Disabled dog kicked out of car by owner twice in one day finds new home

Earlier this year, it was a tragic story of a three-legged dog abandoned in the street in the Brazilain state of Rio Grande do Sul, by a woman caught on surveillance cameras pushing the disabled … Read More

Officer broke out window to save dying dog, but it was too late

An animal control officer in Nashville, Tennessee, broke out a car window after discovering a dying dog inside of the vehicle, but the help came too late. As reported by WKRN News, 19-year-old Ali … Read More

Animal shelter announces closure due to budget cuts

An animal shelter in California is being closed due to budget cuts. On Thursday, the Facebook page for Riverside County Animal Services issued a release about the closure of the San Jacinto Animal Shelter.

The … Read More

Neglected 7-week-old Lab puppy rescued from Texas shelter at last minute

At a shelter in Cleveland, Texas, a seven-week-old Labrador retriever puppy had been on the list to be euthanized on Thursday when ThisIsHouston stepped forward to rescue him.

“We just received a plea to help

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Man fatally stabbed sleeping, senior dog

A Florida man was arrested and is facing charges for allegedly stabbing his family’s senior dog, who was said to be sleeping at the time. As reported by ABC 7 News, David K. Jones’ … Read More

Dog’s owner died and 15-year-old blind ‘Buster’ has no one to help

At the Miami-Dade Animal Services, a 15-year-old schnauzer has lost his owner and sadly has been surrendered to the nearest shelter. And if the sadness and loneliness can only be described as heartbreaking, Buster is … Read More

Emaciated, blind senior abandoned in the rain

An emaciated, blind, senior dog was abandoned in the rain in a church parking lot in Houston, Texas. The eight-year-old dog, dubbed Lucy, is in pitiful condition. Aside from being blind and malnourished, she is … Read More

Dachshund with cow spots on his body loved by social media

Dachshunds are usually easy to spot – they have short legs, long bodies and dark brown or black coats. Then there’s Moo – a Dachshund who commands a second look; not because he’s so adorable … Read More

Woman pleaded guilty to cruelty in case of dog with two missing legs

In Covington, Louisiana, a woman pleaded guilty on Tuesday to aggravated animal cruelty in a case of a little Dachshund and Chihuahua mix with two missing hind legs.

According to District Attorney Warren Montgomery, … Read More

Police officers rescue elderly, blind and deaf dog, from sewer

An elderly dog, 15 years of age, was rescued from a sewer in Dellwood, Missouri, on Monday night. According to Fox 2 News, the blind and deaf dog was saved thanks to the efforts of … Read More