Strong-willed emaciated dog on the brink of death fights to live

Animal advocates in Waterloo, Iowa were outraged this week when a strong-willed dog arrived at the shelter without the strength to even lift her own head. Emaciated and dehydrated – weighing barely 18.8-pounds, the young … Read More

Boynton Beach man caught on camera punching his dog relinquishes custody

In Boynton Beach, Florida,  a video showed a man punching a dog at Intracoastal Park on Sunday morning. On Tuesday, the owner of the dog relinquished custody of his pet while expressing remorse for his … Read More

Puppy survives being thrown from an overpass

A puppy survived being thrown from an overpass in Knoxville, Tennessee. On Friday, the Knoxville Police Department posted a photo of the puppy and recounted what is known about the incident:

This morning around 9:50

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Chicago rescue refuses to hand over 15 puppies to be flown back to Jordan

Fifteen sick puppies rescued from a cargo service area at O’Hare International Airport were scheduled to be returned to their point of origin on Monday. The Chicago French Bulldog Rescue, the organization that has been … Read More

Dog tied to cinder block rescued from Erie Canal

A dog, chained to a cinder block and thrown into the Erie Canal, was rescued nearly two weeks ago by a good Samaritan. According to multiple sources, the dog, described as a white pit bull … Read More

Sibling pups surrendered from home with too many dogs

A pair of sibling puppies were surrendered to the San Bernardino City Animal Shelter. One moment the eight-month-old friendly puppies were home and playing, but when too many dogs were discovered in the home, the … Read More

Boynton Beach man snagged on video punching his dog at park

In Boynton Beach, Florida, an investigation is currently underway after a video showed a man punching a dog at Intracoastal Park on Sunday morning. The leashed dog named Adi, (short for Addison) had been walking … Read More

Dog that existed in cage too small to stand and covered in fleas rescued

A dog who lived in a cage too small for her to even stand up and covered in her own feces and urine arrived at the Stray Rescue of St. Louis on Friday evening. The … Read More

Crate of neglected mother dog and puppies abandoned in the woods in sweltering heat

Someone abandoned a dirty crate, holding a mother dog and her puppies, in the woods of Nassau County, Florida, during extreme heat. As reported by First Coast News, the family of dogs was rescued … Read More

Tiny poodle ‘Bear’ fighting for his life after being thrown out of car

In Paterson, New Jersey, a tiny poodle now dubbed “Bear,” is fighting for his life after being thrown out of a car on Saturday afternoon.

“Important details to share: Bear was thrown from a vehicle

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