Bonded Mastiff and Rottie languished at Texas kill shelter until…

Years of abuse and neglect made up the lives of a bonded Mastiff and his Rottweiler friend. Both had been surrendered to a Texas kill shelter, and even though other rescue organizations had been trying to rescue the two dogs, none were able. On Saturday, Rescue Dogs Rock NYC stepped in to save Alvie and Ally.

The dogs were rushed to the organization’s south Texas veterinarian partner where they were administered immediate and urgent medical care; both were so bonded to each other, they needed to heal and stay together.

The Neopolitan Mastiff, Alvie, is not doing well; the years of abuse have taken its toll on her body after delivering multiple litters and little aftercare. Rottweiler Ally seems to be faring better. Both dogs are undergoing comprehensive testing  On Monday morning, rescue co-founder, Stacey Silverstein updated their condition.

“Here they are at our South Texas Vet Partner receiving life saving medical care
As you can see, Alvie has suffered years of neglect and is in very critical medical condition
What a stunning dog and to be allowed to deteriorate to such neglect 
They both are having a full medical work up, including blood work , diagnostic testing , X-rays
Ally seems to be in much better physical shape, but it’s to soon to know for sure
We are so glad they have each other as they are clearly BONDED and they will REMAIN TOGETHER.”

More updates to come. Their medical care will be extremely expensive. Donations help to save lives.

(Photos courtesy of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC)

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Beaten and abused – dog gets second chance

From horrific cruelty to the beach – inspiring!

Rescue steps forward to help seriously injured pug

A two-year-old injured pug viciously attacked by other dogs was surrendered on Friday to the Downey Animal Care Center by his owners.  The shelter transferred the seriously injured dog to a private veterinarian where drains were placed in his head to drain the abscesses.

“…swollen dorsal head, possible rupture, abscess, laceration, ventral neck swelling, punctures and serious discharge,” has been included in the dog’s medical update.

On Friday, his family left him at the shelter, and his condition and photos were released by the shelter as they appealed for an approved rescue to help. Animal advocates have been actively sharing this little dog’s plight. On Monday, to the rescue came Leave No Paws Behind, Inc., and even though they have been inundated with medical cases for the last few days and the urgent need for more foster homes,

“… how can we just look away and pretend we did not see this sweet and innocent little fella who is in very critical condition?,” asked rescue founder Toby Wisneski on their Facebook page.  “I saw this post this morning, picked up the phone and yes, this little man will be boarding the LNPB Freedom Ride and will be rushed immediately to the Pet Doctors of Sherman Oaks for immediate medical care and evaluation.”

The dog’s care is expected to be extremely costly, but it is hoped donations will come in to offset some of the medical charges. To donate, please click here.

Updates to follow; this is a developing story and a heartwarming rescue intended to save another innocent life. Please note, there has been no information available at this time as to the attack or the owners concerning this dog.

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Beaten and abused – dog gets second chance

From horrific cruelty to the beach – inspiring!

Heartbreaking: Month old puppy’s ear cut off with scissors

In an egregious act of animal cruelty, a one-month-old puppy had to suffer through a cruel person cutting off his right ear with a scissors in Wichita, Kansas. The puppy, now dubbed Brooks, was immediately transferred to an animal hospital on Saturday.

According to the rescue group Beauties and Beasts, a $500 reward has been offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the responsible person.

“This sweet baby boy is barely over a month old and was brought to the Veterinary Emergency & Specialty Hospital of Wichita after he was found with his right ear cut off with a sharp object that appears to be scissors possibly used in an attempt at a heartless and cruel home crop job. The amazing team at the ER needs to preform surgery ASAP and we need your help to make this happen,” the rescue organization posted on their Facebook page.

When found, the puppy had a gaping wound on the right side of his head. The Wichita Police Department are currently investigating. Information or tips can be submitted to or by sending the rescue a message.

The rescue has appealed to the public to help pay for the medical attention and surgery Brooks requires. Donations can be sent to:

Checks can be mailed to:
All Dogs Bark-N-Play
CO: Beauties and Beasts
114 S. Pattie
Wichita, KS 67211

Get well soon Brooks.

(Photos of puppy’s ear cut off with scissors from Facebook Beauties and Beasts Rescue)

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Beaten and abused – dog gets second chance

From horrific cruelty to the beach – inspiring!

Dog owner died during Hurricane Florence protecting his hunting beagles

In Kingston, North Carolina, the owner of hunting beagles woke up in the middle of the night, just as Hurricane Florence made landfall. The avid hunter and dog lover went outdoors to calm his 12 hunting beagles who were frightened and howling in their backyard kennel. As he did what he usually did and pulled his pickup truck to the kennels and had been shining the headlights into their pens, something happened to Bennie Lee Sutton.

According to APNews, shortly before dawn on Friday, Bennie could be heard talking – most likely according to his daughter,  speaking to his beloved dogs trying to calm them down as the wind raged in full force at 70 mph. Hours later, however Bennie had not returned home, and his daughter Tameria and her mother, Marian, went outside to find him.

