Desperate to live, young dog abandoned by family because of medical issues

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A three-year-old bully mix is in dire need of rescue. Andre came into SEAACA(South East Animal Control Authority) in Downey, California on March 23, and he is in need of a FULL-SERVICE vet. This beautiful-looking young boy has a host of medical issues. Since he is having issues with his hind limbs, it’s more than likely he was dumped, either on the streets or at SEAACA. He does not deserve to die at SEAACA because of #failedstewards.

Following is his medical assessment performed by the shelter:

“The dog is able to be petted and handled, non-reducible umbilical hernia, bow legged, heart murmur grade II/VI, class III malocclusion, brachycephalic airway obstruction syndrome, superficial pyoderma, CP deficits of hind limb (r/o ivdd, spinal injury, vs. other), soft stool (r/o stress, intestinal parasites, secondary to medication vs. other), mild dental tartar, underbite, otitis au, mild abdominal distension (r/o intestinal parasites, gi upset vs. other), needs further medical care.”

South East Animal Control Authority (SEAACA) – Downey, CA

PHONE: (562) 803-3301

RESCUE COORDINATORS: [email protected]; [email protected]

Adoption listing:

MEET 24-08837

Bully Mix | Adult | Male | Medium

ABOUT 24-08837

24-08837 is a fawn/white, male adult dog, that weighs approximately 27 lbs. The intake date was 3/23/2024 from the City of Downey.

* Availability:
Available for adoption holds on 3/23/2024. In addition to in-person services, adoption holds can be placed by calling 562-803-3301 between the hours of 9:00am – 5:00pm Tuesday – Saturday. Adoption availability date 3/29/2024.

Follow this boy’s plight on Facebook here. Please share his story with approved rescue organizations, friends, family and social media contacts. Sharing saves lives.

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