Home security camera catches man dragging cat on its back down sidewalk

In Sacramento, California, area residents are outraged after a man was caught on a security camera dragging a cat on its back down a sidewalk on Sunday morning.

According to Fox News, neighbors are … Read More

Forward progress for dog intentionally set on fire and a BIG surprise for Buddy

More than two weeks ago, a friendly dog returned to his home in Senatobia, Mississippi dragging an extension cord around his neck; his face blackened, his fur burned off, blinded and completely charred.

The Labrador … Read More

Terribly neglected pup eating rocks to survive and now struck by car

In a rural area of Edinburg, Texas, a terribly neglected pup who ate rocks to survive was struck by a car and brought to the nearest shelter by animal control on Thursday.

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Austin woman videoed repeatedly striking elderly dog but authorities say ‘no criminal offense’

In Austin, Texas,  distressing cellphone videos have gone viral which captured a woman violently striking an apparently elderly and disabled dog. Three videos alleged to have been filmed in the last two days showed a … Read More

Michigan woman who broke her puppy’s bones and threw him in river takes plea deal for animal cruelty

In Macomb County, Michigan, the 26-year-old woman who broke her puppy’s bones and threw him repeatedly into the Clinton River in January has negotiated a plea deal. Amber Sunde is accused of animal abuse.

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El Paso man dumped his dog in the middle intersection as dog ran chasing him

In El Paso, Texas, a 31-year-old man was arrested on Wednesday after authorities accused him of dumping his dog in the middle of a busy intersection.

According to KviaNews, witnesses stated they saw Manuel … Read More

Abandoned Chihuahua discovered in garbage bag sealed in storage bin for 17 hours

In Westchester County, a senior Chihuahua was discovered in a garbage bag sealed inside of a plastic storage bin on Wednesday.

According to the SPCA of Weschester’s Humane Law Enforcement Unit, investigators are seeking information … Read More

Owner surrendered shepherd to Dallas shelter because this neglect was allowed to happen

At Dallas Animal Services, a German shepherd named Sam was surrendered by his owner to receive medical care. Animal advocates agree there was no excuse for Sam’s terrible neglect; this dog’s condition didn’t get like … Read More

Once a pristine looking Great Pyrenees months on the street have taken its toll

No one really knows why the owners of a once pristine looking Great Pyrenees in Texas decided to throw their dog away as if she was trash, but the months on the streets scavenging for … Read More

Youths forced hedgehog to inhale marijuana smoke and then threw her into river

A gang of nasty teens forced a hedgehog, just out of hibernation, to inhale the smoke from marijuana and then threw the defenseless animal into the nearby river in Leicestershire, England.

According to the Leicestershire Read More