Some of the dogs were wandering outside of their pens, and behind the kennels, Bennie, 77, was found lying on his back on the property the family had owned for nearly 50 years. Tragically Bennie is thought to have had a heart attack. He previously underwent a double bypass and wore a pacemaker. In addition he had a bad knee, and could have fallen and passed away. An autopsy has been scheduled, although no foul play is suspected.

Bennie carries with him a wonderful legacy and was known throughout the community and highly respected. His wife has since stated she is too old to care for her husband’s dogs and plans to give them away. We hope they go to excellent homes; after all they certainly deserve the best.

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Unlikely and adorable friends share a wonderful hug

A sweet reunion sure to make you smile!

Intentionally starved ‘Champ’ brings hope for change in animal cruelty laws

Champ, the intentionally starved dog, continues to flourish at his Maryland foster home. After four-and-a-half-weeks, he has gained 30 pounds – with another 30 to go, but what a difference. He loves his walks, he loves to roll in the grass, and he carefully watches for any scraps to fall from the kitchen counter.

Who can believe this is the Laurens, South Carolina dog whose photo of him curled up in the dirt starving, near death and crawling with maggots went viral? Animal advocates were outraged as Champ’s terrible story of abuse and neglect unraveled. His journey began on August 14 when he was rescued.

“His heartbreaking story is that he is the victim of a breakup,” Rescue Dogs Rock NYC co-founder Jackie O’Sullivan posted on the organization’s social media page. “… since ‘he was not her dog’, she fed her dogs but not Champ.”

The Justice for Champ Facebook page has garnered nearly 48,000 fans who have been following the dog’s recovery. His photos  tell his story. From the shiny coat, to the friendly outings with other dogs he meets along the way to the hugs and smiles he gives to his foster parents, Champ is a survivor. It is the story of a dog who nearly died, was saved by Rescue Dogs Rocks NYC; and look at him now!

Not only does Champ bring hope that elected officials will see some of the “before” and “after” photos and enact stricter animal cruelty punishments, but also pass new laws prohibiting chaining and legislate to set reasonable  and humane standards of care for all companion animals.

Check out Champ’s video to see where his heartbreaking story started and where he is today. Champ is the hope for the abused, neglected and abandoned.

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Stunning video shows paddle boarder’s encounter with orca!

Adorable! Dog got the zoomies at an office

Man angry that tethered pup seized and won’t be returned unless she is spayed

A Baltimore man is angry that animal control officials took his pup, who was tethered inside of his yard, to a local animal shelter and they won’t let her come home unless she is spayed. The Akita puppy, Blossom, belongs to Lawrence Miller, who expressed outrage to Fox Baltimore over the shelter’s stipulation.

Freeing Blossom

Blossom was seized by animal control after a neighbor reported that she was being neglected. An officer found her wound tightly around a pole and at risk of being strangled, so she was removed and taken to the BARCS animal shelter.

Now, the shelter is requiring Lawrence to pay $160 in fees and get his seven-month-old pup spayed…something that is mandatory for anyone reclaiming a dog in the city.

Lawrence told Fox 45:

“That’s crazy. So, if you didn’t help me pay for that dog, why do you have the right to tell me whether my dog can have puppies or not? That don’t make sense,“

Too many dogs

The shelter’s requirement for dogs to be altered is done to combat an overwhelming pet overpopulation situation in the city – something apparently lost on Lawrence. The policy for the city indicates that, “An impounded animal must be spayed or neutered with no exceptions unless medically necessary.”

Lawrence told the news agency, “that’s not fair.”

Blossom may be placed up for adoption if Lawrence does not decide to abide by the rules and get his pet fixed.

(Screenshots via Fox 45 News)

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Dog rescued after 10 miserable years on a chain

Stunning video shows paddle boarder’s encounter with Orca!

Bonded pair deserted at 14-years-old in desperate need of help

When their family moved, Oscar and Boba were deserted and sent to Carson Animal Care in California. The 14-year-old bonded dogs had never been away from their home or their family. And if life couldn’t throw any more lemons at these two sweet dogs, the shelter separated them – each in a different building. Neither one knows where the other dog is – neither one can be comforted by each other.

“#A5219560 My name is OSCAR and I’m an approximately 14 year old male Dachshund. I am not yet neutered. I have been at the Carson Animal Care Center since 9/16. I will be available on 9/16. You can visit me at my temporary home at C230. My former family who owned me for had to give me up because they were moving.”


“#A5219565 My name is BOBA and I’m an approximately 14 year old male German Shepherd. I am not yet neutered. I have been at the Carson Animal Care Center since 9/16. I will be available on 9/16. You can visit me at my temporary home at C109.”

Dachshund and German Shepherd  AGE:14 years
Male  ARRIVED:9/16
Carson Shelter – 310-523-9566
M-TH 12pm-7pm, F-SU- 10am-5pm
216 W Victoria St. Gardena, CA 90248


Video 2 for Boba:

Follow their Facebook page here. Please note the dogs’ status has been listed as URGENT. Share their plight with approved rescue organizations, friends, family and social media contacts. Sharing saves lives.

