No luck for Luciano

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Luciano, a four-year-old male American Staffordshire Terrier shares the same moniker as well-known gangster Lucky Luciano. However, this Luciano has had nothing but bad luck since he was born.

He was adopted as a puppy by the neighbors of San Diego resident Toni Gonzalez. Poor Luciano was constantly abused by the wife of the neighbor until he was six months old.  He lived on a back patio without a food bowl, a water bowl or shelter from the elements. Toni felt sorry for the dog and looked out for him from her own home.

One night the neighbors moved away and left Luciano on the back patio.  Toni could not bear to see the dog left there abandoned so she took him in. Unfortunately, Toni’s other dog Onyx was aggressive toward Luciano so she had to keep them separated. Other people in the household did not like Luciano and resented his being there. Poor Luciano felt unwanted by everyone except Toni so he tried very hard to get attention from other people in the household even Onyx.

Because Luciano had been starved the first six months of his life and displayed some food aggression. Toni took him to a trainer who said that food aggression is hard to train out of a dog and convincing him he will not be starved again.

One day Toni’s family gave her an ultimatum; she could only keep one dog.   Toni decided to put Luciano up for adoption since he was so friendly and her other dog Onyx was aggressive toward people and other dogs.

A rescue group recommended she take him to The Bear’s Den Boarding and Rescue in the hopes it would lead to a forever home for Luciano. Toni took Luciano to The Bear’s Den Boarding and Rescue in Phelan, California on May 1st 2016 with high hopes that the dog nobody wanted would get adopted.

Luciano was at Bear’s Den from May 1st until October 31st 2016. Toni paid for his boarding and was sending food for him although she is disabled and on a fixed income.  She called the owner of Bear’s Den two weeks prior to the 31st to let her know she was going to pick Luciano up on November 11th, 2016.  Kareen told Toni Luciano had cancer and needed to be euthanized.   Toni refused to have him euthanized and went to pick him up to take him to her own vet in San Diego for a second opinion.

When she picked Luciano up from The Bear’s Den he was in deplorable condition. He was emaciated – having gone from a healthy 70 lbs. to 40 lbs., he was missing some of his teeth and the remaining front teeth and his canine teeth were broken and damaged beyond repair.  He had multiple wounds and injuries and will need multiple surgeries. Per Toni’s vet, Luciano does not have cancer and according to vets, his condition was caused by starvation and being attacked by other dogs multiple times while in boarding for six months.

Since Luciano came home from boarding, he has had to have a portion of dead tissue removed all the way down to the bone from the area of his tibia. Now his tibia is showing but no further surgery can be done until the tissues grows back over that site.  He has also had a skin stretch surgery and will need all four of his canine teeth removed. There was a hole on his right arm which needed stitching. But through it all,  and despite being abused twice at the hands of those that were supposed to care for him, Luciano showed resilience and his true loving attitude by licking the hands of the veterinarian staff as they changed his bandages.

It is not known what exactly transpired at The Bear’s Den Boarding and Rescue but based on the injuries Luciano sustained and the condition of his teeth the San Diego vet  suspects that Luciano may have been used as a bait dog.

Since Luciano’s story went public, several other people have come forward alleging their dogs have also come back from this boarding facility in similar condition to Luciano. Another person’s dog was euthanized while staying there.  There is currently one documented lawsuit pending against facility and reports have been made to the local animal control, humane society and to PETA. No charges have been made against the facility.

Toni reports that although Luciano’s leg bothers him he still wants to go for walks and play. He is currently at the vet’s office in San Diego awaiting his other surgeries. He cannot go back to Toni’s house because of her other dog Onyx.

Toni is looking for someone to adopt Luciano once he is healthy enough to leave the vet’s office by the first week of December.

Luciano before and after his boarding
Luciano before and after his boarding She is adamant that no one will hurt Luciano again and all potential adopters will be thoroughly vetted.

If you can help Toni re-home Luciano, please contact her via email at [email protected].

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      • It would be better if you told the truth instead of spreading lies and slandering people, I happen to know the true story.I happen to know the kennel and the owner. You are really a piece of work lady.

      • this is to reply to Susan Corey that didnt even have the balls to leave a reply option for people to reply to her comment. she is not alone in this! what happened to Luciano has happened to others and one dog was even euthanized in their crusty care! you and the owner of that place are fuckn lucky that i dont know who the mother you are. she took it easy on you guys! i would have ripped you in fuckn pieces that if i paid with my low income money, to get a dog that didnt belong to me in a better condition to get adopted out and the dog comes out missing teeth and looking like hell!!??? youd be running the other way bitch! she is too nice. and if she is lying, then why dont YOU tell the truth??? why did you leave your commnets half assed??? bottom line, you and the owner of that place should be ashamed of yourselves and you should all be charged criminally for what happened in that hell hole to poor Luciano!

    • Bears den boarding is very guilty of poor boarding practices. It sure sounds like pit fights and Luciano certainly was abused and starved or he wouldn’t have the injuries or the lost weight now would he? Bears den boarding needs a licence check, a facility approval for all boarders, prosecution when proven faulty, and the animals there need rescued. Guilty?I suggest property be leined or transferred to pay expenses and taken over by volunteers.

      • They need to be fined and shut down! How can we accomplish this!! Whoever abuses an animal no matter if they are malcriados or dog fighters, the kid down street who has a penchant for inflicting pain on innocent animals. ANY of them need to be dealt with by the authorities and if not take their story to the newspapers. Force change by those who have the power and the law on their side to do it!!! Force or shame them into doing their damn job!

  1. Bear’s Den should be investigated for animal cruelty and neglect! I wish I were in the US because I will offer to adopt Luciano myself. Praying some kind soul will adopt this wonderful dog.

    • I am going to sue her and I called everywhere I could think to file a complaint Immigration Licensing Animal Control the DA of San Bernardino County The Sheriff the Police PETA Humane Society Aminal Control went out there Nov 2nd and found 6 other emaciated and wounded dogs she had to show proof of why they were like that by Nov 16

      • Good grief Tony, Pslam 119:163 says ” I hate and detest falsehood but I love your law”, how can you use the Bible for your lies? Now you are making noise here because everybody on Facebook ignored you and reported you because you lied?

      • What are you taking about You Animal Abuser Your Going to Get Your for what You and That Old Witch Lkareen did Too LUCI but LUCI lived you PUNK wait I more instore for you You Illigal Alien just watch what’s coming your way

      • How can you dare call me names? I can’t wait to see you being kicked out of this forum because all you do is talking, lol, you are delusional.

      • You an Animal Abuser that is going to get whats coming Count on that you and Kareen abused the wrong dog this time Im not even close to done with the two of you Forget this page stuff you and that old witch are going to be in reality real soon

        and I don’t have face book so what are you talking about and my name is Toni if you had sense but Your an Animal Abuse so obviously you DONT

      • Why doesnt Kareen show the evidence her Vet said LUCI skeleton body was because he has cancer and Not Because The Two of You STARVED him

      • What proof idiot I have her Vets file on LUCI Talk what you know I’m Toni Gonzalez who are you big talker Kareen is a lying Animal Abuser and has a lot more coming as well as Jorge We’ll see who’s lying

      • Seriously? You are sick in the head. Kareen has NEVER abused an animal!! You are only trying to get money that you don’t have. Well, guess what? It ain’t going to happen! Get a life and stop lying. karma will get you sooner or later.

      • “Hate Liars” why don’t you stop hiding I said Im Toni Gonzalez and what are you talking about I didn’t get a cent from that old hag Kareen and this happened at her facility so Once Again TALK WHAT YOU KNOW!!!

