary care; one died from its injuries, and the other is being treated for burns and smoke inhalation. Two other cats lost their lives in the fire. The other animals have been relocated to temporary housing and are being examined by medical personnel. A total of 98 animals were moved to other locations, 36 cats and 62 dogs.

“We’re heartbroken to have lost these lives tonight,” said Adam Lamb, BVSPCA Chief Executive Officer. “It could have been even worse if not for the amazing work of the first responders and all the neighbors who worked together to get the animals out safely.”

Early Sunday morning, the animal shelter posted an update on its Facebook page:

 A woman lost her life, as well as three cats in our care. A fourth cat remains in critical condition at an emergency vet center. 98 animals are now in temporary housing and being medically assessed. We appreciate the outpouring of support to help during this very difficult time.

The crash damaged the shelter’s veterinary clinic badly enough that it will be closed for an unknown period of time. The reason for the tragic accident remains under investigation.

Donations to help the animal shelter deal with damages are being collected here.

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A sweet and unusual friendship!

Check out the Golden retrievers dashing around the park


Nightmare continues for Kato and Kleo and their owner in Hamden, Connecticut

One of the greatest travesties of justice has been occurring in Hamden, Connecticut for the past 5 years. Two Rottweilers; Kato and Kleo have been incarcerated there since October 2012. Pleas for their lives have been widespread via a petition to Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy, pleas to the Mayor of Hamden, Connecticut as well as appeals filed in the appellate court on their behalf. The outcome; Kato and Kleo still sit in a cage 23 hour a day, 7 days a week.

Their owner, Kim Miller has spent upwards of $50, 000 in court fees and attorneys fighting to bring her dogs home.

The case against Kato and Kleo started in October of 2012. According to Kim Miller, she was working in her yard when an unknown person whose description she did not get, opened the gate and let the two dogs out.

What happened next remains sketchy with differing opinions and statements by those present.  Cynthia Reed, a neighbor reported hearing her granddaughter screaming and ran outside to see the two dogs barking at the child. She began kicking and hitting the dogs and was joined by other neighbors who struck the dogs with baseball bats.

According to Kim Miller, the dogs attacked only because they were being attacked and until then have never bitten or attacked anyone.  She further claims her side of the story was never taken.

Kato and Kleo were seized by the Hamden County Animal Control and quarantined for 14 days which has since turned into almost five years.

Unfortunately, the Connecticut Department of Agriculture wants the dogs killed.

On a June 23, 2017, a posting on the Save Kato and Kleo Facebook page, the Connecticut Department of Agriculture and the Town of Camden continue to file motions to delay court. No consideration has been given to the fact that the dogs have been incarcerated for over four years, an act of extreme cruelty in itself.

According to vets and kennel assistants who have spent time with the two dogs, all agree that both dogs are absolutely wonderful. Although they have been incarcerated for almost five years in a high stress environment, they are still as sweet and responsive as the day they first arrived.

Since the incident first occurred in October of 2012, the story of Kato and Kleo has been told and retold multiple times via newspaper, television news reporting, pleas to governors, presidents, senators, humane societies and television personalities who claim to be advocates for animals. Yet, the cry goes unheard and Kato and Kleo get another year older in their prison. Why won’t someone in authority take a stand for these two dogs?

Please speak for Kato and Kleo and beg Governor Dannel Malloy to intervene and show compassion for Kato and Kleo by pardoning them and grant their release. He can be contacted here. 

It is the humane thing to do.

Horrible: Family’s lost German shepherd found with 3 nails shot into his head

A family’s two-and-a-half friendly German shepherd, missing from his home for four days, was found with horrible injuries to his head. The friendly dog had been repeatedly shot in the head with three nails- right into the dog’s skull.

“I can’t even imagine how someone could point a nail gun and shoot a dog in the head three times,” the dog’s owner Maureen Yeo told the CbcNews. “Like he didn’t do that to himself. Obviously somebody did that to him. It’s just a sick, sick, sick story.”

The dog, named Kuma, disappeared Sunday, June 25th near Red Rock and Buckhorn, and was turned in to the SPCA on Wednesday afternoon. When Maureen saw the three nails sticking into her dog’s head, she threw up.

“It made me sick. I can’t believe someone would do that to a dog, or any animal. I don’t care what the dog did, it’s just not right. The nails were three inches in length, and a nail gun was used to put them through Kuma’s skull,” Maureen continued.

The North Cariboo BC SPCA is currently investigating. Such intentional cruelty is beyond comprehension. If anyone has any information relating to this crime, contact the SPCA. Be the voice for those who cannot speak. If someone is capable of harming an animal, it is frightening to think what they might do to a human.

Kuma underwent surgery to have the nails removed. He is expected to recover. Get well soon Kuma.

