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Overlooked, nearly invisible and once again on ‘red alert’ sweet husky needs help now

At the SEAACA Shelter in Downey, California, a very sweet two-year-old husky is once again on “red alert,” signaling he can be humanely euthanized at anytime. Kalani is just a baby, and there isn’t one … Read More

Beyond neglected and abused, ‘Goose’ is past due and needs help now

Who can understand how anyone could have looked into Goose’s eyes day after day and watched him begging for food, for medical help and perhaps some love? This poor guy was impounded on October 10 … Read More

Senior dog’s loyalty and wisdom has him ‘code red’ for 2 weeks at shelter

Sometimes it seems neither the wisdom or loyalty of a dog matters much anymore. Mack was surrendered to  Southeast Area Animal Control Authority (SEACCA) in Downey, California on June 24 – and for almost two … Read More

Senior dog’s journey should not end alone and scared at crowded shelter

Quincy is a senior German shepherd who arrived at the SEAACA shelter in Downey, California. He likely had a hard time walking into the shelter – his right hind leg isn’t working quite like it … Read More

Inexcusable: Poor Maltese senior left matted and miserable at shelter

Talullah was impounded at the SEACCA (Southeast Area Animal Control Authority on May 20, 2020 from the City of Downey. She has been described as an aged female Maltese mix weighing only 13 pounds.

A … Read More

After 15 years of being someone’s companion tiny Yorkie left at shelter to die


After 15-years of being someone’s companion, little Quark was brought to the Southeast Area Animal Control (SEAACA). The tiny, geriatric Yorkshire terrier weighs just 7.8 pounds, has cataracts, severe dental disease and has a … Read More

Gentle senior went unnoticed for 10 days at shelter and now closed

At the Southeast Area Animal Control Authority (SEACCA) in Downey, California, a 12-year-old gentle Queensland Heeler was walked into the shelter and surrendered. What was going on in her owner’s mind baffles everyone, but this … Read More

Smokey gave up: No one stops to see big black dog at shelter

Smokey gave up! The beautiful black dog no longer runs to the front of the kennel at Southeast Animal Control Authority (SEACCA) in Downey, California. He has learned there is no point.

A shelter volunteer … Read More

Seven-pound dog surrendered to crowded shelter in pathetic condition

Meet Luna; a seven-pound Maltese impounded on Wednesday to the SEAACA Shelter in Downey, California. One can only imagine how sad her life has been and how little anyone ever cared for her.

When Luna … Read More

Betrayed and failed at 15-years-old, his story is hopeless

A 15-year-old King Charles spaniel has been betrayed and failed. Tragically, Murphy has been at the Southeast Area Animal Control Authority too many days and is at risk of being euthanized at any time.

At … Read More