      • That is another lie…animal control investigated your false claims and found nothing wrong with any of the dogs on the property…Vets were called in to give their assessment of all the animals and all were found to be in good health and well cared for. Can’t wait til you are hit with the law suit..for liable and slander.

      • No Jay obviously you don’t have your facts straight Kareen was found with 6 other emaciated and wounded dogs by law she had 14 days to comply which she did she starved feeding emaciated dogs and got vet care for their wounds but Im sorry the case is not closed after my vets report and pictures of LUCIANO’s condition before and after Bears Den so stay tuned to what happens to your beloved Kareen

      • Wow. You really believe in your own lies don’t you. It doesn’t occur to you that those dogs came in skinny from a rescue??? Oh right, you rather blame an innocent person, before knowing the facts. Keep up with your lies and fall into a deeper hole.

      • Wrong one more time, sorry, no wounds and no starvation, animal control wanted to make sure they were ok, and they were, liar.

      • San Bernardino county shelters are so lame. All they do is talk about code enforcement. Takes them weeks to do checks and then they do a half assed job. They are fearful of shutting down bad dog owners and rescues. Takes them months and even years to do anything about problems in this county. Nothing good comes out of Phelan.

    • Bears Den is a wonderful facility, and the charges were investigated and dropped. The woman making the complaints is not being truthful, and a wonderful rescue facility is having it’s reputation trashed by this Toni person who claims she is going to sue Bears Den. Given that ALL agencies cleared Bears Den of any wrong-doing, Toni would be better off saving her money and using it to learn to manage her own dogs..

      • For 1 dummy Animal Control found 6 other emaciated and wounded dog at Bears Den they by law gave Kareen time to coply 2weeks and of course she started to feed these other dogs and had Vet care for the wounds but Sorry case is not closed aftwr seeing LUCI’s photos and Vet info of being used as a bait dog and staved and by the way No Cancer and Kareens Vet Never said that eother so believe what you want when this place goes down cry with Kareen and Jorge the Animal abusers and dog fighters

      • I believe TONI you other 3 are just trying to cover your butts but believe Me I WILL MAKE SURE others know of your cruel ways and what you do with dogs that DONT EVEN BELONG TO THE BEARS DEN you 3 should be ashamed of your selves you get on here and wont even leave the reply on your comment THAT TELLS THE STORY,

      • I would never ever place my dogs in your facility just by the way your attacking Toni i could only imagine how the people at the facility would takes care of our loved one’s .

  2. How in the hell can a rescue group/boarding facility return dogs with missing teeth and wounds? Jesus, what is going on in this cruel world? Please , I urge Luciano’s current owner NOT to drop the ball on that. Please join the one documented lawsuit and file complaints. This HAS to be stopped. They are getting PAID to keep dogs they are using as bait to make more money. Sick, wicked, twisted, road straight to hell. PROSECUTE please. Anyone else that had a dog returned in similar condition needs to pursue this matter and get them shut down. Sickening. Prayers and love being sent to Luciano from Louisiana. May his luck change for the better. HUGS

      • Obviously they are not legit. People have been giving out warnings about rescues that are not actually rescues but get these dogs for fighting bait.

      • Who is email I show you Kareens Vet file No Cancer for LUCI I’ll show you LUCI’s Doggie Boot Camp paper right before Bens Den no teeth missing no broken teeth not emaciated I’m not lying sorry Kareen is I have proof where’s hers

      • Kareen’s vet said it has Lymphoma and it’s probably written down also. Any idea what that is? Look it up! Stop being in denial.

      • Lol, really? Animal control found nothing wrong here!! You are such a liar!! You keep saying ” I’m going to do this or that” your only hope was animal control and they have nothing against the kennel, sorry but if what you want is sympathy, that is all you are going to get in this forum, besides that nothing else.

      • Bahaha she can’t help her self Jorge. She’s so caught up in her own lies, that she can’t get out now. Just give it up Lady, you’re not winning here. People are already on to you and by keeping it up, you look more like a fool then you already am.

      • I told you to watch what you say Jorge and your really stupid if you think that’s my “only hope” and I have done” this and that” Why don’t you and Kareen show where the Vet says LUCI body condition is from lymphoma

      • look hate Liars email me and I’ll show you the evidence LUCI’s condition is not lying and neither is renowned Vet why would the Vets office say LUCI was used as a Bait Dog by his wounds if its not true and Kareens vet never says LUCI had cancer

      • Thank You Sooooooooo Much Lil tigr I am tellling the Truth and Kareen has these other people that only really know her from facebook and being a Bouvier Dog Breeder They don’t know the real Witch that this Old Hag is I will soon be suing these Animal Abusers LUCI is still in the Vet Hospital but doing so well He’ll probably get out the beginning of March

      • I have read enough to know that these dogs are being abused at this facility and I’m certain they are being used as BAIT so that more money can be made by them being attacked by other dogs. You should be in jail with your associates… better yet, thrown to the dogs you use to attack these “customer” dogs with… GRRRRR! I can see through your lies “JORGE”.. simply pathetic, I pray there is a special place in HELL for people like you!!!!

    • Don’t worry, there are no other dogs, actually this dog was never used as Toni said, she is lying, animal control was at the kennel and they didn’t find anything wrong, too bad.

      • Show that proof Show it like I said I’m not done with you and Kareen by far you guys abused the wrong dog this time

      • Will see who”s delusional You know big words for being an Illegal Alien and your almost as old as Kareen to be the way you guys are DISCUSSTING

      • actually this dog was never used…….BUSTED you have told on yourself….it it a dog ring and (your words) he was never USED….LIAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Thank you Sherry
      I wanted to shut Kareen and Jorge down but NO ONE in San Bernardino County cares what’s going on Now I see why people burn places down or kill people I’m so fortunate they didn’t kill LUCIANO But he has soooooo many reactions now They just have did terrible things to him he’s reactive to a bag The Dog Fighting Task Force says sometimes they hit the bait dogs with a bag full of rocks to break there teeth or have their mouth hurt just before tiring up to be attacked I contacted all I could think to help but to No Avail If you know Anything please email
      [email protected]

    • I agree 100% something’s just not right here. Abd the person who is defending this kennals owner must have some financial stake in the place. To LIE SO MUCH! Clearly, the wounds, the malnutrition, the missing teeth. Are very real. AND VERY DISCOURAGING. NAIL THE OWNER TO THE WALL.?✌❤????

  3. Nice job honey you’re doing a great job I hope to God you find him a home I have 7 plus three cats I take him if I could the other hand these Dirtbag called boarding room homes for this animals you need to put one of those and nose and eyes and needles in his f****** eyes and take him away Lord piece of f****** s*** you should be shut down really but of course nobody can shut it down because I never do that f****** job right mother f******

    • Thank You I’m not the one suffering It was LUCI that paid for my Big mistake to trust this old Witch (I don’t cuss) Eventhough he’s been through he’ll poor LUCI can still be happy and loves to be around strangers still Everyone at the Vet Hospital loves him and say “he so sweet”

      • you may not cuss, but you certainly lie. You got ignored and blocked on Facebook because of all your lies, and now you are trying to get sympathy from these people who are unaware of the truth. But there are those of us who know, and we will not let your lies go unchallenged

      • Denise I don’t have face book so what are you talking about email me and I’ll show you Kareens Vet file and the trainer facility LUCI was at right before bears Den no teeth missing not emaciated or broken teeth or wounds from head to toe to tail Why would there be a story here if the details weren’t check out first

      • the poor dog was neglected to begin with. That neglect can have long term problems, perhaps that’s why he lost teeth and did he get the vaccines and worming needed? This is about the dogs. If San Bernardino officials showed up to do checks and so forth, I’m not impressed. I know what the community says about them.