(Photos via Maureen Yeo)

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Family’s beloved bulldog drowned at Scottsdale pet spa

In Scottsdale, Arizona, a family is mourning the loss of their beloved bulldog who drowned at a pet resort on Saturday afternoon. Deanna and Matthew Spott wanted their dog to enjoy a day at the spa, knowing that the heat index in Arizona had been unbearable lately, and it would have been a perfect treat for their six-year-old dog Matilda. According to Fox 10 Phoenix News, Matilda had not been there more than two hours when they received the call their dog had accidentally drowned in the pool. What makes the story even more tragic is that the family told the pet resort owner their dog could not swim.

Matilda had never been at the Always Unleashed Pet Resort, and when dropping their dog off for the day, Deanna and Matthew stated they were repeatedly emphatic stressing their dog couldn’t swim:

“I mean, I expressed it over and over and over and over,” stated Matthew, and they said, ‘don’t worry, we have other bulldogs; we know they don’t swim.”

Just a few hours later came the devastating news. According to the owner  of the pet resort, there had been a man in the pool, and when he turned his back for a second, the dog had drowned. And now the family is just left with memories for a dog they regarded as an important part of their family; a dog who loved everyone and who accompanied the couple wherever they went.

Deanna and Matthew don’t think the drowning of Matilda was an accident. They believe their dog lost her life because of pure negligence. The owner of the dog spa said she would look into the incident.

Rest in peace Matilda.

(Photo of bulldog screenshot via Fox News)

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Groomer cleared of wrong-doing

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Three dogs deemed dangerous after attacking kid who jumped into their yard

A Utah family’s three dogs have been seized, placed into quarantine and deemed “dangerous” because they attacked a kid who jumped over a fence and into their yard. Lindsay Long, mother of the eight-year-old boy who hopped the fence to retrieve a wayward ball, told Fox 61 News that she is upset that the three dogs aren’t being punished further, she stated:

“[My son] went through so much trauma, and the fact that these animals are allowed to just stay there and are basically off the hook for attacking my son,”

Animal lovers have taken offense with Long’s viewpoint on the situation – after all, it was her child who jumped into a fenced yard, without permission. The dogs, who belong to Long’s neighbors, reacted to an intruder as most dogs would…they were protective and attacked.

The dogs’ owner will have to construct a six-foot kennel to keep the three dogs in whenever they are outside, and the dogs will now have to wear muzzles if they aren’t in the house, or in the kennel. Long doesn’t feel like that is enough.

Feel free to weigh in – what, if any, punishment would be suitable in this situation?

(Screenshot via Fox 61 News)

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The latest on puppy who was found with rod through his skull

A 10-week-old puppy was discovered in Bentleyville, Pennsylvania with a metal rod completely through his skull. The pup, who was found in early February, was taken to University Veterinary Specialists for treatment of his “extensive” injuries.

Today, the now six-month-old puppy is named Kai Ola Kai (survivor) and he has a new home with Dino LaSalvia and Julie LaSalvia. According to WTAE News, Kai Ola Kai is “thriving” with his new family.

Amazingly, despite the gruesome injuries that Kai Ola Kai suffered, he is living a normal, happy life – almost as if nothing ever happened. Veterinarians were even able to preserve the injured puppy’s eyesight – something which initially seemed impossible.

Enjoy your new, happy life Kai Ola Kai!

Prior article about this puppy here.

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Emotional support dog bites passenger on Delta flight

An emotional support dog bit a passenger on a Delta flight originating from Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International airport bound for San Diego. The event occurred on Saturday aboard a 737-900 aircraft before push back; the dog attacked a passenger in the next seat resulting in the passenger having been treated for his injuries.

According to FoxNewsAtlanta, the dog, thought to be a Labrador retriever mix  weighing about 50 pounds, had been sitting on his owner’s lap in the middle seat; the victim had been sitting by the window. A witness stated the dog owner was very upset and inconsolable. The flight crew described the dog’s owner as a “combat veteran” and as he hugged his dog in his arms at the gate area, the crew said he cried repeatedly stating, “I know they’re going to put him down.” Local law enforcement cleared the dog and its owner to continue their flight. The dog was ordered to fly in a kennel.

As for requirements needed to travel with an emotional support dog, an ESA letter is required at the time of booking (Emotional Support Animal). All dogs are also required to behave in public and be calm on the plane. The documentation must come from a medical doctor or a licensed mental health professional. According to the company’s website,

“Delta Airlines recommends an early notification about traveling with animals when booking reservations and you can already request for a seat assignment while doing so.  The animal, however, will be required to stay on the floor beside the individual’s seat. As stated in the company’s site, ‘No animals are allowed to occupy seats that are designed for passengers.'”

The condition of the bite victim nor the extent of his injuries are known at this time.

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Friendly but terrified dog dies on Monday

Read about Schatze who is scheduled to die on Monday. Share her story and help her find a loving home.