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(Photo and videos of deserted seniors courtesy of volunteers at Saving Carson Shelter Dogs)

These adorable best friends are sure to make you smile!

These unlikely friends are too adorable for words

Dog left tied to tree in Brooklyn with sign reading ‘take me’

It happened in Brooklyn when a Good Samaritan spotted a dog left tied to a tree with a sign reading ‘take me.” On Monday morning, Eric Maus had been walking dogs when he spotted Mamas, a seven-year-old pit bull, chained to a tree in Prospect Park.

According to the New York Post, the sign that hung from the tree stated,

“Take me. I’m a great dog. Don’t let my size scare you. I’m sweet.”

Of course, the dog lover couldn’t just walk away and when he asked the dog where her owner was, Mamas just looked at him quizzically as if to say, “I wish I knew. I’ve been waiting.” Maus and neighbors untied her from the tree and noticed she had been urinating blood, but were able to get the help of the Sean Casey Animal Rescue who is helping her and nursing her back to help.

Once she’s recuperated, the black and white – oh so adorable pooch, will be ready for a home where she will never again worry about being abandoned.

Many thanks to Eric and neighbors for being a hero to one of our four-legged friends in need of help.

(Photos of dog tied up with “take me” sign via screenshot NY Post)

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These adorable best friends are sure to make you smile!

Dog was abandoned in truck for days! Rescue caught on video

Portage police K-9 officer killed Yorkie at local festival

In a heartbreaking tragedy, a Portage police K-9 officer attacked a small Yorkie on Saturday at a local festival. The Yorkie named Bandit, died as a result of his injuries.

Officer Flora Ryan and her partner, K-9 Nyx had been assisting with the K-9 unit booth at the Indiana festival. While Nyx had been relaxing on the lawn and Officer Ryan had been next to him lying down, Miles and Kerry Mavrovic and Bandit had been walking out of the festival. Suddenly Bandit barked, and Nyx went running over to the small dog and grabbed him.

According to the NwiTimes, Ryan ran over and was able to get Nyx to release his hold. Bandit had been bleeding from the ear, and at the time there were no other apparent injuries. Tragically, when Bandit was taken to two different veterinarian hospitals, the little dog had suffered severe internal injuries and died.

On the department’s K9 Facebook page, Nyx was described,

“Nyx is a 22 month old female Belgian Malinois/German Shepherd cross breed.  She was bred/born in Poland and arrived in the United States in August 2017 at F.M. K9.  Nyx is a dual purpose narcotics/utility K9.  She is capable of detecting narcotics, tracking suspects or lost children/elderly subjects, recovering articles from crimes, locating and apprehending fleeing suspects either indoors or outdoors.

We work hard, we play hard, we train hard…to be the best team we can be.”

Miles and Kerry Mavrovic are devastated by the death of Bandit, but have a different version of what happened, stating Bandit did not bark and the attack by Nyx had been unprovoked. Chief Williams reached out on the department’s Facebook to apologize for the terrible tragedy.

“If I’m going to post all our successes, true transparency also involves those times we fail as well. Our sincerest condolences go out to the Mavrovic family!! A very sad and unfortunate accident.

Chief Troy Williams”

Although Ryan did not have a good grip on her dog’s leash, Chief Troy Williams has decided Nyx will no longer be used as a Portage Police K9.

Rest in peace Bandit.

(Photo of Bandit submitted)

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Newly rescued dog is so grateful to be freed from chain!

This dog lived a horrific life of misery on the streets – but look at her now!

Emma tried to hide in the corner of Texas shelter: This puppy got lucky

Emma Tee tried to hide in the corner of a Texas shelter; this was to be her last stop in the medical ward before a cart arrived to move the neglected nine-month-old puppy to the back room for euthanasia.  On Friday, her story had been destined to begin and end as follows:

“Emma Tee sits in a Texas kill shelter, in horrendous medical condition.
She’s on the cold and dirty, germ infested floor which is so sad
She is at the end of the road here.
Hairless, her limbs are swollen from infection, deep sores and gashes all over her body
We don’t know who did this to her, who allowed this to happen to her
She lies curled up tight, in a little ball hoping she can hide away in the shelter walls
Sadly, it’s just the opposite, there’s no hiding as she’s in the sick ward , where those dogs are first to be Euthanized.”

Emma Tee is one of the lucky ones. Rescue Dogs Rock NYC were asked to help this puppy, and at that moment the puppy’s life changed. She is currently safe and recovering at the organization’s San Antonio veterinary partner. Her skin is badly infected, her legs and feet are so swollen, she can barely walk, and the open sores all over her body are just a small indication of the misery and neglect this young puppy has suffered in her short life.

Emma Tee is expected to make a complete recovery.

To help with Emma Tee’s recovery and the beginning of her new life, donations can be made by clicking here.

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Yesterday in the news: Horribly neglected dog brought to shelter in a basket…he was too far gone to save. More here.

Outrageous! Mother bear and her cub killed after hunter was attacked – more here.

Newly rescued dog is so grateful to be freed from chain!

This dog lived a horrific life of misery on the streets – but look at her now!