  4. CLOSE DOWN THE BOARDING FACILITY. Please … someone needs to bring charges against the facility or other animals will suffer pain and possibly even death. This poor dog and others have suffered. I pray that this sweet dog finds a loving forever home, which will ease his foster mom’s anxiety. God Bless Rescue Angels! Thank you!

    • I’m going to for sure Not let this place go unscaved I will do my best and everything under the sun possible The Sheriff and Police have reports and are awaiting an out come of my law suit I’m going as far as I can take it This Witch messed with the wrong Dog

      • Seriously? Why are you spreading all these lies? Why don’t you tell every one the dog was a bait dog before it came to Kareens? What is wrong with you? Is this a way for you to get rich by suing? Well, think again, cause that ain’t happening. Go ahead and sue and look like a fool when you loose the case, cause truth will prevail! and karma will bite you in the ass sooner or later.
        Get a life!

      • What!!! Okay now LUCI was abait dog before going to Kareens You sure talk a lot of nonsense and I said about 20 times already email me and I”ll show you what Jorge and Kareen are saying isn’t true at all but you don’t so Im not going to respond to you anymore

      • So the law enforcement agencies you mention are waiting for your civil suit to be settled before filing charges?

      • Yes Pat the authorities told me Animals are considered property so to be sure criminal charges can be filled against anyone in this county San Bernardino take her to civil court and bring them the judgment so the DA of San Bernardino County will go after them I called the DA office too and they told me My chances would be a lot better with a judgment
        I know its ridiculous and
        Bears Den Boarding and Rescue
        4461 Sierra Road
        Phelan, CA. 92329
        Is still in operation taking in dogs and torturing and renting out the Pit Bull and Large Breed Dogs as bait dogs I’m going to sue the whole lot and keep going forward I know its not the way it should be but I’m going to do as the authorities say to get Justice for LUCIANO and all the other Dogs that suffered at this place

      • It helps to write to the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors, EVERY one of them!!! they have emails. Most will respond to you and things will be checked more carefully.

  5. I’m Toni Gonzalez and you can email me at above address or you can call me at (619) 947-3074 LUCIANO’s Vet is documenting LUCI’S torture and with all 4 canine his incisors teeth will need to be removed as well a lot are dying In his terrible leg wound he had 2 more bite wounds inside LUCI’s had wounds form head to toe to tail Yes he had a bite on his tail and a big one on his back that lfet a bruise the size of the mouth Kareen Carruthers is the owner operator of Bears Den she’s an old hag that’s how she manipulates you to trust her I WILL be Suing her as soon as LUCIANO gets out of the Vet Hospital he does still need 2 or 3 more surgeries depending on how long it takes to take out a 4yr old teeth because they were not naturally coming out its difficult extractions I can’t imagine the Pain LUCI was in when at Kareens he had teeth removed (by what barbaric process) who will ever know LUCI had several teeth missing besides the broke ones Another tactic used by dog fighters on a Bait Dog which the evidence points to for LUCI only because I threatened Kareen did she give LUCIANO back to me she knows it and I know it too Kareen also employs this illegal names Jorge who is in his 40 or 50 Jorge wears a break stick (hmmm what is that used for) seen by others not ever taking their dogs to Kareen again I wouldn’t know what one looks like but he did have stuff on his belt I reported him to immigration so he can get what he deserves too and Kareen and Jorge better be glad I found God and love Him more because if I was my old self which all my family (I’m Mexican but the legal kind) thought and was so scared for the wrong doers They would have hurt like they made my Poor Sweet Innocent LUCI hurt but I know now God will make Evil Doers pay and the Bible says at

    Proverbs 12:10 “The righteous one takes care of his domestic animals,But even the mercy of the wicked is cruel.”

    So God will not wake these two from death or bless their life but He will be with me when I take these two down legally

    • Good Bless you Toni! I wish I could take Luchi but I already have a very dominate male rescue dog and I fear he would not be good around Luchi.

      I am praying for both you and Luchi.

      • Thank you Michelle It’s sooooooo heart breaking to know I was paying for this to happen to Poor LUCI and he’s still sooooooo sweet with people he doesn’t know like the Scum Bags that starved and abused him

      • Jorge you better watch what you do and say from now on Your days are numbered before judgment is PUT upon you Animal Abuser You show your proof Im lying

      • Why do you use your dick to think…
        And stop quoting the fucking Bible you retard nobody gives a shit anyways…
        Drones going to watch everything you do you can’t hide from the drones in the sky…
        Running your little dog fighting scheme everyone knows about it’s only a matter of time before you guys get shut down.

  6. I would love to to be his forever home I. I’m always trying to help all the animals I can. I rescued a senior husky about a year ago and you. d thinker I raised her but I live in FL I pray you find him a loving family

  7. What a BS story!! Stop spreading lies!!! The dog was NEVER used as a bait dog in Kareen’s care. The dog has been in Boarding for 2 years!! Who does that!!! The dog also had old wounds before it came to Bears Den and Kareen took good care of that dog, like she does with all her dogs. She even fed him more, but the dog kept on getting skinny, because it has lymphoma! The dog got into an accident with another dog in the kennel and his leg got stuck under the fence while the other dog grabbed it. Kareen took it to the vet right away and contacted the owner. The vet stated that the dog has Lymphoma and there for skinny. She never told the owner that it had to be euthanized! I don’t know what the owners agenda is with spreading lies, but it sounds to me that she has a screw loose, to blame an owner of a kennel that has a good reputation for 20 years. If the owner really cared so much for that dog, she could have found him a home, 2 years prior of putting him in boarding and just because she doesn’t want to hear about the lymphoma, doesn’t mean that she should hurt some one else’s reputation. SHAME ON HER!!! and shame on any one who has their opinion ready without knowing any facts. !!

    • Okay hate liars im LUCIANO’s owner No he was not boarded for two years and no he did not have old wounds from head to toe to tail And No Kareens Vet did not say LUCIANO had lymphoma cancer email me so I can show you
      Kareen is lying to all of you of course she is What shes going to tell you REAL Dog Lovers shes a Dog Fighter and staves the Dogs at her facility she thinks are going to be there for a long period of time and uses them as Bait Dogs No shes going to act innocent and shes an old hag and she manipulates with that I was fooled by her old hag routine too
      Why would I make such accusations without proof and why would I just accuse Kareen and her henchman Jorge if someone in authority isn’t saying it first

    • Jorge said in his own words that there are no more dogs, and actually he was never used… as toni said…!!!!
      ask yourself, USED FOR WHAT……..AHHHH A BAIT DOG, a slip of the tongues says it all!!!!!!!

      • Yes I caught that too
        Talk about a freudian slip ????
        Judging by reading most of the nonsensical replies from hate liars Jorge and the like …sounds like the same illiterate person babbling over and over again.
        It would just be best if the entire lot of them Got run over by a bus…. just another bunch of fat lazy scumbags wasting precious oxygen.

    • Slander email me I’ll show you whos been lying to you Kareen and Jorge are dog fighters Not of your guys beloved Bouviers no of the other dog breeds the ones people do dog fight Your going to have a rude awakening when Kareen is found guilty

  8. Lady you are on a Witch Hunt and there’s a whole bunch of us that know what you’re doing! This kennel has a stellar record! STOP the BS and lies and be honest about it!

