Strong-willed emaciated dog on the brink of death fights to live

Animal advocates in Waterloo, Iowa were outraged this week when a strong-willed dog arrived at the shelter without the strength to even lift her own head. Emaciated and dehydrated – weighing barely 18.8-pounds, the young … Read More

Boynton Beach man caught on camera punching his dog relinquishes custody

In Boynton Beach, Florida,  a video showed a man punching a dog at Intracoastal Park on Sunday morning. On Tuesday, the owner of the dog relinquished custody of his pet while expressing remorse for his … Read More

Poacher shot and butchered rescued Siberian tiger released in wild one year ago

In eastern Russia, near the border of China, poachers shot a rare Amur tiger, also known as a Siberian tiger, dead this week. Reports that the cat’s head and paws had been cut off, likely … Read More

Chicago rescue refuses to hand over 15 puppies to be flown back to Jordan

Fifteen sick puppies rescued from a cargo service area at O’Hare International Airport were scheduled to be returned to their point of origin on Monday. The Chicago French Bulldog Rescue, the organization that has been … Read More

Thurston man’s bail set at $100,000 for animal cruelty and domestic violence

A Thurston man’s bail was set at $100,000 on Monday after facing accusations of multiple counts of domestic violence and animal cruelty. Donovan J. McKinlay, has been charged with burglary while armed, assault while armed, … Read More

Boynton Beach man snagged on video punching his dog at park

In Boynton Beach, Florida, an investigation is currently underway after a video showed a man punching a dog at Intracoastal Park on Sunday morning. The leashed dog named Adi, (short for Addison) had been walking … Read More

Dog that existed in cage too small to stand and covered in fleas rescued

A dog who lived in a cage too small for her to even stand up and covered in her own feces and urine arrived at the Stray Rescue of St. Louis on Friday evening. The … Read More

Tiny poodle ‘Bear’ fighting for his life after being thrown out of car

In Paterson, New Jersey, a tiny poodle now dubbed “Bear,” is fighting for his life after being thrown out of a car on Saturday afternoon.

“Important details to share: Bear was thrown from a vehicle

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‘Dread Head Cowboy’s’ horse improving but can never be ridden again

Adam Hollingsworth, also known as the  “Dread Head Cowboy,” rode his brown and white horse south on the Dan Ryan Expressway on Monday, surrounded by several supporters on motorcycles in support of Kids’ Lives Matter. … Read More

Police search for man who threw dog across Adairsville parking lot

In Adairsville, Georgia, a man was caught on a security video throwing a dog across the parking lot. Police are now asking the public to help identify the culprit.

According to Fox Atlanta News, … Read More