W. Virginia man charged with flinging dog in air and kicking him while leashed

In Philippi, West Virginia, a Marion County man has been charged with animal cruelty after allegedly flinging a dog in the air using his leash and then kicking the pet.

According to 12WBoyNews, Robert … Read More

Six-week-old puppy tossed out of car window

A six-week-old puppy was witnessed being tossed out of a car window in Georgia on Friday. Fortunately, a Good Samaritan stopped and scooped the tiny puppy up from the road before she was hit by … Read More

Heartbreaking: Sargent arrived at Texas shelter as stray struggling to live

For the last two weeks, a bulldog named Sargent has been at a local Texas animal shelter. His condition, when he arrived was deplorable, but too often dogs brought in as strays have been suffering … Read More

Charleston Animal Society helps rescue 30 dogs from largest animal cruelty case in state

In one of the biggest animal cruelty cases in South Carolina, this week the Charleston Animal Society worked with the Laurens County Sheriff’s Office to rescue 356 chickens, four hogs, three piglets, eight rabbits, 12 … Read More

Dumped by his owners on side of road husky chases after vehicle in vain

In Horizon City, Texas, the video of a young husky was captured by a witness who noticed a dog had been being dragged by a leash along the side of a vehicle while it was … Read More

Heartless driver caught on doorbell video dumping two dogs on side of road

In Pembroke Pines, Florida, a doorbell camera video captured a heartless driver stop near 119th and Taft opening the back door of his vehicle and leading a neglected Jack Russell out of the backseat onto … Read More

Florida man caught on video kicking and dragging 5-month-old puppy

A man from New Smyrna Beach was arrested on Tuesday and charged with felony animal cruelty after cell phone video showed the man kicking and dragging a malamute-mix puppy.

According to Click Orlando, Danny Brandner, … Read More

Neglected shepherd who trusted her owner to care for her and this is what she got

At the San Bernardino Animal Services in California, a shepherd who had entrusted her owner to care for her has been cruelly deceived. Sometimes it is better when dogs are taken to a shelter rather … Read More

Carjacker snatched litter of golden retriever puppies

In Hayward, California, a Bay Area man had agreed to sell a litter of golden retriever puppies to a potential buyer. When the two met, the potential buyer turned out to be a carjacker;  pulled … Read More

Abandoned dog clipped through his foot so he could not move

The Animal Rescue Fund of MS (ARF) rescued an abandoned dog on Friday after neighbors heard him crying. When they arrived, they found the dog tied by a clip through his foot and unable to … Read More