    • Why would I be on a witch hunt obviously you don’t know the actions of dog fighters they have a good cover operation just like drug dealers Theres proof to what Im saying ask Kareen to show you where her Vet said LUCI has cancer she wont ask her to show you LUCI came to her in that condition she wont Okay sorry but you don’t know the real Kareen

  9. Get your facts straight. Kareen would never abuse an animal or use it as bait. She showers love on her boarders as if they were her own dogs. This dog was a train wreck from the start and it’s hard for its owner to face the hard truth but this dog is suffering because of things way beyond Karen’s control. Stop harassing her and do something more productive with yours and your poor pup.

    • San wheres the proof LUCI went to Kareen like that he did not Sam wheres the proof he had lymphoma cancer he does not Sam Kareen only loves her Bouvier but not other breeds sorry the proof is in when I sue her I wouldn’t be suing if it were just a lie and reporting to all facilities I would get in trouble by them for doing that if I was lying or LUCI’s Vet not saying he was used as a Bait Dog Kareen is going to be in business 30 years next year Really do you think this is her and Jorges first time doing this The Poor Dogs that have been killed by these two I will do my Very Best to Bring Justice for ALL the Dogs these to Evil Lumps of flesh hurt while in there care

  10. Lies, Slander and a disregard for what is the truth! Exactly what is it you’re trying to prove by this? You know what you’re saying is untrue! You’re the one that needs to be sued!

      • Jorge SHOW that what you and Kareen are saying is true You know your both liars and I don’t care how old you both are Im coming for the both of you for all the Dogs you both have killed an for what you guys did to my poor LUCIANO and you better be glad he survived

  11. Dogs loose teeth when they try to get out of secure kennels. Dogs lose weight when they have cancer. Dogs with aggressive temperaments do not improve in kennels. People with guilt complexes blame others for own failings. Slander and libel are huge misdemeanours

    • Okay Margo why isn’t Jorge or Kareen suing me Im suing them and I have the proof to what Im saying theyre the ones that Don’t have the proof to what they are saying
      And LUCIANO’s teeth were broke by force in if he broke them on anything it would be broke out Sorry You too don’t know the real Kareen and he didn’t starve himself and I sent his food Every month and treats why would I do that if Kareen said hes sick and not eating okay i’ll say anything Im going to use against them in court because I have the proof

      • I’m sorry Tony but you have nothing, neither me or Kareen are like you, you have been lying , we have lots of customers and rescue groups who know us and are ready to support us, we don’t really care what you say, you have nothing.

      • We”ll see old man we:ll see and Your super straight the two of you are NOT like me I’m a REAL Animal Lover You two are Animal Abusers

      • Toni, what is your problem? Why are you so full of hate? Are you really that desperate for money that you want to sue some thing you will loose and cost you even more money that you don’t have? Yes it’s sad that Luci got injured, but it was an accident, and accident DO happen and all the things you are saying isn’t true. Do you really think destroying some ones reputation will make Luci feel better? Think about your own reputation. Putting your name out there and people seeing you as a liar, is that what you really want? Kareen was willing to pay half of the vet Bill from her vet. Just take it and be done with it. Spreading lies doesn’t make you look good and it doesn’t help Luci. Instead of wasting your time here chasing a ghost, do what you can for Luci and help him get a good home. After all, it’s all about helping a dog and not about helping you.I’m sure Kareen won’t sue you if you just stop slandering her, but if you are keeping it up, then you are forcing her to do so. So it’s basically your choice. Just move on and help the dog. Get the gofundme going *without slander* and move on with your life. There is enough hate in this world, don’t be part of it and be the better person.

      • Hate Liars
        What are you talking about who Started speaking lies first I got on here after Jorges lies and What are you talking about “desperate for money” what money did I get You mean Kareen who’s go fund me has over 4000 and she’s not even the one suing anyone She didn’t give me a dime for anything I’ve paid for and just Bcuz I’ll win my case doesn’t mean I’ll see a dime so Why don’t you stop commenting on what you really have no clue what’s going on I will bring Jorge and Kareen down for all the dogs they’ve done this to Like I said Kareens in business for 30 years next year do you as a logical person Really think this is her and Jorges first time abusing an Animal No I don’t think so and I’ll be sure and let the judge know all that was said here and we’ll see what happens I’m not scared of anything and I know I have Justice on mine and LUCI side aand I do care about LUCI why do you think I got him and paid everything for him I didn’t count on that Evil Animal Abuser and I’m still not I’ll make sure I post the outcome I’m sure all you that believe Kareens lies would want to know although Not a one of emailed me to see the truth but that’s okay The truth will be judge soon enough Thank you for trying to think of LUCI he can’t speak for himself so I have to do it for him

      • Toni, you are the most ridiculous person I know, we have never done any dog fighting, stop your stupid lies.

  12. In the end the courts will decide who’s right and who’s wrong. In the meantime poor Luci was the one who had to endure all this suffering. I hope Luci heals and can find the home of his dreams. This baby deserves so much!! Lots of love for Luci and hope he finds all the love and happiness he deserves with no more pain and suffering for the rest of his precious life!!!!!!

    • Thank You Theresa Thank You so much and Yes your Right LUCI was the one who suffered and still is He’s not done with his surgeries yet and his little leg won’t be the same and he won’t have any front teeth He still has a big bite bruise now on his back I know he’ll be okay but IT’S SOOOOOOO SAD to think of what My poor Baby went through at the hands of Kareen and Jorge

      Thank You so much for caring LUCI Needs that now

    • LUCIANO is Still in the Vet Hospital he needs 2 more teeth surgeries The Surgeon is sick with the flu this week so he won’t get the next surgery until next week Thank You All Who Truly Care what is going on with LUCIANO

  13. Let me tell you something so amazing LUCI did last night on his little around the Vet Hospital walk
    He stopped at the gate where most people go through to put there pet to sleep LUCI wouldn’t budge from the gate and then these people came out the door beyond the gate crying
    I said “LUCI let’s go” but he tried to get through the rod-iron gate where these crying people were
    The people (a younger woman a younger man and 2 older ladies) were saying “Awe were okay boy” but they were all crying so LUCI started jumping towards their arms and licking the air towards them
    The people started petting him and he was snuggling himself in them and licking all their faces
    I said “I’m sorry he smells you guys are sad” Then LUCI went to the glass door and whined a little and I saw their dead BOXER and I started crying and said “LUCI let’s go let these people say bye to there doggy”
    They said “it’s okay LUCI could love on them they needed that” so LUCI did he kept snuggling them and licking them
    They thanked me so much for letting them have some relief from the grief they were feeling with LUCI’s Love towards them
    I asked what happened to their sweet dog They said he had cancer and stopped eating and was suffering so they brought him in to say goodbye

    LUCIANO knew something was going on and he comforted those people What A Sweet Baby LUCI Is

  14. Eventhough LUCIANO was terriblely Abused and used as a Bait Dog by Kareen Carruthers and Jorge Rodriguez at Bears Den Boarding and Rescue

    LUCI is still so good to strangers and Feels for the Dead dog witch he Never seen or was around before His Horrifying Experience earlyier this year

    The Vet where Kareen took LUCIANO Dr. Loveless staff reported to me Kareen took LUCI there covered (so covered the Dr couldn’t see him and the staff could tell how emaciated he was) until one of the staff bathed LUCI I can’t imagine what LUCIANO went through at the hands of these Despicable Human Garbage Look at LUCI he still can care for a stranger and now he knows what Death of his kind is

    If anyone wants to call San Bernardino Animal Control and find out LUCIANO case and the 6 found emaciated wound Pit Bulls are ALL still open and being investigated here’s the number (800) 472-5609

    Kareen and Jorge did this terrible thing to LUCIANO and the other Dogs in there care I won’t stop Until Justice is done for LUCIANO and who knows how many dead dogs in their hands Kareen will be in business 30 years next year which is 2 weeks away

    Thank You To Everyone That Loves Animals and Truely Cares For Them even the people that bad mouth me for Kareen and Jorge I understand you don’t know their true self and I feel You People do Love your Dogs and other Animals

      • Linda, as she said, why don’t you call animal control and find out yourself the truth? Maybe it is a about money?

      • What Money Jerk Off I paid Everything aand still am Yes Call Everyone and find out yourself No Case is Closed Not LUCI or the 6 other Pit Bulls I’m sorry I rottweiler and 5 Pit Bulls emaciated and wound in these Jerks hands Is STILL OPEN being investigated and so is Dr. Loveless by the Veterinary Medical Board

      • Lol, you reported him and then you said you were going to take it back because he refused to answer your questions duh!! Liar!! We are clean .

  15. I’m sorry Dr. Loveless office said Kareen brought LUCIANO in covered in poop so packed with poop the Dr Couldn’t see him and they couldn’t tell yet he was Skin & Bones until they bathed him

    I can’t imagine where LUCI was being kept that he was covered in poop like that Can’t wait to start litigation against these horrific people

    • Well, dogs poop and we were about to start cleaning up, besides Luciano liked to run over his poop( bad habits, you should have corrected that but you didn’t even do that) what do you expect? To have someone cleaning up his area 24/7?

      • Yes. That is what she paid you for to take care of her dog. If you knew the dog had a bad habit of walking in his dog poop, wouldn’t you clean it more often? If you were taking care of my dog, I would expect that.

    • Linda, you can google it but I will give it to you anyway ( besides you are in the conversation because you want, nobody is forcing you) (909). 3841304.

      • No the number is

        (800) 472-5609

        (800) 472-5609

        (800) 472-5609

        (800) 472-5609.

        You have to give the address where abuse occurred and Lt.Hamrick is on both open investigations

        Bears Den Boarding and Rescue
        4461 Sierra Road
        Phelan, CA. 92329

      • HCVB, I can’t believe that some people are so naive, we are not a rescue, we are a boarding kennel and rescue groups brings their dogs here, duh!!

      • Jorge, you are so full of it, dogs only walk in their own feces when they have no other place to walk, you are lying. Just about to clean up, bullshit, there should never be that much feces left on the floor in the first place

      • Debbie, I work at the kennel, I don’t live there, by the time I get there all the dogs pooped, all of them, no exceptions, some are clean, some are not, when I leave at the end of the day everything is clean because I keep it clean all day, now tell me, how are you going to keep a kennel clean from 5 pm to 8:30 am? How can you do it during the night? Please give me an idea.

  16. so sorry I have been in the hospital for past week and was unable to call when I got the number. I did write it down. will call this Monday.

    • THANK You Althea I hope I find him a place before he’s released from the hospital

      I just sent LUCI 3 new toys and 2 packages of Primal Treats thanks to wonderful strangers donating to LUCIANO

      THANK YOU ALL who care about Animals and want to help them THANK YOU SO MUCH I’m glad there’s Truely Good People out there

      LUCIANO still has his last 2 teeth removal surgeries left First the Surgeon was sick now LUCI has a bug

      This Cute Boy has been through hell and yet is so lovable and good with strangers

      LUCI surgeries being delayed gives Time to find him his Forever Home or a Reputable Rescue

  17. Marlies , dogs only walk on their feces just before we clean up, and when they don’t have kennel manners, sorry but if you are so concerned, you can come and visit the kennel, maybe you will change your mind, stop believing everything you read online.

    • Jorge SHUT THE FREAK UP! You Animal Abuser
      LUCI or ONYX can’t stand to step in poop because I ALWAYS kept them clean they even go around it on there walks
      And I paid to have my dog look after as I would so You the low-life that Abuses Animals I’ll see you real soon You Illegal Alien Animal Abuser

  18. Jorge Rguez is SO annoying he would better clean up all the kennels before writing in this post. THANKS to Toni for being such a nice person and caring for Luciano. Although trying the best he had to suffer a lot but they both are fighting for all those who couldn’t do it . Love you Toni, we need more people like you, we ,must fight against animal offenders!

    • Good grief Maria, what have you done for a dog lately? If you could see the kennel and the conditions you would not even post here , I’m so glad we are clean, we have no problems with any authority, just ask her, I love when dogs heroes just post comments felling sorry for other dogs while they are doing nothing practical to help.

      • who do you think you are to ask me what I have done for a dog lately? You don’t even deserve the answer, but not all of us are as mean (and lazy, you are every single day posting here…) as you are.
        I’ll tell you what I have NOT done: first of all I don’t stop working at 5PM. When you stop working I have at least 4 hours more of hard work.
        I don’t expose any animal to human hobbies that really are menthal illnesses. There is NO fun in dog bait.
        All the dogs I have in charge are clean, although they “walk” over their poop. That is exactly what I am intended to do: keep them clean, healthy and safe.
        You rape dogs litter after litter… if you want money start working, slaver!

    • Thank You Maria C and don’t worry I’m not letting any of these Animal Abusers get away with what they have done

      LUCIANO had his last surgery Mon and the Xrays showed those gaps Were broken teeth that his gums healed over There were 8 and the Surgeon said it takes 6 to 8 weeks for that to happen

      These Terrible Excuse for Humans broke off those 8 teeth before just hitting LUCI in the mouth with Jorges break stick How LUCIANO suffered at these Scum-Bags hands

      I’m Not letting this go LUCI and all the other dogs that suffered and are suffering from these Animal Abuser need Justice and to Stop being Abused

      • It turns out that we talked to the guys at Wolfe creek dog rescue and Luciano attacked and wounded two people there, it was an interesting conversation last night, we are passing that information to people in charge. Thanks!!

      • It is unbelievable how much pain these subjects can inflict in all these poor dogs. When abusers get to hell they’ll burn quickly!
        Thank you so much for fighting for LUCI, for all those who have suffered and for all those poor souls that are still under their evil hand.

      • Maria C , I can’t believe you believe everything is posted here, I invite you to come to the kennel and find out by yourself.

  19. Wow!! We are not ” Bear’s den boarding and rescue “!! Lol, we are just a boarding kennel, but I was thinking, since you only have 170.00 in go fund me, I will give some money too, almost nobody has helped you because they don’t believe you.

    • I have worked with rescues for years. I can tell by the tone and truthfulness of your comments, you are lying on many levels. People with reputable business’ do not repeatedly engage themselves in conduct you are publicly displaying.

      1. The “website”(and I’m using that term loosely) implies you do have “rescue” dogs for adoption but solely list Bouviers. My educated guess, they are puppies that have been returned from your irresponsible breeding. The “website” has publicly states and I quote “This Rescued Dogs Ring site is owned by Bear’s Den.”

      2. After further investigating Bear’s Den and the owner Karen Carruthers, Karen and Bear’s Den have had a long history of complaints & issues with her boarding facilities.

      3 Karen’s association with the.Humane Society Of Inverness Anders Bouvier “Margret Meier Nolan” and “Margaret Meyer” are HUGE red flags. When someone associates with people that change the spelling of their name…they are hiding something..

      Toni, if you need any help with your suit, I will provide you with what I have researched and found in private. Please email me. This is all public record though. If, I were you, I would start the process now to make sure you actually get the money she has collected from her gofundme page. With her association to the Humane Society Of Inverness, and your vet report; you should have a slam dunk case.

      Jorge, I would really, really watch your step. You are walking on thin ice.

      • Denise, keep your opinion to yourself, we are not a rescue group, you should do a good research, we are a boarding kennel, als you should ask Tomi about the people her dog attacked, I’m not afraid.

      • Thank You Denise Yes Jorge and Kareen are scum bags and the Vet Kareen uses Dr.Loveless I know about the Phony Humane Society Scandal were dogs were in deplorable conditions and Kareen was the director when she lived here in California and the Phony Humane Society was in Florida and Margaret was staying on Kareens property They’ll all Shady Dog Abusers that rent the Dogs they starve out as Bait Dog I’m going to Do ALL I can to bring these scum bags down Email me or text me

        [email protected]
        (619) 947-3074

      • It’s not an opinion Jorge, they are facts. I have been doing this a lot longer then you. The people that transported him have confirmed he was healthy and not injured when he was transported. Toni paid for services that your business offered, you failed miserably at those services.
        Regardless if he attacked anyone or another animal while there, that responsibility still falls on your business. You weren’t doing your job. Even if you took him knowing he attacked someone or another animal, again that falls our your business for still taking him. it was your business’ responsibility to keep him safe. Your business what 100% negligent. not to mention, your business lied about him having cancer. She is owed compensation for damages. You will lose this case in court, wait and see.

      • Good grief Denise!! You don’t know what happened, only what Antonia or Antonieta or whatever is her name has posted here, I wish you could see the records and reports, which I already know. Good luck!!

      • Denise;
        I read this again and I can’t stop laughing;
        1.-My educated guess is that you don’t have an educated guess. We are a boarding kennel and we breed bouviers for select people, we don’t let any person adopt our dogs.
        2.- I would love to see that long list of complaints.
        3.-When women re marry they change last names, you might have done the same thing.

        Stop gossiping and start doing something useful with your life.

        Btw, good luck.

      • I really thought your comment was very well spoken and written. You sound like someone that is well educated and did your research. It is quite obvious who is lieing and being deceitful.
        Boy, when I read your first 4 sentences, it was very impactful. I completely agreed with you. What reputable business would engage themselves in this activity????

      • My post that I made on January 12th, i was completely agreeing with Denise’s post on January 8th. Somehow it accidently posted underneath one of Jorge’s comments on January 10th.

  20. I just don’t understand why they haven’t shut that lady down yet she’s disgusting , I don’t understand how she could plead her innocence when the dog has been in the hospital for over two and a half months with the broken leg and to have surgery on all his teeth this lady claims that she does not know what happened what a damn shame I hope that lady does time in jail for Abused men , and another thing that guy George I assume he’s a man with the name George you’re going to be behind bars too for letting that happen you are supposed to be an employer of hers, what you deserve to go to jail just as much as she does you’re supposed to report things that happen like that go back to your country because it ours we don’t do things like that. Well love and prayers go out to your dog I hope that he finds a good home ,nobody deserves to be treated like that , and for all those bad people that have that lady’s back open your eyes no dogs going to be in the hospital just for being healthy ..

    • Christina, that is her story, but the official story is different, actually Linda said that she was going to call animal control because they made an investigation, it would be a good idea that you call animal control and find out yourself, and stop believing lies.

      • For one Jorge “you guys are not clean” and the cases for LUCIANO and the 6 other Dogs are still open its public record anyone can call (909) 387-6200 and just ask if the case’s are open

        NOBODY has to “keep their opinion to themselves” you don’t with your lying butt We’ll see how much you talk when your in court I’m suing the lot of you your old and that is not you in your photo

        You are FAR from “clean” you and Kareen are ANIMAL ABUSERS!!!! I’m not saying you guys Abuse the Bouvier Breeds but the Large Breeds and Pit Bull Breeds that the Dog’s fighters pay to use as Bait Dogs

        You and Kareen will pay for the Abuse the two of you have been doing to Dogs that have sadly passed through Bears den Boarding and Rescue in 30 years

  21. Another Thing Jorge Rodriguez Your Kareens worker and helper in ANIMAL ABUSE so you don’t Know squat to what she claims to be or not

    Kareen has a Kennel License and a 501c now why would she have a 501c if she wasn’t a Freak’n RESCUE

    I reported this witch to Code Enforcement and they said Kareen doesn’t have a Boarding License or Business License ANYONE that has ever paid her for services or that she charged for services “HAS A RIGHT TO ALL THERE MONEY BACK”

    Just to let anyone else out there that got there dog back abused or has paid for service from someone not allowed legally to charge for those service YOU CAN GET YOUR MONEY BACK

    Call code enforcement and say you want reimbursement for what you paid this illegal business that charged you They can direct you on what to do (760) 995-8140 ext.3

    • Sorry sweetie, code enforcement was here and we showed them all paperwork, everything is ok, why don’t you call them?

      • I’m the one that reported you guys and They told me Kareen has big fines and she does not have a business license or boarders license so Shut your Pie Hole!!!! There the ones that told me I and anyone else that’s paid that Old Hag are entitled to our money back so Why don’t you quit lying as usual
        Your the only “sweetie” around here You don’t show Code Enforcement Anything they have the records numb nuts

    • Toni, for your and Luciano’s sake, I hope you have already filed the necessary court documents to sue. I would sue them to the full monetary extent. I would also take screen shot photos of this Jorge and what he is saying. NO legitimate boarding place is 8-5. It’s a 24 hr a day operation.

      I would also screen shot these comments by Jorge since he is an employee! He and he alone incriminates this business more than the owner!!! lol He’s admitting they aren’t a abiding by law.

      CA statue 7.35.060 Requirements of Operation.
      3. An operator and/or on duty manager shall be responsible for the conduct of all employees, volunteers or independent contractors while they are on the permitted premises. Any act or omission of any employee, volunteer or independent contractor constituting a violation of the provisions of this chapter shall be deemed the act or omission of the operator for purposes of determining whether the operator’s permit shall be revoked, suspended, denied or renewed.

      2. CA statue also states

      7.35.090 Kennel Operating Standards—General.
      Every person who owns, conducts, manages or operates a kennel shall comply with each of the following conditions:

      A. Good Citizenship. No person shall allow any animal for which they are responsible to constitute or cause a hazard, or to be a menace to the health, safety, or peace of the community. Each animal for which the person is responsible shall be kept in such a manner as may be prescribed to protect the animals from the public and the public from the animals.

      B. Cruelty. Each person who is responsible for an animal shall take every reasonable precaution to insure that animals are not teased, abused, mistreated, annoyed, tormented, or in any manner made to suffer by any person or means. Any tack, equipment, device, substance, or material that is or could be injurious or cause unnecessary cruelty to any animal is prohibited. Animals which are natural enemies, temperamentally unsuited, or otherwise incompatible shall not be quartered together or so near each other as to cause injury or torment. Antibark collars and sedatives shall not be used by operators on any animal without the written permission of the owner of the animal.

      I tried to bold the part they are in clear violation of the law but it wouldn’t let me. I will clarify what this means if you need me too.

      • Good grief Denise, I can’t believe you believe everything is on the net, OMG!! You seem to be the only one who believes her, where is everybody else?

      • Good grief? lol Uh, CA law statues are public record. These statues came straight from website.

        Your business failed to reasonably provide Luciano the care he was entitled to by a paying customer.

        You have over and over stated what a dangerous dog he was and how he attacked and all these other stories. So, he should have been provided even more care. But you failed to provide that and he got hurt. You are not going to win this one.

        What’s so hard to understand about any of this? It’s pretty black and white. You can talk to whoever about whatever. The fact is, you failed to provide adequate and reasonable care to a paying customer, Not only that, Kareen LIED about Luciano having cancer to the paying customer. If I were you, I would start looking for another job because she will be out of business.

        Either come back at me with something legit or just shut up. Your “Good griefs” don’t cut it with the law.

      • Lol, lol,lol, , good grief Denise, stop believing lies, I invite you to come yourself and check it out, that will clarify everything.

    • Poor Luci! The lady isn’t being charged for the abuse and death of Luci? So glad you got Luciano out of there. Thank you for helping him.

      • Thank You Lindy Kareen will be sued by me and Animal Control is submitting to San Bernardino DA for them to charge this place

        The California Veterinary Medical Board is investigating Dr.Loveless for his Animal Law breaking conduct and to see just how long and far he’s been envovled

        I’m still suing ALL evolved and the accomplises I don’t care what any legal office does I’m still doing my part as a citizen against law breaking citizens

  22. OMG Kareen conveniently found a Scared Up Rough Looking Pit Bull she is pretending to find her bait dogs now HOW FREAK’n DISCUSSTING This Witch NEEDS to get shut down

    Now she’s trying to get rid of the evidence against the Dog Fighting Ring they’re involved in These people are part of a Dog Fighting ring Bears Den rents out Bait Dogs and Dr. Loveless is paid off to do all the Veterinary cover up and his receptionist Dawn gives the info back and fourth

    The Veterinary Medical Board said Dr. Loveless (last name suits him) must be getting a pretty penny to risk his DVM license They also said Veterinarians ARE involved in going ons such as this The Vets are compensated immensely it’s not unheard of for Vets to be involved in situations such as this

    These people have been doing this a long time They think they can’t be brought down and that they’re untouchable


  23. Well LUCIANO is still in the Vet Hospital soon to be released most likely the beginning of March sometime LUCI had 2 set backs but is doing much better now

    I wanted everyone here to know I did call Code Enforcement and spoke with the gentleman in-charge of Kareens case he said Kareen had her Business License and Boarding License under Land department

    The wonderful news is that Animal Control is almost done with their investigation and will be submitting to the San Bernardino DA office for charges to be filed by them I will still sue Everyone evolved

    Hopefully all these Animal Abusers will be brought to justice and all the dogs safe from the torture that these pieces of Garbage inflict on them in the past in the present and No longer in the Future

    When a door closed a Bigger 1 opened I have to admit I was shocked when Animal Control contacted me and let me know what to expect Justice still needs to happen for LUCIANO and All the dogs that suffered like he did and All the dogs that had it even worse and died at the hands of these Terrible Terrible Animal Abusers

    • Toni thank God you went and got him out of that awful place I am with you on making them pay I just hope that poor Luciano finds his for ever happy home he really deserves it for sure

  24. WOW! i cant get over the eminence amount of hostility voiced in these comments. I just came into this wanting to see him go to a forever home, then everything else fell apart. Should any part of the accusations be true, by all means someone needs to be help accountable for a single day of pain inflicted. I would suggest someone close to this start a go fund page for the legal fees needed to bring the full measure of the law brought out the first time. good luck, and best wishes for his healing and especially the final chapter in his care.Final note, i’m surprised his new parents have not been selected to be with him during the final weeks of his treatments so they can bond sooner rather then later.good luck,,,,,,,

    • Larry
      I am with LUCIANO every week day Mon-Fri I take the trolly there and back I don’t drive that’s why this witch Kareen thought she could use LUCI as a bait dog Then tell me he had lymphoma cancer and died

      Good thing I got him when I did or she would have succeeded in killing LUCIANO

  25. It is brave of you Toni to pursue charges against this fake rescue/boarder. More people need to defend the defenseless. You & Luci will be in my prayers. He has been through enough — too much. He needs a home in a new environment where he can restart and feel safe. Thank you for helping him from the time he lived next door to now. Keep up the good work. God will give you the strength. Remember Romans 8:28 – And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.” [In the end good will come to you and Luciano and those that made him suffer will be left suffering.]

    • Thank You Soooooooo Much Animal Advocate CC for those very encouraging words and that scripture to build me up at LUCI and my time of need Only God’s word can do that for any of us

      Once LUCI is fostered I’ll continue trying and suing

  26. Toni, you have such a beautiful heart. Luciano is so lucky that he has an angel like you looking over him. I’m heartbroken over his story. Your dedication to him is so overwhelmingly beautiful. Please keep fighting for Justice.

    • Thank You Evelyn and your Sooooooooo Right LUCIANO story is sad and I always cry to think of all the dogs that suffered from these Evill Evil Animal Abusers

      I wish I knew before sending LUCI there and I hope to Close this horrible place down so more innocent dogs won’t suffer what so many already have

      This horrible Bait Dog Ring has been in business so long 30yr I can’t imagine all that have died or abused

      LUCI Vet said if he’d had suffered 1 more month of his abuse he would have died Thank God he didn’t allow that to happen I know he’ll be with me to bring justice for his creation that was hurt and that hurt him

      • Thank you so much Tonight for helping her some ng has to be done about the San Bernardino Humane Society and the San Bernardino shelter! 3 months ago I saw a video of some kittens at their shelter with their nostrils caked over and the staff, manager and vet did nothing for them and let them die or put them down. I called their Humane Society and they said they had been investigating the shelter for over 2 years but haven’t charged them. I called their Police Department but they did nothing either!

      • Lindy Hinds

        I know I’ve gotten NOWHERE with the authorities that are supposed to help me Animal Control didn’t do what they told me and had me buy there investigation paper work and 12:07:44 PM. Hamrick just keeps getting promoted From doing Nothing for the Animals she’s sworn to protect Against Animal Abuser like Kareen and Jorge

  27. I’m with LUCI at my cousins so he can get assimilated with the family he’s going to be fostering with
    LUCI is so friendly he’s registered as a service dog so goes everywhere and everyone always wants to pet him and say’s he’s soooooooo cute
    I tell everyone his horrible Bait Dog story and they say they would have killed Kareen and Jorge or beat the ‘S’ out of them
    I’m glad there’s still so many Animal Lovers out there LUCI is so cute and lovable I hope his forever home comes soon
    Thank you everyone for caring about LUCIANO and caring about what happens to Animals Thank You for That

  28. Jorge, You are very rude and disrespectful . You started out with disrespect to Lucianos owner because her English and sentence structure was not perfect.. When you came here was your English perfect? You discredit your heritage,

    • Vicki Hood

      Sorry I’m an American Mexican Filipino I was just so angry and typing super fast Sorry if my English seemed broken I don’t even know Spanish so it’s definitely not 🙂

      Update I’m still with LUCI I couldn’t leave him with my cousin He’s starting to have nightmares and be reactive and cry every time I left him alone (like to go get the mail)

      I need to get him some rehabilitation therapy for Bait Dogs We’re at my sister inlaws now

      ONYX is in San Diego with his dad I have to file my law suit in the city the abuse happened so that’s San Bernardino I’m trying to see where LUCI and me can go down there so I can start the suit ASAP

    • Either I’m blocked or she takes the comments off See she’s still calling herself a rescue

      Those are the dogs she’ll use as Bait Dogs she knows no one is looking for them or going to miss them when they’re dead

      I can’t believe Rescues still use her I’m still not where I can sue so she’s still in business

      Animal Control to date hasn’t done squat I guess Jorge was right “no one is going to do anything to them” I thought I would but have nowhere to be down there with LUCIANO to start a law suit against them

  29. Tina I’m with LUCI at my sister in-laws I don’t have a foster or adopter and can’t abandoned him so ONYX is with his dad in San Diego and LUCI is with me

    He’s happy still has reactions to so many things and is scared when he sees anything remotely resembling a break stick

    Otherwise he’s happy and healthy I wish I could sue Kareen and Jorge and Dr.loveless and Dawn but unfortunately I have nowhere to stay around San Bernardino to sue all those Animal Abusers

    At least LUCI made it out alive but I feel for all the dogs that will die and have died at that place (Bears Den Boarding and Rescue

  30. Just wondering how poor luciano got bites all over his body and everything else that happened to him while he was in the care of Bears Den Boarding and Rescue is that how they take care of the animals that come to their facility?

    • April 2018 I just kept LUCIANO he’s too reactive to vgo with anyone that doesn’t love him like I do I just discovered they must have used a taser on him I checked the battery of mine and LUCIANO Cowered down and dint eat for 2 days and kept his tail down and away from me for 2 weeks

      I got an apartment here with LUCIANO so no law suit against Kareen or Jorge Dr Loveles never sent LUCIANO chart to my Vet in San Diego

      I saw 2 lawyers they didn’t want to take my case They said I spent so much money that I need back there won’t be any for them unless there’s more owners coming forwar Lt. Hamrick didn’t do squat from Animal Control one Lawyer said because ICF they find something I have grinds to sue the county fcor passing this animal Abusing Witch for 30 years

      besides his reactiveness LUCIANO Is doing well he’s still learning to trust me since I’m the one that left him at Bears Den to be so severely abused

  31. I read through this entire thread. I know no one here personally. The comments from Jorge, et al., sound malevolent and threatening. Early on I distrusted what they said, so I believe they hurt their “cause”, as it were. I’m disappointed they apparently will not be sued, and it sounds like some of the authorities really dropped the ball. Bunny up above there ⬆️made a good comment about seeking help from legal aid or the Animal Legal Defense Fund. I think there are several organizations like that. If I can find some more, I’ll post them here.
    But one point: if Jorge is indeed here illegally, it seems the time is right to get him deported. I would at least pursue that.

    • I did I reported him to immigration information incase he’s illegal Thank you I will take all the help I can get

  32. Civil lawsuits of this nature are expensive. Attorneys would not take on anything such as this on a contingency basis as the outcome is uncertain and damages probably minimal.
    The first step needed to bring clarity here is to speak to whomever made whatever inspection was done at the facility. Before any inspection was made the person should have been provided with your vet’s documentation of the injuries sustained by your dog. Any paperwork you have showing when Luciano was at the facility should also have been provided to animal control. It is unlikely any animals would have been in bad shape at the time of inspection but you should be able to talk to whomever made the inspection by telephone. to discover what took place.
    Animal torture is something both animal control and the police would look into. Did you bring pictures of Luciano’s injuries before and after to these authorities ? Are you able to travel ? Possibly your vet can fax before and after photos to the police and animal control but you need to provide him with contact information.
    How much are the vet bills so far ?
    To accomplish anything you need to be thorough and have whatever paperwork you have in the hands of anyone doing the investigation.
    You might contact the animal legal defense fund located in California. If this facility is mistreating animals and you can show indication of this to them they might get involved in a big way.
    Get the paperwork together get phone numbers and names of the people you talk to at animal control and the police. Speak to the people who went out from animal control then get the photos and proof of time spent at the boarding facility to the police. Follow up with the police see who is assigned to look into the matter . If you are able to travel find out when the appropriate person at the police station will be available to talk to you. That’s how to begin a real investigation of what is going on.
    Frankly stop complaining and start getting organized. If what you state is correct it should come to light. Mostly people in government take the easiest way of dealing with things.Be persistent , be polite but firm and do what I’ve suggested.

    • I do have the before and after paper work sir and I did speak with 11:05:28 PM Hamrick of San Bernardino County Animal Control I bought their report

      She told me it’s my fault for leaving my dog in boarding for 4 months I reported her to the higher ups she was promoted and took my case with her and did NOthiNg she said NOTHING would happen I went with the Sherriff to Dr Loveless office sir with paperwork in hand the sheriff told me there’s nothing they can do to sue Dr Loveless and Kareen I did get organized

      I called the San Bernardino da and that office said they have to receive a report from Animal Control before they can do anything So like I said I’ve been given the run around I spent 36,000 dollars on all LUCIANO Surgeries and Vet stay for 6 months If you have anything more I can do I’d appreciate that advise

  33. In the animal Controls Inspection they found 6 other dogs in deplorable conditions but they said legally Kareen had 1 days to do something for them and she did so they would not be doing any further investigation They told me to sue her I have the report they also said they have been passing this facility for 30 years and I’m the 1st to complain If you can believe that

    2 Pet lawyers from LA said I need to get my 36,000 back and they need to make their money and 1 dog won’t be enough for me to find others I did but the only one willing to sue with me dog was put to sleep there at Bears Den

    I went to the LA County dog fighting task force I called the congressman to no avail I went with the sheriff to Dr.Loveless office they didn’t even make him give me LUCIANO Records which is supposed to be done in 5 days I looked the law up and quoted it to the sherrif who arrived there He told me he can’t do anything for me to sue him and Kareen

    • Fuck this..I need too know what is happening with Luci.. stop with the BULLSHIT and stop playing games. Point blank what is going on?!!!!! Sorry Toni but your’re playing games on here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was once on your side, .however….I’m thinking you have issues.

      • Okay Linda I do have issue with How to get Justice for Animal Abuse which is Illegal in all states

        I said LUCIANO Is with me I got him a little rehabilitation there’s not a lot of options where we live now

        I’m still trying anything and everything to shut this place down I will call what I just read Animal Justice along with another organization I keep reporting this place Bears Den Boarding and Rescue to all the places I can

        I don’t appreciate anyone saying I’m playing games I very much care that other dogs are being hurt and killed in tortuous conditions What did anyone else do not

  34. If anyone wants to see LUCIANO he has his own Instagram page its


    I post his pictures there He getting along He still very reactive to bags going near him tasser long sticks older white women Kareen age Mexicans from Mexico is LUCIANO wants to attack them anyone on a skate boad or bike anyone wearing a hoody over there head anyone carrying a blanket by him even me He’s nervous about that He gets aggressive when he’s over stimulated as to be expected and he still has nightmares Other than that he’s moving forward and has his health stable

    • OMg I am sooooooo happy to see update and Luciano so happy. I know you are the one he is meant to be with. I am following precious Luci! Thank you!!!!!

  35. 2023 LUCIANO is going to be 12 years old We never got justice bcuz I had to move away with him I took good care of him all these years He’ll be 12 Dec 25th He still doesn’t have arthritis I give him Turmeric on his food everyday for 10 months He eats good food Lamb grain free Pulsar He drinks Alkiline water He still plays with his chewy toys and Stull goes for walks Is soooooo much less reactive Doesn’t have night.ares anymore Still food aggressive but Happy and Healthy


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